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She shrugged at Scorpion, unimpressed. As though Scorpion had never injured her. Honest to goodness, she couldn't even remember the first time she'd wounded Scorpion, or vice versa. Like so many villains she traded blows with, trading wounds was part and parcel of the job.

Hated Saint, though... well, that was problematic. Though... "You know Saint?" she asked, curious. If the villain knew their erstwhile healer, that was already a step over Fulmina; aside from a vague description and a general area, she had no idea what Saint looked like or where to find them. She grinned. This was going much better than she'd expected it to already. "Good, that's a step in the right direction!"

Enough money? A question indeed. She had money. Her day job paid well, and sometimes people raised money for her out of gratitude for a job well done. But she certainly didn't have anywhere near the millions Scorpion was rumored to have stolen, so in terms of 'did she have money for that,' she really didn't know. "We'll deal with that when we come to it," she said, shaking her head.

A look of resolve passed over Scorpion's face; Fulmina wasn't sure why, but resolve was exactly what they'd need to find Saint. Though she was reluctant to use the word 'partner' for a villain, Scorpion was the only partner she had right now. Any of the heroes she knew might be tagged by the Devil, or influenced by him, or already dead. If she contacted them, she might tag them for death, something she wanted to avoid at all costs. Villains were unacceptable; even Scorpion was barely acceptable.

She had few options, and rapidly dwindling time. With every passing moment, the chance that the Devil would find them grew. The wound on her stomach ached fiercely, and she suspected it was far from healed. That, too, was likely a ticking time bomb. They had to find Saint sooner rather than later. "Shall we go?" she asked, looking at Scorpion. The sooner the better. She had to heal up so she could take on the Devil and put that madman down for once and for all.
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[font "Times New Roman" The Indian woman felt simultaneously painfully awake and crushed by a strange exhaustion. The world felt like it was settling on her shoulders with all its weight, all its pain, all its anguish--]

[font "Times New Roman" "Disgusting."]

[font "Times New Roman" At least the heroine didn't agree with what Devil was doing. Scorpion never thought she did, but there was always the fear and caution that she'd report Scorpion to that dick. There was the assurance that she [i couldn't] just yet--Fulmina had no idea where they were. Shit, she had no idea what kind of area they were even in since the lair had no windows and the curly-haired companion hadn't left yet.]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena turned heavy lids to the woman, struggling to keep her anger together. She was having a hard time controlling lashing out.]

[font "Times New Roman" At the mention of the healing super, Salena very noticeably and audibly sucked her teeth. [b "You're talking about Saint? Fuckin' hate 'em. I had them patch me up one time in a shitty place in Nagoya before they got widely known and it was [i awful]. And it hurt--fuck you for that, by the way. It was your fault I had to go."]]

[font "Times New Roman" The fight flared in her memory, provoking another spiteful scowl to pass over her features. They'd been enemies for only a couple months, so Scorpion still hadn't become used to Fulmina's rhythm or powers and it was pretty touch-and-go. Shit, she hadn't even had her villain name yet. She'd gotten torn up pretty bad and barely escaped. Salena couldn't be sure how much time passed before Saint found her, half-dead and struggling to cling on to life.]

[font "Times New Roman" And the fucker took Scorpion for a ridiculous price--and gifted her her name.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "They pay you heroes enough for that?"] Golden eyes narrowed in suspicion at the woman. Did heroes even get paid for what they did? She had no idea, but she knew nothing could touch her bank accounts. She'd stolen [i millions] during her time as an international criminal. Her accounts were her pride and joy. Money always brought her happiness.]

[font "Times New Roman" Saint would completely extort Fulmina for anything she could under the threat of leaving her hopelessly hurt. To be honest, Saint's anonymity and difficulty to track was probably something that had kept them pretty safe from Devil. If Devil had them, Scorpion would never be able to kill him...]

