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When Theodore awoke; he barely got any sleep the night before, and was feeling slightly nervous.
Despite this, he got up, then sat up.
After he had sat up, he had found that it was still dark.

He drew the curtain next to him, seeing that it was all quiet. Save for the taxi people wandering by.

When the curtain was drawn open, he decided to put on a pair of slipper's and go downstair's, as it wasn't two yet

When he had arrived downstair's, he decided to look around, he saw the living room left from the hallway, which was a typical Victorian living room. He then walked onwards into the kitchen. Seeing a servant nearby.

He squinted, "Charlotte?"
There was a clutter, "Oh! Sorry sir. I didn't mean to wake you." She then bent down to pick up the broken plates.
"You didn't wake me. I was just nervous on my first day."
She knew what he meant by [i his first day] "Oh, I see sir,"
""Anyway, can you turn on the lights later?"
"Of course sir." She said. Then went to find a match.

In the meantime, Theodore decided to go upstair's and get changed. When he was changed, he decided to get the early carriage to the house. As an early carriage was better than a late one.

The journey was long and slow, but he decided to catch up on several hours of sleep.

When he arrived, he got out of the carriage then looked up at the house. It was huge.

Anyway, he took his time walking up to the house Then he knocked on the door.

When he knocked on the door, he introduced himself, then they let him inside.

Several minutes later, he found himself standing inside the office.

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“If your commander was in danger he would have been dead before you acted. You only shot one person and did nothing to neutralize any perceived threat. Instead you caused unneeded injury to someone that wasn’t hostile. You could have spent the half a second to verify before firing,”
Grace stood there for a second, thinking."But how do I know you aren't going to run off to your government?" And then proceeded to sulk.
Even though Grace didn't feel comfortable sulking on an unknown planet, she decided to walk off to the nearest rock, and sulk there.

"Hey, Grace, what do you think you're doing?" Said Na'xia.
"What do you think I'm doing?" Said Grace. Continuing to sit on the rock.
"Well, don't alert any enemies," said Na'xia, as she was sitting far enough that someone could notice her.

Grace sighed, "I won't."

Na'xia nodded, then turned around.

“They still should have thought before they shot,” said the boy. He forgot his name.

“Hut’chai won’t be following you here but my people may be here soon. They aren’t very fond of aliens and the Kun’taf, the other faction, is even less friendly. I don’t know what they will do with you if they do come now. It is a religious holiday so they may not even notice your landing... for now,”

“You would by chance have a cloaking device on your ship?”

"We did have, but we ran out of - when we landed.
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"And now for the news," Seamus had just turned on the radio. "The time is six am," He would not usually get up this early, but today he did. Because he couldn't sleep. "Hello, my name is Claire Bray. And I will be introducing today's news. In Tokyo, a large scale bank robbery had just occurred at five am this morning. Newspaper's report of seeing 'a large floating pink object' Police forces are looking for a suspect at the moment. The chief of police is calling out to anyone who may have information of the robber, or their whereabouts." Seamus frowned another large floating pink object? As a large floating pink object had just been seen in Nagoya, as well.

He could go around and ask some questions, but today he thought he would just ignore it. As he had only just got his powers last week. And already he was being known for being the newest superhero in town.

Last week, he had already saved some citizens from a fire in Nagoya. He didn't even bother to wear a mask, as it had just happened on his way to work. However, a camera man had spotted him. so he decided to no longer save people until he had worn a mask.

Anyway; after turning off the radio, he grabbed his bag and headed off to work.

He worked in the main city of Tokyo, so it didn't take him that long to get there. He worked in a bank, as an accountant. And got payed a reasonable amount of money.

In fact, it was the same bank that was mentioned on the radio.

"What are you doing here?" A security guard asked.
I might ask you the same question, Seamus thought of saying, as the bank was already robbed. But he thought better of it. "I work here,"
"Well, you don't anymore."
"Even though all the banks in Japan have been robbed, I still have to work here."
The man decided to give up, and let him in.
However, as soon as he was about to enter the building. He heard a voice-
"I-I don't know man! I-I'm just there for a d-deal! I-I'm sorry I'll never do drugs again! A-All that I know is that it's some g-girl! She's goin' aroun' robbin' banks everywhere! T-They call her The T-Tabby! Please, d-don't kill me!"
When Seamus heard this in the distance he frowned. then turned.
When he turned, the man was suddenly knocked out.
"Very good. That's for making me chase you." He heard the other man say.
He suddenly muttered "Excuse me" to the other security guard and followed the man
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