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[i Years and years ago the goddess Morrigan had charged a circle of six to work together and gain support against an evil vampire queen. To work together and be the ones that would save the worlds from great calamity and to set all free. They had done their job and all seemed peaceful. But now..Something else lurks and a new circle must be formed.]


[b It has been maybe fifty years since Hoyt, Glenna, Blair, Larken, Cian, and Moira had managed to destroy the vampire queen Lilith. But they didn't count on the fact that she had made a new born that had run off. One that was wanting to get away from the war and have the chance to become more stable and not be killed right off. The new born had left and went to feed, but one thing...the woman was just as evil, if not more so then Lilith had been.

The new vampress was not nearly as strong as Lilith had been but she was very clever and cunning. By the time she was around thirty she had managed to trick hundreds, no thousands into becoming her new army and becoming just as she was. She taught them that all worlds were play things for their kind. Taught her many children that their kind were like gods and goddesses and were intended to rule all worlds. She told them in order to rule all worlds that they would have to first destroy those who apposed them and turned those who were willing. They were to take over and make more of their kind.

Once more, Morrigan thought it would be best to charge those of different races and from the different worlds and times with the task of going forth and creating a circle that would stand against the vampire army. Like she had during the first vampire war, Morrigan sought out the great-granddaughter of the sorcerer and the witch from the first circle. She would at least know about magic and the old tale of what had happened before and magic ran strongly in her blood. She was told by the goddess that as it had happened before, all that was known and unknown was in danger and she was to complete a circle of eight. But this time, the goddess did not tell her what the others she would be working with would be. She would know them because they would either seek her out or she would have to seek them out. But either way they would all know they had an important role to play.

Once the group is together they are meant to train and get ready to meet the army of vampires by the night of the harvest. If they fail to kill the new queen and take down the rest of the vampries, then all worlds and everything they were meant to save will be lost. But in the process some will find love and relationships will be tested.]

[i Will they complete their task, or will they fail and bring all life that they and the other worlds know to an absolute end? You will never know unless you join The Second Circle.]

[size22 Rules]

1.Real Pictures
3.Drama, Searing, Violence, Romance and all of that is wanted
6.Must be able to post AT LEAST between 800-1000 characters
7.No text talk, please spell everything out completely
8.Proper Grammar and spelling would be nice
9.No love at first sight shit
10.Cyberying if it comes down to it needs to be taken off site
11.Be Mature and Respect Others
13.We will be posting in rounds
14.You will have a MONTH when it comes to your turn to post
15.Most of all have fun

**Note: When asking to join put Red Moon at the bottom of your Skeleton so I know you have read everything**


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[#be5cf5 [b Characters]]

Puppet Master: [ SheDevil]
Character Name:Alexa (Lexie) Marie Storm
Picture Link:
Supernatural or Human:Witch
Personality:Sweet, Reserved,Shy at first, Blunt, Smart, Sweet, Sarcastic, Loyal, A bit of a bitch, mostly her mood and personality depends on the circumstances and who she is around
Short Bio: Alexa or as she much prefered to be called Lexie was a simple girl. She happened to be born into a mgical family and was taught to value her gift even from a very young age. Since she was a little girl, Lexie had been told stories of the great battle between the circle of six and the evil vampire queen. She had been terrified of the stories, but completely loved the stories. Lexie had been told the stories so often that she remembered them by heart by the time she had turned ten years old. And by ten she had learned to use her powers better then her parents and so had been sent to work with her great-grandmother and great-grandfather in order to better learn about herself and her powers. The young girl was very clever, sweet and funny. But by the time she had entered school, Alexa had become more distant and reserved as she knew she couldn't talk to anyone else about what she was. It kind of hurt her to know that she had to hide a big part of who she was. By the time she was seventeen, Lexie was sent to live back with her mother and father because she had learned all that she could be taught to her by Hoyt and Glenna. So life was as it had always been to her, but her parents had given up on their magic and had told her to do the same. Lexie loving the person she was couldn't do that. So when she was eighteen the young woman moved out of the house and into a small apartment and was able to do well for herself being an artist and working at the local cafe. But the night she turned nineteen was the night that Morrigan had come to her and explained that once more all worlds were in trouble and it was up to her and five others to form a second circle and defeat the new threat. And it was that night that Lexie knew what she had been born to do. But it was also that night she was filled with fear. Now all the young woman wants to do is be able to find someone to love and accept her for who she is and to live through the battle that she and the others must fight.

