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[i [center It had been sometime since he'd started watching over me. He was hauntingly silent in the distance, but he made me feel safer walking home from my classes. Even though we have barely spoken a word to each other. It was like a pact we made with just our eyes.]]

[center [i He's saved me more than once.]]


Leonardo was a bit of an outcast - even from his own family. Being raised in a strict religious home, his family was less than accepting of his sexuality, nor his career choice. Leonardo's father was a businessman as well as his three older brothers, but art was a calling for Leonardo, one of the few things he'd been passionate about since he was young.

Due to his straining - hardly existent - relationship with his family his father chose to fund his school and housing, as long as he kept his...desires to himself. Out on his own, Leonardo focused on his art and studies. Often Leonardo found himself coming home late from the art studio at the Art Academy, well past dark.

One evening, Leonardo was attacked just outside of his small apartment. Left there on the cold sidewalk, bruised up, and bloody he noticed a man not to far off. Their eyes met.

It was sometime after this it was a regular occurrence. The man would wait for Leonardo, watch him, silently protect him. Leonardo could never get a good look at the mystery guy, there was always something covering parts of his face, as if he didn't want Leonardo to know who he truly was.

'Just who was this man watching over me?'


The plot is a little open for discussion. I was looking for either a vigilante or gang member style partner who is hiding their identity for either Leo's safety or for whatever reason of your choosing! It is also your choice for the reasoning behind him wanting to watch out for Leo. I'm open to all ideas - even as simple as he wanted to for no extra reasons. I want you to take your character and mold them however you'd like! :)

I do have a direction for this RP and I am happy to let my partner in on my ideas. You're more than welcome to throw new ideas in or let me know if there are things you don't like!


1. This will be a MxM 1x1 and mature. Violence, gore, drugs, and strong language will be present - anything in sexual nature will be TS or taken off-site.

2. I can post anywhere from 1000-3000+ characters. I don't mind if this a laid back, casual RP, or one with large novel like posts. I do expect at least 1000 characters per post and at least once a week - more is always welcome. If you need more time, I totally understand and I only ask for a heads up! :)

3. Pictures will be illustrated.

4. To join please provide me with a link to your characters profile - Name, age, etc. However you like to present their basic information. You don't need to go into great detail of their past or any secrets - we can leak those as the RP goes on!

Thank you for taking the time to read! I look forward to hearing from you.


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It was like time was suddenly thrust into rapid motion as the strangers took him to the ground. Leo didn't want to be the victim again and chose to fight back but no sooner did he try that his arms were pinned down and the leader of this little group had a pocket knife out. This was probably how it was going to end, wasn't it? After a fleeting moment a third voice came from just out of sight.

It seemed these thugs knew who it was and not in a friendly way. No sooner did this stranger show up did they start to back off, letting him up. Leo stayed still for a moment even though the weight of those men were off him, blinking, confused and terrified. His eyes wondered to his savior, that man. The one who merely watched before and the one who was always on the corner watching Leo.

Leo could only offer a look of bewilderment. Like a small frail animal. He quietly took the hand that was offered. His hand was warm, smooth, and it sent an odd sensation up Leo's arm. It seemed he wasn't the only one as they quickly retracted their hands after Leo was up on his own two feet.

"Yeah, I've been told a few times not to leave so late. Can't be helped sometimes." Why was he explaining himself? Leo bashfully stared at the ground. Its embarrassing to be seen overpowered like that not just once, but twice now. "Um..." He looked back up and met the others eyes.

"Thanks." He couldn't help but be grateful. Who knows what those assholes would have done if....whatever his name is, didn't step in.
"Who are you?" Leo found himself asking. He was curious about this male that not only, over the last few days, waited outside his apartment but now is rescuing him from those thugs. He never showed his face either, why is that? His curiousity only intensified with his encounter.
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It's been a couple of day's, and every night Elliot would walk to the same street corner and he would watch the handsome stranger. He hadn't seen the Dragon's for awhile and he hoped that they would leave the poor boy alone. Apart of him wanted to speak to the male, but he knew he couldn't. He wasn't about to blow his cover. He sighed lightly as he looked at the time on his phone. He realized it was getting late, so he shut his books, shove them into the book bag and stood. He had to get home, and now.