[font "Times New Roman" Which meant she had to find them before he did. What a fucking chore.]
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Know any of them? What for? She peered at the list, then winced. Another one of that asshole's execution videos? They were sickening. She couldn't bring herself to watch them, not least because she refused to feed whatever sick pleasure he got from putting them out there. She'd rather read an official list of names afterward. Seeing their faces--

She winced. No. Derringer? He was never the greatest hero, not someone she'd worked with closely, but at the meetup functions she'd run into him at, he could light up the room like no one else. She hadn't wanted to see him like this. Fulmina started to look away, but before she did, another familiar face caught her eye. Atlas. She recognized that one from a few rare run-ins with Scorpion where she'd brought him along for the ride. Fulmina glanced at her ex-nemesis. Was he someone to her, or just a warm body she'd made use of? It was always hard to tell with villains.

From the look on her face, he meant something to her. She frowned. This Devil figure... even if the villains were terrible people, there was no need to torture them like this. They'd serve their time in jail and pay for their crimes there. The justice system meted punishment, not heroes.

"Disgusting," she muttered, meaning the Devil. Her voice was so hateful it surprised even herself. He was wrong. Everything he did was wrong. Everything he stood for was wrong. Deep inside her, the fire that drove her to fight evil every day pushed her to do something about this great evil--but what? What could she do, while she was injured like this?

"I was thinking," she continued at last, suddenly remembering that she'd been saying something before she'd been cut off. "There are rumors of a healing super, hidden somewhere in the Tokyo Bay Area, who will heal anything for a price. Only rumors. But perhaps worth investigating?" She glanced at the Scorpion. "If you wish to fight the Devil, it would be best to plan ahead for grievous injuries, no?"

She didn't know if Scorpion would take the bait or not, but she hoped so. Before long, it wouldn't be only Fulmina who was injured, if the Scorpion went after the Devil. And the way she was staring at that video... Fulmina knew those eyes. She'd had them herself, once upon a time. The woman wanted to kill.
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[font "Times New Roman" [i fucker]]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena paced around her room with her phone pressed tightly to her ear. It went to voicemail again and again. [i Hey, you know who you called. Leave a message if you want to.] He really wasn't answering? What an asshole. He had no idea what they were [i saying] about him?]

[font "Times New Roman" Fuck. Should she go check on him?]

[font "Times New Roman" She kept the phone to her ear as she turned the laptop around for her to see the screen. The video started playing. There were thirteen supers, as the title suggested, strapped to chairs in various manners. It was strange that such easy things were holding them [i all] down. It was like no one had powers that would allow them to escape, or at the very least, weren't in a position to use them. Some were crying; it was audible. Devil's cameraman had some good audio equipment apparently. Salena turned the speakers off because the muffled sobs were starting to make her uncomfortable.]

[font "Times New Roman" Devil went down the line of villains and heroes alike, light glinting off his mask. There was no way to tell who he was or where they were. Fucker was too good at this--and how had he caught all of them?]

[font "Times New Roman" He pulled a sack off the first person's head. It was a woman, her suit tattered in certain places and her face dirty. She started shaking her head, tears flowing freely down her face. Devil put a gun to her head and shot her with no hesitation. He went on down the line like this.]

[font "Times New Roman" Finally he got to Atlas. The tenth person. The man's blonde hair was disheveled and his face bleeding from a cut on his cheek. Salena would've liked to see some fight in him, some fire in his eyes, [i something] to assure her there was a chance if she happened to get caught, too. But there was nothing. He looked hollow. He didn't even struggle, just looked straight into the camera. Devil pulled the trigger.]

[font "Times New Roman" Scorpion actually flinched. Her breath hitched in her throat like she was saving it, like it was afraid to come out. Her eyes were glued to the screen. She was afraid to look away, because then it would be real--]

[font "Times New Roman" "I thought of something."]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena's wild golden eyes shot up to face the voice. The woman had been holding the phone to her ear and letting it capture a voicemail for three straight minutes with nothing more than her own breathing. Suddenly self-conscious about it, she hung up.]

[font "Times New Roman" An unfamiliar feeling rose in her chest and threatened to make itself apparent on her face, but she held it back.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "What is it?"] Her voice came out softer than she'd intended in her effort to mask her emotions. Salena scratched her head, gesturing to the laptop halfheartedly. [b "Know any of them?"]]

[font "Times New Roman" Some part of her wanted to go to his apartment. [i Lair] felt like an ugly word to use, so she preferred not to, even though that was pretty much what it was. She could go in guns blazing in case Devil had goons stationed there just in case someone like her showed up. She could go kill every one of them for what they let that man do to Atlas.]

