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[center [font "Times" A sort of a Beauty and the Beast idea mixed with some eldritch monstrocity curses.

This is set in a sort of a D&D world. High fantasy, elves, dwarves, fae, mages wandering around causing mess. All that.

[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/96/52/d79652bf7d405fb924adb7b53cbda890.jpg]] In this world, a character will come across a being, a creature, a man? Either stumbling around in the wilderness and realizing that there's an old path, or an overgrown avenue, or just the whole sort of castle/home itself. Once inside, the wandering adventurer discovers that the place isn't abandoned. Something lives here. Something that reads, that thinks, and that speaks when they hear a voice from the shadows. There's a shape there. It's the thing.

The creature has lived here for years, either as a sort of a local spook, or as a squatter, left alone to haunt this place.

Or perhaps wandering adventurer wanders out of town tavern and sees the shape of a big, cloaked, monstrous looking creature. With intelligent eyes. Pursue? Attack? Run?

Character applicants can be male, female, neither, or something else. No race restrictions except for dragonborn, goblins, kenku and such monster races if you intend this to be romantic. This doesn't [i have] to be romantic, also; it could be if they decide to develop that way. Frankly, giving this poor thing a friend would be lovely. Getting him out of his isolation and into the world again.]]

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b9/5f/3b/b95f3bafe7031ac5b4fd93cc3c22942c.jpg]] [font "Times" [B General Expectations]
1. 800-1000+ characters preferred, but flexible.
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. A roleplay in no way needs to to be 'surprise motherfucka' every time. It's a constant discussion about plot and characters and things, and if things don't work we can do things again or talk about it. I want that sort of clear to make this work out.
3. Ask questions. I know I will.
4. English
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes will be explored as in more than just the existence of smoking and drinking. There will be mention and interaction with mental illness and violence.
7. Romance is not a requirement
8. Do NOT OP
9. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a professional, emotional and a social life and its complications, but I will post when I can. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I extend the same to you, and you can take your sweet ass time too, just make sure I know you'll come back, as I will do as well.

[center Questions, comments? Send me your favorite dessert as a message title, and we can talk!
Thank you!

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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] The creature hadn't settled down at all even with the advent of their safety. After he went a bit unsteadily to gather and light the fire in the sitting room, he stood by it; looking periodically into it, or around the room as if he was going to spot some spying slug or something in a corner.

He let Alenia get comfortable, and presently Myh was exploring the items that she had set down on the floor beside her.

Alvér studied Alenia's response to him, still feeling that little tinge of something not being entirely truthful. It was bothering him, but he didn't want to press her or anger her. He wasn't in any condition to fight off anything else tonight. The moon was full, and so was the town full of anger and danger. It would be a long night of watchfulness.

It seemed an entirely tactical error to return now after how difficult it had been to get out of the town in the first place. Alvér felt the need to ask if she would stay until the daylight, at least, because then he could go back with her and help. He could [i do] something with the sun out if he stood in it for a moment. It had happened once before, and thought painful, it seemed like a good idea now.

But if her absence was felt now, then it would only be exaggerated if she reappeared to whatever inn or family she was staying with in town. The excuse could be made that she was out all night, also looking for the monster, but no one else would have seen her on their searches, which would be suspicious...

There was protest in his stance, the way his hands curled, and the thinness of his mouth, but the creature's eyes dropped, brow knit.

"[B It can't wait until morning?]" He found himself saying anyways. Then he would have time to prepare and help. Early morning, even, before the sun was up still would be ideal.

He hated not being able to have control over the situation, of not knowing what was happening. It had been a long time since he had drawn on any of his own powers beyond menial little things, but he wondered if they still would answer him. He was wracking his brain for what he could help with.
  Tweedy / 1d 12h 24m 59s
Alarmed at the shifting of the grass, Alenia readied herself to run or fight depending on what emerged. But in the end, it was just one very excited kitty cat. She wanted to see Alvér, enough so that she ignored the pseudo-stranger’s presence to get to him. Clearly, she was still not a huge fan of the wood elf. If she was going to be spending more time here, then hopefully that would change. The woman did not want her presence to disrupt Myh’s life too much.

They stopped at the door and her amber eyes followed after the peachily fuzzed animal as she made herself comfortable in the house. Gaze flickering over to Alvér, it seemed he was watching for the same thing. With the cat’s all clear they entered the dark home. There was something settling about the place. Alenia was not entirely sure what it was. Perhaps it was nothing more than its promise of shelter in what was ultimately a trying time.

