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Sungyeol is a vampire trying his hardest to be different from the other vampires. Hoetaek is a shapeshifter who is running from a dark past. One day while they were both in Toronto their paths cross.

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story. Sungyeol is here with his mystery ship! For those who don't know Hoetaek is pronounced [i Hwi]taek. I had to look it up to make sure as I'm not too familiar with Pentagon. I also wasn't sure of the spelling for Hui's real name so I went with the spelling on kprofiles.

All members of Pentagon will make their appearance eventually do not worry~! And if you're confused about how Chani and Jaemin are part of the coven that Sungyeol belongs to, this is a part of a series of wolfaus and their story is explained in the stories in said series :D

By the way, to explain the whole "human name" thing it's for those who's stage names are different from their real names. For werewolves sometimes they change their names from their real names, same with shapeshifters as they get older and live passed their time that they grew up as a human in. In Hui's case he used the name Hui as his name when he had joined his pack but he never let his pack know his human name.

Anyway. Onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Sungyeol: A vampire who tries to be different, staying with the diet of hunting animals instead of humans. He still travels with Sungjong to the city of Toronto every time Sungjong goes hunting though to keep Sungjong company. When Sungyeol does go hunting his favorite animal is a mountain lion.

Hoetaek: A shapeshifter who is on the run from his old pack. He took refuge in Toronto and used the big city to his advantage. He goes by his human name instead of his other name, Hui, to throw his pack off his trail. He also dyed his hair bright red, something they wouldn't expect, to stay hidden a bit longer. His animal form is a large silver colored wolf with a slight reddish tint from him dying his hair.

Chani: A vampire who is the leader of the coven. He took over the leader position after his brother Sunggyu found his mate in a werewolf named Cory. He has done a good job of leading the coven so far, as he hadn't gotten them killed yet. He also has his coven down as messengers for vampire hunters since vampires wouldn't expect such a thing. He is mated to a wolf-human named Jaemin. He also hunts animals instead of humans and is the main supplier of food for their only non-vampire member of the coven Jaemin. His favorite animal to hunt is deer.

Myungsoo: A vampire who is Chani's right hand man. He was the first in their coven to start hunting animals after Chani, finding it being something similar to his human life, where he used to be a deer hunter. His favorite animal to hunt besides deer is moose.

Sungjong: A vampire who is the only one who still hunts humans in their coven. Chani is fine with it as long as he doesn't get noticed, to which Sungjong is careful with. He isn't too fond of hunting animals but he will do it if they're in a territory that's required for them to do so. When he does hunt animals his favorite animal to go after are bears.

Jaemin: The only wolf-human in a coven of vampires, he had been rescued by Chani after being abused by his old pack for being gay. He had gone to see the wolf council about it and is happy that his old pack got stripped of their official status. He doesn't let it bother him too much that he's in a coven of vampires since he knows that he is safer with them than with a pack of wolves who would most likely kill him for being gay. He is mated to Chani who is the leader of the coven. His wolf form is silver mixed in with white.

Yuto: A human who is Hoetaek's only human friend outside the pack. He was involved in a gang before moving with Hoetaek to Toronto and is trying to get his life back together by working as a Barista in a Starbucks near his apartment.

Yanan: A shapeshifter who is mysterious. No one knows who's side he is on but he has proven to be on Hoetaek's side for now. He was the one who helped Yuto out of his gang situation and brought him to Hoetaek who took him to Toronto. In the pack when Hoetaek was alpha he was Hoetaek's beta. His animal form is a large chocolate brown wolf with a slight blond tint making it a couple shades lighter thanks to him dying his hair blond.

Changgu: A shapeshifter who's Yanan's older brother by a few months. They're half brothers, sharing the same father but different mothers. While Yanan was more mature and collected, Changgu had the innocent vibe and was mute. That innocence almost cost him his life however, since whoever had severely injured him knew he wouldn't fight back and tell the others who had hurt him. His animal form is a large sandy colored wolf with white feet.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [ these] guys for the awesome poster~!


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[center Epilogue]

It almost didn't seem that Changgu would make it to the spring time. Whatever drug had been given to him had lasting effects essentially. He got tired easily, he was sick some days, and fine other days. It had everyone worried, but they pushed through it, not wanting Changgu to see that they were worried and stress out again, making things worse for him. Hoetaek swore to get Changgu out to his and Sungyeol's favorite spot in the spring, no matter the cost. Even if they had to carry him there.

It was finally a clear day in the spring time when it seemed they would finally get a day out at the river with the others. It was one of Changgu's best days, meaning he wasn't as tired nor was he sick. The spot had been claimed as Sungyeol and Hoetaek's spot so it would be just them with Changgu and Yanan for the day as they got ready to head out.

"I know you'll like the spot Changgu," said Yanan as he went to pack extra clothes for himself. Changgu sat in the bottom bunk of their bunk bed, watching Yanan rush about. "You should've seen it when we went before, it was beautiful then," he said. Changgu's eyes shone with innocence once again as he nodded. Yanan paused to look at Changgu, a fond smile forming on his lips as he went over and tousled Changgu's hair, causing Changgu to almost giggle as he moved away from Yanan.

"Don't fret," said Yanan. "I know you want to go running but it's a long run from here," he said as he went to make sure he had everything. "Hoetaek can carry you there," he said. Changgu nodded as he got up, going over and hugging Yanan. Yanan huffs out a laugh as he hugged Changgu back. "Your welcome?" He asked. Changgu moved back, grinning in response before he ran out of the room. "Oi!" Said Yanan as he grabbed his bag and ran out after Changgu.

Sungyeol and Hoetaek were enjoying cuddling in bed when they heard Yanan's shout. "Damn it," whined Hoetaek, causing Sungyeol to laugh. "I wanted to stay in bed a bit longer," he whined. "Come on," said Sungyeol as he moved to get up, dragging Hoetaek with him. "Well, at least it's a good day," he said. "I guess," said Hoetaek as he sighed, going to grab the bag filled with his extra clothes.

It was still early, but there was a lot of activity from the four of them as Sungyeol went to grab the picnic items and a bag to put it all in. Sungjong came out of his room about to scold some people but realized who was up. He chuckled some at the scene. "Don't be too loud now, I think you'll disturb the human," he said. "I'm sure he's already awake from Yanan's shout earlier," Sungyeol said with a chuckle. "Good thing he has a day off today then," Sungjong said, laughing some before going back into his room.

"His personality did a complete 180 damn," said Hoetaek as he came over to check to make sure Sungyeol packed everything. "Hey, hunting animals did help a bit," said Sungyeol as he chuckled some. "I guess so," said Hoetaek.

Once they had everything Hoetaek and Yanan went outside to strip and change, with Sungyeol and Changgu following after them a minute later after Changgu gave his approval of the picnic items and Sungyeol put the bag that contained Yanan's clothes on Changgu's back while he carried Hoetaek's bag of clothes and the picnic bag. After helping Changgu get onto Hoetaek's back and making sure he didn't fall off they took off, heading to their special spot.

When they got there Changgu, Hoetaek and Yanan made noises in astonishment. The entire area was littered with blooming flowers and created a colorful meadow. Sungyeol chuckled some and went to help Changgu off Hoetaek's back and took the bag from him, tossing it in Yanan's direction. He then took off the bag containing Hoetaek's clothes and gave it to Hoetaek. Yanan and Hoetaek went to change.

"Help me set up then?" Sungyeol asked Changgu. Changgu nodded in eagerness and went to help Sungyeol set up the picnic blanket and laid the food out as Hoetaek and Yanan came back in human form and dressed. Everyone enjoyed the day and the food, made by Jaemin and Yuto when they heard about the plans.

"You know," said Hoetaek as he looked out over the water. "I'm glad those 3 decided to stay," he said. "Out of everyone it's always those three," Yanan said with a chuckle. "They've been the most loyal, even Hyojung's been trying to make it up to us," he said. "They learned not to mess with me," Hoetaek said, laughing softly as he got a punch in the shoulder from Sungyeol.

"I think they learned not to mess with a coven of vampires, especially the likes of us," said Sungyeol. "I don't know about you but I ain't scared," said Hoetaek. "Who knew the famous alpha could be so [i submissive] in bed though," snickered Yanan, earning a slap in the shoulder from Hoetaek. "Yah!" Hoetaek shouted, blushing. Sungyeol shook his head.

"I know who is louder though," he said. "Oh god, I wonder how Yuto can even sleep with his bed next to the wall where Chani's bed is in the next room," said Yanan. "I don't think any of us could sleep after that one night," Hoetaek said, shuddering. "Well," said Yanan. "According to Yuto himself he is a very heavy sleeper so I guess he's lucky?" He asked, laughing some. "We'd go and yell at them to be more quiet but I don't even [i want] to walk in there during one of their moments," said Sungyeol.

After spending the entire day out there Changgu was feeling exhausted. After packing up and getting changed Sungyeol helped Changgu onto Hoetaek's back and they headed home after Changgu was secure enough on Hoetaek's back.

Sungyeol carried a sleeping Changgu inside on his back when they got back, trusting that Hoetaek and Yanan could get inside after changing on their own. "Aw," said Hongseok as he looked up and spotted Sungyeol enter their room. "Need some help?" He asked. "It'd be appreciated," Sungyeol said with a chuckle. Hongseok got up and went to help Changgu off of Sungyeol's back and got him to walk the few feet to his bed before letting him sleep. Yanan walked in after a few minutes, nodding to Hongseok.

Sungyeol left them be, going into his room where Hoetaek was already waiting, laying down and playing a game on his phone. "He did good today," said Hoetaek. "Yeah, he did," said Sungyeol as he went to change clothes before getting into bed next to Hoetaek with a sigh. "I hope he continues to improve," he said. "I do too," said Hoetaek. "We'll have to see I guess," he said, sighing a bit.

"He'll get better, I'm sure," said Sungyeol as he nodded. "I know, he's been doing so well," said Hoetaek. "We'll just have to see in the long run," he said. Sungyeol hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 19]

Hoetaek and Sungyeol were able to relax now as things seemed to finally die down. Sungjong hadn't fully converted to hunting animals yet, but he was trying and that was a bonus in Chani's book. After a few days of keeping an eye on Changgu, Moonbin and Eunwoo left, with the promise of coming for a visit again soon after giving the okay that Changgu was no longer in any danger. Jaemin took Hoetaek's job for the time being, since Hoetaek wasn't ready to return to Toronto just yet. Hoetaek, Yanan and Changgu still had to give their final verdict on Hongseok, Hyojung and Kino so they were carefully putting everything together to prepare for it.

Sungyeol and Hoetaek were currently out hunting, the latter just tagging along to spend time with Sungyeol, even if it was spent in wolf form. "You know," said Sungyeol after he got his kill and drained the deer of blood. "I'm in one of those weird moods," he said, turning to Hoetaek. "Like I want to do more than just hunt animals but," he said, shrugging before going to bury the deer. "I think it's always going to be there," he said. "The need to hunt humans anyway," he added. Hoetaek snorts.

"Yeah yeah, I know," Sungyeol said with a soft chuckle. "I'm not going to hunt humans, if I was Yuto wouldn't be alive," he said, getting up after he was done burying the deer. They both turned when Myungsoo and Chani showed up. "What's up Chani?" Asked Sungyeol. "I think Yanan and Changgu are ready," said Chani. "Yanan sent us to get you two so," he said, shrugging. "And don't worry, Sungjong went to get Yuto and Jaemin," he said. "Well," said Sungyeol as he made eye contact with Hoetaek. "Ready?" He asked. Hoetaek nodded. "Let's go then, have fun hunting," Sungyeol said to Chani and Myungsoo before running off with Hoetaek following after him.

