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Alvér felt the hot press of defensive anxiety well up in him immediately as she looked at him like that. Like he was being unreasonable. She had made such a big deal about drawing the line between them, even as she crossed into his space repeatedly.

"[B You told me not to touch you.]" Simple as that. His eyes held hers for a moment, almost challenging before he turned them away again. Did she not remember? Did his magic not work as well as he had thought? He wasn't about to have this argument again. He didn't want to be told how reviling. And he wasn't about to suffer some change of heart of hers, due to this strange memory affliction that likely obscured something horrible from her about him yet. Leave it to his broken magic to fail him yet again. His hands clenched at his sides.

"[B Don't tell me you've changed your mind.]" he said, voice scraping the bottom of his register, tone tight with derision. "[B Or have you forgotten what I am?]" And how much he has resisted her living little body.

Alvér exhaled through his nose, gazing down at her from where he stood. "[B I told you, I'm good at attracting things. I guess it just took the proper, cursed touch.]" His lips turned in a bit of a wry smile at that. He knew how sharply things, and people, responded to a creature like him. Sometimes it was a good thing they revolted so harshly. Others, he still walked into them unknowingly, as evinced by his burns.

The smile disappeared, looking at her for a moment. She was so calm about it. It was strange to him, to be so contented with things being kept from you. He had spent his whole life being denied so much control, that the idea of not having it made his skin crawl. And in these past months, it had become something quite literal to him. It was something like hell, not being able to control himself. For so many years he had relied on himself, had known his limits, his powers, his everything. That was the one thing he could control. And now even that had been wrested from him.

And his skin was burning, now. His nerves, it seemed, had finally caught up to the fact that he was hurt. His hand flexed at his side, hissing softly through his teeth. It was distracting him.
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Her head tilted to the side, confused at what he was talking about. Contradictions? Alvér generalized it to be a surface elf characteristic, but Alenia still wasn’t sure what he was referring to. Brow furrowed in a way that did not display anger but bafflement, she continued to watch him as he moved from his place beside her. It left her feeling a touch vacant. The woman had gained a sense of contentment from his presence, and now that he was away that feeling was vanishing as well. The guilt of having forgotten him made her want to make up for it, and that was more difficult to do when he was always distancing himself from her. At least, that was the reason she came up with for why she did not like it.

Not wanting to simmer in her own ignorance, the fiery-haired woman chose to verbalize her question. [b “What do you mean? I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say I am contradicting myself.”] Hopefully that would prompt him to elaborate so she could know what she did wrong, or how she had been misunderstood.

Then somewhat unexpectedly, he came back. The drow closed the gap between them, but for the most part stopped short of actually touching her, the only exception being the cool pressure of his finger on her forehead. He spoke of whatever had taken her memories. On one hand, it was comforting to know that it might not have been her who hurt him, but the backlash of whatever Alvér saw inside of her. But on the other hand, she wasn’t sure she wanted to know anything about the magic. The woman had spent a great deal of time and effort coming to terms with the fact that she would never know who she was before, so it felt odd to even be talking about it. [b “That might be just as well… I mean, if something is trying that hard to cut me off from my past, maybe it is for the best.”] That was a sentiment she had been fed in her relative youth. It did help, sort of. [b “It’s weird though, all these years and you are the first to see even that much of what is going on.”] Before now, Alenia didn’t know if it was magic, or some physical ailment that had created her predicament. It seemed Alvér had stumbled evidence that it was the former.
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Alvér looked at her, confusion on his face. Did she not see the shiver, then? He blinked, wondering if he wanted to correct her.

The concept of correcting that no he [i liked] it was the issue almost made the choice for him.

The tension on his face only tightened, turning to incomprehension in how his eyes searched her then. She had told him he had to be highly aware of where he was and in how he was touching her. His fingers flexed on the bundle of his own flesh that he held.

"[B I don't understand,]" he said out of the silence, eyes glancing over her. He held back, away from her still. He had been touching her legs, too, which was where the initial issue came from. What had he misunderstood, then? Were there certain situations where she was alright with his touch? Certainly, she was being allowed to touch him in this case, applying her salve and wrapping the bandages.

