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He smiled, hoping that she would get used to being around him for a while. After she had finished, he picked up the empty bowl and went to go wash it, that way the dishes wouldn’t pile up for later. “What do you remember about yourself...?” He asked, hoping he could get to know her better
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 2h 48m 40s
Even after the male was finished with his own meal, Maya continued to slowly eat her chow mein to adjust. Although she wanted to devour the bowl's contents, taking her time was the best course of action. Eventually, the Octoling did finally finish eating, and she laid the bowl on a nearby table.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 2h 54m 21s
He smiled and got some for himself, being hungry as well, but not before he added a little soy sauce to his bowl of food. After he had microwaved it for a couple minutes, he took it out and began to eat it with a fork, being careful not to get it everywhere, as he wanted to try to not make any messes. After he was done eating, he went to the sink and washed his bowl and fork, then put them in a drainer to dry.
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 19m 46s
"T-thank you." She said gently as she took the bowl and fork into her arms, picking up some of it and getting it into her mouth. The taste was rather nice, especially since she hadn't eaten in a long time. Maya took her time eating, however, knowing that taking her time was what she needed to do so her body could adjust to consuming food once again.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 17h 23m 4s
He nodded and quickly went through his refrigerator and found a container of chow mein, which he had grown to love. “Here’s something...” he said, and put it on the counter. He then closed the fridge and quickly put some into a bowl and heated it up so that it was at least warm, then he brought it to her, giving her a fork as well. “It’s chow mein.” He told her
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 25m 36s
From the looks of Maya's body, she NEEDED something to eat. It was still in good shape, surprisingly, but her stomach still caved in a little bit. Even being a sanitized Octoling, her body can't handle a lack of food forever. "Y-yes...please, anything..." She told him, her eyes opening up a bit wider as she sat up a little bit.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 17h 32m 32s
“You should be glad you’re able to do what you want... and I’m glad I found you in time...” he said, standing up and he smiled at her. “Would you like anything to eat, by chance?” He asked politely, because he was feeling peckish and could definitely use something to eat at that moment, but he waited for the female to answer
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 36m 40s
After a long silence, the female finally spoke once more. "I guess you're right." She told him, drinking some more of the water that she had been given. Her own bag of mem cakes was on the floor next to the couch she was on, and she glanced towards it before looking back at Len. Maya wasn't exactly sure what she'd say next.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 17h 39m 13s
“I didn’t even know what I was doing to begin with...” he told her truthfully, and he sighed. “I had to struggle between being a hero or just another octoling soldier...” he said, remembering a song that had played in octo valley over a year ago and he looked at her, and then turned to the stack of mem cakes on a nearby table. “I don’t care what I used to be in the past...but I won’t let anything try to take my freedom...and neither should you...” he said, smiling a bit, but he had a sad look in his eyes. “At least you broke free from Tartar’s mind control...you are different than the others...” he told her, knowing she could make a change
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 44m 7s
Maya simply looked at him with an awkwardly confused expression for a moment when he mentioned [i 'hyperbombs'] and a war cry, but she reacted more when he spoke up about his own memories. "At l-least you had a free will t-to go regain yours..." The Octoling said, sighing and closing her eyes for a few seconds.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 17h 52m 0s
The octoling looked at her, feeling mad for what she had to go through. “That must have been because of the hyper bombs and the war cry...” he said, and he looked out the window to make sure no one was peeking in. When he didn’t see anyone, he looked back at her. “So I’m not the only one who lost their memories for a while...” he said, finding that interesting
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 17h 56m 28s
Maya picked up the glass of water and brought it to her lips, drinking some and sighing a bit as she cleared her throat. "T-that's a bit better." She said gently, with a more clear voice than before. "And...yeah...I think that was around the time everything had gone pink in my vision...before it all went black, too..." She noted.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 18h 58s
He nodded and got her some water while she spoke to him. “Maya...that’s a nice name...” he said, and he came back, handing her the cup of water. “My name is Len...and as you know...I was the one who stopped the destruction of Inkopolis...” he said, sitting down and sighing slightly.
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 18h 3m 52s
The female Octoling was a bit quiet until she was finally carried into the house and then laid down on the couch. She heard Len's question and shifted the position of her head a bit to face him. "I...think it's M-Maya. From what my mem c-cakes have revealed to me, at least..." She told him as a reply, still needing water or some beverage since her voice was raspy.
  Maya Leohr / AskTheStaff / 272d 18h 6m 20s
Len sighed, knowing she was probably not used to being helped, but he was doing it from the goodness in his heart, and he knew she might not be able to survive alone. After a while, they came to an older looking house around the outskirts of Inkopolis, one that was a decent size and made of brick. “Here we are...” He told her, and adjusted how he was carrying her so he could open the door. “I haven’t gotten completely settled in yet, but I don’t have much to settle down with...” he said, and soon he put her on the couch, making sure she was in a comfortable position , and he sat down. “Do you have a name...?” He asked curiously, hoping to get to know her
  Len Shigami (Agent 8) / DoomGuy123 / 272d 18h 11m 20s

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