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[center [font "Times" A sort of a Beauty and the Beast idea mixed with some eldritch monstrocity curses.

This is set in a sort of a D&D world. High fantasy, elves, dwarves, fae, mages wandering around causing mess. All that.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/96/52/d79652bf7d405fb924adb7b53cbda890.jpg]] In this world, a character will come across a being, a creature, a man? Either stumbling around in the wilderness and realizing that there's an old path, or an overgrown avenue, or just the whole sort of castle/home itself. Once inside, the wandering adventurer discovers that the place isn't abandoned. Something lives here. Something that reads, that thinks, and that speaks when they hear a voice from the shadows. There's a shape there. It's the thing.

The creature has lived here for years, either as a sort of a local spook, or as a squatter, left alone to haunt this place.

Or perhaps wandering adventurer wanders out of town tavern and sees the shape of a big, cloaked, monstrous looking creature. With intelligent eyes. Pursue? Attack? Run?

Character applicants can be male, female, neither, or something else. No race restrictions except for dragonborn, goblins, kenku and such monster races if you intend this to be romantic. This doesn't [i have] to be romantic, also; it could be if they decide to develop that way. Frankly, giving this poor thing a friend would be lovely. Getting him out of his isolation and into the world again.]]

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b9/5f/3b/b95f3bafe7031ac5b4fd93cc3c22942c.jpg]] [font "Times" [B General Expectations]
1. 800-1000+ characters preferred, but flexible.
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. A roleplay in no way needs to to be 'surprise motherfucka' every time. It's a constant discussion about plot and characters and things, and if things don't work we can do things again or talk about it. I want that sort of clear to make this work out.
3. Ask questions. I know I will.
4. English
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes will be explored as in more than just the existence of smoking and drinking. There will be mention and interaction with mental illness and violence.
7. Romance is not a requirement
8. Do NOT OP
9. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a professional, emotional and a social life and its complications, but I will post when I can. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I extend the same to you, and you can take your sweet ass time too, just make sure I know you'll come back, as I will do as well.

[center Questions, comments? Send me your favorite dessert as a message title, and we can talk!
Thank you!

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She smiled when she heard the cat followed him. It was a sweet thought and also gave her the insight that he hadn’t always been a hermit. Alenia wondered what caused that to change. But it seemed a rather personal question so she kept that curiosity to herself. [b “Myhrr must really trust and love you then, how nice.”] Her lips turned upward into a warm and genuine smile.

As positive as Alenia was, she did not buy into the whole home is where the heart, or family, is sentiment. It was fine if others did, but she never really got it. She was still looking for home. And she figured she would know it when she saw it. That or grow old and discover she was wrong and regret not building stronger bonds with people. But that was something to worry over another time.

Watching as the man thought over how long it had been since he met the kitten, it didn’t appear as though he was one hundred percent certain. Not that it particularly mattered. [b “So she is still basically a baby.”] That wasn’t really true, but it was how she felt about it. Even if she had grown considerably from the size he had originally found her at. Looking around, she didn’t see Myh. [b “She must know we are talking about her, because she is hiding.”] Alenia laughed softly at her lightly humored comment.

Taking a bite here and there, the bright haired woman came to the crust of her dessert. And soon that was gone too. The pie was a gift so she didn’t move to serve herself any more. She just set her plate to the side again so that they might continue speaking a bit long, though it probably wouldn’t seem natural for her to stick around much longer. She was already a pretty unwelcome guest.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] He hummed in acknowledgment, "[B That's nice,]" he responded, "[B it's- nice.]"

Alvér's eyes moved to her again, tilting his head. "[B I don't see why one wouldn't follow you,]" he responded. "[B Myhrr has followed me cross country. Perhaps, like people, you could become that home.]"

The creature actually drew forwards himself to cut the next piece, leaning over and glancing at Alenia as she spoke to him. Myhrr had followed him over, sticking close to his side before disappearing around the back of him to go explore the smells of the wood elf's pack left by one of the corners of the counter. It smelled of new places, the cat stretching forwards on her tiptoes, not yet ready to edge much closer just yet to the inanimate objects.

His attention switched to the cat in question, glancing around to find the tip of her tail visible by the edge of the furniture. He hummed low in his throat, brows coming together as he tried to think. Even now he was still getting used to the annums of the surface world, tilting his head slightly, "[B I- have had her...]"