He looked away from her then, shaking his head. "[B You surface elves astound me with your contradictions.]"

With that, Alvér glanced down at the meager space between them, considering releasing his hold on himself, but seemed to think better of it. He stood, crossing to the bookshelf and replacing the one he had into its shelf above the fire. There he released the tangle of tendrils that either fell to the floor like so many shiny, alien skirts, or clung to his arm.

“[B There is strong magic upon you,]” he said. He turned partway back to her, wounded arm coming up as evidence. He spread his fingers.

Crossing back over to her, Alvér crouched fluidly in front of the woman, lips parting to speak. His hands came up, as if they were going to lay near or on, but stopped when he recognized the absent motion. He took them back, rising again and moving to give distance once more.

Only, as he stood, for just a moment his index fingertip pressed on her brow. “[B Someone or something definitely doesn’t want those memories known.]” If how it swallowed up his magic was anything to judge by, whatever cast that was a formidable thing. His eyes held on Alenia’s cranium with a bit of thoughtful reserve.
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Aside from the staring, which Alenia did not much mind since it made more sense for him to be watching than not, the woman did not notice how Alvér reacted. She was so absorbed in what she was doing that the small shivers that ran along his skin escaped her notice. Much like the way she failed to notice how she was moving her thumb over his wrist until his hand came to stop hers.

[b ”Oh, sorry.”] His reaction brought her attention to her actions and the elf’s hand went still. She wondered if she was subconsciously trying to sooth him since he was in pain. It obviously didn’t work, considering how upset he was now. Hence the repentance that manifested on her face, especially after he hastily looked away. Alenia felt bad. She would have immediately taken her hand back, but with his gripping her that was delayed for a few moments, at least until he let her go. Then he did something even stranger, he apologized.

Blinking at him for a moment, the redhead wasn’t sure what he meant. [b “You don’t have to anything to be sorry for, I was the one who made you uncomfortable… I’m sorry.”] They almost seemed to echo one another with how they kept apologizing back and forth. Awkwardness grew between them. It was still and somewhat cold and it gave Alenia the chance to notice the curious prodding at her leg. Thinking about it, she was sure it had been going on the whole time. She was well aware that Alvér didn’t seem to have full autonomy over these appendages, so it did not bother her all that much. Not to mention she hadn’t been any better just moments ago with her wandering fingertips. Still, as she took note of it, it seemed he did as well. The drow snapped to action, gathering his tendrils up and away from her, clearly upset. Her heart dropped; he was withdrawing again. It was sad, but part of her affliction came from not just that but the distance he put between them.

[b “Hey,”] her voice was quiet, gentle as her touch at previously been. [b “It is okay.”] It was tempting to draw near to him again, but Alenia let the distance remain. [b “You weren’t bothering me or anything. Please don’t worry about it too much.”] She was the one who intruded on his space in the first place.
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The initial shiver was from the cold touch to his skin, Alvér not saying anything about it, nor her sitting so close, though it did garner a glance at her.

She was being so gentle, he thought, watching her hands as she worked to slowly, carefully wrap the bandage, keeping her touch light. Her hands, as they moved from one thing to another, would touch, almost pet when she moved from one task to the next in a way as if to reassure. To pacify, to bid to keep still. Alvér found his eyes moving from what she was doing to her eyes, seeing her face, concentrated on him as it was, calm, close. It gave him a chance to look unobtrusively, until such a time as she glanced back up at him then he would look away, back to what she was doing.

It also made his posture shift a bit. His shoulders relaxed when bid, sighing as if in resignation to her and settled in to let her take control of him. He didn't say anything. Just watched.

Alvér shivered, the feeling shooting straight down through him, cascading down from the nape of his neck at the delicacy of the touch, feeling his face immediately heat with the realization that she had likely [i seen] that response, felt him shift with it. His jaw tightened; he couldn't show her how starved of attention he was, the idea of coming across like that immediately quashing the delicate feeling in him, smothering it.

"[B St-]" His other hand snapped out and took hers, stopping her wandering fingertip from further motion with his palm. "[B stop... please.]" he breathed, finishing the word. He just needed it to stop, lest he show the desire in him to actually let her have it. The hunger for such a thing.