Puppet Master: [ SupposedlyWitty]
Character Name: Savannah "Sammie" Castellanos
Picture Link:
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Supernatural or Human: Siren
Personality: Introverted, deep thinker, always analyzing; slow to trust, literally incapable of lies. Despite self-discipline and a sense of loyalty, she is prone to anxiety. Natural impath
Short Bio: Sammie's father was head of the royal guard; she grew up in the palace as an apprentice knight. One day, their people's way of living was abruptly put to an end after the new vampress invaded their home. She tried to manipulate the Sirens into using their people's powers for her own malicious agenda; within a few days their kingdom, their entire world was being destroyed. A crossfire explosion led to a forced separation from the prince and princess she was told to escort to the safety of another world. Thirteen years old Sammie never saw them again after that, suspecting they must have all ended up in different places. If they were even still alive, she needed to know; same for those imprisoned by the vampress, like the queen and her father. A government team originally sent to inspect her interworldly arrival were ordered to keep her under surveillance while they investigated the case.
Savannah was adopted by the team's leader, and kept under close observation in the form of a mentorship To this day she lives under their mentorship, assisting with their work when given the order. Never allowed to reveal to anyone what she is and where she came from.
Some part of her deep inside wishes she didn't ever have to face the vampress-- or find out what became of the siblings, her father, her people. Speculating the 'what-ifs' all these years has filled her with guilt and anxiety.

Puppet Master: [ Tesla]
Character Name: Adam Rameses
Picture Link:
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Supernatural or Human: Sovereign
Personality: Calm to the point of coming off as aloof. Confident to the point of coming off as arrogant. Adam knew he would be king for as long as he was aware and behaves accordingly.
Short Bio: The eldest son of King Abraham and the truest heir to the throne to be born since the reformation. It was apparent from his birth that Adam would take the throne as his powers waxed as his fathers waned. This would normally be taken as a great sign that a rightful king would take the throne in the future, however Abraham was not so willing to give up his position. So when his father was presented a chance at a power to rule more than just his own realm he leapt at the chance.
If not for the help of his royal guard Celes he would have died by his father's hands. The turned king believing that only by consuming the blood of the spawn that stole his power could he reclaim what he believed to be rightfully his. While it was Celes that saved him in the moment it was with his own two hands that he removed his father's head.
The damage had been done already though as Abraham had all but guaranteed the kingdom would fall into the hands of the vampires. So accompanied by his trusted knight Celes he set out on a quest to reclaim the throne that the vampires stole from him.

Puppet Master: [ Tesla]
Character Name: V
Picture Link:
Age: Approximately Early Twenties
Gender: Fluid
Supernatural or Human: Traveller
Personality: V is curious above all else, and their active pursuit of knowledge is their best known trait. Most of their traits are unknown though as they are extremely secretive, and have seemingly worked hard to have no known associates. Those that do know anything about them tend to know they are a strange individual, although mostly considered harmless unless provoked.
Short Bio: The entity known as V has been seen wandering between worlds for at least a decade. Their estimated age comes from the fact that they were quite a young looking individual when they were first seen. Despite this they were never seen with a guardian or even so much as a partner in their travels.
While they are a very private individual there travels have been documented some by rumors spread about a young person traveling between worlds alone. Their fellow travelers have seemed to have kept a certain sort of tabs on them just to be safe. A sort of network that could provide them support should it suddenly become necessary. While they have been kept completely in the dark as to how large this network has become they are aware that there are people who pay attention to their comings and goings.
They have most recently been spotted wandering around the subways of Earth and interacting more than ever with some particularly interesting individuals. Although their motivations for this sudden change of heart is still unknown even among their most knowledgeable fellow travelers.

