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[center [font "Times" A sort of a Beauty and the Beast idea mixed with some eldritch monstrocity curses.

This is set in a sort of a D&D world. High fantasy, elves, dwarves, fae, mages wandering around causing mess. All that.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/96/52/d79652bf7d405fb924adb7b53cbda890.jpg]] In this world, a character will come across a being, a creature, a man? Either stumbling around in the wilderness and realizing that there's an old path, or an overgrown avenue, or just the whole sort of castle/home itself. Once inside, the wandering adventurer discovers that the place isn't abandoned. Something lives here. Something that reads, that thinks, and that speaks when they hear a voice from the shadows. There's a shape there. It's the thing.

The creature has lived here for years, either as a sort of a local spook, or as a squatter, left alone to haunt this place.

Or perhaps wandering adventurer wanders out of town tavern and sees the shape of a big, cloaked, monstrous looking creature. With intelligent eyes. Pursue? Attack? Run?

Character applicants can be male, female, neither, or something else. No race restrictions except for dragonborn, goblins, kenku and such monster races if you intend this to be romantic. This doesn't [i have] to be romantic, also; it could be if they decide to develop that way. Frankly, giving this poor thing a friend would be lovely. Getting him out of his isolation and into the world again.]]

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b9/5f/3b/b95f3bafe7031ac5b4fd93cc3c22942c.jpg]] [font "Times" [B General Expectations]
1. 800-1000+ characters preferred, but flexible.
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. A roleplay in no way needs to to be 'surprise motherfucka' every time. It's a constant discussion about plot and characters and things, and if things don't work we can do things again or talk about it. I want that sort of clear to make this work out.
3. Ask questions. I know I will.
4. English
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes will be explored as in more than just the existence of smoking and drinking. There will be mention and interaction with mental illness and violence.
7. Romance is not a requirement
8. Do NOT OP
9. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a professional, emotional and a social life and its complications, but I will post when I can. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I extend the same to you, and you can take your sweet ass time too, just make sure I know you'll come back, as I will do as well.

[center Questions, comments? Send me your favorite dessert as a message title, and we can talk!
Thank you!

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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] He was surrounded, and he was locked down. Alvér knew about his mortality now, and what it limited him to, and he could no longer disappear, melting into the shadows as well as he used to. It was maddening, but it was the truth. He was trapped.

Alvér was shaken out of his focus by- of all things- the pluck of strings that he heard nearby. His eyes snapped around at the men surrounding him- at a distance as they were, but looking at him with malintent- he could taste their hatred, practically, like the blood in his mouth. Like the pain in his abdomen where the bolt had gone in.

And he saw her- Alenia- in line with [i them]. Hot rage shot through him like a bolt of lightning. Of course- of [i course] this would happen. She would enchant and beguile him so that she could trap him for them. He could feel the tendrils of her magic around him.

She was motioning for him, the creature's eyes glinting as they stared hard at her, seeing her waving him away, away. His eyes narrowed, feeling shame at being seen, being found, being [i saved] push hot and sticky through his veins now. And with it he dropped his hands and vanished in a swirl of mist. It would not carry him far, but he could use the moments of confusion to seclude himself somewhere until he could get his body under control again.

Alenia would have seen him tall, dark, monstrous again as he was hunched, body writhing around him- shrouded under his cloaks, but his bulk unmistakable.

And now he was in an alleyway, cursing again under his breath as he looked towards the wound in him again. His hand hovered by it, asking himself if he had the strength to heal himself here and now, to risk taking the time to pull it out... No. He needed his strength for as long as possible, and the gods knew how long he would remain hidden.

So, pushing off of the wall he peeled himself from, the creature looked around to gain his bearings. Where was he? And how long would it take for them to follow the trail of his blood and find him again?
  Tweedy / 3d 12h 36m 29s
The night was still, almost eerily so as Alenia walked about. She had had enough of the drunken lechers in the tavern for one night and decided a walk would better fill her time. The small woman took to lesser-used paths through the woods; there was little reason to it other than she was curious to see where they led. Turns out most of them just turned around and came back to the main road, so it was not all that exciting, but it did help her to cool her head.