The quiet did not last, as the man reached out with a question of what she would do once she had her things. It was a little puzzling, as she thought she had made her intentions clear, though maybe he had misunderstood what he was agreeing to when she asked for his permission to stay here. Alenia still wasn’t all that gung-ho to tell him that she wanted to keep an eye out for him. It was kind of embarrassing and she was afraid to hurt his pride, so she danced around that aspect of her decision as she answered. [b “Once I have everything I am going to come back here. You know, to try and get a feel for what I should do next. I kind of want to wait for things to settle down before I move on.”] The short woman thought it was a decent enough excuse. Plus, it was close enough to the truth, if she hadn’t wanted to stay around for him, then she would have ended up doing something similar to this in the next town over. Though, admittedly, that would have been more inconvenient than staying here. So, in reality, there was nothing about this that was putting her out at all.

Circling about the room, even though she was fairly certain it was clear, the woman’s eyes searched through the shadows. Neither her light eyes, or sharp ears found anything. At least, nothing that sounded out of place in the old manor. After letting the man get settled back in, Alenia gave it close to twenty minutes before she was satisfied that no one was going to come breaking down the door. It also allowed her a bit of time to catch her breath, so to say. It was taxing to be on high alert constantly. This was a nice quiet moment to for her heart to rest before she was ready to head out on her side quest. The main one being keeping her new friend safe. Though to be truthful he was more of an acquaintance, but either way the woman wanted to make sure that nothing happened to him.

Getting up from the place she made herself on the couch, the woman announced her departure. [b “Alright, back into the fray I go. I should not be gone long, and when I return I expect a bit of a tour. This place is big, and I don’t want to wind up lost.”] She smiled at him as she half joked. It was getting to be pretty late and Alenia was sure half of anything she tried to remember was going to be forgotten by morning.
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[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér simply sighed, a protest immediately on his lips, clear as day, but silenced behind a resigned look. If she was reminding him so much of someone else, then she wouldn't be swayed on something like this. So he moved forward instead. Perhaps, if he could delay her exodus into the town until sunrise (unlikely) he could better watch from afar and ensure that she could make it back. The idea of something like this beyond his control, beyond him witnessing it, prevented from doing it right, it was winding tightly in his gut; something like a preemptive frustration, a preamble to later agony.

He hummed in acknowledgment and half-hearted agreement with her as she continued. She was right, but it didn't make the risk anymore palatable. Once she was seen, or connected with him- any more than she was already, going about town and proclaiming him human, possessing humanity- she was doomed. And the silence after her words spoke her thoughts on the same thing.

It was quiet on the way to the manse, thankfully. The creature didn't move incredibly quickly, as his rather unstable lower body hampered most hurrying, but there was a suggestion of the legs she had seen earlier, briefly, if weighted down by the excess, the tentacles surrounding them. But he had a determined gait, if it could be called that.

Alvér's eyes were flickering over everything, however, ensuring anything that could be visibly out of place was seen. Nothing so far. And after passing through the creaky gate, a sound accosted them, and a movement in the grass.

Alvér's shoulders tightened, head snapping in the direction of the sound until the complaining cadence of Myhrr, a flash of pink amongst the tall grass, and the dusty green of her little sweater, naked tail raised, was evident. She trotted, hopping out of the grass, up to Alvér. Her step hesitated upon spotting the stranger, but only just so, and she continued onto him.

As she did, Alvér sighed and opened his arms. Myh sped and leapt up on him and to his chest and arms to be held securely. He turned and continued towards the door and Myhrr poked her head out of the creature's hair, ears pricked forwards, and looked curiously at Alenia with bright green eyes.

Inside the house, the door opened quietly, it was dead silent. Alvér stopped there, filling the doorway, and listened. As Alenia drew up behind and beside him, his free arm went out to keep her back, close. Myhrr dropped onto the floor with a soft [i b-bomp] of paws, and entered, seemingly at ease.

His eyes watched her. If she wasn't hiding, and she wasn't smelling anything foreign, perhaps then it was safe? Alvér dipped his head, avoiding the top of the doorway, and entered, looking back to Alenia and gestured for her to follow.

