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While he did not respond to her question outright, the voice and grumpy tone told her that it really was Alvér. As she listened, Alenia also watched. She saw the holy burns on his arm and immediately felt terrible. Though they were only there for a moment before he retreated his arms back into the shroud and made his hissing quip. To which the woman deflated. [b “Yes, a bard... now.”] Normally it was a point she would fight tooth and nail, and with much ferocity, but this time she was quieter. There wasn’t much point arguing over semantics right now.

Standing, she came around the couch, Myhrr pattering after her. [b “Corellon.”] Everything in her wanted to offer to help, to try and heal him, but it would only make things worse. So, she offered her information freely, as that was all she had... though that didn’t mean she couldn’t ask. [b “Is there anything I can do?”] It was doubtful, but Alenia wanted to know if there was some way for her to ease his suffering even a little bit. And by that point she had made it over to him, though did keep a bit of distance, more for his comfort than her own. It was weird not being able to see him through his outfit.

Despite all the negatives right now, and feeling a tad guilty, the petite woman was still happy overall. Being able to remember something she had forgotten was huge for her. It might not have been before the cut in her memories, but it was something. But more than that, she was glad that she knew Alvér again. Certainly, she would have been able to start over, and it was likely she would come to know him as a friend again, but it wouldn’t be quite the same. It was odd how a bit of misfortune could show you how precious something was.
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As expected, she moved to evade him, but Alvér knew he was faster. His hand closed down on her hair and then the solid round of her head and forced her to keep moving. Her fingers were tight, but he knew she wouldn't win against the fight from here. He had her unbalanced and under his control.

His other hand went to his arm, grabbing it and pushing his sleeve up. Fingers flexed as he hissed. Bringing it to see, the imprint of her hands, magic summoned in panic even if it didn't breach her surface much more than that, blackened on his skin. Alvér grunted, hissing again, hiding the arm against himself and turning away.

He flexed his arm, the skin on his underarm crawling, something beneath it. He hummed, concentrating, and flexed his hand again. Don't change. Don't. Breathe. Focus.

The shroud turned, suggesting his head went to her, and he scoffed, wringing the hand.

"[B A bard, was it?]" he responded through tight teeth, voice tense as he pulled his sleeve back down. Both arms disappeared inside the shroud.

"[B Who,]" he prompted, rubbing at his skin in the safety of his own darkness.
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After what felt close to an eternity of his just seemingly staring at her, something about his countenance seemed to change. As if he was focused on some new task, one that she could not see. It was a little weird, but Alenia just let him be. That was until he suddenly moved forward hands grabbing at her. Reacting just a millisecond too slow, he had ahold of her before she could jump back off the couch and away from his strange assault. It didn’t make any sense to her. If he was going to attack her why wait till now? [b “What are you doing?!”] The words fell fast from her mouth and her hands shot up to his arm, desperately trying to pry it from her, but it wasn’t working. How could someone so gauntly thin manage this much strength? One of the millions of questions she had. [b “Get off me.”] A demand given through gritted teeth, and one not met.

Then, finally, she realized what he was doing. The elfin woman could feel his magic slithering around in hers, dark and unhallowed. This was not the life energy of a mortal being, however it was not something she easily recognized either. Eyes filled with a confused horror, she looked up at him. [b “What are you?”] These were not words she would usually utter, but in her panic she lost much of her manners. Her mind also went to the knife she knew to be only a short way away, and any number of spells she could use, but there was still that doubt in her. She was holding onto hope that he wasn’t a bad person. He helped her, how could he be?

Just before he pulled back from her, regaining distance between them, something sparked inside her. As the fragment of his magic crumbled to nothing, no longer in contact with whatever it was happening inside her, she remembered what she had lost. And there was a brief moment where something more flowed through her, but that left just as quickly as it came. There and gone too fast for anyone to truly tell what it was. All that was left was Alenia, very confused and ready to be very vocal about it.

