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A group of friends were saying goodbye to their long time friend who has to move, but when they performed some type of occult charm, something went horribly wrong..they were transported to a living hell in the form of the old elementary school that had been shut down then demolished. But the friends became separated, and had witnessed their friend die by hanging herself in the girl’s lavatory, only making things worse for them. But they must uncover what had happened to the previous victims whose skeletal remains they had found. Each name tag they collected seemed to create an even bigger mystery...but the one thing remains...can they escape...before it’s too late?

If you have read this and are still interested, then please continue reading

Note: this is heavily based off of the game Corpse Party for the 3DS, so I would appreciate it if you have some knowledge of it


Be semi literate
Don’t ditch the roleplay please. If you lose interest please say something.
Illustrated/animated images are something that is needed for a character
Double up characters
Post at least once a week if possible


Real images
One liners
Be rude
Romance is not in this at all, this is a horror rp

To join:

Please contact me with a pm titled [i Corpse Party] and tell me the basics of your character(s)


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Roleplay Responses

Nisha had just gotten out of the infirmary of the high school, after a horrific accident where one of the school’s air conditioners exploded near her, leaving her face partially torn and disfigured. She was holding a small box holding her four pet white mice. And two of them were running up and down her arm, nuzzling her arm and neck. “What’s this charm you’re talking about...?” She asked quietly, and Alice Liddel entered the room. Alice was an exchange student from England after her parents and sister had been killed in a fire caused by her psychiatrist.
  Nisha Shinari / DoomGuy123 / 262d 17h 46m 50s

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