Puppet Master: [ NorthernWolves]
Character Name: Gina Svetlana
Picture Link:
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Supernatural or Human: Vampire
Personality: will find out through the rp
Short Bio: Vampires and betrayals, two words which went hand-in-hand. Sometimes those two words went hand-in-hand too well, and for far too long.
Such was the case with Gina. Now, if it had been Gina causing the betrayals then it wouldn't have been so bad. But that was not the case. Instead of being the betrayer, Gina played the role of the betrayed.
The first few betrayals, nothing special in any of them. They were simple cases of vicious vampire clan politics in which certain individuals decided personal interests overruled the clan interest. Whether it was via assassination, blackmail, or torture, Gina perfectly understood that these betrayals were part of living with a vampire clan.
But these betrayals became interesting, to put it mildly, after a new vampress rose to power.
For one thing, Gina was a bloodsucking vampire. But that did not mean that she was in mindset of complete domination of everything. If she were a human, she'd most likely be labeled a hippie because she believed that life had to be balanced.
Despite all the previous betrayals, Gina had some trustworthy friends; hard earned trust which went both ways. But for no reason at all, one by one they attempted to kill her. She barely survived all of the attempts.
But she managed to escape, barely. 
Gina is now in hiding, a feeling of revenge slowly growing inside her. She wants to kill this vampress, and free the vampires and everyone else from under her dominion.

Puppet Master: [ SweetSerendipity-]
Character Name: Roxanne Baar
Picture Link:
Age: 23 
Gender: Female
Supernatural or Human: Succubus
Personality: Deadly, Don’t Take Crap From Anyone, Very Bossy. 
Short Bio: Will Be Discovered in Roleplay.

Puppet Master: [ SweetSerendipity-]
Character Name: Liam Montgomery 
Picture Link:
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Supernatural or Human: Wolf
Personality: Strict, Serious, Fighter 
Short Bio: Will Be Discovered in Roleplay.

Puppet Master: [ SheDevil]
Character Name: Randall Alexander (Randy) Carter
Picture Link:
Age: Appears 22
Gender: Male
Supernatural or Human: Demon Bear Shifter
Personality: A bit of a smartass, Can come across as cold and distant, Loyal as hell to those who gain his trust or those he loves/ cares for, Overall I guess his personality depends on who YOU are.
Short Bio: This will be discovered over the course of the RP


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Roleplay Responses

[i "Savannah Castellanos, your emergency contact has arrived to escort you home today. Please take this time to get changed, prepare your ID and collect your belongings upon exit. Captain Castellanos will notify you with further orders at his earliest convenience."]

Earlier that week she had agreed to join the team on a mission to investigate and retrieve a layered metal case weighing close to 200 pounds. They were ordered to find a way to secure the nuke inside without setting it off. The problem was its location once the team found it; Sammie was more than happy to go to the ocean floor and secure the case. She followed the coordinates her team members gave, occasionally using sonar vibrations to keep track of any potential carnivores nearby.

Mere seconds after witnessing the shockproof cage start to ascend back up towards the ship via chain, it felt like her body was paralyzed by the presence of another nonhuman in the water. The line connecting her to the ship snapped, and she could do nothing as her body drifted towards the source of this ethereal energy. It was a living being whose abilities allowed them not only to blast through metal chains and breathe under water but also communicate through vibrations. Sammie's vision remained hazy as the [i "voice"] spoke to her about some all-powerful circle being the only key to stop a galactic war, and that its members will search eachother out soon to defeat a great evil.

Whatever this delusional asshole wanted from her, the damage they left behind certainly complicated things. By the time she could place her feet back on the ship, the nuke had already been sent back to headquarters with two of their team members. Everyone else stayed behind to track their missing member's location; they pulled her back up once she found the broken end of her line. She was accused of trying to escape by someone with more authority than her, and the whole incident had to be investigated.

No one would believe her side of the story if she told it in full-- [i "yes, I was warned via sonar by someone about the destiny of the universe and heroes who are going to be called upon to stop it"] -- she barely believed it herself.