Alvér's bottom lip tucked under his teeth as he thought, "[B Since she was smaller. I think that's- three surface years?]" a brow arched above his eye as he glanced back to Alenia.

The plate in his hands was set down, making a shape roughly with his hands of a young kitten. "[B She was about this big when I found her.]"
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By the way he spoke she thought he liked it. Flavorful was sort of a double-edged comment, but since the words came out in a gentle tone that wasn’t coated in malice, she took it as a positive. Even if she couldn’t be sure he was just trying to be polite. Either way, Alenia smiled brightly. [b “Yeah, I think they really got the spices right on this one.”] Thinking back, she had had a few bad pies in her day. There was such a thing as too much cinnamon.

Perking a brow at his lack of a warm mean, her grin faltered slightly, but she didn’t let the downtrodden look linger. [b “I am pretty sure it was fresh baked this morning. That was how the man in the shop made it sound anyway.”] Since it was still slightly hot to the touch when she bought it, she took his word for it.

He spoke of the migratory nature of the wild. [b “Often times they still stay within territories. And while those can be quite large, I move a much bigger scale.”] The fiery haired woman sighed, not at him but at the predicament. [b “Plus I was thinking of a more domesticated creature, the ones that have quit their nomadic ways with the humans.”] Cats, dogs, and the likes. [b “But you are right, I just need to find an something that hasn’t set down those sort of roots.”]

Alenia took her plate back up to finish her food as she saw him coming in for a second slice of pie. Well, he must have really liked it. And not that they were almost succeeding at having a normal conversation, she was eager to keep it up. [b “So how long have you had Myhrr?”] She was also curious as to just where he had gotten her and hoped she might hear that story along with the timeframe. He didn’t seem to leave this place, like at all, so it was odd to her that he had a pet.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér's tongue swiped once over his lips again, catching the last dregs of the syrupy, spiced filling. It had been some time since he had had something so sweet or flavorful. Being raised a noble did in no way mean he had much knowledge of cooking or crockery, so his foods if they were not stolen tended to be incredibly simple. The things he [i had] managed to remember and to write down or similarly have on hand required skills he was still trying to get better at.

"[B It's been some time since I've had something so-]" he found himself at a loss for the words, even through his accented knowledge of the common overworld tongue. "[B flavorful, I suppose?]" he tried at the end in a softer tone, taking another bite.

"[B Or warm,]" he murmured when he had swallowed it, looking over at Alenia, "[B was this made recently?]" his gaze was curious, actually looking at the wood elf now; dark and amber eyes angled without prejudice or wariness for the time being.

He looked back up at her from where he leaned down to pet the cat, hair falling over a part of his face. The creature hummed a little, glancing back down to the animal. "[B That's a very humanoid* way of looking at it,]" he responded with a last stroke of his thumb over Myh's face before straightening again. "[B Aren't most creatures nomadic in habit? A den is only used for a birthing mother, and then abandoned, a nest only for a clutch of eggs. Otherwise animals migrate and wander seasonally and circumstantially. It's people who have decided to stop moving.]" He took another bite of the pie, noticing he was growing close to the crust.

"[B I appreciate cats,]" Alvér continued pensively, cutting another piece.

[size12 *just gonna use that in place of mankind completely because i'm convinced humans are weird and didn't used to be everywhere and elves would refuse to say humankind, but I have no idea what else to call upright standing critters of intelligence in this fantasy setting otherwise]
  Tweedy / 9d 24m 33s
[b “Yep, apple pie. You will have to tell me what you think of it.”] Alenia didn’t really want to force him to eat it if turned out he didn’t care for the taste. Though she had the feeling he wasn’t the type to do things he hated just to fulfill a social obligation, so she was not too worried.

The petite woman looked between his face and the cat as he spoke, not wanting to be rude, but also not wanting to look away from the animal. Myhrr, that was cute, almost like the little sounds she made as he pet at her with his shifting appendages. But it was a bit funny that she was given the kitten’s name before receiving his. Alenia wasn’t going to push it though.

He mentioned the lack of company, which explained why the cat did little more than stare at her from the comfort of her friend’s protection. Alenia was awful jealous of him for it, but at the same time a little sad. He’d been alone for so long. With nobody but a cat, which sounded nice in theory but must have been terribly lonely. Even for the grumpiest of men.