The heat got worse, recognizing the immediate reaction, and he averted his gaze. His lips pursed, fighting for words. He could practically see the hurt expression on her face, her hurt at him 'shutting her out' as she described it. It wasn't like he was shunning her. Frankly, he had given her plenty of agency; much, much more than he had given anyone else already.

His mind kept coming back to what it was she had been doing. Such a gentle touch on him, of all things. It was bringing his mind back to other, familiar hands, touches like that. They had been normal for a time, briefly, and Alvér had been starved of them since.

He felt guilty, grabbing her like that. Alvér released her, quickly. "[B Sorry.]"

Throughout the bandaging, the tentacled body that she was sitting against was moving, as absently as her fingers were. The warmth of her next to him, and his absence of thought towards them, led them to explore a bit lightly at her in return, threading around or just exploring over her. At least exploring what was close enough. And when Alvér pulled himself from his absence, his body tight with anxiety, he realized what they had been doing. Terror yanked at him for a moment and he leaned down, swiping them away from her, pulling them away and into his control from Alenia. Frustrated embarrassment was on his face at the idea of them infringing on her, especially without his active thought. He shifted a bit away from her, huffing his breath out with upset about the contact. He had to keep under [i control].
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Even though she was being quite demanding, Alenia was somewhat surprised Alvér relinquished his arm to her. She half expected him to insist he do it himself while she would be forced to watch him struggle with only the use of one arm. So, needless to say, she was happy that he was going to allow her to help. Enough so that she couldn’t help but smile, even if he was sighing at her. [b “Perfect,”] she took a seat at his side and a light hold on his arm. With such close proximity, her legs knocked into his. She didn’t bother pulling back, letting her knee rest lightly against him. Her focus was elsewhere, brown eyes coming down to inspect the wound closer. [b “Let me know if anything hurts, okay?”] The little elf was not looking to hurt him any more than she already had.

Looking down, the burn did look rather bad. It was generally the type of thing one would try and tackle with magic, but given the circumstances, that wouldn’t be possible, and they would have to rely on more mundane remedies. Beyond the seared handprint, his skin was marred. Scarring ran all along his forearm, betraying his pain and self-hatred. To say it did not wrench at her heart would be a lie, however, the woman did not bring it up. The last thing he needed was someone else’s judgment or opinions. Besides, she did not have much to say about it, other than offering a listening ear if he wanted someone to talk to.

All these thoughts passed through her head in an instant, not even long enough to ripple into hesitation. She was right to work, eyes no longer wandering from the task at hand and a look of concentration on her face.

Taking up a cotton pad and the aloe concoction, the elfin woman wet the fiber. From there, with one hand still supporting his arm, she dabbed lightly at the darkened skin. Her touch was extremely light as she coated the afflicted area with her makeshift medicine. To him it would feel cool and soothing. Once the burn was dampened, Alenia added a bit more of the aloe to the cotton and laid it gently on his forearm. She repeated this until the thin pads covered the ailing area. Then came he wrapping. It needed to be fairly tight, but deft hands rounded about his arm slowly so that he might have a chance to tell her if it were too much. And considering it had been a while since she’d done anything like this, the deliberate pace helped her keep the bandage even. With each pass her hand brushed lightly against him, departing just the tiniest bit of gentle warmth to his unearthly cool skin. She knew this was probably normal for him, but the woman was filled with the urge to wrap him up in her arms to try and warm him further. That or tuck him back into that shroud, which was probably the more normal answer to such a dilemma... it was a little embarrassing that she didn’t think of that first...

With those thoughts, and tying off the end of the bandage, she was through. But even though she was done, her hands remained on his arm. It was a thoughtless lingering touch, the kind that did not remain idle as her thumb brushed softly over his wrist where it sat. [b “All done. Hopefully it helps.”] It was a sincere optimism, one that could be heard in her words. And seen in her face as she looked back up to him, not paying any mind to her hands still holding him.
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It wouldn't take her long to retrieve the bandages, he knew, based on where they were. But he was expecting her to walk, at least, so when she appeared with such haste he had only had enough moments to consider the contents again, briefly.