It wasn't a lie that she thought she hallucinated, and luckily that vague description lined up with the physical evidence. Her broken line was snapped cleanly off, and the vitals her team was reading off her bodysuit had been abnormally slow after the nuke reached the surface. After a wellness check from their medical professional and questioning from their superiors, she was released and now officially on a temporary leave as they could not find conclusive evidence to confirm any accusations.

[i "Sammie, you alright back there? Hey, let's get some food."]

Hazel eyes snapped back to attention when the nickname registered. [b "My orders can't have changed in mere minutes. Even if you're the one who made the call."]

[i "They said 'at his earliest convenience.' Well now that we're out of that government hellhole it's 'convenient' for me to catch you up to speed about how the next few days are gonna go. You're not confined to that shitty apartment, I promise; but you're definitely not allowed to come in for work. You could use a break anyway."]

Her eyes softened. The captain had been there to speak in her defense and present evidence to close the case more quickly than the administration were going for. He was the reason she was leaving the premises with such minor restrictions.

[i "Hey, I'm glad you're okay. Whatever attacked you in the water, the medic said you had no visible injuries, only double vision."] he patted her on the shoulder. [i "I knew it was a bad call to put you in that much danger."]

She pressed her lips into a thin line. [b "We couldn't have known ahead of time that it was going to happen. Had I been a human, my oxygen tank would have run out before I was close enough to the surface to get fished out."]

They stopped for takeout, her adoptive father wanting to make it clear that she was not confined to her home address. Anything within ten miles of its location was permitted, and this place was only two miles away. Maybe she [i should] relax for a few days while the situation deflated. Especially now that she was under even more suspicion. [b "I was aware of the risk involved and I still agreed. So I should thank you for trusting in my abilities. I'll wait for your signal to return to work.... and I won't stay indoors the whole time."] Hearing that confirmation seemed to placate the forty year old before they returned to the complex.

It was frustrating when she found herself locking the front door. Right now, staying in would mean staying still. Staying still would mean roaming thoughts. Who would bother cutting their own lifeline to get away and then quickly lose their vitals? Who was it down there with her? Why did they say all those things?

And why did they want to share with her such a fabricated sounding story? One with details so sobering as they reminded her of someone. A renegade vampire named Eve who is a destroyer of worlds. A commander of fledglings turned against their own people.
What did they have to gain by telling her all of that? Other than wishing to test her patience and sanity at the same time.
Seven other strangers to track down and team up with to save the universe.

Sammie shook her head. That last part was too ridiculous to believe. Ten miles, ten miles; she looked for somewhere that could be a distraction from the panic that rose from her throat and burned the inside of her nose and [b "calm down, you're in public."] She slowed the walking pace back to normal, looking around to take note of anyone that might have witnessed her behave abnormally. [b "Good evening. Uh, nice suit."] she said, doing a bit of a double take upon noticing this stranger's energy presence.

No malicious intent from what she could read; but clearly something was different about him, and it made him stand out from the others walking around the square, human and nonhuman alike. [b "Well anyway."] It took a weirdly large amount of effort to tear her gaze from the stranger, remembering a bit later than one normally would about staring people down and the social consequences of doing it anyway.
Another night sleeping alone up in a tree. It was risky to sleep in a tree, especially all alone. There was no-one with whom to share watches with, to be able to quickly wake the other and move in case of emergency. There was no-one to help her if she somehow fell out of the tree, she'd simply be dead meat on the ground after falling out of the tree.

Especially in her current state.

Gina woke up. Her back felt stiff, but that was only natural when one's back spent hour after hour laying against the tough, unyielding wood of the tree. Interestingly enough, the back of the neck wasn't complaining despite also having to deal with being laid onto stiff wood.

She gently climbed down the tree. The tree itself was not high nor had she climbed that high up the tree, but it still took plenty of effort. She had climbed much higher trees which had less places to support weight without a problem, yet here she was at the bottom of this tree somewhat out of breath.

At least she did not need to go hunting. She had managed to run into a few squirrels yesterday, and had not noticed her before she had pounced and killed the squirrels. Sucking fresh blood had done something to help recover, but not enough; what she needed was human blood to quickly recover, but with the current state of things it wasn't a good idea to kill a human.

