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As soon as the fight was over, she and her friends soon had the spirit rangers back on their side, and she sighed as she thought she wouldn’t see her father again. But as soon as they heard the green ranger speak and appear, Canale smiled under her helmet, and took it off to show tears of joy, being happy she was with her father once again, and this time, for good. “It’s good to see you too dad...” giving him a hug. The evil was done, and history was made, and thus ended the adventure
[h3 A happy ending]

Despite Vos having the Spirit Ranger zords, he was no match for their Ultrazord. It just became an inevitable thing as the Ultrazord pounded Vos' corrupted Megazord, their adversaries attacks all but bouncing right off of them. Colton could feel his evil counterpart's frustration as they traded blows and nothing worked on them. He didn't seem to count on Jen calling upon the Time Force Megazord and everyone using their Zords to make them the ultimate fighting machine.

When Canale said they needed to combine their attacks, everyone nodded. [+C0C0C0 “Calling the power of the [b Furious Thunder] that crashes through [b Time]!”] Colton says, and the Ultrazord pulls out its massive sword, sparking with electricity and emitting a powerful spiritual glow. [+C0C0C0 “Its over!] And with a burst of speed, they pass through Vos' Zord with incredible speed, and in turn it sparks and explodes.

Victory was theirs and time was safe.

Moments later, the two Time Force Rangers had Vos in custody who was quiet in his fury. He knew what awaited him when they brought him back to the 31st century. [+C0C0C0 “Thanks for all of your help, Rangers. We couldn't have done it without you.”] Colton and Jen salute them. [+C0C0C0 “Now that everything is back in order, we need to go back to our time and get Vos put in a cell.”]

[+FF00FF “We're not done yet.”] Jen informs him gravely, eyeing Tommy through her visor. [+FF00FF “He doesn't belong in this time. You know what happened ten years ago.”]

[+C0C0C0 “But-”] Colton begins.

[+FF00FF “'But' nothing. We have to take him back to his time so the timeline is stable again.”] A portal opens up next to them, and she quickly looks at Canale. [+FF00FF “But I'm sure there's something we might be able to do to help.”] She says. Tommy turns and looks at Canale, placing a hand on her shoulder, smiling at her.

[b “It was good seeing you, kiddo. I'm so proud of you. You've made a fine Power Ranger.”] And with that, Colton, Jen, and Tommy walk through the portal. And when they do, there's a ripple in reality, but it doesn't seem like anything changed... Except Canale's memories began to shift slightly.

[+209915 “And its good seeing you again.”] A voice says coming out from the brush nearby.

[pic https://i.imgur.com/hhfoWRy.png]

Stepping out of the brush was Tommy Oliver, looking a decade older but alive, and as the Green Ranger. He grins at the Rangers. [+209915 “They came back with me and helped me again with Mesogog. I was able to keep my memories and my life as a favour to you for saving time itself.”] He steps forward and opens his arms to hug Canale. [+209915 “We'll never be apart again. I promise.”]
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 225d 7h 9m 26s
The Jungle Fury Rangers nodded to him, and called upon the animal spirits of the masters that had trained hem, providing them with weapons and new abilities. “Let’s hope this is the end of the trouble in time...” Canale told him. “Ultra zord ready! Powered by the animal spirits and of the powers of others.” The rangers said in unison, and each of them began to work in sync, dealing blow after blow to the smaller megazord. “We need to combine our attacks!”
[h3 Go Go Power Rangers!]

Colton's hand goes on top of Canale's and the others follow suit. [+C0C0C0 “Rangers forever.”] He says and once they break, everyone is quickly calling up their Zords. Luckily since Jen was with them, they could call up their full Megazord instead of just individually which would make combining with the others that much easier.

The Zords amalgamate, turning in to a stronger and bulkier megazord, and once Tommy's Zord joins the fray and the Ultrazord lands on top of it, riding it like a steed in to battle, they were in business. In the large cockpit, all of the Rangers stood together at their control consoles. The power bar was overclocked and Colton could almost [i feel] the power this Zord was emitting.