[font "Times New Roman" But at the end of the day, what would it accomplish? Would it bring Atlas back to life?]
[font "Times New Roman" [i i watched him get his head blown off]]

[font "Times New Roman" It felt surreal. It still hadn't settled in yet. Her mind kept wandering to going in guns blazing.]

[font "Times New Roman" But of course that's what Devil would want. Shit, that's probably what he'd expect, especially if he got Atlas just to hurt her. Shit. That would make sense, wouldn't it? To get back at her for being the one that got away? And being the one that helped Fulmina get away?]

[font "Times New Roman" A grimace settled on her features. Suddenly she was too awake now.]
[font "Times New Roman" [i sneaky motherfucker]]
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It took her a minute to puzzle out what Scorpion was trying to say. Why would it matter if she had a wiki, after all? But no, she was saying her fans knew where her bases were, or had an idea, so if Fulmina showed up nearby with similar wounds, they'd have a good idea who she was. And since they were Scorpion's fans, they'd probably tattle on Fulmina immediately.

Girl Scout Cookies? She rifled through the stuff in her enemy's fridge until she found them. Sweet, sweet payback for all those times Scorpion had gotten away. And some cheese puffs, perfect.

Snacking on both, she hopped up onto the countertop and considered her next move. She could go to the hospital. Probably not a bad move, overall, but it might reveal her location to the world. If the Devil found her while she was sick and weak, he'd kill her for sure. A head to head battle... she wasn't sure. She might have the upper hand, though. It was the sneak attack that had gotten her the first time! He wasn't necessarily more powerful than her. But while she was still recovering... she didn't want to face him.

And she was not doing great. She didn't want to admit it around Scorpion, but her gut hurt bad. Any sudden movements might be enough to do her in. It made her nervous about what had happened inside of her. If there was any lasting damage to her kidneys or liver or intestines... but it didn't hurt that bad, right? So it must have missed everything. A hospital sounded like a great idea.

But it wasn't her only choice.

Fulmina grimaced at the thought. She didn't exactly want a back-door doctor doing any surgery on her, but at least they'd be discreet. And wasn't there that rumor? About a healing-super who'd heal anything, for a price? She couldn't pay too much, but Scorpion probably could.

Not that she would. She sighed out. Her other option was to head home and figure out things from there, she supposed. Figure out where the Devil was, who he was, and finish him off once and for all. It didn't sound like it was storming outside, and she didn't have the energy to summon lightning without a storm. And she'd be alone, and potentially hurt real bad, and maybe the Devil would know where to find her, too. Not a great situation to be in.

Slowly, she pushed off the countertop back to the floor and wandered back to Scorpion's room. "I thought of something," she announced herself. Scorpion was on the phone when she opened the door; she paused. Whoops. Not a great time, huh? She'd wait.
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[font "Times New Roman" [b [i "How will they know to snitch?"]] Salena muttered mockingly as she began to pull the sheets off her bed. The whole thing was going in the trash; she didn't want to risk blood not washing out of anything, and either way, she could afford to buy more. The blanket was safe only because she'd never put Fulmina on it.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "I have fans too, sweetheart,"] the woman called out to the kitchen. She balled the top and fitted sheets up together up and threw them on the floor. [b "My wiki [i stays] updated. To be honest, it's kinda creepy."] Sometimes she'd ventured onto Fulmina's, but there generally wasn't anything she didn't know. She just wanted to see if any of the girl's fans had managed to uncover her actual identity. That would be pretty funny.]

[font "Times New Roman" The pillowcases came off last. Luckily, the mattress made it out unmarred. Scorpion yawned again while picking the small pile up, walking through a portal and out of one in one of her apartments. This one was in a quaint place in Japan, a little rooftop apartment she'd taken a liking to. It wasn't extravagant or fancy--really it was nothing special except for the stuff she kept in it--but she couldn't make herself part with it. She picked through one of her closets before finding another set of sheets and pillowcases and reentering the Iceland lair through a portal in the kitchen.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Don't eat all my shit,"] she scolded immediately. Her long arms held her package tightly. [b "If you touch my Girl Scout cookies that's your ass."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena didn't linger, walking back to her bedroom. Putting the stuff back on the bed was more energy and time consuming. It felt like a workout--putting the fitted sheet on was always the hardest part. It took her a good five minutes to make sure all four corners stayed where they were supposed to, but she felt kind of proud after it all. She laid the blanket back on it.]
[font "Times New Roman" [i finally. some fuckin sleppppp]]

[font "Times New Roman" But there was one thing she still felt she had to do. She checked every day, usually, but the past couple had... extenuating circumstances, so she hadn't.]

