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[center [font "Times" A sort of a Beauty and the Beast idea mixed with some eldritch monstrocity curses.

This is set in a sort of a D&D world. High fantasy, elves, dwarves, fae, mages wandering around causing mess. All that.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/96/52/d79652bf7d405fb924adb7b53cbda890.jpg]] In this world, a character will come across a being, a creature, a man? Either stumbling around in the wilderness and realizing that there's an old path, or an overgrown avenue, or just the whole sort of castle/home itself. Once inside, the wandering adventurer discovers that the place isn't abandoned. Something lives here. Something that reads, that thinks, and that speaks when they hear a voice from the shadows. There's a shape there. It's the thing.

The creature has lived here for years, either as a sort of a local spook, or as a squatter, left alone to haunt this place.

Or perhaps wandering adventurer wanders out of town tavern and sees the shape of a big, cloaked, monstrous looking creature. With intelligent eyes. Pursue? Attack? Run?

Character applicants can be male, female, neither, or something else. No race restrictions except for dragonborn, goblins, kenku and such monster races if you intend this to be romantic. This doesn't [i have] to be romantic, also; it could be if they decide to develop that way. Frankly, giving this poor thing a friend would be lovely. Getting him out of his isolation and into the world again.]]

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b9/5f/3b/b95f3bafe7031ac5b4fd93cc3c22942c.jpg]] [font "Times" [B General Expectations]
1. 800-1000+ characters preferred, but flexible.
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. A roleplay in no way needs to to be 'surprise motherfucka' every time. It's a constant discussion about plot and characters and things, and if things don't work we can do things again or talk about it. I want that sort of clear to make this work out.
3. Ask questions. I know I will.
4. English
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes will be explored as in more than just the existence of smoking and drinking. There will be mention and interaction with mental illness and violence.
7. Romance is not a requirement
8. Do NOT OP
9. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a professional, emotional and a social life and its complications, but I will post when I can. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I extend the same to you, and you can take your sweet ass time too, just make sure I know you'll come back, as I will do as well.

[center Questions, comments? Send me your favorite dessert as a message title, and we can talk!
Thank you!

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The vampire sighed, adjusting as she stared down at him and placed his back against the pillows, tucking his knees up a bit underneath himself. The mound was tall enough to support himself, where he had gathered them, and beneath Alenia. She would not let him go so easily. Her hand connected to his, she would wake if he took it from her. And so he needed to settle, or look like it. So he nestled a bit back against them and closed his eyes, fighting the urge to rest there he listened to her thinking he would make his escape when she fell to sleep.

Alvér felt her hand grow heavy in his. Sitting there, feeling the softness of the bed beneath him, he felt it pull him deeper. He shifted, resisting the seduction of resting here. He knew what it could do. He knew what it could morph into.

But sitting docile, quietly abed for her he reflected, briefly on his situation now. Once a House son, barely concerned with the lives of such things as a surface dweller. Then an exile, a criminal, then a part of a group of friends he had grown to call at one time a kind of a new family, found, then dead and brought back, trapped, alone, and now here- hiding again. With barely a possession to his name and a woman next to him who had initially wanted to oust him from this place. Such a strange place.

Tired eyes forced themselves open and slid over to look at the outline of the hand he could see in his. Her palm was warm, clinging gently to his fingers. He traced it up, following the pale line of her arm to her face, cradled by her shoulder and the cushion beneath it. Her eyes were still fluttering open, and so he made an effort to show he was settling. Her heart slowed, breathing evening out, steady. He listened, feeling the cramp of hunger take him. He tried to shut it out, turning into the pillow. Beware. Control. Control your urges, control yourself and do not fall asleep.

But images of the curls of her hair touching lightly at the skin of her throat kept dancing in his mind's eye. How gently he would have to touch as he reached with a crooked finger to dismiss them. He would need to work quickly. Basking in what he could imagine the scent of her skin was. In fact he did know it. When she had held him in the hall, outside, after what all happened. When he hadn't been able to keep himself from falling apart in front of her after she had found his satchel and brought it, somehow. He could scent her then, and it made him burn with want. It flared like raked coals. He wanted a taste of the fragile little mortal woman.