Alvér's brows arched when she returned, and so quickly. It was no wonder she was out of breath. Had she run the whole way? What struck him was that she was so eager, that he could see. His eyes moved back to her, drawing near with the bandages, already taking the bottle back from him. That left him with only recourse to offer his arm to her, it seemed, to meet those expectant eyes.

She was right. It would be far less clumsy to let her do it, instead of leaving him to attempt it one-handed. It wasn't that he couldn't, of course, but...

Sighing, he sat up straight and started to pull up his sleeve. The skin revealed was still burnt, in the vague shape of the hand/s that had grasped his arm. The skin blackened a bit because of the magic he had met. He may not be wholly undead, but he wasn't mortal enough not to suffer. His forearm was lined with cuts, scars now, but what had once been open wounds. A collection of slashes that reached up from the base of his palm towards his inner elbow.

He swallowed, feeling hesitation turn quickly into shame that heated and rose into his throat, drying it and choking him. The tendons in his wrist stuck up as he resisted the urge to hide the limb again from her. He glanced away, briefly, but his anxiety brought his eyes back almost immediately.
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I was good to see Alvér looking almost comfortable for once. At least for a moment he was taking up space and making room for himself to relax. It was refreshing in comparison to his usual reserved and sort of condensed way of being. Though he was still shy in the way that he hid parts of himself, it was still what Alenia would consider a step in the right direction for their friendship. He did sit up to greet her when she approached, which broke the allusion to some degree.

Watching his green eyes slowly inspect the small bottle, the elf wondered what he was looking for. The concoction only consisted of two ingredients, what were the chances she just happened to pick one that he had a personal aversion to? Lavender allergy perhaps? Though she doubted he would keep it in the yard if that were the case. There was plenty of time to dwell on it before Alvér finally spoke up inquiring after a bandage. [b “Oh, that would probably work.”] She had been thinking he might just use it in a thin coating but soaking something else was liable to be more effective. [b “Is there anything like that around here? I can go run and get it really quick.”] Normally she carried that sort of thing when traveling, but she vaguely recalled using her last one a few weeks ago and forgotten to purchase a new one since.

After receiving her directions, Alenia quickly skittered off leaving Alvér holding the bottle. It was a quick trip to a supply closet she had previously overlooked. Somehow the contents were not covered in a heap of dust, so that was good. And aside from just bandages, she also found a stack of cotton pads. Thinking those might help as well, the bard grabbed a couple of them before hurrying back to the library/study area she left her friend in. [b “Got them.”] She announced brightly, albeit a little out of breath from running around. Once she was back at the man’s side, she spoke up again. [b “If you give me your arm, I can dress it for you. That will be easier than trying to do it with one hand.”] There wasn’t much room for denial in her voice. In fact, she was taking the container back from him before he could even give her an answer.
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Alvér's brows arched, his hands lacing a bit in front of himself. So she had gotten that for him? Again, his chest tightened a little bit for the second time that day. He swallowed, glancing off into the corner briefly, even beneath the shroud he did.

And of course Myhrr had decided to come along. She hadn't been able to travel very much since they had settled down here, and he let her out as much as she wanted, and she likely had her own ways out. That- also relieved him. He felt shame, for a brief moment, for his actions, for his upset. He had thought himself abandoned.

It hadn't always been something he had anxiety over, but. The lack of contact, proof he wasn't alone, wasn't still dreaming, trapped in that place. It was what made him seek out things, touch, knowledge, things he [i knew] he couldn't do if he was still trapped there. It was what made his heart clench, panic, when Alenia had gone, when [i Myhrr] had gone. She was his anchor to reality.

And here, he hesitated in front of her. Alvér didn't know what to say, what to do. What stayed, hanging in the air, was telling her it was his fault. Explaining why he grabbed her, what he had done. Apologizing. But he was silent, and felt the words coming out of his mouth. A little part of him wondered if she would insist.

She did not.

And so he hesitated a moment more, nodding to her, and turned to leave.