"Those two have become quite close," said Myungsoo. "I don't even want to know how they will handle things when Hoetaek finds his mate," he said. "Well, let's just hope that Sungyeol is willing to share by that point," Chani said with a snicker, causing Myungsoo to chuckle. "Let's go hunt then," said Myungsoo before he ran off. Chani shook his head and soon followed after Myungsoo.

When they got back to the house Yanan was sitting outside with Changgu on the porch swing, with Hongseok, Kino and Hyojung leaning against the porch railing. Sungyeol walked over with Hoetaek coming over a few minutes later after changing and putting his clothes on. "We have a lot to discuss it seems," said Sungyeol as he leaned against the wall of the house. "It would seem so," agreed Yanan as he turned to Changgu who nodded. Hoetaek hummed, going to stand beside Sungyeol.

"Well, tell us everything from the point Yanan left you guys," said Hoetaek. "I wasn't even planning on leaving them," said Kino as he shrugged. "I really thought Wooseok would snap out of it but it didn't seem that way when he got his hands on that new drug," he said. "I don't even know how he got his hands on it but he used it on Changgu and then used him as a punching bag essentially," he said. "It was always when I wasn't around," said Hyojung. "Threatened to use it on us if we ever left before the confrontation with you," he said.

"What had caused him to snap?" Asked Sungyeol. "It wasn't even Hui," said Hongseok. "I think it was just his lust for power," he said. "I kept them in line, and as soon as I left he saw me as a threat," said Hoetaek as he tilted his head to the side. "Yeah," said Kino. "Somehow Shinwon and Jinho were dragged into this mess and well," he said, shrugging. "I think he threatened them," said Hyojung. "Those two weren't really the type to follow someone so willingly, especially since the next person in line as alpha would've been Jinho," he said. "Right, he was the oldest," said Hoetaek as he hummed.

"Well," said Sungyeol as he pushed away from the wall. "I know that won't be the last we'll see of them," he said. "But I think for now we'll be left alone," he said. "Maybe next time Wooseok will think a plan through this time," Hongseok said with a snicker, earning chuckles from everyone.

"Well," said Hoetaek as he glanced between himself, Sungyeol, Yanan and Changgu. "I think the final decision is this," he said. "We've done a lot of talking between the times where we see all three of you at once," he said. "It is up to you to stay or not," he said. "Granted you'll all have to share one room but," he said, shrugging.

"What came to this decision?" Asked Hongseok as he looked surprised. "This is why Wooseok would never be the right person to be an alpha," said Hoetaek. "From the times I've seen packs form and grow I've learned one thing," he said. "Everyone always has a choice to stay or leave," he said. "And Chani has left this decision completely up to us," he added. "So I'm doing what he would've done," he said.

"Vampires don't tend to form large covens," said Sungyeol. "People join and leave all the time, we're not very sociable when it comes to interacting with those of our kind," he said. "We've only stayed with Chani for so long because he has proven on more than one occasion that he has what it takes to keep us in line," he said. "While also leaving it hanging in the air that [i if] we chose to leave he wouldn't protest," he said.

"Well," said Kino as he turned to Hongseok and Hyojung. "I think I'm staying," he said. "Same," said Hongseok. Hyojung nodded. "Yuto's going to be mad," Yanan said with a snicker. "He'll get exiled back to Sungyeol's room again," he said, causing everyone to chuckle. "I already told him that if he wanted to, to just ask Jaemin to sleep in his and Chani's room," said Sungyeol. "Well, it looks like we'll need to change up the room again," he said. "How does bunk beds sound?" He asked. "I think we could make it work," said Hoetaek as he chuckled some.

That night brought a sense of excitement from everyone, as the sleeping arrangements were made until they could make the trip to the city to get some bunk beds. Yuto had protested loudly about getting exiled out of his own room [i again] but Jaemin just shut him up with a slap on the shoulder and dragged him into his and Chani's room. It wasn't like he had other places to sleep, Yuto was just quite comfortable in his own bed. Without having to share it with anyone.

Sungyeol was lying in his own bed with Hoetaek lying across his chest that night, the both of them on their phones browsing the internet for a bit. "You can't be comfortable whatsoever," Sungyeol said suddenly. Hoetaek snorts. "I'm fine, don't worry about that," he said. "I'm just glad we can [i finally] relax without any problems," he said. Sungyeol hummed in response as he nodded.

"We'll go to that spot in the spring time right?" Hoetaek asked suddenly. "Definitely," said Sungyeol. "And we'll bring Changgu," he added. Hoetaek huffs out a soft laugh. "I know he'll like that place," he said. "I'm just glad he's doing better now," he said. "Yeah, me too," said Sungyeol.
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[center Chapter 18]

The day Wooseok showed up with the others was a normal day. Changgu's condition was back to as normal as it could get but he was still weak. It was Yuto's day off so he spent a good part of the morning washing clothes with Changgu and Eunwoo in the laundry room. The others were scattered in their rooms, with Moonbin in Sungyeol's room with Sungyeol and Hoetaek.

There was a howl outside, and Sungyeol immediately went to see who it was. "Oh, look who it is," he said. "Here already?" Asked Hoetaek. "Yes," said Sungyeol. "They're here," he called before going outside with everyone following him outside.

"Wooseok," said Hoetaek as he stood with Yanan and Sungyeol on either side of him. "Hui," said Wooseok as he tilted his head slightly. "I see you accepted my gift," he said with a smirk. Yanan growled, with Hoetaek holding up a hand for him to not do anything. "You couldn't let your precious beta get away with being as injured as we left him did you?" He spat.

"He had it coming to him to be honest," said Jinho as he shrugged. "It could've been [i anyone] but no," spat Yanan. "Nice hair color by the way," said Wooseok. "It certainly fooled us for a good bit," he said. "Until of course, Kino tracked you here," he said.

"You realize that if you declare war you declare war on everyone here?" Asked Hoetaek as he narrowed his eyes. "I ain't afraid of no leech," spat Wooseok. "You're pretty much on your own here," said Hongseok as he moved away from Wooseok's side and over to Hoetaek's side. "I've had enough," said Hyojung. "I'm not even going to fight here since it'll be a losing battle so I'm going to them," he said, moving to Hoetaek's side while Wooseok looked on in disbelief.

"You know what," said Kino as he scratched the back of his head. "I may be a douche bag but I ain't going to fight on the losing team," he said. "It was a bit much that you had to do that to Changgu," he said, moving to Hoetaek's side. "Down to just you, Jinho and Shinwon," said Hoetaek as he crossed his arms. "Shut up," snarled Wooseok as he changed, launching himself at Hoetaek.

It wasn't Hoetaek or Yanan or even Sungyeol who countered, it was Changgu. Changgu changed, launching himself at Wooseok and slamming into him, shoving him away. "Changgu!" Shouted Yanan as Changgu stood protectively in front of Hoetaek, snarling. "Changgu," said Hoetaek. "Back off," he said, lowering his gaze before looking back up with determination. "This is my fight, go protect Yuto," he said, the alpha's voice returning.

"I swore to get back at you and show you why [i I'm] alpha, here we go," he said. Changgu backed away after a second's hesitation, still baring his teeth at Wooseok. Hoetaek didn't even bother to strip as he changed, launching himself at Wooseok. Shinwon and Jinho quickly changed, going after Yanan and Sungyeol respectively. Yanan was forced to change and counter while Sungyeol dodged out of the way, hopping onto Jinho's back.

"Ah, I see you never learn," said Sungyeol as he kept a strong grip on Jinho's neck as Jinho bucked around trying to throw Sungyeol off him. "Too bad, I want to kill you but," he said, jumping off and throwing him at a tree. He sped forward and grabbed Jinho by the neck and shoved him against the tree again. "I suggest you give up [i puppy]," he snarled before throwing him at Chani and Myungsoo who quickly pinned him down before Sungyeol ran to help Hoetaek.

Yanan wasn't having it that easy, his wolf form was still smaller than Shinwon's and it proved to be his downfall as Shinwon soon had him pinned. Changgu was forced to join the fight to help his brother, knocking Shinwon away. He wasn't a fan of violence, but threaten his pack and he was on it immediately. The others were frozen, inbetween wanting to help them or wait and see what would happen.

Yanan and Changgu found a way to fight together, going at Shinwon at once and quickly bringing him down. Yanan threw Shinwon at Sungjong who was more than happy to keep the wolf pinned for the time being as Changgu collapsed. Yanan whined in surprise as he ran to his brother. Moonbin and Eunwoo pushed themselves to go check on Changgu. Hyojung ran over, looking concerned.

Sungyeol and Hoetaek worked in tandem again, slowly beating down Wooseok. They had to make this quick because Changgu was out of the fight and couldn't afford to dilly dally. "Let's finish this eh?" Asked Sungyeol as Hoetaek tackled Wooseok, slamming into him and pushing him at Sungyeol. Sungyeol grabbed the large black wolf by the neck and slammed him into the ground. "Fight back, I dare you," he spat. Hoetaek ran to Changgu's side, knowing that the fight was over for now.

Changgu was whimpering, shivering from exhaustion. "Changgu," said Moonbin as he sighed. "I know you wanted to help but don't push it next time okay?" He asked. Changgu nodded.

Sungyeol walked over, dragging Wooseok with him. "What do we do with these three?" He asked. "I'd say kill them at this point," said Chani. "But I think that decision is up to good old Hui," said Moonbin as everyone turned to Hoetaek. Hoetaek growled lightly in response before going to nudge Chani. "It's my choice?" Asked Chani. Hoetaek nodded. "Ah, it's your territory," said Kino.

"Well," said Chani as he turned to Wooseok, Shinwon and Jinho. "If I let you go will you leave here?" He asked. "I am not in the mood to kill right now, surprisingly enough," he said. "Granted I think all of us vampires are going to need to hunt but," he said, shrugging. When Wooseok nodded Chani let Shinwon go. "Let them leave then," said Chani. "As I've stated before, even us vampires show compassion," he said. "Leave, don't come back," he said.

Wooseok snorts, rubbing his snout with his paw and having a staring contest with Hoetaek for a minute before running off. Shinwon and Jinho follow after Wooseok. "And that's that," said Moonbin as he let himself relax. "Remind me to never piss off Hui again," said Hongseok, earning a snort from Hoetaek as he walked over to Sungyeol.

Sungyeol hugged Hoetaek, humming into his fur. "We did it eh buddy?" He asked, laughing some before moving away. "Go get changed, I'm going to hunt with the others," he said. Hoetaek nodded, going over to Changgu and Yanan. Jaemin and Yuto went inside to get clothes for Hoetaek, Yanan and Changgu.

"For once I'm going hunting with you," said Sungjong. "Good," Chani said with a snicker. "Let's go then," he said before running off. Sungyeol, Sungjong and Myungsoo sprinted after him.

Yuto was exiled to Sungyeol's room when they got back later that night, earning a deep sigh from Sungyeol. "I swear, they just want to spend time with just them," said Yuto. "I know that but next time see if Jaemin will let you in his and Chani's room," said Sungyeol before he went to take a shower. When he got back Changgu was put in his room for the night. "Changgu prefers your bed," Yuto said with a pout as he had to set up on the floor.

Sungyeol huffs out a chuckle, grinning. "I can't deny [i the] Changgu can I?" He asked, laughing softly. Changgu grinned in response, causing a groan to escape Yuto as he flopped on the floor and buried himself into the blanket he would be sleeping with. "I'll be right here," Sungyeol said, pointing to the desk. "Just throw something at me if you need me," he said. Changgu nodded.
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[center Chapter 17]

"So," said Moonbin. "I know they will probably come for you eventually," he said, turning to Hoetaek as they took a walk around the property. "It's a given that they will," agreed Hoetaek. "Are you willing to help?" He asked.