Bringing up one of the squirrels to her mouth, Gina punctured the soft skin of the squirrel with her two fangs. Even though it would have felt better to chug the blood down, Gina took little sips and gulps. It was better to take it nice and slow.

After a morning breakfast of somewhat stale squirrel blood, Gina moved on.

Day after day of continuous movement, all to get away from her own kind - vampires. Ever since the takeover by that bitch of a vampress, things had gone all the way down to the last circle of hell.

It was better not to get stuck in the mucky, bloody past. She could only keep looking forwards, constantly moving further away from that past.

Gina had just taken a short rest and had gone back to a light jog when she collided with something. Something big and unyielding had hit her in the side with enough force for her to go flying a short distance to the left, relative to her direction of movement.

The right side of her upper body flared up in pain, and her arm had instantly gone to clutching that pain in midair. Out of sheer luck Gina managed to land without making any other part of the body hurt.

But the impact had made her vision go blurry and the ears were slightly ringing. Trying to reorient herself to what was up, down, left, and right, she just couldn't do it. Gina laid down and closed her eyes, hoping that simply laying down would help recover at least her eyesight.

The ringing in the ears had vanished, but Gina did not dare open her eyes for a few minutes. Once she opened them a few minutes later, she breathed a sigh of relief as once again the world appeared crystal clear.

But as soon as she propped herself up with both arms, Gina recieved a nasty shock. About a foot away from her, a bear stood on all fours and was looking at her. What made it scary was that the bear had the most demonically red eyes ever.

[i [+purple Oh shit.... Oh shit... I'm going to die]]. That was the first thought to go through her head upon seeing the bear. But as the seconds slowly ticked into minutes, it seemed less and less likely that the bear wanted to kill her and more likely that the bear was just curious.

She could see and hear the bear sniffing, probably the damn squirrels that she was carrying. Taking two of the squirrels, Gina weakly threw them towards the bear as a peace offering.

While the bear was dealing with thrown squirrels, hopefully, Gina crawled to a nearby tree and lean against it facing the bear. [+purple "Anything else you want?"] As soon as she said these words, Gina started to think what she had uttered and to whom she had uttered these words. [+purple "I must be crazy... Me, talking to a bear... Ya, I'm crazy"].

And then she heard the words, [+grey ""Not very, considering the bear's not a bear"]. She was confused by what that was supposed to mean. She had seen a bear in front of her, so the bear was a bear. Right?

But looking up once again, there was no bear in front of her. Where the bear had stood, now there was just some dude standing there. The realization that this guy was a shapeshifter was slow in coming, so slow that Gina said, [+purple "There was a bear..."].

The guy smirked when answering that there indeed had been a bear.

So there had been a bear. Just the guy in front of her had been the bear, and had decided to turn back into a human form. But that still left the question as to the demonic looking eyes. Did that mean he was a demonic shape shifter?

Still feeling afraid, there was one question she just had to ask. [+purple "So, you... you aren't going to kill me?"] Gina said this with a slight shiver, feeling somewhat cold. That was a sign that her body had still not recovered, so if this guy decided to kill her then she'd be dead without so much as a fight.

She breathed a sigh of relief for she'd get to live for now. Gina still felt confused as to why the guy was helping her, but she'd take all the help she could get right now.

He was curious as to what had happened. Gina hugged the jacket he had given to her, looking around. [+purple "It's... it's a long story... This... This isn't the best place to tell it."]

The guy seemed to understand the fact that talking out in the open wasn't the best idea, he even offered a cave as a sort of hiding spot. [+purple "Sounds, good. Please help me up?"] She extended a hand, waiting for him to help her up.

He helped her up, although the pain in her side flared up. She was in no state to walk to this cave. He seemed to understand the pain what she was dealing with, offering a ride to the cave. With a half-smile, [+purple "A careful one."]

As soon as he had turned back into a bear, Gina had gently mounted on top of him and hugged him before giving him the go ahead.

The ride seemed short, but Gina had taken a light snooze. That fight to breakout had taken a toll on her, a toll which would take time to recover.