It wasn't long before he too, lost in thought, winked out just as she had, resting on his side before he turned in his sleep to settle lower. His free hand curled just under his jaw, close, protected. His body relaxed in its nascent sleep, finally. And soon the vampire's breathing stopped altogether as he drifted deeper, and as the night drew closer to its end. And he was a corpse once more.
  Tweedy / 1d 14h 33m 18s
The first squeeze at her hand was light, and it went almost undetected as she was trailing him along, but now as he finally followed after her it happened again. This time it was stronger, almost more intentional. Her sharp eyes could see him internally struggling over some thought lost to her. Alenia wasn't sure what though. There were too many possibilities and her mind was very close to checking out, in fact the pressure on her hand was one of the few things keeping her present enough to catch his quiet words. [b “But it seems to be necessary, so that's fine.”] The bard had shown him time and time again that she had little regard for her own self preservation in such times, as if it wasn't something she often worried about. Or perhaps she no longer felt the need to worry about it. Either way she remained sat on his bed for the time being, hand still in his. And it wasn't long before the quiet that fell between them lured out the bulk of her exhaustion.

Eyelids growing heavier and heavier as time slowly passed, Alenia gave up on staring into the dark void that was Alvér. Her hand was enough to tell he was still there. That was probably her final mistake if she wanted to stay awake, as it wasn't much longer before her breathing and heart beat slowed. The nodding of her head followed shortly after. The woman fought it for a while, occasionally twitching awake as her head fell, but eventually she did not stir from the motion. Still sitting upright against the headboard, her cheek found her far shoulder for support. Tussles of hair curled delicately around her jawline, the ends of which fell this way and that on her neck. Her tiredness won.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 5d 15h 28m 22s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
Alvér found himself slightly taken aback by her tone, watching Alenia as she verily tossed her head before she moved across the bed and then situated herself on its far side. She yet had ahold of his hand, tugging him along with her gently until he leaned forward, hand on the mattress before him. The vampire gazed at her as she looked expectantly from there, sleep weighing in her eyes. His head turned to the side a little, studying her as he processed the uneasy feeling that gave him.

His first thought moved to the very problem that he was trying to avoid, which was that he didn't disappear again while she was near at hand. Beyond that, he hadn't slept in clothes for a very long time, now, because of that same problem. He had lost what few articles he already had with sudden attacks in the middle of the night, not knowing what was happening to himself until it was too late, or having to quickly discard what he had anyways trying to keep some articles intact. Something stopped him from saying it, something ashamed and uncomfortable discussing his body. Something that didn't want her to look Like That, as she had taken to recently, at him like the strange, pitiable, beastly anomaly that he was. Alvér's eyes dropped, swallowing unsteadily. He didn't realize that his fingers squeezed a bit on hers, seeking something near comfort even as he was pulling away mentally.

Those eyes returned to her when she spoke again, from the corner of his eyes. He wasn't tired. He didn't want to sleep anyways. And judging by the heavy tilt of Alenia's lids he would outlast her easily, he thought. She would argue with him, however, if he said anything. And after she was asleep he would return to what he was doing... or, with an uneasy, nauseous turn of his stomach, he would go hunt something down to eat. He swallowed through the discomfort, feeling his mouth and throat tremble, nearly go limp with need. Her warm hand was in his. Her body heavy, warm on the edge of the unused mattress, heartbeat fluttering near at hand.

The glint in the thin man's eyes glew in the darkness at her. They hadn't stopped, but had intensified in their alien, deathly quality the longer they had lingered together.

His eyes focused, absent, on her a moment too long before he sighed. He could do this. He could be patient, and then take care of it after she was out.

The vampire shifted to sit on the edge of the bed, slowly, tucking his knee up by the pillows. His face heated, and he knew if he had eaten, she would be able to see it. Sitting there, with her expectantly looking at him he felt shame. Her hand leading him, his hideous body and its lurking potential she was willing to be [i near].

He feared her nearness, and what it was awakening in him. He hungered for her daily, and now something else he couldn't control had gone after her. The softness of the mattress beneath him was making him feel heavy. That weight he had felt under the glass in the conservatory was pressing on him again. But the fear of relaxing was gnawing at him. His fingers squeezed against hers, eyes slipping away.

