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Sebastian nodded, refilling Ciels cup. "Just be careful, my lord." He requested, though Ciel was not normally careless with such things. They waited in silence until Akira and Seth came into veiw.

Sebastian noticed the eye color right away. It was either some form of magic, or something to do with his contract. All contract symbols were different, depending on the individual demons personality. "Welcome, Master Whitehill." Sebastian said, in customary greeting. He glanced at Ciel, who had leaned forward. However, what came out was not much of a proper greeting. Sebastian could not help the amused smile that appeared, his masters surprise making his sound his age. It was cute, really, and the demon had to make a mental note to tease his little Lord about thst later. To control a demon, yet still be surrised by such trivial matters was entertaining. As this was hardly a professional meeting, he let it slide. Rather, offering the older Noble a silent, apologetic smile for his master blurting that observation out loud.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 16d 15m 2s
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Ciel looked over at Sebastian, watching as he straightened after he spoke, before looking back at the pair nearby. This could be promising; he could easily attain the information he needed if Seth was willing to cooperate. If things were to turn in the wrong direction, he still had Sebastian whom he was certain could defeat the pair. He remained silent for a few moments, weighing his options.

[+blue "Very well,"] he responded quietly, setting the teacup aside for Sebastian to refill. His exposed eye flickered over to them, watching them carefully. [+blue "Bring Seth here. Keep in mind I won't tolerate any outbursts from any of you. The minute you get difficult, Sebastian will see you out and it won't be gently. I'm sure you can understand that."]

They both nodded, Akira lightly touching Jeremy's shoulder once she was finished, and he rose as well. He took her hand, holding onto it loosely as their forms flickered for a moment then disappeared. Ciel sighed, running his hand through his hair and glancing up at his butler. [+blue "Keep a careful eye on things and don't let them get too crafty. We need information but not if the cost is too high."]

He remained in his spot as Sebastian did whatever he needed to do while they waited; Akira returned with Seth about five minutes later, the pair appearing in the dining hall again. Her form was more solid this time, the deep color of her kimono and obi standing out more as the silk shone softly beneath the light. Seth smiled faintly, taking off his jacket and giving it to his demon, straightening the vest underneath and sitting in the seat closest to Ciel. The exposed eye focused on his guest, Ciel leaning forward a bit to get a closer look at his eyes.

[+blue "Your eyes change color,"] he observed softly, looking at the one that remained partially hidden under a veil of red hair. Sure enough, the left eye that had been green during the auction was now a vivid red.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 1h 7m 37s
Sebastian eyed them both, weighing their options. He then bent in half, lowering his face to Ciels ear. He covered his mouth, to prevent lip reading. It was rather difficult to speak in a tone and vollum that a human could hear, yet a demon could not. "My Lord," he whispered, "this decision is your to make. However, keep in mind she may want something in return. It is just the way we are. Think carefully before you choose." He advised. "As always, I will remain close, whichever you decide." He straightened, his red eyes going back to the pair. He remained silent, allowing his master to think without distraction. All demons liked to make a deal, it was just a part of their exsistance. One of the few things that made exsisting entertaining. Only this time, Sebastian wish it wasn't Ciel being gambled with. He had no idea if she was offering the information, or proposing a deal. However, he would remain to guide Ciel through it. Luckily, if she wanted a deal, his master was quite good at games. He had been dealing eith a demon as his primary caretaker and only real entertainment. Even in the begining, Ciel had been impressivly intelligent in making their deal.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 16d 1h 23m 43s
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Jeremy sighed again, looking back to Akira. Whatever anger she seemed to have harbored had disappeared, the woman appearing thoughtful and amused instead. Demons were weird. He knew if he was the one being threatened as she was, he wouldn't sit there and appear to be made of stone. He most likely would have thrown a few insults instead. Was that the difference between demons and humans or was it purely a woman thing?

He had no idea.

[+teal "I'd never let anything happen to the twins,"] Jeremy finally answered, looking back at Sebastian and Ciel. [+teal "Neither would Akira, Ryu, or Seth. They will always have us to protect them. But you're right, Haku is scared of him as is Jounichi, but he covers it well. Lord Whitehill is quite intimidating..."]

Ciel leaned back a little more after finishing his tea, keeping quiet as Sebastian seemed to have everything under control. Besides, he knew next to nothing about these two and their family and wondered if Sebastian knew more than he did. He tensed a little at the mention of Whitehill, arms folding over his chest defensively and turning his gaze to look out the darkened window. He couldn't wait until the day came when he would never have to hear that name again.

