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Jason had been walking around the island for the past few hours, looking at all there is to see that he could in the time he had before deciding to get back to the hotel. One of the few places he went to was Maka Wuhu itself, or at least through the caverns and across the rickety bridge along the way there, which made him happy. As he crossed the iron bridge, he pulled out his phone and looked at the time, which was around 8:00 that evening. When he approached the hotel, he put away his phone and noticed a young lady sitting in front of the hotel. [i She looks like a nice person...] he thought
  Jason Winslow / DoomGuy123 / 195d 14h 1m 35s
A young female sighed as she sat in front of the Cocoba hotel. She had gotten off of work earlier in the day and the sun was finally beginning to set. The five-star building was highly esteemed, although there were some freedoms to working there compared to other hotels. She was a chef who worked the morning shift, so most of what she prepared was breakfast foods each day.
  Shanika Layone / AskTheStaff / 195d 14h 21m 3s

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