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[center [b [u [size20 Samantha Marie Jonston]]
[center [b Age:] 17]
[center [b Species:] The Silver Wolf {WolfShifter}]
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[center [b [u [size20 Finley Ashley Sanders]]
[center [b Age:] Looks 16]
[center [b Species:] Hybrid {Bastard Daughter of Renesmee and a nomadic wolf named Jamison}]


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All of what had happened did shock the girl. The most surprising was the cat's becoming a little girl that looked her true age. But when she thought about it, all of it really should not have been so shocking. She was a four year old who looked sixteen and had both the ability to shift into a wolf and also had some vampiric abilities. So how different was a cat that was a familiar and could become a little girl? Not really.

As the hand had been reached out to her, the wolf got to her paws and moved to Snow. More of what she was not expecting came. Because one moment they were in the glass house and the next they were stood behind Sammy before a silver cave. Her cheeks were a dark pink as she realized she was no longer a wolf but back to being the human her. And so was Samantha. Both of them were in very little and she could not help her eyes slowly moving over the other when Snow had gotten them to clasp hands and even cleared her throat to get Sammy's attention. And it had actually made her blush all the more.

[#9251c1 "So this place's only for Samantha and we can only come here when with her...or if she has given her permission for us to be here.."] She was making sure that she had indeed understood and not been completely distracted by Sammy and her beauty. It wasn't that she meant to be so very distracted like that but it seemed to happen. And then before she knew it, Finley's hands were in both Samantha's and Snow's and they entered the cave, the world shuttering around them and changing into a large flower field surrounded by mountains with a quaint little white house in the center. It was completely beautiful and like something that she had only seen in books and in movies. Not even the flower field in Forks was so beautiful as this place. And she moved back when her hands had been let go of and watched as the other girl seemed so free and happy. It was nice to see her so happy.

It was not long before Sammy ended up being in a beautiful summery dress and she soon was adorned by flowers into a beautiful [ white summery dress], doing a twirl with the other. This was actually the happiest she herself had been in a while too. And she was not planning to ruin it for her. Brown eyes did go back to Snow who was stood back and watching. [#9251c1 "There is actually something I do have to show you.."] Finley said softly as she stepped back. The girl was not at all familiar with the gift she was choosing to use but it was easier to show Sammy. And when she did, the first day Sammy and she met projected itself. Not the negatives of what had happened, but how beautiful she had thought the girl to be. How angelic and like a goddess. Her cheeks flushed a dark red as she hoped the image would be enough for Sammy to understand what she could not make herself say. Honestly she hoped she had not made a mistake in showing what she had to the other girl. She knew that that memory or process of thought was ALL she could show. Or all that she would allow herself to. Finley was not ready to show Sammy the other things yet. She was not ready to admit that like Sammy she was a shifter and that when she had not been "strong enough" she switched to hide for a little while and HAD been the new wolf that Sammy had seen and even talked to so freely. Just the idea of Sammy knowing that had the girl terrified as she thought it would cause the other to hate her.
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Snow smiled at the girl's answer and bowed her head and in doing so her body began to tremble and grow until the pure white cat turned into a small human girl with deep blue eyes and white blonde hair, who looked to be Finley's real age. [#FFEDFF “That's alright both your souls are kinda screwy but the deed has been done and there is no way to turn back now. Come with me and I'll teach you all there is to know about The Silver Wolf.”] Snow said as she held her hand out to the wolf.