Akira noticed Ciel's sudden change, slowly rising from her seat. She moved to stand behind Jeremy, carefully taking out the male's braid and brushing his long, black hair with her fingers until it was straight and reached down to the middle of his back. Once all the knots were out, she carefully began the process of braiding it again. [+fuchsia "You're correct, Master Seth is the youngest of four siblings and they have all proceeded him to the grave,"] she told him softly. [+fuchsia "Lord Whitehill killed them, though it's not my place to tell you why or how. It's my master's. If Lord Phantomhive can push back his bedtime for another hour or two, I would be more than happy to bring him here. It wouldn't take more than a few minutes. Besides, Jeremy's spell will only last for a few more minutes. I urge you to decide quickly."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 2h 1m 40s
If that was the case, Sebastian had a lot to learn in very little time. Which made it more important to contact HIM. "I see." He followed the mans gaze to Ciel. The boy was being very silent, "as you heard, I will not allow my master to be killed or otherwise harmed by your household." He smirked, knowing the female was pissed off. He understood why, though. He truly knew very little. Next to nothing, actually. However, until he knew something, he would not allow Ciel be part of this conspiracy. The Lord wanted Ciel dead, but would the female risk his rage in going thru with it? Especially with two children in her care? It was doubtful. However, she was withholding information. It was a pain, as he did not actually know what she wanted. So, he was forced to imagine the worst possible. "I don't think anyon has any real loyalty to the Lord. As I said, you owe her your life." He stared at the man, russet eyes turning slightly redder but not demonic. "Despite my accusations, I am doubtful either of you would put the childrens lives at stake." He looked back at Akira, "and that is not a threat. Are you really so desprate to give my master to Lord Whitehill that you would incur my wrath? They would be left to fend for themselves." He switched between them, looking into their eyes. Trying to determine if they were truly loyal to the Lord, or just trying to appease him. Or even something else. Depending on what he saw, he would throw them out, or see if the two pairs could work together.

He had gathered she was probably under orders not to hurt the Lord. Humans were strange like that. He had often watched abusive humans, and how the abused seemed to still care. "I know Haku seems terrified of the man." He watched for their reactions, "and Master Seth is the youngest, yet the heir. I wonder how his siblings passed?" It was a very sensitive topic, and one he hoped would strike a nerve.
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Akira's eyes narrowed faintly though she didn't move. How dare this demon speak about things he knew nothing about? This family was far more complicated than Sebastian came to realize, one day he would find that out. Each person, demon or human, had their role to fill in it until Seth fulfilled his duty and his final wish. This would all be behind them then and each living creature could move forward. She remained silent, though, keeping her perfect posture, and let her gaze flicker down towards Ciel. That boy, though his demon didn't realize it, was a very important part of their plan. She would see that he wouldn't die by Lord Whitehill's hand but they still needed him at some point. He would prove to be quite the distraction.

Jeremy let his glasses fall into place as Sebastian addressed him, looking over at the well-dressed demon. He had to admit it surprised him, he didn't think himself to be part of this conversation and would have preferred he stay in the shadows. It was where he was most comfortable and most powerful at. [+teal "I have,"] he answered after a minute or two. [+teal "She appeared to me when I first started and taught me many things. I've become stronger since then and was quite surprised to discover that she added a necromancer to her little arsenal since I last saw her. I would like to say I'm close to mastering this art."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 2h 48m 44s
"So you stand by- no, assist Lord Whitehill with his temper tantrum. How low, for someone of your rank. It really is pathetic. To go so far as to sneak, rather than properly challenging me. Even that shapeshifter had more manners than you. Though, I will admit you are correct about one thing. I have not yet found all the peices, so I am still unable to see the 'big picture.' No matter what it is, I assure you MY master will have no part of it." He glared at her, as if to say he was trully offended. However, he knew one possible reason she did not. If he won, and she died, the twins would be left to fend for themselves. He then fixed his eyes to Jeremy. "I will say it is something of a surprise to meet a human capable of the mystic arts." He inclined his head, now including the man. "I do belive you met her quite a long time ago, correct?" He asked, letting the female simmer after being insulted and pretty much challenged herself. Not to an offical duel or anything drastic like that. However, the way she was handling her master in comparison to him was being challenged. He had broken many orders, over Ciels safety. He would never allow himself to become the tame lapdog. However, he played the role well when he had to. They would have to kill him before that happened, which was probably in their plans.
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Jeremy's arms folded over his chest as he leaned back a bit, looking over at Ciel. This was the child Lord Whitehill was fighting tooth and nail over? What, exactly, was so special about this child? He knew the basics, Seth had been kind enough to explain it to him. But why fight so hard to get him back? Was it because of spite or was there really something to this kid? He of all people knew that looks weren't everything, after all he was a two hundred year old witch.

