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And your dragons rarity based off photo and description would be ultra rare due to the four wings and element clash with dwarf... As storm is a water based elememg and dwarves are an earthly based race.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 71d 9h 21m 23s
The consept of a dwarf getting a double handed hammer and carring a shield suits. Just remember though to start out you get one or the other as its the release date for the game.

Also to answer Yes storm is an element, its a subclass to water as water is the main elememt its catagorised under.

Also for your photo problem Es doesnt have one but if you save it and use paint to resize or you can use imgur which gives you options for size to your photo and is free
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 71d 9h 23m 56s
puppetmaster: Sapherno11

Sin: Vanity/Pride

Real life name: Cody Steele

Kingdom: Jakarem

Avatar name: Daverm Goldband

Nickname: Ajax

Avatar race: Dwarf

Avatar Age: 64 years

Avatar Rank: Lower Noble

Avatar Occupation: Blacksmith

Weapon/Weapons of choice:

Starting Weapon: Two Handed Greathammer

Dragon Photo:

Dragon's Kingdom: Ocean's Reach

Dragon's Name: Tenran

Nickname: Thunder

Age: 4 months

Rank: Ultra Rare

Dragon Type: Water/Storm Dragon
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 71d 7h 42m 48s
Puppet master: Mended12

Sin: Rapacity/ Greed

Real life name: John Windfield

Kingdom: N/A

Avatar name: Seraphim

Nickname: Mended

Avatar race: Human

Avatar Age: 23

Avatar Rank: Commoner

Avatar Occupation: Trader/Merchant

Weapon/Weapons of choice: Firebringer, A two headed greatsword that has the ability to allow it use to control fire. The Blade can also split down the middle to make two single edge blades.

Dragon Photo:

Dragon's Kingdom: N/A

Dragon's Name: Serina

Nickname: Angel

Age: 16

Rank: Legendary

Dragon Type: Healing


Picture link:

Kingdom maker:

Kingdom name: The Kingdom of Kaga

Ruling Family: Human rule over the land but the country is open to many races that are peaceful. The Kingdom King is getting up in age and will soon pace the rain to his eldest daughter. She with her husband Prince Nelson will be the next rules.

Kingdom Dragon type: Fire Earth Air and Water are the most common however other have been seen in the area. Most range at A and B but C have been seen before.

Traditions and Culture: People are friendly and very open. Trade and farming are big and obtain celebrate the beginning of harvest and the end. Each city also has different celebrate depending on what race mostly live there. Once a year everyone one comes together to celebrate the day that the goddess came and saved them form the forces of evil. Once a year they have a day of respect to the fallen. Solider that have died protecting the freedom and the openness of the contrary. City can often be seen on weekend with massive trade markets with some time rare items. The dead are sacred and must be respected.

Religion: People are free to practice any Religion that doesn't involve undead. The major relation is that of the Goddess. After saving the country she spread her word of peace and love. She live in middle of the Kingdom and protect it in it time of need.

Climate: Fair and fine in summer and cold and graceful in winter


Level of peace: Inside the county war and conflict is something that is not wanted however they don’t have the best Neighbors. They have to hold their boarder at all cost to keep out the evil creature that would fill the land with it darkness

Military: On scale of 1 to 10 they stand at a 7. They only take people that are willing to serve but they spend almost four years in training before spending two on the front line. With so many races the army has adaptive to many tactics based on each race. Cavarel his one of the strongest thing this military. The Military hold mostly the boarder and has little to do with work inside city leaving that to city guards.

Economy: With being a trading nation and farming they make a good amount of mouny . Out of all the kingdoms it is the riches as it trades with anyone that it can. Mouny mostly goes to it city upkeep and the milltary.
  Winfield / Mended / 71d 3h 1m 42s
Hello and Welcome to the Broken Arrow Workshop. Please come in and have a seat.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 72d 16h 52m 18s

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