They were higher up and looked down at Vos. His Zord became became bigger as well, but not as big as theirs. [+C0C0C0 “Still wanna fight?”] Colton asks and the only answer they get is Vos' Megazord shooting at them. [+C0C0C0 “I guess he still wants to fight. Why don't we show him what [i real] Power Rangers are capable of!”]
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 226d 8h 20m 35s
“Not just yet we aren’t!” She shouted. “I don’t know if it’s possible...but we must combine all of our zords together...” she said, and each ranger nodded, meaning they were about to achieve the impossible, create the ultra zord. “If we can pull this off...we can stop Vos...once and for all.” She said, then looked at her father. “We need to work together...” she said, and placed her hand out. “Let’s do this...” she said
[h3 Forgotten Power]

Colton teams up with Canale as they take on the evil Red Ranger. The two of them were more than a match for the singular Ranger, which confused Colton a little bit. However, when the knock out blow was delivered and the Red Ranger demorpher, Colton understood why they could take down the Red Ranger so easily. It wasn't Wes, it was someone he hasn't seen before... These weren't the Time Force Rangers, they were people Vos tricked in to working for him.

[+C0C0C0 “I'm gonna shut down the machine. Help your father.”] He tells Canale even though Jen said she would. If Colton knew himself, there would be countermeasures in place so you simply couldn't break the machine. He'd override it himself, since out of everyone here he knew himself the best... Or at least that's what he used to think. Vos turning out to be him raised a lot of questions.

[+FF00FF “How did you get the chrono-morphers on to civilians? They don't have matching DNA to be able to use it.”] Jen demands as her and Vos trade blows. He fought just like their present Colton Drake, but more savage and deadly, matching Jen in skill like no other.

[+red “You think you're the first Time Force Rangers who came through time for me? Those morphers came from my original team. I was able to bypass the DNA lock pretty easily once I defeated you.”] There's a brief lull in the fight as a cold chill runs down Jen's spine.

[+FF00FF “What happened after you defeated the originals?”] She almost didn't want to know the answer.

A small and savage smile breaks out on to Vos' face. His voice was low and menacing. [+red “Can't you guess? Then I killed you.”]

Once the evil Time Force Rangers were taken care of, the Rangers take up arms next to Jen. Even though it was five against one, Vos doesn't seem to be very scared. [+red “You seem to forget,”] He begins, and holds out his modified Time Force badge. [+red “I have the Spirit Rangers. Spirit Rangers: Shark! Bat! Elephant!”] And they come from the badge. He grins again. [+red “Time Force Megazord!”] And the Megazord can be seen because if the missing roof. He leaps in to the megazord and the spirit rangers follow, turning in to their Zord forms and attaching to the Time force Megazord.

[+red “Are you ready for the end, Rangers?”]
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 227d 5h 43m 53s
The silver rabbit ranger nodded, and so did the other rangers. Now that he Jungle Fury Rangers we’re finally assembled, their spirits grew stronger, and hay meant that they would do whatever it takes to stop Vos and his plans. “Jungle Fury, go!l She shouted, and all the rangers charged into the fray, two teaming up on a single evil time force ranger. Jarrod and Camille against the evil Jen, and so forth. Slowly one by one, the evil time force rangers fell against the good rangers
[h3 End of Time]

[+C0C0C0 “Rangers forever.”] Colton agreed. It was starting to get dark outside suddenly, as if the sky was overcast. The five of them burst in to Jungle Karma Pizza, the first floor being cleared out and looking like a hurricane went through it. Colton quickly glances around the area.

[+red “Up here.”] Says Vos from the upper level and the Rangers oblige him, running up the stairs until they're in the training the space. The roof was gone, and sticking out of it looked like some kind of high-tech radio tower, black electricity emitting from it and seems to be what was causing the sky to darken. Vos himself was at the control panel, typing on the panel. He grins at the Rangers when he looks up. [+red “So glad you could join me. I see you've discovered the first mystery; my true intentions. But what about the second mystery?”]