The creature went to the staircase, picking up his shroud and glided to the next floor. There, at the apex of both staircases he stood, alone. He heard silence downstairs for a time, and then Alenia moving away.

Alenia, when she wandered, searching for Alvér she didn't find him in the parlor. Not amongst his books there. There was one set of doors that she had not gone through that were tucked next to the kitchen doors. Inside there, she saw where most of the books came from. There was a wall dedicated to bookshelves all along one side, lit up by the fire he had built in the large mantle.

There were some shelves empty, and the counters on one part stacked with more. And on a long day bed, not immediately visible, but present, on one side of the fire across from a coffee table and another couch Alenia found Alvér stretched out on his stomach, reading.

When he heard her come in he drew his body up, in the strange way his twisted suggestion of legs and appendages moved and gathered closer to himself. The shroud was gone, laid over his lower body now as a blanket, and he raised the book a bit, shielding his face.

It was a shy motion, his brows pressing a bit at being seen again. It looked like Alvér had relaxed a lot, his body pale and suggesting his natural state. But the rest of him was still wrong.

His attention shifted when she spoke, eyes returning to her again and put the book down. Alvér sat up, eyes alert, inquisitive at the bottle that Alenia brought to him. His posture straightened, initially in alarm, but his expression grew curious as he reached for the bottle, not taking it, just holding the bottom, looking into it. Tipping it a bit, he saw how liquid it was.

Sending a flicker of magic through it, it wasn't magical... Perhaps it would be alright? He glanced up to her, releasing it.

"[B Perhaps on a bandage? To apply it properly.]"
  Tweedy / 73d 15h 36m 57s
At confirmation that he was happy with her gift, Alenia’s smile brightened drastically. [b “Good, I am glad to hear that.”] There was a chance he was just humoring her, but it did not sound like it, at least not as far as she could tell in his voice. [b “You were the only one who didn’t get to come along, so I wanted to make sure to bring you something special back.”] She sort of answered his question without him asking it with her excited rambling. [b “Not that I had intended for Myhrr to come either… she followed me and I couldn’t get her to stay put.”] And not for lack of trying either, she was one determined kitty.

There was another short stint of quiet, and then the man spoke to dismiss himself. Despite the silence and her own lack of words to say, it caught her off guard. She had wanted to continue to spend time with him. After missing him so fiercely the woman would have been content just to sit with him, but it seemed he had other plans. [b “Oh, okay…”] There wasn’t much else for her to see, not that would be intelligible in any way. She also didn’t want to inconvenience him, so the elfin woman let him leave, watching as he fidgeted about with his arms, reminding her that he was in pain. Another reason not to force him to sit around for no reason with her. But that did give her an idea of what she should do next with her time.

As Alvér left, Alenia turned on her heel toward the kitchen. She planned to use the service entrance there. It seemed more practical than the grandiose door in front. Plus, it was a little closer to the garden, where she was headed. However, when she came to the door she hesitated. Part of her did not want to go back out side, paranoid that something might happen again. She shifted around nervously for a moment, attempting to convince herself that it would be all right. After all, didn’t the forest only bewitch those that wandered in it, technically she was no longer wandering, and she wouldn’t actually be going into the woods. She should be fine, so after repeating that to herself over and over again, like a mantra, she did eventually skitter out the door. There she bee-lined her way to the herb garden. The elf remembered that it was rather extensive, though not what all she had seen there. It was time for a closer look. Thankfully, there was plenty she could use here, the two main things being winter aloe and lavender. With any luck, and a bit of time with the stove, she should be able combine the two into something useable. And she did, Alenia managed to infuse the aloe with the lavender, the only thing was that it left not just the kitchen, but adjacent rooms filled with the flower’s scent. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it was pleasant, just very strong at the source. She was thankful when she could leave to go find Alvér.

It took a bit of searching, but Alenia was able to find him. By this time it was fully dark outside and had been for some time, not that it mattered with her being able to see fairly well in the low light. [b “Hey,”] she announced casually announced her presence as she walked into the room. [b “I made something that might help you with your burn… it’s mainly aloe, so that will help it heal, but I put some lavender in there as well to help with the pain. It’s pretty thin cause I didn’t have anything to make it a real salve, but I think it might still be worth trying.”] Holding out the glass container she had poured the now cool liquid in, he would be able to see the basic mix she was offering to him.
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She wouldn't look at him. Alvér wondered if his prolonged contact was making her uncomfortable, and so he put distance between them.