There was a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach though. Maybe something would be going down tonight. He slid a strap over his shoulder and he walked out of the building. He'd been studying for a good six hours. He got the best studying in when he didn't have to work. He walked down the street, heading to his apartment. His mind wandered to the stranger, and the way he looked whenever Elliot was around. He smirked lightly and looked down as he walked. He rounded the corner, and his heart dropped into his stomach.

Seeing the stranger he'd been watching on the ground, and three Dragon's around him. He knew he couldn't stand by this time. He broke out into a run, dropped his bag on the ground, and pulled out his own knife. [b "Why not pick on someone you three know"] he snapped. The head Dragon looked up, and his eyes widened. [i "You.. What the fuck are you doing here?"] the man hissed. [b "I was on my way home, and I thought I'd stop by"] he said. Daniel narrowed his eyes, and he looked at the other two men with him, and nodded.

[i "Let him up, looks like he's protected by a Snake"] he said. The two looked at Daniel and then at Elliot before letting the other male go. [i "You are going to regret this night"] he hissed as he looked down at the male on the ground. [i "And you, you are one lucky fucker right now. I will make sure to make you pay for making me bleed"] he spat at the male, and the three went into the shadow's and vanished. Elliot sighed lightly, as he put his knife back into his black boot. He smiled lightly at the male.

[b "Listen, you really shouldn't be walking home alone this late at night. It's because of men like that, they don't take kindly to other's being in their places"] he said as he held his hand out to the other. He helped the male up, and the moment their skin touched, it was like something sparked between them both. He dropped his hand, and shoved them into the pockets of his jeans. [b "You should get inside, before they decide to come back after all"] he said with a sheepish smile.
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Whoever it was had been there across the way every night since the attack. Why? Who was he and what did he want? Leo felt like he was watching out for him...but then why did he do nothing that night? Either way, he felt slightly safer every time he'd see him on his route home, standing there, leaning against the broken light pole just in front of his apartment.

Some nights Leo found himself peeking out his window to watch the males silhouette disappear into the darkness of the night.
He never really saw him during the day, it was only during his nightly walk home. It made him a little obsessive with thinking about who he was, what he did, and why he was always there. He'd even told Syd about him.

"[i That's weird.]" Syd spoke honestly before taking a larger than average bite of her burger.

"I thought so, too. But it's kind of comforting...in a strange way." Leo shrugged taking a few fries and stuffing them in his mouth.
"[i Well, is he handsome? Maybe he's got a crush?]" Leo rolled his eyes with a heavy sigh.

"I highly doubt it." Syd shrugged, "[i He could just be waiting for those guys to show up again and have nothing to do with you. Gangs around there have been kind of turf warring lately. Which is part of why I hate you walking home so late.]" Leo felt anxious all over again, what if that guy was just dangerous company? Then why hadn't he attacked Leo, they merely exchanged nods of acknowledgement and looked at each other.

"[i But, hey, don't worry about it. I'm sure he'd your knight in shining armor!]" "Very funny," Syd laughed and Leo merely smiled in return as they finished their lunch together.
Leo stepped back with a satisfied smile, his work done, finally. It was an oil painting he'd done was a field of flowers and at the center there was one flower that hadn't bloomed just yet. Waiting for it's turn to flourish like those around it. He made it a little more symbolic of his life than he'd originally anticipated. It looked great and he was quite proud of this one.

After wiping away some paint on his hands and face, he'd just noticed how late it got again. "Shit..." he felt a rock of nerves sitting at the pit of his stomach as he cleaned up. "It's likely to not happen again, right? It's fine. I'm fine." Leo chanted this himself as he gathered what courage he could and made his way home.

Who gets attacked by the same thugs more than once? It's sort of like shark attacks, right? Leo kept himself alert and nerves shook his body, making his knees a little weak, and slowing down his pace.

Eventually, his apartment came into view and so did a few other figures. His heart was racing and it felt like any second it would beat it's way up and out of his mouth. His wounds were just healing, please don't let it be them again, he didn't want to reach out to his father to move. As he grew closer the more familiar the faces and shapes of them were.

Leo glanced at the usual spot but didn't catch sight of the man usually there for him. Now of all times, he wanted to not show up and watch Leo?

"[b Hey! Our favorite punching bag. You're looking better than how we left you.]"

Leo merely closed his eyes and kept walking. Please let me by, please let me by, please let me by. He was frustrated, angry, he wanted to lash out but was forced to hunker down like a child.

"[b Uhh, we were talking to you.]" The other male grabbed hold of Leo's shoulder pretty tight, stopping him. "Look, I just want to go home."
"[b Is that so? Maybe you shouldn't try to rat us out to the police then, kid. That was a bad move.]"

