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[center [font "Times" A sort of a Beauty and the Beast idea mixed with some eldritch monstrocity curses.

This is set in a sort of a D&D world. High fantasy, elves, dwarves, fae, mages wandering around causing mess. All that.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/96/52/d79652bf7d405fb924adb7b53cbda890.jpg]] In this world, a character will come across a being, a creature, a man? Either stumbling around in the wilderness and realizing that there's an old path, or an overgrown avenue, or just the whole sort of castle/home itself. Once inside, the wandering adventurer discovers that the place isn't abandoned. Something lives here. Something that reads, that thinks, and that speaks when they hear a voice from the shadows. There's a shape there. It's the thing.

The creature has lived here for years, either as a sort of a local spook, or as a squatter, left alone to haunt this place.

Or perhaps wandering adventurer wanders out of town tavern and sees the shape of a big, cloaked, monstrous looking creature. With intelligent eyes. Pursue? Attack? Run?

Character applicants can be male, female, neither, or something else. No race restrictions except for dragonborn, goblins, kenku and such monster races if you intend this to be romantic. This doesn't [i have] to be romantic, also; it could be if they decide to develop that way. Frankly, giving this poor thing a friend would be lovely. Getting him out of his isolation and into the world again.]]

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b9/5f/3b/b95f3bafe7031ac5b4fd93cc3c22942c.jpg]] [font "Times" [B General Expectations]
1. 800-1000+ characters preferred, but flexible.
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. A roleplay in no way needs to to be 'surprise motherfucka' every time. It's a constant discussion about plot and characters and things, and if things don't work we can do things again or talk about it. I want that sort of clear to make this work out.
3. Ask questions. I know I will.
4. English
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes will be explored as in more than just the existence of smoking and drinking. There will be mention and interaction with mental illness and violence.
7. Romance is not a requirement
8. Do NOT OP
9. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a professional, emotional and a social life and its complications, but I will post when I can. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I extend the same to you, and you can take your sweet ass time too, just make sure I know you'll come back, as I will do as well.

[center Questions, comments? Send me your favorite dessert as a message title, and we can talk!
Thank you!

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For the longest time she was debating whether or not she should reach out and place her other hand on him as well. It was rather tempting to stroke his head, run her hand through his dark hair in another attempt to console him, in fact she was leaning forward to do so before he snapped at her. Alenia promptly returned her hand to her person, the other one following shortly after as he let go of her. He obviously did not want it anymore, but she stayed seated where she was. A look of empathy on her face as she watched his writhe. Alvér was reverting to the for me had taken when they first met… or she thought that was what was happening. It was hard to know for sure when she really did not know much about what was going on here. As she was trying to patchwork her limited knowledge together, she felt the cool touch of his tendrils. Glancing down at them she wondered whether they were attracted to warmth or just anything that came into touching distance. In a way they were grabby, but she did not shoo them away. Based off what she had seen, Alenia didn’t think he had control over the multitude of appendages, so she let them be.

The woman let him speak without interruption. It was probably a good means of distracting himself. Loads better than her pissing him off by answering his questions, but that did not mean she would remain silent forever. After a long pause where she took in the extent of the change Alvér had undergone, at least that which she could see with him turned away, the smaller elf spoke. [b “I’ve felt both fear and guilt in spades, I know how they manifest in me and this is not it.”] This was something else. There was a want to be here, a yearning to help, but that might come across as weird, so she kept it to herself. It did not help that Alenia was not sure why she was feeling this way. Maybe because he was so interesting? He probably did not want to hear that either. Oh well, but that did mean that there was an extended silence between them after she finished.

Alenia was not ready to leave knowing he was still in pain, but he also looked exhausted. And as it turned out, that was something she might be able to help with. [b “How about a lullaby?”] If the discomfort had subsided enough, maybe that would be enough to see him off to bed, so he could sleep through the rest of it. [b “I really only know human ones, but they are soft and comforting all the same.”] Nostalgia was helpful when it came to songs like these, but not necessary.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/0f/92/240f926e809aebaa6ac32ddff83eb163.jpg]] Alvér's body convulsed again, his breath strained, his ribcage expanding before her eyes as something crawled under his skin. He arched his back, pressing his face into the pillow as that convulsion seemed to move in a slow wave up his back, between his shoulders, and pulled one into a hunch. His free hand clawed at the sheets and pulled at the bed, his teeth gritting audibly.

Her words formed a rhythm for a few moments, something tugging at the edge of his attention that pulled it from the hell that was going on. At one point it was too much- too much sensation, pain, too much sound, too much feeling on his skin, the heat in his face. He turned his face, a breath pulling in a hiss through his teeth that sounded like a sob.