"[B What do you intend to do after you find all your things?]" he asked, not sure he wanted to hear the answer, but he already knew it. He likely would have to follow suit now, with what had happened in the square. It would be arduous, he would need to be patient, but he could make it work.
  Tweedy / 11d 4h 3m 34s
There were hints of trepidation and hesitations behind his voice as he went to answer her. Off looks alone, she thought he was going to say no. Alenia was not sure what she would have done then, but he obliged her. Good, she did not want to have to sneak around because he said no. The woman was still determined to make sure he was going to be safe after all. That being said, he seemed concerned that she might run into trouble when she came back.

On the move again, she nodded, even though she was pretty sure he could not see her. [b “Yes, I have to get my things. It’s not like any of it is irreplaceable, but I don’t have the funds to do something like that.”] Anything that was truly important, Alenia kept on her person, but that did not mean she was ready to toss it all away at a moment’s notice. [b “I think I will be fine if I just go in and out real quick, but anything more and people might start to put the pieces together.”] She particularly hoped she did not run into the guards again. That might take some explaining why she did not go straight back to the inn. Perhaps she would be able to pass it off as her getting lost, but she kinda doubted it.

This trip through the woods almost seemed to take an eternity. The elf did not remember it being that far out, but she knew that the anxiety of getting back was playing tricks on her mind. With time, she saw the gate in the distance. The heavy iron wrought entrance was closed. It gave her hope that no one had beaten them here. Still, they approached with caution. Alenia was sure to scan over the scene for any signs of movement or figures in general. She saw nothing, and assumed that it was the same for Alvér as he continued forward with her. The pair continued their vigilance as they pressed forward and to the house. Alenia would not be at ease until they had a look around inside to make sure all was as it should be. Once she knew that for sure, she would start thinking about making her trip back into town.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 14d 17h 5m 23s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér's eyes were trained on her, prepared to be left. It only made sense they part from here on. He wasn't suited to provide anything anymore to another person, and she spoke of moving on before. Now would be a good time, especially if she was at all suspected in collusion with him. He used the excuse of checking their surroundings as a chance to remove his eyes from her. He would go on.

But her response made his eyes snap back to her. Alvér studied her for a moment, not believing her, and swallowed again as his side gave a twinge from him shifting. Alvér nodded.

The idea of going back into town bothered him, even for her. If they had seen her then she would be hunted. Though, if their interaction with the townsmen earlier had anything to suggest, perhaps she could move relatively freely. But that was a chance still that she could get killed, and then all of this would be pointless. "[B Did they see you?]"

His question was cut rather short as he belatedly processed her last question to him. His face opened in surprise, looking at her. Certainly he had the space in the empty home, but. Was she serious? His brows drew together, self-conscious of the mess, of the isolation, of his body and dropped his eyes a moment. But presently they made it back to her again.

"[B Yes...]" he was fearful of the words coming from his mouth, of opening up to someone again in his home, that close in proximity to him. But it made sense, especially if she was under suspicion now. It was a lot to process and he wasn't sure he was ready. But it was important to keep moving. He set his face neutrally, working so as not to betray his hesitation. She would be relatively safe there, it was the best option.

He glanced back at the town once again, briefly. "[B Are you certain?]"
  Tweedy / 16d 11h 54m 49s
As she backed off to let him lead, Alvér slowed down as well. Alenia wondered what he was doing as he came to a halt in front of her. Was he not as worried about the men following him now that they were out of the town? She could not imagine so with the levels of paranoia he had shown her in the past. But then she caught his eyes, or what passed for them in his now mangled features. They were filled with a painful sorrow and followed by a hollow question that echoed with the same sentiment. Empathetic to him, she could feel her stomach twist. There was no way she could leave him like this, but she was not sure what to do. He seemed so burdened just at being out and getting back home that she could not possibly ask him to come with her, but she knew after all this commotion there was no way she could continue to stay in that town. People would see her and put pieces together, if they had not done so already.

[b “No, I thought you might know the way better than me, so I am letting you go first. I am going to make sure that you make it back safely…”] She would see this to the end if she could. Though, what end, she was beginning to question. [b “After that I need to head back to gather my things from the inn. I will not be able to stay there any longer. It would probably be best if I got out of town before they start to get suspicious.”] Then a thought occurred to her, something that might be able to fix both problems she was having.