[b “Alvér, what the hell was that for?”] Her fingers ran tiny circles over the place on her forehead he had pressed his thumb. [b “Wait…”] She remembered not knowing his name just a minute ago. [b “That is Alvér, right?”] Maybe she was mistaken? If not, she was going to be even more confused about what was going on than she already was. Alenia knew for sure the person she was missing before was Alvér, but she wasn’t exactly sure why she forgot him in the first place or what he did to make her remember. It was all weird… but he had mentioned something about the forest being set to bedevil those who wandered in it. That was probably what triggered this, she thought.
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Suspicions he had had already were crystalized in how the magic felt against him, responding to the probe.

Divine magic felt like the sizzle and pop of hot oil against his magic. The sensation flew up through the ghostly threads and seemed to bite at his skin. His own magic flaring against it, stopping momentarily as it continued to explore further.

The magic was weakening. He could feel the curious tendrils of his magic begin to fray and pull away. His brows pushed together, trying to focus them back for just a few moments longer. His hand came closer but hesitated, pulling it away and down to disappear in his robes. Hidden once more.

The creature hummed low in his throat, and then looked away. Underneath the shroud, his hair was falling over his ear. He pushed it back and then took a breath. Those hands appeared again, both this time, and spread. Shifting in toward her again, he rallied his magic, feeling it tingle under his theoretical skin. His immaterial body.

The energy gathered in the air between them as he made a plunge in toward her. His magic swelled around her, inserting and seeking out itself, running in to find that core again. It took concentration, it took [i time], which he didn't have if he wanted to reach in and pull out that knot.

His hand flickered forwards and suddenly her head, she felt his fingers wrap around the side of her head, brushing her ear, and his thumb pressed to her forehead, between her brows. It pressed and he pushed her back a bit as he focused. The knot twitched, attracted to its magic seeking it out.

Once it was found, the tendrils shot in and overwhelmed the tight knot, small in comparison. Only one night against innumerable. It weakened, threads cut. The tenrdils pulled out sharply. The knot disintegrated. Alvér pulled his hand back, skin alive and stinging with so much holy magic. It had once produced a warm heat. Lately, he would remember, it was rarer that it was any form of comfort. He felt raw. He pulled back, hiding that limb, and stepped away.

Aching, aching his body ached. He silenced a sound against his teeth, crushing it with his tongue against their backs.
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His answer was dismissive. The man gave no confirmation that he felt fine, or liked to be that way, simply that it did not matter. Which led her to believe he was not comfortable, but as she thought before he did not think it was any of her business. And he was probably right in that. Though she did still feel bad that he had to deal with his discomfort. Alenia could not help but worry that it was her fault he was doing so. After all, this was the first time he had been able to prepare for their meeting. The other two times were spur of the moment, he could not have expected her in the woods and nor to appear in his bedroom doorway.

From there he approached. Coming away from his place at the other side of the room, he gave instruction not to move. The sitting woman wondered why, but listened. She trusted he meant no harm because he had given her no reason to believe otherwise. His hand lifted again, which told her he might be looking to use magic, so she waited for it, watching his hand intently. Her light brown eyes looked for any sign of what he was up to, but she saw nothing. Head cocking slightly to the side, her expression turned to one of confusion, though she said nothing for the time being.

Probing beneath just beneath the surface, what would first be noticed was what one would expect. The impressions of the magic Alvér had seen Alenia use before. They swirled together, somehow similar and different from one another, but both distinctly Alenia’s. However, the quantities within her were not evenly matched. They weighed away from the bardic invocation she claimed. There was a much greater potential for holy magic inside of her than one would expect from a bard, though that probably came as little surprise to him at this point. If he pressed forward, searched beyond the torrent of those two energies, eventually the shrouded man would find something else. At the absolute center of her, there was something more. It was small, compressed to intentionally hide away from prying eyes, but there like a central core to her magic and being nonetheless. What lay in the core itself was impossible to see; however the barrier constricting it was not. That was bright as day, white and blinding and divine. But somehow, there was one blemish. A slant of darkness on its surface, one very familiar to the drow, as it was his. However, as if the barrier had tried to absorb it with its other contents, it was stuck fast by a tendril of itself.
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Myhrr gave a little gurgling meow and pawed at the couch cushion before getting up on top of it, next to Alenia. Her tail curled in the air as she turned around, petite paws dimpling the fabric as she tiptoed around and looked at Alvér expectantly before sitting down.