"[+purple I don't want to be seen just because [i you feel like it],]" he snarled, gripping her hand tight for a second before he pushed hard and sat up, pulling his hand free.

Vertigo hit him and the creature's head fell forward towards his knees, feeling the complaint of sore, twisted muscles. He groaned, both hands pushing up to his head.

The hunch on his back was familiar. That first night, the crooked body that had made its way towards Alenia was back. Against her hip, cool tentacles had already been piling underneath the sheets, giving them a slithering life of their own, and making it seem like he had an impossible amount of pillows and blankets on the bed.

His face, for the slice of it she could see underneath his hair, was contorted hard. Thin lips pulled back from teeth- too many teeth; sharp. An eye peeked out at her from the depths of the space between his throat and knees. Two fingers were sticking together, the skin fused between them. Alvér slumped back toward the cushions behind him, where he had been, body limp for another handful of moments. He was panting, hands trembling with the exertion, the elf close to expended.

"[+purple Whatever you're feeling,]" he rasped. "[+purple It's just- probably- guilt. Or fear. Holding you. Nothing of import.]" His voice was subdued, exhausted. He brought one gnarled, long-fingered hand up to his face as if to dismiss his hair but stopped. Thinking better of it, he didn't want her to look. He turned his face away from her.
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Sat there next to the man, there were a lot of things to take in. Some of them went unnoticed, such as the disarray of the room. The bard was so concentrated on the ailing man that she entirely missed his clothes and such strung about. But with all her attention on him, that meant the scars marring his skin did not fall by the wayside of her notice, even in the wake of how his body jerked and contorted in time with the pain that was ravaging him. And while Alenia did take note of those things, and they made her heart sink, she did succeed in keeping her main focus on Alver’s face and his less than satisfied expression. It seemed he still wasn’t too enthralled with her presence, but he did take her hand eventually, even if it was in that begrudging way that she was becoming accustomed to.

His hand now in hers, she squeezed lightly. The sensation was different than the night before, however she was not certain if that was because the blood of those guards had settled in him further or because he was ailing. Either way, the bright haired woman began to run her thumb over his knuckles. It was a rhythmic, soothing movement. She continued it even as his hold tightened on her digits. His grip was right on the verge of painful, but Alenia endured, gently cooing at him as he twisted in agony again. She assured him that this would pass and that it would be okay. In all actuality, she had no idea how long this would take, but kind and encouraging words couldn’t hurt, could they?

The worst of it passed soon enough, and he looked exhausted. It was probably best that he gets some rest, but he drew her back to conversation with a question. A question she was not really sure how to answer. That being she did not know if she wanted to tell the truth or come up with something that made more sense, but in the end, she relented and went with honestly. Since he was asking so directly, that was probably the best option, even if it was sort of vague. [b “Well, because I feel like it.”] The woman sort of shrugged as she looked at him. [b “I am the type of person who follows my whims and feelings, and right now something is telling me to stick around, so I am.”] Whether it was the air of mystery around him, or something else entirely, she wanted to figure it out.

[b “You probably think that is really flippant, or that it makes me flighty. And you might be right… but until I know out what is making me feel this way, I am going to stick around.”] There was a lot that Alenia did not know about herself, so whenever something like this came up she had the tendency to stick to it in hopes she might learn something new. It was a little selfish making other put up with her this way, but no one was perfect.

With all that out in the air, she watched his beautiful golden eyes intently, trying to discern what he thought of it all and whether he was about to kick her out of his house. If so, she would probably accept it, but Alenia really hoped he didn’t.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/0f/92/240f926e809aebaa6ac32ddff83eb163.jpg]] When he turned away from her, up close like this, and where the area above his hips was for now a little less twisted, she could see lines of scars. Signs of flogging on his back, where his shoulders were hunched, were crisscrossed with scarring. But his spine was hunching, shoulder blades flexing as he huffed out another breath, wading through another wave. And along his upper arms, the close-clustered, short, straight cuts. He tucked those specifically away from sight as she drew closer.

"[B Myh,]" he almost hissed, voice husky and breathy with the prior exertion. Unsurprised. Of course she had brought Alenia in here. A part of him was warmed that she had gone to get the cleric. Bard. Whatever she was, now.

She was going to stay? His eyes peeked along the discarded clothes, the mess that came with living in a space and not picking it up. Not [i thinking] anyone would see it ever again. But. Not being alone felt. Good. He wasn't just sitting here, unaware of the passage of time, hurting. But being seen in this condition, at his lowest, while his body was doing this, ugly. And while she could [i see] his skin. The feeling of her eyes on him made his skin crawl with self hatred.

She came back into view, Alvér looking up at her, face initially sour with the persistence, but opening in soft blankness as she offered her palm. He stared.

