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Sebastian frowned, demons could handle a lot. One had to do a significant amount of physical damage to bring one to their knees, and inflict even more pain before getting one to crack. The older the demon, the more they could take. They were not, however, immune to pain. The crow could laugh at someone who ran him thru with a sword, but it still hurt.

He hummed lightly, truly thinking that this man was one of the worst. They still had three other cults to hunt and destroy. Hopefully they could avoid Ciel being put on the alter in the future. He was, however, curious about the book she mentioned.

"I am afraid you have little choice in the matter. I would talk if I were you, because I intend to make you clean any blood in this room before I let you sleep tonight." His eyes watched the steady drip of the crimson fluid as it began to soak. He didn't care if he was up all night scrubbing. He would still require him to complete the list he already had prepared tomorrow. With or without sleep. Meals wpuld be provided after certain tasks were complete, rather than times. To encourage his duties to be completed in a timely manner. He hoped the man would ignore his warning out of spite. Sebastian was not a demon to tolerate insubordination.

He had never wanted someone to direspect their betters before, but he really wanted this man to continue digging his own grave.
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[+darkred "No one will ever own me!"] he spat at Sebastian, evil and angry eyes glaring at him. Akira's eyes slowly changed back to their normal, crystal blue but they still held displeasure animosity. This was the first time she had been able to give the ex-Duke exactly what he deserved as Seth had ordered her from dong so. She understood why but it didn't mean she liked it. Too many eyes would have been on them if Fredrick had disappeared shortly after Akira and her little family appeared, which would have been a nightmare for Seth to deal with. They had to wait until everyone around them had grown comfortable with their presence, keeping unwanted attention away from them.

[+fuchsia "I think it's a little late for that,"] Akira answered, her words earning her an angry look from Fredrick. [+fuchsia "Sebastian is correct about demon children, they are quite important to us. They're special. I'm sure if I were to recite the extensive list of pain and torment you have put upon those twins, Sebastian would begin ripping limbs from your body. Even though they aren't his and have no relation to him, that's how special they are. We'll kill anyone who dares to hurt a child of our own."]

Fredrick slowly pulled himself to his feet, keeping a careful eye on both of them. It was clear he didn't like the situation he had found himself in even though he deserved every second of it. [+darkred "Children are nothing but problems, no matter the species,"] he retorted. As he spoke, Akira reached up and removed one of her silver hair pins, the long black locks falling down her back. The end was rather sharp, certainly able to draw blood if used with enough force. [+darkred "I would have sacrificed every child in London at once if I thought it would help me. Familial bonds are much stronger, that was why they went first when they were at appropriate ages. Although, if I knew what a disappointment Seth would turn out to be, I would have sacrificed him first."]

Akira toyed with the hair pin, slowly making her way towards him and stalking him back into the wall. She stood in front of him for a few moments before whipping her hand out and plunging the pin into his palm, securing him to the wall with it. A pained scream left him as blood began to drip from the puncture, making a small puddle on the hardwood surface. [+fuchsia "You have no right to talk about my master in such a manner,"] she informed him dangerously quietly. Akira pulled out the other one, just as sharp, and held it under his chin. The tip punctured the skin a little, a small bead of blood staining the silver of her weapon. [+fuchsia "When I came under contract, you had a rather large book with you, one I've only seen on a few separate occasions since. Tell me where it is and save me some trouble. If you decide not to..."] She pulled the pin away and held the sharp end in her hand. Steam began to drift from between her fingers moments later and, when she uncurled her hand from it, the metal was red hot. [+fuchsia "I'll burn some very displeasing marks into your skin, not unlike you did to those boys."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 22h 35m 0s
Sebastian remained near the door, should the man try to flee. Has much as he lovd playing cat and mouse, he didn't want Fredrick to end up with his master. "This is one reason I despise humans. Many seem to to think we are nothing more than beasts to control. Yet seem to forget, for the most part, humankind is nothing more than cattle to us." He voice remained calm, like he was stating a fact. Which, he was. The average human being only something to curb a demons nearly insatiable appitite. "Children are quite special to us, you know." He added, glaring at the man. They were not his, but he didn't enhoy listening to such language directed toward the youths. He was dissapointed her kick didn't breaka rib, but he doubted she was finished. He had yet to give her a proper answer. "Though, I must make a correction. I never forebade her from spilling your blood. Only from maiming you." He offered a cheerful, albeit dark, grin. He could heal most injuries done to one of his Thralls. He was aware she knew her limits, and this human needed to learn his place. Women could be rather terrifying. It didn't matter what speices. The time for him to torment the man was coming with the next dawn, and he looked forward to it. Now, however, he would not deny her punishing the man who dared to beat her boys into submission. "She is merely being respectful toward your owner." To which, he ment himself .
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The moment Akira entered the room, her demeanor changed. She was typically pleasant to be around and she seemed pretty relaxed. Now, she changed from an obedient and caring woman to a ferocious mother bear. It was clear to those that knew her that she felt that those she protected were like her family, especially since she didn't have one of her own now. Sure, some demons had little groups that they considered their "family" but it wasn't the same. Some human wants just never go away.

