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Roman place the note book down. He leaned back on the couch and let out a small laugh. [+red “You really think you can come to my home and threaten me about some dead whore?”] Roman sat there for a moment and said nothing. He slowly stood up and turned around seeing who the intruder was. She was small at least a foot shorter then him. Then again, he has always been taller then most people. [+red “Yes I killed that whore. I must admit she tasted funny.”] Roman laughed.

He walked over to the female intruder. [+red “You can tell the other its pointless to hide.”] He smiled and nodded to the others hiding spot. He looked back at the female. [+red “If you are being hunted that is not my problem. I am sure you both are more then capable.”] He walked back to his drink and grabbed it taking a swig, drinking the rest. When he was done he dropped the vile to the ground. It shattered.

[+red “Now if you don’t mind I have a meeting in the morning. So please leave. And do not come back. Or, I will kill you next.”] He smiled wide, his smiled quickly turned to a frown when the intruders did not move. [+red “You do not want me to repeat myself.”] He began to grow mad. He let out a long sigh. He grabbed the female by the throat and threw her towards the door. That was when the male jumped at Roman landing a good punch. Roman laughed and he spit the blood out of his mouth.

[+red “You know I was going to let you both live, but I can see that is not going to be allowed.] Roman moved quick and grabbed the male by the throat this time. He pinned him to the wall and went in to bite his neck when the female came behind him and hit him over the head with something hard. His world went black around him.

When he awoke he was in the trunk of a car. Roman banged on the trunk with his feet that where tied together. He could not talk due to the fabric in his mouth. He couldn’t take the fabric out, his hands where tied close behind him. He tried to yell and scream. Then the car stopped and the trunk opened.
  Roman Godfrey / hach1k0 / 218d 21h 10m 28s
By the next night Gabrielle had calmed slightly. The coven was worried what it meant that some other vampire had come into their town to kill. They kept a low profile and now that was shot to shit. Glancing to her twin as he drove she huffed. [#7800db "So Victor sent us the right address right?" ] She asked as she watched her twin focused on him with an intensity that made most others nervous. It just had him scoffing as he turned his head to meet her eyes for just a moment. [#00a0db "Victor defiantly sent us the right address for our rouge. He's not stupid enough to give us the wrong address." ] He said simply as he turned down the road at nearly the same time Roman pulled up to his home.

Humming Gabrielle leaned forward in her seat when the stranger got out of the car and headed into the house. [#7800db "Hmm doesn't look like he has no control; but he does smell like the vampire who killed Sarah." ] She said simply as she climbed out of the car once he'd parked. Gabriel sighed and climbed out of the car as he followed his sister into the house. Shutting the door behind them he watched as she moved slowly towards the living room. Humming Gabrielle leaned against the door frame that led into the room as Gabriel settled against the wall out of sight.

Clearing her throat Gabrielle watched the stranger as she smirked clearly at ease in his home. [#7800db "You know hunting in our territory is one thing, but killing a donor of ours and even leaving the body to be found by humans of all things is a big insult." ] She said as she yawned showing off sharp fangs that she hadn't bothered to hide from him. While they were both the heads of their coven Gabriel usually left things to his sisters care. It just worked for them and it didn't hurt that out of the two of them Gabrielle was stronger than him. [#7800db "You seem young, but you defiantly have control so my question is why kill her?" ] She asked as she moved towards him eyes flickering to the drawn image of their covens mark.

[#7800db "With times being so dangerous and hunters getting better a blending in you've caused a huge issue for my family. Why shouldn't I just kill you here and put to bed the danger you pose to me and mine?" ] She asked eyes bleeding red as she watched him. It wasn't to much of a problem if they did kill him hell it'd be a lot easier all around if they got rid of him, but Gabrielle was a curious person and there was something about this stranger that didn't add up for her. If he'd just gotten home for instance then he'd been out during the day and that was what intrigued her enough to stay her hand for the moment. It wouldn't however if he didn't prove to be as interesting as she hoped.
  Gabrielle & Gabriel / Ukimaru / 224d 20h 50m 18s
Roman awoke to the sun shinning through his window. He rubbed his bright green eyes and yawned. He licked his lips to the funny taste in his mouth. [i[+red “That’s girls blood tasted amazing, but there was something a bit off.”]] He thought to himself as he stood up naked. He stretched his tall slender body and grabbed a nice button up shirt and pants. Getting dressed he grabbed his bloody clothes from yesterday before heading down into the living room. He tossed the cloths in the fire place and started it up, he watched as the smell of burn cloths filled his lungs.

Heading straight for the fridge he pulled out another vile of the red goop. It was cold as it went down his throat washing last nights after taste away. He let out a small burp before looking at his phone. 13 missed calls and 27 text messages. He rolled his eyes then slid his phone into his pocket. He cracked his neck then grabbed his keys. He put of the fire place before heading to work.

He walked up to the overly tall building. The security guard nodded as he walked passed the front desk, Roman nodded back. He slinked over to the elevator and hit the up key. He waited for what felt like forever, finally the elevator bell rang, and the door opened. People came filing out of the elevator before he could enter. He just sighed. Finally making his way in the elevator he pushed for the top floor; stop almost on every floor before making to the top.

Roman opened his office door to see Dr. Pryce standing their arms crossed. [+blue “There was a board meeting this morning. Where were you?”] Roman walked past the annoyed doctor and sat at his desk. [+red “I was sleeping. I was up all-night crying over the death of my mother.”] He said this sarcastically of course. Pryce walked over to Romans desk. [+blue “I can not keep covering for you! You are the head CEO of this place! I expect you to act like it.”] Pryce turned away and walked out slamming the door behind him.