Alvér's teeth gritted, face twisting in some unnamed feeling. It felt like an irate revulsion at being called attention to yet again. It was expected, but he knew she likely thought it was silly. But the idea of her eyes moving over his every malformation was worse. All the woman saw outwardly was the sway of the fabric as he shifted slightly.

"[B It doesn't matter,]" came the tart response.

It shifted into motion, then, approaching the back of the couch, a heavy sigh as he moved. He slipped, not stepped, there was no gait again, not even the limp she had noticed before, just movement, familiar with the surroundings books.

"[B Be still,]" the creature instructed, his voice gaining a bit of that husky, ragged edge to it that was present the night prior. A hand swept up, appearing from inside the fabric and hovered, palm towards Alenia, asking her attention it seemed. He was still, then, long fingers spreading slightly before the hand tipped, absent.

The brim of the hat tilted to the side a bit, feeling the magic near his senses and how it interacted with his own. His posture relaxed in absent thoughtfulness as he weighed what he could.
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The mewling was the first thing she noticed, causing Alenia to turn around and look for the cat, but she saw nothing. However, the creature soon made an appearance in front of her after emerging from beneath the couch. The pair had moved awfully silently to get so close to the elfin woman without her noticing. Though, to be fair she was rather distracted at the time. There was a lot on her mind. [b “Hello again,”] she patted the couch next to her in hopes that the chunky pink animal would come to her, and thankfully she did. It allowed the woman to distract herself with patting her, though it was not needed as a voice soon called her name and she knew it was not just the two of them.

Turning in her seat once more, she was finally able to make out the shadowy figure in the darkening room. It was not as she thought it would be. The man’s choice in garb struck her as odd. Why was he so covered up? It might not have struck her as so strange had he been wearing something similar the night before, but this was completely different. Alenia wanted to say it made him look smaller, but based off what she saw of him this "morning", he simply was smaller than the night before. There was less complexity to him, though she was entirely unsure what had brought about the change in his appearance. [b “Hello…”] She called over to him with a smile, realizing she did not know his name the way he knew hers. That was something she would have to remedy, and soon before she began to feel too guilty for not knowing her savior.

But first there was something else. [b “… are you okay? I mean, that outfit seems kind of heavy, are you alright in it?”] Concern stained her words, as she peered over the back of the couch to him. She wondered how well he could breath through such dense fabric, or if he could become too warm and overheat. Certainly the night was cooler, but that was still a lot. It looked cumbersome, though really it wasn’t any of her business.
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There was a meow from somewhere behind her. The pink body of the cat snuck out from under the couch Alenia was in, looking up at the lip of the seat for a moment as if considering topping it.

"[B Alenia,]" came a quiet voice from the entryway. A tall, dark shape stood there, little but a shifting pillar of dark, a pale hand reaching from the folds of fabric to touch lightly against the doorway.

He was but a form hidden in the fabric, shrouded now quite completely. But the edges moved, it seemed growing and shrinking. Having little tendrils of its own that nipped out, or were so still one only noticed them when they retreated.

Sliding into obscurity, Alvér had felt the release of being relatively anonymous, especially as he felt the prickle at his skin that told him it was cracking potentially if he didn't calm down. The press of anxiety was ever-present, especially not knowing how much she had seen of him briefly in the slice of half-light that had broken into his space. He had moved away, certainly, but she was an elf. Keen eyes.