The bear made a sound, specfifically to wake her up from her snooze. Upon waking up, Gina slid off the bear and made a few steps with winces before sitting down and leaning on the cave wall. The bear transformed back into a human, and the guy did the same thing as her except across from her.

Gina took a few deep breathes while making herself more comfortable in her current sitting position. The guy was still watching her, most likely still curious.

[+purple "Still curious??"][+grey ""I am. I've not seen or heard of another supernatural around here.."]

And Gina told the short version of her lifestory. It did not exactly answer the question in a straightforward manner, but without the backstory the straightforward answer would be quite lacking.

There were a few seconds of silence before the guy said he was sorry. She could understand his lack of words. He had not been there. He could only go off of what she had said, and words were not always enough to convey the situation in its entire gravitas.

[+purple ""As to how I ended up here....I honestly don't know. Some person named Morrigan told me to go help save the world with others. Confusing if I'm to be honest"] After escaping, Gina had had a vision in which this female had come to her and explained something of interest. This had been after many days of dreaming a female voice saying the same exact things, except the dreams had been mere snippets of the whole shebang the female had said.

Gina definitely wanted to kill the vampress that had turned her own world upside down, but she was feeling extremely skeptical about this part about finding seven others and forming some sort of circle of eight.

But the guy's answer, that melted away all her skepticism as lava melts butter. [+grey "She's a goddess as far as I know. She said she was going to round a group of us up...and believe me I'm confused too.."], those had been his exact words.

Gina looked up in shock at him, he had had the same vision by the same person as her. [+purple "How.... She visited you as well?"]

He replied affirmatively, even repeating the words Morrigan had said to him. Gina felt extreme déjà-vu, Morrigan had said those exact same words to her.

[+purple "So...So..."] Gina had clutched a hand over her heart, and had looked into his eyes, [+purple "That makes two of us..."]. His eyes locked with hers, [+grey "Two of us...which means there are six more to find.."].

Gina turned her head away. So this part about there being seven others had been true. Then they had to find whoever these other six were, and the sooner the better.

Looking back up at him, Gina felt that she had to say something. Something for which she felt extremely grateful for. [+purple "I'm thankful that you don't hate me for being a vampire"]. [+grey "I can be stubborn but yeah I don't hate you... Though I know this can be and will be difficult...not all of us will be on the same page at first.]. That would be true. Not everyone would be comfortable with a vampire, they might not even trust her for being a vampire. All because one vampire had decided to be a dominion dominating bitch, but that unfortunately was the way the world worked sometimes.

[+purple "I'll, get some sleep now."] She lay down on the cave floor, putting the jacket over her like it was some half bed sheet cover. She heard the guy doing the same thing.

But as she lay there, Gina still shivered a bit. Even under the jacket her hands felt a bit chill. All she wanted was some warmth, and she could feel the warmth coming from him.

Gina ended up crawling over to him, and then sort of snuggle up to him. Finally feeling warm enough, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
  Gina / NorthernWolves / 189d 12h 17m 54s
[i ''The time has come. The one you have been told of since having been a young child. There have been other worlds who have fallen to Eve's clutches. Either they have been destroyed or turned into her slaves and armies. Whether you wish to face this truth or not a war is coming. One that cannot be stopped until you and seven others come together and put your differences aside. Only when you learn to be a true team, a true circle will you be ready to face Eve and to stop her reign of terror. Fail to do so and all that you know..all that you love will perish..I will be reaching out to the others as well. All of them will have the same message and the same search. As to knowing who they are and what.. you will have to trust your instincts and listen to what they have to say. Remember my words young witch. Become one..and you all shall succeed in your quest. Good luck..'] Those had been the words told to her in the dreams that she had been having for the last week and a half easily. And still she could not get them out of her head. In fact, the words began to buzz in Lexie's head stronger and stronger as the days went by and would not seem to quiet down. It was as if she could not find any form of peace. So whether she liked it or not, the young witch would have to follow in her great-grandparents' footsteps and become part of this mystery circle that the Goddess Morrigan was putting together. Though she wished it wasn't such a headache.