[b “Can I stay with you for a while?”] It might have seemed a shameless thing to ask, but she wanted to make sure that place was still safe for him and two people on the lookout were better than one. Not to mention after seeing that expression on his face, Alenia truly felt like she could not leave him alone. Not yet anyway.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 16d 17h 13m 10s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Instead of the gaunt look, Alvér's features were even closer to resembling a normal person's now. His eyes still relatively dark, were less empty and hollowed looking. His mouth less pursed and thin and stretched looking, shifting slightly as he felt her grow still.

His body ached, Alvér feeling the familiar fatigue of having his body change somewhat, but he was barely paying attention with the adrenaline of the near-discovery happening just now.

Alvér's eyes glanced between hers inquisitively, drawing back a little as he sort of came to realize that she was staring at him. His twitched together a little, drawing back as he started to get self-conscious. And with that, he drew into himself, his features shifting again, emptying and becoming sallow again, his eyes deepening*

But he was soon distracted by what Alenia said, eyes turning back towards the direction they were taking again. He nodded, following Alenia as she moved. This time their escapade went much smoother the further they took their trajectory away from the square. It was silly of him to have gone there anyways, but he had ventured anyways to try and see if he could get through town quicker. It was such a mistake. He had gotten too bold, it seemed. And he had immediately paid for it.

It was unbearable to be in the streets now. He wanted to be elsewhere, free, so he could bleed in peace and lick his wounds. Now, he was mostly positive, he had to leave most likely. He would have to find Myhrr and see if he could leave. If he was healed, if he was alright. There was no way he would be traveling if he was wounded still.

And when they reached the outer rim of town, Alvér noticed Alenia falling behind him. He stopped, drawing up under a tree as he had shifted to get off of the main road out of town in this direction. He turned back to look at her, a question in his eyes. "[B Is this as far as you are willing?]" he rasped, swallowing the weak sound in his voice. He hated how his breath and speech was weighted with the pain in his body. How he couldn't stand up straight, how tired he was. It was pathetic.

But the idea that she would leave him now, it left him with an emptiness inside. Hence the question. He would not fight if she would prefer to go no father. He was alone, that was his lot in life at this point. But the events leading up until this point had made him think for a moment about what it was to work together with someone.

[size10 *legit if this makes no sense, like if you've seen [i Howl's Moving Castle], and how Sophie's curse works, that's sort of the idea I'm going for.]
  Tweedy / 17d 11h 36m 6s
The void-like darkness in one of the already heavily shadowed holes in the wall stood out to her. She wondered if it would have done the same if those guards happened to come this way instead of listening to her. It was a useless pondering, one that she could not dwell on if they wanted to make it out of here, so she pushed it from her mind. When she approached, Alvér drew out of the alcove, but he was different. Or at the very least, not how she remembered. Had she paid so poor attention to him, was the night playing tricks on her, or had he perhaps really changed? Alenia wanted to know, she wanted to ask, but even she was not so forward as to ask a person why they looked that way, and quite frankly that was the only way she could think to put it. So instead, she stayed silent and let her eyes wonder over his form and seemingly newfound features in his face. A look of wonder and curiosity dancing behind her eyes even if she would not act on it.

Snapping back to reality, the amber eyed woman was a little flustered once she realized how terribly she had been staring. Alenia attempted to play it off. [b “There’s no telling if they will come back or not, we should get going.”] Rushing him along, her face was slightly flushed from her embarrassment. She hoped he was not paying enough attention to notice as they continued on their path toward the outer reaches of town.

The farther out they got, the quieter it seemed. Not that it was particularly loud anywhere other than the center of town where the commotion had started, but still, as they scurried closer to the woods a stillness seemed to fall around them. As easy as it would have been for such an atmosphere to become unnerving, that was not what this was. It was peaceful. It gave Alenia hope that they worst had passed.

At the tree line of the forest, the wood elf let Alvér take the lead. She had a good feel for the main paths, but she had the feeling he would be able to get them back to the manor more efficiently and on lesser traveled routes. The only real question would be if he would be safe there. The townsfolk already thought that place was a den of monsters. There was a good chance it would be the first place they looked. But then again maybe not. She did not know how long Alvér had been living there, but if they had not done more than throw rock and make menaces of themselves like that, then maybe he would be okay.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 17d 13h 29m 59s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér fought the urge to grab and hold onto Alenia. Either out of habit, his hands seeking either sensation or more control, something to hold onto while every one of his senses was stretched to their limit, taut like strings, like whiskers, vibrating too loud, too much with every sound, every breath.

