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[center [font "Times" A sort of a Beauty and the Beast idea mixed with some eldritch monstrocity curses.

This is set in a sort of a D&D world. High fantasy, elves, dwarves, fae, mages wandering around causing mess. All that.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/96/52/d79652bf7d405fb924adb7b53cbda890.jpg]] In this world, a character will come across a being, a creature, a man? Either stumbling around in the wilderness and realizing that there's an old path, or an overgrown avenue, or just the whole sort of castle/home itself. Once inside, the wandering adventurer discovers that the place isn't abandoned. Something lives here. Something that reads, that thinks, and that speaks when they hear a voice from the shadows. There's a shape there. It's the thing.

The creature has lived here for years, either as a sort of a local spook, or as a squatter, left alone to haunt this place.

Or perhaps wandering adventurer wanders out of town tavern and sees the shape of a big, cloaked, monstrous looking creature. With intelligent eyes. Pursue? Attack? Run?

Character applicants can be male, female, neither, or something else. No race restrictions except for dragonborn, goblins, kenku and such monster races if you intend this to be romantic. This doesn't [i have] to be romantic, also; it could be if they decide to develop that way. Frankly, giving this poor thing a friend would be lovely. Getting him out of his isolation and into the world again.]]

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b9/5f/3b/b95f3bafe7031ac5b4fd93cc3c22942c.jpg]] [font "Times" [B General Expectations]
1. 800-1000+ characters preferred, but flexible.
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. A roleplay in no way needs to to be 'surprise motherfucka' every time. It's a constant discussion about plot and characters and things, and if things don't work we can do things again or talk about it. I want that sort of clear to make this work out.
3. Ask questions. I know I will.
4. English
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes will be explored as in more than just the existence of smoking and drinking. There will be mention and interaction with mental illness and violence.
7. Romance is not a requirement
8. Do NOT OP
9. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a professional, emotional and a social life and its complications, but I will post when I can. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I extend the same to you, and you can take your sweet ass time too, just make sure I know you'll come back, as I will do as well.

[center Questions, comments? Send me your favorite dessert as a message title, and we can talk!
Thank you!

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While Alenia had hoped she was being discreet with her glances, it appeared it was still enough for the man to notice and he did not react well. It was odd to her, seeing as she had spent all together less time looking at him than she had with a normal conversation with more casual eye contact. But it clearly made him uncomfortable, so it was what it was. [b “Sorry.”] Her features fell with the word. The woman didn’t bother to try and explain that she was not trying to make judgment or anything, it probably wouldn’t make a difference.

Things moved on eventually, but Alenia let out a humph at being called out for her apparent lack of decision making. As she recalled she had said sure, so long as it wasn’t a bother, but as she opened her mouth to protest she shut it again. That was not exactly a yes or a no, so he would win on technicality. It was a losing battle, so she chose not to fight it. Without any interjection to be had, he moved quickly on.

[b “If you are at all interested…”]

With that she knew there wasn’t going to be any chance to change her mind later, so Alenia hopped into place after the man who was already on his way. [b “Yes, I am interested.”] She put extra emphasis on the affirmative as she gave her first straight answer of the night.

Following closely behind Alvér, the petite woman’s eyes wandered about as they ascended the stairwell. This was a new area for her and therefore there was plenty for her to look at. This manor truly was beautiful, even if it was covered in a thick veil of dust from what must have been years of underuse. After all, a home this large was meant to house an extended family, not to mention those who served them, but all she had seen was the one man and his pet. And with how he seemed to be confined to but a few specific places, Alenia would not doubt there were rooms in this place that had not seen use in just as long as he had been here. The romantic in her wondered what sort of secrets these walls held. Good and bad, there must have been many stories the elaborate wallpaper had overheard. Strangely enough, it was as she was thinking of mysteries that the man before her mentioned another room. One that she was not permitted access to and as someone with the propensity to wander, the idea of a place being off limits was enticing. Her eyes flickered to the other set of stairs for just the briefest of moments before coming back to his dark silhouette. [b “Yeah, I understand.”] She said that, but a part of her lingered there. She was curious now, and that was not something that could be easily sated. Though for the time being, there was plenty else to keep her occupied.

Coming into the room, it was nice. A lot nicer than anything she was used to staying in, even with all the dust bunnies huddled up in the corners as though they were desperate to keep warm. However, the cold was the first thing her host fought back. The fireplace also afforded for a little more light to the room, which was nice. Then he was off to the bed to prepare that for her. Alenia felt a little bad. That was definitely something she could have done on her own. Perhaps tomorrow she would make a day of clearing this place of all the rest of the dust, but for now this was perfect. She came in closer as he offered up the bed to her and took a seat there. The mattress shifted beneath her, it was incredibly soft, and she was looking forward to sleeping on it. Though that was still some ways off.

