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Kane nodded, “I can get what I have after four when he goes to work and talk to my mom. She will understand, and I’ll see her when he’s not around.” It seemed her parents understood that his home life want much of a life at all.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 12d 9h 51m 51s
[center Vanessa could barely contain her happiness at their words. Instead, she nodded, quickly saying "yes sir" and 'yes ma'am" at the appropriate times. Any more and she may have exploded. By the end, she threw her arms around them, almost in tears. [b "Thank you so much."]]

[center Pulling away, she laced her fingers with Kane's and smiled at them. [b "People can talk all they want. They don't know everything like they want to, and that's okay. So long as we know the truth."] She turned her smile onto him, relieved that everything had gone well so far.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 12d 10h 39m 19s
"he can stay... in the guest room... there will be rules since you two are boyfriend and girlfriend." Her father said looking to both of them. "Rule one is he doesn't stay for free... he does chores just like you do and contributes. If theres trash pick it up, do your own laundry, basic courtsey." Kane nodded understanding.

Her mother smiled, "Bedroom doors stay open if you are in there together, I'm not asking much about that but if hes living here sweetheart, people will talk... you have to be prepared for that."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 16d 3h 55m 39s
[center Vanessa took a deep breath and nodded, relaxing against him. She was just going to have to let everything run its course. She wasn't sure what was going to happen, but she could pray that everything would work out.]

[center Hearing her father come in later, she felt her heart skip a beat. She slowly stood, watching them. [b "What is it?"] she asked softly.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 16d 10h 53m 55s
Kane held her close to him. “I’m sorry I’m making this difficult. I swear I don’t mean to do this. I just don’t think it’s safe for me to go home.”
Later that night Kane held her as they watched a movie in the living room so her parents didn’t think anything was suspicious. He kissed her gently as he heard the door open and shut.

“Vanessa...Kane...we would like to talk to you.” Her father said eyeing Kane. Kane spoke up, “I’m sorry sir, I just don’t have another option.”
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 23d 22h 17m 38s
[center Vanessa sighed and rested her head on his chest, nodding. He was right; there was no way around it. But his reason behind it was a very decent one. She certainly didn't hold it against him, so why should her parents? But she them and they weren't her. She thought differently than they did and she knew it.]

[center She sat back down on the bed and ran a hand through her hair. [b "We'll figure all of this out. I know we will."] She looked up at him and held her arms out for him to join her. She didn't know for sure yet if he was going to be able to stay with them, but she still intended to enjoy every moment she could with him while he was there.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 24d 22h 52m 28s
Kane saw her crying and wrapped his arms around her tightly, “Shhhh no matter what baby I’m not going anywhere. Your everything I’ve ever wanted and everything I need. I don’t need anyone or anything but you.” Kane was sweet but in the back of his mind he was thinking that he would have to tell her parents about his probation.

“Babe we will have to tell them about my
Probation...there’s no way around it. If I’m staying here then I will need to be given permission by my probation officer which won’t be a problem but they have to know where I live for the courts.”
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 24d 22h 59m 3s
[center ]

[center Vanessa looked up at him and nodded, wiping her eyes quickly. Her parents were kind people. She had to believe that they would understand and that they would let him stay, even if it was just for a little while. She had never given them a reason to believe she would do anything she shouldn't, so she had to hope that they would trust her now.]

[center Looking down at her phone, she sent a message to her mother and father, explaining what had happened and telling them that she would sleep on the couch if they allowed him to stay for a while. She didn't want to see him on the street, and even though she had said she wouldn't be upset if they said no, she knew she wouldn't be able to help herself if she began to cry again.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 24d 23h 3m 19s
Kane hung his head and said, “I love you but if they say no please don’t be upset.” He said kissing her gently. He didn’t expect her parents to say yes or even understand the situation.

Kane was nervous. His mother supported his decision to leave and so did his girlfriend but what were people going to say when they found out that they were living together? What was he expecting?

  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 24d 23h 10m 31s
[center Vanessa was silent for a while before she slid out of the bed, feeling frustrated. She hated the whole situation. [b "I'll record you on my phone and put it out there, then! It doesn't have to be a professional recording to get someone's attention."] She grabbed her phone and held it up. [b "Work or not, I'll call my parents right now. It wouldn't be imposing, and I'll sleep on the couch if it makes everyone feel better."]]

[center Tears were in her eyes once more before she sighed and buried her face in her hands. She felt stuck because she wanted to help him but knew he was probably right. At the same time, however, she was the goody-two-shoes. She never did anything her parents didn't know about. Would they really not trust her in this case? She didn't know.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 24d 23h 22m 29s
“I don’t have the money to record them darlin’ like I said I don’t even have enough money to my name to get out of the bad situation I’m in.” His Phone buzzed, it was his mother. “Kane if you feel like you should leave it’s up to you, but I’ll always be there for you.” She said and Kane sighed, “I do feel like I need to leave.” He said sighing but kissed her.

“I’m not going to ask you to ask your parents. I can’t impose like that. I don’t have anything to offer them and I’m your boyfriend. They’re not going to want us in the same house all of the time...they’ll assume what Joe did. I mean someday we will do that but we’ve been together two days.”
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 24d 23h 26m 7s
[center Vanessa shook her head. In truth, she couldn't stand the thought of him going back there. What if something even worse happened and he ended up hurt or dead. The thought made her heart nearly stop. She couldn't stand it and she didn't want to risk it. [b "If you feel like you're not safe, then no, I don't want you to go back."] She wasn't going to let him put his life in danger.]

[center [b "Well, if you have songs written, start by recording them and putting them out there. You're fantastic, and if you put your stuff out there, the right person is going to come along and you'll have a career!"] Though she was worried. If he went on with music, would he leave her behind? Decide that small town girl like her wasn't worth the time? She bit her cheek. She prayed that wasn't the case.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 24d 23h 29m 40s
“Do you want me to go back there? I know it will break mom’s heart but I can’t go through that any more and risk losing you or him hurting you. Your the only good thing in my life Nessa.” He said holding her.

He was in love with this girl and he had no opportunities to better his life. Nothing. He would be stuck in the same cycle until he was caught and arrested or killed bimself which he had thought about doing before. He didn’t want to lose her now...she was his something to live for but he wouldn’t dare tell her that.

“You know I thought about getting my GED and trying music but I wouldn’t know where to start. I have songs I’ve written but have nothing to do with them. It’s like I hit a wall in my life.”
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 24d 23h 34m 48s
[center Vanessa shook her head. She didn't blame him for what had happened. It was far from his fault. She didn't really judge a lot of people, but in her opinion, if Jow wasn't such an asshole, things would have been better.]

[center She sat up at his words and looked at him in horror. [b "I don't think so. The thought of you being homeless is...sad. And horrible. And I can't let you do that."] If she had to beg him to stay with her, she would. And if she had to beg her parents, so be it. But she wouldn't let him be homeless. She cared too much for that to happen.]
  Vanessa / Burning_Heart / 24d 23h 38m 58s
Kane nodded, “I really am sorry about today. I meant to have a fun day at home and all I got was fighting with joe. I didn’t know what to do when he said that to you and I snapped, I really didn’t mean to.” He said kissing her and pulling her close to him gently. He loved her more than anything. Even if he was 17 and people thought he was insane for it.

Soon they were sitting on her bed, with her in his arms, watching a movie and eating pizza. Kane was relaxed again and that’s all he needed with her. “I don’t want to go back home.” He muttered knowing Joe would be there to fight with him. “I love mom but that’s not a place for me...I need to find some place else. I was homeless before with mom, I can be homeless again.”
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 24d 23h 43m 17s

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