Sammy had been so lost in thought that she didn't realize her body had moved without her until she was standing at the entrance of a cave that looked to be made of pure silver and her body shuddered and she turned to leave but couldn't seem to move until she heard a voice. [#FFEDFF “Mistress I'm here sorry I had to send you out first I needed to get Her promise.”] a small voice said and Sammy's body turned back to human and she turned to see Finley being pulled along by a small child. The child moved Finley to Sammy's side and made them clasp hands and Sammy couldn't help but blush as they were both not wearing much. The small girl cleared her throat to get Sammy's attention and Sammy looked down at the girl who had her arms outstretched towards the cave. [#FFEDFF “Welcome to The Cave of The Silver Wolf a place where you Mistress may come at any time to get away from the world and your outside duties. Unfortunately once you enter time will stop out here so you can't go shirking your duties, but you can stay in there as long as you need to get away. Finley you and any other person including me CANNOT find or enter this cave without permission from the Silver Wolf's Spirit so Mistress if you'll do the honors.”] the girl said and Samantha blinked and looked back up at the cave then with an outstretched hand she walked forward pulling Finley and the girl, who had grabbed Finley's other hand, into the cave until the world around them shuttered and in it's place stood [ a large flower field surrounded by mountains with a quaint little white house in the center] and Samantha gasped and put her hand over her mouth as tears once again began falling from her eyes and Snow let go of Finley's hand and walked up to Sammy. [#FFEDFF “You've seen this before haven't you?”] she asked and Sammy nodded this place was her happy place just as it looked in her dreams and she let go of Finley's hand and walked forward not believing her eyes and as she walked the flowers around her detached from their stems and flew over to Sammy covering her until she looked to be wearing a [ beautiful sundress] and this caused Sammy to burst out laughing as she twirled and danced then she ran over and grabbed Finley's hands and spun her around like in that scene from Titanic and the flowers adorned Finley with a beautiful dress too. Snow stood off to the side smiling glad to see pure joy come out of Sammy for once.
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The cat shocked the wolf with how she sat before her and even the thoughts. Brown eyes fell on Snow and her head stayed on her paws, but she gave a nod. She was not in the mood for a lecture but had known was coming. So she let her mind be silent and still as she listened to Snow. It was a HUGE shock to her. [#9251c1 [i 'I...yes I am going to be here for her and to help take care of her. Part of what I was trying to help with had been those boys... I'm sorry Snow. Just I am a little lost right now. I can get her to talk to me like this...but as me I can't. That is my main reason for hiding as the wolf....That and I don't want to feel. When me I feel EVERYTHING..']] Finley had to be honest with the cat
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Sammy had barely paid attention to Edward's words and after about half an hour of escaping reality Sammy stood back up, washed her plate then headed back up to her room where she stripped before jumping out the window shifting in mid air. Sammy ran down to the reservation's privet beach and sat on the sand wondering what to do with her life now that she had awoken.

Back at the house Snow ate the bacon Finley didn't want then sat sown in front of the wolf looking very stern and regal. [i [#FFEDFF 'We need to talk.']] Snow said projecting her thoughts into Finley's mind, [i [#FFEDFF 'You are Mistresses soulmate and I am Mistresses Familiar now that her powers have activated we both have big responsibilities to take care of and I need to know if your willing to do your job. If you are not ready to do your job please tell me now and I will take your place otherwise stop moping around like a common dog and I will teach you everything you will need to know about caring for our Queen. So I will ask you this only once Finley Ashley Sanders are you ready to take your rightful place beside Samantha Marie Jonston for as long as her soul is on this plane?']]
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A sad smile had traced the man's lips when he heard Sammy's words and he saw her thoughts. [#f1be0e "She never did hate you. Even after all of that. You might be surprised to find that all of that made her want to know you more and to better understand. Those first couple of days she had stayed with you after your...accident... Finley may only be four but she takes more after...well you know what I mean. But if I were you I might want to ask Roxy more about all of that."] Oh he knew that Finley would be pissed at him for what he had just said but the man felt that the girl was being immature about it. And he was trying to have Samantha understand that the girl had imprinted and would not leave her fully. After he spoke, Edward left the kitchen.