Looking up to his waned myriad of eyes, Alenia smiled brightly. [b “Thank you.”] The light of the fire fell on him in the oddest of ways, like the brightness did not want to reach him, even if he seemed to be returning to that less mangled state she had seen before in the alley. Alvér really was a conundrum. [b “It’s very nice in here, almost feels like I don’t quite fit in.”] She laughed lightly and refrained from asking if he was sure she could use the space. Clearly, he wasn’t using it for anything else.

There was a very good chance that putting her up here was a gambit to get her out of sight and out of mind, so Alenia was fully prepared to try and keep herself content until she thought it was a good time to go back out to retrieve her things. But as she was sitting there on the neatly made bed, a sound caught her ear. Something was moving outside, and it was closer than she liked. Of course, there was little chance that it was anything more than the wind blowing at some part of the house that had come loose, but she stood all the same. Making her way across the room and to the window, the large panes set into the walls did not seem to be the sort that you could open, however the vastness of them afforded her a view. That view was partially obstructed by the reflection of the sparking fire, but Alenia was still able to see much of the grounds and the part of the roof that extended out passed where the room stopped. Scanning the area, there was little that seemed out of place until something came hopping into sight not far from the window. A pair of round reflective eyes stared back at her. It was an owl surveying the area, and nothing more.

Mildly embarrassed at her moment of paranoia, the woman kept her eyes on the bird’s. It got her to thinking: what if it really had been a villager coming to scout out what they believed to be the home of a monster? Just a few seconds ago that had been the worst-case scenario running through her mind. Alenia did not want to have to fight anyone off, but the only other obvious options were to either scare them away , or for Alvér to leave his home. [b “On second thought…”] They were fighting a losing battle, but it was not one she wanted him to have to deal with on his own. At least not right now while those humans were all riled up and looking for a target. [b “Maybe you should come with me a little bit later.”] She was not worried about herself, but if someone came by while she was gone, he would be on his own. The chances of that happening seemed slim at this point, but it was still a possibility.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] His eyes lidded at what she said, a soft sigh easing from him. Of course she did. Thinking she was making the world happier one case at a time. Such a simple, domestic goal. He never had the stomach for them. He always knew he was worth more, destined for more. If only he could wrest it back from those who would keep it from him.

There was a time when his mother, too, impressed that he was destined for things greater than domesticity. But that faded rapidly. And he remembered more clearly the times she berated him for thinking so. Older, less desirable, less feminine. She had wanted a girl and had treated him as her sweetest, youngest child until De'eina had been born. And then she got what she wanted. And he had become hideous, even then.

As Alenia looked she could notice much, now that Alvér stood in the light. Somewhat relaxed from earlier, the lashing mass of tentacles and eldritch body had subsided for now. Like an animal's tail, their softness or agitated animation would show the tilt of his thoughts.

He could stand straight again, somewhat; less hulking than he had been when they met; agitated. Though he continued to favor his left side where the stain of earlier was yet present on his clothes. The excess of eyes, too, had blinked out, it seemed, though one or two would open now and again on certain vantage points on the creature's proximity. In the firelight it was made clear that they weren't attached to him at all, as it had seemed the very shadows of his body in the darkness held eyes in them. They were singular orbs that would wink in and out of existence in the air close to him, particularly in the shadows of his shoulders, canopied by his hair, and about his arms. A single, sleepy open before falling closed again would be the only indication of their existence. Some would roll towards her to view the stranger before they blinked out again.

His hands, too, would lower and interact with the intelligent chaos his lower body had turned into as if parting skirts, or brushing off a particularly attentive animal. And his own eyes, now, weren't the hollow pinpricks of light they had been before. Simply dark in the sclera that reflected the firelight, with aurelian irises.

Alvér at one point caught Alenia's gaze on him, his face hardening and looking away. "[B Just stare,]" he said. [i Get it over with], he thought, eyes fixing on the fire again. He took his hands away from Myhrr and looked elsewhere, up, at the moulding on the ceiling.

She was- refusing his offer? Almost? His eyes narrowed in confusion as she spoke to him, trying to glean the subtext of her words underneath their surplus.

