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It was six in the morning and Valmai was getting dragged out of bed, literally. When she opened her eyes to see Penny, Margo, a dark haired man and Eliot, who was pulling her out of bed by her ankle. "What the actual fuck, and who the actual fuck," She said gesturing to the dark haired man.

"Oh, thats Helena who is actually Killian but thats not what we're here for-" Eliot was interrupted by Penny,

"Quentin called me into his dumbass racist dream, he was pretty freaked out and adamant that I needed to find him."

"Basically, get up and help us look," Margo said. Valmai got up and haphazardly pat down the few pink strands of hair that stuck up.

"Lets go," she sighed. They searched the cottage for around thirty minutes before Kady entered.

"I saw him crawl into the closet, he was pretty hammered," she said opening the door to find Quentin curled up on the floor. Penny shook his shoulder multiple but with no outcome.

"This is bad," Eliot mumbled.

"How bad is bad?" Valmai asked, Eliot looked at her,

"We need to get the Dean bad."
  thedoctorwillsaveyou / 220d 10h 18m 52s
Killian let his illusion drop and set the drink down,

[i "She's wrong. He is from this world. He just doesn't live in this world any longer."] Everyone's gaze snapped to him as he ran a hand through loose dark brown waves.

"Woah." Killian smirked as he leaned back against a table. He knew he looked good, and all but basked in the attention when it was given to him.

[i "Killian J. Harris at your service."] Penny glared at him, earning a wry grin from the illusionist, [i "You're just pissed you flirted with a guy, and liked it."] a few chuckles came from the group before he felt all their gazes lock on him and he had to sigh softly, [i "Look, I can't tell you much about the Beast, all I know is that he is originally from this world, but not who he really is. That's all I can tell you..."] He bit his lip and flicked his gaze over all of them and swallowed harshly [i "And that if you don't stop him, every single one of us will die, horribly. Including yourselves."] Eliot stepped forward, a drink in his hand and offered the tumbler of liquid to Killian,

"You look like you need this." Killian downed the liquor in one gulp, hissing slightly at the burn in his throat. He shot a flirty smile at the slightly taller man, grinning wider when it was returned.
  Killian J. Harris / Corpse_Asylum / 231d 18h 38m 0s
"Ay, another troublemaker, you've been kicked out of every magic school you've been to, I wonder what you'll get up to here and whatever it is I'm in." Valmai took no notice of Helena's anger, she stood up and slapped her glowing hands down in a high five manner. "Here," she poured a drink, "How about instead of getting pissed you get wasted?" Helena quietly took the drink and simply held onto it. "Now, you three," she said motioning towards Penny, Alice and Quentin "Are the ones who summoned that thingy that killed the specialist no?" She looked at them waiting a second for protest but none came. "Yes, good, tell me what happened," she demanded.

After they explained what happened Penny spoke up, "Why do you care?"

"Because I do, and because I get precognitions at night about The Beast and its really been making it hard to sleep."

"Wait if you get visions about him then you know stuff about him right?" Eliot, though he had no part in summoning him, asked.

"Unfortunately I wake up before I learn anything truly substantial, but what I do know is this: He is not from this world, hell even this universe, and he will be back." Everyone just stared at their feet at this ominous message. "Anyway, I'm off to bed, night."
  Valmai Colette / thedoctorwillsaveyou / 232d 12h 5m 4s
Hel looked around the Physical kids cottage and grinned, her hand was still glowing with heat. Penny stood behind her, staring at the melted doorknob in shock.

[i "What? Y'all look like you've never seen a Pyromancer before."] A couple of the kids hooted wildly before returning to their partying. Her gaze shifted over the group staring at her and she shuddered as flashes of their futures passed over her vision. [i Fuck...]