"[B This isn't wise...]"
  Tweedy / 25d 16h 30m 36s
It was strange, almost, when he shifted from his reluctant following to taking hold of her in return and leading her the bed. Alenia wasn't sure what to make of the feelings it incited in her. They were complicated, probably because she knew he had some motive contrary to her own in doing so. And she turned out to be right as he began trying to convince her that it was her that needed the rest. Looking up at him with raised brow, she wore the expression of a woman who wasn't having it. [b “That may be true, but I plan to go to sleep of my own volition, but only after you do so and in my own bed. I've already stolen yours once, I don't need to do it again.”] But with that said, she did crawl up onto the canopied bed. Still holding his arm, she continued over to the far side of the mattress, pulling him along so that he would have to come with her, though there was enough slack in their arms that he could stay on his own side. [b “And besides, I'm not telling you to stop looking. Just to take a break till tomorrow. Fresh eyes and minds absorb more.”]

Situating herself amongst the downy soft pillows, Alenia stayed sat up, back leaned against the head board. There she planned to stay until he drifted off, just like she promised. It was assurance for her as well though, no doubt if she left Alvér alone he would simply get up and go straight back to the tower. So, hand still holding gently onto him, she waited for the man to situate himself into comfort expectantly. Heavy eyes watching in the darkness, waiting.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 33d 21h 52m 39s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
Nothing good. Nothing good will come... he reflected on this with a deepening sense of dread. She was right, perhaps, but he was reticent to evacuate this body even for a moment. Even as the press of the numbing feeling of his mind and senses growing heavy and cumbersome, languid set his teeth on edge. His brow furrowed, at an impasse.

Alvér's eyes remained trapped on the things he could see in the room. He had felt Alenia's fingers tighten on him, and knew she was looking at him. The vampire sighed.

With the sweep of a hand, the broken glass rattled across the floor, sliding underneath the vanity and out of sight as he advanced into the dark room. Another, tenser motion and the curtains slid closed. His arm was still limp in her grasp, but as her fingers tightened briefly as he moved, as if to resist before they loosened as if to let go. To him that was want, and his wrist turned and his long fingers took her arm instead, bringing her in along with him.

"[B You've had a long night,]" he murmured, voice dull. "[B As a result of something I've let happen,]" Again. "[B I believe it's your time to rest. The bed is bigger in this room, and you may have it.]" He said, leading her toward the canopied hulk of a master bed.

Reaching its side, he parted the curtain around it and looked to her.

"[B I need to keep looking,]" his voice was low, audible only for the silence around them. His features tightened.

If anything he might pass out finally while in his study. It wouldn't be unheard of. And he would be away from her when his conscience slipped from this body. As much as a part of him ached to have the company, he knew it was only for kindness's concern. She needn't make the gesture.
  Tweedy / 47d 22h 33m 11s
As she walked up the stairs and toward Alvér's room, Alenia didn't feel any resistance, but she could tell he still wasn't dying to be taken there. It made her feel a little bad. However, that feeling was eclipsed by loneliness. With his silent gait leaving her footsteps to themselves, it almost felt like she was alone. If it wasn't for her fingers loosely around his arm, she could have convinced herself it was just her. However, with a light squeeze to confirm his cool presence, she continued on in the quiet.

Upon making it to the room, this was her first time getting a decent look at it. The last time she had been too distracted by his crumpled form to fully take in the fact that it was in disarray. Had this happened when he lost control? The thing that had possessed him going into a fit at being trapped within the room? Or was this perhaps from before then? There was no way for certain to know without asking, but she was unwilling to do so. She merely had to look back to Alvér to see the inkling of shame on his face, so Alenia decided it was not important. Instead, she focused on what he chose to say aloud. It made her feel even worse, but she remained firm in her tired resolve.