Alvér's eyes were that same gold that he had had when they had first met. No glow. He was looking at her, asking himself if she was serious, if she really wanted to- touch him? Especially like this. To date, the only contact she had given him like this was when she had pushed on his chest to make sure he was real that first day.

Those eyes dropped to her awaiting hand. The look on his face suggested he was asking himself if she was going to hurt him somehow. But. Presently, his hand unfolded from where it was fisted in the covers, fingers pale and shaking just so. His hand slipped into hers, hand warm, warmer than it had been the night before. But not completely the same.

His eyes dropped, his face uncertain as he looked away, and let his head fall back onto the pillow. Exhaustion laced the way he panted, the limpness in his body. His hair was a mess about his face, but this time, as she had potentially noticed the previous night; clean.

Alenia's hand was squeezed as he felt another cramping wave come over him, pushing his face into the pillow with a little moan.

With time, his body relaxed a little, Alvér panting again, hand falling limp in hers. His eyes skid over to her, skin glistening softly with sweat. "[B Why are you doing this, Lenia?]" he rasped softly. "[B Here? Still here?]" He was half expecting her to leave after her response to what happened last night.
  Tweedy / 21d 1h 42m 13s
His accusative tone was just about what Alenia expected, though she had kind of been hoping he would get over it since she was already in the know about so much… and due to the present situation. [b “Sorry… Myhrr brought me here; I thought something might be wrong.”] That was a little bit of a fib. She did not start to think something was off until she was a good way into the '[I restricted zone]', but It was true enough. And it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission, so there was that.

Her face fell when he said there was nothing to be done. That was unfortunate, though she wondered if he was telling her that because he wanted her to go away or because it was true. If it was the former, it was not going to work. Not when stubbornness kicked into overdrive just as soon as he turned away. [b “Alright, then the least I can do is stay here with you and keep you company until you start to feel better.”] Despite the offer being partially out of obstinance, her voice was gentle.

Just from watching, she could tell whatever was going on was not pleasant. The hissing reaffirmed that as she continued to look for something, anything, she could do. Eventually she started her way around the bed so that she would be facing him again. This time, she took a seat on the edge of the bed. Alenia did so slowly as not to jostle the already ailing man any further. [b “Here,”] she offered up her hand to Alvér so that he might grab it. Having a point outside his pain to focus on would help to keep him grounded and perhaps distract him from the absolute misery enveloping him, if she was lucky.

When he did not immediately respond to her offer, she started up again in a coaxing voice. [b “Come on, if you don’t give me your hand I am just going to keep on bothering you till you do. And you know how good at that I am.”] Her smile could be heard in her voice as she poked fun at herself. Alenia had practically been pestering him since they first met; she was persistent when it came to stuff like this.
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[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/88/b3/0b/88b30b67462dc01b63e2d91d8ee6c409.jpg]]
Having not expected to at all be overheard, Alvér let himself focus on exhausting some energy by humming, trying not to hyperventilate. He pushed his face into the cushion as if to smother any and all feeling.

"[B What,]" he rasped, voice behind the door strained, impatient through the pain's pull on his temperament.

The bed itself was a large four posted thing like hers was in her room. Though his had a deep cushion of the two comforters on it, and the mass of pillows. He had, admittedly, left the side facing the door open because he wouldn't succumb to sunlight reflected off of wallpaper, only if it was hitting him directly as a vampire. And the light might wake him and discourage sleeping all day, if he should suddenly not need to. It seemed, with being awoken like this, that he needn't any longer.

He felt the edge of the bed shift, realizing how close she was

Alvér groaned, feeling a hard jolt in his stomach. Like being caught, startled. His breath caught in his throat, realizing it was Alenia suddenly here, suddenly close, inside his room.

"[B Alenia,]" he breathed, picking his head up to suddenly see her and Myhrr on the bed, or next to it. She could see his sheer mass again- the twisting, weird, eldritch body had returned it seemed. His body was literally twisting away from him again, back into that chaotic, monstrous mess. He turned his face away, shoulders hunching. Hiding.

"[B You shouldn't be here,]" he said, voice rough.

Through the mess of overstimulation and growing pains, he managed to catch her last question. "[B There's nothing for it,]" he ground out, bare back arching. Alenia could see physically how his body was warping in front of her, hear how the tendons and muscles were shifting and tearing, and listen to how his breath hissed through his teeth. "[B Nothing- you can do.]"
  Tweedy / 21d 22h 36m 15s
Alenia slept dreamlessly. She was too tired to see any night stories, but that was probably for the best. With the traumatic events of the day it was unlikely she would be faced with anything pleasant and she did not need to feel anymore conflicted than she already did. It probably would not have changed anything, but she was better off without it. This heavy sleep blocked out the cute cries from across the room.