Alvér shifted back, surprise lacing his stillness in how he stood and glanced her over. And she was joking, indeed, clear by her demeanor. There was a myriad of things he felt as she joked, on the tail of elaborating at length about rooms and flexibilities thereof. He was for a moment shocked she would even consider coming so close to him, and think he would be comfortable enough to let himself sleep. Alvér knew he would not. He also knew that the chill of his touch would drive her to separate, beyond that, ultimately. He had body heat, but often it was on first contact that someone drove off. He also wondered if she was mocking him.

His eyes narrowed, "[B I find it peculiar that you refuse in every situation to say 'yes' or 'no',]" the creature said. His voice dropped low in its register, his mouth tightening slightly as he turned from her towards the fireplace.

The creature bent, spidery arms dipping down into the brass kettle beside the grate from which he had been pulling wood to keep the fire going.

"[B If you are at all interested,]" he said over his shoulder a bit coldly as he stood with a gathered bunch and went to the back stairs, in the short hall between the kitchen and the parlor they were seated in. "[B I have a room for you upstairs where you can sequester yourself. Otherwise I'm going myself.]"

As he ascended, with Alenia behind him, he continued. "[B You are not to enter the chambers in the other wing.]" He looked back at her, voice serious, warning. "[B Do you understand?]"

He turned to the left up the stairs, where they switched back on themselves after a large landing, and at the top split along a hallway. Alenia's room was the second door in the wing. Alvér opened the door and entered, leaving it open for her. Still, a bit dusty, but undisturbed. He went to the fireplace there and stacked the wood before snapping his fingers and lighting them.

She had a vanity and basin, a chaise lounge by the window, a large trunk bench at the foot of the four posted bed with heavy drapes and an unused cushion of comforter, folded blanket at the foot of the bed and pillows that looked as if she could bury herself within. The creature approached and threw off the sumptuous comforter, with a puff of dust and shook it once, twice in the air. The skittering shape of a large spider across the carpeting showed the reason for doing so. He then proceeded to upset and pat down the pillows before setting them all back, nicely, smoothing it with a hand and gestured to the bed for her.
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For the most part, her eyes were on Myh, but she glanced up at the man from time to time. Alenia was trying not to be awkward about it, she did not want him to feel self conscious, but she was still fascinated by him. He was so different than anyone she had ever met. And she did not think that was a bad thing; it just drew in her curiosity, though she was sure he would not appreciate that.

Shoulders shaking with a light laugh, the woman smiled. [b “I don’t know about saving the world, but I like to think I am making it happier.”] Creating a few extra smiles out there surely counted toward that. At least for her, as she was sure not everyone would agree.

Then it fell to quiet, all except the crackling sound of the fire next to them. It’s light flickered rhythmically as the two of them kept their attention on the coaxing creature before them. It was like that for a while before he pulled back, letting the silence persist just a little longer before he asked his question. Alenia took that as a queue to stand straight as well. Her knees popped as she stood up from her crouched position at the cat’s level.

[b “If you are offering, I will take one. That way I have a place to put my things. I want to be out of your way, if at all possible. You know, since I am practically forcing you to let me stay.”] The bard was already inconveniencing him enough. [b “That or I can find myself a corner to take over in here, whatever works. I am flexible.”] Basically she was trying to be the least bothersome she could be. [b “I don’t mind the cold, I spend a lot of nights outside.”] She was used to the chill of winter, but it was always nice to have the shelter of an inn or a home. It added an extra layer of security especially when traveling alone like she did. [b “But if it bothers you we can always share a couple of blankets and stay warm that way.”] Alenia was, of course, joking. Her jovialness showed through the comment as she teasingly tried to keep the mood light between them.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] He looked down at Myhrr as she interacted with Alenia. His stomach clenched, immediately, at the claims the elf was making. He had in no way intended this as an outcome, there was no claim he could make to this, surely. But perhaps, if he put his mind to it, he could come up with the reasons why she was so social: constant travel, crowded markets, Alvér keeping her on his person since he found her, the others in the party. They crooned and cooed and pet and fed and helped bathe the hairless animal, so perhaps she was used to being handled now?

He didn't want to argue. He knew his answer, and he knew she would protest.

Alvér looked up at her from his position, brows arching as he saw her come behind Myh, closer to him as he bent down to receive the cat. She pushed up against his knuckles, and then under, and he let his hand open to cup her head as she squished up into the curl of his palm.

His face fell back to its careful, thoughtful neutrality as Alenia continued. Knowing, with this admittance of hers, that she would have hated him had she met him in the past. Perhaps there was still room for that now. She knew precious little about him, save his name. That was the only concrete thing, and the more alien he became to himself, the more tenuous even that felt.