Finley's ears had flattened at the man. Oh when she changed back she would really yell at him for this one. She didn't give a damn that he was trying to help. This was for her to do and she wished he would have never stuck his nose in it. Only did the wolf eat one piece of bacon and push the plate away with her muzzle. She then went back to keeping her head on her paws and let Sammy pwt her as the girl seemed to zone out.
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When Roxy curled up at her feet Sammy smiled lightly and grabbed the plate of bacon she had made for the wolf and slid down next to her placing the plate beside the wolf's head. When Edward spoke Samantha looked up at him and glared. [#C8C5E6 “I'm still allowed to worry aren't I she's 4 for crying out loud and I...[i sigh]... I don't blame her for not wanting to see me I was horrible to her I just hope she isn't doing anything dangerous she should have never come to that school.”] Sammy said letting memories of everything that had caused her to be the way she was flood her mind hoping it would be enough to make Ed fuck off. Sammy finished her sandwich and placed the plate aside before she absentmindedly started petting both Snow and Roxy just letting her mind shift from the self hating mess to her happy place not caring that she would now never have that life as destiny had caught up.
  Samantha Jonston / TadKat_KanKyou / 223d 18m 22s
Roxy completely froze when Carlisle began to speak. She almost shot the man a glare which told him not to go further. IF he did, Finley would have to shift back and she would have to face both Samantha and her mother. Right now she couldn't do that. She just couldn't. So being the wolf was much easier. The wolf only hoped no one else gave anything away.

Brown eyes moved from Carlisle when Sammy spoke and she nodded slowly. [#9251c1 [i 'I've been told about Leah. She was never as bad as she played. Only hurt and wished that she could get out...']] The wolf thought and bowed her head. Her ears flattened to her head. She had NOT known that she was going to be pulled from the school. As much as she hated the hellhole and the asshole guys there, Fin didn't think she could handle online courses. Didn't think she could take being babysat by the whole famile. And most of all she did NOT know if she could take feeling her mother's hatred for her and knowing that Renesmee and Samantha had feelings for the other. She knew what imprinting was. Knew that it meant being by that person's side through everything. To only be who and what they wanted and needed. She knew it meant that as long as they were happy that that was all that mattered even when it broke your own heart. Jacob had talked to her about it. And in the last week she had been through it. And for now she thought it best not to say anything to Sammy. She would wait until the girl knew what she truly wanted.

She let Sammy go and then slowly followed down the steps. Before she entered the kitchen, the others were giving her looks. The wolf shook her head and slowly pushed the door open with her head. Finley had heard it all and looked up at Jacob sadly. But she gave a bow of her head and a nod to the man. He had ruffled the fur on her head before he was gone. The wolf huffed and rolled her eyes. She then moved over to where Sammy sat in the dark corner and curled around her feet, her tail going back to cover her nose and the girl's feet.