After being out for a good long while, she started her way back into town. And as she got closer that unnerving silence started to fade away. In its wake, there was shouting. Though, at this distance it was little more than whispers in her pointed ears, a soft rumble on the wind. She wondered what was going on. And even though she had a bad feeling about it, Alenia continued on and let the sounds build around her. Soon they were loud enough to be made out, and they were clearly sounds of fear and hatred.

Her stomach twisted. This was not good. The fiery haired woman sped up some, praying that this commotion was not directed at who she thought it was. But that hope was quickly dashed as she heard it.

[I "It’s the creature!”]

Oh no. She moved a bit quicker again. Her optimism was growing thin. As she got closer to the action, she brought forth her lyre. And it was a good thing too; because things had already gotten very out of hand by the time she got there. Shadowy tendrils sprouted from every which direction, grabbing hold of terrified looking guards. Those that were still free held crossbows, aimed and ready to fire. Their mark was a figure just as dark as the tentacles that had their friends. Though it was hard to tell in nightfall, she was almost certain it was Alvér. And it looked as though he would soon be trapped, exits blocked off by the armed men.

With all the commotion, no one noticed her on the edge of it. There was still a chance for her to do something. So she did the only thing she could think of, play her instrument. This melody, unlike what she had been playing for the last week or so, had magic laced into it. It was a serene tune, one that found its way into a person’s ear and when straight to their heart to calm them. Be they full of fear, anger, or hostility of any kind, the listener would be placated. But it would be short-lived. Alenia needed to work fast.

Watching as the guards lowered their crossbows, they whispered to one another. Some of them questioned what they were doing, while others seemed content just stand there. Still trying to keep out of sight, the bard, peeked around them until she caught better sight of Alvér, confirming it was him. She hoped he could see her too, as she motioned for him to get out of here.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 33d 2h 7m 8s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér felt his stomach tighten and turn at her words, telling him he wasn't all that bad. His immediate response; an internal, twisting feeling that on instinct responded to what she was saying; was to feel ill, to feel frustrated. His face tightened, the feeling worsening as he saw her smile. She thought she meant it. Or did she? She didn't know anything about him, what he was, anything from his past, what he had done; nothing. She had just caught him on a good day.

Alvér knew if she continued it would only be a matter of time until that opinion changed anyways, so he didn't put anything behind it. He just watched her go. Back towards town.

He hated the town. He hated the people in it. It was only that he needed its existence to get by that he didn't go farther. Alvér hardly had the ability to provide for himself like this, so it was all he could do to steal and sponge off of their community as much as he could. It was all he was capable of now, because he couldn't fight this condition anymore so he could earn it otherwise. As if they would have taken him then either.

All of his worth was stripped away from him when he left House Xa'n'athir, and his life, and his place. Rather, when he was forced to leave. Since then it had only been what felt like placeholders to just get by. No direction; detours from whatever meaningless space was left; punctuated by faces, by events, by further ruining himself.

It made him turn away from the warmth the pitiable woman gave him, even as he stared it down with a hollow expression. He didn't believe in it. There wasn't even anything to exploit that he could think of from her, any reason he could think to try and seduce some form of something out of her, as if he was capable any longer. Her words would do nothing, her presence would do nothing to change him and soon when she lost interest or hope, or could no longer stomach him she would fade away. It was just pity that brought her here. Pity and curiosity, and likely some form of stubborn resolution. She was like Rune that way, like Teegan.

That made his chest tighten as he stared after Alenia, and made him not answer her as she left. And when she turned around with that last departing shout, he closed the door. Some part of him was frustrated by her; not knowing if it was her mere existence, her energy, or whatever fetid need he had growing in him to show her exactly what he was already. He hated the waiting, he hated the potential for hope, for attaching himself again. He wanted it to happen now and be over with.

That night a lone figure made its way through the emptied streets of the town...