[i What's wrong?] She jumped slightly and looked at Penny, it was definitely his voice in her head,

[i Nothing. Stay out of my head love, you might see something you like.] She beamed at the group, ignoring the flashes of their deaths that burned into the backs of her eyelids

"So... You're a physical kid?" Her gaze pinned the dorky brunette to the floor as a nearly feral and mischievous grin pulled her lips from her teeth,

"No... she's not." Her gaze shifted to the dark haired girl who was staring at her in shock and awe, "You're Helena Harris, the best damn Illusionist since fucking Houdini." Red painted lips pulled back from prefect teeth,

[i "That's me."] A flash of unease drifted through her as she glanced over at the impeccably dressed young man. As she stared at him she didn't realize her walls had dropped from around her mind, letting the only other telepath in the room hear her thoughts and get into her head.

[i [b You're a dude?!]] She, he, jolted and turned to stare at Penny, her, his, illusion flickering before solidifying again,

[i "I told you to stay the fuck out of my head."] She spat, her hands beginning to glow angrily
  Helena "Hel" Harris / Corpse_Asylum / 234d 11h 33m 4s
"There is no fucking way Im staying at the Natural Kid's cabin!" The girl shouted while pacing around in The Dean's office. The second she saw the rest of her "group" she knew she needed out.

"But I don't understand why, they have the same discipline as you, you should get along well together." The Dean replied trying to talk some sense into the girl.

"No!" she slammed her fist on his desk, "They're just a bunch of hippies who don't want to do anything except wear tribal pattern and grow pot!" The Dean stared at her while she calmed down from her outburst.

"Very well," He said standing up. "You're quite good at Physical magic and those kids always have room, you can go there."


Valmai stood in front of the house, looking quite displeased at the "Physical kids let yourselves in" note when two others walked up.

"Oh, you must be Quentin and Alice," she peeked through the keyhole. "I suppose you two are actual Physical kids?"

"I am, Quentin is undetermined," Alice said while watching the blue haired girl with some distaste.

"Didn't know that was a thing," she mumbled to herself, "Stand back." As they took a few steps back Valmai knelt down next to a small vine and started to gently whisper a incantation while going through various hand motions. Quentin and Alice watched as the vine grew longer and slithered underneath the crack in the door, a second later and they heard the lock click and she walked in.

"Sup motherfuckers, I'm a Natural Kid and I'll be staying here due to undetermined reasons!" She announced taking a shot glass from a well dressed man and downing the drink. Said man looked at Quentin,

"Do you know her?"

"No we just met, a-and speaking of which how did you know our names?" He looked worried as the woman laughed.

"Calm down, I'm Valmai I'm new here, I've already seen Alice around - by the way don't think I didn't see that bitchy look you gave me outside -," she momentarily focused on Alice. "And you have that really awkward and almost depressed vibe about you that Penny described." Quentin let out an annoyed huff at the mention of Penny. After a few introductions Eliot spoke up.

"By the way, I love the vine decor you did on the doo-" The man's eyebrow quirked at the entrance, diverting everyone's attention to the glowing red knob before it completely melted and the door swung open to reveal a woman.

"Huh," Valmai deadpanned.
  Valmai Colette / thedoctorwillsaveyou / 238d 9h 1m 23s
Helena Harris took a deep breath as she took the campus of Brakebills in. It was gorgeous, but there was a lingering sense of unease that shrouded the brilliantly lit lawns of the magical university. Pursing her lips she strode forward, batting away the shudder of fear that skittered down her spine. This was her last chance, Brakebills was the only Magical University that she hadn't been kicked out of. A slight, prideful smirk twisted her red painted lips upward, she was only allowed to hop from school to school was because the magical world didn't have enough people like her.

As someone who was extremely adept with the Illusion discipline she was rare as is, but not only that, she also had a decent proficiency with pyromancy, and potions. She also had a latent ability to perceive short flashes of the future, though she kept that to herself. She was a magical prodigy, the likes of someone with her abilities hadn't been seen since Houdini.

"Helena Harris?" Her steely grey eyes met soft brown and raked over the bronze skin of the lanky young man standing in front of her.

[i "Most people call me Hel, but that's me."]

"I'm Penny, they told me to come find you when they felt you breach the wards. I'm supposed to take you to the Dean's office." Hel walked forward quickly and took the man's arm,

[i "Lead the way Penny."] She purred his name flirtatiously, grinning when he smirked at her.
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