"I didn't come here for no reason now," said Moonbin as he shrugged. "It's rare that Chani asks for help, if you remember," he said. "I do," said Hoetaek as he nodded. "But it's also a matter with what happens with Jaehwan," he said. "There's nothing I [i can] do until they ask for help," said Moonbin. "We don't meddle in other's affairs until they ask for it," he said. "That's how most packs are run anyway," he added. Hoetaek hummed in response as he nodded.

"Changgu seems to be getting better," he said. "For the most part," agreed Moonbin. "We still need to watch him but hopefully he'll make a fine recovery," he said. "I'm surprised he managed to survive this long after sustaining injuries like that," he said. "Well," said Hoetaek. "He was in wolf form when he showed up," he said. "It's just odd that it took a bit for his healing to jump start," he said. "When it did, he seemed fine until we found him bedridden," he said.

"It tends to act like that yeah," said Moonbin as he scratched the back of his head. "I don't know much about it but," he said, shrugging. "Apparently it's to get 'shifters who's packs are falling apart to get rid of those who aren't loyal to the pack," he said. "You haven't used it yet have you?" Asked Hoetaek. "No," said Moonbin. "I already have enough on my hands with running the faction," he said. "They know better than to cross me anyway," he said. "Even after everything, I did lead them through a lot of situations," he said.

"And unlike me, you didn't run from the situation when something like my situation came up," said Hoetaek. "Trust me," said Moonbin as he turned to Hoetaek. "I did for a long time," he said. "It's not easy running from something that you don't want to take responsibility of," he said. "You did a good job leading them for a long time though," he said, putting a hand on Hoetaek's shoulder. Hoetaek hummed in response, nodding before turning and continuing their walk with Moonbin following after him.

When they arrived into view of the front porch of the house Hoetaek spotted Changgu sitting on the porch swing. "Changgu!" He said. Changgu smiled weakly and waved. "Wanted to get some fresh air?" Asked Moonbin as he walked over with Hoetaek. Changgu nodded, also motioning to the bottle next to him. "Oh, you're almost done I see," said Moonbin as he looked at the bottle before setting it next to Changgu again, leaning against the porch railing.

"Who took you out here?" Asked Hoetaek. Changgu shrugged. "You came out here by yourself?" Asked Moonbin. Changgu shook his head. "Was it Sungyeol?" Asked Hoetaek. Changgu nodded. "It's his jacket you're wearing isn't it?" Asked Hoetaek. Changgu nodded. "Did he go hunting?" Asked Moonbin. Changgu nodded again. "I see," said Hoetaek as he leaned against the porch railing.

The door opened and out came Yanan, looking slightly panicked until he spotted Changgu. "Damn it," said Yanan. "Sungyeol needs to warn me before taking Changgu outside," he said, causing Moonbin and Hoetaek to chuckle. "No worries," said Moonbin. "I think he knew we were out here," he said. "He did," said Hoetaek. "I told him I was taking a walk with you so," he said shrugging.

"Changgu," said Hoetaek as he turned to Changgu. Changgu looked at Hoetaek with a tilt of his head. "Who did this to you?" Asked Hoetaek. "Was it Hyojung?" He asked. Changgu shook his head no. Yanan looked relieved. "I swear if it had been him, I'd go over there right now and punch him into next week," he spat. "Was it Shinwon?" Asked Hoetaek. Changgu shook his head no. "I swear to god if it was Wooseok," spat Yanan, earning a whimper from Changgu.

"God damn it," spat Hoetaek as he moved from the porch railing to pace. "It [i had] to be him huh?" He spat. "We have to wait on them to show up again huh?" He asked, running his hand through his hair. "I don't want to wait," said Yanan. "We need to," said Moonbin. "If we go after them now what's to stop them from going after Yuto and Eunwoo?" He asked. "Especially when they have the drug to render him useless," he said. "I know, I know," said Hoetaek.

Chani came outside with Sungyeol. "Mind going pick up Eunwoo and Yuto?" He asked. "Yeah," said Sungyeol. "Are you up for going with us Changgu?" He asked, turning to Changgu. Changgu nodded. "I'll go with you," said Hoetaek. Changgu nodded, getting up and grabbing the bottle. Hoetaek and Sungyeol headed to the jeep with Changgu following after them slower than normal to test his energy. Hoetaek helped him into the passenger seat before getting in the back seat and Sungyeol got into the driver's seat, starting the jeep and backing out before driving off, heading to Toronto.

"I don't know about you but I'm ready for this damn confrontation," said Hoetaek as he stared out the back passenger side window. "I know," said Sungyeol. "If we weren't dealing with things here I'd go after them now," he said. Changgu hummed, looking out the passenger side window.

"I know you don't like violence Changgu," said Hoetaek. "But injuring you took it [i way] too far," he said. "When they decide to show their faces I'm prepared to show them why [i I'm] the alpha and why Wooseok will never be one," he said. "But say something alright? We're here for you," he said. Changgu looked down at his hands, not sure how to respond.

"You don't have to speak now," Sungyeol said softly as he turned to Changgu before looking back at the road. "We're just stressed with everything," he said. Changgu hummed again, reaching for the bottle and opening it, taking a sip before closing it and putting it back in the cup holder.

When they arrived Yuto was surprised to see Changgu. "Changgu!" He said. "You're doing a lot better!" He said. Changgu nodded, offering a grin as Hoetaek moved to sit on the driver's side of the backseat as Yuto and Eunwoo climbed in, Eunwoo closing the door.

"How was it?" Asked Sungyeol as he drove off, heading home. "Slow day," said Yuto. "But Hyojung stopped by," he said. "He didn't have long but he asked how Changgu was," he said. "I told him I didn't know," he said. "Leave him in the dark," said Hoetaek. "It's better that way," he said. "If he saw Changgu's state now he'd kill Wooseok before we get the chance to," he spat.

"For once I agree," said Sungyeol. "But let's not focus on that right now," he said. "We need to wait," said Eunwoo. "The time will come when you get your revenge, but for now," he started. "For now we need to wait," finished Hoetaek.
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[center Chapter 16]

Sungyeol went to pick up Moonbin and Eunwoo with Yuto, dropping him off at work on the way to the airport. Yuto wanted to stay for Changgu but he needed to open the store this morning so he went to do so after making sure they'd be fine without him.

Sungyeol pulled up to the terminal where Moonbin and Eunwoo were waiting. "Sorry, had to drop the human off at work," he said. "It's fine," said Moonbin. "Drop Eunwoo off there, I think your human needs to be watched for the day," he said. "Why do you say that?" Asked Sungyeol. "More 'shifter activity, I can help your friend but I don't want your human friend dead," said Moonbin. "I'm fine, I can defend myself for the most part," said Eunwoo. Sungyeol nodded and motioned for them to get in the jeep. After they got in the jeep Sungyeol drove off, dropping Eunwoo at Yuto's Starbucks before taking Moonbin back to the coven house.

"Welcome back Sungyeol, hey Moonbin," said Chani as he was sitting on the porch swing waiting on them. "Hey," said Moonbin as he got out of the jeep with Sungyeol following after him. Sungyeol nodded. "How is he?" He asked. "Unconscious," said Chani. "But we managed to get him to drink some soup earlier," he said.

"Still as silent as ever huh?" Asked Sungyeol. Chani nodded. "Hoetaek says he is in a lot of pain, from answering yes or no questions," he said. "Where is Hoetaek currently?" Asked Sungyeol. "Passed out in your chair by the bed," said Chani. "Take me to him," said Moonbin. "Follow me," said Sungyeol before going inside with Moonbin following after him.

Hoetaek was sleeping in the computer chair, slightly slumped in it and snoring softly when Sungyeol and Moonbin entered the room. Sungyeol shook his head and went to shake Hoetaek gently. "Wake up Hoetaek," he said softly. Hoetaek jumped, opening his eyes as he almost punched Sungyeol in the face if Sungyeol didn't move back quickly. "Oh, sorry," said Hoetaek as he yawned. "Hey 'Bin," he said, stretching. Moonbin chuckled some.

"Any accidents since last night?" Asked Sungyeol. "No," said Hoetaek. "No more coughing up blood," he said. "Good, I can tell Myungsoo to go get Sungjong," said Sungyeol before he left the room.

"Tell me what happened from the beginning," said Moonbin as he went to check on Changgu. "Well, I ran from my old pack, taking Yuto with me, Yanan eventually joined us and then as a way to punish us both they send Changgu over severely injured," said Hoetaek. "I [i didn't] want this to happen to him but it did," he said, sighing a bit.

"Do you know who did it?" Asked Moonbin as he went to sift through his bag for something. "No," said Hoetaek. "Well, not exactly," he said. "I know who we can rule out," he said. "Hyojung?" Asked Moonbin. "How did you?" Asked Hoetaek. "He saw me and came to me asking where Changgu was," said Moonbin. "Handed me something for Changgu to drink," he said, getting the bottle and opening it, taking a sniff to make sure it wasn't poison.

"I wasn't expecting this," said Hoetaek. "Well, you have someone on the inside at least," said Moonbin as he went to wake up Changgu. "Changgu, buddy can you wake up for me?" He asked, putting the bottle on the bedside table before gently shaking Changgu. Changgu let out a whimper as he opened his eyes, immediately throwing his arm over his eyes due to the brightness.

"Sorry," Moonbin said softly. "Had to make sure things were okay, can you drink this for me?" He asked, grabbing the bottle and showing Changgu. Changgu moved his arm to see, blinking at it before nodding. Moonbin helped Changgu sit up before grabbing a straw and putting it in the bottle before putting it Changgu's lips. He watched as Changgu took a sip, Changgu soon moving the bottle away, coughing slightly. Moonbin moved the bottle away, placing it on the bedside table as Sungyeol came back into the room.

"How is he?" Asked Sungyeol. "I think whatever Hyojung gave me is working for now," said Moonbin as he went to help Changgu lay down again. "Sleep, okay?" He asked. Changgu nodded, curling up into a ball. Moonbin tucked him in before grabbing the bottle and closing the lid and putting it back on the bedside table. "Let's leave him be for a bit," he said, turning to Hoetaek and Sungyeol. "I believe we have a [i lot] to discuss," he said. Sungyeol and Hoetaek nodded, leaving the room with Moonbin following after them after turning off the bedroom light.

"Wooseok finally snapped eh?" Asked Moonbin as they sat around the kitchen table. "Pretty much," said Hoetaek as he sighed slightly. "I don't know why he has it in his head that to become the main alpha is to kill me but," he said, scratching the back of his head.

They look towards the back door when Sungjong returned with Myungsoo. "Sorry about that," said Sungjong. "It's fine," said Hoetaek. "I'd've left the house too if there was that much blood," he said. "Luckily we were able to hold back our thirst long enough to clean up before you guys got back," said Sungyeol. "I keep telling you," said Chani as he walked over. "Becoming a vegetarian would help in cases like this," he said. "Yeah yeah," said Sungjong as he sighed.

"Why am I not surprised you two know each other?" Chani asked Moonbin and Hoetaek. Moonbin shrugged. "Maybe if you look back in your human memories you'd know him too," he said. "I used to visit 'shifter territories to help out a bit before I moved on," said Hoetaek.

"I guess running away didn't work out too well did it?" He asked as he turned to Moonbin. "Not when it concerns my best friend and them threatening to kill him," said Moonbin as he scratched the back of his head. "We would've taken him on you know," said Chani. "Yes but," Moonbin said, shaking his head. "I didn't want that on my conscious," he said. "I guess," said Chani.

Everyone turned when Yanan stumbled out of Myungsoo's room, still looking rather exhausted but otherwise looked fine. "Hey Yanan," said Hoetaek. "Morning," Yanan said, yawning as he went to sit down. "How is Changgu?" He asked. "He'll be fine," said Moonbin. "We have to remember to get him to drink whatever was in that bottle the next time he wakes up," he said.

