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[#81e66b "Did you hear there was another party this weekend? And that they actually managed to get little miss 'goodie-goodie' to agree to go?"] Rena said with a roll of her eyes. When Piper was not around, Rena acted as the group's leader.

[b "No, but maybe could be fun. Means we might get to see her drunk for once. Even have a little fun with her."] Piper said with a smirk on pretty pink lips. She had ALWAYS wanted to see little miss perfect misbehave for a night. And what better chance then to actually go to that weekend's party?

And as she, Rena, Jessie, and Margrett walked Piper purposely bumped into little miss perfect. [b "Ooops didn't see you there."] The girl trilled in her sweetest vooce before she headed off with her friends for class. Or that was where they were SUPPOSED to go. One look at the work on the board and Piper was leading the girls out of the classroom and out the back so they could see a movie or something. ANYTHING was better than class.
  .|Thorns|. / SheDevil / 13d 39m 47s
[center When she arrived, Violet met up with her friends, listening quietly as they told her about what they'd done over the weekend, telling her that they had been bummed out she hadn't been around to hang out. She'd laughed it off. She'd been away for a week, visiting family in Florida for a funeral. Her friend, Josephine, placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled at her before pulling her into a hug. [b [i "We understand, Vi. But...that just means you have to come to my party this weekend."]]

[center Violet was hesitant. They knew she wasn't a big party person. The last time she'd gone to a party, she'd ended up so drunk that she'd tried to jump off the balcony because she thought she could fly. Or so her friends had said. She'd been embarrassed when they had told her and had even asked them if there was anything else in the drink. She hadn't gotten a straight answer then, and she knew she never would. [b "Fine,"] she said after a moment. [b "But I'm not drinking."]]

[center Josephine squealed in excitement before dragging Violet inside, talking about all of the people that will be there, what kind of foods they should bring, etc, etc. Already, Violet was dreading it.]
  Violet / Burning_Heart / 16d 11h 17m 13s
The window was left open as the girl slipped in from the tree branch that was right outside it. Piper had spent the night at one of her friends' houses as she had quite literally crashed out after a long night of partying. She was known to be a bad girl with parties, drugs and the likes. She did what she wanted and when she wanted to be doing it. And to her it was "no risks, no boundaries, I'm free" sort of a deal. Or as free as she could be.

[#be5cf5 "Piper Serenity Daniels! Are you up young lady?!"] Came the shrill voice of her stepmother, or as Piper referred to her as "Satan". She ALWAYS seemed to know when the young woman had been out all night and ALWAYS had something to say about it. And it appeared this was no different.

A smirk crossed pretty pink lips as she decided to toy with the woman and not answer. Instead, the honey blonde with crystal blue eyes went to her closet and began to search her wardrobe. Soon she picked a short black dress that hugged her in all the right places and a mini leather jacket. She also pulled on knee length heeled black boots. It was when her door flew open and she was sitting at her vanity doing her makeup did blue eyes lock to the dark brown of Cindy in the mirror. [b "Oh, morning Cindy."] The girl said lazily to her stepmother who was giving her a death glare.

[#be5cf5 "Where the hell were you? I checked in here this morning and you were gone. Nearly gave me and your father a heart attack young lady!"] The woman snapped, getting right into it.

Piper rolled her eyes and flipped her hair over her shoulder. [b "Out with the girls. And news flash Cindy you aren't my mother so back the hell off."] She snapped as she threw her books, phone, wallet and car keys into her bag. As soon as she did, the girl brushed passed the woman like she was nothing and out the front door to her car and soon was speeding off to the school.

Piper got to the school in fifteen minutes and to her favourite parking spot as well. When she arrived her friends were waiting for her and the group of four walked into the building.
  .|Thorns|. / SheDevil / 24d 18h 10m 26s
[center Violet sat at her kitchen table, sipping slowly on the cup of coffee she'd made for herself. The house was eerily quiet, though it was something she was used to. Her parents always left an hour before she had to be up, so the only other living being in the house she had to keep her company was their snow-white cat, who was currently sitting in her lap asleep.]

[center She smiled down at the tiny kitty and finished off the drink, setting the cup down so she could move the cat. She growled in protest, but allowed the girl to move her before stretching out and running into the living room. Violet chuckled a little before washing out the cup and making her way to her room, brushing out her hair and changing into a loose, grey sweater, a pair of black leggings, and a pair of black flats. It was a simple outfit, really, but cute enough for the school day.]

[center Checking the time on her phone, she grabbed her back pack and said goodbye to the cat, locking the door behind her. She took her time walking towards the school, grateful that she didn't have to walk to far. It really was convenient that she lived so close. She didn't have to worry about wasting the gas for what would've been a five minute drive.]
  Violet / Burning_Heart / 25d 5h 26m 58s

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