[b “Nothing good will come of you staying up and draining yourself of all energy.”] In fact, she worried that weakening his consciousness to reality like that might be dangerous. It could potentially create an opening for him to be overcome again. This was speculation of course, but given he was delving into research, it wasn't likely he knew either. Speculation was all she had if he didn't share. [b “I'll be here with you till you fall asleep, so you don't have to be alone.”] Lying awake was always the scariest part when you feared going to sleep, at least in her experience. So, stood near the door she looked up at him, waiting for him to agree before trying to lead him any farther into the room.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 65d 2h 27m 10s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
Alvér led them through the maze back to the house, where Alenia took the lead again when he paused by the edge, gazing at the silent building. There she passed him and he watched her, before falling into step just behind. And again, reaching the door, she stopped. He too took pause and gazed down at her, cocking his head a little. In the light from the door, she stood, pale, and bright, looking back at him. Her eyes glimmered in the moonlight as she gazed at him.

She looked tired. More in the lack of energy in her stance, in the lingering of her eyes. He looked back, thoughts lingering on her holding onto him, on how she looked at him before he brought her back to his side. The pain in her eyes, the disbelief, before she let him closer. It made him want to come closer again. She held so tightly, and it was only hitting him now how long it had been since he had been touched. Since she had come into this place, and he was standing here, aching next to her and feeling their distance. Alvér's eyes dropped, feeling hers on him, exposed before her as he hadn't been for very long in [i this] body. Fragile. Small. Hungry.

Her hand came out to take his arm and his gaze raised again to her, huffing a laugh as she decided for him, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as a sudden bubble of amusement warmed him, parting the gray waves of exhaustion as she tugged, frowning at him, and he followed. It muted the discontent that welled after. The anxiety.

He sighed as she came to a halt in the upper hall, standing behind her as she gazed in at his room. The door was still ajar from when he had left it, the scratches underneath the doorknob from Myhrr trying to get in. Inside, the partially parted curtains let in the light of the night darted through the broken furniture, the discarded, slashed canvas and frame, the broken pieces of mirror glowing, scattered among the dark smears and stains along the floorboards, where he pushed the rug away.

Alvér gazed in at it silently, arm yet held in the bard's soft grasp. His eyes were tired, disappointed as he gazed at his room. He wanted to reach out and close the door, to keep it from her, and it showed in how his eyes turned away.

But they returned shortly, gazing back at the room. "[B I don't want to go to sleep...]" he murmured, the smallness of his own voice surprising him. His eyes moved to her, his fingers curling, the tendons flexing underneath her hand.
  Tweedy / 67d 18h 17m 18s
Alenia's eyes turned skeptically toward Alvér. The bard certainly did not believe that one bit. Sure, he might require less sleep than her, but to say he didn't need it after some days of sleeplessness was actually too much for her to believe. She knew there was more to it, of course, however for now she would focus on the easier to remedy problem. [b “Sure... I still think it's a good idea though.”] There didn't seem to be anymore immediate dispute on the matter... for now. It wasn't liable to last long though, not knowing the two of them.

Nodding her head in acknowledgement, the woman started back off confidently toward the door they had entered from. They may have walked the same path, but she noticed entirely different things coming from the opposite direction. Flowers and plants that had been hidden by leaves or structures, an errant path or two, a gap in the foliage leading off to some other adventure. It all tempted her, but those were temptations for another day, or night rather. For now, the pair made it to the exit without any immediate delay. There, the fiery haired woman took a step back and looked at her counterpart to lead. She hadn't paid enough attention to which way they had come to get them back out of the labyrinth. [b “Lead on.”] Alenia spoke with a smile. Slowly, she was making her way back to her more peppy self, though truth be told she was getting a little tired herself. It felt as though she had just gotten up and been awake for a fortnight simultaneously, a strange experience to be sure. She hadn't been up that long, but her energy had been drained from their journey into the woods... maybe she was projecting her own tiredness onto Alvér? No, he really did look exhausted himself. They were both weary.

Again, she paid little mind to what direction they were going through the tall hedges, but before she knew it they were out again. This didn't look to be where they first entered, confirming her belief that there were multiple entrances to the maze, which was just as well as she recognized the scenery around them. They were closer to the front of the house this way. She soon set them as the crow flies toward the main door.