Leo stood frozen for a moment. How did they know? Maybe they knew some cops and that's why they did nothing to help him in his report? "[b Look at his face,]" one had laughed at Leo's clear bewilderment. "[b Like the police would help a little gay kid like you. We run this city and you're about to learn your place here.]"

Leo had shrugged off his book back as the male approached him and swung it as hard as he could, connecting with one of their head, trying to by time to make a dash to his door.

"[b Why you little...]" Yet, he wasn't fast enough as the other two had gotten hold and slammed him into the pavement. "[b Now it's only gonna be worse for you.]" The one he'd struck in the head with his books wiped a bit of blood from his nose and revealed a pocket knife.

It's safe to say Leo had never feared for his life as much as he did in that moment.
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The moment that Elliot's alarm started going off, the male groaned and shut it off. He sat up and looked around the bedroom. He watched as the sun came up and he knew he had to get a move on. He had classes to get too, and homework to turn in. As he slipped out of bed he reached for his phone, and sent a message to Lilly. [i [b Morning bitch. So I have something to tell you, and you are going to be really pissed off with me. I'll see you in study hall.]] That's all the message said.

He didn't wait for a reply knowing she would message him right away. He tossed his phone onto the bed, and gathered up some clean boxers and a towel. He walked out into the hallway and ran into Daniel. [u "I seriously don't understand why you have to go to school"] the male groaned. [b "Because it gives me something to do, and I have goals to reach"] he said with a laugh. Daniel shook his head and crossed his arms. [u "If you come across the Dragon's again, call me"] the male said in a stern voice.

Elliot nodded lightly. [b "Alright, if I can remember. I just hope I don't"] he admitted. It would suck if he did though. He needed the back up and he would have needed it last night. Daniel nodded and walked off to his room. Elliot went into the bathroom to shower, and get ready for the day. He would head straight to work after classes, and then he'll be off for a couple of weeks. It was much needed after the hell he's been though lately. Working and going to college was hard on the body, and on the mind.

The male hurried in the shower, and then shut the water off ten minutes later. He brushed his teeth, and made sure he looked okay. When he was dressed in his boxers he went back to his room, changed into a pair of jean's and a black t-shirt. He made sure he had his hoodie and bandanna, he shoved them both into his back pack. He found some socks, and slid them on along with his shoes. He walked out of his room, and went to the front door. He would grab something to eat on the way.

He unlocked his beat up truck, and climbed in. He started it up and pulled out of the driveway. He headed into town, and he heard his phone ringing. He shook his head knowing who it was. He would talk to her in five minutes. When the campus was in view he pulled into a parking spot, shut the truck off and climbed out. Sure enough Lilly was right there waiting for him. She had her arms crossed and she looked pissed. [i "Why aren't you answering my calls?"] she snapped. The male smirked and shrugged a bit. [b "Busy"] he lied.

[i "I know you, you weren't busy. So what happened last night?"] she asked as she fell into step beside him. He told her about running into the Dragon's, and how the male had seen him. She nodded and spoke at the right times, trying to figure everything out. When they got to their classroom's, they parted ways and Elliot went about his day. Classes were dragging on, and he knew work wouldn't be much better. He sighed lightly as he made his way back to the truck and headed home really quick. He had enough time to drop the truck off and leave.

[center [b Later That Night.]]

Elliot was finally off work. He could head home, and forget about the day. He was wondering about the male he had run into last night though. He pulled his hoodie on, along with his bandanna. He walked down the street hands shoved into his pockets. He stopped at the same corner, and he leaned against the light pole. Thank God the light didn't work. He didn't have to wait long though, the male was coming home finally. He stood and watched the male. He was nervous, and he didn't blame him at all.

He nodded back, and made sure the male was inside safely before he went back to his own home. He sighed lightly as he walked into the house, shut and locked the door. [b "No Dragon's tonight"] he called out. He was thankful for that. He didn't wait for Daniel tonight. He went straight to his room, and locked the door. He pulled out his books, and started working on his homework for the next day. His mind wandering back to the handsome stranger once more.
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"[i Oh my god!]"

The girls voice echoed in the hallway drawing attention and eyes from a few students making their way to class.