"Do you know what happened?" asked Hoetaek. "Apparently, there's a new drug or whatever that renders a 'shifter's healing abilities to that of a human's," said Moonbin. "I wasn't aware there was a cure, but apparently Hyojung got his hands on it long enough to give it to me," he said. "All he told me was to get him to drink the whole bottle, and then he left," he said. "Hm," said Chani.
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[center Chapter 15]

Changgu's condition seemed to get worse as he found himself bedridden for the next few days, putting stress on everyone once again. Yanan refused to leave his brother's side, no matter what the others tried to do. He wanted to be there for his brother, even if Changgu was passed out for most hours of the day.

Hoetaek found himself pacing back and forth in the livingroom, much to the annoyance of Sungjong. Sungjong knew there was no use in voicing his annoyance because it'd only cause problems for everyone. Chani was in his room talking with Moonbin and trying to figure out what they could do about Changgu. Sungyeol and Myungsoo had gone hunting to refill their venison supply since they were running out. Jaemin was in Toronto with Yuto, the latter at work while Jaemin was taking Hoetaek's clients during this time.

"[i You said he was severely injured when he arrived]?" Asked Moonbin as he sat in front of the computer. "Yeah," said Chani. "It took a bit for his healing to jump start but he seemed fine when Sungyeol and Hoetaek took him running the other day," he said. "[i Wait, his healing wasn't normal]?" Asked Moonbin. Chani shook his head. "It took a bit for his healing to kick in but Yanan concluded that his healing was that of a human's when he checked," he said.

"[i God damn it]," said Moonbin as he sighed. "[i Eunwoo! We're heading to Toronto, get us plane tickets]!" He shouted. Chani looked startled as he blinked. "[i No time to explain, come pick us up tomorrow]," said Moonbin as he hung up. Chani soon got a text saying the arrival time as he sighed, sitting back in his chair.

Hoetaek knocked before entering, looking worried. "I don't know," said Chani as he turned around in his chair to look at Hoetaek. "But we're getting help, in the form of my best friend Moonbin," he said. "Hopefully he can figure this out," he said. Hoetaek nodded, combing a hand through his hair with a sigh. "I'm just worried, this never happened to [i anyone] we knew," he said.

"Changgu's always been special, in his own way," he said, leaning against the door frame. "But I still wonder how he grew up," he said. "I never got to see him growing up, just saw him after his father wanted me to take him," he said. "I don't think Yanan did either," he said. "From what I know, those two didn't come together until after they started changing," he said.

Chani hummed as he got another text. "Oh, damn it," he said. "I forgot Yuto and Jaemin needed to be picked up," he said. "I'll go get them," said Hoetaek. "I'll go with you," said Chani. "We need the break for a bit," he said. Hoetaek nodded and went to get the keys to the jeep and headed to Toronto with Chani.

"What'd you do with your car?" Asked Chani. "I gave it to Jaehwan," said Hoetaek as he shrugged. "I see," said Chani. "When is Moonbin and Eunwoo going to be here?" Asked Hoetaek. "Tomorrow morning, they're hoping to catch the first flight to Toronto," said Chani. "It won't be that hard would it?" Asked Hoetaek. "No but," Chani said, sighing.

"He looked startled when I told him of Changgu's condition," he said. "Most 'shifters would be," said Hoetaek. "Especially when said 'shifter hasn't stopped changing yet," he said. "I've never encountered this type of thing before," he said. "Neither have I to be honest," said Chani. "Even with Jaemin being the only one who is technically human in our coven before you guys joined he rarely got sick," he said.

When they arrived Yuto got in the backseat with Jaemin, Yuto handing a cup of coffee to Hoetaek. "Thanks," said Hoetaek as he put it in the cup holder before driving off and heading home. "How'd it go today?" He asked. "Alright," said Yuto. "We got busy after lunch but," he said, shrugging.

"How'd the meetings go?" Asked Chani. "Fine," said Jaemin. "Who's team was it?" Asked Hoetaek. "Woojin, Hongseob and Jason," said Jaemin. "I talked to them about Changgu, they looked just as concerned as I had the whole day," he said, sighing a bit. "Hongseob isn't sure of what would've caused this," he said. "We may get our answer from Moonbin soon," said Hoetaek as he drank some coffee.

"How is he?" Asked Yuto. "I don't know," said Chani. "Yanan's refusing to leave his side, but Changgu's been unconscious for most of the day," he said. "If he was human I'd say he had some weird strain of the flu but," he said, shrugging.

"'Shifters don't get sick," said Hoetaek. "Well, except before they start changing but," he said, shrugging. "And then once they stop changing they're human again for the most part," he said. "But Changgu hasn't stopped changing yet," he said.

When they got home Sungyeol and Myungsoo were back and sitting in the livingroom looking worse for wear. "Everything okay?" Asked Chani as he walked over. "No," said Sungyeol. "Changgu coughed up blood earlier and well," he said, sighing. "Sungjong had to leave the house, Yanan was desperate when we returned, he didn't know what to do," he said.

"I moved Changgu into Sungyeol's room and washed the bed sheets and blankets and stuff," said Myungsoo. "I managed to get Yanan to get some sleep just before you got back," he said. Hoetaek looked panicked. "Where is Sungjong now?" He asked. "Somewhere in the forest, I told him I'd go after him after the scent of blood finally went away," said Myungsoo.

"We're unaffected by it it seems," said Chani. "We hunt animals, we're more immune to it than Sungjong is," said Sungyeol. "I guess," said Chani. Yuto flopped down on the couch looking worried. "I know I haven't known Changgu as long as the others but I hope he gets better," he said. "Same," said Jaemin.

"He was doing [i so] well," said Hoetaek as he sighed. Sungyeol got up and went to hug him. "Come on," he said softly. "We can keep an eye on him," he said. Hoetaek nodded and went into Sungyeol's room with Sungyeol.

"Where's Yanan?" Asked Chani. "My room, passed out on the bed," said Myungsoo. "We told him that we could keep an ear out for anything weird sounding coming from Sungyeol's room and he finally just collapsed from exhaustion," he said. "He's really worried," said Yuto. "I would be too to be fair," said Jaemin.
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[center Chapter 14]

It finally began to snow, something that Hoetaek took note of as he went to lay in the backyard, staring up at the sky. It was one of Yuto's days off and Yuto spent it with Jaemin and Changgu under the watchful eye of Yanan.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you'd get sick just lying there in the snow," said Sungyeol as he walked over. Hoetaek snorts, shaking his head. "I'll be fine," he said. "I know," said Sungyeol as he went to lay beside Hoetaek.

"It's been quiet," said Hoetaek as he reached up to let a snowflake land on his finger that quickly melted due to his body heat. "Yeah," said Sungyeol. "I don't know if I like this silence," he said. "I don't either," said Hoetaek. "I know they're planning something," he said. "They wouldn't just let this go without something happening," he said.

"Is there anyone else we should look out for?" Asked Chani as he walked over. "Not exactly no," said Hoetaek. "Everyone else was just basically against me being the alpha so," he said, shrugging. "I didn't even [i want] the job and I found myself with them," he said, sighing a bit.

"Maybe because of the two brothers?" Asked Chani. "No," said Hoetaek. "If it was because of those two I'd've left them ages ago," he said. "They found us and asked us to join them," he said. "They were without an alpha at the time so," he said, shrugging.

"Is it because of Yuto?" Asked Sungyeol. "No," said Hoetaek. "Though it was Yanan that had him involved with us in the first place, but we've been with them for a few years prior to meeting him," he said.

"Okay, explain to me then," said Sungyeol. "Who did you meet first and how did you end up with them?" He asked. "Yanan and Changgu were the first people I met," said Hoetaek. "I knew their father, and since I owed their father a few things I took those two with me because he had asked," he said. "Well, he had asked for me to take Changgu but I took Yanan with me also, I couldn't see the two of them apart," he added.

"Then it was Jinho and Shinwon, Jinho is actually older than me and Shinwon is older than Changgu and Yanan by a year, we met them while travelling," he said. "Hongseok, Hyojung and Kino were next, they're all younger than me, and Kino is 2 years younger than Yanan and Changgu, we saved them from nearly getting executed by their own pack," he said. "And then Wooseok is last, he started changing and his parents just handed him to us because they didn't know what to do," he said. "And he's your youngest," said Chani. Hoetaek nodded. "Well, if we include Yuto into this mess he's the youngest," he said.

"So we haven't met 4 of your packmates yet," said Chani. "Nope," said Hoetaek. "What are the others like?" Asked Chani. "Well," said Hoetaek as he thought about it. "Shinwon's the best tracker alongside Kino, Hyojung's the best fighter other than Yanan and I, Hongseok's kinda... Eh?" He asked. "And then Wooseok is cold and indifferent," he said. "Who came up with the idea that killing you and those involved would get Wooseok to become alpha?" Asked Chani. "Who else but Wooseok?" Hoetaek asked with a scoff. "He's been the most against it," he said.

"Who do you think did that to Changgu?" Asked Sungyeol. "It wasn't Hyojung," said Hoetaek. "He's on the same boat as us when it comes to protecting Changgu," he said. "Plus I'd recognize his handiwork," he said. "This looks like it was done over time," said Chani. "I wouldn't put it passed them to only do damage to Changgu when Hyojung isn't there," said Hoetaek. "Especially when Changgu doesn't speak," he said. "But, what the hell caused his healing to basically be that of a human's?" He asked. "I'm curious about that too," said Sungyeol. "Only because it could be proven dangerous if in the wrong hands," he said. Chani hummed in response.

Changgu walked over with his brother. "Having fun just laying in the snow?" Asked Yanan. "Yes," Hoetaek said, laughing some before sitting up. Sungyeol chuckled and sat up. "What's up?" He asked. "Ah, Changgu wants to hang out," said Yanan. "Of course," said Sungyeol as he smiled softly. Hoetaek smiled. "I'd never turn down an offer like that from [i the] Changgu," he said, laughing some. Changgu grinned and nodded.

"You up for a run Changgu?" Asked Hoetaek. Changgu nodded. "Alright," said Hoetaek. "Let's go get changed then," he said, going behind a tree and going to change. Changgu did the same thing. Sungyeol shook his head in amusement, going to grab both their clothes and put it somewhere out of the snowfall once they both came back in wolf form. "Race you!" Said Sungyeol before he took off. The two wolves howl before chasing after Sungyeol.

Chani chuckled, watching them quickly disappear into the trees. "They'll be fine," he said, turning to Yanan. "I know," said Yanan as he had the fondest smile on his face. "Changgu loves running," he said. "It's nice to see him running again," he said before going back inside with Chani.

Sungyeol raced them through the snow with no real destination in mind, though both he and Hoetaek were mindful of Changgu still being somewhat still in recovery despite him looking okay now.

When Changgu stopped Hoetaek and Sungyeol turned to him, looking worried. "You tired?" Asked Sungyeol. Changgu nodded. Sungyeol chuckled softly. "Change back, I can put my jacket on you and Hoetaek can carry you back," he said. Changgu nodded and changed back to his human form, standing there shivering slightly. Sungyeol took off his jacket and put it over Changgu, making sure he had his arms in the jacket before zipping it up and helping him onto Hoetaek's back. When Changgu had a secure enough grip they headed home.

"Aw, he fell asleep on the way back," said Sungyeol as they arrived. "I'll go get Yanan give me like 5 seconds," he said to Hoetaek who nodded. Sungyeol went inside to get Yanan, coming back out with him a minute later.

"Aw, he did fall asleep," said Yanan. "I told you," Sungyeol said, laughing softly as he went to help Yanan get Changgu off Hoetaek's back, with Yanan carrying him inside. Hoetaek went to change and put on his clothes, taking Changgu's clothes with him inside. Sungyeol followed after him.
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[center Chapter 13]

Jaemin made it his mission to help Changgu recover, seeing the same sort of innocence he had before everything had happened with Jeno. Hoetaek made it his mission to make it known why he was alpha, if only they bothered to show their faces again. Yanan wanted to go after them but he knew better than to go alone, especially when Changgu showed up as badly injured as he had.

