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[center [Merriweather [size13 Thunderclan, known for stalking their prey in the forest and undergrowth. Riverclan, known for their skill at swimming. Windclan, known for their swiftness which makes catching prey easier. Shadowclan, known for the ability to walk quietly and avoid detection.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 For generations these clans have lived in a chaotic harmony, living their lives according to the [http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/The_warrior_code warrior code.] However a prophecy is given to a kittypet named Kiki; [i Watch out, for dark is coming and with him comes death.] At first she is unsure as to what this means and why she was given it, but when her farm burns down she's forced to run away. After wandering for what seemed like forever she comes across a group of windclan cats.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 Kiki, now named Hazelpaw, must learn to learn how to live like a clan cat. Windclan must also get used to the fact that they have a used-to-be kittypet among them. Some don't care while other's don't take it well. After awhile things seem to calm down and life returns to normal for everyone. Though when a clan member turns up dead things take a turn for the worse.]]]

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[center [size26 [Great+Vibes [u [b The Clan]]]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b Leader;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401330 Featherstar]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Deputy;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401395 Blackfur]]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Medicine Cat;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394671 Stripedleaf]]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Warriors;] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401330 Silverstripe], [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401384 Nightpelt], [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401498 Wlliowpelt], [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401522 Moonclaw], more welcome]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Apprentices;][http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401330 Hazelpaw],[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401383 Shadowpaw],[http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=401498 Greypaw], more welcome]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Mothers;] None]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Kits;] None]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Elders;] None]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [size26 [Great+Vibes [u [b Skeleton]]]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b Username;] Simply the link will do]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Name;] please use [http://warriors.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Clan_hierarchy this] as a reference. Also use for role decision.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Age;] Moons are like months. For example - 6 moons = 6 months roughly.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Gender;] Male or female]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Role;] Refer to the link above]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Personality;] 3 positive and 3 negative traits]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Appearance;] Any markings, scars or anything of the sort?]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b Picture;] Real cats please.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b There will be other things to add, however only after we get everyone we need for the roleplay.]]]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [size26 [Great+Vibes [u [b Rules]]]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b 1.] This is a semi-literate roleplay. I will ask that posts be at least 1,500 characters. I don't think that's too much to ask.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 2.] I expect at least one post a week. I am a college student and I work full-time. I don't have infinite free time, plus its holiday season at the moment. If a post is not made within a week I will pester people, just a warning. If nothing is done by a week and a half and you have not notified me on why you aren't posting, I will remove people.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 3.] I want the picture to be real cats. I don't want something that looks stupid and I want the cat to fit the name you choose. I have a right to be picky when looking at pictures.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 4.] This is based off the warrior cats series, however none of the stuff that happened in the books will affect this roleplay. Though I do recommend that you have a basic knowledge of the books.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 5.] In order to join please send me a character link that contains the skeleton above. Title your pm with you favorite book.]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 6.] This will start a few months after Hazelpaw joins windclan. The story doesn't revolve around her, I'm just using her as a way to give the prophecy. The roleplay will include all the cats of windclan .]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b If your stuck on picking a name here is a helpful link;] [http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/warrior-cat-names.php Name Generator]]]][center [Merriweather [size13 [b 7.] Please feel free to double up! :D]]]