[#f1be0e "You know she won't be around for awhile.."] Edward said quietly. The man was reading Sammy's mind. His eyes fell on the wolf that stayed curled up at Samantha's feet. He wanted to tell her but was going to leave that to Finley when she was ready.
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Sammy smiled when the wolf came over and offered her a ride and she shook her head. [#C8C5E6 “No it's okay...”] she started but then Carlisle came in and offered basically the same and Sammy frowned. [#C8C5E6 “No thank you I should move around on my own it's my fault I'm this way anyway.”] she said then Carlisle nodded to the wolf and indicated her name was Roxy which caused Sammy to blink a bit surprised and she looked over at the beast. [#C8C5E6 “So that's your name... cute though I guess that means your a girl that sucks Leah never really stopped grumbling about being a female wolf. Glad she got out of here before it was to late...”] Sammy said as she turned back to Carlisle, but before she could say anything something ran into the room and launched itself into Sammy's arms and it startled the girl, but then she laughed realizing it was Snow who was now meowing excessively at her and kneading her chest. [#C8C5E6 “Hi baby girl I'm sorry did you miss me? I know, I know the hospital was mean and wouldn't let you in, oh alright come on I think we all need something to eat.”] Sammy said touching her forehead to the cat's who's meows instantly turned into purrs as she laid back in Sammy's arms and the girl suddenly feeling a bit better walked passed Carlisle but then stopped and turned to the man. [#C8C5E6 “Carlisle can you get Jake to get dad to sign me over to online school I really don't want to go back right now oh and you might want sign over Finley too she's way to young to be dealing with those assholes and I really don't need a reason to 'keep the peace' on the entire male population of that school.”] she growled and Carlisle smiled. [#3DDAF7 “It's already been done Samantha you were transferred the moment we got word of your... accident... and as for Finley we're still waiting on a few things.”] he said and Samantha nodded pleased so she headed downstairs and into the kitchen, careful not to make eye contact with anyone as she placed Snow on the counter and started cooking not even noticing when Jake came in until he spoke. [#1B00C7 “Hey.”] Sammy jumped slightly and glanced over at him. [#C8C5E6 “Hi...”] she said and went back to making her food. [#1B00C7 “Can we talk for a minute?”] he asked and Sammy tensed up. [#C8C5E6 “About what?”] [#1B00C7 “Everything? I wanted to apologize for leaving...”][#C8C5E6 “Pfft yeah right like you could be sorry for leaving your almost 13 year old sister alone to deal with her aging father while you go prance around playing daddy.”] Samantha said the snark in her voice as clear as the pain. Jake then grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him. [#1B00C7 “Hey you don't understand...”][#C8C5E6 “NO NII-KUN YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW ALONE I WAS HOW ABANDONED I FELT WHEN YOU LEFT I HAD ALREADY LOST MY BEST FRIEND AND THE PEOPLE I THOUGHT WERE FAMILY AND THEN MY REAL FAMILY LEAVES LEAVING ME TO TAKE CARE OF A SENILE OLD BASTARD AND PACK WHO WERE TRYING TO FORCE ME TO LIVE OUT MY 'DESTINY' WELL CONGRADUFUCKINGLATIONS NII-KUN HERE I AM THE SILVER FUCKING WOLF POWERS UNLOCKED AND ALREADY PREGNANT WITH A CHILD GREAT FUCKING JOB, NOW GO TO HELL!!!”] Sammy screamed using her nickname for her brother while she ripped her arm out of his and shoving him back before she turned her back on him and wiped her eyes god she hated the fact that she was suddenly so emotional, she had always wanted to be pregnant but she didn't realize it would mess with her head this much. She heard her brother sigh but didn't turn back to him as she waited to see if he would leave but he didn't and he walked over to stand next to her. [#1B00C7 “...we didn't want this to happen Sammy that's why they left to try and protect you, but then Ness got pregnant and was taking it very badly I had to go make sure she didn't harm the baby, then dad told me you stopped shifting so I thought it might be better if I just didn't come back to let you be normal we knew you were saving up money to move out once you turned 18 and we wanted to let you have that chance since not all silver wolves awaken... I just didn't expect that, that thing to show up.”] Jake said tucking Sammy's hair behind her ear so he could see her face, and she glared at him. [#C8C5E6 “What about Finley you sent her here.”] [#1B00C7 “No Nessie sent her here she wanted Finley out of her hair and didn't realize she would end up in the same school she thought you were going to a school on the reservation.”] Sammy wiped her eyes again and sniffed as she fed a strip of bacon to Snow. [#C8C5E6 “...Did you know?”] [#1B00C7 “About Fin being sent here no I was traveling at the time trying to collect more myths about The Silver Wolves since all we have here is the one line... Your not asking about Finley though are you?] Jake asked and Sammy shook her head lightly as she finished making her sandwich and started eating it. [#1B00C7 “...Yes I knew about Nessie's feelings and yours neither of you hid it very well I guess except from each other.”] He said and Sammy paled at that and had to focus on swallowing so she wouldn't choke. [#1B00C7 “I'm not mad Samantha I may have imprinted but Ness has the right to love whomever she wants I'm just to be there if she needs me.”] He said and Sammy looked at him thinking about how she felt about Finley. [#C8C5E6 “But she's your soulmate doesn't the thought of her with someone else especially your own sister make you irritated?”] Sammy asked and Jake smiled lightly. [#1B00C7 “No she has a right to do whatever she wants with her life, just as long as she's happy that's all that matters.”] he said and Sammy frowned. [#C8C5E6 “When did you become an adult?”] she muttered and he chuckled. [#1B00C7 “I learned it the hard way kid now I'm gonna go check on Dad be good.”] he said then kissed Sammy's forehead and she batted at him as she watched him run off and she stayed in the dark corner of the kitchen and zoned while she ate wondering what Finley was doing.
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There was no way that Finley would be switching back to the human her. Or if she did it wouldn't be until Monday and having to face the school. It was the only way she didn't have to feel fully and it helped the dulling ache in her stomach and her chest. In truth, the wolf had known that Samantha had been with Renesmee without it being said. But the part of imprinting caught her completely off her guard. Still she would not admit that she had. It couldn't hurt Sammy if she didn't know it.