He dropped his eyes, "[B You are saving the world,]" he summarized, carefully angling a glance at her. "[B one miserable creature at a time.]" With that the tall being stood once more, Myhrr still rubbing all through the mass of limbs and tentacles at the floor as they in turn rubbed over her, explored on their own, it seemed. His eyes were glazed with something as he looked to her. For that 'saving' was the reason she was here, wasn't it? Some stubborn persistance to shed some light, as she believed she could, upon the wretched creatures she came across.

He knew there were those who would call it noble, selfless, warm. But he somehow felt cold, knowing he was this pathetic, this approachable. There was a strange, specific pride he had, a safety, in being alone, hateful and hated. It felt right, even as he held it against each and every being he came across. He was hateful.

He in no way expected anything of her, barely expected she would return after she had gathered her things, especially once he stepped back and released his suffocating presence from her. Disappointed, yes, that she had bothered to come this far only to leave, but allowed, expected. She would go alone into town this night. He had lost the time and the energy to try, it seemed, his plan. It felt safer to be alone anyways.

But oddly enough, she didn't ask him many questions, which felt at once comforting, and exactly not that. What then, in the vacuum that questions left, was she thinking?

He sighed, "[B Perhaps I should offer you a room.]" he mused, almost to himself, glancing her over. A space for her own, away from him, and from the village. "[B They don't have any wood or kindling,]" he said. Cold winters meant he had gathered it mainly in the parlor. There was no point in sleeping elsewhere when there was only yourself. No point in warming another room when you were in this one.
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[b “You can be the nicest person in the world and animals will still be a bit hesitant around you.”] She wasn’t about to let him discount himself so easily. [b “This,”] Alenia gestured to Myh, [b “is all you.”] Looking up and over to him, she smiled happily. [b “So thanks!”]

She found it curious that he said he did not hear the gods anymore. It meant that at one point he had. Based off his posture and tone it seemed to be a sore subject. Alenia thought it best that she avoid it for the time being. But the thought would stay at the back of her mind for another, more appropriate, time. For now, it was time to talk about her and her school experience some more.

[b “I wouldn’t put it that way, per say… I just have little patience for those who think highly of themselves when they have done nothing to earn it.”] She shifted a bit as he called the cat over. The little elfin woman was not ready to be done with her, so she trotted right along behind the cuddly creature. This placed her next to Alvér again. This time she did try to keep a bit of distance between them. It was not an awkward amount, but enough that she thought he would still be comfortable unlike before. [b “Many of the lecturers at the college I attended had been academics their entire lives. They reveled in it and thought it made them special, but I can’t see the use of building up all that knowledge and power just for the hell of it. It was all for bragging rights over their peers and they never use it to help anyone, even though they are perfectly capable.”] That was the true root of the problem for her. [b “Not to say I have done anything all that great with what I have, but at least I am doing something.”]
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] The creature's eyes moved over to the elf as she spoke, feeling the certainty in her voice well a sigh in him. Gods were a sore subject with him, so certain he had been abandoned, and the moon made him ache fiercer than anything when he caught sight of her. The pad of his thumb, playing with the tentacle, paused for a moment as he considered that; envisioning what an echo of creation speech meant to him. That which has created, and that same language that has also destroyed.

It made him wonder if under it all, that was what magic was. To those that weren't of magical descent. As a child, it was a gift, given by the goddess. As an adult it was a confusing curse, a mistake. And now it was something he had lost control of, has lost touch with. Something beyond him.

"[B Perhaps they are,]" he mused in response, eyes moving down now to that little tentacle tip he had in his fingers. Relaxed now, in his touch, it moved languidly. It was sensitive, overly so, and sent ricochets of feeling all up him if he played with exactly the tip. Something so alien, yet inexplicably through circumstance a part of him. "[B but how would I know? They've been silent to me for this long.]"

He turned to her now, brow arching. "[B Not fond of listening?]" he asked, glancing over her crouched by Myh. Alvér reached a hand out towards the cat, with a little sound from his lips, and she looked over to him.

The cat, meanwhile, was excited by the prospect of double the attention from two individuals now. Someone enthusiastic with their attention mostly on her alone. She moved over to Alvér, tail weaving, and pushed her face eagerly into his awaiting hands. The creature bent softly, if unsteadily, and reached to brush over her head, brushing a delicate thumb between her eyes. He smiled down at the peachy pink cat, peering into her face.

