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[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8b/a5/02/8ba50243704a6cfb0e8e5d1dc593f066.jpg]] The scarred woman, her mouth a little lopsided from her smile, saw Bryant make no move to meet her hands and paused, looking up at him. "[+tan Too soon, dear?]" she asked, her one pale eye still while the other arched up in question. But her smile returned softly, as did her hands to her cane."[+tan That's alright.]"

She leaned on it, smiling up at him with an inclination of her head. "[+tan I'm Mrs. Narcissa Hackett, it's very nice to meet you, Bryant.]"

Shifting, she moved back to the table with the flowers and picked them up, "[+tan You're not early at all, no. You're just on time with when you've arrived. No need to fret.]" she picked up a pair of shears that were hidden in the cluster of stems. Her eyes glanced back to him as the thin snip of the blades trimmed at an angle a hydrangea. "[+tan We've been expecting you after all.]"

Her eyes returned to what she was doing, cocked so the good one could see what she was doing. "[+tan No, no, no. No work today. I'll tell everyone you're here and we'll get you fed and settled in. How about that?]" Narcissa smiled at him again.

"[+tan Would you ring that bell for me, dear?]" she nodded towards a pull cord by one of the windows just near him. Her head nodded towards the side in reference to herself with a bit of a sheepish smile. A limp and a cane. "[+tan I'll hinder you up the stairs, and I can see you're eager to get started.]"

Once the bell was rung Narcissa continued on the flowers. The coachman was still bringing in Bryant's luggage into the house, now, instead of on the porch. He glanced up at Bryant a little while he went, and then averted them, quietly continuing.

Presently another set of pert footsteps approached from down the hall. Behind them, a thin young woman was visible in a pressed, black maid's uniform and a prim white apron. She had a serious face. She inclined her head to Mrs. Hackett and then looked to Bryant, "[+brown You wanted me, ma'am?]"

"[+tan Yes, please. This is Bryant, the new groundsman,]" she gestured back at him with the shears. "[+tan Would you please bring him upstairs to his room and allow him to settle in?]"

[right [pic https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTbe_R3g-h9kMRmyO77F03ETScHPNQSIE0HdYfmHG8YJec8mHc-kA]] His mistress then turned around to Bryant again and nodded towards the young woman. "[+tan Bryant, this is Penelope, one of your peers.]" The maid curtseyed to him quietly, keeping her eyes low.

"[+brown Follow me, please.]"

"[+tan Your things will be brought up by Edwin, if you like.]" Mrs. Hackett added, nodding towards the thin coachman who had driven him there. "[+tan If you would like his help. Some of the other staff are in town getting groceries, you'll meet them later.]"

[https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/downtonabbey/images/d/df/Servants_quarters_shared_female_bedroom.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130916184844 The room Bryant was led to] was on the third floor. Penelope led him up one narrow spiral stair tucked between the back hall and the dining room. And then turned up towards another one that passed up to a quiet part of the house. It was an angled hall with four rooms connected to it. Penelope turned towards one and opened it. Inside were two beds, one turned down, waiting it seemed for him, and a second with a fold of clothing lying on them, and the pillow a bit squished. Occupied. It had a little stove for them, two bureaus for clothing and possessions, and a window on high, letting in the early afternoon sun. It was warmer on the third level than the first two.

"[+brown This is your room,]" Penelope said, stepping aside and staying in the hall to let Bryant in. "[+brown You're sharing it with Zachary, Mr. Hackett's assistant and the one who had been filling your position temporarily until you arrived. He does the animals.]" Her voice was thin and quiet when she spoke, keeping her hands folded before her, but would send glances up towards him now and again. He was the new face in the house.
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[font "Century Gothic" Trying to take everything in, the male was feeling overwhelmed. He didn't know what to think, or how to act at the moment. The place looked amazing, and he was itching to just explore the rooms. The wonders that this home would hold, and he was only a room away already. As he was about to look around at the pictures, he heard someone coming down the hall, and he stopped and shoved his hands into the pockets of his coat. He saw an older woman with flowers in hand, and he was about to say something when she noticed him.]

[font "Century Gothic" He nodded lightly. [#01A9DB "Yes I'm Bryant, and I'm sorry for arriving really early. My train was on time for once, and I was surprised to see that your coachman was already waiting for me"] he said lightly. He felt like his nervous were showing, and he decided it would be best to keep his mouth shut for the time being. He lowered his eyes to the ground as he didn't know what else to say. He was at a loss for words, and he felt like a total idiot at the moment.]