As the cat reached beneath the door, she was able to catch ahold of the travel pack the woman had placed to the side of it. Her claw got caught on the material. Tugging to pull her paw back free, she jostled the bag and knocked it over. Because Alenia had been so careless in packing, her things spilled across the floor. It was not enough to damage anything, but it did make some noise. Unlike the soft mewling the animal had been calling with, this was enough to wake the slumbering woman. Startled at the sound, she tried to sit up, however the blanket burrito-ing her restricted this. She ended up having to unroll so that she could get a proper look at what happened. When she did, it was not hard to put the pieces of the puzzle, even with a still exhausted mind.

[b “Myhrr, what are you doing?”] Her voice was quiet, as she did not actually expect the creature to answer. Still, she stood and came to the door to let the little thing in. The idea of having something to cuddle when she went back to sleep was not wholly unappealing.

Slowly swinging the door open, as not to hit the kitten, Alenia watched as she slipped in when there was just barely enough room for her to fit. She was an impatient little beast when she wanted something. Myh rubbed up against the woman’s legs for a couple of passes before returning to the hall. A pout forming on her face, the elf sighed and closed the door. As she was sullenly making her way back to bed, the meowing started anew. Her pout transformed into a smile at the fickle animal. Returning to the door, she opened it again, but the results were the same. A couple of rubs and then back out. This went on for one more round before Alenia decided to see poke her head out to see if there was something she was missing. Myhrr was alone in the hall, but went a little farther when she saw that she was being followed. [b “What is it you want?”] Her words were marked with a strong inquisitiveness.

Glancing back to the room, she debated on whether to take the time to redress or not. The underdress she wore covered her sufficiently, but she did not want to be caught running around someone else’s house in what basically amounted to her underwear, so she quickly threw her regular dress on over it. Alenia did not bother with anything else, so she looked rather plain in the cream colored article, but it worked for going on a wild goose chase with a cat.

By the time that was done, Myhrr was back at the doorframe, chirping at the amber-eyed woman for her attention. Alenia obliged and followed right after her. Trotting along, it seemed to the elf that she wanted nothing more than a companion for her morning stroll through the house. It was simple enough, though when she led her to the split in the stairwell that presumably went up to the wing of the house she was strictly forbidden from exploring, Alenia did hesitate. However when she remembered how she had discovered what Alvér had been hiding, that he was a vampire, she thought maybe it was all right and pressed on. Besides, Myh must have had a reason for bringing her this way. Though that was probably just an excuse to get to see something she was curious about.

Ascending the stairs, her bright eyes ran over everything as they went. She wanted to know what was so special about this part of the house, but did not dwell on any one thing for too long. She did not want her leader to think she had stopped following after all.

Getting farther down the hall, something began to feel off, or rather sound off. Haunting echoes calling forth. And the farther she followed Myhrr, the louder and more distinct they became. These were calls of distress, agony. Curiosity, and reservations about entering Alvér’s room, took the back seat. The want to help overrode all of that as she watched the cat slip in through the cracked door. The elf swiftly went in after her. [b “Alvér?”] The woman called to him, but it seemed like her voice was drowned out by his own sounds.

The only thing Alenia really noticed about the room was that it was darker than the hall. She paid little heed to anything else, keeping her eyes on the hairless creature as she scurried over to a bed. There she saw the shifting mountain of pillows and knew Alvér must have been somewhere in that mess. Coming up to the bedside, she stopped there. [b “Alvér…”] She called for him again, hoping he would hear her. [b “What is going-“] Alenia cut short. There was something more important to ask. [b “What can I do to help you?”] That had to come first. She could find out what was happening later, but for now his distress was pulling at her heart; she needed to help him.

Normally this was the type of situation where she would jump right in and try to heal him, despite not knowing what was wrong. The woman could probably learn a lesson about looking before she leapt, but that would surely come another time. Right now the major concern was his undead status, her magic would have no affect… though thinking back, it had before when he had been shot… it did not make any sense and only added more questions to the ever growing pile... All she knew for certain was she had to be careful with him.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 22d 8h 47m 44s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/0f/92/240f926e809aebaa6ac32ddff83eb163.jpg]] After she had pretty much satisfied herself with licking whatever flaking blood was left on Alvér's skin for the most part, smelling around for remnants, Myhrr's eyes turned to Alenia. From the drow's arms, the flexible little creature tipped back, upside down, and reached out wee paws towards the newcomer, gurgling in her throat not exactly enough to make it a meow, but it was noise, certainly. Alena had been around long enough for Myh to begin to recognize her, and so one little pinkie claw caught in the woman's tunic as Myhrr informed the wood elf she was ready for attention, lolling over Alvér's arms like that.

