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Lol me too actually.

I have this one, and one with Melmetal, so once I get the kingdom one in, I should be set
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 40m 16s
No rush lol I'm all caught up on everything now other then posts for my personal rp...which well its just me in it so I'm not rushing that and I already got a post in for today so anything beyond that is just extra today.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 190d 56m 18s
Hmmm....that could work actually. And would make a Lot of sense.

Alright, I'll have it sent in once I'm home from work.
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 59m 23s
I mean you can have Ocean's Reach apart of your kingdom itself if you'd like... I would just put in front of that the Kingdom name and then put Province of...
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 190d 1h 2m 22s
Oh shit, I kinda spaced on that one.

For whatever reason, when I was listing the skeletons, I guess my brain shorted out and the Dragon Kingdom was read as "Where your dragon was found". So My brain converted "Kingdom" to "Area".

I will make the Dwarven Kingdom though. I don't think I have enough time before work, I'll have it up. I'll just pop a "N/A" on dragon kingdom.

I could make Ocean's Reach a Kingdom, I just don't want to steal someone elses creative chances ^.^
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 1h 4m 43s
Mrs Saph I do need to ask are you planning on making two kingdoms?

as you have your person from one kingdom and your dragon from another.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 190d 4h 38m 26s
Exactly the reason behind it. The game is suppose to be as close to real as possible.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 190d 7h 48m 47s
I could also see "enchantments" allowing for more enhanced skills as well, say each hit of the hammer counting for two blows instead of one, or three blows. Hmm, good points though yeah.

XD, yus, I understand completely, I practice sword fighting IRL. Practice certainly makes perfect. Gotta shed blood, sweat and tears to get good, because if not, someone else will. And THAT person will beat you every time.
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 8h 13m 42s
I was thinking more realastic... Although eitj use of magic it could be a double hit and its done sort of thing lol...

As for skills yes the more you use them the stronger they get not just occupational ones but magic itself or a skill such as running or sword usage etc.. You know practice makes perfect sort of thing but for games.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 190d 8h 17m 5s
One last question before bed, promise XD

There are crafting/occupational skills. How do those skills play out in game? I'm sure its like most mmo's. Use the skills, they level up, so on and so forth. I was more curious if its something like SAO, hit an item a couple of times, and voila, full thing. Or if its more realistic, like being a blacksmith you actually spend hours FORGING something. Or a miner you'd spend HOURS farming mats, etc etc.
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 8h 20m 21s
Its all good ibe got a point system for levelling and everything all thought out along with level cap..

Before its asked yes a player can gain power after they reach max level..itll be a paragon level.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 190d 8h 37m 53s
Solid system and sounds awesome.

Alright, time to crash
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 8h 41m 15s
Dragons will (age) based on time passed in the game... Or more precisely while they are present so someone cant have a dragon put into a bank or guarding a hall/home and have it level up. It has to be with the player. As for the level to age thing as a person levels up their dragon becomes more powerful as well.
  Colorful_insanity / 190d 8h 44m 31s

Also quick question. I have my dragon's age fairly young,. Since we're starting at level 1, can Tenran grow WITH my character?

Only adults have breath weapons you said, so should we have them be a set age, or...idk, how did you want to do that mechanic? :)
  Daverm Goldband / Sapherno11 / 190d 9h 14m 30s
Mended just gotta fix your skeleton lovely and youll both be added in.

I would recommend getting your character skeletons on their profiles so when looked at people see the details to em.
  Colorful_insanity / 190d 9h 29m 12s

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