[font "Times New Roman" The woman pulled out her laptop and crossed her legs on her bed, typing in the Devil's name.]
[font "Times New Roman" [i fuck]]

[font "Times New Roman" There was news. After the couple of days since their encounter, his name wouldn't have such recent articles. Some were as recent as a couple of hours prior...]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [b DEVIL FILMS NEW EXECUTIONS:] 13 New Supers Die]]

[font "Times New Roman" She sighed. [b "This bitch is gettin' on my last fuckin'--"] Her sentence trailed off suddenly as she clicked the link. A video loaded while she scrolled down to see who the people were.]

[font "Times New Roman" Sometimes she felt bad for them, but most of the people that died she didn't know on a personal scale. It all felt so far away.]

[font "Times New Roman" One of the names stuck out to her. Her eyes widened. [i Atlas.] He was a villain she'd done a couple minor things with, job-wise. He was actually kind of cool.]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena felt her heart drop to her toes as she scrambled for a phone. She had to call him, had to make sure it wasn't really [i him], had to had to had to--]
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She looked up, a bit sheepish, milk in one hand and some cheese in another. "You'd know about that, wouldn't you," she muttered, ignoring her one-time foe to continue raiding the fridge. Robbing and running, cat burgling, whatever it was; if it had to do with thieving, the Scorpion was the one to go to.

"How will they know to snitch?" she argued. No one knew the particulars of her injury. If she showed up hundreds of thousands of miles from the issue, days later, there'd be nothing to make her stand out. She was well enough to not zap anything by now, too. Mostly. The point was, she should be fine. At the next line, she rolled her eyes. "Ha, like I want to be associated with you in the first place." That one went without saying. Honestly, her reputation was being dragged in the mud more than Scorpion's was, there. The diehards wouldn't care, of course, but it was the casuals she had to worry about. Always the casuals.

As for a hospital, at this point, she might be fine on her own. It hurt, sure, but she was hungry, and she could think straight. No way would she be at her top strength, not for a few weeks, anyways, but survival was almost guaranteed at this point. Then again, it wasn't like she knew what was brewing under that wound. If it got infected internally, she'd be fucked unless she went to a hospital, electric healing or no.

Which just left her to hunt down the Devil and catch him, for once and for all. Now it was personal. He'd hurt her. Nearly killed her. Those powers, though; they'd be a high wall to knock down. She paused, remembering. It'd looked just like that shield. Not the red stuff, she'd never seen that before. But his shield... it couldn't be. But he'd killed Shield-Bearer, hadn't he? Maybe... no. He couldn't be Shield-Bearer. His frame was all wrong, for one.

She opened a plastic container of prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella sticks and took a bite, almost absentmindedly. Scorpion had some good shit, though. All this stuff looked expensive. Made sense, she guessed. Of course a thief would have expensive taste.
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[font "Times New Roman" Salena's hair came loose while she slept. She tossed and turned fruitfully, unable to get a good position with her bruised ribs. Hopefully they'd be healed in two days otherwise she was going to get angry.]

[font "Times New Roman" In her dream she stood on a cliffside. The water below was calm, still, undisturbed. She peered into it curiously.]

[font "Times New Roman" "Return from whence you came," a voice thundered from the clouds. Salena started, her eyes darting everywhere trying to figure out its source. "Proverbs 13:24."]

[font "Times New Roman" The woman started running away from the cliff. The grass grew and grew and twisted around her ankles and tried to bury her. It dragged her down, breaking and bending her body to its will.]

[font "Times New Roman" "He who spares the rod hates his son."]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena opened her mouth to scream, but it was muffled and the grass grew and suffocated her there, too. She tried to snatch it away , tried to save herself, open a portal, [i anything], but nothing worked. She'd just have to [b die--]]

[font "Times New Roman" Scorpion awoke suddenly, her eyes flying open, wild and furious and [i scared]. She didn't move for a long minute. She had to work to unset her jaw. Measuring and calming her breaths was all she could do.]