His eyes were trained on her back, on the shape of Alenia as she stepped out into the open to see what was going on. He [i ached] to be able to see himself, to not rely on her inferior dark-vision, to have control, to do it himself. Ever a bad habit, never able to trust or relax if he wasn't involved, the standing and waiting chafed, even as he knew its import. He felt as if he, wholly, as a being, was stretched so taut that he too would break, if given the slightest thrum with a touch.

But for the time being, it seemed, Alenia was trustworthy. She was leading him to safety, and he would be in her debt. That chafed too, being in owance to someone, especially someone so brisk and limpid like her.

And suddenly everything seemed to crash down around them. Alvér had emerged once again, the moon on his grey skin, on his hulking, ugly body, and suddenly there was the voice of danger. A chill of panic tensioned him, and his whole being for a moment was completely still. Alenia's turn back towards him snapped him back into action, and the creature made a sharp gesture as he drew back. His body disappeared, as Alvér vanished himself in just a sheer coating, it felt like, completely naked. He held his breath for a moment, pressing himself into the alcove he had chosen between two buildings.

Small. [i Small.] He thought, begged himself. Of all things, of all points, this was the time, now. His body still ached with the magic of before, of the shock of suddenly being healed. It would take time to recover, to stop the taste of blood from entering the back of his mouth. But with his last exhale, Alvér strove to hide with all of his being.

The alleyway that Alenia turned back to when it was over with was empty. Uninhabited. Until the slow slip of a tentacle curled around the corner of the stoop he had absconded into, pressing his body away from any and all light. It was what clued Alenia into where the creature had hidden himself. When she approached the stoop, Alvér's vague shape was within. More of his alien appendages reached as Alvér's body soon followed, pulling out of the shadows of the doorway and towards the wood elf, eyes glinting with the reflection where it hit the backs of his eyes as he glanced around.

Notably smaller, thinner rather, it seemed the tentacles had retreated and lessened their number, and colony over his body. His step was limping, unsteady as a gait, but a gait nonetheless in comparison. But under the length of the dark, fitted robes he wore, there was the clear movement of legs for a moment, if a bit strange still. He was in a word, more streamlined, if one could call the humanoid shape as such. But it was a certain change from the clutter of eldritch character overpowering a body clearly hidden within, hunching it and making it strange, large. The man's arm was still inching towards, protective of his wounded side, still stained with his blood, fingers darkened with it. But his face had begun to make more sense as he looked towards Alenia. It had filled in a little, less the sallow, exaggerated features, but an angular visage.

He looked to her now.
  Tweedy / 18d 4h 33m 56s
Things were going smoothly, at least she thought they were until Alvér grabbed her and retreated to the corner. His grasp seemed to envelope her. He was unnaturally cool to the touch, even in the brisk night air. It begged the question: What was he? True there were cold blooded races out there, but none she could think of that looked quite like him. Or maybe he was unique, nothing out there that was quite like him. It was a lonely thought, and it brought Alenia the tiniest bit closer to feeling she understood why he acted the way he did.

Adrenaline running through her veins, it took a moment for her to be still enough to hear the sound Alvér had caught while they were on the move. She felt a tad guilty that she had nearly dragged him straight to potential danger. She needed to be more careful... Given a moment, he released her, not quite icy limbs unfurling from around her. She took this chance to also let go of him, but she did not step away yet. She waited until after she caught his soft whispered words telling her to go play look out. Giving him a curt nod, her fiery hair fluttered around her face. Then she stepped forward, back toward the intersection of the paths.

Although it was faint, she heard his footfall behind her. She had half a mind to tell him to stay back and keep hidden, just in case, but her heart was beating at a million miles an hour and there was a minor comfort in knowing she was not alone. Perhaps it was selfish, but she let him stick close.

Coming to the intersection, she stopped short to keep out of view. She listened to the small noises. It helped that they were chatting among themselves. She paid little attention to the words, but the tone was disgruntled. It was likely they were part of the search party. Taking in a deep breath, the woman took a small step forward, leaning so that she could see around the corner. Her amber eyes confirmed their position; they were facing the other direction. It was a short dash to the next alley. If they were quiet and quick enough they might be able to make it across the main street without the men noticing. However, as hopeful of that as she was, she could not chance it. Not when Alvér’s life depended on it. And so, she waited instead. Perfectly still, like a rogue in the night her eyes followed the pair as they went farther and farther away. The silent waiting was torturous, but with patience, the guards turned another corner. They were out of sight.