She was quiet now, reluctant. He sighed internally, feeling embarrassed for trying to be gentler with her. It wasn't working. He pulled his limbs inside the shroud again and looked away. He was about to turn and leave to occupy himself elsewhere when she spoke up again.

Alvér swallowed, hesitating. The pie she had handed him as thanks for his escort to the manor. Such a trivial thing, but it spoke of its import to her. Was it indeed for him, then? The way she looked at him when she asked made his chest tighten, put on the spot as he was. What was with that look? He glanced away, frowning, not like she could see.

"[B I did,]" he responded, feeling a bit of heat tingle under his skin. "[B Peach.]"

It made him recall his question earlier. His want to ask her. He couldn't see into the bag, and he hadn't been into the kitchen since her return, but he could have guessed based on how the bag was that there was only one loose pastry in the top, lest she had eaten hers already. But it begged the question if it was for him specifically. He thought about asking. He wondered.

He stayed silent. It fell to silence, the creature chafing under the quiet. The inquiry felt formal, small. Now that she had her memories back, which was his ultimate goal, it was what he had worried over, he didn't know what to say to her, what to do. His own distress over it had shocked him, beyond his anxiety over his magic's doing. But it ended up being attached to something else, he had to focus, to [i pull] it off of her he recalled, which ended in his grabbing her head to focus.

Admitting his hand in the loss sounded dangerous, so he would leave it at the boundary markers enchantment. A holy 'bard' learning of his fetid energy invading her skull.

And telling her he worried... he didn't know how that would go over. He had expressed his distaste over the trip. She had promised to be back. He wanted to be upset, at [i something], but he could not. It was his fault. He had to direct that anger, that fear in on himself.

Alvér hummed, shifting a bit. "[B I should leave you be.]" He needed to heal this arm. He transferred the wrist into his other hand.
  Tweedy / 74d 17h 12m 55s
For the most part, her eyes stayed down. Alenia was not looking to provoke any more questions. And thankfully none came, just a curious comment regarding their status as runaways. That is not how she would have described herself, but he was not necessarily wrong. Some terrible things happened and for all intents and purposes, she ran away from them.

She was pretty sure he was trying to encourage her with that second bit and it was sweet. The fiery haired woman couldn’t help but smile, eyes coming up to him, though he was still covered so that it was hard to make out any details of his face. Alenia did not think he would be saying that if he knew the full story, but it also was not something she wanted to talk about, so she would leave it be. [b “I suppose that is true.”] Her eyes came to his arm as it raised, one of the few bits of skin she could actually see. It was essentially dark by this point, but he was still covered up. She wondered why, but left her curiosity on the back burner for the time being.

Finally, Alenia relinquished her hold on Alvér. It was time to change the topic, and while it was kind of random, it was something she had been wondering about. [b “So, umm, did you like the pie?”] At first she had thought she gave it away to a stranger, but it just so happened that ‘stranger’ was who it was meant for. She thought it would be a fun surprise for him. A pie because of the first time they got to meet for real she brought him one, and peach because she now knew he liked them. If he was half as happy with it as she hoped he was, that might just be her new tactic to try and trick him into eating more, though it would require going back to town. Unless she could scrounge up some peaches to make some herself, but it looked like the last of the harvest had already been taken, so it was unlikely.
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He sighed, his hand coming up outside of the shroud to push at his hair beneath it. Saying nothing to her assurance he was being a good sport, not sure what that meant. Was she pleased he didn't turn her away? Shaking and sobbing in the woods? His mouth was tight, angry that it happened in the first place. He [i knew] something was going to go wrong, and it seemed his attempt to safeguard had completely and utterly failed.

Alvér looked at her, going still. She missed him? That strange, familiar feeling tightened in his stomach, the same thing that hurt when he had found her, and then again in his doorway. His silence stretched a bit, rooting around for a response if he had one.