His eyes flickered over to Akira as Sebastian spoke, watching her through pristine lenses. She had her hands folded neatly in her lap, the intense eyes focused on the male that hovered over his master like a bird of prey. In some sense, he was. Ciel was his next meal and he would make sure the boy lived to make that happen.

[+fuchsia "My apologies,"] she murmured softly, keeping her calm composure as she looked over at the two males. A faint, amused smirk touched her lips for a moment. [+fuchsia "Next time I'll have Jeremy-san make it later in the night. That way we won't disturb you."]

He sighed deeply at this, lifting his glasses and rubbing at his eyes. Why were demons such smart-assed creatures?

Her face then grew serious, letting her eyes focus on Sebastian. [+fuchsia "I follow the instructions that Master Whitehill gives me, same as you do with Lord Phantomhive,"] she told him softly. [+fuchsia "I can't and won't go against my master's orders."] She paused for a moment, letting her gaze flicker down to the boy who quietly drank his tea then back up to Sebastian. [+fuchsia "You don't see the larger picture as I do, you're focused on merely the outline. One day this will all come to an end and Master Seth will be free to live life how he chooses. You don't understand how those in this family function nor do you understand mine, Mr. Michaelis. This is a very delicate operation."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 3h 35m 56s
"The young Master is not typically one to shut hus door on people. It is quite rare we have guests, with how far away we are from London. Let alone people who visit just to see the Manor. Though," he smirked rather cockily, adding the last part mainly to be annoying. "I am aware it is impressive. I built it myself after all." He glanced at Ciel, "I do wish you chose a better time though. It is past my masters bed time." He refilled the cup, for his master to drink at his leisure.

"Now then, my dear." He looked the demon, "I am curious as to how you seem to allow those who owe you their lives, be lap dogs for such a vile human? And I am not talking about your master." He knew she was contracted to Seth, not his father. "Let alone allow your master be harmed by him." His lip curled, as if the thought was disgusting. No matter Ciels orders, if someone struck him they normally ended up dead. Even if not at first.
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Jeremy shifted a questioning and confused glance toward his partner as they followed Sebastian to the dining hall. He, just like her, was disappointed to be discovered already. At least the demon couldn't hurt them in this form...but that didn't stop him from hunting them later. He found Akira's calmness strangely eerie, almost as if she had just waltzed into the home of an old friend and they were simply catching up. He knew better than that, something was up.

Something he probably didn't want to know.

They both sat down as was directed, Ciel holding a teacup in his hands and looking over them. These were the two, the ones that held the most power in the household. The demon was pretty, he had to give her that. He wondered what distant memory of Seth's she pulled that out of. Jeremy was rather handsome as well, the round glasses and long braid that fell down his back accenting his features well. He seemed to have a bit of muscle to him though he wondered if the man ever had to use it after he was resurrected by Ryu.

[+blue "It's a nice trick, I'll give you that,"] Ciel told them quietly, slowly leaning forward to set down the teacup. Afterwards, he looked back up at the two seemingly-calm adults. [+blue "Still, you could have had the common courtesy to knock."]

[+fuchsia "Forgive us, we didn't exactly expect the red carpet treatment."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 4h 13m 9s
Sebastian hummed, having known the question wouldn't have led anywhere. "So becomng a demons meal is not a satisfactory death, then?" He inclind his head toward the other butler. "Welcome to the Phantomhive Manor, Mister Jeremy. My master is waiting." He then led the way to the dining hall, resuming his conversation with Akira. "I would think it a bit of poetic justice. Rescued, only to later be consumed by his rescuer." He smirked at his play on words, the very thought rather pleasing to him. "Here we are."