Big chocolate brown eyes remained on the girl. Seeing her feeling so much shame and being so weak killed her. Both in an emotional sense and physical sense. Only when Sammy had taken to using the bookshelf did the wolf get down from the bed and stretch. Slowly she inched closer and touched her nose to the girl's hand and then knelt. The kneeling meant to get on and she would take her down the stairs so that she could get something to eat.

Carlisle had come to check on Samantha and the wolf. He honestly had not known it was not the first the two had interacted. Well the man knew that Finley and Sammy had but not Samantha and Finley's wolf form. And for a moment, the golden eyes went between the two. How would he explaing this?

[#3ddaf7 "Samantha.. If you want I can help you downstairs...or one of the others can bring something up here for you."] The man said gently.[#3ddaf7 "And I see that you've met Roxy..."] He said and motioned towards the wolf. The man had been the first to accept that Finley had given her wolf a separate name than her own.
  Finley Ashley Sanders / SheDevil / 223d 1h 57m 37s
Sammy relaxed the moment Finley entered the room and when the wolf moved her to her room and wrapped herself around Sammy, Sammy clung to the wolf's fur as though it was the only thing that could save her from drowning as she fell into a dreamless sleep.
It was only an hour later that Sammy was woken violently from her sleep from starvation pains and she whimpered as she sat up clutching her stomach. Once the pain went down to a lighter level Sammy opened her eyes to see fur and a smile crossed her face as she petted Finley. [#C8C5E6 “Hello there did you decide to come around to see the vampires love? Don't worry they won't hurt any humans their just here to keep the animal population in check.”] Sammy said laughing to herself at her bad joke before she placed a hand on her stomach and looked out her windows at the setting sun all the while keeping her other hand on the wolf. [#C8C5E6 “How the hell am I going to face anyone?... especially Finley and my brother god I'm so pathetic I imprint and the first thing I do is cheat on her with her own fucking mother at that and not to mention I'm pregnant with my first Child of Peace... [i sigh] This sucks...”] Sammy said tears once again forming in her eyes as she buried her face in the wolf's fur breathing in it's calming scent, but then her stomach let out a huge growl and she sat upright blushing furiously. [#C8C5E6 “... I really should at least go get something to eat...”] Sammy mumbled as she forced herself to let go of the wolf and stand up, her legs were very wobbly and she collapsed onto the floor with her hands covering her face her tears flowing freely once again out of embarrassment.
After a few moments Sammy once again forced herself to her feet clinging to the bookshelf for support feeling as though her body weighed several tons.
  Samantha Jonston / TadKat_KanKyou / 223d 6h 12m 24s
Even with chocolate eyes on the boy before her, Finley heard the mild struggle behind her that came from Sammy and her step-father. The girl knew this was not what the other would want for her. She could feel it. But it was something she felt like she had to do to help too. Besides it wasn't like her mother would care. Renesmee was the one who had never really gotten to a point to where she could care for Finley. And she had always known it too. The others warmed up to her. Thought of her as family even. Even Jacob had. And it was those thoughts that allowed Finley to completely shut down and to let Derek do what he was going to do. None of which she truly enjoyed.

It was an hour later when he left her and she was getting back into her clothing. And because she preferred the cabin, that was where she was going to go. When she got back, the girl slipped in quietly but froze at smelling both her mother and Sammy. She didn't need to see to know what had happened. Emotions were spiraling around and she dropped her bag and ran back out. There was NO way she could tell Sammy anything. The main being that she had actually imprinted on the girl. And what she had smelled and felt was enough to in a sense shatter her heart.

