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Lovette had caught the woman's name, and her heart seemed to race a bit more. She smirked lightly and shook her head when Seth Clearwater stepped out from behind a tree. [i "What are you smiling at Lovette?"] he asked her. The woman shrugged her shoulder's lightly. [b "Nothing Seth, nothing at all. Did Jake send you out here?"] she asked as she crossed her arms over her stomach. [i "No.. I came out here on my own. I wanted to ask you something.."] he said as he shifted his weight a little bit. She cocked her head and eyed the male.

[b "Well spit it out already"] she said. She didn't mean to snap at him, but it came across that way. [i "I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me on Saturday night. I could take you to dinner, and dancing"] he spat out. He was nervous and it made Lovette smile even more. [b "Oh honey.. I would love too, if I played for your team. But I'm more into females"] she said lightly. She hoped she was letting the male down gently, and she didn't want to hurt him. Seth nodded lightly and shifted.

[i "I kind of figured you did. The other's didn't believe me.. So in a way I was doing this for a dare. But if you ever wanna hang out, my place is always open"] he said as a blush tinted his cheeks. Lovette's blood seemed to boil when the male spoke. They dared him to ask her out? He wasn't interested in her at all? [b "Are you fucking kidding me right now Seth?"] she growled. The male looked at her and shook his head lightly. He knew she was pissed, and he thought about booking it away from her.

[b "So you asked me out because some of the other's dared you too? You are such a piece of scum! Don't even talk to me"] she snapped. The male bit the inside of his cheek and nodded lightly. He didn't say another word as the woman stormed off into the trees. She went straight home, and the moment she was inside the cabin she slammed the door closed behind her. [b "I'm not hungry!"] she yelled. Sam and Emily looked at one another and sighed. Lovette stormed into her room, shut the door and threw herself onto her bed.

Why were men so stupid? She thought Seth was better than that. She groaned lightly as she pulled her pillow over her head, closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing. She thought about the black haired woman, and that seemed to calm her down for the time being. That's all that mattered to her. She would see the other woman again. She just had too.

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Rosalie looked at Alice and she shook her head lightly. [#B9899E "You and your damn vision's. I swear to God, I don't know what to do with you"] the blonde said as she licked her lips lightly. She looked over towards the pixie woman and saw the look on her face. Something was really up, and she felt bad for speaking like she had. [#B9899E "Alice.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. Of course I won't say anything to the family, unless I have too"] she said as she walked over and touched her sister's arm.

They had been at the mall shopping or the last couple of hours, and it was nice to get away from the other's. Bella and Nessie were starting to get on her nerves. She loved Renessme more than anything, but most days she wanted to get away from the child, and today was one of those days. She was glad Alice asked to tag along. Who else would have come with her to try on clothes? Surely Emmett wouldn't have, he would have gotten bored to the point he would leave anyway. That's why she had sister's to fall back on.

She looked around, and gently pulled Alice to the side. [#B9899E "What kind of feeling are you getting? I know it's not from the La Push pack, because I can see the worry written all over your face. What do you need me to do?"] she whispered. She looked around them both, to make sure no one was listening. If anyone heard what they were talking about, they would surely be locked up somewhere, and wouldn't be allowed to come back out. Now that would be a sight to see. She shook her head lightly, and focused on her sister.
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Now that she could see through human eyes and not that of the wolf, Shiva had to admit that the other was beautiful. Breathtaking would have been an even better word. And those dark eyes simply to die for. The rest of the girl was definitely not hard to look at either. But the woman's hands moved from her hips and her arms became crossed over her chest just as the other female's had. And when the words were spoken a faint smirk crossed pretty pink lips.

[b "Fair questions or demands since I am an outsider. We're wolves from Europe and had hoped to meet another pack and perhaps merge them. I'm not afraid little wolf as I can look after myself. Want to know how well...you can ask the men of my pack."] She said, words as even as if she were not having demands placed above her head.

And when the other spoke again, Shiva gave a light nod. [b "Thank you...Oh and I'm Shiva. We may meet again sooner than you think."] Her voice and words were quiet, but she knew that they had been heard. Afterall, wolves were known for having good hearing. When the other was gone, the young woman stripped and left the clothing behind as she phased and ran back the way she had come. Oh she would get a chewing out for this.


[pic http://i.imgur.com/7TvuB8L.png]

[#be5cf5 "Rose I already told you... I can't see much in the way of the future. It's like there is something blocking my visions... I mean there always is with the wolf pack running around...But this feels so much worse. Like a hundred times worss."] The pixie-like Cullen whined as she and her sister had decided a day at the mall would be just what they needed.

For the first couple of hours Alice had been fine. But then a vision had tried to reach her and she had had NO luck in being able to see it. It had instead left her with a migraine that just seemed to be getting worse and worse. She could NOT understand what was happening and it was starting to annoy her. Or more like make her feel completely useless.