Today Sungyeol dragged Yanan and Hoetaek away from Changgu for a few hours, swearing up and down that Jaemin was perfectly fine with Changgu by himself while Myungsoo and Chani were in the house. Yuto was at work, and Myungsoo would get him after work so Sungyeol just dragged Yanan and Hoetaek out to go running.

It was rather odd, to anyone else who would cross their paths, to see a vampire and two wolves running side by side. It helped them clear their heads at least, and with how stressed things were lately Sungyeol figured that the two wolves on either side of him needed a break.

"I know I never said where we were going but," said Sungyeol as he stopped suddenly, Yanan and Hoetaek almost stumbling as they came to a stop beside him. "I found this place that I want to show you both, maybe we can take Changgu here in the spring," he said. [i If he survives until then] were the unspoken words that were left hanging in the air.

Hoetaek snorts, though it wasn't a scoffing sort of sound. Sungyeol had learned to read the wolf as easily as he was able to understand the English language. Everyone knew the two 'shifters were worried for Changgu, his healing hadn't been accelerating as quickly as normally seen in 'shifters. They had done something to Changgu that had basically made his healing the rate of a human's.

"I think you'll like it anyway," said Sungyeol as he continued forward with Yanan and Hoetaek soon following after him. After about half an hour Sungyeol came to a stop beside a river next to a waterfall. Yanan looked around the place, making a noise that sounded like he was in awe. Hoetaek was in a similar situation as he looked around, admiring the scenery.

"It's obviously a bit more beautiful in the spring time but," said Sungyeol as he scratched the back of his head. Hoetaek made a small growling noise, causing Sungyeol to laugh. "You like it huh?" He asked. Hoetaek came over and bumped Sungyeol. "A yes then," Sungyeol said, smiling softly as he scratched Hoetaek behind the ears. Yanan came around and nudged Sungyeol, nearly knocking him over if he didn't quickly balance himself. "Yes, we'll bring Changgu over," Sungyeol said, laughing softly as he turned to pet Yanan on the head. "Well, let's go then," he said, turning to the river before turning back to the two wolves. When Hoetaek and Yanan nodded Sungyeol headed back with the two wolves following after him.

"Had fun?" Asked Chani as he was sitting on the porch swing again when they got back. "Yeah," said Sungyeol. Hoetaek and Yanan went to change before coming back in human form and dressed. "Is this what you do all day?" Asked Hoetaek. "Find beautiful spots to go chill for the day? Yes," Chani said with a laugh. "I told Sungyeol of the place and took him there the other day," he said.

"How is he?" Asked Yanan. "Doing alright I'd say," said Chani. "Jaemin has him resting in my room currently but," he said, shrugging. "According to him we have the softest bed anyway," he said. "Is he eating okay now?" Asked Hoetaek. "Yes," said Chani. "He's still got some bruises but that shouldn't be much of a problem," he said. "His healing came back then?" Asked Yanan. "It seems so," said Chani.

"It's too early to tell," said Myungsoo as he came outside with Sungjong. "Going hunting?" Asked Sungyeol. "Yep," said Sungjong. "Be careful," said Chani. "Always," said Sungjong. "They won't do anything to you, they know this list," said Hoetaek. "But if forced they will do something about it," he said. "Keep things on the low for now," he said. "Thanks for the advice," said Sungjong before leaving with Myungsoo.

Yanan went inside to go check on his brother and Jaemin. When Yanan went to open the door he found the two laughing at something Jaemin was showing Changgu on Chani's laptop. He had a fond smile on his face as he leaned in the doorway. "Having fun?" He asked. Jaemin looked up at Yanan, nodding. "I thought funny videos would cheer him up," he said. Changgu grinned. Yanan nodded. "Funny videos always help cheer me up," he said, laughing some. "Come on, you up for helping make dinner?" He asked. Changgu nodded and got up with Jaemin, going with Yanan into the kitchen to start on dinner.

Hoetaek came over with Sungyeol beside him. "Making dinner Changgu?" Asked Hoetaek. Changgu hummed in response as he focused on cutting vegetables. Hoetaek chuckled some, nodding. Yanan came over to check on his progress before going to turn on the stove. "We're making stir fry," he said. "Ah, cool," said Hoetaek. "It'll be ready when the others get back," said Jaemin as he went to see what Changgu was doing. "Okay, go throw it in the pot," he said. Changgu nodded and went to do so.

Hoetaek and Sungyeol left them be after a bit, going to sit outside on the porch with Chani. "Was he born mute?" Asked Chani as he turned to Hoetaek. "Might've been, those two didn't come together until they were in their teens," said Hoetaek. "He's more understanding than most people give him credit for however," he said. "From the years I've known the both of them, I've only really heard Changgu speak a few times," he said. "He [i can] speak," he said. "But I think it's due to his child like innocence that he's more mute," he said. "I'm not judging him for that," said Chani. "I know," said Hoetaek. "I think they understand that too," he said.

Dinner was a fun event for everyone, even if the vampires couldn't eat Jaemin made sure to include them in conversations as they talked about things that had happened during the day. Yuto shared stories of his worst customers, with Hoetaek sharing stories of some of his worst clients for good measure.

After dinner Hoetaek went to hang out in Sungyeol's room, with Yuto being allowed back into his room he was sharing with Yanan and now Changgu. Everyone else scattered to their rooms also, since there wasn't much else to do.

"He's doing better now," said Hoetaek as he laid in Sungyeol's bed playing on his phone. "Yeah," said Sungyeol as he sat at his desk to browse the internet on the computer. "I still want to go after them," Hoetaek said, sighing a bit. "I can understand sending someone like Jinho but Changgu? Why target the innocent one?" He asked.

"They wanted you to go after him," said Sungyeol. "So that Wooseok could take me on personally," hummed Hoetaek. "They knew how much we both cared for him," he said, sighing. "But this is bull crap," he said, putting his phone on the bedside table and turning onto his side.

Sungyeol hummed in response as he got up, stretching slightly before grabbing his phone and going to lie in bed behind Hoetaek, hugging him to his chest. "Get some sleep," he said. Hoetaek hummed, turning around and burying his face into Sungyeol's chest. "I just want it to all be over," he said. "I know, I know," said Sungyeol. He hummed a lullaby, drawing circles into Hoetaek's back to hopefully get him to sleep. It wasn't long until Hoetaek's breathing evened out and he fell asleep.
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[center Chapter 12]

There was a commotion outside while Hoetaek and Sungyeol were in their room and Chani came to get them. "It's a different wolf," said Chani. "Who the hell tracked us here this time?" Asked Hoetaek as he went to see, with Sungyeol following after him, with Yanan following them outside after a few minutes.

"Changgu?" Asked Hoetaek. "What the hell did they do to you kid!" He said as he went to see the damage done to the sandy colored wolf. Sungyeol blinked, and Yanan ran over, looking concerned for him. "Do you have a first aid kit?" Asked Hoetaek as he turned to Sungyeol. That seemed to push Sungyeol to move as he ran inside to get it, coming back with the first aid kit and leaning down to check on Changgu. Hoetaek and Yanan moved to let Sungyeol check him.

"Oh hell, we are [i not] about to let another 'shifter into our house," said Sungjong as he came outside. "That isn't up for you to decide Sungjong," said Sungyeol as he softly hushed the whimpering wolf while he applied rubbing alcohol to his wounds to clean them. "Listen here leech," spat Yanan as he turned to Sungjong. "If it were [i anyone else] I'd agree with you but Changgu's not like the others," he said with a growl. "Back off Yanan," said Hoetaek.

"Why should I back off?" Snarled Yanan as he turned to Hoetaek. "You're scaring Changgu for one," said Hoetaek as he kept his expression neutral. "I'm not about to let them throw out an injured 'shifter," he said. "But they've already done so much with accepting us," he said.

"Hoetaek's right," said Chani as he came outside. "But even us vampires have compassion," he said. "This is Jaemin all over again," said Sungjong as he sighed. "Except it's a giant wolf," Chani said with a humorless chuckle.

"He can stay until he gets better," he said, turning to Hoetaek and Yanan. "After that, it's completely up to you because it's your pack we're dealing with here," he said. "There's more than enough people on your side to make this decision," he said. "Since you're Sungyeol's mate you're unofficial members of the coven," he said. "Thank you," said Hoetaek as he turned to Sungyeol who was still patching up the wounds.

"Almost done," said Sungyeol as he checked all spots for anymore wounds. "How are we gonna get him into the house?" Asked Hoetaek. "I don't know but one question," said Sungyeol. "You guys don't communicate mentally like the 'shifters in Twilight right?" He asked. "No," said Yanan. "But I can see why you're being cautious about this," he said, sighing a bit.

"Changgu," Hoetaek said softly as he went over after Sungyeol backed off a bit after checking everything. "Who did this to you?" He asked, petting the wolf on the head. He sighed a bit when Changgu was silent. "We need to get him inside," he said. "Can you change back? I think Sungyeol is done," he said. Changgu nodded, stretching slightly, whimpering from the slight pain as he returned to human form, shivering as he hugged his knees. Hoetaek bent over and picked him up, carrying him bridal style and bringing him inside. Yanan and Sungyeol followed after him. Hoetaek took Changgu into the bathroom to wipe him clean, Yanan standing outside the door keeping guard.

"You guys care for him a lot," said Sungyeol as he came over with some clean clothes. "Changgu's my brother," said Yanan. "We were close and of course old Hoetaek took us in after we both started changing," he said. "He's so innocent it's not even funny," he said, sighing a bit. Sungyeol nodded in understanding, opening the door after knocking once and dropping the clothes on the sink, taking a few seconds to watch Hoetaek wipe Changgu with a cloth before stepping outside again. "Almost done?" Asked Yanan. Sungyeol nodded and went to see if Yuto could make some hot chocolate for Changgu.

"I think you might be exiled to my room again," said Sungyeol as he helped Yuto make some hot chocolate for the others. Yuto hummed in response. "He looks so... Broken," he said. "All three of them do," agreed Sungyeol as he sighed. "I'm fine with being exiled to your room," said Yuto. Sungyeol nodded and they both turned when Myungsoo came out of his room.

"I'm going hunting," said Myungsoo. "I'll go with you," said Sungyeol. "Go, you look like you need the distraction," said Yuto. "Jaemin! Help me make some hot chocolate please," he called. Jaemin came out of his and Chani's room rather quickly, wanting to help Yuto. Sungyeol and Myungsoo nodded and left, going hunting.

"I want to go after this damn pack so much it hurts," said Sungyeol as they stalked after a herd of moose. "Yeah, I know the feeling," said Myungsoo as he sighed a bit. "This is basically a repeat of Jaemin," he said. "Except we're dealing with bigger wolves, and these aren't as fragile," he said. "Well, except the wolf that went in with the other two," he added. "Those two were so devastated to see their friend like that," he said.

"Well, Yanan's that new wolf's brother," said Sungyeol as he paused, causing Myungsoo to stop beside him. "But the three do seem close," he said. They soon went after the herd, causing all but two to scatter as Sungyeol and Myungsoo tackled both, draining them. Once done they went to bury them, going straight home afterwards.

Hoetaek and Yuto were exiled to Sungyeol's room that night, Yanan having a defeated look on his face when he came to Sungyeol's room with Yuto and Hoetaek in tow. "They can stay," said Sungyeol when he looked over from his spot in front of the closet where he had just gotten done changing after taking a shower. "Thank you," said Yanan before he went back to his and Yuto's room.