It wasn't a moonless night, but a temperamental, shifting bank of thin, piecey clouds that veiled the sky and would cause the moon's face to be hidden, and revealed. The handful of trees scattering the winding alleys and roads of the town lent a speckled, patterned aspect to the night when the moon would show again.

The shifting form meandered in an uneven, limping at times or smoothly shifting for a short distance as it would shift as if on vapor. Long fingers with a gesture opened latches and the doors on sheds would creak slowly, items walking out on their own two feet, animate, towards him to be stowed away somewhere.

But that, inevitably, caught the attention of an individual who witnessed this and who, when she gasped in long and horrified as she recognized the vague shape of the creature, drew its attention. Glittering gold eyes angled towards her as a high pitched, horrified shriek tore from her throat, drawing the attention of others. His magic was too slow as it cut off the shriek without even echo, leaving her figure, shaking with the effort of her panic, in complete silence.

The creature turned, then, just as the bolt of something sank deep into the flesh of his shoulder above his chest. The shouts of the local guard as they pointed him out now rang across the streets. The creature's eyes widened in fear and rage as his hand released the bolt and flickered out towards them as the static snap of magic leapt through the air on the uttered words of a foreign language that reflected elven tongued roots- and following its direction, black tentacles leapt up from the earth and from the stonework walls and grabbed at the men approaching. It did not catch all of them as more moved in towards him with hesitant aggression.

"[i It's the creature!]"
  Tweedy / 36d 20h 27m 48s
[b “Come now, we may have been off to a rocky start, but I feel like we got over it. You really are not as bad as you are trying to make yourself out to be.”] Her smile didn’t fade as she was speaking the truth. By the end of their chat she was having a pretty good time. Though, they probably had Myhrr to thank for that. Alenia couldn’t help but wonder if that little kitty was actually a guardian spirit looking after him. Based on his situation and temperament, Alvér needed one. What’s more than that, he really did look like he could use some company. So when he gave her his permission to return, her smile widened all the more. It was a warm and welcoming sort of expression. [b “No, I don’t think I will. I will definitely be back here in the next few days.”]

That commitment meant she would definitely be staying in this town a little longer. It was unusual for her. Years had passed since the last time she lingered in a single place for this amount of time, yet she had a goal of sorts so it did not feel confining. Plus, the local area was rather pretty. She was sure that helped.

[b “Well, goodbye for now, Alvér.”] She gave a slight nod then stepped out and fully into the light of day. The sun was immediately warm on her skin. A pleasant experience, she hoped the sun would stay out. Autumn was fast approaching, so she was certain there weren’t too many bright days like this left of the year.

Before making it all the way to the gate, she turned around and brought her hands up around her mouth. [b “Next time you will have to give me a tour, your place is amazing!”] She shouted across the courtyard, hoping rather than knowing the gentleman could hear her way off in the distance. Alenia could not see him to confirm it either way, but she waved. A final farewell before passing through the gate and traveling back down the path that brought her here. She was giddy the whole trip; there was a spring in her step. Sure, there were parts of that visit that did not go so well, but despite it she felt like it was a success. The woman might even be able to walk away from this with a new friend. It was an exciting prospect.

Following the thin and winding path all the way back to the main road, she came across a small group headed out of town. They saw where she had come from and looked at her with eyes filled with trepidation.

[b “It is not haunted you know, I made it in and out just fine. The man who lives up there is just grumpy.”]

Almost as though her comment fell on deaf ears, the party began to whisper amongst themselves, giving her no response and shuffling to continue on their way. Alenia shook her head, letting out a long sigh at their rudeness. There was still such a long ways to go before people started believing the manor and the man who inhabited it were harmless.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 46d 11h 8m 47s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér nodded softly to her thanks before letting her lead the way. Behind himself, he heard Myhrr leap up onto the counter, glancing back to see her exploring the pie now that the activity had quieted down. He would let her for now, if she wanted to.