[b “Second mystery?”] Tommy asks looking at his fellow Rangers. Jen glances at him and shrugs, but Colton takes a step forward, pointing at him.

[+C0C0C0 “The second mystery is his true identity. He didn't want to destroy us until we figured it out. He wanted us to know it was him, and I know who he is now.”] Every interaction he has had with Vos played in memory. [+C0C0C0 “When you first introduced yourself, you did it to me. 'I am Vos' you said. Vos is Latin for 'you'.”] And Vos grin grows even wider, savouring every moment of this revelation. [+C0C0C0 “You're Colton Drake.”]

[+red “Exemplary work, Agent Drake!”] Vos laughs. He presses something on the side of his visor and it peels back, revealing a slightly older Colton Drake. [+red “I knew you would eventually figure it out. Now that that's out of the way, we can begin the destruction of reality itself!”] His visor comes down and he brings his metallic left arm up to his mouth. A panel slides back and reveals a chrono-morpher. [+red “Time for Time Force!”] He commands, and his body gets a slightly silver glow to it and the same arrow marking on Colton's own visor appears on Vos'.

If that wasn't bad enough, the red, blue, yellow, and pink Time Force Rangers jump in from the damaged roof, joining Vos, clearly evil alternate versions of the actual Rangers.

[+FF00FF “What the-”] Jen begins and then grits her teeth. [+FF00FF “I'll take Vos and the machine. You guys keep the other Rangers off of me.”]
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 227d 7h 48m 32s
Jarrod charges into the group again, his lion spirit wreaking havoc on he Synthoids, and allowing them to continue on to Jungle Karma pizza. “I will deal with these machines! Go get the fool!” He shouted. And with that, he letnput a mighty roar and began to literally rip the machines to pieces and quickly dispatch them. “Let’s go!” The Silver Ranger replied to the others, her Jungle clasmws in hand, she smiled because she knew her father and her own friends would never stop fighting, even if they died trying. “You know what they say...Rangers forever.” She said
  Canale Lepus (Silver Ranger) / DoomGuy123 / 227d 22h 18m 28s
[h3 Reality]

As everyone charged in to battle, Jen stayed back a little bit offering cover fire to her allies with her V5 blaster to decimate their foes. Luckily for them it seemed there was a finite amount of enemies for them to deal with, the many Synthoids not constantly being replaced by more. It became quite clear to her that this was just to buy time for whatever Vos' nefarious plot was. They had to break through to get to him and stop him! Figuring it out was irrelevant at the moment; they could find out exactly what the plan was once they stopped him.

[+C0C0C0 “Looks like you guys could use a hand!”] And from the sky, Agent Drake descends, sword in one hand and blaster in the other. Immediately he joins in the fray and begins fiercely destroying the Synthoids, he was jumping from one group to the next. She had about a million questions for him but it seemed he was trying to make his way in to Jungle Karma Pizza. [+C0C0C0 “I figured out what he's trying to do! He's trying to collapse all of reality in on itself!”] And after he says that, he begins to fight harder, destroying even more Synthoids than before, getting closer to the entrance of the building.
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 227d 22h 29m 52s
The silver ranger, green ranger, and black lion rangers all three charged into the group, the most fearsome fighter being Jarrod, who was ripping apart the Synthoids and beating others with their fallen ally’s parts before crushing them before his might. The chameleon and rabbit rangers used teamwork to stop the others, kicking and slicing them into pieces while the others did their best to help
[h3 The End Game]

By the time the four had gotten to the pizzeria, it was already too late for the other Jungle Fury Rangers. Weakened from their fight earlier with Vos, they were easily defeated by him and his forces of upgraded Synthoids. When the final four Rangers make it to the pizzeria, there's an army waiting for them outside. It parts slightly and Vos walks out of the pizzeria, eating a slice of pizza and grinning over his Synthoids at the four Rangers.

[+red “I see you have finally arrived to the end of the game.”] Vos says, eating his last piece of pizza. [+red “It was too bad you all took the bait time and time again, fighting already defeated enemies rather than trying to stop me. This was a pivotal moment in my plans, one that you and Agent Drake almost foiled.”]