"[B Doesn't that reflect more on your character than mine, if she's comfortable?]" he asked, glancing up to Alenia. Alvér tilted his head to her. His words carefully toed the line between self-deprecating and honestly curious, teasing.
  Tweedy / 27d 5h 36m 37s
Off in his place by the fire, the elfin woman could just barely hear what her host was saying. He asked an interesting question as to the source of power behind the magic. Honestly, she could not be sure whether his musings were rhetorical or not. There was a good chance they were just his own ponderings, but on the off chance that they weren’t she didn’t want to be rude. She could risk looking a bit like a fool; it would be fine. [b “The gods are must certainly there. At least in the case of bards, that is. Our magic comes from weaving the remnant echoes of their creation speech into our own words and songs. At least, that was how I was taught.”] Certainly, there had to be more than one way of doing things out there. Just look at how many schools of magic there were out there, nothing was [I that] set in stone.

Alenia found herself laughing at the comment about the colleges. He was right. They had been put in place by those with lofty academic ambitions, so they were more fit for those like wizards who wanted to improve their mind for the sake of feeling superior to others. Most that the students she had met there were rather pretentious. Not that there weren’t good ones in the bunch, she made her fair share of wizard friends. But perhaps that was more a testament to her personality than theirs. [b “I mean, I can’t argue with you there. I wasn’t exactly any of the lecturers’ favorite student. I was a little too blunt with them, I suppose.”] Alenia had made no effort to hide when she was disinterested in something they were talking about. She went there to learn to be a bard and that was it. [b “It’s just if you don’t cut people like that off, they will go on and on in circles forever. I did not have the patients for it.”] If she knew or liked the person that was one thing; but hearing a conceited and entitled stranger go on about their accomplishments was not her preferred pastime.

Having said that, the elf turned her attention back downward. Myh was still there. Alenia was pretty much ecstatic about it, as she expected the cat to follow after Alver to the fireside. She very much wanted to pick up the peachy fuzzed animal and cuddle her, but the woman allowed the cat to keep her autonomy for the time being. A small sound of delight escaped her as the little creature bumped her head against her leg in attempt to garner more attention. Alenia was swift to grant her the request, leaning down once more to run her hand along her back. [b “You know, she must really trust you if all it took was that short introduction to get her to let me play with her. And you know what they say, animals are the best judge of character.”] Eyes glancing up from what she was doing she looked over to the man and flashed a smile. It was a compliment and she hoped he would take it that way.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Myhrr pushed her head into Alenia's palm, sagging against her knee with her tail aloft as she dragged her side a few steps along the bard's leg. With a gurgling purr that turned into a meow she smelled around at the new acquaintance's clothing and body with a delicate nose.

Alvér watched her from his position by the fire, folding his arms over himself with a hum of acknowledgment. He thumbed at one of the tentacles that had decided to turn up and thread between them, the sensitive tip twitching back, his face creasing a little as if in response before the motion seemed to settle into absence.

His thoughts were taking him away from the place before him. Frustration was still glowing like embers in his stomach at not being able to do anything. It was an aged feeling. Since his figure had such an instability he was often rediscovering what he could or could not do as things waxed and waned. He opened his fingers, presently, and let the little tentacle tip wend between them, beginning to thread. Faintly gold eyes turned down to it against the firelight.

Perhaps it was fair that Alenia didn't want him involved at all. He still wasn't entirely convinced she wouldn't change her mind once she got partway back and just wouldn't return. She said she liked to keep moving, didn't she? Or had implied as such. A traveling performer, a wandering scholar of sorts. She could slip away from this place and all its foils and tribulations and be well on her way to normalcy again. His brows darkened over his eyes, drawing together. He didn't even know if he could achieve the desired end to his idea anymore, anyways. So why bother trying?

Briefly distracted, his thoughts turned to magic, and gods. He was quiet for a moment, eyes distant with thought. "[B Do the words themselves hold the gods in them?]" he mused aloud, almost too quiet to be directed at Alenia. But to who else would he pose the question? He certainly couldn't answer them himself. "[B Or is it simply the spark of magic behind a directive? Blindly following an incantation so long as it has fuel.]"

He sighed softly, shifting his weight a bit and looked up towards the large oil portrait above the fire. A man in a crimson, red coat with a sumptuous fur draped behind himself in a victorious pose. He never had the chance to find out who it was. All he knew was from a few family papers left behind at the home that it was the spring or summer residence of a count or something or other.