The house was a generally dark-wooded interior that now shone with the treatment on it with the sun allowed inside. Dust motes hung in the air as ever, and the carpets on the floor lay with their colors exposed so Alenia could see them. It was a house full of all the niceties of a grand family having lived there, now somewhat overwhelmed in places with collected books or a blanket used in a favored spot, and what looked like magically related items. Being closed up, generally, with very little exposure, the interior was in good repair.

In the foyer, passing beneath the upper walk and the staircase, Alvér lingered, not drawing too close to the door, and not standing in the light, but standing to the side of it. He still didn't draw very close, but he was less inclined to ensconce himself in such complete darkness for the time being. But his eyes squinted towards the light of the day, face creasing as his pupils darted closed.

But even in their dart away from the sunlight, his eyes returned to Alenia, glimmering dimly from their recesses with the reflection when she referred to him as a person. The creature's brows drew together at her choice of words, quietly clearing his throat as he glanced towards the outside again.

"[B I do doubt that,]" he admitted with an airy tone, a brow arching. "[B My company is rarely hailed as something worth repeating,]" Alvér's gaze filled with the proof his mind's eye so conveniently offered him.

If she knew who he was, she would know that fully. It was only the guise of ignorance that the wandering stranger had of him that kept inquisitiveness on her face, and a ghastly amount of what he shuddered to think was hopefulness. "[B However,]" he continued carefully as something stopped him. "[B This has certainly been- different.]" the slender creature's eyes drifted again, reaching for the proper word.

He wouldn't dare mark upon his curious, confusing feelings about the situation she brought with her. There was a lot that ached, that hurt really, inside of him about it. He still had very little reason to trust she wanted more than to ingratiate herself for one or another reason. There was no doubt she could see his current possessions, or his magic. There were even things and individuals that had wanted to harvest what of his body they found some form of meaning or use in. Invasive, dehumanizing. But he was hardly a person anymore. That didn't mean he would allow them the power over him, however.

He felt the familiar weight of discontentment falling in his stomach, winding tight in his chest as the miserable heft of it tried to collapse him. His shoulders hunched again, something crackling softly in his back as he did so. He could feel something crawling in his skin, suddenly and violently aware he was under scrutiny. The tightness of his mouth returned momentarily at the sensation before his gaze returned to Alenia, shock crossing his features when she proposed her return. He blinked, letting a breath through his teeth as he shifted, hand reaching for the door to take the weight off of his back.

There were precious, horrible moments of silence as he processed that. Confusion passed over his face at how [i close] her words edged to his thoughts. It was chilling. Was he seeming so desperate? So terrible destitute that he could no longer control his own composure? He hated feeling so exposed, suddenly regretting the moment where he had [i almost] asked where she was staying. So he would know. So he would see her walk out of town instead of letting himself continue thinking about today.

Alvér swallowed, lips parting as he sought language again. The ever-present frown on his face was unmoved as he spoke again, dropping his eyes resolutely to hide any more expression they might glean. "[B I'm sure Myhrr would appreciate the company,]" he hedged, pushing away his other thoughts.

"[B We shall see if you don't think better of it with time.]"
  Tweedy / 49d 16h 4m 15s
There were a lot of surprises for Alenia. The first being that the man offered to walk her to the door. Perhaps it was simply an attempt to make sure she actually left and didn't lurk about, but it was still rather polite of him. And it was only polite of her to thank him in return, so she did.

It was a short stroll back through the living area they had first met and to the grand entranceway that was a great deal less intimidating now that there was some light filtering into the house. She really did like the small details that seemed to be set into everything. This place was magnificent and she could not understand how the townsfolk could want to destroy it. At the very least they should want to fix it up and make some use of it. Though, those technicalities didn't really matter since someone lived here. It was his choice and he wanted it to remain a home for him and his very cute companion.

The second surprise was that he actually chose to share his name. She had thought he was going to keep it to himself. Alenia still was not sure exactly what he, so when he withheld a name she had wondered if there was a trace of fae. There went that theory.