"Keep it down, Syd." Leo sheepishly glanced at their faces as peoples obviously nosy eyes looked away. The evidence of last nights events were all over his face, arms, and pain shooting through his abdomen. Sydney Mills, his most dear friend, greeted him like always. Only, this time the moment she saw him her eyes were met with a bruised, cut, and slightly swollen face.

"[i I'm sorry...just...you-]" Syd gestured wildly at his face and his bruised arms. "[i What happened?]"
"Some punks who needed to feel big. That's all."
"[i That's all? You need to stop going home so late! You need to stop acting like nothing bad will ever happen to you.]" Leo huffed and rolled his eyes, cutting around her towards his morning study. "Whatever." Syd was in hot pursuit.
"[i 'Whatever'? Whatever? Are you an idiot? They could have [b killed] you! Leo - wait a sec.]"

Syd was quick to jump in front of him and stopped him in his tracks. "[i Please, please, stop going home so late. It's clearly dangerous and I wish you would understand how much this -]" she waved over at his injuries, "[i - scares the shit out of me.]" Syd looked like she was ready to be emotional. Leo softened. Syd was like a little sister to him.

The two met when they were in middle school and she was the first he ever came out to. They had been inseparable since. It didn't feel very good to see her so upset. "I'm sorry, okay? Trust me, it wasn't a fun walk in the park for me. I'll go home earlier." Leo held out his pinkie and they made their regular childish swear.

"[i Okay, I wont make you late. I'll see you around. I will be checking the studio on my way out. If I see you there -]" Syd balled her fist and punched the palm of her other and teasingly glared. Leo chuckled and waved the small girl off as he set off for the beginning of his daily courses.


Leo was diligently work on his art work he hardly noticed how low the sun was dipping in the sky. Lost in his own world, attempting to take back any sense of control he'd lost last night, diving head deep into his passion.

"[i Hey, getting late. Pinkie promised!]"

Leo nearly jumped out of his skin. "Scared me, you bitch." He grinned back at her. "[i Sorry. I was wondering if you wanted me to talk you home?]" He sighed and shook his head. "No, I don't want anything to happen to you if those guys come around again." "[i But I would feel horrible if-]"

Leo waved his hand at her to shush her. "Nope, I will walk alone and be sure to text you the moment I get home. Okay?" Syd seemed hesitant but after a moment nodded. "[i The second you get home, got it?]"


After shaking Syd off him, Leo had packed up and headed out. There was a bit of day light left and it was comforting. He would be lying if he said he wasn't fearful of going home that night.

His green eyes were more alert, aware, scanning all around him for familiar faces that had attacked him just a night prior. Expecting to run into those thugs again he was surprised. The only familiar figure was the man he'd noticed after the incident. Leo stood once more in front of his apartment and looked at the man.

Who was he and why was he here again? He couldn't possible live around here. Leo knew most of the residents on this block and he was a completely new face. Leo gave a nod of acknowledgement after a moment and turned back into his apartment. It was probably just a coincidence and he was likely to never see the man again.
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[i "Will you please go home Elliot. You've been here all day, and it's getting late"] the woman spoke softly. Elliot looked towards her a small smile passing over his lips. [b "You know me, I have to get homework done before I head home. The other's don't like the fact I'm going to school, and apart of their little gang"] he said with a small shrug. Lilly walked over and sat down next to the male. [i "I worry about you, I don't like you being in this gang, and I just wish you'd tell them off sometimes"] she said.

The male looked towards her, and he just shook his head. [b "I've been with them for the last four years. It sucks, because the woman I had killed was pregnant, and I ruined everything. Malic won't let me leave even if I could. I know too much, and I can't do anything about it"] he said lightly. Thinking about the murder four years ago, made his stomach turn. He hadn't thought about her in a while and he finally stopped having nightmares about her. Her unborn baby was killed too, and he felt really guilty about it. He sighed a bit.

[b "I should get home though, I have to open the bar in the morning"] he said as he slammed his book shut. Lilly nodded lightly as she stood, and walked with him to the door. [i "Make sure to text me when you get home."] she said hugging the male. He hugged her back, and held her a moment longer. [b "Thank you for everything Lilly"] he whispered in her ear, and kissed her cheek. The woman pulled back and smiled up at him. [i "That's what I'm here for"] she cooed, before shooing him out the door.

The male slid his back pack onto his shoulder, and drew his hoodie over his head. He had his bandanna hanging around his neck and he placed it over the lower half of his face. He had to do this, because sometimes other's would be walking around. He wasn't about to let anyone know who he was. As he rounded a corner, he heard people talking, and he came to a stop. He watched as a male not much younger than him, get beat to a pulp. It made his blood boil watching the men walk away. He watched the other slowly get to his feet.