[font "Times New Roman" A rustling noise urged her attention. It was the sound of clinking bottles and opening and closing containers. For a moment she forgot her longtime foe was a [i guest] in her lair and plotted how she was going to murder the intruder.]

[font "Times New Roman" Her golden irises slid over to the kitchen and she recognized her own shirt.]
[font "Times New Roman" [i it's just her]]

[font "Times New Roman" Scorpion sat up, pushing gently on her ribs to briefly gauge the pain. Still a solid seven. Shit, did he really get her that bad?]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Why are you sneaking around like a cat burglar?"] Scorpion reached through a portal and turned the light on, retracting her arm back through it and rubbing her eyes. She tried to stifle a yawn but it slipped out anyway. [b "Ah, I get it. This your great escape? Rob me and go?"] Salena laughed softly, pushing wavy locks away from her eyes. [b "You suck at being sneaky. That's why you're a hero."] Her hands raised and gestured lazily as she retreated back to her bedroom. If Fulmina was leaving, then shit, she was getting her bed back. The portal appeared next to the fridge. [b "That'll take you to the hospital. Oh, and when the journalists swarm after someone on staff snitches on you, be a dear and correct them: Devil is a liar and we're [i not] working together."]]
  scorpion / cmdr / 2y 85d 1h 19m 3s
The next time she woke up, the room was dark. She shifted and looked around, taking everything in calmly. A big bed. Her uniform and mask were lying right there. Her side hurt like shit and she was starving, but she was alive.

Alive and in the lion's den.

It was better than being in The Devil's clutches, for sure, but she didn't understand why her longtime rival and nemesis would rescue her, much less take care of her. And pretty diligently, too, if the bandage around her stomach was any sign of things. She put a hand to it and found a shirt in the way this time. So she'd been dressed this time, huh? It was an improvement for sure, not that she'd ever minded showing a bit of skin. She had a nice body. What was wrong with being proud of it?

Though probably she should've gotten dressed a little earlier. She rubbed her forehead. Still warm. Probably had been borderline delirious earlier. Which didn't explain why Scorpion had taken her in, but did give her an excuse.

She moved slowly, sliding her legs over the edge of the bed to stand. Escaping wasn't going to be easy with a hole in her gut, but she'd do it. At first, her legs wobbled, not sure they were going to take her weight; then she grit her teeth and forced herself up. It didn't matter what she wanted, or what her body could do; it was what she had to do.

Quietly, she slipped from the room, padding into the living room. Scorpion was asleep on a mattress on the floor. Amy tensed on instinct, then breathed out. The woman was asleep. She wasn't a threat.

Alright, the door. Where was the door? She inched forward, and her stomach grumbled loudly. Amy paused. Damn. She really was starving. The kitchen popped into the view, and she hesitated. She could barely walk. Getting anywhere was going to be a real feat, but all she needed was to get outside and call the lightning. still... could she do that, when she was this hungry? Using any power at all was just about impossible. Her healing was slower than usual, too, because she couldn't use her power to vitalize herself. But if Scorpion woke up...

Her stomach grumbled again, deciding it. She'd just raid the fridge real quick. Then she'd be gone, and off to the hospital at that.
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[font "Times New Roman" The question hung in the air almost tangibly for a long, terribly stretched second. Why [i was] she helping her? Salena wasn't dumb, she knew there was no financial gain for going out of her way to aid the injured hero. It wouldn't change her villain status. It wouldn't do anything for her. So why?]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Because you're a pain in my ass."] The words rushed out without her thinking about them first. [b "You're [i my] hero."] Her sentence trailed off. What did that even mean?]

[font "Times New Roman" Fulmina fell loudly on the floor. Salena was completely unbothered by the noise. She continued to scrape at her claws, the sparks disappearing into the air. This was the most relaxing activity she ever took part in.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "So needy,"] the woman scoffed. But she got up to approach her wardrobe again anyway. While she didn't have all of her clothes at this particular lair, she did have a pretty good amount. And it wasn't like she wasn't in a place to buy more.]