Roman spent the rest of the day in and out of meetings and talking to old ass board members. Finally, it was time to go home. [+red “So depressing.”] He sighed and headed out of the office and back home. No fun for him tonight. As soon as he got inside he went right to the kitchen and got his last vile of red goop. He walked into the living room and sat down. He set the vile on the table and grabbed his note book. He drew things from his dreams in there. He flipped to the page from last week, he took a sip of the red goop. On the page was a drawing of the same tattoo the now dead girl had.
  Roman Godfrey / hach1k0 / 235d 16h 15m 37s
Gabriel had woken up starving that night. As blue eyes turned to meet similar colored eyes he smiled. His twin sharing the same conspiratorial smile hopped out of their bed throwing heavy curtains wide. [#7800db "I'm hungry big brother lets go grab a bite." ] She said as she quickly changed into a sweater and jeans. [#00a0db "You know I was just thinking the same thing." ] He replied and he slid free from their bed and shut the curtains. Changing into a random band shirt he'd bought on a whim he pulled on the dark jeans he'd worn the other night.

Once they were both decent Gabrielle led the way as they headed down the stairs. The few members of their coven inclining their heads to them before continuing on about their nights. [#7800db "Yah know when we settled here just the two of us I didn't think others would join us." ] She said as her head tilted back to look at Gabriel. [#00a0db "Our kind tend to form covens Gabrielle of course others would settle in with us." ] He said as pulled opened the front door holding it so his twin could go through first.

Hopping down the stairs Gabrielle sighed and let the conversation drop in favor of a more interesting topic. [#7800db "So who are you feeling tonight. I really like Sarah right down the road." ] She offered up as she turned to walk backwards so she could watch Gabriel. [#00a0db "Darrel is two streets over I wouldn't mind another taste." ] He offered as he watched Gabrielle's head bob in agreement. He hummed she she fell into step with him turning around to thread her arm through his. Their attention was drawn to the commotion in front of them. Hearing Gabrielle taking a deep breath he did the same drawing in the scents around them.

The smell of dead blood had both sets of blue eyes flashing red before Gabrielle pulled him towards the mass of people collected at the entrance to an alley way. once they were close enough Gabrielle hissed. [#7800db "Sarah." ] She said softly knowing that the blood spilled here was defiantly Sarah's. It seemed though as her sharp eyes caught a glance of the deceased human had her grinding her teeth. It looked almost as if one of their own with no control and shredded the poor girls neck.

Gabriel pulled his sister away from the crowd as he led her towards their home and quite so they could talk. It seemed though that there was a rouge vampire that needed handling near them.
  Gabrielle & Gabriel / Ukimaru / 235d 17h 4m 33s
Roman stretched out as he sat as his desk as Dr. Pryce talked. [+blue “Are you going to be attending your mother’s funeral service tonight?”] Roman rolled his eye’s at this thought. [+red “Why the hell would I go? Bitch is finally gone.”] Roman cracked his knuckles. Dr. Pryce sighed and shook his head. [+Blue “I know Shelly would like for you to be there.”] Romans eye brow raised at his sisters name. [+red “The only reason she is even going if for you.”] He pointed at the doctor. [+red “Now go fetch me some lunch.”] Roman waved his hand at the doctor. Dr. Pryce got up and shook his head.

Dr. Pryce came back with a vile filled with red goop. [+blue “You know this will not fill that hunger.”] Roman snatched the vile from the doctor. [+red “Yeah, yeah.”] He shooed the doctor away again. Dr. Pryce Straightened his jacket and walked out of Romans office. Roman waited for the doctor to leave before he took a big swig of the goop. It was almost like a think slime running down his throat. It felt amazing, but Pryce was right. This was not going to make the hunger go away. He swallowed the last gulp. A small amount dripped from his lips. He licked them off then leaned back in his chair.

Roman stood up stretching. Many of the staff where getting ready to go to his mother funeral. He shook his head. He had other plans in mind. He walked out of his office locking it up behind him. [B BLOOP.] His phone went off. It was a text from Shelly. [i[+purple “Roman, I would really like to see you. Please come say good bye to mother.”]] Roman sighed and texted back. [i[+red “I said my good byes to Olivia a long time ago. I love you Shelly. I will see you soon. I promise.”]] He put his phone back in his pocket and headed out of the bit pharmaceutical building.

The road was empty. He had the top of his convertible down as he drove a town over. This town had the best hookers. As he pulled into town he slowed down, it only took but a few moments before being flagged down by some poor broken down prostitute. He looked her over once. She was in mostly black with fishnets and a spiked choker. It looked to big to be a fashion choker, more like a dogs collar. He nudged for her to get in. She looked at him with a “are you kidding me” face. He rolled his eyes and flashed a rather large stack of hundred-dollar bills. She smiled and got in the passenger seat.

The drive was quite as they drove to an abandoned ally way. He parked and unhooked his seat belt. The girl leaned over to kiss his neck. It was nice, but he was in the mood for something a bit different. He grabbed the girls hair and pulled it hard back exposing her neck. He noticed a small tattoo on her shoulder. It was a small crescent moon. He rolled his eyes and opened his mouth wide exposing his now larger fangs. He bit down hard. The girl let out a scream, but he muffled her mouth quickly. The girl struggled but Roman easily over powered her. Soon the struggles stopped. Roman let go of the now dead girl that was in his passenger seat. He grabbed his cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one up. He took a bit puff before kicking the girls body out of his car and onto the hard ally way.

Roman drove back into town. He pulled up to his rather large house, he put the roof up on his car and headed in. He went straight up to the shower and turned nothing but the hot water on. He stripped naked and got in washing the blood off of his slender pale body. He popped his neck before scrubbing his face. He soon got out and headed to bed. He of course had to go to work at some point tomorrow.
  Roman Godfrey / hach1k0 / 235d 17h 52m 42s

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