[+FF00FF “Don't worry, we'll still stop you. Your time dealing comes to an end now!”] And Vos laughs at Jen's words, not because he didn't take them seriously, but because she didn't see the bigger picture. No one did, save for maybe Agent Drake.

[+red “Simply a means to an end, Jen. Time dealing was never my end goal, I only made it appear that way.”] This world existing out of space and time served another purpose rather than making him the most powerful criminal and making everything more easily accessible.

[+FF00FF “Then whats your end goal, Jack?”] He grinned at that. She still didn't know his true identity. He waves his finger at her.

[+red “In due time, Jen. In due time... Kill them all.”] He commands and the Synthoids glow with electricity and begin advancing at the Rangers. Vos steps back inside the pizzeria, laughing to himself.
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 229d 14m 25s
Immediately they hear the words of Drake screaming for them to get to Jungle Karma. “Everyone, hurry!” She shouted, and the rangers took off running, every ranger there was up in arms and prepared to take on Vos. “That cowardly criminal!” She shouted, and her Jungle Claws materialized on her arms. “Let’s hope we can stop him...or we are all done for...” she said, hoping Vos wouldn’t be able to defeat them.
[h3 Time for Time Force!]

[+FF00FF “I wouldn't just do it because he helped you, but because whatever he discovered is threatening reality. The very existence of everything is in jeopardy.”] He tells the other Rangers. It must've been quite chaotic since they lost track of Agent Drake. But to be fair, even her own time was in an uproar.

Jen presses the side of her helmet. [+FF00FF “I'll see if I can pick up a trail. Finding Agent Drake is of the utmost importance right now.”]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/xQXG2SD.jpg]

Colton was able to track Leonid through a forest and to a bluff without being noticed. He tried not to pat himself on the back for his exemplary detective work just yet. Now that he had tracked down Leonid, and probably Vos. It was time to contact the Jungle Fury Rangers...

[+C0C0C0 “Frequency is being jammed. Typical.”] He groans to himself. Moving away from the area with the jammed frequency was an option, but Leonid or Vos might suspect a tail, and could pack up and leave by the time he and the others got back. So his other option, and the one he was going to take, was go in and either contact the Rangers with Vos' own equipment or make enough of a mess that they'd know to come. They were Power Rangers after all, if they saw explosions he was was sure they'd come running.

Sliding down the side of the bluff, Colton finds an opening in to the cliff and goes inside. It was a short tunnel and Colton found himself in a large cave system that was lit up by tons of equipment from various periods in the future. There were Synthoids crawling all over the place performing maintenance and other duties. So far there was no sign of Vos or Leonid.

The Ranger sneaks his way up to what looks like the main console and then disables the frequency jammer so he can call Canale. However, just as he was about to, he just manages to dodge a blaster bolt that frys the console in front of him.

[+blue “So you were able to track me.”] Leonid says with a laugh. [+blue “Its too late. Vos has already left to complete his plan.”]

[+C0C0C0 “And where would that be?”] He asks, not expecting to get an answer. Leonid laughs again.

[+blue “The last place you would expect.”] And a million possibilities course through Colton's head. Immediately his morpher comes to his mouth.

[+C0C0C0 “Get to Jungle Karma Pizza!”] He screams in to the morpher and then dodges a fist. He rolls to his feet, his morpher up again. [+C0C0C0 “Time for Time Force!”] He commands and morphs.

[+blue “Wow, you really are good. Too bad you have to die!”]
  Colton Drake / Renegade / 229d 42m 48s
The Silver Ranger shook her head. “He disappeared after we destroyed Mesogog...again.” She said, and the black ranger agreed. “We have no clue as to his whereabouts or why he left...” she told Jen. “If you need me to, I will help find him, since I owe him a favor for helping me channel my animal spirit.” She explained, and hoped that Jen would allow her help with finding Drake again.
  Canale Lepus (Silver Ranger) / DoomGuy123 / 229d 20h 15m 52s

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