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“I’ll have that for you in just a moment!” He said, being in a pleasant mood. After said moment, he began to get her drink ready, and had it on the counter for her in less than a minute. “Here is your drink ma’am.” He said, and went to dealing with the bar’s dishes behind the counter. “I must say that I’m very impressed by your music.” He said, being honest with How he felt about her style of music
  Samuel / DoomGuy123 / 264d 19h 58m 6s
Sitting down on one of the stools as Samuel spoke, the female looked towards him. "I would like a cherry margarita, if you don't mind." She requested after glancing at all of the drinks that were available at the bar.
  Dixie "Dolly" Barnaby / AskTheStaff / 264d 20h 8m 33s
The male inkling clapped softly, being thoroughly impressed by her singing. [i She’s a natural.] he told himself, and started to get back to making drinks while putting up a show of his own using his flair as entertainment. After the lady reached the bar, he smiled and turned to her. “How May I be of service to you, madam?” He asked politely, and poured drinks for a couple of octotroopers and octolings
  Samuel / DoomGuy123 / 264d 20h 11m 55s
After a few minutes of singing and dancing, the Octoling on stage was finally finished with her act. She did a little bow, and the audience applauded her just as they always did. Being such a star was quite charming sometimes, and at least knowing everyone enjoyed the singing and felt like it was worth their time increased that enjoyment more. Dixie then walked off stage, looking around before starting to stroll over to the bar.
  Dixie "Dolly" Barnaby / AskTheStaff / 264d 20h 15m 25s
He smiled and watched her, almost mesmerized by her voice and the song itself, never having heard anything like it before. [i she’s good...really good...] he told himself in his head, and he handed a glass of wine to a patron at the counter. But he couldn’t help but watch the girl walk around the stage
  Samuel / DoomGuy123 / 265d 9h 17m 42s
Chuckling gently, Dixie soon began to sing along with the music as the octotroopers next to her played their instruments. Her voice echoed throughout the entire building, the energetic and swinging music backing it up perfectly. Along with her singing, the Octoling moved around on stage as well, looking out into the audience as well.
  Dixie "Dolly" Barnaby / AskTheStaff / 265d 9h 20m 11s
They all started to cheer, wanting to hear some music while enjoying themselves, but the bartender leaned on the bar after serving everyone their drinks, and he looked at the female, who had caught his attention by her voice and her looks. [i She looks real nice and fine...] he thought to himself, and the crowd calmed down as the music began to play.
  Samuel / DoomGuy123 / 265d 9h 23m 58s
As the woman entered, she smiled and glanced around. "Looks like I have quite an audience tonight." Dixie chuckled, getting on stage before a couple twintacle octotroopers followed her. Their weapons were replaced with brass instruments, and an electronic sounding beat began to play in the background. It was obvious by then that her style was a mix of the old and new, an electro swing of some sorts. "Good evening, ya'll. Who's ready to hear li'l old me sing?" She asked the entire audience of Octarians before her using the microphone in front of her.
  Dixie "Dolly" Barnaby / AskTheStaff / 265d 9h 27m 26s
Today was Samuel’s first day as a flair bartender at a local bar, where the famous Dixie Barnaby was supposed to perform that very night. But it had been very busy for a while until after Ms Dixie entered the bar, and soon they were all watching with anticipation for one of her songs so that they could be mesmerized by her words. The inkling definitely looked out of place amongst many octolings and octarians, but he felt like he belonged, but soon his gaze fell upon the female singer, her beauty catching his eye the most
  Samuel / DoomGuy123 / 265d 13h 21s

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