[font "Times New Roman" It felt almost strange that the hero was asking for clothes when she'd spent so much time comfortably walking around and interacting with Scorpion completely naked. How much confidence did it take to do [i that]? Already Fulmina had surpassed Salena's expectations and disproven some of her speculations. It was interesting to say the least.]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena rummaged around in the closet for a few minutes before reappearing with a simple shirt, pair of shorts, and fuzzy slippers. ]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Alright, I got--"] Her words hung unheard in the air. Fulmina passed out [i again].]
[font "Times New Roman" [i i feel like i'm taking care of an ungrateful ass sick baby]]

[font "Times New Roman" She groaned, throwing the clothes on the bed and maneuvering to pick her longtime nemesis up and reposition her on the bed. Guess this was the best time to clean the wound. She carefully took off the bandage in place and set it aside, cleaning the injury with saline and peroxide again. It bubbled and sizzled then subsided. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? Salena applied Neosporin and the new bandage, taping it up and patting it lightly to make sure the tape was secure.]

[font "Times New Roman" Putting the shorts on Fulmina was the easy part. It was the shirt that was difficult--especially the knowledge that the woman was gonna bleed on it and ruin it.]
[font "Times New Roman" [i remember you have money to pay for all this or you're gonna lose your mind]]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena felt like she was pulling a shift at the hospital by the time she was done. She even moved Fulmina to the other side of the bed so she wouldn't be lying in old blood and sweat. The thought of changing the sheets did cross her mind, but she just didn't have the energy.]

[font "Times New Roman" Scorpion left the bedroom door open as she went back to the mattress she'd stolen--she ended up dropping a stack of cash in the store with a note saying sorry because she started to feel bad an employee might get in trouble--to pass out herself.]
  scorpion / cmdr / 2y 86d 16m 4s
"Why're you... helping me," she managed. That was the biggest mystery to her. The Devil was an asshole, but at least that much was obvious. Scorpion, though; the two of them had fought tooth and nail more times than she cared to count. Why was she suddenly helping her out? Had she turned over a new leaf? Was this some weird fetish? Did she just want to imprison Fulmina and torture her for fun, or something? Nothing was adding up. Or if it was, her head was too foggy for her to crunch the numbers on her own.

She almost felt like crying. Why couldn't anything just be simple? Why did everything have to be so damn complicated?

Another deep breath. Her stomach ached with each breath, but she had to do this. She had to. All at once, Amy pushed to a stand only for her legs to immediately give out. She hit the floor hard and bit back the scream that wanted to escape, clenching her fists until the nails bit into her palms. The world went dark, her consciousness wavering again. Clenching her teeth, she willed it back, but was helpless to do anything but watch as her consciousness flashed in and out. This wasn't fighting shape. If she ran into The Devil, could she do anything but bleed on him? No, probably no. But she couldn't let him run free, either, and she couldn't stay here with the Scorpion. She had to go. Someone had to. Someone had to fix this.

Her stomach grumbled. Dammit, hungry too? How long had she been out? She glanced at the Scorpion, then stopped herself. The woman hadn't exactly been cooperative so far. Why would she suddenly change now?

Amy's hand touched her costume. She drew it closer, then stopped. No. There was no point. She had to heal first. "Clothes," she muttered. She glanced at Scorpion. "Extra clothes." No reason to lie around in the buff. Scorpion had changed, so she probably had a change of clothes for her, as well. Why she'd left Amy naked this whole time was anyone's guess. Probably some fetish or something.

She struggled to a sit. All the blood flowed away from her head, and rather than sit up, she passed out instead, immediately slumping back down on the spot. This time, there was no flickering, only pure darkness as sleep swallowed her up.
  Amara ~ Fulmina / kaitoXi / 2y 86d 59m 11s
[font "Times New Roman" A thick eyebrow raised on Salena's face when Fulmina's response countered her own. [b "Are you giving me lip right now, little girl?"]]

[font "Times New Roman" She slipped the slides off her feet, observant eyes watching Fulmina's expressions for signs of pain when moving and noting the sheets on the bed. They had to be changed, too, lest the wound get more infected--she'd do that tomorrow.]

