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to answer your question. Yes Mel has contacted everyone in the rp about what has happened to her, but she did it in her own way.

Now I am going to ask that you drop the subject out of respect for me and those that are in this rp.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 191d 23h 19m 30s
You don't understand Colorful.

This was almost 20ish days ago, and They've gone back and looked up their old account to continue the old rp I had with them.

They know full well the rp they created was waiting on them, and have they made any attempt to contact you, or any other players from that rp?

In over 20 days?

I guess I should have sent it via pm to you instead, but pardon me for being sleep deprived. I was tired.
  Sapherno11 / 192d 8h 30m 57s
Saph i dont mean to be harsh or rude or anything to you or Melmetal. But whatever drama you have between you two is but i do not care all i ask is you do not bring it here. The saying patience is a virtue Melmetal has made several accounts yes but i am sure you would to if you had forgotten your password
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 192d 16h 39m 36s
I would love to do my own writing site, but that would require time and that I have a rareity on anymore lol
  OCC / colorful_insanity / 197d 21h 5m 15s
It's okay, don't worry this site is kinda wonky, I'd love even if I could work on making the sight better but alas, I can't-
  SlainWings- / 197d 21h 18m 35s
my bad Wing.... Your in promise I do apologize every time I edit the rp people seem to disappear from
  OCC / colorful_insanity / 197d 21h 21m 7s
been meaning to post in Dragon Legacy Online but been locked out so I'm waiting to be reentered and then I can continue. Hope I didn't lose my magic writing touch~
  SlainWings- / 197d 21h 33m 51s
It all good irl comes first so I’m not in the biggest rush
  Serina / Mended / 197d 21h 35m 45s
Sorry folks I don't mean for the delay. Just real life stuff had to be taken care of first.
  Juniu / Blacky / 197d 21h 50m 12s
That's good. I am sure he will be getting it up later tonight like he promised me so..
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 197d 23h 55m 57s
Hey it jus give me more time to plot out my whobplan for my character. I’ve come up with some great ideas so far
  Serina / Mended / 198d 13h 25m 19s
Ok well folks I am so so sorry for the delay in postage for this. Promise it hasn't died... Just waiting on our last member to still post. I will be getting on them about it.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 198d 20h 15m 3s
Not really? Because I'm not entirely sure what point you were trying to make in the first point.
  Sapherno11 / 206d 5h 19m 41s
But you see my point lol. Although that will be changing soon. I'll be working 8am to 11pm as my 2nd job will be done Via my laptop so I just need to be sure to take that with me to my other two.
  OCC / Colorful_insanity / 206d 13h 20m 21s
Yeah...see Colorful, I need to have more then 7 hours between shifts, plus you said you had schooling and real life stuff?

So in 7 hours, you have to eat, sleep, showers, do schooling stuff, plus handle IRL stuff, while working 17 hour days.

I physically cannot handle that.
  Sapherno11 / 210d 9h 58m 53s

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