No longer seeing them, she gained the courage to speak. [b "Alright, they turned off the road. Let's go."] Making sure to glance both directions one last time, just in case someone else showed up, she made sure it was clear before starting across the wide set path. The next section of alleyway was farther than she would have liked, the openness of it made their steps more prone to echoing. She quietly prayed that it would not carry far enough for those men to hear. Unfortunately, her prayers were not enough.

[b “Did you hear that?"] It was almost comical how loud the question was asked. Not to mention stupid if you wanted to try and find someone, but Alenia was not going to complain. At least they would have a chance to respond.

Looking to Alvér, she waved him on. [b "Hide."] The word was practically mouthed as she did not want those guys to hear anything else. There was little time before the armored men were dashing back around the corner, but in those precious seconds the petite elf tried to channel her inner actress. It was time for some waterworks.

Eyes already dewy by the time the guards made it over to her, she did not give them a chance to speak first. [b "Oh thank goodness you are here. Something just ran by, it was big and it looked dangerous!"] Her words were quick paced, as if she might have been running. [b "It ran off that way. I am afraid of what it might do if it gets a hold of someone."] She pointed off in the direction of the alley they had just come from. In truth it would be the opposite direction of who they were looking for.

One of the men eyed her suspiciously, she had not been here just a minute ago. But as soon as she saw that, Alenia took it as a chance to break down into tears. Or at least pretend to. It was dark and a little cover up with her hands would go a long way. Getting flustered, the previously doubtful man backed off. [b "Don't worry ma'am, we will catch the monster."] Neither of them wanting to deal with a hysterical woman, they rushed off in the direction she pointed without looking back.

Wiping the wetness from her eyes, Alenia turned around and crossed her arms. [b "They didn't even offer to walk me home. What assholes..."] She complained under her breath, but secretly counted their blessings that those men were so rude.

Continuing on to where she knew Alvér headed off, she began to look for him among the shadows. Or perhaps he had continued on without her. If she did not find him soon she would head out to his house to make sure he made it there.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 19d 12h 40m 26s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] As uncomfortable as he was with the situation, in evaluating it, Alvér understood that in his condition she was the only thing keeping his odds increasing at the present. And as much as he hated to admit that, it was true. She was helping it seemed for now. He could allow for circumstantial reliance despite the stinging of his pride and the shuddering of his paranoid logic telling him this was dangerous, to trust her.

Jaw tight, focusing on her words, the creature nodded. He knew how this had to go. All he hoped for was a lack of barbs on the bolt itself. His other hand moved, reaching across the alleyway to anchor himself now between both the walls, else he may grab Alenia and make her stop on instinct.

His breath hissed in as her hands planted on the wound, holding it for a moment as he prepared himself, watching her wrists, not the site of the injury, her arms, her face, pale in what light they were afforded. He pulled his jaw up then, eyes trained down the alleyway towards the street as he felt her hold tighten. The creature hissed out a hard breath as the bolt was pulled from him, hand wrenching from the wall and closing over Alenia's other hand as it pressed against the wound harder, fingers tight.

As the light summoned around them, bid by her magic, Alvér felt his skin respond feverishly. Too sensitive, uncomfortably hot around the site of the healing wasn't uncommon, but it felt like he was coming down with it all over. His hand tightened on her wrist, biting off a groan in his throat as his whole body tensed. A soft swear was pulled from him, his intonation elven, but the words were different. He felt chills pour down his back, fingers weakening on her arm. He could feel his body responding even as she knit his flesh, the rest reacting as if invaded and tightened his teeth.

Around Alenia came some of the tendrils of his body. One as if following his hand curled around the crook of her elbow, tight, resisting pulling her hand off of him as Alvér pressed her hand as if it were a brand harder down on the wound. Her legs, too, attracted some as they pulled around her. Their touch cool compared to most living beings, but not cold.

And suddenly the singing stopped, as did the heat of the magic on his accursed skin begin to fade. Alvér groaned, releasing his breath softly. His head felt like it was swimming above his head, looking down at his hands for a moment as one was swiftly taken by the elf. Tugged along behind her, it was all he could do to follow.

Underneath the mass of his body was very little known left to him. His limbs twisted and overshadowed by the transformation, it made it difficult to walk, and ended in her doing more pulling to have him keep up than he would like. It was why he hid and waited and watched. He was no longer a hunter anymore.