Yuto went to get an extra pillow and blanket for Hoetaek before going to take a shower. Hoetaek tackled Sungyeol, burying his face into Sungyeol's chest as he fought back a sob. "He's so broken," he said, a sob escaping him as Sungyeol wrapped his arms around him. "I don't know what to do," he sobbed as Sungyeol gently hushed him, going to lay down with Hoetaek laying across his chest.

"We'll get our revenge, don't worry," said Sungyeol. "I'm not letting this go without a damn fight," he said. "I don't want to lose you either," said Hoetaek, a whimper escaping him. "You won't," said Sungyeol. "I swear on it," he said. He hummed a lullaby, letting his hand that was lying across Hoetaek's back draw patterns, hoping to lull him to sleep.

It was how Yuto found them a few minutes later, looking worried for his friend before going to lay down in bed with a soft groan, curling up into a ball under the blankets before eventually falling asleep.

Chani came to check on them during the night while Sungyeol was browsing his phone. "Those two finally calmed down?" Sungyeol asked quietly when he spotted Chani. "Yeah," said Chani as he huffed out a sigh. "I can see Hoetaek and Yuto did too," he said. "For now," said Sungyeol. "For now," agreed Chani before he left the room, softly closing the door behind him.
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[center Chapter 11]

The house was filled with a sort of energy after Jaemin and Yuto woke up to go make breakfast for themselves, only half remembering to make more for their other guests. Sungyeol had noticed how close the two were getting, but noticed Chani giving him a knowing smile, the unspoken words between them basically said they were nothing more than friends. Jaemin didn't really have anyone outside their coven, so having Yuto around was a definite change to the way things went between everyone.

"Ah, I got to work again," Yuto said with a scowl as he went to get ready after starting the coffee maker. "I guess I'll take him into Toronto," said Jaehwan as he came out of the guest bedroom. "Finishing missions?" Asked Hoetaek as he turned to Jaehwan. "Yeah," said Jaehwan. "Mind if I get a ride into town?" Asked Hoetaek. "I have some clients to meet up with before I'm done for the day," he said. "Where at?" Asked Jaehwan. "Same Starbucks Yuto works at," said Hoetaek. "Sure," said Jaehwan.

"I need to hunt, so go on ahead without me," said Zuho. "I'll drop him off," said Sungyeol. "Alright," said Jaehwan before he went to get ready. Seongwoo and Jihoon came out of the room to get breakfast, where Jaemin already had some on plates for them before he leaned against the kitchen counter to eat. Hoetaek, Jaehwan and Yanan came over to eat breakfast a few minutes later, with Yuto joining them not long after. After finishing breakfast Jaehwan left with his pack and Yuto and Hoetaek, heading to Toronto.

Zuho headed out with Sungyeol and Chani, going after yet another herd of deer. Sungyeol wasn't doing too well, his thoughts somewhere else entirely but Chani did everything to keep Sungyeol focused on the hunt. "Come on Sungyeol, I know your head isn't in the game but at least go hunt," he said. "I'm trying," said Sungyeol as he sighed. They continued their hunt, finding the herd they were after. After getting and burying their kills they headed back, with Sungyeol taking Jaemin and Zuho into Toronto.

When they arrived at the coffee shop Hoetaek was waiting outside, sipping on some coffee as he sat at one of the outside tables. "Having fun?" Asked Sungyeol as he got out of the jeep with Zuho and Jaemin following after him. "I guess," said Hoetaek. "I'm actually really surprised it hasn't snowed yet," he said, looking up at the overcast sky. "It probably will soon," said Sungyeol as Zuho and Jaemin headed into the coffee shop.

"Any news from the idiots yet?" He asked as he followed Hoetaek inside. "No," said Hoetaek. "But it's never a good thing when they're silent," he said. "So I'm keeping an eye out," he said. "You meet your clients yet?" Asked Sungyeol. "One of them, I'm waiting on the other team currently," said Hoetaek as they went to sit at his usual spot.

"Who was the first team?" Asked Sungyeol. "Taeseon's U.S. team," said Hoetaek as he shrugged, taking a newspaper and opening it, hiding his identity for now. "Who's the next?" Asked Sungyeol as he browsed through his phone. "Hobi, Doyoung and Hyunjin," said Hoetaek. Sungyeol hummed in response as Jaemin came over with a scone, munching on it as he sat down with Zuho joining them not long after. The three of them sat in comfortable silence, with Zuho checking his phone to see where Jaehwan and the others were while Jaemin nibbled on his scone, trying to make it last.

"You really like the scone don't you?" Asked Hoetaek as he peeked out from behind his newspaper. "Mhm," said Jaemin as he chuckled some. Hoetaek laughs before moving the newspaper back and sipping on his coffee.

The door chimed as it opened, with Yuto giving his usual faked enthusiastic greeting. "What can I get you?" He asked. "The usual," said Doyoung as he nodded. "And a sandwich," said Hyunjin as he went to grab one. "And a sandwich," said Doyoung. "10$, name on cup?" Asked Yuto as he went to grab three cups. "Hobi," said Hoseok as he swiped his card and Yuto had him sign a copy of the reciept before taking the customer copy and writing something down on it before handing it back to Doyoung. "Your order will be ready soon," he said, nodding before going to make their orders.

Doyoung examined the note before spotting Hoetaek's newspaper and walking over, with Hoseok and Hyunjin going to sit nearby. "Well, pleasure seeing you guys here," said Doyoung. "As always," said Sungyeol as he nodded. Hoetaek peeked out from behind the newspaper, nodding to Doyoung before getting the information from his phone and quickly writing it down before handing it to Doyoung. "Thank you," said Doyoung.

"How's Jungwoo and Jeno doing?" Asked Jaemin. "Fine fine," said Doyoung. "They're both busy with work so," he said, shrugging. "I see," said Jaemin. "Maybe we'll go see them again, if Sunggyu, Cory and Jisung don't come visit first," said Sungyeol. "It'd be nice," said Jaemin. "Then I can tell them about Yuto!" He said. Sungyeol chuckled some.

"Yuto's a nice change to everything," said Sungyeol as he shrugged. "Jaemin doesn't really have anyone outside of us so," he said when Doyoung gave him a questioning look. "Ah, I see," Doyoung said, laughing some. "He's human isn't he?" He asked. Sungyeol nodded. "I plan on keeping it that way," said Hoetaek. "Unless something forces me to let someone turn him," he added.

"I'm perfectly fine with being human," called Yuto. "Order for Hobi!" He called. Hoseok got up and went to get their orders before coming back and handing Doyoung's cup to Doyoung.

"So," said Doyoung. "I heard you were having trouble with other 'shifter packs," he said. "Give or take," said Hoetaek as he looked out from behind his newspaper. "We got it handled for now though," he said. "For now," agreed Sungyeol. "Alright, good luck then," said Doyoung before he got up and left with Hoseok and Hyunjin.

Everyone spent the day at the Starbucks, just sitting around and having fun. Zuho left with Jaehwan after he had gotten done with missions and Yuto gave them some pastries to go before getting the leftovers and taking them home. Sungyeol drove everyone home after getting dinner for everyone and Yanan.

Yanan and Chani were hanging out on the porch swing when they got home, with Yanan going to get his share of dinner and going back to sitting on the porch swing.

"Anything new?" Asked Sungyeol as he went to lean against the porch railing while everyone else went inside. "Nah, it's been quiet," said Chani. "I think you really scared him into running yesterday," he said. Sungyeol snorts. "It seems like it," he said. "Quiet usually isn't good though," said Yanan. "We don't know what they're planning," he said. "True," said Sungyeol.
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[center Chapter 10]

Sungyeol and Hoetaek seemed to work in tandem as they both hunted, going after a herd of deer. They seemed to be in sync with each other as they split, attacking from different directions and going after a deer each. It seemed to appease the monsters inside them as Sungyeol drained one of the deer of blood before taking the other one from Hoetaek and draining that one.

Hoetaek sat down and waited until Sungyeol had his fill before standing and walking up to him and bumping him with his snout. Sungyeol turned and buried his face into Hoetaek's fur. "We're such a mess aren't we?" He asked, voice muffled into Hoetaek's fur. Hoetaek snorts, taking note of the scarf around Sungyeol's neck as he nuzzled Sungyeol. "I did keep the scarf," mumbled Sungyeol as he moved away, smiling softly. "I don't just throw away gifts you know," he said, laughing some as he went to dig a hole to bury the deer. Hoetaek went to help.

"Race you home?" Asked Sungyeol once they were done. Hoetaek bared his teeth in a smirk before taking off, heading home. "Hey!" Shouted Sungyeol before he sprinted after Hoetaek.

Chani was sitting on the porch swing waiting on them when they got back. "Calm now?" He asked. "Yeah," said Sungyeol. Hoetaek nodded before going to the tree where he stripped to change back and put his clothes on before coming to stand beside Sungyeol. "Come on in, we'll talk in the morning," said Chani. "Everyone just kinda scattered into their rooms," he said. Sungyeol nodded and headed inside with Hoetaek and Chani.

"Can sleep in my room if you want," Sungyeol said to Hoetaek. "I guess," said Hoetaek. "Don't do anything [i loud] in there," Chani said with a snicker, earning a pillow getting thrown at Chani. "You too Chani," Sungyeol said with a snicker. "Oh shut up," said Chani as he threw the pillow back before going into his room. Sungyeol chuckled and went to put the pillow back on the couch before heading into his room with Hoetaek following after him.

"Why'd you get exiled to my room?" Sungyeol asked Yuto and Jaemin. "The 'shifters wanted to be alone, and Chani wanted to spend time with Zuho," said Yuto, earning a sigh from Sungyeol. "Okay," said Sungyeol. "Bathroom's across the hall," he said to Hoetaek as he went to the closet to grab a change of clothes and throw it at Hoetaek. "You three can have the bed I guess, I'll be on the computer," he said, pointing to the desk. Jaemin, Hoetaek and Yuto nodded before Hoetaek went to take a shower.

When Hoetaek came back Sungyeol went to take a shower, coming back to seeing Yuto and Jaemin in bed and Hoetaek on the floor with a blanket and pillow, the three of them fast asleep. Sungyeol shook his head and went to sit down at his desk and browse the internet for the rest of the night.

Towards dawn Sungyeol heard whimpering coming from the floor behind him, causing him to turn in his chair to look towards the sound. Hoetaek was sleeping with the blanket half on him, his face covered with his right arm while his left was laid across his chest. Sungyeol looked towards the bed to make sure it wasn't Yuto or Jaemin who were curled up against each other, Jaemin in wolf form, before Sungyeol heard another whimper coming from Hoetaek's direction.

Hoetaek seemed to be stuck in a nightmare and Sungyeol wasn't sure what to do at first. He eventually got up and walked the small distance to sit behind Hoetaek, putting his head in his lap. Hoetaek continued to whimper softly as Sungyeol gently hushed him, gently running his hands through Hoetaek's hair.

There was movement coming from Chani's room before Chani walked over to peek his head into Sungyeol's room to see if everything was alright. "Nightmares?" Asked Chani. Sungyeol nodded, looking down when the whimpers died down, Hoetaek mumbling something in his sleep before turning over. Sungyeol was careful as he moved, letting Hoetaek settle into the pillow he slept on before getting up and leaving the room with Chani following him into the kitchen where the other vampires were sitting around the kitchen table.

"What the hell was that yesterday?" Asked Sungjong as Sungyeol slumped down in the chair with a sigh. "I honestly don't know what came over me," said Sungyeol. "That was scary, I seriously thought you were going to kill him, not that I would mind that," said Zuho. "Jaehwan was in the same boat, he and I ran to hunt in a different direction for a bit after you returned," he said.