"[+purple Hardly dignified, Myh,]" he said, bringing one finger up to rub softly over her chest, wrinkling the skin there. "[+purple Silly old beast.]"

Alvér let Alenia enter before him, seeing as he had to pause with Myh nudging her face under his chin again. He felt a bit of heat stir in his face for being so hazarded in front of Alenia, frowning, but his eyes went to her as she paused in the hall to speak to him.

The elf inclined his head to her in a short bow. Customarily it would be at the waist, however with his burden unless he was willing to relinquish it, just a dip of the head would suffice.

How tired she was being, eyes drooping, and posture hardly rigid, it brought a bit of a grin up on his features to see her so much less the prim, proper elf she held herself as. "[+purple Goodnight, Alenia.]"

And with that they chose different wings to enter into, Alvér passing into the left and disappearing down it. He let Myhrr drop down onto the floor with a patter, the animal knowing exactly where they were headed. He stripped off his leggings and his robes and parted the heavy curtains around the bed, letting himself into it.

The curtains would keep out the sunlight as it would birth and grow over the course of the day, and the curtains around the bed would keep whatever else leaked through. He wouldn't even look at the casket in the next room. Not unless desperately needed.
[center [pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]]
Sleep slipped from him slowly, waking in the hazy semi-darkness, to his eyes at least. He was curled up amongst pillows and the thick comforters- one he had taken from an adjacent, unused room to pile on top of this bed. Exhaling, he didn't care what time it was. Things like that didn't matter anymore. Nothing to do, no one to see. And silence in the house.

His bones ached like he had been on the receiving end of a battery. His brows pressed together, and he delivered his face deeper into the cushion he had it on, groaning. His muscles were cramping. Everything hurt. Only then did Alvér realize what was happening.

He felt his back begin at first to oversensitize, as he referred to it. Skin growing warm, then hot, then sensitive to any touch, even the way the covers moved over him. He was fool to think that this would prolong anything. He drew his legs up closer to himself, burying his head more in whatever he had grasp of, feeling his breath heat- and something moist touch his eyelid. His eyes opened, putting a hand to it, then recognizing the cool, drying feeling on his skin and pressed his two forefingers to his upper lip. Blood.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/f6/0e/6d/f60e6d09631484fd5a867b3a584fa0ad.jpg]] A cascade of heat poured over his back as he felt his skin begin to warp and split. Too much. He groaned, fingers clenching back down in the comforter and let his back arch into it, as if somehow he could work out the cramping.

Vaguely, he heard something hit the floor. Whatever it was, probably a pillow, if he needed it he would go after it... He was busy breathing and trying not to hyperventilate as he realized his body had decided to deteriorate all at once. Again. His chest cavity swelled as it warped, the sound of cracking bones and shifting ligaments making flashes appear behind his eyes. He could feel the profusion of the eldritch coming back upon him.

The doorknob suddenly made a noise, freezing the man in place. A plaintive mewl followed. Myh wanted out. He couldn't blame her. With an absent, blind flick of a hand the door magically opened. Guess she wasn't going to bother opening it herself. He had learned she had figured out how to do that on her own.

Absently, he was glad he had stripped off his robes. They were the last nice pair he had, aside from his traveling clothes, but they were hardly as nice as the black ones.
[center [pic https://onestoryslinger.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/untitled.png]]
Behind Alenia's door, the pad of paws on the center hall carpet was silent. The cat moved with intent, smelling around, pausing by doors and smelling underneath them until she scented the person she was looking for.

To Alenia, the silence was only broken by the jiggle of the doorknob. Once.

Then again, once softly, and twice.

A plaintive mew sounded behind the door.

Myhrr smelled at the base of the door again, getting down on her side and dipped a paw underneath it, trying to grasp for whatever she could. She meowed again, longer, crying.
  Tweedy / 23d 1h 28m 59s
When they entered the woods it became easier to lose one’s way, so Alenia was sure to keep close to Alvér. Sure, she had a decent idea of where to go, but they would get there faster if they did not get separated. And time was of the essence. The sun would be rising soon and that would not be good news for her newly revealed vampire friend. So, the elf was rather excited when the looming outline of the mist-shrouded manor came into view, and even more so when Myhrr came bursting from the darkness. The cat was excited to see her friend again and made no attempt to hide it. Alenia watched the display of affection, a bit jealous. She wanted to cuddle the kitten as well, but the want was not strong enough to do anything about it. Instead she just stared longingly at the pair until they were ready to slip in through the gate and go back inside.

After so long outside in the chill of the night, the dim lit mansion seemed warm and inviting. Might have been the first time for Alenia, but she did not dwell on it. No matter how she felt about it, this was going to be home for a little while. At least until she felt she was finished with whatever was drawing her here and it was time to move on. However, for now, it was time to get some rest.