[font "Century Gothic" When the woman said she was pleased he was there, he looked up and he felt slightly better. [#01A9DB "Thank you for having me. I can't wait to get started. What do you need me to do first?"] he asked. He might as well get started. He didn't want to wait around, and just look like a fool. He loved how the house looked, and he wanted to get busy. Maybe he could get his room put together first? Or would she want him doing something else? Maybe he should ask her. He cleared his throat and spoke again.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#01A9DB "Is it alright if I go to my room first? Get settled in, and then later this afternoon I can get to working. Or did you want me somewhere else first?"] he asked letting his question hang in the air. He shifted slightly from one foot to the next. He didn't know what to say, and he was getting more and more nervous as the silence hung around them. He hated silence more than anything, and he knew if no one else arrived he would start babbling on about something stupid.]

[font "Century Gothic" That would make him feel even worse, and it would leave a bad impression on his new employers as well. He bit the inside of his cheek, and the pain stopped him from saying anything else. He let the question's hang in the air as his eyes went around the room in awe.]
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/df/43/ea/df43ead348b62a3479fc8a7ffa74254a.jpg]]
[size14 [font "Times" The driver looked to Bryant, and then glanced at the house, a smile beginning to come up on his face. He looked proud, turning back to him. "[+navy Yes it is.]" And with that he continued removing luggage from the carriage, and taking it up to place on the porch by the door. Which was large and wide with a beveled glass window edged in curtains.

The immediate interior of the house was a large entrance hall with a multitude of doorways leading off of it, and the beginning of a large-landing staircase at the back. There were two doors on the right,separated by a number of paintings under which stood a cushioned bench. At the back right before the stairs was a hallway leading off around the corner, and another doorway visible through the back. At the back left was two more doors, both closed, on the other side of the stairs entrance. Though, the front room, the parlor, was accessed through no wall whatsoever; open to scrutiny and by far the easiest room to start in.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/8b/a5/02/8ba50243704a6cfb0e8e5d1dc593f066.jpg]] In that parlor were tall, numerous windows, all skirted in nice, heavy curtains. The paintings on the walls were dim landscapes; empty, soulful, or pictures of single, wandering individuals in the land. The one over the fireplace on the wall was an immense oil portrait of a rather dour looking, antique family. There were smaller portraits of what were to be assumed as family members as well lining the walls.

The house was silent until a sound came from afar. A slow, uneven gait from somewhere in the house. Tap, [i click]-tap.

Tap, [i click]-tap.

It approached closer, until the form of a woman's figure walking down the entrance hall, head bent down towards a bunch of hydrangeas in her hand; the other preoccupied with holding a walking stick that her gait lurched into while she walked. Tap, click-tap.

She then looked up, upon seeing him, and stood in shock at the entrance to the parlor. "[+tan O-oh?]" The hydrangeas were a powdery purple-periwinkle.

The woman blinked, "[+tan Are you Bryant?]" she asked, taking a look at him as if he were an apparition. From there, the scarring on the left side of her face was visible. Pale and angular, with dark, coiffed hair piled about her head; a dark, structured dress, hiding her throat, and a shocked smile as she hurried and placed down the bunch of flowers on a side table and picked up the monocle hung around her neck and took a better look at him.

"[+tan Oh, oh my goodness we were expecting you much later!]" The woman dropped the lens and came up to him, reaching for his hand with both of hers and a smile that was slowly relaxing away from as much shock and into something warmer. "[+tan My dear, welcome to Edgefield. We're so glad you came.]"
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[font "Century Gothic" The train ride wasn't as bad as the male thought it would be. He was pretty distracted anyway. His mother was getting worse as the day's wore on. He was worried that if he left, she wouldn't live much longer. She was the one who had talked him into going in the first place. Edgefield would be his new home, and it would be a good thing for him. He had fought his mother tooth and nail about it. He didn't want something to happen while he was gone. He sighed as he looked out the train window.]

[font "Century Gothic" His thought's went back to a couple of day's ago, when his mother and him had been arguing about him leaving.]

[center [b [font "Century Gothic" [u Two Days Ago.]]]]

[font "Century Gothic" [#01A9DB "Mother, will you please stop trying to talk me into going. I'm not leaving you. You know this"]]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "I know you don't want to leave me Bryant, but we need the money, and you need to spread your wings."]]

[font "Century Gothic" [#01A9DB "That's horse shit about [i 'spreading my wings'] I'm not leaving you. End of story"] the male hissed. The older woman looked up at her only son and shook her head. [b "I wish you weren't so stubborn.. You are like your father that way"] she said with a small smile.]

[font "Century Gothic" The male's blood boiled, he hated whenever his mother brought up his father. Ever since she had gotten sick, the man he had looked up to didn't care. He shook his head as he crossed his arms over his chest. [#01A9DB "I'm nothing like that low life. I'm not leaving you like he did"] he said. The woman shook her head, and patted the spot beside her on the bed. [b "Come here"] she said lightly. The male sighed and uncrossed his arms walking over to the bed. He sat down, and took his mother's hand in his.]