She smiled as he introduced himself in a somewhat formal manner. [b "Well, Alvér, I am glad to have a name to connect with the person now. It's been a pleasure.”] The woman reciprocated the nod of her head, but kept her hands in place.

The third and final surprise came with the discontent expression that flashed on his face. It was minute and barely there for a moment, but it evoked sadness in her that she was sure he was feeling in full force. It was akin to loneliness. [b “You know... I could always visit again, if you do not mind. I’d love to see Myhrr some more. Maybe next time she will even let me pet her."] She snickered at the thought. [b "And I wouldn't mind bring something to eat like I did today either, they say meals are always better with company anyway.”] There was a good chance that she had completely misinterpreted his look, so this was sort of a shot in the dark. But Alenia really did not think he was the type to oblige her just because, so she did not feel too terrible essentially inviting herself back over.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 49d 19h 3m 1s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér's eyes lingered on Alenia as her tone suddenly stilted, drawing his attention. He hadn't intended to insult her. A look at her face showed him that he hadn't, and earned her another tilt of his head. But he remained earnest as he listened.

The creature didn't know much about animals. Back where he grew up, knowledge about the fauna ranged from the only things you knew were which were edible to letting the sage druids and the hunters of the underground understand the creatures that lurked alongside his kind. Their kind, he supposed, glancing over Alenia. It was a predator/prey relationship.

He hummed in understanding as it sank in, eyes moving to the blur of pink he caught just now, "[B I see.]" She was physically adult, but had much to learn. That made sense, actually. Alvér had learned much about cats as long as he had had her, but not everything. And bitter was the day when he had to ask, usually; unwelcome even in his desperation to help his companion.

The comparison to a child drew a thoughtful look from the creature as he looked over to Alenia from where he had moved around the corner of the table. It was a little closer to her, but he didn't come any further, remembering their proximity and not knowing if she would be comfortable that close. Not knowing if he trusted her that close; offering or not.

But as if on cue, Myhrr appeared, surprisingly relaxed for being around a stranger. Alvér moved fluidly, reaching for her as he bent to pluck the animal up and into his arms.

He looked up, their conversation suddenly called to an end. Alvér blinked a moment, somehow surprised. But was he really? He was hardly suitable company, or enjoyable. Somewhere in this he had lost himself in the interaction and he recalled the bitterness he had felt earlier. The people showing up at the house. His eyes dropped.

Myhrr was deposited on the floor again, the creature standing up again and brushed some of his hair behind his pointed ear. "[B I'll walk you out.]"

Alvér gestured for her to lead the way, following after and folded his hands before himself. He wasn't positive exactly what he was feeling. Perhaps it was loneliness bitterly reminding him of what he was lacking, ever-present as it was.

His eyes arose to the door she had come through initially, making a beckoning flick of his wrist and it opened. "[B Perhaps,]" Alvér said before she left. "[B I should finally introdue myself,]" he began, gesturing now at her.

The creature stood roughly at about 6'3", filling far less of the inner hallway than he had the previous time she had come. Or perhaps it was the way he allowed himself to stand nearer the light, gray skin illuminated off of the sun slanting on the floor.

"[B My name is Alvér,]" he said, pressing a hand to his chest and inclining his head to her as if in greeting.

Alvér pursed his lips, looking as if he wanted to say more, but remained silent, face falling smoothly again.
  Tweedy / 51d 16h 24m 50s
Alenia could see the corners of his lips tempting to turn, though it looked as though he was fighting it off. Was he embarrassed? She wasn't sure, but it might have been kind of cute if he was. Something about this random hermit not wanting to get too excited in front of a stranger was endearing. Though he seemed to give up only moments later while looking about for the cat. That was just as good to her. He had a nice smile. The pearly while stood out against the darkness that was the rest of him. Looking up to have a better look at his expression, she wondered. Did he get taller? What an absurd thought, but there it was crossing her mind. Of course he hadn't. There wasn't much time to think about it before she was called out for blatant exaggeration.

