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[I [center Welcome Stranger to the Broken Arrow Workshop. So you must be wondering what this place is. Its all sorts of things. Say you need someone to help you hash out a Plot, or someone to help you hunt down a photo for you. Perhaps do some editing or map making, etc. Hell if it comes down to it and your searching for Rp partners jump on in. This however will also be used as an OCC/Chat thread, so if you just wanna chat jump on in to.]]

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[I [center Like all Places these one has a few rules I must ask we follow in order for this process to flow peacefully and make it to the end.]]
[center 1. No drama, if you and someone else in here have beef/drama or whatever its called I would rather you not bring it here. If necessary Pm me about what you needed from here.]
[center 2. Upon putting in a request for something please be patient. Many of us have jobs and college and real life things to deal with before jumping on the site; That said if you do not get your request filled within I would say a time frame of a week shoot me a message about it. I may have forgotten, haven't had time to get to it, or am currently in the process of it.]
[center 3. If you do come here needing help with someone, do not get angry when someone tries to help. Its part of the process. That also said don't be angry however if you help someone and they don't listen.]
[center 4. Please give myself as much detail about your request as you can, so we can get you what your wanting to get.]

[center [b Finer details]]
[center So with all the basic stuff out of the way here are Finer details.]
[center 1. This is not a search or advertisement thread, While hunting for partners is allowed here, I would prefer it not to go Beyond Pms. If you want your Rps you need people for thrown in for advertisement shoot me a PM first then wait until I answer it before you post the rp link and a few details about it.]
[Center 2. any creative ideas you need help figuring details for, or perhaps a plot line idea you need help making? perhaps a world or a kingdom/country to fit a character? perhaps even a character to fit a plot or world or kingdom/country? Come step up and feel free to ask for help.]
[center 3. Need help figuring out details to a Character like a history for them? Perhaps not a specific character but details to a race made entirely out of pure imagination? Even perhaps a character's current situation before they jump into a plot and give you a starting point to an introduction post?]

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[ The Claymore League]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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so while you could make copies of other powers hers is more the bodies and such are permanently there. So with the infinite reflection you'd end up going and filling the place up with the abyssal creature that she is..
Yeah, but that is the thing her power isn't that of a Mirror...Its a cloning process.. So you can't exactly clone your own power unless anna goes and uses her clone to make a mirror of you.
But mirrors multiply reflections. Imagine when you put a mirror in front of a mirror. I she copies a mirror, that'd act like a crazy boost. & she'd be splitting herself with the splitting ability. So her army would not only mirror her army but her army copying her & anyone else's skills., but split and then multiply upon itself everytime.
  Yoruneko / 2h 23m 19s
The pitfall though is Anduin is out as that is his older sister... He wouldn't be able to deal the final blow... So that leaves Christian Beatrix and Asirith to hunt her down if it became necessary, but you gotta get past Her heightened agility, Hearing, and her ability to sense Yoki.
So really the only way to kill her is through Physicals means. So Christian's unique ability comes in handy for that, so does Anduin's unique ability, so would Beatrix and Asirith as each one is meant to be lethal without activating yoki
lol no see she can't use her ability until you use yours first... So for instance say Christian went after her... She'd make a clone of herself with his power, she'd see you use your mirror power and make a clone with that also...She's mass an army faster then what your person could cause the mirror would just copy your power of mimicking hers and it'd be a two clone production vs one.
Sooooo.... if my character fought her, she wouldn't really gain anything, but my character would then be able to split & retain other abilities. Bad news is she's a gen 6 on top of being an abyssal one.... still an interesting fight.
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 3h 44m 5s
Here is her Skeleton so everyone can see it...

[center [pic]]
[center [b Name:] Candle, Anna Rose]
[center [b Nickname:] The Splitter]
[center [b Former Rank:] One]
[center [b Generation:] six]
[center [b Land of Origin:] Highland]
[center [b Claimed Land:] Sentiland]
[center [b Awakened Powers:] She still retains her fast agility based upon her high reflexes as a claymore, and even sharpened it more so to make her one of the four abyssal creatures on the world. Her heightened agility isn't the only problem with her. She has heightened hearing and can hear things far better then claymores and Yoma alike. She also has the ability to sense Yoki and can act accordingly.]
[center [b Magical Ability:] Clone match, Her ability she retained and has heightened was her ability to clone any power that is used in front of her. She doesn't keep them herself, instead she manifests a clone of herself with the power she chooses, each body has a separate power, however the original body controls all the clones she makes. She has used this to mass an army of Awakened claymores and versions of herself alone.]
[center [b Other Information:] Anna rose had been given the name of The splitter due to her ability of being able to hunt Yoma and Awakened by herself and make an active counter measure to each situation accordingly, however she became a high target for the league because she constantly went out of her way to make things difficult for the league including killing multiple handlers. She hated being controlled and even more so hates claymores for doing the leagues business without question. Older Sister to Current rank one Anduin Candle.]
I think the only person Anduin would have trouble hunting by himself is likely Anna Rose... The Splitter.
Lol. That sounds awesome. I wanna see that too. Cant wait
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 4h 32m 24s
unlikely lol I wanna see that one... Anduin Candle the Inquisitor vs Sigard Morphin the Blood God
Lol. Well is that a bad thing? Or are you going to change it?
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 4h 38m 46s
Muhahahaha I just realized that I had Anduin and Sigard from the same
Thank you Tesla. Hope you've had a good day.

Awesome. Good to know.

You're good. So, I'll change my post to where they've met briefly on a request.

Anyone else from Sentiland, Midland & especially Lowland. Let me know if you guys are cool with our characters having some sort of familiarity out in the field.
  Ellysa Martin / Yoruneko / 6h 29m 35s
Your fine Tverdost, perfectly fine. We were just being asked questions and such and answering them....along with getting the posting order updated sense all the new additions.
  Colorful_insanity / 6h 31m 11s

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