[font "Times New Roman" Her gaze was sharply moved to the hero's hand on her own, fingers instinctively twitching at the touch, aching to move away, though she stayed put for the moment. For the moment. Fulmina's hands were clammy. They rested over some of the bandaids Salena had added after being shocked so much. [b "Why what? Why did I save your life--completely out of character, by the way--or why are you here, why are you naked, why haven't I sold you out to Devil myself...? Specification is key, honey."] She chuckled and stood up, swinging her feet a little. Some of the bruises were starting to feel better already. While her healing was faster than the average person's, she wasn't invulnerable, and everything still took time. [b "You're not in any place to tell me what I can and can't do."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena reached into the bedside table, pulling out yet another blunt and lighting it in a fluid motion while pacing around the room. [b "Yeah, that Devil bastard knocked one of my teeth out. I'm aggravated."] Her tongue felt around the empty space. She felt uglier, somehow, without it. But no matter--she'd just get a gold one to fill it.]

[font "Times New Roman" Scorpion exhaled some smoke through her nose, turning to the sound of rustling sheets. Fulmina was struggling to sit up. [b "Oh, you're still on that hero shit?"]]
[font "Times New Roman" [i after all i've done to keep your dumb ass alive? whatever.]]

[font "Times New Roman" The woman shrugged, her gaze shifting between the suit on the floor and Fulmina sweating to death on the bed. No way she'd even be able to put it on. She carried herself over to her wardrobe, standing in front of it for a few seconds before pulling out one of her prized gloves and a knife, trotting back over to her armchair near the bed. She settled in and began sharpening the claws with the knife.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "Be my guest. I'll read your obituary with tears in my eyes."]]
  scorpion / cmdr / 2y 86d 1h 33m 38s
Water, at long last. She pressed the bottle to her lips and drank deeply, spilling water all over herself. Her clothes would be soaked--no, she wasn't wearing any clothes. Convenient. It was hard to drink. How had she never noticed before how much coordination it took to drink? The task suddenly seemed herculean, each motion taking far too much effort.

She managed to drain about half the bottle when suddenly she was falling backwards. Surprised, she reached for the doorframe and found herself grasping nothing as her back hit a soft set of sheets. Back in the bed? "You--stole the money anyways," she grunted softly about the sheets. She wasn't going to pay a thief back. Scorpion could suck it.

Amy snorted. Like Scorpion could resurrect her. "Penicillin isn't hard drugs," she whispered, leaning forward to sip the medicine. It tasted horrible; she made a face and swallowed it as quickly as possible, trying not to let it touch her tongue. Somehow, she felt like it wasn't supposed to be drank in this form, but she sure didn't plan to let Scorpion inject her with anything, so this would have to do. Hopefully the medicine wouldn't kill her.

She didn't really understand why the woman was doing this. She could see Scorpion's face, not as though that was particularly meaningful, and she was in Scorpion's house, not that she knew where that was. Amy reached out and took Scorpion's hand. "Why?" she asked. She had to know. There had to be some reason she did this. Was she trying to get one over Fulmina, somehow? Trying to earn a favor? It wasn't like she was a hero. She didn't have an obligation to do good, like Fulmina did. The opposite, even. "I won't... let you do evil for this."

She felt horrible. She wanted to sleep and get better. Or sleep and die, either was fine. She breathed out. "The Devil..." she muttered. Fucking Devil. She needed to kill him. Put an end to his evil. Forget Scorpion, he was the real evil. Her suit was right over there. She pushed up to a sit, then paused to take a deep breath. She had to get out there and stop him. He couldn't be allowed to continue.
  Amara ~ Fulmina / kaitoXi / 2y 86d 2h 10m 35s
[font "Times New Roman" [b "Thought so."] The woman known as Scorpion moved toward her enemy, mentally noting how heavily she was relying on the door frame to hold up her weight. She looked like death. Salena wasn't even trying to exaggerate. She held the water bottle out, deciding to do the favor of loosening the cap as she manually made Fulmina hold it, opening and closing the other girl's hand herself.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "I got some morphine for you in the room but I didn't know how to use it, so... yeah."] Her sentence ended awkwardly, golden eyes sliding to Fulmina, traveling down to the wound on her stomach. It was bleeding through the gauze as she'd assumed it would. [b "It's time to clean that."]]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena reached up to her head, gathering her hair in a bun and tying it together with a ponytail holder on her wrist. She chewed her lip as she tried to figure out what to do. Seconds passed, awkward-feeling in Fulmina's nude silence, before Scorpion had an epiphany and disappeared into a portal she opened behind her.]