[b "Oh, well, technically most cats are adults between one or two. But I think calling them an adult at that point is akin to calling an elf an adult as soon as they hit fifty. They are closer to being a child than anything else..."] She was trying to explain herself without lying, or looking like an absolute fool. Alenia was not exactly sure it was working. [b "Plus pets are kind of like kids, so they are really your baby forever..."] That probably didn't help either. [b "Either way, she's got a lot of life left in her."] Then as if on cue, Myhrr came bounding out of her hiding place to pounce on a piece of fuzz on the ground. The excitement was short lived and she shot back into the shadowy conglomerate that was owner.

Alenia watched the playful little animal for a while longer. She would have liked to get to pet her for a bit. But it seemed it was not meant to be, as Myhr was quite content to be with her peculiar friend. [b "Well, I suppose I have done what I came to do."] The songstress made this announcement as she went to collect her bag. [b "Now I can get out of your hair."] and get back to what she was doing in town. That being trying to convince them that they needed to let this place alone because it was inhabited and most certainly not haunted. It might not have been what he wanted, but she was determined with the task. Surely if she kept at it things would get better. [b "You make sure to stick around a while longer. I am sure things will get better."]
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 51d 20h 25m 8s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] [i She must really trust and love me.] Alvér's head tilted a little to the side, gazing at Alenia. Is that what kept her with him? It made sense, but somehow it didn't occur to him that that was why; that it wasn't just being fed and kept warm. But then again, that was the extent of an animal's life, wasn't it? The two words then made his thoughts turn to those he had left behind when this had hit. Those who had stayed in the first place.

Beyond that, there was a smile directed at him, which caught his attention. The creature blinked at her, head cocked still before his eyes drifted. Alvér's lips pursed a little. The weight of the suggestion of being loved and needed felt nice. He hadn't felt it in a long time, and it wasn't that he was ignorant of it; it just hadn't been something expressed to him in so long. It made his chest ache slightly- with nostalgia or gratefulness to Myhrr he may never know and wasn't keen to pursue it further. But the smallest of turns to the corner of his mouth lifted in the suggestion of a smile. Yes, Myh loved him. And he did her. She was very precious to him.

"[B I suppose she must, by now,]" he rasped quietly, fighting off the expression as he glanced away.

The creature blinked at her, brows arching, "[B Is she?]" He knew nothing about cats other than what he had learned living with Myhrr and what Teegan had told him when he had initially found her. Alvér glanced around for the cat again as if to verify, but in not finding her frowned slightly, tilting his head. And as Alenia commented on it, he did smile this time. Of all the things he hadn't kept up with, he had maintained the health of his teeth. "[B I suppose so.]"

A furrow appeared between his brows, raising a hand to tap absently at his lip as the other brushed across the counter surface lightly, leaning over slightly where he thought he had jsut seen Myhrr. "[B When does she become an adult, then?]"

The tendrils of his body seemed to recede slightly now, less of them gathering at his back and making his frame hunch the longer they spoke. And Alvér didn't notice that he could stand straight again, shoulders relaxing and rolling back slightly.
  Tweedy / 54d 11h 7m 27s
She smiled when she heard the cat followed him. It was a sweet thought and also gave her the insight that he hadn’t always been a hermit. Alenia wondered what caused that to change. But it seemed a rather personal question so she kept that curiosity to herself. [b “Myhrr must really trust and love you then, how nice.”] Her lips turned upward into a warm and genuine smile.

As positive as Alenia was, she did not buy into the whole home is where the heart, or family, is sentiment. It was fine if others did, but she never really got it. She was still looking for home. And she figured she would know it when she saw it. That or grow old and discover she was wrong and regret not building stronger bonds with people. But that was something to worry over another time.

Watching as the man thought over how long it had been since he met the kitten, it didn’t appear as though he was one hundred percent certain. Not that it particularly mattered. [b “So she is still basically a baby.”] That wasn’t really true, but it was how she felt about it. Even if she had grown considerably from the size he had originally found her at. Looking around, she didn’t see Myh. [b “She must know we are talking about her, because she is hiding.”] Alenia laughed softly at her lightly humored comment.