He had a plan, something he could still summon reliably. Growing up with magic inside of you, once you learned how to identify what it felt like, what it tasted like, he had learned what had been taking his attention for so long. What humming, beating pulses were all around him that made silence but a myth. It was an awareness beside and beyond one's own senses, and yet it was the most personal and [i identifying] thing he had. Reilain could taste magic, know its presence, and De'eina had the ability to identify it, but Alvér was the only of Pharloth's children to know how to wield it. And even if she had refused to teach him, he had sought his own tutelage. And Alenia, perhaps he had been near her just enough to recognize what hers felt like, and what he could discern wasn't hers, what magic instead was upon her.
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Alenia was still hoping he would decline her and offer her to stay a while when he brought his hand up. She was unsure why he was making such a gesture until the sound of magic crackled through the air. The woman tensed, worried there might be some sort of attack on the way, but all that came was the creak of the door as it closed in front of her. Oh, that’s all he was doing. Relief left her in a sigh. The long breath was also tinged with sadness. She was to be alone again… even the cat stayed with him. However, as she turned to make her start back down the stairs, Alenia just barely caught his voice telling her where to meet him. Those few words bolstered her back up and she was at least able to contain herself from moping the whole way back down to the living room.

The shadows twisted in the strangest of ways as she came back to the main room. It was a natural part of how it tried desperately to cling to the landscape as it was dragged passed the horizon and out of sight. But the darkness here seemed to have a little more life to it, as though something was ever-present inside of it, though Alenia could not put her finger on what it was. Nor did she think it was important. She did not feel anything malicious as it was now, so she had no problem letting this place continue as it seemingly always had.

In the parlor where she stopped, hoping that the stranger upstairs might not take too long to join her, Alenia’s eyes wondered about. She was searching for any differences between this place as she saw it now and how she remembered it. At least, of what she could remember, which was a fair deal, she thought. Nothing seemed out of place. The stacks of books seemed unmoved, except for some few that had been moved while cleaning. That much still resided in here, but there was the knife that lead to some questions. That was most certainly her dagger. She just was not sure how it had ended up discarded on the table. Why would she not have taken it on her journey? The elfin woman could not be sure, but as she came closer with the intent to retrieve it, she changed her mind. There was a reason she left it there. A fear that someone might be upset if she took it back up, but who or why remained cloaked in mystery. It was frustrating, however, she let the blade remain where it was. So instead, she took a seat on the couch. The far side from the table with her weapon, and that is where she decided to wait. The man had given her no timeframe, simply told her to meet him, so she would wait here. Her want to continue through the halls and uncover whatever else might lie in this place was there. And it was strong, but her desire to reunite with him overrode that longing. She could be patient on occasion.
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Discomfort was eating at him, his eyes turned away. Skin crawled with her eyes on him. New, unknowing, fresh gaze upon his disfigurement, what of it he could feel. And feeling his back begin to ache with the oncoming, further change as his discomfort increased. It was too much.

Alvér's hand moved in a flicker of motion, the creature rising and clutching the blanket to himself with one hand to shield his body. Magic snapped like static through the air and the door began to close, the creature coming to the door behind it as it went. He pressed his hands against it, exhaling.

To her eyes she had heard the snap of a joint- the internal, dull pop of something twisting out of place, seeing his shoulders hunch, his mouth tighten in pain. And then the door went.

Guilt immediately washed over him, his forehead pressing to the wood. His lips pressed, "[B -Meet me downstairs,]" he said through the door. Alvér's eyes moved down to his legs, rather his lack of legs. Shame flooded over him in a hot wash. They moved away, trying to quell the twist of self-hatred in his stomach.

And beyond that, what was he going to do about this?? He had to think about this, all of it.

The spell shouldn't have taken like this, not like a curse, which he felt he had to call it now with the way it was acting. Despite his words to Alenia the night prior, the woods were charmed, sure, at the lights that marked the border of the property, but if she had passed through their threshold it should have faded. It should have ended like most of his magic did with the mount of the sun in the sky, at the most. Was his magic interfering with the magic already on her, then?

His fingers scratched against the wood as they curled, frustration and a pad of fear welling in his stomach. He hated not understanding. He hated feeling so fearful, in addition.