As dark as the night was outdoors was, it was all the darker inside without a fire lit in the main mantel. With the two of them, and the cat, absent there was a hollow silence that prevailed. Alenia felt it more than heart it, but thankfully it faded as they entered. Glancing back to the more quiet than normal vampire behind her, she confirmed he was still there with her. Seeing his lithe figure in the doorway she nodded, the shadows cast on him enhanced his fatigue. It worried her some. Not that he would lose restraint in his tired state, or anything like that, but that this might be another way to inflict pain on himself. A less evident form of self-harm. So, reaching out, she took a light hold on his arm just above his wrist. [b “Let's get you to bed.”] It was a surefire way to know he was still with her since she was having a difficult time hearing him. She wasn't convinced he wouldn't try to branch off and steal his way back into the tower to continue where he'd left off.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 73d 21h 25m 32s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
The vampire's eyes lidded, pleased to hear that, and the edges of his mouth curled just so. It had been intended as a bit of a respite after their experience with the orb. Something near an apology, or a distraction from it. He was still feeling the press of disdain for how wrong it had gone.

Alvér wanted to leave her to her exploration, but something told him to keep near. Something else undermined that sentiment, the constant feeling of being unwanted, of being an intruder. That was what initially made him sit and leave her, understanding her saying so now as a cue to leave her be, but she turned toward him more to suggest they leave.

His brows arched, initially, surprised at her concern, but really should he be? She was the one who often pressed him into taking some form of care of himself. He sighed softly, with a shake of his head. "[B I don't need it,]" he murmured, closing his mouth on why. On the fear that clutched him at the thought of doing so, but it was betrayed in how his eyes dropped away. "[B I don't need it as you do.]"

She turned towards where they came, pointing as if she didn't hear him. He had to huff a little exasperated laugh at that in disbelief and resignation as he followed her gesture.

"[B Either way, we'll need to go through the hedge mazes,]" he mentioned, looking back down to her.
  Tweedy / 86d 23h 5m 35s
Alenia was very much lost in her own thoughts for the moment, so when Alvér reached out to touch her she jumped a bit. It startled her more than actually scared her, because logically she knew he was the only one around, at least she assumed he was. That being said, the elf regained composure before turning to look up at her friend. His hand came off her shoulder and she shook her head at his apologetic expression. The gesture was meant to wordlessly tell him that she did not mind, though there was no telling if it got through to him or not as he went on to ask her opinion of the conservatory.

[b “I think it is lovely.”] A simple yet truthful reply as she stared up at him. Alvér still looked tired. The bit of rest he had seemed to do nothing for him. Probably because it wasn't really more than short stint of sitting. He needed to sleep. It had been days, so as tired as she was from everything that had happened earlier, the exhaustion he was feeling must have been ten times worse. [b “I'd like to spend some time here looking around and seeing what all went into building this place.”] As intricate as the parts of the greenhouse she had seen were, Alenia was certain there were all sorts of secrets to find. And if not secrets, pretty nooks and crannies that were easily glanced over. [b “But for now we should probably get back to the house... you look tired. It's not good to go so long without rest.”] He'd been absorbed by his research, but now that he was away from it the weariness was catching up to him. Or that was how it looked to her. So, standing from her place beside the water, the petite woman brushed herself off. Small hands running over the back of her skirt to loosen any dirt and moss that had clung to her.

Head turning back toward the path that brought them here, she wondered if that was the best way to go. Pointing a finger in that direction she turned back to the gaunt man. [b “Is this the quickest way back to the house?”] He would know better than anyone, though perhaps given some time to explore this new place she would too. Alenia liked the thought of that, especially now that leaving the house didn't seem quite so daunting as before.
  Loxi / 87d 23h 47m 18s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
A splash shook him of his thoughts and the vampire's head snapped up, listening for a moment. Another. His eyes shifted in a slow blink, the tension slowly leaving him. He was too tired to keep it. He let his other senses spread out instead, eyes distancing as he focused. No. The man sighed, standing and moving.

Finding Alenia was relatively easy. He moved towards the centerpiece of the conservatory, emerging from a pathway towards the clearing around the bird tree clearing, as he referred to it. The sound of one of the fountains echoing in the chamber as he moved, quietly across the moss, towards her.

He tapped, gently, at her shoulder as a form of greeting, of warning of his presence. Alvér knew he was much quieter when he was this long without feeding. It showed more and more of what he was. The thinness in his face, the pallor, how little 'alive' sound he made. Living beings had noise. Breathing, clothes whispering against one another, a little nervous tic of a motion... but the dead did not. He knew he didn't, not after this many days. It wasn't responsible of him. Especially knowing what had happened last time. But something was stopping him from wanting to pursue anything. From wanting to eat, despite the pain it brought him. His eyes were dark and sunken.

