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[I [center Welcome Stranger to the Broken Arrow Workshop. So you must be wondering what this place is. Its all sorts of things. Say you need someone to help you hash out a Plot, or someone to help you hunt down a photo for you. Perhaps do some editing or map making, etc. Hell if it comes down to it and your searching for Rp partners jump on in. This however will also be used as an OCC/Chat thread, so if you just wanna chat jump on in to.]]

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[I [center Like all Places these one has a few rules I must ask we follow in order for this process to flow peacefully and make it to the end.]]
[center 1. No drama, if you and someone else in here have beef/drama or whatever its called I would rather you not bring it here. If necessary Pm me about what you needed from here.]
[center 2. Upon putting in a request for something please be patient. Many of us have jobs and college and real life things to deal with before jumping on the site; That said if you do not get your request filled within I would say a time frame of a week shoot me a message about it. I may have forgotten, haven't had time to get to it, or am currently in the process of it.]
[center 3. If you do come here needing help with someone, do not get angry when someone tries to help. Its part of the process. That also said don't be angry however if you help someone and they don't listen.]
[center 4. Please give myself as much detail about your request as you can, so we can get you what your wanting to get.]

[center [b Finer details]]
[center So with all the basic stuff out of the way here are Finer details.]
[center 1. This is not a search or advertisement thread, While hunting for partners is allowed here, I would prefer it not to go Beyond Pms. If you want your Rps you need people for thrown in for advertisement shoot me a PM first then wait until I answer it before you post the rp link and a few details about it.]
[Center 2. any creative ideas you need help figuring details for, or perhaps a plot line idea you need help making? perhaps a world or a kingdom/country to fit a character? perhaps even a character to fit a plot or world or kingdom/country? Come step up and feel free to ask for help.]
[center 3. Need help figuring out details to a Character like a history for them? Perhaps not a specific character but details to a race made entirely out of pure imagination? Even perhaps a character's current situation before they jump into a plot and give you a starting point to an introduction post?]
[Center 4. Need help with fighting stuff go here [ The brawler's joint]]

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[ The Claymore League]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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I’ll try and get a post up soon guys, things have been pretty hectic here
  Asirith Eren / Tverdost / 10d 3h 7m 36s
I do hope that helped you tesla with your post and gives you a sort of better explanation as to why she was put a captain.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 32d 10h 35m 31s
Lilith was made leader due to the fact that She holds rank of the high stat ranks even without a developed unique skill and the fact she can Awaken herself and still be in control...The best way to fight an awakened being is to either awaken yourself or be better skilled then the being, or know who it is your hunting... So while she lacks the knowledge behind hunting awakened being she has the skills that would make for a good leader like being at hunting them..

Matthew Blind being Gen six like Lilith and He is Rank one due to his omnipresence... You have to look at his relative Christian who is the oldest known claymore.. Matthew's unique ability is to be able to read someone's power levels and use it to his advantage...So Matthew is like Teressa from the actual series...The reason she was rank one was because she could sense Yoki to a very minimal detail, its why they had presila go after Teressa with the other three was she could fight while suppressing her Yoki completely. Matthew does both, He can fight with his yoki completely suppressed and can sense even the smallest change of Yoki.

That and Most of Gen six would have yet to experience Awakened being hunting with far and few acceptations As Gen six is only a few months to a full year out of the academy stage or out of the "training". So to me anyone who is gen six who has rank without a unqiue ability should be able to show case their ability to adapt to a situation or a way to lead a formation..

As for Anduin's group its a back u group so say like all of the front group accept maybe one or two die off he can send one or two people from his group to go help out... Or even send a single person to you have to remember Anduin is commander over the whole thing not just his small group which means he has to be able to send his group wherever they are needed and to help quickly and get to anywhere else that needs help. But at the same time I didn't want to put only high rank people in his group.
  Anduin Candle / Colorful_insanity / 33d 13h 56m 8s
I finally had the opportunity to properly catch up on this and I had an important question before I can begin work on my post.

Why is Lilith a leader?

Silvana makes sense despite her low rank given her presumed experience and the possibility of the inquisitor seeing through her facade. Lilith literally has no experience with awakened beings, and minimal experience with hunts period.

Would it not be better for her team to be led by one of the other higher ranking Claymores? Especially given the stated reason is to spread out the quality of talent when Matthew Blind the gen six rank one person was assigned to Anduin's group? I just feel like he or another higher ranking individual makes more sense than the young inexperienced Lilith.
  Claymore / Tesla / 34d 6h 38m 0s
And before anyone else asks no the name Corovo was not a game referances to dishonored the series...Ive honestly never played even had to look up the name when it was brought to my attention.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 41d 7h 6m 11s
Ok post is up...So for those who are in the Claymore League..When doing your next post I would like for you to come up with the names, generation, and ranks of the claymores that are under your person.. So sort of like what I did with Christian and Anduin…

Each group consists of 10 people...That means I need you to make up 9 more names, generation, and ranks. Don't fret over this though as these characters are purely NPCS and will likely be killed off during the fighting unless you ask otherwise.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 42d 12h 15m 30s
Also mrs tesla as i know your in this occ...remind me later for my corruoted sentinal i need to start my dark elf person still and the other half moon half sun elf please amd thank you.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 76d 22h 38m 58s
I am fine it was just a check up on stuff sense my car accident in december so I had to go and do a "sleep test" to make sure I was doing ok...but kind of hard to do a sleep test when I don't sleep or its a rarity

and by all means Mrs Tesla I would love to hear your idea, although to keep it slightly hush hush tell I give a final decision on it if you don't mind go ahead and Pm it to me please.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 77d 13h 4m 30s
Welcome back Colorful! I am sorry that you had to spend time in the hospital, and hope everything is well with you and yours now.

I will say for what it is worth I may have a potential explanation for why Okubyou's character is not there yet. Although I doubt Okubyou will be back given they have been offline for 39/43 days of their account existence I would still ike to leave it open if possible. Plus I may have a devious use for their character's existence.

May everyone be in good health throughout the rest of the year and find joy in something unexpected.
  Claymore / Tesla / 77d 21h 18m 6s
Hope everything is going fine with everyone. I am just on here to give an update with stuff... So I'm officially back home again as I was in the hospital for a little bit over new years. was also in England again for Xmas
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 80d 13h 13m 10s
Nice post folks, i love the fact everyone has heard rumors of anduin. I may change that up slightly depending on a few things with his next post.

Also for clarification on matters sense okyu has been MIA im going to try and go at least one more round of posts before killing off his character, he is mentioned to be in the rearguard as well, but is currently not at the gathering.

And to keep everyone's process correct i believe it is north's post.
  OCC Death / Colorful_insanity / 85d 11h 47m 44s
Thank you Colorful! That helped out the post in different parts.
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 85d 23h 17m 5s
Lets go based off post yes his name was mentioned, but he currently is not there for reasons unknown
  Colorful_insanity / 86d 47m 26s
Sooo.... what are you officially going with? Was his name really mentioned?
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 86d 1h 34m 43s
I mean it could be he is placed in the rear guard but hasnt shown up yet..could also be why he is being placed there as well.
  Christian Blind / Colorful_insanity / 86d 9h 8m 14s

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