"[B I know very little of bards,]" Alvér continued. "[B But I do know what I have seen. Fast learners with no discipline- in the sense that unless they focus themselves in a direction, their limits of learning are only matched by a wizards, if only by comparison alone.]" a smile, almost a bitterly pleased sneer pulled at the corner of his lips at that. "[B Much to the frustration of the colleges.]" Which were solely an overworld phenomenon, he had found.

Wizards always held that they were the highest of purebred, learned mages, when in fact any peasant could learn if they had the spark. It was only the focus on survival that held their potentia; a need to learn little more than to maneuver the land around them and their own safety. And, it was only the leisure time and the boredom of a vacuous nothingness to wealth and comfort that allowed a wizard to study in such surplus.
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[b “She seems pretty smart to me, I am sure she will relearn it quick… You know, if she ever has the need.”] There was no saying for sure that she would. Especially if they managed to keep her and her master in place here. That was one of Alenia’s goals after all. It was not going [I super] well, but she still had a bit of hope for it.

The petite elf did not notice the man’s form reaching out to her, but she did take note of him moving away from her. Perhaps she had made him uncomfortable? It probably would have been better to ask before she invaded his personal space like that. He was not used to anyone other than his kitten companion, and much like her he didn’t seem to have much use for being actively social. It seemed Alenia was really the only one here who held that skill for the time being. If she could, she wanted to set out to change that. And so she began to plot how she might be able to do that, though the thought was completely dropped when he mentioned a curse. Was that true, or was he dramatizing his situation because that was how he looked on it? There was no way for her to know for sure without asking, but the songstress really did not feel now what the correct time for that, nor was it her place. They may have been getting closer, but you couldn’t really just ask someone if they had been cursed into misfortune. It would explain his outlook though…

Then it came… the question she sort of hoped they might skim over. Internally sighing, Alenia continued to pet Myhrr as she hoped this was not going to go the route she thought it might. [b “I am a bard, I sing in front of all types of folks. It only makes sense that I would know a couple of hymns. And as it turns out, those are pretty handy for helping the undead move to the other side.”] It was the same answer she always gave, but she could practically hear her friends from the college taunting her about her song actually being prayers that she just happened to sing. It was a sore spot of hers. She was a bard, just that and nothing else. And whether she was right about it or not, it was the hill she was choosing to die on. She would not be swayed.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Her answer at the first was typical, what he was expecting. But the elf did finally make it to the point he was inquiring after, and he shifted to listen. Animals, hm? It was not that she was wrong, and her intrusion into his premises made more sense now. Alvér recalled her making an attempt at explaining before when they had first come into contact, but it sounded more like she was trying to oust him, then.

His eyes narrowed slightly, detaching from her at her mention of 'dealing' with the paranormal. "[B Your magic does not come from a holy source,]" he mused, looking back at her. "[B How do you 'deal' with it, as you say? What would you have done if I was a phantom?]"

Alvér almost scoffed in response to her mention of wasting his time. "[B If my curse is anything like it was,]" he responded in a low tone, standing up from her and Myh. "[B I cannot waste what I have in meaningless excess.]"

The creature had expected Alenia to round to his front, and Myhrr's side. But instead it seemed she chose his side instead, coming very close, much closer than he would expect anything to want to draw. Like in town; where she had crossed into his space. Though, that was in the interest of necessity, then. Now, it almost looked like comfort. He viewed their proximity from the corner of his eye, head tilted, but made no outward mention of it.

It was a bit late that he realized a couple of wayward tentacles at the 'hem' of his body had edged forwards to explore the source of warmth that had drawn so near to them, touching with sensitive tips. He quickly swiped them away with a quick motion, backing off so as not to unsettle the bard.

Myh was hesitant at first, smelling over Alenia's curled knuckles with a splotchy, wet nose, careful to twitch back when she accidentally came in contact. But she was satisfied with the elf's stillness, and Alvér's ease with her presence, and presently pushed her face into the bard's knuckles to rub.

The creature nodded to her as he looked to see Myh even going so far as to take a step closer, curious, to Alenia. She seemed so incredibly pleased to be given entrance to Myhrr.

"[B She has,]" he responded with a nod. "[B She was quite social. Our isolation has changed some of that, at least, but perhaps she can be retaught.]"
  Tweedy / 38d 11h 27m 34s
Surprisingly enough, he was showing some interest in her now. It was very different from what they first met. Back then it seemed he wanted nothing to do with her. Admittedly, Alenia liked this much better. It was easier for conversation, though not perfect. [b “I am a traveling bard. I wander the world and perform along the way.”] She patted the lyre she had replaced on her belt. Alenia thought it went without saying that she sang as well.