He wanted to go over and help him, but he knew he had to keep his distance. His brown eyes locked on the other male, and he nodded his head slightly watching him go into his apartment. He waited until the other was safely inside, before he broke out into a jog and ran all the way to his house. He threw the door open, and tossed his bag onto the floor. He knew the men that had attacked that other male. They were from the Dragon's Gang. He shook his head and slammed the door closed.

[u "Oi, what the fuck's going on?"] Daniel called out. [b "I nearly had a run in with a couple Dragon's. They just beat the shit out of a male for going to the art school nearby"] he said. Daniel looked at Elliot and shook his head. [u "You shouldn't worry about that right now. You should worry about getting some sleep for work"] the male snapped. Elliot was about to say something more, then closed his mouth. [b "Alright.. Goodnight"] he said. Daniel nodded lightly and went back to counting his money.

Elliot slipped into his room, and shut the door behind him. He locked it, and set his alarm. He kicked off his shoes and climbed into bed. His mind wandered back to the male he had seen. He should have done something, but what? He couldn't take on the Dragon's alone. He put his hands behind his head, and pretty soon he was out cold.
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A yawn escaped the lips of the slender form bent over an unfinished oil painting. Another late night. Leo was working on one of his largest paintings to date and found himself staying well past dusk to get everything he could finished in time for the deadline.

As his eyelids grew heavy, he took the hint and figured it was probably best to stop for the night and get a little sleep. Leo packed up his brushes, paints, and delicately placed his wet painting in a safe spot for the night before making his way out of the art studio towards his apartment.

He'd been on his own now for almost a year now. Lets say his family and him didn't get along well, his father was basically paying him to stay away from them. Not like it bothered him much, he liked being alone, all on his own. He especially liked these cool nights when he got to walk home in the dead silence. It was peaceful and serene.

Leo let out another long winded yawn and as he tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes, his shoulder bumped with what he assumed was another shoulder.

"[b Yo, watch where you're going, kid.]" Leo glanced up to meet the eyes of an irritated brute. He raised an eyebrow, "Sorry." he spoke curtly and turned on his heel.
"[b Aye, we don't really like your attitude.]" The male's little groupie grab him by the collar and forced him to turn back around. Leo gave him a bit of a bewildered look, he just bumped the guys shoulder a little. What was his issue?
"[b Hey, you go to that art school, don't ya?]"
"What of it?"
"[b I hear only fags and girls go to that school.]"
Leo's eyebrow twitched in irritation. "I don't think my sexuality has anything to do with my art?"
"[b So, you're not denying you're a faggot?]" Leo stayed silent.

It was becoming pretty clear where this was headed. Hate crimes against the LGBTQ was pretty rampant in this area and he could feel a hint of fear as his eyes scanned the other males. There was 4 of them. Could he run?

"[b He's silent. Well, boys, you know what we do to his kind.]" Before he could fully analyze the situation the other males had him surrounded.
"Look, I don't want trouble. I'm just headed him." Leo was keeping his mind calm, trying to keep a level-head, calculating a way out.
"[b Oh! Hear that, boys? He doesn't want trouble.]" "[b Well, ain't he just shit out of luck.]"

Everything that followed went by in a flash. Two males locked his arms back, while two others took turns punching, kicking, and spitting on any part of him they could. Not once did he allow himself to beg, to cry out, he toughed out the longest moments of his life. It was soon over but he chose to stay on the ground until the laughing and chatter grew distant, so distant he couldn't hear them any longer.

Frustration. Anger. Pain. Leo wanted to scream out. His fists ached and he shivered with adrenaline. The male began to lift himself off the ground and he could feel eyes on him. Fear peaked once more as his head snapped up and scanned the area. It didn't take long for him to lock eyes with another guy in the distance.

Leo froze and just looked at him. Was he with those thugs? Why had he just watched Leo be assaulted? Or maybe he didn't witness it, just the pathetic aftermath. Leo gritted his teeth and stood, brushing himself off. His green eyes looking back at the other male. There was something about the way this man was looking at him. Like he was trying to tell Leo something with just his eyes.

He felt an odd wash of relief come over him. The male had calming eyes. Letting out a frustrated sigh, Leo turned and tore his eyes away, walking into his apartment.
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