"Young master." He said, once he opened the door. He allowed them to enter, their powers seemed limited as it was. "Please allow me to introduce the Head butler of the Whitehill household, Mr. Jeremy. As well had the Head maid, Ms. Akira." He said, "Due to you semi-corpial forms I am not sure if you can enjoy the tea I worked so hard to prepare. Though, please, sit and relax." He performed his duty as the perfact, gentlemanly butler that he was. Pulling out the chairs for them to sit, as if they had been invited. They were the perfact distance from Ciel. Close enough as to not be rude toward the unwanted visitors. Yet far enough that if one attacked, Sebastian would be sble to at least sheild Ciel. He stood faithfully behind his master, seeming quite relaxed. The other demon, at least, would not be fooled though. He would leap in to tear them toshreds if they crossed any line he deemed should not be crossed. As intruders, they were on thin ice already. Now was an excellent chance to see if these two were to he counted as genuine foes, or put in the same catigory as the twins or Ryu.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 16d 4h 24m 50s
[h3 +]
Akira sighed quietly, barely audible to human ears, and slowly began the trek down the hall with Sebastian to the staircase. How she wished this had gone to plan: in and out, no one knows. It would have been so much less complicated than it was now. Still, a conflict currently wouldn't have amounted to much, they were merely ghosts wandering in a different haunted house. She didn't wish that conflict to spill over, however, when they were in their own bodies again and could cause harm to master Whitehill. He was hers, just as Ciel was Sebastian's, and she'd rip someone's arm off if they merely touched him.

[+fuchsia "That child is far better with us than the great Heavenly hypocrite,"] she mused softly, just a few steps behind him. [+fuchsia "It's not like He's ever done anything for you; he turned his back on all of us so now we serve someone who hasn't. Though I am intrigued that you asked such a silly question, especially with your intelligence. Lord Phantomhive escaped his fate that day and it ruffles Lord Whitehill's feathers. He doesn't intend to hand the child a free pass."]

Once they reached the first floor, Akira bowed to him breifly before parting from his side and heading to the first door on her left. She opened it quickly, blue eyes falling on Jeremy. She smiled faintly, collecting the butler and bringing him back with Sebastian.

[+fuchsia "I apologize but I would rather collect him myself,"] she responded softly, bowing lightly again before straightening up and looking between both males. [+fuchsia "I wanted to make sure no harm came to him."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 5h 1m 51s
"Hardly." Sebadtian smirked, "nor do I have qqualms of killing a woman. I am sure the rampant Doppleganger in England has reached even your ears?" He blinked once, "come along, I would make a rather poor servant if I allowed Mister Jeremy to complete his task." Not thst it actually mattered, of course. "I have orders, I am sure you understand?" He gestured for her to follow. "Unless you wish for conflict, I suggest you comply." He warned, indicating he would not allow her to continue. "Your companion is this way. Though, I have a question for you as well." Not that he expected an answer. "Why is Lord Whitehill after my master? I am sure that you are aware he had play in our contract? Intended or not, he is one of the men who caused my Master to cast God away from his heart. To make him feel such dispair to accept assistance from something like me. So why is he so determined to deny me my dinner?" He glanced over his shoulder, she didn't need to know anything about him. As it was, their contract was formed to feed the demon. His change in mind was his business, and nobody elses. Well, other than Ciel, when the time came.
[h3 +]
The female stopped her movement as soon as she heard him, closing her eyes momentarily. The last thing she wanted was a fight right now, especially since they were on limited time. She slowly turned, the silk of her kimono rustling quietly while her long black hair fell over her shoulder. [+fuchsia "I wished it would have taken you longer,"] she mused softly. [+fuchsia "I haven't yet memorized the second floor yet. Besides, if I had sent an invitation, it's not as if you or Lord Phantomhive would have accepted."]

She moved a bit closer to him, resting her hand over obi in order to straighten it before letting it fall to her side again. [+fuchsia "I shouldn't be surprised that you informed him of my arrival. Though I am curious as to why you haven't attacked me. Here I am, trespassing in your master's very halls, and you haven't so much as raised your hand to me. Don't tell me you have a soft spot for women, Sebastian."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 21h 31m 23s
Sebastian clicked his tounge. "It would seem I must bring them here myself." He poured Ciel some of the Earl Grey he had prepared. Setting it down, he smiled "miss Akira is on the upper floor, I will start with her." He belived her to be less of a threat, ironically. He vanished, melting into the shadows following her trail. When he found her, he spoke. "You know. At least when I roamed your house, at keast I had permission to be there~" he purred. "Did you really think I would not know you were here? Clever trick though." He purred the last part, seemingly amused. He did not stop her, actually he merely followed her. "If you and Mr. Jeremy want a tour, I would be happy to oblige. However, right now, my Master is waiting. It would be poor sport to be rude." His eyes glowed softly. Despite his carefree manner, he observed her closely. The poor sport would be her trying to get him to leave or attacking him after being caught.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 16d 21h 40m 48s

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