What did make a sound was the sigh that escaped him. He had inhaled, again, the green smell of the interior of the conservatory, eyes gazing out at the statues as well. He wished he was stone. Solid, full, without room for vile little horrors to crawl through. No boring beetles, or little creatures wriggling out of the depths of his... wherever it hailed from. His eyes were dim, unsatisfied as he looked towards the statues. But if he were stone he would be left here, alone, like them. But at least these three had each other.

Alvér realized his 'tap' had turned into his fingers alighting on her shoulder, straying for a moment, and he dropped them with a glance of apology.

He looked up over the pond before them. "[B What do you think?]"
  Tweedy / 99d 2h 55m 19s
Dwelling on the twisted wire of the cage, Alenia eventually moved to the next closest one. The craftsmanship was similar, but this one was different from the last. She moved from enclosure to enclosure. Each was minutely unique. It was clear they were created by the same worker though, or at least, the same craftsman’s house under the same master. They were old though, so there was no telling whether or not the place they came from still stood. She didn’t remember anyplace like that in Kalenfort. But then again, with how distinctly elfin the design of the conservatory seemed, it was more likely that they were imported from someplace much farther away. A lot of time, effort, and funds had gone into creating this place. The construction of the manor was the same; it made her wonder about the original owner.

Having her fill of that, the bard went to the water and sat. The water was clear, kept clean by the filtrating plants that floated atop the still surface of the central pool. It seemed the type of place that would keep fish. And maybe there were some hidden away someplace, but Alenia did not immediately see them. Also it would be difficult for them to survive with no one taking care of them. She hadn’t seen Alvér come out this way so long as she had been here. And with this place closed off from the outside, there weren’t enough bugs and insects to sustain them. That also left it with a distinct quietness. There was no buzz of wings in the warm night air made a little warmer by the level of humidity in the greenhouse.

Hand coming down, it skimmed the cool water. Ripples formed on the surface. They did not go far, fading quickly to nothing like she never disturbed it at all. Her eyes watched the whole time, almost mesmerized by the repetitive motion. It led her to the lilies and lotus flowers. The colors were coordinated. Some a pale yellow, almost cream, and others a light lavender, that complimented the actual lavender sprouted at the edge of the room. It was pretty and drew her eyed to the center, to the statuesque figures that sat beneath the tree. They were oddly lifelike. Yet another great show of workmanship. She wanted a closer look, but the pond was a little too much for her to bridge by jumping. At least if she didn’t want to end up a mess, so she stayed in place, looking across the way at the ladies encased in stone. Imagining a life for them made for a good distraction from her own.
  Alenia Panala / loxi / 129d 23h 36m 8s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
He let himself down softly, feeling an ache in his body that spoke of his hunger, sapping his strength. At least sapping it readily. He felt hollow, empty, hazy, and gazed up at the tree. Presently his eyes drifted closed and he allowed the sounds around him to fill in what he no longer looked at. The sound of the water babbling around filled his senses, the cool scent of wet, thick moss and the damp bark of the woody plants in here.

It wasn't a place he had been in some time. Holed up in the house, he had stayed in its dusty silence. And to think he almost rotted there... as a husk of a thing, had Alenia not stumbled across.

That led his thoughts towards everything leading up to this evening. Alenia had been more attentive, which shocked him, as of this last few days. Save those couple he spent in the tower, trying to research what he had thought was going on. These spells, that seemed to be escalating, at least in their severity depending on his condition. What better test subject than the self, as Leviath had told him.

That brought him to this evening when she had sought him out... tugging him outside, and then reaching out to hide in him. He had made her cry this evening. Again. Most likely this hadn't been the first time. It never was. Even then she had hidden in him, begging for him not to let go even after he had scared her so much that prior weekend, after attacking her. His chest tightened at the thought, hands in his lap clenching as the feeling of her touch came back to mind. Her fingers on his skin, or just tugging at his sleeve, making him feel finite, whole. Reminding him where his body was.