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Nightpelt smiled at the young cats enthusiasm. "It is little late today." She meowed gently, "however we can see if the other two would like to see the borders tomorrow." It would be very important for the youths to know the ends of their territory. She considered the danger of running into invading clans, however that was a risk no matter the clans numbers. They didn't need to risk a full rivalry because one of the young apperetinces stepped over the border on their first hunting test. "For now, you should pick where you want your nest. First one gets the best spot." The excited yoyng cat ran off as Strippedleaf ran past. She watched her son scramble out of the way to avoid being trampled. He padded up to his mother, tail bristled slightly from being startled.
She purred as he walked up to her. She knew Silverstripe was not fond of being around anyone, really. However, he was an excellent warrior. She would talk to Willowpelt and Silverstripe about the tour of their territory once the current commotion died down. She was too far away to really hear what was being said, having remained on the edge of the clearing. Her tail twitched back and forth. "Go get comfortable in your new den." She said, knowing the curious light in the dark young toms eyes. The dissapointment was evident in his eyes, however he obeyed. He did not want to test his mothers sometimes unpredictable moods. Spotting Silverstripe by the fresh-kill pile, she headed over. She was curious, however it was not her business to pry into what Starclan showed the medicine cat. Nightpelt could see the Silver tom did not wish to be bothered. She walked up to him anyway, he would need to get use to being bothered if he was to be teaching her excitable son.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 72d 20h 30m 25s
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[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/TUQbo5T.png]]]
[center [Merriweather [size13 Silverstripe laid one the edge of the Windclan camp, basking in the last rays of sunlight that would grace them that day. He had already been on patrol earlier in the day so now was his alone time. The stripped tom stretched his body, a purr of satisfaction erupting from his throat. It was days like this he very much enjoyed, peaceful days where they didn't have to worry about food shortages, other clans invading or whether or not kits would survive. Plus no one was bothering him, it had been a good few hours since anyone had made an attempt to even talk to him, which wasn't unusual. Most of the clan cats knew that he didn't deal with others well, he was awkward when it came to socializing and he was very keen on letting others know how he felt without consequence.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 As he laid there the sound of paws approaching made him open an eye. [b "Is there some reason your bothering me?"] A fluffy grey tom stood above Silverstripe, a look of displeasure on his face. [b [#2F4F4F "That's no way to speak to your father, now is it?"]] Stormcloud asked, setting his rump on the ground. Silverstripe groaned as he moved from his position of comfort and sat up, eyes that were just like his mothers glaring at his father. Cloudstorm couldn't help but grin, his son was very much like his mother when she was young, before she had the responsibility of an entire clan on her shoulders. [b [#2F4F4F "Nevermind it, I was just coming over to see how you are. You barely speak to anyone."]] Sliverstripe rolled his eyes, of course he didn't talk to the others. They were annoying and only gossiped about what they hear at gatherings or whatever drama was going on that day. [b "You interrupted my nap for that. Thanks."] Without even apologizing he laid back down, his back turned towards his father.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 Cloudstorm let out a sigh as he got up and walked towards his mate. The other male would have to grow up eventually and learn to play nice with others. Hopefully forcing him to have an apprentice and to teach another would make him wise up.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 Silverstripe thought that he was going to be able to relax, however yet another disturbance appeared - or rather was yelled when their clan leader called for a meeting. Grumbling he got up and joined the rest of his clanmates near the leaders den, where his mother sat atop her 'throne'. The male sat there as she talked, it was just an apprentice ceremony. He breifly wondered who the mentors would be and then realized he didn't care...at least until his own name was called. The look of astonishment on his face was obvious and he immediately looked towards his mother. She knew he didn't want this...but it wasn't like he could refuse it either. After the meeting was over the young cats went to see their mentors. Silverstripe looked over the black male that he would be in charge of for however many moons. He looked around, he was uncomfortable but he had to do something...he didn't want to look pathetic in front of his apprentice.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b "Ah...since it's pretty late already we'll begin your training tomorrow. For now go tell your mother...I'll have stuff planned for tomorrow."] He told the new apprentice, hoping that he didn't sound totally lame. He had no idea how he was supposed to talk to others at all. One Shadowpaw went off Silverstripe let out a sigh of relief though as he sat there he heard a commotion on the other side of the camp, Stripedleaf was scrambling to Featherstar's den. He was a little curious but also didn't want to take the effort to go over there. Instead he rested himself near the fresh-kill pile.]]
  Otter / 73d 9h 17m 28s
They day was coming to an end, the sun slowly traveling downwards. But he was not done yet for the day.

Blackfur sat at the edge of camp. His orange eyes, in stark contrast to his black fur, were roaming around. Evern now and again he'd stare off into one spot, but only for a short time before going back to roaming around. His thin, slender tail twitched up and down, impatient.