Coming to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to get to snuggle Myhrr, at least not for the time being, the woman stood up straight once more. [b “I’ve wanted a companion animal for a while now, but I would feel bad dragging them around all the time with no place to call home.”] There were plenty of animals out there that wouldn’t mind, but she hadn’t run into the right one yet. [b “And I will also probably have to settle for a dog, though cats are my favorite, at least when it comes to house pet sorts of animals.”] If she could find a way to befriend a local fox she would be on cloud nine, but there was even littler chance of that happening. And not for lack of trying, the creatures were so skittish they bounced off before she could even try to lure them in with food. But she would be frightfully embarrassed had anyone ever caught her making such attempts though, so she kept it to herself.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Seemed she wasn't interested in speaking to him anymore if it wasn't prying questions or criticism of him. Interesting. Ever prideful, Alvér found frustration in that but. She had come back, after all. He was trying to focus on the positive: not stabbed, not run out, and of all things she had brought him a pie. It was a very peculiar.

The tentacles around the cat strokes softly over her as the creature explored the pie in his hands. He paused, looking at it, "[B What did you say this was, again? An apple pie?]"

His eyes were caught by Alenia's movement towards the floor, watching her curiously. Crouching down so easily, she cooed and reached for the cat next to him. Alvér glanced over towards the ink splotched cat's body that he could see within the perimeter of his form.

She was the only thing that would come close to him, helping him fill somewhat the touch-starved hole in his life.

"[B Her name is Myrr,]" he said, feeling a little bit of a smile come up on his face as he saw Mii perk her ears forwards at the gestures that the elf made towards her. But she didn't move, though her eyes were wide, engaged.

He looked back towards Alenia, "[B She hasn't been around strangers for some time,]" he said again, not sure if he was offering condolence, or warning her.

"[B Neither of us have, really.]"

The creature then bent down, some joints clicking as he balanced the plate in one hand, spidery fingers reaching down towards her head. The tentacles parted and his fingertips found the top of her head. Myhrr looked up and pressed into the curve of the being's hand as he stroked his thumb over her head and nose, making a soft kissing noise.
  Tweedy / 9d 17h 39m 38s
After that, the man grew quieter. She wasn’t sure the reason, but it was better than being threatened and accused, so she let him be as she continued to eat. Alenia was still planning to leave once she finished up her slice of pie.

[b “Someone once said the same to me.”] That was rather… cryptic. She wasn’t sure what he meant by that. Well, obviously, she understood what the words meant, but in reference to what was unclear to her. By the tone of his voice, it didn’t exactly sound like a chipper topic, so the woman let that be as well.

Apparently the pie wasn’t for naught, as her brown eyes caught sight of his unusual appendage reaching out. She was sure not to stare, as she was certain he was plenty done with being gawked at. Making the effort was not difficult, but it became even easier when her pointed ear picked up the slight patter of paws, then mewing. Any thought of leaving anytime soon went out the window then and there.

Alenia watched as the man called the cat over. It shot under his cloak and into his conglomerate of tentacles. When its bright little eyes poked out from the mess, the woman’s heart melted. The animal was indescribably cute. Making a sound of delight, the wood elf set her plate on the counter and squatted down closer to the floor.

[b “Hello, beautiful, what is your name?”] She spoke as if the furless creature would actually answer back and then mimicked the rubbing of fingers she had seen the shadowy man use to call her, though she doubted it would come to her.

With the way the kitten was clinging to dark garbed man, Alenia felt a little more at ease in this place. Animals were generally good judges of character, better than any person she’d met. So, she would trust that judgment, at least long enough to get a chance to pet the skittish housecat.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér was silent as the elf raucously laughed in front of him, he was still. Being laughed at was in no way an enjoyable experience, but he made no visible response other than his brows drawing together. If she thought his seriousness was annoying, one should consider how her perceived flippancy would grind on him. And so he waited for intelligible words to be formed so he could respond.

It wasn't necessarily the point he was trying to make, however in front of this wood elf Alvér found himself more often than not grasping at straws to make himself heard, or not misunderstood. It was frustrating, and he was [i tired] of being misunderstood. His lips tightened. Is that why she was here? He was [i amusing] to the entertainer, and self-proclaimed exorcist?