Taking a bite here and there, the bright haired woman came to the crust of her dessert. And soon that was gone too. The pie was a gift so she didn’t move to serve herself any more. She just set her plate to the side again so that they might continue speaking a bit long, though it probably wouldn’t seem natural for her to stick around much longer. She was already a pretty unwelcome guest.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 61d 18h 44m 29s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] He hummed in acknowledgment, "[B That's nice,]" he responded, "[B it's- nice.]"

Alvér's eyes moved to her again, tilting his head. "[B I don't see why one wouldn't follow you,]" he responded. "[B Myhrr has followed me cross country. Perhaps, like people, you could become that home.]"

The creature actually drew forwards himself to cut the next piece, leaning over and glancing at Alenia as she spoke to him. Myhrr had followed him over, sticking close to his side before disappearing around the back of him to go explore the smells of the wood elf's pack left by one of the corners of the counter. It smelled of new places, the cat stretching forwards on her tiptoes, not yet ready to edge much closer just yet to the inanimate objects.

His attention switched to the cat in question, glancing around to find the tip of her tail visible by the edge of the furniture. He hummed low in his throat, brows coming together as he tried to think. Even now he was still getting used to the annums of the surface world, tilting his head slightly, "[B I- have had her...]"

Alvér's bottom lip tucked under his teeth as he thought, "[B Since she was smaller. I think that's- three surface years?]" a brow arched above his eye as he glanced back to Alenia.

The plate in his hands was set down, making a shape roughly with his hands of a young kitten. "[B She was about this big when I found her.]"
  Tweedy / 63d 21h 32m 42s
By the way he spoke she thought he liked it. Flavorful was sort of a double-edged comment, but since the words came out in a gentle tone that wasn’t coated in malice, she took it as a positive. Even if she couldn’t be sure he was just trying to be polite. Either way, Alenia smiled brightly. [b “Yeah, I think they really got the spices right on this one.”] Thinking back, she had had a few bad pies in her day. There was such a thing as too much cinnamon.

Perking a brow at his lack of a warm mean, her grin faltered slightly, but she didn’t let the downtrodden look linger. [b “I am pretty sure it was fresh baked this morning. That was how the man in the shop made it sound anyway.”] Since it was still slightly hot to the touch when she bought it, she took his word for it.

He spoke of the migratory nature of the wild. [b “Often times they still stay within territories. And while those can be quite large, I move a much bigger scale.”] The fiery haired woman sighed, not at him but at the predicament. [b “Plus I was thinking of a more domesticated creature, the ones that have quit their nomadic ways with the humans.”] Cats, dogs, and the likes. [b “But you are right, I just need to find an something that hasn’t set down those sort of roots.”]

Alenia took her plate back up to finish her food as she saw him coming in for a second slice of pie. Well, he must have really liked it. And not that they were almost succeeding at having a normal conversation, she was eager to keep it up. [b “So how long have you had Myhrr?”] She was also curious as to just where he had gotten her and hoped she might hear that story along with the timeframe. He didn’t seem to leave this place, like at all, so it was odd to her that he had a pet.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 63d 23h 48m 47s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér's tongue swiped once over his lips again, catching the last dregs of the syrupy, spiced filling. It had been some time since he had had something so sweet or flavorful. Being raised a noble did in no way mean he had much knowledge of cooking or crockery, so his foods if they were not stolen tended to be incredibly simple. The things he [i had] managed to remember and to write down or similarly have on hand required skills he was still trying to get better at.

"[B It's been some time since I've had something so-]" he found himself at a loss for the words, even through his accented knowledge of the common overworld tongue. "[B flavorful, I suppose?]" he tried at the end in a softer tone, taking another bite.

"[B Or warm,]" he murmured when he had swallowed it, looking over at Alenia, "[B was this made recently?]" his gaze was curious, actually looking at the wood elf now; dark and amber eyes angled without prejudice or wariness for the time being.