He was waiting for the last patrol of the day to come in. He was not impatient because the last patrol was late, he was impatient for the results of the patrol. Due to the past leaf-bare being extremely harsh on Windclan, via killing the kits, the number of cats in Windclan was lower. It would not surprise him if the other clans would use their numerical advantage to push into Windclan's territory.

Blackfur's ears went straight up, a patter of paws. And here came the last patrol of the day, and they had even managed to snag some mice on the way back.

He stood up on all fours, assuming a relaxed pose. Blackfur didn't want to appear scary to a returning patrol which was in a good mood, he already appeared scary without even trying.

The patrol hadn't brought back neither good or bad news. But it was good to hear that none of the other clans had tried to dip into their territory.

He congratulated the patrol, and told them to go get some rest.

As the patrol dispersed, Blackfur sank his front paws into the ground and stretched. Being a deputy wasn't always easy, especially if some thought that you were scary looking, but no one was really complaining about his effectiveness as one.

Blackfur heard Featherstar call for a clan meeting.

He made his way, and took his place besides Featherstar. Looked like everycat was here, let the meeting begin!

Ah yes, it was that time where the three kits would begin their lives as apprentices. Of course first they'd receive change to their names, the endings transforming from "kit" into "paw". Thus Shadowkit became Shadowpaw, Greykit became Greypaw, and Hazelkit became Hazelpaw.

Hazelpaw had not always been a clan cat, the she-cat had come to them as a kittypet. Featherstar had decided to accept the kittypet as a member of the clan. There was definitely grumbling about that choice, obvious dissatisfaction, but the kittypet had adopted quickly to clan life. But to him it sometimes felt as if Hazelpaw enjoyed clan life more than her life when she had been known simply as Kiki.

After the ceremony had taken place, most of the cats dispersed. The new apprentices made their way towards their mentors. The cats who Featherstar had chosen as mentors, Nightpelt, Silverstripe, and Willowpelt, they would make great mentors.

If that was how the day had ended, that would have made for a perfect ending. But that wasn't how the day ended.

The medicine cat, Stripedleaf, had left earlier and something had been bothering her. Now, the medicine cat had rushed back. Nearly running into Featherstar hadn't shaken medicine cat one bit as she began to stammer out a prophetic vision.

This was not the best place to stammer out a prophetic vision loud enough for others to hear, especially when it concerned things like fire and death. Blackfur supposed that this wasn't actually the true prophecy, more like Stripedleaf had seen the real prophecy, had become emotional, and had rushed out without thinking about it.

Turning to Featherstar, [+green "We'd better talk about this in private."]
  Blackfur / GoneMemories / 73d 20h 35m 49s
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/pdKr1IM.jpg]]Was the Sun responsible for the warmth in his fur, or was it the heated glow of pride that warmed him so? Ah, yes, it was a wonderful day- three newly named apprentices stood tall as their naming ceremony brightened the moods of the whole of Windclan, the cheers of three new names carried to and fro by soft breezes. A beautiful day, indeed. Featherstar could be seen practically glowing from atop her den, both pleased and proud as could be. Moonclaw could appreciate it, himself; Although he hadn't had an apprentice for several moons now, he did not feel slighted in the least for not having been given an apprentice today. It was less that he was a poor mentor - he loved teaching more than he loved his precious naps-, and likely more that he had other uses. He hunted well on his own, much like this morning's haul of two rabbits, a thrush, and three mice. Border patrols, hunting patrols, he made no bones about his abilities, instead 'volunteering' to go on most of the patrols throughout a given day- [i he liked to make the most of his time outside the camp]. There were times he would hunt entirely on his own, with no patrol to rendezvous with at all. Yes, that was his favorite...