Pink painted nails ran through short blonde hair as she stood in her corner of the train that she usually rode to work. She was running a little later to the café then she would have liked because she could not find her uniform because her cat, Whiskers had decided that he would drag it off and make it into his own personal bed. So she was stuck in a white button up blouse, black nylons, and a knee length black skirt that she HATED with a passion. But it was the closest thing she owned to the actual uniform since she hadn't had the time to do the laundry and to get the fur off her proper uniform. And with that those thoughts going in her head along with Morrigan's words, Alexa closed crystal blue eyes, TRYING to clear her head and to get it together. But it was at the next stop did someone get on with pizzas and happened to post a small sign above it that said [i take a slice and leave a story.'] A funny sign to have and a funny action to take.

Lexie was going to ignore them, but then her stomach all but protested as she had akipped out on dinner the night before having worked late and skipped breakfast because of running late for work. With a sigh, the young woman pushed herself out of the corner and moved over to the stranger and their pizzas. God it was torture how good it smelled. [b "So what kind of a story are we looking to have?"] The blonde female asked as she did take a piece of pizza from one of the boxes, crystal gaze locked upon the stranger. [i "I'm not sure what story I'm hoping to hear, but I think I'll know it when I hear it."] They answered her, which caused a small smile to grace her lips. Somehow something in her told her to give VERY vague words and if they were someone she was meant to find then they would know what the words meant. [b "How about a tale of Morrigan and her quest to seek a circle?"] She found herself asking before she took another bite from the piece of pizza, leaving her words at that as she leaned on a wall close to the person and their boxes of pizza.
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[b “Are you sure you do not need me to accompany you beyond this?”] Celes asked as she hesitated before passing through the threshold.

[b “You are not a part of the circle that the goddess spoke of Celes. It may be an oversight on her part, but for now I believe your talents are better put to use elsewhere. Should that change I promise to call out to you.”]

Celes gave a solemn nod before disappearing through the portal that they had opened. Her experience as a traveller meant it would be easy for her to navigate the weird ways between the worlds. Still Adam showed a concern for her that was unusual for the man. Just as he had allowed her to question his judgment there was a connection between them that was different than him and most people. It was not one that he hated though.

Now that he was alone the vast suite felt even more empty. Something about that connection they shared meant he never felt that emptiness while she was nearby, but as long as she was near he would lack the drive to join the circle. This was for the best for both of them, as they would only be able to go home when he could reclaim his rightful throne.

Still assembling this circle that the goddess spoke of was a task much easier said than done, as Adam had spent little time interacting with the lower class throughout any of his training. Even after his kingdom fell it was usually Celes that dealt with the masses. She was even the one that had gotten their currency converted when they came to this backwards place known as Earth.

While Adam was able to make use of their technology and follow their systems thanks to his talents interacting with the violent mob that was the human populace was another thing. However a king who cannot speak to his people is not a king that will rule for long, and while the humans were not his people they would be good practice for dealing with his own populace after what they had went through. The best practice available to him at the moment at least given this was where he felt the strongest pull.

One thing he had learned of them in studying their culture was that first impressions were important, and so he made sure to prepare an outfit that would be respected. A moderately expensive gray suit was the perfect choice at least as Celes suggested since it would help him come off as less elitist. Additionally he had learned his muscular physique and over six foot stature were also things that the human populace deemed positive. Although he was unsure as to why the humans attributed such traits to height he was happy to take advantage of their simple natures.

Once he had made sure that all of his valuable belongings were secured he stepped out onto the city streets. He paused just long enough to give a nod of thanks to the doorman before making his way to the square. While he was unsure of where to start looking he was confident that his own regal aura would be able to attract the other members of the circle if he was in an accessible enough location.

[h3 [center V]]What little decoration was in the small room mostly showed that the hotel it belonged to was fairly old and had not changed styles in at least a few decades. There were a few things that stood out though against the colorful old decor of the room including an antique looking full length mirror and the resident who was dressed in all black. The resident did not seem to pay any mind to it though as they eyed themselves in the full length mirror.