[font "Times New Roman" She stepped out onto the floor of a hospital. It was one in Iceland, though a different part from where she had her hero holed up. She'd visited it once or twice in her travels; they were very nice people for the most part, but there was a language barrier. She was wearing nothing more than jogging pants, Gucci slides, and a plain white T-shirt. She appeared in the visitor's room, noting there wasn't much security or staff at this late hour. People that were there minded their own business, but she still had to be careful. The woman kept her head down--she didn't look like most of them so someone was bound to start paying attention.]

[font "Times New Roman" It was kind of difficult sneaking through the hospital, but not impossible. It was finding the right antibiotics that were hard. She transferred between room to room trying to find one that would have [i some] kinda drugs. It was at least ten minutes before she finally found it and was faced with a shelf of named drugs she had no idea what to use for.]
[font "Times New Roman" [i this bitch is high maintenance. i should've thought harder about this]]

[font "Times New Roman" It was hard to keep her composure. Salena huffed, trying to hurry and figure out which ones were the right ones before a member of staff came back. She didn't have enough time to read every bottle, so she opened a portal between the floor and her bedroom, droppng a couple pill bottles that sounded like they might be right before jumping through herself.]

[font "Times New Roman" At least it was a clean escape.]

[font "Times New Roman" Salena looked at Fulmina still struggling in the doorway, shaking her head.]

[font "Times New Roman" [b "You owe me some Egyptian sheets. I repeat: Egyptian, expensive, in[i sanely] comfortable sheets,"] she told the woman as she approached her. How was the hero even standing? Salena considered her next move carefully, gesturing for a portal to appear behind the curly-headed woman and gently pushing her through. When Fulmina landed in the bed, Salena went over to the pile of stolen products and picked them up, reading the labels quickly. [b "Oh look, I got some penicillin. Fuckin' lucky."]]

[font "Times New Roman" The Indian woman nodded smugly to herself as she approached the bedside with the bottle. [b "If you die in my bed I'll resurrect you myself and kill you again. You ready for some hard drugs, sweetheart?"] She smiled, pouring some into the cap and holding it out to Fulmina.]
  scorpion / cmdr / 2y 86d 2h 53m 17s
"A hero... always stands up to evil," she panted, leaning against the door. Even if she was naked. Especially then. Just standing here was draining. Using her powers, more so. Her eyelids were so heavy, her body a sack of painful uselessness. She let her powers release, the electricity sparking away, out of her reach. It buzzed around her body, annoyingly static. She waved a hand to try and dispel it, but only made it fizzle more.

She slumped down a little more. Her legs, she couldn't... couldn't move them right. What was she doing here? She rubbed her forehead and pushed her hair back. It was a mess. Everything was a mess. The whole world felt like it was wobbling, rocking gently back and forth under her hand. Her foe's teasing slid off her like water off an oiled sheet; she was too tired to respond. "Antibiotics," she managed. "Get me to the hospital, or at least... antibiotics." She knew it was infected. The wound. She needed something, or she wouldn't make it.

Scorpion had saved her. Why? How? Her brows furrowed, then flattened. Ugh. Her head hurt way too much for this shit. She sagged to the floor, unable to hold her own weight up. The Devil. Why target her? What was he after? That asshole. What did he want? To end superheroes? She wouldn't let that happen. She just needed to stand up. Stand up and... and, and something. She put one hand to the door frame, but the wound on her gut pulled hard and stopped her from standing. Everything hurt. She just wanted to sleep. Maybe if she went to sleep, this would all be a dream and everything would be okay.

Lightning flashed over her body once more. She was barely conscious, just barely hanging onto reality. "Water," she croaked. At least some water. She was dying of thirst. She reached out for the water bottle in Scorpion's hands. It looked so good, the translucent glittering fluid. The way it moved had her mesmerized, the gentle shifting, the subtle changes in lighting. So pretty. She almost forgot about the pain for a moment until her gut throbbed. She winced and recoiled. Damn, damn, damn, it hurt so bad.
  Amara ~ Fulmina / kaitoXi / 2y 86d 4h 48m 18s

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