Alas, clanlife was in no way a solitary affair. As such, he had been on three patrols today and as the cats dispersed to congratulate the newly paired mentors and apprentices or went off about their other duties, the very large, hulking form of Moonclaw rose, stretched, and padded toward the pile of fresh kill for a mouse. He was a thankfully powerful and graceful creature, as if not for this, his size would be rather cumbersome for both himself and his clanmates. As a kit and an apprentice, his size had been a two-way street and had annoyed his denmates to no end, accidentally knocking them over, taking up too much space, and being a source of irritation overall for having been massive for his age group. As it were now, even most other grown warrior toms had to look up at him to meet his gaze, but he was never the type of consider this a thing of status or of pride. Instead, Moonclaw was known to be a very gentle and soothing cat, albeit prone to sleeping in odd places after patrols and to being a mite nosey, if we're to be honest. As a seasoned warrior it was, as he saw it, his job to make sure his clanmates were safe and healthy. Thus, he liked to drop snippets of clever, tell-tale [s he eavesdrops] advice before going about his own business again.

He took a mouse back into the clearing to catch the last rays of evening Sun and sat, allowing his body to tilt and hit the ground with a leaden and comedic grunting-thud. He ate while on his side, lazing in the Sun's glow and finishing his supper with a contented grooming and pulling a few burs from betwixt his extra toes with his teeth.

He was so relaxed now that he almost didn't hear the panicked footfalls as Stripedleaf raced by, lifting and curling his tail just in time to avoid having it trampled by the frantic medicine cat on her way to Featherstar's side. Her stammering was legible and loud enough for most nearby cats to have caught, Moonclaw being no exception. He shot Featherstar a heavy, green gaze; If Stripedleaf's prophetic dreams were giving her bad omens, it might be best to discuss the particulars out of earshot of the majority of the clan. With new apprentices having joined their ranks, clan morale was soaring, and Moonclaw doubted it would stay as such if there was worry of [i fire and death]. He hoped that the last bit, the Hazelpaw snippet, would bode well with his clanmates.

Of any kit he had met or sired, it was likely that the newly dubbed Hazelpaw had been through and would continue to [i go] through more than most of her peers based solely on her lineage and the clan's reception of her. He did not envy her, but he stood behind Featherstar's decision to adopt the kit into the clan. She was doing so well that in everything but birthright, Hazelpaw was a clan cat, through and through. She had every right to be here amongst them, she'd earned it. So what was this about a prophecy? Was Hazelpaw going to be alright?
  Miss-Shion / 76d 9h 44m 31s
It had taken some effort, but it was worth it. All the herbs and berries restocked and in their rightful places.

Even though it had been somewhat tiring, Stripedleaf did not mind not one bit. This was one of the things that a medicine cat had to do, and it sometimes seemed easier than trying to heal a fellow clan member; healing seemed to pack so much emotion. Worry, hope, fear, and other emotions could just seem so mind numbing at times.

At least she could flop down on the floor of the den and not worry about bumping into anyone else; the Medicine cat den only had one occupant in it, her. She flicked her tail as she closed her eyes, hoping to take a short nap.

But then she heard Featherstar's voice calling out for all the clan to come out. Even though Stripedleaf wanted to take a short nap, she could all ways take it later after listening to whatever Featherstar had to say.

She rolled back onto her belly, pushing off her feet to stand up. Stripedleaf let off a yawn before she exited her den.

It seemed she was the last one to walk up, no one else was walking towards the meeting spot. Sitting down on her hunches, she looked around and saw no one else moving.

A ceremony, a ceremony where the kits were old enough to become apprentices. Out of the three the most interesting was Hazelkit, who had become Hazelpaw. Before being known as Hazelkit, Hazelkit had been a kittypet with another name. For any leader to accept a kittypet into a clan was a risk, for not everyone took a liking to that idea and would use any small detail to critizise the leader - in this case Featherstar.

But the kittypet had adapted to the clanlife with ease. To be honest, Stripedleaf could not offer too much information for she had been apprenticing with the previous medicine cat and hadn't really been paying attention.

Right after Featherstar had addressed Nightpelt, Silverstripe and Willowpelt, the warriors who'd be mentoring Hazelpaw, Shadowpaw, and Greypaw respectively, Stripedleaf began to feel cold. It did not make any sense at all, the sun was up and about with no cloud clover. On top of that, it felt as if her head begun to ache.

Sitting out here was starting to get unbearable. Stripedleaf stood up on her four paws and walked back towards her den.

As soon as she had walked back in, her vision vanished. All she could see was pitch black, as if it were a night with no visible stars.