So she didn't have to deal with it in her human state, Finley let the shiver run through her and became the black and white marble wolf. Slowly she went back to the main glass house and froze to seeing the eyes on her. The wolf only gave a quick shake of her head and curled up in the corner with her tail covering her snout and her ears flat to her head.

About half an hour later, Samantha came in. She didn't have to look up to know. Finley could smell her and sense her. And it was hell to fight her instincts. It was when she heard the girl getting sick did she get to her paws and go up to the bathroom, laying outside the door. Her eyes were on it but she did not dare get closer. And she didn't until the other had fallen into the unrelaxed sleep. It was then did the wolf get to her paws and figure out a way to get Sammy onto her back and onto the bed that had become her room. When she had, Finley hopped up and curled around the girl. Even if the girl couldn't return anything she felt, she felt compelled to be there and to help. And so she just lay there with her, hoping that maybe she would wake soon.
  Finley Ashley Sanders / SheDevil / 223d 17h 32m 33s
Samantha had heard everything but before she could make her presence known a large mouth closed around her scruff and suddenly she was being carried off by her brother and she started growling and trying to kick her back legs to escape. [#C8C5E6 “JACOB LET ME GO I NEED TO STOP HER SHE'S MAKING A HORRIBLE MISTAKE!!!”] Sammy yelled through the wolf link, but her brother just ignored her and carried her to the Cullen's house which was once again hopping with activity.
Upon entering the house Jacob dropped Sammy who immediately changed back and ran to Nessie who embraced her tightly. [#C8C5E6 “Nessie she's your daughter you have to stop her she doesn't know what she's doing she's still a baby.”] Sammy whimpered her knees going weak because even though she had imprinted on Finley she still had a crush on her best friend. Nessie stared into Sammy's eyes and sighed. [#FB7AFF “I can't Sammy she's doing this for you.”] Nessie said and Sammy's eyes widened as she tried to break out of her friend's arms, without success as Nessie had grown much stronger from the almost 5 years they'd been apart and the fact that Sammy hadn't eaten anything for over a week was making her weak. [#C8C5E6 “Ness you can't be serious she's your daughter what if she falls pregnant? She's only four.”] Sammy said tears in her eyes. Nessie said nothing and just wiped away Sammy's tears, then when Sammy turned her head away and tried to get out of her arms again, Nessie lifted her bridle style glanced over at Jake then carried Sammy out of the glass house and to the cabin where she brought the girl to her room and placed her on the bed before going over to her closet to get the girl some clothes. [#FB7AFF “I really missed you Sammy... and I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Finley... I... I never really wanted her if I'm being honest her father was a lone wolf I slept with to try to forget about... to forget about you... but then I got pregnant so I told Jake and he came running like the loyal imprinted bitch he is... but I never wanted him to come I was going to have Grandpa preform an abortion, but she grew too fast faster than me according to... to well everyone and now I see why... I should have NEVER told her about you... I'm sorry Sammy...”] Nessie said her voice full of anger as she turned to face Sammy and Sammy sat on the bed shocked. [#C8C5E6 “W-w-what?”] Sammy stuttered out but before she could process what Nessie was saying the red-haired girl walked over and kissed her hard causing Sammy to get even more confused, but then she kissed back all the years of her unrequited love rushing back mixing with the loneliness she had felt for those four years Nessie had abandoned her, and the feeling seemed to double as Sammy assumed Nessie was feeling the same and was using her powers.
{An hour and a half later}
Sammy laid on Nessie's bed looking over at her best friend, who was fast asleep and as naked as Sammy and the wolf still couldn't believe what just happened. Sammy slowly got out of the bed careful not to jostle Ness and dressed herself before walking back over to the glass house starting to understand what they said about the walk of shame, as Sammy suddenly felt disgusted with herself and all heads turned when she entered the house causing her to freeze and she glanced around the room her face getting paler with each pair of eyes that she met and when she met her brother's eyes she suddenly got a bout of nausea and bolted upstairs to her bathroom where she violently puked up stomach acid before collapsing onto her side tears once again falling from her eyes as her mind berated her for everything that had happened the past week, well at least the one she was conscious of, until she fell into a very unrelaxing sleep on the bathroom floor, with absolutely no idea what was going to happen now.
  Samantha Jonston / TadKat_KanKyou / 223d 18h 7m 48s
The girl was listening to the woods around them and could hear the softness of the underbrush. A sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach told her who it was too. Only JUST had she caught the words spoken by the boy as he gripped her wrist to stop her. "You know I'm paying you for this and I don't wanna be disappointed. But from what the guys have said once you gave in, you're almost as good as the other school's whore. Cute too." He said as he walked around the girl in a circle, eyes trailing along her body.