An athletic frame that stood just a couple inches shy of six feet tall thanks to the lift provided by their combat boots. Slightly baggy black cargo pants held up by a modular tactical belt that was covered in over half a dozen different pouches. A tucked in black sleeveless shirt with black hair that just touched the shoulders. Their pale blue eyes analyzed it all before opening wide as genius struck.

Idea in mind they started rifling through one of their pouches. Despite it being far too small to warrant having to search through it took them a few moments to find what they wanted. An overly large Buffalo Bills blue Tyrod Taylor jersey that they pulled on over the rest of their outfit. It was long enough on them to cover midway to their thighs, but it got an approving nod from them before they grabbed their bag and made their way out the door.

Just a short jaunt from their hotel was a quaint little pizza shop where they blended in only thanks to their decision to add the sports jersey to their ensemble. It gave them a visible confidence as they approached the counter.

[b “Two extra large cheese, one extra large pepperoni, one extra large mushroom, one extra large sausage, and one extra large with pepperoni and mushrooms,”] V said with a friendly smile. [b “Also could you label them on the front please.”]

The disinterested clerk behind the counter repeated it twice just to be sure that was what they wanted before putting their order in. Leaving V to play the pinball machine in the corner while they waited. A fact that put a wide smile on their face as they approached the machine.

Once their order was called they placed their six pizza boxes into their prepared insulated bag. Their action drew a curious glance from the previously disinterested clerk, but V offered no explanation before leaving their store. The only thing they left behind was a new high score on their pinball machine.

With their pizza bag in hand they made their way aboard one of the trains on a longer route. Where they positioned themselves in the corner with their bag accessible to the public with a small sign above it that said [i take a slice leave a story]. This was their third day performing this strange ritual and it was apparent now that doing so everyday was going to get more attention than they had originally intended.
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[#e84a70 [i 'This isn't a game young shifter. There have been other worlds who have fallen to Eve's clutches. Either they have been destroyed or turned into her slaves and armies. Whether you wish to believe me or not a war is coming. One that cannot be stopped until you and seven others come together and put your differences aside. Only when you learn to be a true team, a true circle will you be ready to face Eve and to stop her reign of terror. Fail to do so and all that you know..all that you love will perish.']] Morrigan said as she looked to the demon bear that now stared up at her with glowing red eyes.

[b [i 'And just who is a part of this group that you mentioned? The races? And how will I know when I have found them? Or they have me?']] The shifter asked as he continued to stare at the goddess. Randall was not even sure he believed her. Yes he had been told the tales of long ago when there had been another circle called upon. But up until a few weeks ago he had thought it to be only an old tale passed down from the elders. Only now seeing the goddess and hearing her words was he FINALLY allowing the story to sink in and realizing there had always been truth to it. Realizing that it was more than a story.

[#e84a70 [i 'I will be reaching out to the others as well. All of them will have the same message and the same search. As to knowing who they are and what.. you will have to trust your instincts and listen to what they have to say. Remember my words young shifter. Become one..and you all shall succeed in your quest.']]

And just as she had come, the goddess was gone. And she left behind one very confused demon bear shifter. Trying to clear his head or clear it as well as he was able, Randy decided that he would go for a hunt and go into the deeper part of the forest that he had yet to explore. Now he had been here for a while and hoping to hide as well. Some trouble had arisen back in his home realm, not due to vampires but something else. And when he found that the gate would be opened the shifter had taken the chance and now was where they called "Earth". It was strange because he had not caught any like him. Or any different supernaturals either. But it was also nice in it had offered a place to hide.

Over and over the encounter played as Randy ran through the underbrush. He was searching for something but didn't know what. Perhaps after fifteen or so minuts, his nose caught the scent of squirrel but it was laced by...Well he wasn't quite sure what. Everything in him told him this was a bad idea. Told him that he should turn back and go the way that had come. But there had also been a draw urging him to keep his path. For a moment it was a struggle, but his urge to continue won out and he was following the scents that had hit his nose. And like that, the demon bear shifter came across a vampire female. His first instinct was to attack, but when he saw the shape she was in he eased off and only slowly moved closer. His glowing red eyes were questioning as if asking what had happened. And he sat perhaps a foot away, watching her. Only would he turn back to his human form when he knew it was safe.
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