And then the whispering began. Voices, voices from everywhere but not a word could be understood. The whispers seemed to float in and out, as if it were a fog in the middle of the night.

But that wasn't all. What started as a small orange prick of light in the dark had grown into a red, yellow, and orange raging fire consuming something. The raging fire also illuminated a face which faded in and out.

That face belonged to Hazelpaw!

And then the whispering grew into a roar, before it vanished. A few words, in an ominous tone, came out. [i Watch out, for dark is coming and with him comes death].

And just like that, it was over.

Stripedleaf began to panic. She knew the meaning of this all too well, what she had just seen was a prophecy given by Starclan. Fire, darkness, death, just what in Starclan was Windclan going to experience.

Featherstar had to know about this urgently.

Stripedleaf sprinted out her den, and ran right towards Featherstar.

Everyone noticed the Medicine cat sprinting like crazy, and those who were in the way had moved out of the way and looked at the medicine cat in curiosity.

Stripedleaf ran up to Featherstar, nearly running into her clan leader. Even though she was out of breath, Stripedleaf began to stammer out. [+purple "Prophecy.... Featherstar, I've just recieved a prophecy.... Fire, darkness, death, Hazelpaw...."]
  Stripedleaf / NorthernWolves / 76d 17h 9m 13s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather]
[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/dH6rL19.png]]]
[center [Merriweather [size13 Blue eyes stared up at the leader, sparkling with bewilderment and excitement. When she had first been brought into the clan Hazelpaw had no idea if she was going to be able to adjust, but she found the clan life suited her much more than the life of a kittypet. It was tough at first, many of the other cats distrusted her and would always give her judging looks. She felt bad for Featherstar because some of those looks went her way and Hazelpaw could only imagine what they thought about the older she-cat. Though after a few moons passed the other clan members gradually began to warm up to her, she was a ball of energy that loved to make others laugh and smile.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 As their clan leader spoke Hazelpaw looked to her friends, seeing that they were just as excited as she was made her feel a little less self-conscious. Soon enough it was time for the mentors to approach their apprentices and Hazelpaw found that she was nervous, it took all her willpower to walk with a steady gait up to the cat would teach her everything. What if Nightpelt didn't like her? What if she was one of the few who still didn't approve of her being there?]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 Her nervousness dissipated though when a purr of approval came from Nightpelt. After she touched noses with her new mentor she looked around, all the other cats were looking at the three new apprentices with pride, some even called out their new names. It was amazing how a simple ceremony could bring all these cats together. [i "This is pretty amazing..."] she thought to herself. Once the ceremony was officially over the cats began to scatter, there was still a few more things to do before the day ended. Hazelpaw looked up to Nightpelt, observing the other cat. She wasn't too familiar with her even though she was the mother of Shadowpaw. She had seen her watch them play a few times but had never really taken the time to actually get to know her.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 With a big energetic smile, she looked to her mentor. [b [#00BFFF "What do we get to do first? Hunting?! Patrols?"]] she asked, shifting from one paw to the other.]]]
  Otter / 77d 13h 37m 20s
Nightpelt left her sons side to find her new apprentance. She would be rejoining the warriors tonight, and it was a moment of pride for her. She thanked Starclan that at least one of her kits survived up to this moment. She bent and touched noses with the young she-cat. She had been wary of letting the kittypet into the clan. However, the clan needed warriors and the kits home had been destroyed. She didn't have the heart to complain about Featherstars decision to let her stay. Not after she had just lost most of her own kits. The kittypet caught on to clan life quick though. She played with both Greypaw and Shadowpaw with equal enthusiasm that they had shown in mock hunts or battles. The black and white mottled she-cat purred to show her approval of the clan leaders choice.
  Nightpelt / Leopard_dragon_Love / 77d 16h 23m 17s
Shadowpaw wriggled with barely contained excitment. He was an apprentance now! He eagerly approched his mentor, Silverstripe. His tail high in the air, and flicking back and forth. His dark form could be easily spotted making his way to his new mentor. This was the proudest day of his life. He wanted to work hard and become the greatest warrior all the clans had ever seen! Of course, he had a long way for that. His glee glittered in his eyes as he touched noses with Silverstripe. He wanted to make her proud to teach him, so he would work hard. He looked and saw his den mates greetingtheir mentors in a simular fasion. He wondered what he would learn first. To hunt? Or fight? Or would they start with something else? He tried to contain his elation,he didn't want to be annoying. And he wanted his Mother to be proud of him too. She could be extra fussy sometimes, after the sickness swept through the clan.
  Shadowpaw / Leopard_dragon_Love / 73d 8h 38m 43s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b "It is almost time for our revenge."] A deep voice echoed, two pale yellow eyes the only thing being seen in the darkness of a large cave. [b [#808080 "Yes...they will be taught a lesson - [i she] and her clan will be learn their mistake."]] Next to the shadowy figure was another set of piercing eyes - one blue and one the same pale yellow as the other. The figures moved though it was hard to see. [b "Patience brother, we've been working towards this for moons, we cannot mess this up. Well WILL make ourselves known. I have it on good authority that their kits will be appointed warriors today."] The duel-colored eyes moved from side to side, a laugh ringing against the stone walls. [b [#808080 "So the first part of our plan will be put into motion soon. Good...that clan will know our wrath."]] The other cat laughed as well, it was menacing and evil. [b "Indeed brother, soon they will know shadow and death"] the two cats laughed together as they moved deeper into the cave, their giggles of glee fading into ominous silence.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/rFSxzru.png]]