The creature's lips remained turned down as she finally pulled herself together enough to speak. There were many ways to respond to her, but Alvér was finished being honest with her, not wanting to suffer her responses any longer. He didn't like how it felt to be laughed at or scorned for his genuine experience, and so it would remain under wraps.

His eyes dropped, "[B Someone once said the same to me,]" Alvér responded. His thoughts strayed on the woman in his mind's eye for a moment before he sighed and turned away from those thoughts.

He was still eyeing with suspicion the closeness with which the second plate that Alenia had set out was. Did he dare try and snake it off with a tentacle? The shatter of a plate was too loud for him, the general silence of the house usually making it all the more pronoounced. But now was as good a time as any, and presently, willing his body to cooperate, and reached forwards with a medium sized tentacle to retrieve the item. It was slow, but he managed to understand his senses reaching that far, and come to terms with his control over the limb. His own hand came out somewhat as he concentrated.

The tentacle came out and curled underneath the plate, and pulled it over towards its owner. Alvér's hand flickering out to nab it as he drew it closer. Holding it up, the tentacle disappeared in amongst the rest. With it in hand, he considered the pie on top of it. Its gooey center was a pleasing color, flecked with what he assumed was cinnamon. Her certainly could smell it.

Retrieving the fork with another tentacle was easier, the item being so small.

There was a meow from the hallway that Alenia and Alvér had left. Standing in it was a naked cat, gray and pink, with big green eyes turned up towards the stranger with fear shown by the low, readied stance of the animal and the lash of her tail. Alvér made a click with his tongue against his teeth and the cat's ears flicked towards him. He was rubbing his fingertips together and gestured towards the floor near himself. With a glance towards Alenia, the cat slunk towards him, step quickening as she got close and practically dove into the carefully shifting mass of tentacles, peeking out at the stranger again.
  Tweedy / 38d 1h 47m 30s
There seemed to be a sort of change from there, he was less pointed with his statements. They were getting to the bottom of his apprehension: her motivation. Looking back up from her food, she blinked at him. And then she laughed. [b “Credibility?”] She barely managed the word out between her stints of giggling. [b “I travel way too much for that.”] It wasn’t often she stuck around in one place for more than a week, in fact had she not been distracted by what had happened the other night, Alenia would have left this place days ago. [b “Even if it did turn out that you were a ghost and I did get rid of you, I doubt the tale would go much farther than a few miles and I would be long gone before it even got there.”] It was a novel idea, but the petite woman wasn’t after fame or fortune. She just really liked to entertain.

After a moment, she regained her composure. [b “Sorry,”] her hand was held up to signal that she wasn’t really trying to laugh at him. Once she was completely herself again, Alenia moved on to his actual question. [b “Well, I suppose you are right. It doesn’t really affect me… but I like to help people... I mean, doesn’t it feel nice to reach out to a stranger and make their life a little brighter? That’s why I became a bard in the first place.”] Sometimes all it took to put a smile on someone’s face was a little song.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér's eyes rose to Alenia, closing his hand. Wariness and a lack of understanding was heavy over his face, drawing his brows together. His eyes dropped to the offered slice of the pie, left in front of him.

He asked himself if he believed what she was saying about not talking about him that way. And somehow she was extending an apology still. She was here with the pie, after all. A gift offered as a potential peace treaty.

He had stayed a little distance away, and wasn't entirely sure if he felt comfortable coming closer. The dark was still covering him somewhat. At least somewhat.

He was still trying to figure out what she wanted out of him, and she was giving him absolutely no indication of what that was. Perhaps it was notoreity? Some self ingratiation so she could ask of him something?? But what [i was] that?

Looking back up at her, he considered her again. "[B That can't be why you're here.]" Alvér murmured, gazing at the wood elf. "[B Why do you care if I leave or not? It affects you in no way. You could frankly benefit with your 'exorcism' credibility. Clearing this place of me.]"
  Tweedy / 46d 17h 34m 49s
It seemed no matter what she did, and what her intentions were; he was determined to be negative. Even to the point that he wouldn’t take the plate offered to him. She Alenia set it down on the counter. If he wouldn’t have it now, she hoped he might later. It would be an absolute shame if he late this pie go to waste because he felt the need to be stubborn about literally everything.