[b “Um… thanks for coming with me.”] Things hadn’t exactly gone well, but there was no telling if they might have been worse if he wasn’t there. She had no doubt that those guards recognized her and it was unlikely they would have just let her go. It was highly suspect that she would still be out running around at this time of night, especially if she had earlier had a run in with a so called monster. Honestly, she did not want to think about what might have happened. She barely wanted to think about what did happen. [b “Guess I will see you in the morning… or evening… I don’t know…”] her brain was struggling through the cloud of fatigue. How much or little he needed to rest was a mystery to her, but she knew she would see him again. And so she settled on keeping it simple. [b “Good night, Alvér.”] It was a heartfelt, albeit groggy; send off.

The last real test of the night was making it up all those stairs. Her legs complained at being given such a task so late in the day, but she pushed through it and made it back to her assigned room. Alenia shut the door softly behind her and set her bag to the side. She could unpack it tomorrow. From there it was a slow walk towards the bed, discarding outer layers of clothes along the way until she was left in her chemise. The tired woman collapsed on the bed, opting to roll herself into the covers instead of properly getting under them. Despite the comforter being shaken out, it still smelt of dust. But it did not bother her enough to hinder sleep. Alenia passed out just as soon as she was comfortable.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/0f/92/240f926e809aebaa6ac32ddff83eb163.jpg]] Alvér's fingers brushed through his hair over his head, gathering it back and depositing it out of the way behind his shoulders. "[+purple I'm used to it.]"

The fog around them was clouding their way back, making it more a game of picking out landmarks, their shapes coming into vague form as they moved. Alvér could let his feet take him, most likely, if he let them. But his mind was too abuzz with information now to focus. So it left him with landmark spotting.

He presently peeked over at Alenia again, seeing the workings of her thoughts plain on her face. She had questions. Frankly, it was an oft spotted look on her face. She had had questions since they met. And the only one that had managed to surface was "What are you?" that first night. It was a no small wonder she wasn't asking him more.

She wasn't completely silent for long. It seemed she never was. His eyes found her again from the corner of his vision, leading her by example as she sort of wandered a short distance away, not realizing they were turning off of the road here, and then came back to his side. Weaving. She was certainly tired. But still capable of following. Good.

And it seemed she answered her own musing. One that, if he had any answer in him, she put it down. It felt as if a weight was deposited on him for a moment. It wasn't that he [i enjoyed] being run around town with a holy knight bard, putting his body through all sorts of abuse. It was that she was the most interesting thing to happen to him in months. But he would not keep her. He had done that once.

He found his shoulders shifting in an approximation of a shrug, "[+purple It- still is.]" he said, nodding his head to the side. An agricultural community, if superstitious, was about as interesting as it got. The harvest festival was about all that came of it. That and the Night of the Veil.

The edges of the estate's land started coming into focus. Stone pasture fencing they stepped through to start through the tall grasses up towards the manor.

On that wall sat a familiar, pink shape, eyes glinting in the dark. Alvér almost stopped, his step slowing for a moment, swallowing, before his hands opened up and he welcomed the creature into his arms. She half-hopped onto his shoulder and upper arm, sliding down against his chest where he had a nest ready for her of his limbs.

She made a gurgling 'mrrow' at him, sitting up, and looked like she nipped at his jaw, Alvér stretching up a bit as if to resist before they both settled down and she set to licking his mouth, jaw and neck all over.

He murmured to her in his language (Undercommon) and she gave another gurgle in response.
  Tweedy / 23d 5h 31m 39s
As they left the area, Alenia was much less worried about running into someone. If all that screaming hadn’t summoned anyone, then they were going to be just fine. Either no one had heard, or they had been scared into hiding. It did not matter which to her at this point, for a plethora of reasons. One of which Alvér pointed out: it was late. [b “Yeah… so have you.”] It was a feeble attempt at humor, and it brought little more than an airy breath from her as she continued walking alongside the man. Brushing it off herself, she continued. [b “I feel like I could sleep for three days straight.”] Her mild complaint came from both the fact that she did not usually stay up quite [I this] late… or early, and that a lot had transpired. Both were taxing her energy at this point.

Many questioned buzzed inside of her, but the woman did not feel as though now was the right, nor appropriate, time to ask. In fact, she really was not sure if there was some sort of etiquette she should be following. Flat out asking things like ‘hey, how did you become a vampire,’ and ‘how long have you been this way,’ just seemed rude. Maybe it wouldn’t with different surrounding circumstance? She needed to wait and see. But that being said, she was too tired to keep her mouth shut. So, as they left the town, and in a way this felt like they partially left this behind them, Alenia piped up. [b “I guess I probably won’t be able to show my face in this town again for a long while.] A generation would probably do it, since there seemed to mainly be human settlers here. [b “But then again, I don’t really return anywhere,”] at least she hadn’t yet. [b “So it isn’t too big of a loss… and Kalenfort was boring anyway… well, except for you.”] Alvér was the only truly interesting individual she had met in this place.