And what was happening with his magic, and her understanding of his body? She somehow recognized him through the transformation, believing him to be her guide, only, and not the one who lived here. Or- did she? Did she think they were one and the same? Or did she still think she was looking for someone else? Surely she expected to find a man. Not this [i thing]. But he truly did not know what she was seeking still, or who, or what the magic that was dulling her was informing her, how it warped her sensibilities.

He had to wonder if this was like the potion he had had, years ago. The interaction of dull impressions with the vacuous, empty void that acted like ink eraser* on the mind. Covering the specifics, vanishing the ink, but unable to hide it from the body wholly, the paper it all was written on. That still had the pen impressions, the instinctual feelings in the gut. Remnants of memories, of lessons learned, of survival. He didn't get it. And that ate at him, made his stomach twist, not knowing what he had [i done].

His fingers drummed on the wood as he thought of this, sighing again, and then turned, eyes on the bookshelf in the study. Crossing to it, his hands searched over the spines of the books. Their covers were dark, worn, unprinted leather and he had to find which ones he had tooled into to recall which was which. Perhaps he could do research on it from his own experience. But he stopped, hesitating over one. Something anxious pushed against him, knotting in his stomach.

No, he bargained. You don't need to look at it. You need to feel her magic. [i You should have done it when she was asleep.]

The hand retracted. He turned and sat down on the floor, running his hands through his hair. He heard Myhrr give a noise, her body pressing against his appendages, rubbing on him and stepping up onto his 'lap'. She nosed at the backs of his hands and the tip of his nose before pressing her face against him.

Alvér's hands came away from his face, looking at her. She smelled at him again, and rubbed the side of her face against his. With a sigh, he picked her up and held her fat little body against him. She had grown so much since he had found her. And in her was where he hid his face, pressing in as if it would squash the feelings in him.

"[B What am I going to do, Myh?]" the creature breathed. "[B I don't want to be seen like this. Not anymore.]" His voice hitched.

Her claws kneaded into his collarbone, the cat rumbling with purrs. It was uncomfortable, but the sharpness of the sting grounded him a bit. A sensation aside from the turmoil.

His eyes moved to the chair by the desk. In now the full darkness of the room, the drow could see as his eyes adjusted back to the blackness an even deeper black. It was the shrouds he had used to travel during the day. He lowered Myhrr into his lap, no longer against his chest, but found himself still clutching at her. He hadn't seen some of these things for months. If it was even months, anymore. Was it years? How long had he been here?

He looked at them. Person-sized. He had quickly outgrown them with the onset of his disfigurements. It was why he ended up here, for the most part, for so long. He couldn't move anymore. Couldn't rely on his body to carry him. It hurt too much, and his magic was choking with the alien things coming out of him. Things he didn't know the origin of, almost like a cancer.

He swallowed, reaching, and then set the cat aside so he could go to them. The fabric was familiar. Soft, breathable; opaque, so as not to be seen nor wounded by the sunlight, but thin enough that he could see with relative reliability out of it. He pulled them into his lap, feeling their weight, the yards he had. The little, black lace trimmings that he had put on in sections, the flouncing at the bottom. And the wide brimmed hat he had on top that the veil originated from. She would not see him now. She would not see the [i fear] and the hatred on his face, for himself, the disgust.

Generally, as of late, his body was too much, too large to hide and he felt too hideous for the gently lacy fabric to hide such ragged skin and haggard appearance. Looking at himself now, he was relatively person-sized it seemed for the time being. Just. Wrong. Perhaps this could work.
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The sun was going down. The shadows in the house were getting long with the onset of evening, and following darkness, when Alenia went downstairs.

It was near silent in the expanse of the home. Still, with the floating dust motes in the shafts of light stretching down the main hall from the windows around the doors, from behind the curtains Alenia, in her cleaning she did not wholly remember, parted from the glass.

