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[center [font "Courier New" This is a muse thread for a friend and I. Don't get pissed if you see something they say, and you don't like it. If you aren't her or I, then get the fuck out.]]


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Roleplay Responses

[b Rikus:] Hello there.

[b Maybelle:] Hello, how are you doing?
  wíngs / -An_Dulra / 2h 41m 43s
[b Onyx:] She should be here now. They just put Noel down for a nap.

[b Kyra:] *wanders in yawning a bit* Yes?
  onyх / Waterlily- / 3h 12m 40s
[b Rikus:] Could you? I'll get Maybelle. She is here.
  wíngs / -An_Dulra / 3h 46m 38s
[b Onyx:] I don't remember her name, but I doubt she's around anyway at the moment. If you'd like, I can see if Kyra's back yet.
  onyх / Waterlily- / 4h 10m 32s
[b Rikus:] Oh that's alright, is there anyone your looking to talk to?
  wíngs / -An_Dulra / 6h 28m 40s
[b Onyx:] It's alright. Kyra's not around at the moment. She's out playing with Noel.
  onyх / Waterlily- / 6h 37m 27s
[b Rikus:] Good morning, sorry for yesterday we were traveling.
  wíngs / -An_Dulra / 7h 10m 48s
[b Onyx:] I'm here for the time being.

[b Kyra:] *wandered in* Good afternoon.

[b Adrianne:] Afternoon darlings.
  onyх / Waterlily- / 1d 2h 44m 48s
[B Rikus:] Hello anyone here.

[B Decius:] Yes hello.

[B Star:] Uh good morning.
  wíngs / -An_Dulra / 1d 6h 16m 54s
[b Kyra:] *slips into the room* Good morning.

[b Onyx:] *wanders in coffee mug in hand* It's so cold..
  precιoυѕ / Waterlily- / 2d 7h 6m 59s

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