As her sleepy ramble continued on, a morning fog began to build around them. At this point she had walked this road enough times to have a decent feel for it. The lack of clear visuals were not that great a detriment, though they might prove more troublesome when they had to turn off of the main path and into the forest.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 23d 6h 8m 32s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/0f/92/240f926e809aebaa6ac32ddff83eb163.jpg]] He was about to abort the gesture, honestly, and let it just be a show of where he was when her hand came into his, and he stopped.

With the fresh blood now coursing through his veins, Alvér's hand was warming in hers, his pulse in his fingers. It felt almost normal. It was only in the absence of so much that one realized how much was taken for granted as normal. It wasn't as if he [i didn't] have a pulse before, right?

Alvér didn't press, didn't move to close the distance as she turned, but advanced none. But he did tip his head a little at her words. Should he ask what she was actually worrying about? He was the biggest threat here, he couldn't think of anything, currently, else.

She stepped closer, finally looking at him. There was something that tightened in him as her eyes finally landed on him again. Relief, for one, that she at least had approached, that showed in how his shoulders relaxed a bit.

Alvér's complexion had a healthy blush to it, as much as a dark elf would ever have. They lived underground and had adapted to it. Melanin wasn't something you needed when the sun didn't exist. In the dark, however, with the absence of the unnaturally light eyes and hair, his features almost made him passable.

He gazed at her for a moment before his eyes dropped, still feeling that creeping, self-conscious feeling. Especially as he felt the particular prickle of drying blood on his skin. He tried to clean what he could, of course, but some things weren't solved with scrubbing hands, and needed a bath. But he coaxed his face into a careful, neutral composure and met her eyes again, resigning himself to being seen.

Her eyes held such a confused sorrow in them. It was an incredibly innocent look. Alvér sighed softly as he gazed on it. With that, she dropped his hand and left.

Alvér moved, walking with an absent gait in a direction a few paces, eyes raising to the sky. The moon had gone. It was time to go. But what drew his attention were the words that he was half understanding, turning towards the knelt form of the woman by the still living guard. He would bear his vampire's mark, as his unharmed friend would. Alenia would be able to see the scarring when she would close the wound finally. But that wasn't what Alvér was thinking about. He could recognize a prayer when he heard it. They had patterns, usually, or a tone. An opening, initiant, and the meat of it, and a close. He could smell the magic. It felt like the sun. Searing, dangerous, powerful. Like when she had healed him before with the bolt in his side. His brows came together. Perhaps her calling to cull the unholy wasn't merely a romantic's want to make the world a better place after all. Perhaps Alv♪r should be much more careful around this individual.

The drow watched her go, folding his hands behind himself in an affetc of relaxation. Shifting, he moved towards the last remaining guard, "[+purple Why don't you go help them?]" he murmured, and the man set forth, jogging over to the one Alenia was healing and dropped to his knees as she was just finishing up, looking to her for that so very needed glance that would tell him the other would pull through.

The vampire's eyes never left the little wood elf as he watched her work. He turned more towards her as she returned to him, brows arched for news on the man's condition. He nodded when he got it, "[+purple Good.]" He hesitated for a moment, wondering if she would rather stay here. If he would rather her stay here for safety's sake. Having revealed himself to her like this... She was taking it well, but the guilty conscience of a holy knight or mage was a powerful thing. He knew that. It had landed him years nailed in a coffin. He swallowed, but stayed still when she approached.

"[+purple It's time to go. You've been up all night.]" And soon he would need to go down as well. That was the part nagging at him. Perhaps prolonging this body wasn't a good idea. It could leave him vulnerable. He kept his voice soft, turning in the direction they were headed now, walking abreast since he had given up on hiding for the time being. That would come again. He dreaded the time it would take for them to get back. Plenty of time for questions and potential tirades about good and evil. Especially if that magic of hers gave him any inkling towards what she truly was. Either a very, very learned bard, or something else entirely.
  Tweedy / 23d 7h 50m 17s
When she heard the affirmative answer, Alenia nodded to herself. She began trying to convince herself that it was all right to come out then. He was done, so the worst of it was over. They could go back to the manor and she could sleep off these surreal events. However, he continued, promising her once again that he wasn’t going to hurt her, this time with an outstretched hand. Gaze catching the offer, she stared at his palm for a moment. The woman was still processing much of what had happened, and it made her slower to respond. But without too much delay she turned toward him, not full rounding the corner just yet, and placed her hand in his. His skin was still cold, but perhaps not as cool as it had been before. [b “That’s not what I was worried about…”] Her voice was uncharacteristically quiet, but words truthful.