[#9251c1 "Can we just hurry this up? It's SUPPOSED to be my day off. And it won't be long before my family comes looking for do what you want...and I'll be a good little girl."] Finley's words were quiet and she batted her lashes. God she hated this but she was trying to keep them away from Sammy.

Quickly she looked away from Derek as he began to undo the buttons to her powdery blue blouse and soon slid it down her arms. And then her jean shorts were next. Brown eyes stayed looking towards the bushes. Or they did until the boy used her chin to turn her to look up at him. By now, Finley was shivering as the lust was all but radiating off the boy. She could feel it. Just like she felt everything. [#9251c1[i 'Samantha...please just go...']] The girl thought. She had NO idea if the other would hear her but she did not want her to watch this either.
  Finley Ashley Sanders / SheDevil / 227d 4h 25m 18s
Sammy ran out into the woods for a while avoiding everyone, but then something started pulling her back towards town and she followed it stopping at the edge of the entrance to the local hiking trails and there she sensed a familiar aura and went towards it panting happily, but then another scent hit her and she stopped a growl hitting her throat. [i [#C5C8E6 'What is she doing with a boy... wait calm down Sammy this is a hiking trail and men hike a lot more than woman...']] Sammy thought but a nagging feeling started in her gut and she sighed and started slinking towards where she sensed Finley and once she spotted her she laid down on her paws and watched the two walk by her heart breaking slightly. [i [#C5C8E6 'She got a boyfriend? Well I mean it's her life but... no Sammy stop don't do this just because you've imprinted doesn't mean she's yours just that you can stay by her side... but why does she look so uncomfortable?']] Sammy thought again as she tried to quietly follow them to see what was up.
  Samantha Jonston / TadKat_KanKyou / 227d 20h 21m 48s
Her cheeks were on fire and her tongue seemed to be tied so to speak. The girl, her "aunt" had her so very flustered and at a loss. She could and did hear the words that had been spoken, but they would NOT register in her brain. Couldn't really. And when her nose had been booped, Finley blushed more and wiggled her nose. [#9251c1 "I-I...thanks..."] She stammered out so that Sammy at least knew that she had been heard and that Finley had managed to register something. And when the other was the wolf again and had nudged against her legs and licked her arm, her cheeks only flushed all over again.

Her nose twitched the faintest as she could smell and sense the vampires and Jacob who followed Samantha from the hospital. She stood and met them at the door and when she did was bombarded with questiones about Samantha. [#9251c1 "She WAS here but ran off again. Where I have no idea...just she didn't stay long.."] The girl said, as she was TRYING to buy the other a little time. She knew if she at least answered their questions that Sammy would get a head start on them. And she KNEW that she WOULD be in trouble too for giving that chance. But what could she do? Finley owed her the help, didn't she?

It was as more questions were coming her way did her pocket vibrate and she moved passed her family. Chocolate brown eyes went to the screen of her phone and her expression went blank. [#9251c1 "So much for the day off.."] The girl muttered as she was keeping it out of her head. Quickly she flashed about to grab her jacket, bag and keys and then she went to the car. Apparently she had just gotten an "apppointment". And with that being the case she wished the others luck before she went to "entertain". God Finley prayed the wolf had gotten away like she had wanted and that she did NOT catch her doing this. But the guy had wanted to meet by a small hiking ground that not many went to anymore.
  Finley Ashley Sanders / SheDevil / 231d 23h 22m 37s

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