The place was dull in that way that accumulated dust muted the colors underneath it. The rich woods, the wall trimmings, and the fanciful, gentle paintings of vines and flowers in some parts of the walls and alcoves. Untouched, and buried in disused neglect. The darkness of the shrouded parlor beyond gave the place a depth, a vacuous sadness and resignation. Some of the furniture was still shrouded in white cloth.

By the entrance to the parlor there was a dagger sitting still atop a side table.

[size10 *i might have the term wrong, but it's a liquid from way back when that made ink 'disappear' off a page, a precursor to white out and I'm not sure of its effectiveness
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She nodded as the man agreed with her. And while Alenia did not know how long she would have sat out there in the quickly cooling darkness last night, she knew that eventually she would have gotten up and returned to the town nearby. It would not have been ideal, but that is what would have happened. Maybe she could have come back and tried again, but after the trauma of the last time, it was unlikely. So, she was grateful that he found her, even if she something less than happy in him when she brought it up.

After that, he had a question of his own. The time. The caramel-eyed elf had to think about it a moment. [b “I am not entirely sure... based off how the sun was coming through the windows it is probably between four and six.”] Knowing he was up at least as late as she was, there was a good chance that it was too early for him. But then again, she had also passed out for more than what could be considered reasonable... she would have to ask to know for sure. [b “Should I stop bothering you and take the kitty away so you can get some more rest?”] Her hands came together politely in front of her as she asked her question. Alenia was trying to be kind, but to be honest she didn’t actually want to leave. It was much more interesting to sit and talk with someone else than it was to sit alone downstairs... though perhaps she could explore a little more. That usually held her interest, but it also allowed her mind to wander. And right now, that was not the best thing. She was still obsessing over trying to find or remember whoever it was that was lost from her memory. The fact that nothing was coming to her was painful, but for some reason, here in his presence, it didn’t hurt as much. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, he might have just been an ample distraction, but the little elf really did not think that was it. He just made her feel better.
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Frustration flashed through the lines of his face, tightening it, closing his eyes briefly in exasperation. The creature's gaze then shifted, rather the reflection showing they moved did before he turned his head. His hair fell over his shoulder and down to tickle at the cat who was currently laid out between his supporting arm and his side. She looked up at him, paws stilling from batting a bit at the hair and catching it in her wrist. A picture of innocence.

He sighed, exhaustion overcoming his posture even as he was working towards waking up. It was something like the middle of the night for him, now. Pushing a hand up over his face he let it fall back for a moment, brushing his hair back. It seemed Myhrr had a habit of taking people to his rooms.

His shoulders came in a bit, mentioning she thought she was alone. That meant that his entrance into the room hadn't awoken her, which was good he supposed. There was something that had him resisting kicking her out of his chambers again at the time. But Alvér was frustrated that it seemed he was running out of private places. His teeth clenched at the thought, the satchel he had taken with him safe, hidden at his hip.

Anxiety began to prickle under his skin and up his back as she continued to speak to, and thank, the stranger who led her through the woods to this place. But even he was aware that his face, his body- it was all different. A quick assessment of what all he could feel, and what didn't hurt told him that, even the position of his eyes. It hadn't been [i that] dark the previous night.

Alvér's fingers closed in the blanket, pulling it further up his chest at the mention of him, her (faulty) memory of him, suddenly self conscious in his half-formed state. His eyes returned to her, shock at that information alone making him still, wary. He didn't understand how he recognized her, but was hesitant to ask how she recognized him. However, Alvér ached to know what was constant. What led her to believe that he was recognizable? What could replace a face? So malformed, twisted from familiarity.

But that also meant that her memory was still gone. Erased by him. It sent a twinge of guilt through him at the thought and his gaze dropped. That was a problem. That was unacceptable. He needed to end the spell and figure out what had made it last so long.

He swallowed, glancing around and catching the light coming from the hall, indirectly, behind her. "[B No, I don't believe you would have either,]" he responded, voice absent and laden with thought.

His eyes snapped back to her.