There was a look to him, like he didn’t seem to think that was all there was to it. It reminded her of what she had said the first time they met. [b “Well, most of the time... I sometime also take up jobs dealing with local ‘ghosties’. In my travels, I started to notice when people get jumpy at old legends they tend to lash out at anything. Lots of animals were getting hurt for no reason.”] As much as Alenia liked people and making them happy, she really had more compassion for animals. They did not deserve to be hurt senselessly. If it was for food or something, she understood. But if it was because someone was scared, that didn’t cut it in her mind. [b “And ninety percent of the time it does wind up being some sort of animal that has made a home of an old building. In those cases, I try and relocate them as best I can. But in those rare times that it is something paranormal, I handle it.”] Alenia wasn’t immune to the fear of ghosts, but she found it bothered her a little less than the average person. That was probably why she was able to walk up to this manner in the middle of the night with little problem.

As for the matter of sleep, it appeared he didn’t need it, though she wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. Was he not tired, or did he not need to sleep at all? That would be a first for her, meeting someone who could go without sleep, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. She wanted to have him elaborate, but he tempted her away from the subject by bringing the kitty into this. [b Yes please!”] Her voice held all the same excitement that could be seen behind her eyes. Myh had avoided her pretty thoroughly before, but perhaps a proper introduction would get them passed that.

As he leaned down, and she asked about his plan, there was a bit of a change in him. It was not a physical one though. This was more in his countenance, and it went perfectly with the way he deflected her question. Well, technically she had an answer. It was just vague. [b “Oh,”] this was not something that Alenia knew anything about, but it sounded troublesome. [b “I don’t want to waste your time if we don’t have to, though I suppose it would be a little safer if you could move quicker.”] The point concerning his safety was her main worry, though she was pretty curious how he could do such a thing.

Nodding at his advice on how to approach the animal; she came in close to the tall gentleman. Her shoulder was just shy of brushing against him. It was an attempt to show the little naked cat that she was friendly. If he wasn’t going to run away, she didn’t need to either. Lots of animals worked off that principle, so Alenia hoped the display would things go a little smoother. As she stood there next to them, she crouched down to a more manageable height for petting. There she stuck out her hand a ways in front of Myh so that she may sniff at the offered appendage. It would get them better acquainted.

After a minute of hesitant actions like that, Alenia finally allowed herself to reach out to the cat. Much like Alvér, she ran her hand along the creature's back. Myh responded in much the same way, arching up her back happily to meet her hand. This put a beaming smile on the woman's face as she looked up to Alvér. [b "She let me pet her, look!"] The excitement was practically bubbling over as she did it again without the kitten skittering off to hide.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 38d 12h 58m 56s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] So she was relatively nocturnal, then? That was interesting for a surface elf, he thought to himself, looking at Alenia as she explained. He himself was pretty nocturnal. A habit from before, and a necessity to an extent, of course.

"[B What did you say you did?]" he asked, brow arching a bit as he glanced over at the things she had on her in town. His assumption with musicians, always, was a performer. It was at least all of his experiences with them whenever he had traveled. An irresistible draw for attention that they wanted to bask- or busk, as he had been informed- in.

Didn't she say she was an exorcist, of all things?

"[B I don't need it,]" he responded, glancing at the fire again. Alvér didn't sleep well, either. Not anymore. With Myh it was easier. And speaking of. "[B Perhaps then we can make an introduction, if you're not settling down.]"

The creature hesitated, glancing between Myh and Alenia. "[B She has bad eyesight on the right, so don't grab at her face,]" he warned, but reached forwards, rubbing his fingertips together and beckoning the cat closer. She trotted over to him with a wee mewl, tail aloft. He groaned slightly as he bent towards her and petted a hand down a back that rose to meet him. He looked up at Alenia again.

Alvér shifted slightly, glancing at Alenia with a soft sigh, frowning. Of course she would push the issue. She didn't trust him, which he wasn't surprised by. It just frustrated him. He got greedy, being treated like a person for a moment. In addition, wasn't something he wanted to discuss. It had to do with his body. And he hated his body; what it was, and what it wasn't. And his ever-fluid condition was awful. His face darkened, eyes shifting away.

"[B It doesn't matter,]" he responds. "[B It takes time. A ritual that would make me more-]" he gestured vaguely. "[B mobile.]"
  Tweedy / 39d 7h 23m 44s
He brought up an interesting question. How did anyone keep track of it? She had never thought about it before, but then again she never really had to. It was more an intuitive thing, but of course someone who came from elsewhere would have a hard time with that. She shrugged, knowing that it was unlikely she would be able to give him a straight or fulfilling answer.