[center [left [pic https://i.imgur.com/LuLKP3V.png]]][center [Merriweather [size13 The sun hung high in the sky, the sky a brilliant blue. A fluffy white and sliver-stripped emerged from her den, tail flicking back and forth in anticipation. While she couldn't show it for it would be in bad taste, Featherstar felt extremely giddy and excited. There would be a new batch of apprentices today and she would finally be able to give one to her son - Silverstripe. She'd been waiting for the day when she would be able to give him the responsibility of training another cat, to pass down what her mate Stormcloud had taught to him.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 As if he knew she'd been thinking about him Stormcloud came around from the side of her den, walking up to her and touching her nose with his. [b [#2F4F4F "Your practically shaking with excitement, you know that right?"]]] The she-cat jumped, frowning when he laughed at her. [b [#2F4F4F "I'm kidding, though I know you want to."]] She huffed, glaring at him. [b [#DAA520 "I'm just glad that we actually had kits survive leaf-bare, we're lacking in numbers and I'm certain the other clans are beginning to notice. I fear that it won't be too long before one of them attempts to steal territory from us."]] she confided in him. Her warriors had recently reported that they there were clans getting dangerously close to their borders - it was worrisome. [b [#DAA520 "I suppose it is time, there is only some time left in the day and I would like the new apprentices to get familiar with their mentors."]] she said, then used the weathered parts of her den to get up on top.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 Featherstar calls out to her fellow clanmates for a meeting. Once they are all gathering she looks to the three kits that were gathered together. [b [#DAA520 "Hazelkit, Shadowkit and Greykit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Hazelpaw, Shadowpaw and Greypaw."]] She looks at each individual cat as she announces their new names. [b [#DAA520 "Hazelpaw, you mentor will be Nightpelt. Shadowpaw, your mentor will be Silverstripe. Greypaw, your mentor will be Willowpelt. I hope these warriors will pass down all they know on to you."]] As he finished speaking Featherstar then turns to the three warriors whose names she called out.]]]

[center [Merriweather [size13 [b [#DAA520 "Nightpelt, Silverstripe and Willowpelt, you are ready to take on an apprentice. You have received excellent training from your former mentors, and you have shown yourself to be loyal and excellent warriors. You will be great mentors and I expect you to pass on all you know to them."]] She finished, a very proud smile gracing her face. At this point the warriors were to approach their new apprentice's and greet them and get to know them. Once the meeting was over Featherstar leapt down from her rock and looked towards her son, giving him a nod of approval. She could see how happy and proud he was to finally be given an apprentice and she was happy for him.]]]
  Otter / 77d 16h 50m 10s

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