When she had managed to peel herself from him a second time and had spoken with him about herself, she had brought her hand up to caress- no. Stop thinking like that. His head dropped into his hand with a sigh. Stop. He had for a brief moment wanted to fall into that touch, but it wasn't the time. She couldn't stomach it any more than he could, and he was the one who had to live with it, knowing it was inside of him. He felt empty, [i scared] for as many days, a deeper fear than he was used to having just lurking underneath the dark waters of his consciousness. This one had arisen to the surface like a leviathan and had stayed, pulsing its ugly body behind his eyes for days. He could only imagine what it looked like to her. He was exhausted, and couldn't think to stomach the thought of her finding out he was still thinking about it. Ugly. She wouldn't have pulled in so close to hide, knowing he was still that thing. It had felt good, illegal, while it lasted. Being held like that. Being finite, whole. And what did he have to talk about anyways? He [i had] all of his vile memories.

As much as he wanted to seek comfort, as much as he wanted to take her invitation to talk, anything, he wouldn't dare. Ugly. It was ugly. He was ugly. It wasn't even something he wanted to think about, anymore, even as he tried to research, to stay put and figure this out before anything else could happen... but pretending it wasn't there, wasn't bothering him, wouldn't make it go away. He just had to hide it from Alenia. It was exhausting.

Perhaps that was why he had walked towards the pillar, not thinking about how it would affect her. Stupid. Alvér sighed, rubbing his fingers over his temples. Stupid. Think. He hadn't slept, either. He could feel how dull his thought processes were, but he was unwilling to remedy it. Something about falling unconscious again, slipping away from his body even briefly, was keeping him awake. He didn't even like this body and he was fighting to keep it, his last sanctum somehow failing him now. His most personal hell. And he would keep it shut forever. He didn't want anyone to know. Not anymore. They wouldn't understand.

No one did. Not a soul. Not one he had access to any longer. And even if he did... he didn't think he would be able to face any of them. He would hide like the disgusting little vermin he was. Dangerous, poisonous vermin.
  Tweedy / 134d 15h 37m 5s
It was interesting to see Alvér move so naturally through the trees, as if it took no thought at all to travel without a path. She even caught him gazing up at the sky and couldn’t help but look up as well. It was clear. No clouds to obstruct the endlessly starry sky. But unlike him, her eyes did not stay fixed there. They came back down to him, studying his features in the light of the moon. From where she stood it was difficult to make out any expression, though she was much too distracted to really decipher that sort of thing anyway. Distracted by his appearance. Drinking it in, she was reminded just how partial she was to him. Something in the sharpness of his features and the way his swath of raven-dark hair framed him. She seldom found herself so captivated by another’s looks. Though she was certain she wouldn’t be half so beguiled if it weren’t for the person who went along with it.

Alenia was expecting that answer, but she was still surprised by his coyness. She playfully pouted at being denied. It was nothing more than a game for herself though, as he couldn’t see her face anyway. An attempt to prolong her distraction from letting her mind wander. Once done, she went back to following along in the quiet, though it wouldn’t be long before they reached the gate and they came to a series of intricate hedges. She found the labyrinth-like layout of this place fascinating. Was this maze meant for aesthetic or function? The bard didn’t know for certain, though leaned toward the former. It was beautiful.

There was more to this place though. Or so it seemed when Alvér led her to another door. That marked the beginning of things changing around them, the most notable thing that they were returning indoors. Well, sort of, the greenhouse still called to the imagery of being outside, however the intricate walls of wood and glass reminded her that was not the case. This area was even more meticulously laid out than any that came before it. The waterways trickled pleasantly, soothingly, on the ears. There was so much going on; it was difficult to take in from afar, so Alenia’s first instinct was to go in for a closer look. With a glance back at her makeshift guide, it seemed that was what he wanted for her as well. He split off himself to find a place to rest, but his focus seemed to remain on the large tree that acted as a centerpiece to this room.

Walking about, looking this way and that, Alenia tried to take in the details. There were many, she was sure plenty would escape her, but that was what made places like this so interesting. You could come back time and again and always find something new. So, she did not dwell on any one thing too long as she hopped carefully over the artificial waterways. The woman was watchful of the plants underfoot, making sure she did not disturb them. Though, every once in a while one would catch her interest and she would come to its level to get a closer look. There was many a night blooming blossom in here. She couldn’t help but wonder if he had brought them or if they were here to begin with.