[b “Unfortunately, I cannot control every person I come across.”] Although, that would be handy, she was also glad that she couldn’t. Alenia felt that was too much power for one person to have. [b “If they came by in search of a monster, it was not something they heard from my mouth.”] The wood elf had been extremely careful with her words, giving only vague descriptions of the man who lived out here. But she would have never been so brash as to say he was a monster. That rumor began circulating long before she came to this town. [b “Though, I am sorry to hear they attacked you…”] Perhaps it was too late to change their minds, but she still felt the need to try. Even if the words of a stranger wouldn’t quite sway them the way she hoped they might.

Taking up her fork, she cut off the triangular tip of the slice of pie. Bringing it to her mouth, she savored it. The spiced mingled well with the taste of apple in her mouth. And the fruit was just the right constancy, just a bit of bite left to each slice so that it wasn’t too mushy. Her face displayed her delight plainly. The only thing that might make it better was had she bought it still warm from the oven. While this was fresh baked, nothing beat a still cooling pie.

That was about the time he started up with his lack of choice rhetoric. The woman was about to chew him out about his clear absence of autonomy, when she actually looked at him. Something she had been kind of avoiding, since in the past it seemed to make him nervous. He was looking at his hand, frightened. Not in an ‘I’ve seen a monster’ sort of way, but as though he was filled with dread in different sense. There was no telling exactly what it meant, and she didn’t have the gall to ask.

She sighed. [b “Fine… do whatever… Sorry for meddling and ruining your life out here. I just thought you might like some company that wasn’t out to get you.”] It was a shame to think with him gone the town’s people were probably going to demolish this manor. Looking down at the plate in her hands, she debated on whether or not she should finish up her helping or just leave it at that.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 45d 19h 48m 35s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér glanced back at the wood elf as she refused to retrieve her knife. He made no move to stop her, and there was nothing keeping her from reclaiming the item. But if she chose to abandon it just because he wasn't handing it to her with a smile on his face, then so be it. Interesting. But it was no skin off his back.

The creature exhaled at her immediate contradiction, patience thinning. His shoulders tightened as she went on about it, fingers flexing. She made it sound so easy. As if it was just a matter of sticking out some unruly neighbors. He turned to look at her from over his shoulder, stopping the woman in the hallway where she was following him.

"[B Indeed,]" His voice was cold, eyes glinting. "[B Your 'efforts'.]"

"[B I have broken door hinges to prove it, if you like.]" The creature turned around to face her. "[B A handful of your drunkards decided to show up and try and see the monster, saying they were told I was here.]" he hissed quietly, pointing a long finger over her shoulder, tentacle wrapping around his hand from where it had started fusing with his arm. The tentacles of his body began to squirm, agitated as his body language tightened. "[B And when they did, they tried to attack me.]" His hand curled back against himself, lips pulling back a little to in an irate sneer, eyes detaching from her as he turned to retreat back into the house more. He was frustrated at himself for this situation as much as he was at her continually pointing it out.

They reached the kitchen, Alvér retreating again to watch the intruder bearing her gift and kept his distance. It was odd, this situation. Just letting her in here like this...

"[B I'm growing tired of you making it seem like it's a [i choice].]" He wouldn't dare admit he was beginning to be physically incapable of going much anywhere, relying more and more on his magic. Even his magic was warping. Alvér looked at his hands, how different they were; long, thin, encroached upon. It was scaring him, what was happening to his body. His breath edged out in a sigh.
  Tweedy / 48d 17h 30m 41s
Her eyes watched as he brought attention to her dagger. But then he dropped it down again, making it somewhat clear that he had no intention of returning it. Alenia rolled her eyes. She never had any intention of attacking him, sure using the weapon in self-defense if she needed to, but not to come at him directly. It was unlikely that he would see that even if she explained, so she kept it to herself. [b “Fine, I’ll get a new one then.”] An unwelcome expense, but the woman was sure it would work out in the end.

[b “Not that it matters? Didn’t you threaten to kill me so you could stay here?”] The comment ruffled her.

As they continued to walk, they made it to a kitchen for of area. The wood elf was somewhat surprised what he was just leading her farther into his home, but seeing as he was planning on abandoning it, he probably didn’t care as much as he had the other night. [b “I really have been trying to get people to leave you alone, you know. You really shouldn’t put all my hard work to waste so hastily. Especially since this place is so nice… I mean, it needs some work, but I bet it was grand in its day.”] Looking over all the counters and cupboards, they were beautifully put together. Much of the woodwork was etched with designs that seemed to flow through the whole house, and there were a multitude of stone pieces to accent the dark wood. It was classy and nothing that the woman was used to seeing. [b “You should stick it out a little longer and see if things get better.”]