He looked back up at her from where he leaned down to pet the cat, hair falling over a part of his face. The creature hummed a little, glancing back down to the animal. "[B That's a very humanoid* way of looking at it,]" he responded with a last stroke of his thumb over Myh's face before straightening again. "[B Aren't most creatures nomadic in habit? A den is only used for a birthing mother, and then abandoned, a nest only for a clutch of eggs. Otherwise animals migrate and wander seasonally and circumstantially. It's people who have decided to stop moving.]" He took another bite of the pie, noticing he was growing close to the crust.

"[B I appreciate cats,]" Alvér continued pensively, cutting another piece.

[size12 *just gonna use that in place of mankind completely because i'm convinced humans are weird and didn't used to be everywhere and elves would refuse to say humankind, but I have no idea what else to call upright standing critters of intelligence in this fantasy setting otherwise]
  Tweedy / 64d 17h 9m 18s
[b “Yep, apple pie. You will have to tell me what you think of it.”] Alenia didn’t really want to force him to eat it if turned out he didn’t care for the taste. Though she had the feeling he wasn’t the type to do things he hated just to fulfill a social obligation, so she was not too worried.

The petite woman looked between his face and the cat as he spoke, not wanting to be rude, but also not wanting to look away from the animal. Myhrr, that was cute, almost like the little sounds she made as he pet at her with his shifting appendages. But it was a bit funny that she was given the kitten’s name before receiving his. Alenia wasn’t going to push it though.

He mentioned the lack of company, which explained why the cat did little more than stare at her from the comfort of her friend’s protection. Alenia was awful jealous of him for it, but at the same time a little sad. He’d been alone for so long. With nobody but a cat, which sounded nice in theory but must have been terribly lonely. Even for the grumpiest of men.

Coming to terms with the fact that she wasn’t going to get to snuggle Myhrr, at least not for the time being, the woman stood up straight once more. [b “I’ve wanted a companion animal for a while now, but I would feel bad dragging them around all the time with no place to call home.”] There were plenty of animals out there that wouldn’t mind, but she hadn’t run into the right one yet. [b “And I will also probably have to settle for a dog, though cats are my favorite, at least when it comes to house pet sorts of animals.”] If she could find a way to befriend a local fox she would be on cloud nine, but there was even littler chance of that happening. And not for lack of trying, the creatures were so skittish they bounced off before she could even try to lure them in with food. But she would be frightfully embarrassed had anyone ever caught her making such attempts though, so she kept it to herself.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 64d 21h 13m 3s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Seemed she wasn't interested in speaking to him anymore if it wasn't prying questions or criticism of him. Interesting. Ever prideful, Alvér found frustration in that but. She had come back, after all. He was trying to focus on the positive: not stabbed, not run out, and of all things she had brought him a pie. It was a very peculiar.

The tentacles around the cat strokes softly over her as the creature explored the pie in his hands. He paused, looking at it, "[B What did you say this was, again? An apple pie?]"

His eyes were caught by Alenia's movement towards the floor, watching her curiously. Crouching down so easily, she cooed and reached for the cat next to him. Alvér glanced over towards the ink splotched cat's body that he could see within the perimeter of his form.

She was the only thing that would come close to him, helping him fill somewhat the touch-starved hole in his life.

"[B Her name is Myrr,]" he said, feeling a little bit of a smile come up on his face as he saw Mii perk her ears forwards at the gestures that the elf made towards her. But she didn't move, though her eyes were wide, engaged.

He looked back towards Alenia, "[B She hasn't been around strangers for some time,]" he said again, not sure if he was offering condolence, or warning her.

"[B Neither of us have, really.]"

The creature then bent down, some joints clicking as he balanced the plate in one hand, spidery fingers reaching down towards her head. The tentacles parted and his fingertips found the top of her head. Myhrr looked up and pressed into the curve of the being's hand as he stroked his thumb over her head and nose, making a soft kissing noise.
  Tweedy / 65d 10h 24m 23s

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