"As far as I know from Moonbin the alpha of a 'shifter pack is determined by genes," said Chani. "And you said Jaehwan was the main alpha of his little pack right?" He asked, turning to Zuho. Zuho nodded. "But this is different," he said.

"Hoetaek is the main alpha of his pack but he doesn't want the job," said Sungyeol. "From what I've learned anyway," he said. "What would be his reasoning behind it though?" He asked. "Probably what we saw last night," said Chani.

"What I find weird is that it affected you [i and] Jaehwan," said Zuho. "Jaehwan I can understand because he's a 'shifter but you?" He asked. "We're mates," said Sungyeol. "At least, I found my mate in him, not sure about him," he said. "Doesn't explain how it affected me though," said Zuho. "You're mated to Jaehwan," said Chani. "In a way it would move to you also if he was pissed off enough or his alpha instincts kicked in," he said. Everyone looked over when Hoetaek came out of Sungyeol's room, rubbing the back of his head slightly as he walked into the kitchen.

"Care to explain what yesterday was about?" Asked Chani. "Ah well," said Hoetaek as he sighed. "The clan I came from has all been main alphas," he said. "I think at this point we can call me the most powerful alpha due to my ability to get most others to fight with me," he said.

"Is this why you don't want to become the main alpha?" Asked Chani. Hoetaek nodded. "I don't want to keep bringing others to their deaths, so I ran from my current pack and here we are," said Hoetaek. "I think Jaehwan's the same way," he said. "Considering how things went with him and his pack," he said. Zuho hummed in response.
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[center Chapter 9]

"Who is it this time?" Asked Chani after they settled down in the livingroom. "Well," said Hoetaek. "From what I could recognize it was Jinho," he said. "And I wonder why my pack decided to come after me now? They can't do anything," said Jaehwan. "Daewhi and Guanlin are far from the U.S.," said Seongwoo. "Exactly," said Jihoon.

"They might be doing what my pack is doing," said Hoetaek. "But doesn't your pack protect a territory?" He asked. "They do," said Seongwoo. "Some of us didn't want it, so we left," he said. "Then why do they want you back?" Asked Hoetaek. "They might think we're trying to find other packs to join," said Jihoon. "It's just Jisung though, the others don't care," he said.

"But you're hunters," said Sungyeol. "[i Exactly]," said Jaehwan. "Someone finally gets it," he said. "Our jobs can't have us staying in one place," he said. "We're the most active team in North America, besides Taeseon's U.S. team," he said.

"Besides," said Zuho. "I can't stand being in one place for too long," he said. "Still a vegetarian?" Asked Chani. Zuho nodded. "But I get antsy if we stay in one place for too long," he said. "I find that funny because I've been feeling the same way," said Sungyeol. "I had to go farther and farther away just to hunt," he said.

"And next time I'm not letting you go with Jaemin," said Chani. "Thank you," said Sungyeol. "You don't even [i know] how close I was to going after him today," he said. "I think I know what it is," said Hoetaek. "We haven't seen much of each other until today," he said. "It's probably your instincts pushing you to me," he said.

"If that's the case then explain how my hunter instincts kicked in instantly when I was out with Jaemin?" Asked Sungyeol. "That's easy," said Chani. "Jaemin is still an animal, with a human illusion but still an animal," he said. "You tried to force it down but it was still there," he said.

There was a howl outside and Sungyeol instinctively stood, looking towards the door. Jaemin immediately went to Chani's side as he went to look out the window. "Is this any of your wolves?" Asked Chani. "God damn it," said Hoetaek as he went to see. "Jaemin, stay with Yuto, Yanan stay with them," he said. "This could get ugly," he said, going outside with Sungyeol and Jaehwan.

"What do you want Jinho," said Hoetaek. "Well nice to see you too," said Jinho as he came into view just wearing pants. "I came to warn you," he said. "Your friends will be found soon enough," he said. "Kino was already suspicious when Yanan suddenly disappeared," he said.

Sungyeol blinked. Jinho didn't know that he was talking to a coven of vampires as he turned to Hoetaek. Hoetaek seemed to get the same idea as he hummed. "Let them come," he said. "We have more than enough people to take everyone on," he said.

"And you," said Jinho as he glared at Jaehwan who looked indifferent. "Your pack is here for you and your traitorous packmates," he said. "Bring it," said Jaehwan. "We're ready," he said. A growl came from Jinho as he changed, launching himself at Hoetaek. Hoetaek moved quickly out of the way, pushing Sungyeol and Jaehwan to dodge out of the way.

"Really now?" Asked Hoetaek as he tackled Jinho. "Back off," he snarled, the alpha's voice in his tone. A shudder went through Jinho as he struggled. Sungyeol froze, keeping his body completely still as he found his hunter instincts kicking in. Jaehwan could sense this as the urge to fight almost overwhelmed him.

"There's a reason why Wooseok will never be alpha," spat Hoetaek as he hopped off of Jinho while keeping a grip on his neck and throwing him into a tree. "Get the [i hell] out of my territory," he snarled, trying to keep his wolf from coming to the surface. The others had come to the door, Chani spotting Sungyeol frozen on the ground and Seongwoo spotting Jaehwan in a similar position a few feet away.

Jinho got to his feet, stumbling a bit as he bared his teeth, a snarl escaping him. That caused Sungyeol to push his body to move, shoving the large wolf against the tree again. "I dare you move [i puppy]," he spat, his eyes pitch black in anger. "Stay away from my [i mate]," he snarled before dropping Jinho to the ground and zooming back to stand next to Chani. Jinho got to his feet again, limping slightly as he shook out his fur. "Get [i out]," said Hoetaek, the alpha's voice still there. Jinho growled, but forced himself to retreat for now.

"I need to hunt," spat Sungyeol as he turned to Chani. "Go," said Chani. "I'm going with you," said Hoetaek. "I need to go calm down before i go after Jinho and tear him to shreds," he spat. No one expected for Sungyeol to agree as he nodded before sprinting off, going into the forest to hunt. Hoetaek went to disappear behind a tree to strip and change, his wolf form charging after Sungyeol soon after.

"W-What the hell was that?" Asked Jaemin. "I don't know, but I fought down every instinct to fight along side him," said Jaehwan. "There's something he isn't telling us," said Chani.

"I know what it is, but I think that's more for him to explain," said Yanan. "I haven't seen him [i this] pissed off since I came into their lives," said Yuto. "Hey, for the record you were asking for it," said Yanan. "Yeah yeah," said Yuto.

"I need to have another talk with Moonbin," said Chani before he went into his room. "I swear if I was still human I'd go get drunk right now, I don't want to deal with this," said Sungjong. Myungsoo snorts. "For once I agree with you," he said. For now everyone went to wait for Sungyeol and Hoetaek's return, preparing for the backlash from the rest of Hoetaek's pack while waiting.
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[center Chapter 8]

Yuto and Yanan were helpful around the house, making sure things were picked up and such. They weren't asked to clean up but it was grateful. As a way of saying thanks Chani made sure they had plenty of food. Jaemin even helped out, when he wasn't busy learning to hunt better with Sungyeol.

"Why did Chani tell me to teach you how to hunt?" Asked Sungyeol as he stalked after a herd of deer with Jaemin on his back for the time being. "I don't know," said Jaemin. "Apparently I'm not that good," he said. "Apparently," said Sungyeol as he let Jaemin get off his back as they stopped near a herd of deer. "Go after the doe, that's the one without antlers," he said. "Got it," said Jaemin as he dropped his human illusion, stalking after the doe. Sungyeol moved around to the other side of the herd, waiting until Jaemin made his move as he tried to keep his hunting instincts at bay.

He waited until Jaemin pounced before tackling the largest buck in the herd, quickly draining it as the rest of the herd scattered. He was aware of Jaemin holding on for dear life as the doe he had launched himself at bucked around. It forced everything ounce of self control he had to come forward, freezing in place as he watched to make sure Jaemin was alright. When Jaemin was finally thrown from the doe Sungyeol had enough and pounced on the doe, breaking his neck. His eyes were pitch black as his hunter instincts were still there, turning to Jaemin.

"S-Sungyeol," said Jaemin as he put up his human illusion, backing away slowly. "Don't move," Sungyeol commanded, trying to reel in his hunting instincts as he closed his eyes. That caused Jaemin to freeze, watching Sungyeol with wide eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked after a few minutes. "I'll be fine," Sungyeol said, opening his eyes, shaking his head.

Jaemin sighed in relief. "I thought I was a goner," he said. "Sorry," Sungyeol said, chuckling some. "Want one or both?" He asked, turning to both deer. "Just the buck is fine," said Jaemin as he got up. Sungyeol nodded and went to drain the doe of blood, hearing Jaemin shudder slightly before going to bury it. "Sorry," said Sungyeol. "It's alright," said Jaemin as he went to help bury the doe. They headed back with the buck afterwards.

"How'd it go?" Asked Chani once they got back. "Not so well," said Sungyeol as he gave the buck to Myungsoo to skin and get venison steaks from. "It got away this time?" Asked Chani. "I almost lost it out there," said Sungyeol. "Oh," said Chani. "Okay, no more going out with Jaemin then," he said. "I keep telling you it's a bad idea," Sungyeol said with a snort. "Go pick up Yuto and Yanan, it's your turn," said Chani. "Sure," said Sungyeol before he went to clean up and look presentable before leaving in the jeep to go pick up Yanan and Yuto.

The drive into Toronto wasn't that bad. It was what was waiting for in front of Yuto's Starbucks that had him on edge. "Just what I needed, more shifters," grumbled Sungyeol as he spotted Yuto walk out of the Starbucks with a bag of pastries. Yuto went straight to the jeep and got in, ignoring the 'shifter outside the Starbucks as he closed the door. "Go, Yanan will meet us somewhere else," he said. "Where?" Asked Sungyeol as he drove off. "Mall where you met Hoetaek," said Yuto. "On it," said Sungyeol as he drove towards said mall.

"Who was that?" Asked Sungyeol. "I don't know, he was just standing there when you dropped us both off this morning," said Yuto. "I told Yanan to go to the mall where you met Hoetaek and he went and spent the whole day there it seems," he said. Sungyeol hummed in response as he pulled up to the entrance where Yanan was waiting. Yanan quickly got into the backseat and Sungyeol drove out of the parking lot, heading home.

There was a call and Sungyeol picked up, putting the phone on speaker as he put it on the dock. "What's up?" Asked Sungyeol. "[i What the hell was Jinho doing in front of Starbucks]?" Came Hoetaek's voice. "That's who was standing there?" Asked Yanan. "[i I recognize that haircut anywhere]," said Hoetaek.

"The group chat didn't say anything about going after you," said Yanan. "[i Must've been looking for Yuto]," said Hoetaek. "Or me," said Yanan. "But there's nothing there to go off of, no one said anything about it," he said. "You do realize, that they might be keeping you there on purpose?" Asked Yuto. "They might be in a separate chat," he said. Hoetaek cursed. "[i Damn it, I never thought of that]," he said. "Old man," snickered Yuto. "[i Shut up]," said Hoetaek.

"Anyway, what'd you call for?" Asked Sungyeol. "[i I'm coming over, I found some time to get away while also getting paid for finding vampires for more hunters]," said Hoetaek. "None of us?" Asked Sungyeol. "[i I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if that was the case]," said Hoetaek.

"[i I met Chani's friend too, Zuho and his pack of dogs was it]?" He asked. "Yeah," said Sungyeol. "[i I'm heading out with them, I'll see you guys soon]," said Hoetaek before he hung up. Sungyeol sighed. "Talkative today," remarked Yanan. "Must really miss you," Yuto said with a snicker. "Well," grumbled Sungyeol as he focused on driving.

They got home just as Hoetaek pulled into the driveway, pulling up next to Hoetaek's car and getting out once Sungyeol put it in park. Chani came outside with Myungsoo and Sungjong.