Being the type of person to help herself in a lot of ways, she began riffling through the drawers and cabinets to try and find some plates and silverware. A knife to cut the pie would have been handy as well, but considering how he did not much trust her with one she would have to find a dull one and hope for the best. It didn’t take long to locate what she was after. Alenia cut into the pastry and dished each of them a slice. [b “Here you go.”] She offered it to the man before taking her own.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 51d 20h 49m 46s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] This time that Alenia had come to the house, as he passed her, the creature was not wearing the cloak that he had before. In the low light his head and shoulders were visible now. He wore robes, extended at the hem with a patchwork of fabrics, reminiscent of clothing at least around his torso.

His face was visible, if more in silhouette with his refusal to reveal himself. But passing through the entryway, a hand flickering back behind himself that shut the door remotely with a tinge of magic in the air. His back was twisted, the malformation reaching up his shoulders and his back trying to accommodate the weight. And presently below the waist, his body descended into chaos, it seemed. Heavy, black-looking, tentacled, fleshy chaos that moved with intelligence around the things he moved past. His hair was long, falling down his back, also dark, and tangled.

Alvér glanced back, hearing the vacuum of silence that his words left for her, and saw a purse come onto Alenia's expression. She was processing that, eyes down, before she looked at him again, concerned. He frowned at that and looked away. She looked like she wanted to say something. But what, of course, he could only make guesswork at. He made no move to brush his hair out of his eyes except for when his sight was required, pushing it behind a pointed ear, dotted with earrings.

His thoughts were more focused on how to figure out what she truly wanted. An apology, sure, and with the gift too. In his culture that was customary in any apology or appeal to a house member. You brought a gift, or better yet gifts in the plural. It showed your intent, your proof of sentiment, or seriousness. Words were easy. Placing a smile on your face and saying something was easy. Material showed you meant it. He just wasn't expecting this from an overworld elf. And surely she didn't know he was drow, somewhere inside of all of this. But it was promising, at least. Perhaps she wouldn't attack him this day.

Alvér left the knife hanging there, before setting it down as the spell died. He would not hand it to her. "[B I am not accustomed to returning weapons intended for use against me,]" he murmured, recalling the way her hand flew to its spot on her belt before she realized it wasn't there. His lips pursed. "[B I find it unwise.]" There was warning in his tone this time as he turned, watching her carefully.

He glanced to the gathering of his things. "[B I'm leaving,]" the creature responded. "[B Not that it matters. I've been exposed, and it's in my best interest to leave before even more people start to come.]"

His thoughts went to the small group of drunkards that came to the house the other night. Proving to themselves that no one lived here- no creature seen stalking the streets at night, no kidnapper. And Alvér had given them much the same treatment as Alenia had received. And their pride-fueled fury, drawn from their normalcy, spread in the town. He could smell it coming, practically. He knew this pattern.
  Tweedy / 52d 16h 24m 33s
Alenia wasn’t entirely sure he was trying to garner sympathy with his words, but that is one of the effects it ended up having. The woman’s heart hurt for him, not being able to go out and enjoy simple pleasures, not even a pie. But she did note his comment, ‘as of late.’ Was he not born this way? Thinking about it, it made sense, as she had never come across another being anything like him. And she traveled a fair deal. However, that was not a question for a complete stranger to ask. It seemed personal.

He brought up her knife, which she had half forgotten about. [b “Oh, yeah…”] She saw the simple dagger over by the table as he used magic to pick it up. [b “I kind of forgot about that. I mean, it would be nice to have it back so I don’t have to buy another one before I leave town…”] She was not sure how long she would stay in this area, so it wasn’t essential at the moment. Though she did spend a lot of time out and about at night, and weaving songs or spells was not always the most convenient for when/if someone popped out at her.

Looking about, the room was not as she remembered it. Things were strewn about, but in a different way than previously, almost like he was packing. [b “A you going on a trip?”] A somewhat stupid question. He had just said he did not get out much. It was unlikely that he would leave for an extended period of time unless he felt he had too. Was this her fault? The pastry felt heavy in her hands.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 53d 6h 47m 5s

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