She missed him. Somehow, through her lack of memory she still had an impression of loss?

He simply stared at her as she came up to him, lifting his arms out of her way as she slipped against him and tucked in her face.

That feeling moved up into his neck and face as she tucked against him. He sighed, his arm wrapping around her, both this time. He squeezed her, keeping her close. She was terrified, before. The image of that, what he had come across, having thought he had found a potential victim in the woods, something to rend, made his stomach twist when he realized who it was.

It had bothered him that she was so empty, so afraid. It frustrated and scared him. Because she had said she would be back, she would be fine, and he finds her in the forest, shaking and sobbing, late in the night. His bad arm unwound first when she stepped back, but her hands it seemed still held onto him.

Alvér blinked, thinking on that for a moment. That actually was what, in essence, he had done when he had left home. "[B Two runaways,]" he said, patting the puff of hair at her part. Only once, taking his hand away as he seemed to realize what he was doing and gently separated them, stepping back.

"[B I believe 'something you're cut out for' is a matter of perspective,]" he said, bringing up his arm for a moment. It was unintentional on her part, but it had in essence come from her. Her magic tasted like divinity. That explained why she said she had such a hard time learning how to weave her magic into song, or to evoke in therein. She essentially had to relearn how to cast at that point.
  Tweedy / 74d 19h 1m 29s
She nodded at his statement. [b “It has.”] Alenia was still unsure why it went away in the first place, but at least it came back. Though, it did set her on edge to know that sort of thing could happen sporadically... well, maybe not sporadic, but because of something like a little enchantment on a forest. [b “Thanks for being a good sport about it... also sorry for stealing your bed.”] That bit was a little embarrassing now that she knew it was her who forced him up to the tower. It made her want to explain herself. [b “I was trying to remember you, because even though I wasn’t sure who you were, I missed you... anyway thanks.”] That was probably needlessly awkward, but not as much as what she did next, which was step forward and wrap her arms around him in a gentle hug. She was soft, not wanting to disregard his injury, but she needed this right now. The last day or so, really less, had been immeasurably stressful, not to mention scary. Alenia had to express her relief somehow, and this was what came to mind.

Then it was back to her and the time before she became a bard, which was less than comfortable. Not overtly so, but it was not something she spoke of often... or at all. Her hands tightened on him for a moment before she pulled back to a regular distance. [b “The convent I was a part of sort of fell apart... and since I was there more out of obligation than anything else, I decided to move on and do what I wanted with my life instead of continuing with something I’m not cut out for.”] It all felt so long ago now, though in the grand scheme of things thirty-five years would be nothing.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 74d 20h 9m 39s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
Hearing his name from her lips was a relief. His shoulders, tense for a moment at her consternation, relaxed a bit. Especially when she said it a second time. That meant it worked. It wouldn't be sitting on his conscience that he had lost control so badly that he had wrecked he didn't know how much memory of hers, hopefully. He would only stand to be hated for things he couldn't control.

He tucked the arm inside, the skin tight and hurting. "[B Now,]" he repeated, voice a bit tender with the draw on his focus. "[B What changed?]"

He shifted, trying to find a secure place to put the skin. If only he could use healing magic still. Against fabric, it was too much. And the holy nature of the wounds kept him from his regeneration. Sucking it up, he crossed his arms, tucking the wounded one beneath.

Ah, yes. The elven god. The same one who drove his people underground, millennia ago, through his high elven people, and the wood elves. His body tightened at that, stomach twisting. Correllon. The sky god, as he knew him. She was an elf, it made sense. But something about that made his teeth grit. They were worlds apart, she and he.

"[B Your memory's returned.]"

That at least, he had given her. His mouth turned down. Something was still bothering him about how this had happened. He had no way of knowing, but that hot, heavy, divine seal on her had [i hurt]. It was something big. That was what had burnt him, he was certain. He hadn't felt any of her magic stir against him, it was when he had tried to interfere with the seal, even just his part of it, it had been almost absorbed, compounded against. It was odd, a very intelligent bit of magic indeed, or very warped and dangerous.
  Tweedy / 74d 21h 35m 32s

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