[#be5cf5 "Do you think the others will know? Or...actually can we keep this just between us? Please Rose??"] Alice whined and gave a pout. She REALLY did not want to tell the family.
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Lovette's eyes moved towards the other wolf when she came out from behind the trees. Her breath caught in her throat and she had to shake her head, to clear it. The other woman was beautiful, and those eyes.. Those eyes she felt like she could stare into forever. She took a breath and crossed her arms over her chest. [b "One, who are you and why are you in my territory? Two, you could have been killed by my Alpha just now. He doesn't like having unknown wolves around here"] she said lightly. She could tell the woman had an air about her.

She felt like she was a small child again. She didn't know how well to act, and she sure as hell didn't want to offend the other. [b "If I was you, I would leave now and not come back. Maybe have your Alpha talk to mine about being here. But he can't know that I saw and talked to you"] she said as she stood. She could hear paws hitting the ground, and she looked over her shoulder. [b "Shit.. More of my pack is coming"] she said as she turned back to the woman before her.

Her heart seemed to skip another beat just looking at her. [b "I'm Lovette by the way, and welcome"] she said as she bowed her head slightly. She didn't want to leave the woman, and she didn't want to leave those eyes she was falling into. She bit the inside of her cheek lightly, as she turned and made her way into the trees. [b "I'm coming! Jake already told me"] she called out as she ducked under a branch. She stole one last look over her shoulder at the woman, and she hoped she would see her again. Soon.
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Cute girl and she seemed a tad nervous too. Which if she was honest was interesting. Shiva had always been told that wolves were not to act fully on their emotions. In a sense they were to "conceal and to not feel" if they could help it. And so to see the young woman before her break everything she had been taught in its way threw the young woman through a mental loop. However, Shiva was quick to regain herself and studied the clothing that had been tossed her way.

Her head tilted as the other had turned away and had spoken her words. But before she could ask, the girl seemed to be gone. And as she was, another scent hit her nose. One that was more gruff and not nearly as pleasing to her senses. Which she guessed would make sense as each wolf had their own unique scents as it was.

When the girl came back and sat again, telling her she didn't have much time the black wolf FINALLY took the clothing behind a tree with her. As soon as she had the short jean shorts and the old t-shirt on, Shiva came out and leaned on the tree. Once more crystal gaze was upon the young woman who didn't appear much older or younger than she herself was. [b "Okay I switched like you wanted. So best to get to it since you don't have a lot of time. What is it you really want to know?"] She asked, hands upon her hips. She was not one to back down or to shy away from questions.
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The female looked at the black wolf, and she moved over to the trees once more. She found her stack of clothes, and she found some short's and an old t-shirt. [b "These should fit you, I don't feel comfortable with you still in your wolf form"] she said as she came back around the tree, clothes in hand. She slowly set the clothe's down and she turned her back to the other. [b "I'm not looking"] she called over her shoulder. Her heart was hammering inside of her chest as she waited. This was a bad idea, and she could feel it.

She thought she and Leah were the only female shifters around here. She had been wrong on that front. She wrapped her arms around herself as she waited. She could hear her pack running though the tree's, and she looked over her shoulder. [b "I'll be back"] she spoke softly. She broke out into a run and spotted Jacob running towards her. He shifted and pulled his shorts on. [u "I wanted to apologize to you Lovette. Sam talked to me"] he said. Lovette just shook her head, and crossed her arms over her chest glaring at her alpha.

[b "You are a little late for that matter. I want to be left alone"] she hissed. The male saw the look in her eyes, and he rubbed the back of his head. [u "I understand that. Just know Emily said dinner will be ready soon"] he said with a sheepish smile. [b "I'll be home in an hour"] she said. The male nodded lightly, as he walked back the way he had come. She let out the breath she was holding, and turned back to the black wolf. She wanted to see the stranger in her human form.

She moved back into the clearing [b "Sorry about that.. That was my alpha. You might as well hurry up, because I don't have a lot of time left"] she said, as she lowered herself onto the ground, her eyes closed giving the other time to shift, and put the clothes she had offered on.
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Oh she knew better than what she was doing but she didn't quite care. Couldn't really as she was FINALLY able to get away from the drooling hounds. They were always looking after her and telling her what she could and couldn't do. And she was sick of it. The pack made Shiva feel like a pup and that was why she was so bitey with them and threatening to curse them to make them back the hell off. She had been able to take care of herself on her own before and she could do it now.

The black wolf with the crystal eyes continued her run through the trees, letting the leaves crunch beneath her paws and the bushes run over her fur. But it was not long before the scent that had attracted her in the first place approached. A beautiful silver wolf. And before she knew it, the wolf was no longer a wolf but a girl. It was curious to her as she had not come across many other female shifters at all.