But he followed her as they made a switchback route in a direction he was assuming was safe. In his inability to pay as much attention, distracted constantly by the either lingering or phantom pain of the wound that was once in his side. He hoped he wasn't going into shock.

But the searing thrill of danger was seizing him as he heard motion at the mouth of their next alleyway, the bare scrape of what he thought was a boot.

"[B Leni-]" he rasped a breath of a whisper, hand tightening around hers as he deftly pulled her back against him just before she ventured out into visibility. He pulled her back, hand delivered over whatever noise she might make in surprise, he turned her into a darkened corner around himself and kept still, listening. Enveloped once again by him, his arm held tight around her shoulders as he waited for a moment, hearing the direction of voices. They crossed the mouth of their alleyway and disappeared again. Alvér heard them moving away from them, whoever was standing in the alleyway just now, walking away from them towards the sounds.

Beyond buildings, they were, a street away. He let his breath out softly and released his hold on Alenia, unfolding her from his arms and body so the could move freely again, releasing her hand . "[B Go,]" he breathed, "[B see where they are.]" He didn't expect her to draw him along as she had again.

He wanted to know if they were within view of the back alley they would get onto. Now would be the moment of truth, he supposed, if she were to call out to them and expose him. But he had- hopes she wouldn't. Especially after healing him as such. Right? But fear still strained inside of him. His eyes glinted at her from the shadows where he had hesitated before venturing with her, watching. He drew up nearer her as she looked for him.
  Tweedy / 23d 14h 17m 55s
It was somewhat surprising to see him back down. But there would be no time to rejoice that she was getting through to him. They needed to stop his bleeding before they could even attempt to lead him back to safety. Gods forbid they take him all the way back to his manor just to be tracked down by the trail left by his injury.

Bringing herself closer to her again, she swallowed. Here came the hard part. [b "I am going to have to remove the bolt or else my spell will be ineffective. Try to keep quiet... And sorry in advance."] With that she swiftly brought one hand to the base of the dowel where it met his bloodied skin and used the other to apply pressure just below that. Alenia wasted no time to pull the projectile from him. It was one quick motion and then she used both hands to apply pressure so that he might not lose any more blood. As much as she wanted to ask if he was okay, the woman refrained herself so that she could get straight to what needed to be done.

With the object dislodged, she was able to begin. No lyre needed, she began to sing. Unlike much of what she played and sang the rest of the time, this was different. It was closer to a hymn, though even that was not entirely accurate. More of a prayer she happened to be singing as a faint holy light glowed around the two of them. With as dark as it was and how the shadows almost seemed to meld into and become a part of his body, it was difficult for the fiery haired elf to discern just how bad his injury was. All she could tell for sure was that the bleeding had stopped, but that was little indication of what was happening within. And so she sang as long as she felt she was safe to, her clear mezzo-soprano voice soft as she tried not to be heard. It was not until something clattered around the corner that Alenia stopped. They needed to leave. Now.

Hoping rather than knowing he was okay to be moved, Alenia grabbed a hold of his hand and started to move in the direction opposite to where they had heard the commotion. She practically prayed that he would be able to stay on his feet. There would be little she could do for him if he passed out from pain or blood loss.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 23d 18h 47m 41s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér, too, remembered looking at her when he had spotted her earlier. It had taken him a moment to look and ask himself, seeing her behind the men attacking him, if she was one of them. It had taken another moment for the magic to weave and for him to leap upon what looked like an opportunity, seeing her gesturing him away. But the words from his lips came as an instinctive reaction still. [i Why?] Or, more properly, to what end?

Betrayed by various others, the creature found himself struggling to place trust in someone so easily, even someone who seemed as genuine as Alenia, who had of all things fed him and come and gone from his home twice now. But that, in the grand scheme of things, felt so small, he felt so afraid now, feeling panic still pressing against his chest. It was hot, like smoke, trying to seethe through him, instead fueling with its embers an irrational part of him he was trying to get under control. To survive.

She reminded him of Teegan, of Elysia... faces he wouldn't see again. And perhaps it was the hurt that those faces conjured that made him reluctant to take at face value the only person who hadn't shot him. He didn't want to open up like that again, when he was so empty now. And so, as she gave him a bewildered, and irate look, Alvér simply stared back, awaiting her answer. What reason?