"[B What time is it?]" the creature asked, shifting a bit more upright but stolidly keeping his body hidden. His malformations but confusing, inhuman motion underneath the blanket.
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Somehow, the man looked more perplexed after her greeting than before it. Alenia found it odd, but didn’t pay it much mind. He quickly moved to questioning. More specifically why she was here. Her assumption was he meant in the doorway and not the house, as he was the one who brought her to the house the night before. [b “Well, I followed her.”] She softly gestured to the cat that was determined she was going to have attention even as this conversation was going on. Alenia didn’t remember having basically used this excuse before, but even if she had she would have felt just as validated in it now as she had then.

[b “I hadn’t realized she was on her way to find someone. I thought I was basically alone here.”] Despite spending the previous night trying to find someone else, all her efforts had come up short so the elf assumed there was no one else around. A rather naïve thing to do, but even in hindsight she did not see any harm in it. Nor did she see any real issue being here, not with him being clothed. It was worth getting to see the cute interaction between them. Which reminded her, there was something she had wanted to do. [b “Not that you being here is a problem, obviously… I am actually glad. I will have another chance to thank you for last night. I am very grateful that you brought me back here. I don’t think I would have managed on my own.”] She had basically said all this already, but Alenia was determined to do it again.
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Hello again.

Alvér stared at the woman in front of him, frozen still, as he processed the implications. Again? She remembered him, but did she [i remember] him? He shifted onto his back more, eyes wary on the elf standing in the doorway.

"[B A-]" His throat bobbed as he swallowed, brows pressing together, "[B What are you doing here?]" Was what ended up coming out of his mouth. He still didn't know what was going on. And as he shifted, Myhrr gave a plaintive sound as he moved away from her, paws reaching out and kneading in his sleeve. He was dressed in a dark, loose kind of tunic it seemed.

The movement under the blanket was agitated now, shifting more, with the edges of the thing lifting slightly and sliding down his body before he snatched them and pressed them to his body, eyes dropping.
  Tweedy / 83d 20h 54m 57s
Alenia was wondering what kind of wild goose chase, or cat chase rather; she was on when Myh took her up all these stairs. They seemed to go on forever. The only thing there to tell her she was making any progress was the occasional window that showed just how high up they were. The views were nice, but there was little time to stop with the cat pressing fast forward. Eventually though, they came to a door. The petite elf wondered just what was so fascinating about it that got the kitty so interested that she would press against it, but after hearing a moan from inside, she knew she would have her answer soon.

Standing back, the door opened only the tiniest bit, letting Myhrr through, something that did not take long as she had been antsy to enter since before they stopped there. Oddly enough, Alenia did not follow. She stayed put at the door, opting instead to just look and listen for now. And somehow that panned out.

[b “Hello there”]

At first she thought the greeting was for her, but it was soon clear it was meant only for Myh. She was yet to be noticed. That was okay though. It gave Alenia a moment to close her eyes and listen closer. She knew this voice… it was familiar, but different. Then she placed it. That was the gentleman she met the night before. The one who helped her make it here. It was not so graveled and distorted sounding, however, Alenia was certain it was him. A smile pulled at her lips. Perhaps she would have a chance to thank him properly now. Though, she did find it a little strange. She did not remember him from the last time he was here… but then again she had not ventured up to this tower that he seemed to call home.

In the end, she decided not to dwell on it. This house was so big, she would be glad for some company, even if it was not the company she was initially looking for. Plus, seeing this scene, with him curled into the cat, cuddling and coddling her so, Alenia was more than happy to have the chance to get to know him better. People who were nice to animals were usually nice in a more general sense. She trusted he would be a good friend if she took the time to get to know him. Her smile grew just a touch warmer at that thought.

The scene did not last long after that, or rather is seemed to come to a halt. Almost like someone had hit pause and left things still. It did not take the fiery haired woman long to figure out why. She saw the glistened black eyes on her from within the mess. It was her presence that caused the stillness. [b “Oh, um… hello again.”] She waved slowly at him, not moving from the doorway.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 83d 21h 30m 55s

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