"Took you guys long enough," said Chani. "Sorry, was dealing with things," said Zuho as he shrugged. Jaehwan snorts. "First my pack decides to go after me, then we find out our informant was being tailed by his own pack," he said.

"You two are both the main alphas?" Asked Yanan. "Yes but we're fine," said Jaehwan. "Open environment and things," he said. "Man, it was nice to be human for once," Seongwoo said, stretching. Jihoon snorts. "You're just happy we don't have to run everywhere for a bit," he said.

"We'll have a talk inside," said Chani as he turned his attention to Sungyeol. "You look like you have something big to say," he said. Sungyeol snorts. "Well, we have another 'shifter after us," he said. "Again, god damn it," said Sungjong. "I [i told] you this was a bad idea," he said.
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[center Chapter 7]

Hoetaek managed to come see Yuto during the night a few days later, bringing along Yanan who finally managed to get away from Kino's prying eyes.

Chani and Sungyeol met them outside as Yanan got out of Hoetaek's car with Hoetaek following after him. "You weren't followed were you?" Asked Chani. "As far as we know, no," said Hoetaek. "You said there was a place nearby for him?" Asked Sungyeol. "Yes but it'll take a bit to set up everything," said Hoetaek. "You have until 2 days from now," said Chani. Hoetaek nodded. Yanan grabbed his bags and walked on in with Sungyeol showing him to Yuto's room before leaving him to settle in.

"I'm sorry again, for coming to you for help but I don't know who else to go to," said Hoetaek as Sungyeol came back outside. "No problem," said Chani as he shook his head. "We have a reason for it though, but that is up to Sungyeol to explain," he said. "Put me on the spot why don't you," grumbled Sungyeol, earning a chuckle from Chani.

"If you want to take a walk with me," said Sungyeol as he turned to Hoetaek. Hoetaek nodded, motioning for Sungyeol to lead the way. "Good luck," called Chani as Sungyeol walked off the porch and into the forest with Hoetaek following after him.

"You wouldn't believe how much Chani was against helping you," said Sungyeol as they walked. "I know, a rogue 'shifter asking a vampire for help? The 'shifter must be insane," said Hoetaek. "But he mentioned there was more to it, what's the reason?" He asked.

"Well," said Sungyeol. "I think... I think I found my mate in you," he blurted, causing Hoetaek to blink and turn to Sungyeol as he stopped. "Come again?" Asked Hoetaek. "I think, I found my mate in you," Sungyeol said, more quietly this time. Hoetaek hummed in response as he turned away. "You have the worst timing I swear," he said, shaking his head. Sungyeol hummed as he kept his attention focused on the ground.

"Look," said Hoetaek as he turned around to look at Sungyeol. "I have yet to find my own mate here," he said. "But if word gets to my pack that a damn [i vampire] found their mate in me you could be in more danger than before," he said. Sungyeol looked at Hoetaek expecting him to be pissed, but he didn't look mad, just conflicted. "This just got more complicated," he said, sighing as he looked away. "I'm sorry," he said.

Hoetaek walked up to Sungyeol and put his hands on his shoulders, forcing Sungyeol to look at him. "I'm not going to reject you," he said firmly. "Because that would hurt me more," he said. Sungyeol blinked. "You mean?" He asked. Hoetaek nodded, moving his hands away to comb through his hair in frustration.

"Can I see your animal form?" Sungyeol asked suddenly. Hoetaek looked up at Sungyeol with an eyebrow raised. "I want to see if there's any difference with your hair dyed a different color," Sungyeol said, chuckling slightly. "I guess," said Hoetaek as he sighed. "I'll be... Over there," he said, pointing to a tree before going to strip and change. Sungyeol chuckled some as he turned away for a few seconds, suddenly admiring the scenery though it was still dark.

Hoetaek's wolf form stepped out from behind the tree, rubbing his snout as he walked up to Sungyeol and bumped him with his snout. Sungyeol turned his attention to Hoetaek. He laughs. "Your fur has a reddish tint to it now," he said, laughing some. Hoetaek snorts in annoyance, shaking out his fur. "Catch me if you can pup," Sungyeol said with a smirk as he sprinted off, causing Hoetaek to whine in surprise before running after Sungyeol.

They were soon joined by Yanan who's chocolate brown wolf was now a lighter shade thanks to him dying his hair blond. "Oh come on!" Said Sungyeol as he dodged out of Yanan's way, hopping into a tree and crouching. "No fair," he whined, causing Hoetaek to bare his teeth in a smirk.

"I'm still taller than you in human form though," Sungyeol said, sticking out his tongue before hopping down and onto Hoetaek's back. "Onward my noble steed!" He said, causing Hoetaek to snort before running back with Yanan. Once back to where Hoetaek changed Sungyeol hopped off his back and Hoetaek went to change and put on his clothes. Yanan went to grab his clothes before coming back in human form and dressed, waiting for Hoetaek.

Hoetaek came back dressed in a black biker jacket with a pair of black pants and shoes. "I'm going to go now, but here," he said, wrapping his scarf around Sungyeol's neck. "My scent is going to drive the others crazy but," he said with a snicker. "It won't last for long anyway," he said. Sungyeol hummed as he nodded.

"Take care of that scarf," said Hoetaek as they headed back. "Yuto gave it to me," he said. Sungyeol chuckled some. "I will," he said. "Keep them safe until I get back," Hoetaek said to Yanan. "No promises but," Yanan said shrugging. "I'll definitely do my best to keep Yuto safe," he said. "Him being the only human, he's a bit more fragile than the rest of us," said Sungyeol. Hoetaek nodded before getting in his car and starting it, backing out of the driveway and driving off.

Yanan and Sungyeol headed inside, where Chani was looking smug as he grinned at Sungyeol. "Oh shut up," said Sungyeol as he grabbed one of the couch pillows and hit Chani with it. Chani chuckled some, with Yanan shaking his head.

"I could see when he got here how he visibly relaxed once he saw you," said Chani. "I didn't say anything to him, just told him you had something to say to him," he said, shrugging. "He gave you his prized scarf, I think he's okay with it," said Yanan as he shrugged before heading into his and Yuto's room.

"Ugh, this place is going to stink like 'shifters for the next few days," Sungjong said with a pout as he came out of his room. "Deal with it, Hoetaek's gonna be around a bit more often now because of Sungyeol," said Chani. "God damn it," Sungjong said, sighing, earning chuckles from Sungyeol and Chani.
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[center Chapter 6]

Yuto's appearance in their coven was different that was for sure. Everyone that was a vampire had to hunt extra just to be around him for more than a few hours, and that was only during the night. On Yuto's days off Sungyeol dropped him and Jaemin off in the city to do some bonding since those two seemed to do okay on their own, and Jaemin was aware of where the rest of Hoetaek's ragtag bunch called a pack were so he kept Yuto away from them.

Today Jaemin was with Yuto and Sungyeol, Yuto needing to go into Toronto for a new phone. He could finally afford a smart phone so they went to set up an account for him. They made sure he had the best plan and what not before leaving the store with a new phone and new case for him.

"Oh, it's the friend from the other day," Yuto said suddenly while they were stopped to get food at a Subway. Sungyeol looked in that direction, his eyebrows raising as Jaemin went to choose his sandwich. "I'll pay for it," said Yuto. "You go speak to our friend," he said. Sungyeol hummed before nodding, moving out of the line and going towards where the 'shifter was sitting.

"Fancy meeting you here," he said as he sat down in front of the 'shifter. "Ah, it's pure coincidence I think," said the 'shifter. "What has you going after my friends here?" Asked Sungyeol as he kept an eye on Yuto and Jaemin. "Relax, I'm on your side," said the 'shifter.

"The name's Yanan," said Yanan as he shrugged. "Was told by Hui to keep an eye on him, though it seems you're doing a good job of that," he said. "Animal?" Asked Sungyeol. "Wolf," said Yanan as he nodded. "And Hui?" Asked Sungyeol. "He's doing fine, just staying low for now," said Yanan.

"How do we know we can trust you?" Asked Sungyeol as he turned to Yanan. "You can't," said Yanan. "But I can't trust you either," he said. Yuto and Jaemin came over with their sandwiches and drinks, Yuto handing a coffee to Sungyeol who took it and took a sip.

"So Hui sent you to keep an eye on me eh?" Asked Yuto. "While you were still in the city, but it seems your friends here do a fine job of that outside the city," said Yanan. "Where is he?" Asked Yuto. "My place," said Yanan. "Doing some undercover work, he's lucky Kino doesn't know I left them," he said.

"Do you mind me asking why Kino's so intent on looking for him?" Asked Sungyeol. "Somewhere else," said Yanan. "This place has too many ears, already spotted Kino across the street," he said. "Luckily Kino gave me this tracking job to hunt you down," he said. "You still have your same number Yuto?" He asked. Yuto nodded. "I'll send you a text of a location then," said Yanan. "Leave first, I'll go a bit later," he said. Sungyeol nodded and left with Jaemin and Yuto.

"Could've told me you knew him," said Sungyeol once they were back in the jeep. "Sorry, I saw a few others with him the other day," said Yuto. "I know I can trust him, it was Yanan that got me out of the gang and Hoetaek that got me to Toronto," he said. "We'll see what happens with him, I don't trust him yet," said Sungyeol as he got a call. He put his phone on the dock and waited for someone to say something.

"[i Is this Sungyeol]?" Came Hoetaek's voice. "Yes, what's up?" Asked Sungyeol. "[i Meet at Yuto's Starbucks in 10 minutes, I'll explain everything]," said Hoetaek. "We ran into Yanan," said Yuto. "[i I know, which is why I contacted Chani to get your number]," said Hoetaek. "We'll be there," said Sungyeol. "[i Be careful]," said Hoetaek before he hung up.

Sungyeol made a u-turn, driving back towards the place that Yuto worked, parking in front of it and getting out. Jaemin and Yuto followed after him, the three of them going into the Starbucks. They noticed the newspaper in the corner, with the date being the day they met so Sungyeol walked over with Jaemin and Yuto.

"Like reading old news?" Asked Sungyeol as he sat down. Hoetaek snorts before moving his newspaper down. "I guess," he said, folding the newspaper and moving forward in his seat. "Now," he said. "Don't mind Yanan, but if you see Kino I suggest you run," he said. "Yanan will be dying his hair blond, to get out of the city," he said. "I already asked Chani and he said yes but only for a day before he needs to leave," he said. "I found a house nearby for him but I don't know how long he has until they find out," he said.

"Why are they so intent on finding you?" Asked Sungyeol. "I'm supposed to be the main alpha," said Hoetaek. "But I didn't want the job," he said. "For some reason they have it in their heads that to get the next alpha is to kill me, and those involved," he said. "Who's trying to become the next alpha?" Asked Sungyeol. "Wooseok, our current youngest," said Hoetaek. "Hm," said Sungyeol.

"I just need you to hold out for the next few days," Hoetaek said, glancing at Yuto. "I'll be alright," said Yuto. "I've definitely dealt with worse," he said. Sungyeol snorts. "Okay, sure," he said. "We'll be alright," he said.

"Is there anyone else we should look out for?" Asked Jaemin. "No," said Hoetaek. "Thank you for taking the time to meet me," he said, unfolding the newspaper and putting it to his face again just as the door chimed and in walked Kino. Sungyeol nodded, tapping the table twice as he got up. "Well, we should go then," he said. "See you around uncle," said Jaemin as he grinned, getting up and leaving with Sungyeol. Yuto was hesitant but got up and ran after them.

Kino followed them outside, keeping his distance as Sungyeol put Yuto between himself and Jaemin as they got to the jeep. "Let's get out of here," said Yuto as he got into the backseat with Jaemin and Sungyeol in the front. Sungyeol nodded and started the jeep before driving off, heading home.
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