Watching him as they moved on from the complex subject of time to something a little more manageable, Alenia found that he was still frustrated. This time at her refusal of his help. She was terribly curious what he wanted to do, but sacrificing his safety for her own was not exactly at the top of her to do list. Though perhaps it was not something that dangerous… The woman let out a long sigh and decided she would have to ask, but before she could, he had his own question.

Amber eyes meeting his, now that they had stopped darting about, the short elf shook her head. [b “I stay up late for work, so I am not tired yet.”] Well, that wasn’t entirely true. [b “I mean, I am a little drained from all the commotion, but I don’t think I would get much rest even if I tried. Not knowing I have to be up and moving here in a few hours.”] It would probably be more of a hindrance to her than help, no matter how enticing a short nap sounded. [b “But if you are ready to sleep, by all means, please do. You do not need to stay up on account of me.”] If he was bringing it up for his own sake rather than hers, then she caught it much too late. Why did she have such a hard time understanding him? Normally Alenia was good at reading people, but Alvér seemed to be the exception.

[b “But, ummm, before you do, do you mind if I ask what your plan was? Maybe we could find some middle ground.”] He did not seem satisfied with how the pieces had fallen, so she wanted to see if perhaps there was a better alternative. It would sate her curiosity and give him a chance to have more of a say in what was going to happen. Would that make him happy? Weirdly enough, she wanted him to be.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 44d 11h 19m 49s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] The creature looked at her, brows knitting. Time differed depending on the person? "[B Then how do you keep track of it at all?]" he asked, lip curling in a confused sneer. The one moment when he thinks he understood a part of the mechanical culture of the surface.

He growled softly, shaking his head at that. Surface dwellers were always and forever a confusing enigma to him, even after this many years. However, his isolation certainly didn't help that. His fingers brushed through tangled-looking hair, brushing it behind a pointed ear.

A line of frustration tightened on his face. She did not want his help? Or she feared it? Was this simply a ruse to get away from him that he was edging nearer? His eyes were clouded with the complexity of that; suspicion and confusion vying to meld on his face. His eyes pulled from her, brow knit.

But after a moment his expression smoothed, exhaling softly as he came to a decision, it seemed. Or resigning to something. She would not trust him. Alvér wouldn't trust himself either.

"[B Perhaps-]" he glanced around, "[B You want to rest?]" The creature's eyes returned to her as he turned towards Alenia again, face illuminated by the fire.
  Tweedy / 46d 5h 42m 42s
Alenia sort of blinked at the correction. She had not been expecting that. [b “I mean, technically that can be the case, but I think it comes down to the specific person and the nuance that they choose to use.”] It was the same with afternoon and evening. While anything after noon could be afternoon, the line was really blurry where that melded into evening and night. [b “Personally I would say midnight is still the middle of the night.”] It was funny to her and she wore a smile, a tell-tale sign that the nitpick did not bother her.

She noted his unfamiliarity with surface time. Another piece of the puzzle falling into place, though not particularly helpful as she still couldn’t think of any subterranean races that fit his description. However, that didn’t mean one did not exist. She was not a walking encyclopedia on all living beings by any means. That was not the only thing she noticed though. He also danced right around her asking to be shown around. Looked like that wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps she would be confined to the front living area. Eyeing the couch, she hoped that it was at least somewhat comfortable, because she was going to have to sleep somewhere. Still, she would get over it. The redhead was the one trespassing on his privacy anyway.

For the time being he was back to pleading with her to hold off a while longer. [b “Well, I mean I already agreed to wait till morning, so a couple of hours shouldn’t be anything at all…”] Alvér seemed to have some sort of plan in mind, likely some sort of magical shenanigans based off what he was implying. Once again, Alenia found herself a little unsure about the man, not in the she did not trust him sort of way, but that there was a lot that she did not know about him. It made her curious. She had seen some of his magic, but not enough to get a real idea of his abilities. But as much as she wanted to see what he had up his sleeve, a squeezing at her stomach held her back from being one hundred percent on board. [b "Also... I don’t want you to feel like you have to help. This should be easy, and I do not want you endangering yourself for my sake. Not after all that effort to get you home safe. I really appreciate it, but it is okay.”] It wasn’t really a question, but she cocked her head to the side as if she was asking if he understood.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 49d 11h 14m 29s

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