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Did you sant me to resize your photo for you Belly? Also dont forget to switch to the Avatar photo as the one that pops up please.
  DBL / Colorful_insanity / 69d 5h 36s
Alrighty folks one thing that needs to be addressed while its on topic. I was just asked about void magic.

1. No no one can have this type of magic or type of dragon, its not possible to have specifically as void is where all magic stems from so to have it as their element means they have to have mastery over all the elements so the four basic of fire water earth and air and the "outer" four of dark light energy and Arcane.

2. Yes void magic can be used by anyone however it requires one to come just to the edge of death and either avoid death itself or well die after use.

3. There is only ONE creature known to have Void magic...who it is im not spoiling but it will be brought up in a post...and before you ask no I wont be playing them it will be a very very powerful NPC.

4. Magic in itself has a cost what that cost is depends on the type of magic. The more complicated the spell the higher the cost. This means any spells casted do have a bldownside to them including defensive spells such as shields and healing. Consider it like this your mana pool is 100. For every spell you cast your mana pool goes down. The bigger the spell the higher the cost the faster the pool goes down.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 5h 4m 19s
puppetmaster: Wings-

Sin: Spite/Envy

Real life name: Alexis

Kingdom: N/A

Avatar name: Aopeca, Asphyxna Elishe

Nickname: Asphyx

Avatar race: Human

Avatar Age: 19

Avatar Rank: Noble

Avatar Occupation: Musician

Weapon/Weapons of choice: Describe the weapons your Avatar uses, Three max :

The Angel's Breath: A light but sharp and speedy rapier. The blade is made of some unknown steel, making it a lot harder to break. She had found the blade in the middle of a forest she was walking in.

The Wing Of Yin: A straight ivory stand that was passed to her by her father.


[ Character pic ]

[ Dragon Pic ]

Dragon Photo: What does your Dragon look like?

Dragon's Kingdom: Unknown

Dragon's Name: Finka

Nickname: The Crowned Devil

Age: 23-

Rank: How rare is your dragon Type

Dragon Type: Energy Dragon
  『AA』 / Bellyache- / 69d 5h 6m 45s
Ill look when im off work in like 2 hours.also i need direct link not the image link
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 5h 32m 17s

Problem solved. Just not at the tip of the Mountain Range, but in the middle. Black circle is where the "outsider" city would be.

Does that work?
  Sapherno11 / 69d 8h 25m 45s I did not. Now I needs be investigate said map
  Sapherno11 / 69d 8h 30m 23s
Saph my dear did you see there is a map yes? It sort of describes an island on it only problem is the alcove built is inland not on the water
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 9h 41m 47s
Ooohh, very nice, that'll be the Dwarven city for Magic!

Also, here's kinda what I was picturing.

The end of the Mountain Range is an old Volcano, and had a massive Dwarven City that tapped into some of the Lava flows of said volcano. Problem is, it erupted Massively, blowing out the half of the mountain facing the sea. It created a natural cove, and Decimated the City.

However, Dwarves repurposed some of the outer reaches of the buildings, allowing them to be used as "temporary" dwellings near the water, almost directly under where outsider dwellings were now built. The old lava tunnels were utilized to bring trade goods TO the cove, where outsiders can buy and trade with the dwarven people. However as the outer reaches cannot be easily defended, about 2 miles into the Mass of Volcano tunnels, the whole thing is wired to blow, bringing the rest of the mountain down if need be.

The eruption also triggered an earthquake, which shifted the flow of lava under the plate, effectively sealing the Volcano off.

I tried to make a picture to demonstrate, artistic skills were NOT up to snuff XD
  Sapherno11 / 69d 10h 15m 10s
Hey Saph I do have a photo you might like for your kingom also...

[ linky]
  colored_insanity / 69d 18h 7m 15s
It's all good I am here to help with that sort of stuff... It was the original intention of this thread actually.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 18h 21m 13s
Thats....a much better explanation, yeah XD

Man im bad at this sorta thing
  Sapherno11 / 69d 18h 24m 56s
For instance Dwarves strive off trade for food they can't raise or grow themselves... i.e basically anything grown as they can raise animals still so in order to trade with the other races they built up a city upon the surface. And they founded Ocean's Reach by rebuilding a ruined city but in a dwarvish manner. Dwarves now occupy the city and its filled mostly with the Merchant/trader class as their income would be more surface based instead of within the ground itself.

Ocean's reach is nestled into a good cove that is protected from being overrun by the sea and its flooding, but its also nestled away from the mountains so it doesn't get such cold weather as the rest of the kingdom because of the warm air brought in by the water.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 19h 4m 6s
I mean dwarves could have a city above ground could be a market town so like merchants and traders reside in it for dwarves.
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 19h 9m 47s
Yeah. It just....for a city whose main means of income is trade, that kingdom would Need a way to get it out.

A port city is the best way to accomplish that.

What the city had 2 layers? A "undercity" that was and is part of the dwarven kingdom, and "outsiders" built the dwrllings above as a means to live?
  Sapherno11 / 69d 19h 28m 9s
I mean it can be a city not built by them that wasnt wgat threw me off its that your kingdom is underground but have this city above ground claimed
  Dragon Born / Colorful_insanity / 69d 19h 33m 20s

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