[font "Century Gothic" [b "Bryant, I don't blame your father for leaving. You shouldn't either. I know you had looked up to him, and I know you hate him with a passion right now. I'm not going to get any better if you don't go. Edgefield will be a wonderful place for you. I promise I will write to you once a week, and I'll make sure you are up to date. Please, do this for me. We need the money badly"] the woman was nearly begging at this point. It made Bryant feel slightly guilty.]

[font "Century Gothic" The male sighed and put his head into his hands. How can he keep saying no to the only person who really mattered to him. He looked towards her, took a deep breath and spoke. [#01A9DB "Alright, I'll do it. Just as long as you write to me, and make sure that you are being watched over"] he said. The woman nodded and smiled at her son. [b "Estella will take amazing care of me. Now go and pack up your things, the train leaves in two days"] Bryant just shook his head, and walked out of the room to pack his things.]

[center [b [font "Century Gothic" [u Two Day's Later.]]]]

[font "Century Gothic" Just thinking about his mother, made the male's mood change. He had talked to Estella that morning and she had promised to take care of his mother. He sighed lightly when he felt his train start slowing down. He stood and gathered up his things, and walked out of the small compartment he was sitting in. He leaned against the wall by the door, watching as the trees were coming into view. He was kind of nervous, but who wouldn't be? He took a breath and braced himself when the train came to a halt. He waited till the door was open before stepping down.]

[font "Century Gothic" He spotted the man that was supposed to pick him up, and he nodded his head slightly towards him. What was he supposed to say? So he kept his mouth shut. He just followed behind the strange looking male, and climbed into the back of the carriage. He looked out the window biting his lip. He reached up and started to bite his finger instead. He needed this job, and he needed the money. He promised his mother he would at least give it a shot.]

[font "Century Gothic" He didn't realize he had been wrapped up in his thoughts again, when he felt the carriage come to a stop. He heard voices and he climbed out. He stood and looked up at the huge house before him. His mouth dropped open, and he looked at the male. [#01A9DB "This is the place?"] he breathed out. It was more breathtaking than he thought it would have been. He was ushered into the house and he didn't have time to grab his things. He looked over his shoulder, and shook his head. He stood in the front parlor taking everything in.]

[font "Century Gothic" [#01A9DB "This place is amazing.."] he breathed out. He didn't know where his other hosts were, so he started moving around the front parlor looking at the pictures, and just taking everything around him in.]
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[font "Times" [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/nMPoqg5.jpg?1]] The man that greeted Bryant off of the train was tall, narrow and angular, and hunched slightly. He was young, his long hair drifting down either side of his face; also angular. But not underfed. His mouth was full of teeth that looked a little too big for his face; straight, but full, and he seemed to mouth breathe just a little, and thus showed them off, helped by his overbite. Clean, if not clean shaven, in a dark blue, but noticable blue suit coat, black tie, under a tall hat on his brow just emphasizing his height. As dark as his hair was, his eyes were a bright, notable blue against a pale face.

He offered a small smile; almost merely a tightening of the mouth in some form that suggested a smile. "[+navy [B Hackett?]]"

At the affirmation, he nodded and offered to take suitcases. "[+navy [B The carriage is over here.]]" and led the way to a two horse team, both in a sleek, shiny black. Though one had socks and a white stripe nose.

The city was small, but busy. Business was happening, and the buildings were fine. And the streets busy enough to cause concern, but not choked, and were lined with trees. In the heat of the evening, it was a pleasant sight to slip under so many trees to travel. It cooled the potential stuffiness of the interior of the carriage . And soon the trip took its way out of the city to a wide, flat road through the lands of the farmers, and then out into what looked like the wilds.

It took a couple of hours of travel, but eventually the carriage turned off of that main road and onto a smaller.

The house sat back from the lane, cumbersome and spreading, dappled constantly with the shade of the large trees surrounding it that lined the avenue approaching it, and skirted its bulk. Peaked rooves, gables, and towers gave the house height as well as heft. It was painted in browns and edged in white, its gray roof a pleasant base to reflect off of. A long patio-porch shaded the windows on the first floor in the front. Its gardens were full of trees, hiding the landscaping somewhat, which was strange. But it existed, between bushes and foliage and so much greenery and blooming bushes and flowers and animal pasture off to the right towards the back. But the stables were visible in the distance once the carriage came around a bend, seeing the path leading off to it.

Closer to the house, its garden beds were flush with roses lining the avenue now, all colors, and against the house. It was to these that the carriage pulled up in front of. The driver got off and started to take down the suitcases at the back. "[+navy [B Welcome to Edgefield.]]" he said quietly with a nod and another small smile.
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