At first he was startled, bemused by the anecdote and the rushed explanation of drunken men and walking and being removed. But his mind, struggling as it was to catch up, eventually latched onto her words as he stared at her dumbly as the explanation came to him.

[i Let me use my magic to heal you...] Gods, she sounded exactly like her, like the little druid. His face creased in a pain that wasn't physical now, seeing overlaid atop Alenia's features a familiar countenance, a familiar shape, and a familiar impatience with him in a fiery wood elf. He pursed his lips, eyes moving down to his side again where his hand trembled in the air. Was that why he let her inside last time? Because she was familiar? Because she was reminding him so much of what he lacked, and missed fiercely?

His voice wavered a moment as he summoned a response, before he had even opened his mouth, caught in his throat a hum of rushed indecision. He reached for words in common for her, "[B I can't travel like this,]" he responded, even as his arm tried to peel away from his side, releasing his skin to the open air which stung in its very presence against his wounded flesh. It was all the invitation she would get, the relinquishing of his guarded arm as he leaned with one hand against the near wall, voice rasping.

He gathered his wits about himself, forcing his countenance even as his lips parted, panting softly with hyperventilation. "[B Be quick.]"
  Tweedy / 25d 5h 34m 18s
Why, he asked? The fiery haired woman had thought it was obvious she wanted to help him. He must have noticed her weaving her magic earlier. She remembered him looking right at her, but maybe not. Perhaps the dark had played a trick on her mind. Either way, she was not super appreciating the tone in his voice, though she could not say she did not understand it.

Coming in closer, he backed away from her. No doubt if she continued forward again he would do the same and they would be caught in some frustrating dance. And so she stayed still, letting the distance remain between them. He barked out the beginning of an accusation, but in the end it morphed into something else. Alenia wondered how disoriented he was. [b "I was out for a walk. Believe it or not, drunken men are not exactly the most pleasant clientele. Whenever I get frustrated, or need a break, I take a walk. That's what I was doing when I heard the commotion and decided to make sure everything was okay."] It was the truth, but whether or not he believed it remained to be seen. The little wood elf decided to continue. [b "I am trying to help you, let me use some magic to heal that up a bit and then we can get you back home. We do not have much time. My cantrip from before is already wearing thin. They will be looking for you again soon... please, Alvér, let me help you."] Amber eyes looking up at him, they caught the light of the moon. Her iris nearly shone as she practically begged him to let her assist. She did not want to see him die here, least of all because others were unwilling to see that he was more than a monster.
  Alenia Panala / Loxi / 33d 12h 4m 8s
[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/10/f7/a0/10f7a04be7b9c0e699ede00e99ca3356.jpg]] Alvér had to take a moment, feeling the edges of his vision blur just a little in panic at the bright, distracting amount of pain thrumming from the wound in his side. The bolt had sunk in wide, and high, tucking just under his rib cage on the left side. A potentially safe area to be shot, he figured, trying to recall where important things were placed inside the body... It was just panic, he repeated to himself in his head as his eyes searched around, as he listened for anything that told him what was going on in the village around him.

He peeled his arm from his side for a moment, fighting the instinct to just press it against the area tightly. Just to see. Just- crap. It hurt a lot. He was trying not to hyperventilate, but it was difficult. He needed to stay quiet so he wouldn't be spotted.

Alenia's voice startled him, Alvér realizing how badly he was paying attention if she had managed that. His head snapped around to look at her, stance hunched, defensive.

"[B What are you doing here?]" he rasped, tempted to back away from her. He hated being seen hurt, showing weakness. He still didn't know if he could trust her.

"[B Why?]" he asked, unable to quell the suspicion in his tone.

The bolt was still in his side, the creature shifting away from her as she came up too quickly towards the wound. His elbow was pushed against his side as if to protect the wound, bloodied palm opening as she came closer, moving to stop her even as he backed away.

He pulled in a hissing breath through his teeth, "[B Did you- what were you doing? Did you-?]" [i -have anything to do with this?] he wanted to ask, but his breath was short, and some form of self-preservation, some hesitance towards suspecting the woman who had come into his home stayed the second part of the question. The implication was there, however, in his tone. He certainly was getting soft, now, wasn't he? It was this complacency that let this happen. How did he know she wasn't helping look for him so that the townsmen could find him easier? Would she expose him as soon as she coaxed him from these shadows? [i Here he is! I found the monster!] It was all that was running through his mind at present.
  Tweedy / 37d 6h 16m 3s

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