[b [i 'I would shift back little wolf.. But I don't have the clothing to do so. And I prefer my wolf form.']] Shiva thought as she made it audible to the girl who stood before her a few feet off. Her crystal gaze never leaving the other as she just sat there. It was clear she wanted to know what the other was doing out there.
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[u "Are you kidding me right now Lovette? You honestly think you can run this pack better than I can?"] Jacob hissed. Lovette looked at the male, and she crossed her arms over her chest. [b "I never once said that! I was just suggesting some things that could be done differently is all. Sorry for opening my big mouth"] she snapped back. The male pointed to the door, and she blew out her breath and stormed out. [b "He wanted ideas, and when I give them he think's I'm trying to take over"] she muttered to herself walking outside.

She spotted Sam and Emily on the beach, and she made her way over there. Sam and Emily had taken her under their wing, when her parents were killed. Being the bastard cousin of Jacob Black, wasn't all it was cracked up to be. [i "Lovette! There you are. I was just talking to Sam and seeing what to make for dinner"] Emily said. When she saw the look on her face, she narrowed her eyes. [i "What did Jacob do now?"] she asked the young woman. Lovette plopped down into the sand, and pulled her knees to her chest, resting her chin on her knees.

[b "He thought I was trying to run the pack again. I know he was meant to become Alpha and all, but why can't you take some ideas? I honestly give up with that man"] she said looking towards Emily. The older woman sat beside her, and wrapped her arm around her shoulders. [i "I know it's hard being apart of this pack, but it's worth it I promise. Jacob's still hurt over the fact that Bella chose Edward, and that she had a baby with him. But our main goal is to protect her"]

[b "I know it is. I adore the Cullen's, and whenever Bella's talked too me she's always been nice. I'm not too sure about the blonde bitch though"] she said with a small wrinkle of her nose. Sam laughed and shook his head. [i [u "No one is ever too sure about Rosalie Cullen"]] he said with another laugh. Lovette was starting to feel a bit better talking to Sam and Emily, and she stood. [b "I'm going to go for a run. I'll be back in a little while"] she said lightly. Emily nodded and let her go.

Lovette moved towards the trees, and she shifted into a grey wolf, and she was running. She didn't care if she could hear the other's in her head. She wanted to get away for a little bit. As she was running, she smelled something new. She looked around herself as she slowed down, and she spotted another wolf nearby. She perked her ears back, and then shifted back into her human form. She found her clothes, and pulled them on. [b "Hello? Who's out there? If you are a shifter, then shift please. I don't want to fight anyone right now"] she called out.

The wolf she had seen was a really pretty one, and she couldn't help but wonder who would enter her home without permission. She stood there in a pair of shorts, and a blank tank top waiting for the other wolf. Maybe she should have gotten some back up, but she shoved that thought aside. She was a big girl, and she could handle something like this on her own.
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[b "You don't own me. None of you do, you know. Just because I am the ONLY female in this pack doesn't make me any less a wolf than the rest of you. And if I remember correctly I've saved your asses more than once. So want to try and run that by me again?"] The young woman growled as her eyes took on a soft golden tint. Shiva wasn't the push over that her pack mates hoped for her to be. And quite often the black wolf shifter reminded the guys too. She was NOT afraid to put them in their place either.

[#81e66b [b "All we are saying is this is new land and we don't know what's out there. Is it really so wrong that we want you to stay back for now?"]] Franklin muttered being the alpha. His own gaze was upon Shiva. The man had found her alone and so had taken her into the pack. The stubborness and the sass was not something he had expected. At first he thought it would get better once she found her place among the pack. But no, it seemed her spirit wasn't easily as broken and she was still just as sharp as ever.

A smirk came to pretty pink lips as blue-grey orbs locked on the man. She knew that he feared her and her temper. Truth was that though she was a shifter, the young woman was also a witch. She loved to throw that at the guys when they pissed her off. [b "I can look after myself just fine, Franky. Besides I want to see the pack we have been hearing of and their little vampires. It sounds fun and you know I've been bored. So do you really want to deny me?"] She purred as she leaned over the table, pretty blue-grey eyes speckling more with the gold.

The man hated when she did this. Shiva was known to be a spoiled brat until she got her way. And what was worse was she could curse him too. [#81e66b [b "Fine you can go. But the first sign of trouble and you come back here."]] The man said with a growl. It ALWAYS bothered him that she had him wound around her finger and he was the fucking alpha.

A smirk crossed her lips and she blew the man a kiss. And soon after, Shiva ran off through the woods and shifted into a great black wolf with the leaves crunching beneath her paws. She had been aching to run and be free like this for so long since the pack ALWAYS tried to keep her in. But not now. Now she had the chance to explore the area.

It was as she was running did she catch the scent of other wolves. Her orders had been to head back IF she caught anything. Well she had and instead of going back she was going to see where the scent led. Afterall, it wasn't like she couldn't hdandle herself. It wasn't like these wolves would be a hanful. And there had been one scent that had caught her nose particularly. Another female wolf and it had her curious.
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