Taking that final step, her bright eyes met with his green ones once again. Thankfully, he was standing in such a way to block the scene behind him. It saved her from having to think about it anymore… or so she thought… Because Alvér then asked if she wanted to heal him. Were they still alive? Thinking about it, that was probably too optimistic a thought. Surely the downed man was nothing more than a corpse at this point, but the other one still had a chance from the sounds of it. She nodded, signaling her intention to help, but took a few extra seconds to retract her hand from his and sidestep around him.

The situation was much as she remembered, the only differences were that Alvér was missing and the man he was holding was on the ground, groaning in agony. Picking up speed, Alenia rushed over to him. Trying her best to keep her focus one hundred percent on him and not his fellow guard, she dropped to her knees next to him and began to pray. Unlike the spell she had used on her friend’s wound earlier that night, this one was not a part of a bard’s repertoire. It was stronger, and while she kept a songlike quality in her voice, it was no hymn and there was no disguising that. Not that she was exactly in the mood to do so. She needed to hurry, they were running short on time. So, when she was nearly certain he would survive, Alenia stopped and stood. Giving him one more sorrowful glance, she turned to rush back to the lithe figured man who was waiting for her. [b “I think… he is going to pull through.”] The sadness that she could not do more twinged her voice, but ultimately it was not enough to stay here any longer.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 23d 9h 59m 58s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/24/0f/92/240f926e809aebaa6ac32ddff83eb163.jpg]] He heard her startle hard, breath hitching as it did, and grow still. Alvér wondered if it was because she hadn't heard him, or specifically because she heard him. This close. He had finally scared her. It wasn't very difficult. There was a certain amount of comfort that he could take from that, more a familiarity than a relaxation. He was ultimately unsurprised, of course. It still was disappointing, more a settling down at the bottom of the well. Reaching blindly with feet for something you knew was there underneath you, and then finally reaching it.

He waited.

Eyes turned to the horizon. Dark still. But who knew for how long? He needed to get back soon. This body would last, for now. [size10 But for how long?] But it would fail him if morning was coming.

He swallowed a trickle of fear. It felt good to be solid again, dangerous. No longer the broken, chaotic creature. Just the monster. One layer of the monster, the familiar one. Even as he felt guilt crawl under his skin. And he felt anger at becoming it in the first place. But it was his own fault, in the end. Now he would sit in the results and reap what he had sown.

Green eyes had been what had turned to her when she had met them around the corner before. Now, they were what turned back to her general direction as she spoke again.

"[+purple Yes.]"

The drow waited a few moments more, listening. She didn't move. "[+purple No harm will come to you,]" he addressed the tremble in her voice. Like he said. He had promised that, at least. The thought occurred to him to extend a hand out, visible around the corner to her. A sign of no ill will. But he imagined she didn't want to touch him anymore. He stayed still.

His eyes returned to the man still alive, groaning weakly as he was, eyes closed, in the street. "[+purple Do you want to heal him?]" Alvér asked.
  Tweedy / 23d 21h 9m 10s
Pulse whirling in her ears so loudly that it was hard to hear anything else, Alenia’s eyes stayed focused on the cool stone street beneath her. Her back was pressed hard to the wooden building behind her. From the outside it looked to be a place of business. It was a good thing too; no one would be there to hear the cries for help. She was the only one and she had done nothing. In a way didn’t that make her just as blameworthy for what happened to those men as her friend? It certainly felt that way. Yet another reason it felt wrong to abandon him here.

Soon enough, his voice called to her. He was much closer than she expected, and the suddenness of it caused her to jolt. There was quiet for a drawn out moment. The bard was trying to compose herself. It was a slow and meticulous process, as her emotions continued to battle for dominance inside her. She felt tired. This whole excursion was stressful and it drained her. In the end, she found it easiest to fall back into her original plan. Stay with Alvér, make sure he was safe, and move on when she was satisfied. It was all rather vague, but that was just how Alenia operated. There was little she took time to fully detail in her life. Plans seldom went as they should anyway. This one was no different, but she decided to see it to the end no matter what. Besides, how much worse could it get?

[b “…Are you done?”] Her voice still had a faint tremble to it. Try as she might, she could not fully rid herself of it. Even if she had made up her mind, it was still unsettling. This sort of darkness was not something she was used to. She dealt in ghosts and the occasional mindless ghoul, it did not compare. [b “Are you feeling better? Can we head back now?”] Alenia made no immediate move. She did not want to make the same mistake again and be forced to fully face what had happened. She would just wait for him to answer her handful of questions until she was one hundred percent sure it was okay to press on.
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