The next things that caught her eye were the cages. Picking out the closest, she navigated her way over to it. The tightly and complexly woven rope that tethered it to the tree seemed ancient. There was even a slick of moss traveling down it, though the moss seemed to have started claiming most things in this room. It left an extra stain of green here and there in an already heavily greeneried place. Hand coming up, she touched the door of the birdcage. It was open with nothing inside. Was it just for show or did this room used to be alive with the chirping of birds?
  Alenia Panala / loxi / 134d 19h 21m 56s
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/72/99/b2/7299b25d77d8b0a32488bf31783ae2d7.jpg]]
Alvér as he moved through the woods, took the chance then to calm down. It was a turn away from all of the things he didn't want to discuss. He didn't want to open up to the curiosity he could see behind her eyes when he mentioned his familiarity with dead magic, with abandonment. He also didn't want to continue trying to remedy her feelings at the moment, either. In previous occasions he had been rather firmly informed of his lack of ability to be in any form comforting. All he could do was stand there and ask questions, each one earning him a deeper wince from the bard, and hope she wouldn't become enraged or defensive. Lucky for him, she didn't.

She was quick to anger if he asked too much, or used the wrong terminology for her, and he was prone to upsetting her. It wasn't a pattern he was fond of. Here it seemed she was as eager as he to leave the situation behind. Alvér had seen anxiety on her face when she explained to him her deeds, and it would be arrogant of him to think it was his opinion she feared ebbing. She didn't value it, as she had said, and he could live with that, he told himself.

The vampire turned his eyes away, moving to lead the way back toward the house. He walked through the darkness with no problem, eyes moving over their surroundings, head tipping up towards the skies now and again to catch a glimpse of the moon, and providing Alenia a moment to see his pale throat extend, and the light fall on his face as he looked to it. He was familiar with this area, having taken many nightly rounds through this pathway to check on these very things many times.

He looked back to her over his shoulder when she asked before turning, the slope of his shoulders replaced by his face, pale in the night towards her. His coat swept around his legs. "[B You'll see, won't you?]" He took them around the side gardens and towards the potage. Alvér her through it, following the gravel paths towards what looked like an overgrown hedge that he approached a gate in the side of.

Opening it, the vampire led the way through and into the dark, tall, vaulted ceiling of the aged, curved plants and their interior, telling her softly to watch her step. It seemed a maze he led her through, coming finally to an opening and gesturing her through ahead of him. It was an impressive archway of greenery that opened into a clearing at which Alenia found the moon glancing off of the high, delicate looking sides of an immense conservatory.

The trees around it had grown tall, lending long shadows to glance over the glass, and into the dark interior.

Alvér allowed her some time to look at it, blinking calmly as he gazed at the door. It was elven in nature. Curving up to a point, wooden, carved and made to look like the living, bending branches of a tree, all inlaid with glass panes between the branches, with two curling door handles.

He led the way to the intricate portal and opened the doors with a lazy flick of a hand. They complained on ill-oiled hinges and opened into a vast interior. Centrally, the greatest detail inside was the large, spreading tree at the center, all hung with bird cages since gone silent with lack of occupation. But their pendulous, artful frames still sat, doors open, awaiting use once more.

The sound of water cut through the silence of the interior, as it was shown that most of the non-path ground was water features. Little lazy rivers and ponds that threaded between islands and continents of terraced walkway, all leading to a central area around that tree. There, a ring of lily-dotted water sat, and the tree trunk sitting on a circular island of its own, with some form of mossy ground cover on it, and a statue of what looked like carved women in old-style, voluminous dresses. They lounged in perfectly poised, contrived candidness.

Alvér hung back as she explored, gesturing her forwards with a roll of his wrist to go explore. He wandered in much slower, finding a seat on the edge of a large planter and sitting down to gaze up at the tree. He wasn't feeling quite all there, and let himself be still.
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/32/e5/3c/32e53c4c83c604f5a3de6b93f8315b9b.jpg]
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