Fredrick instantly tensed as the two entered, realizing just how much trouble he could be in. Quickly he stood, backing away from them as far as he could get, all while keeping his eyes on them. [+darkred "Haven't you taken enough from me?!"]

Akira wanted to laugh at his silly question, she was sure he hadn't experienced the worst yet. [+fuchsia "It's about to get worse for you, I promise. I will give you exactly one chance to answer my questions. Should you fail to do so, a punishment will be given to you not unlike the ones you've given to your household."]

His eyes narrowed at her, giving her quite a dark look. [+darkred "I don't answer to you, especially to a woman. What makes you think I'll cooperate?"]

Akira shot forward, faster than he could track, and grabbed hold of his throat in a vise-like grip. It wasn't enough to cut off his air but it certainly made him uncomfortable. Her strength pinned him to the wall, hands much larger than hers grabbing hold of her wrist while trying to push her off. [+fuchsia "Have you forgotten what had transpired to bring me here today? The things you've done in your lifetime far outweigh the sins in mine. You no doubt make the crown princes ill."]

She suddenly dropped him, Fredrick moving away from her as quickly as he could and backing himself into a corner while keeping his dark glare. It was clear he hated them both for their own reasons, though it didn't bother Akira any. She stood nearby, keeping him in his corner; if he were to try to outmaneuver her, he was certain to run into Sebastian. She was sure he wouldn't be as kind as she was at the moment.

[+fuchsia "Did you know that I had children once?"] Her voice grew a bit softer but still had a dangerous bite to it. [+fuchsia "I protected them with my very soul. It was a very long time ago, longer than you can imagine, but I still love them. Someone like you came along and took them from me. Tell me, did you really think Hell would open for you if you sacrificed your own children to it?"]

Fredrick's eyes narrowed again but he remained silent. Not accepting of the silence, Akira reached out and grabbed him by the collar, pulling him towards her. With her other hand she grabbed hold of the vivid red hair and yanked his head backwards to intensify the discomfort. [+fuchsia "The only thing stopping me from spilling your blood onto this floor is Sebastian. Unlike you, I can compromise and accept directions given to me."]

Fredrick continued his dark look, grabbing hold of her and trying to push her off with no avail. [+darkred "You only do so because you're required to,"] he hissed at her. [+darkred "If Seth hadn't contracted you, I've no doubt about the uncouth activities you'd be participating in. All women are the same and children aren't much better. I should have killed those brats you carry with you the moment I laid eyes on them."]

Akira's eyes began to glow a bright violet, much like Sebastian's did in certain circumstances, and she quickly let him go. Before he could move away from her, she landed a swift kick into his stomach and set him into the wall where she watched dispassionately as he coughed and sputtered while hunched over.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 3h 10m 35s
"If it is the same to you." He shifted the table and bowl he carried, the objects vanishing as he sent them to their proper locations. He might as well stay, in case he divuldged some important bit of information. One never knew, and the most (seemingly) insignificant details were often the most important. He followed behind her, knowing the sulking man inside was likely not expecting visitors. He didn't say anything in greeting, merely looking at him with a cold, careless stare. He really didn't care what she did to get her answers. He gave the air a small sniff, hoping to catch a wiff of fear, no matter how light. He wondered if the man knew that harming a demon child was considered something like a crime among demons. Only the lowest of their kind would resort to such messures to get what they wanted.

Then again, he had seen human do crueler things to each other that even the oldest of demons didn't understand.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 13d 3h 44m 16s
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Ciel reached over to the table as they talked, carefully picking up the book as not to drop it over the side of the bed, and pulling it closer to his person. He figured he would allow the two demons to talk, he didn't imagine he would have much to add to the conversation anyway. They were far older than he was and had both experienced much of the world; they had more common interests than he did with them. Besides, maybe spending an hour or two with a demon who posed no threat would do the uptight butler some good. He nodded at Sebastian's promise to return to him, glancing up at them as he saw the two exit before he was alone again with the pages of his book.

Akira followed Sebastian down the hallway, glancing around her at the art and objects that would appear every now and then. Even though the boy was young he had quite good taste. They stopped once they reached the designated room, Akira untucking her hands from the long sleeves of her kimono. Now that Fredrick was gone and could no longer complain, Seth had allowed her to dress however she wished when they weren't in important company. A delicate hand rested on the doorknob as she turned to look back at Sebastian. [+fuchsia "Care to stay?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 5h 3m 35s
"As long as you do not impair his ability to work, I have no objections." He didn't particularly care if she damaged him. She had reason to want to, after what he did to the boys she was caring for. He took the dishes and table from the bed, "I will show you to his room." He had to go that way to get to the kitchen anyway. He looked toward his master, who seemed comfortable where he was. "I will return once I have finished my duties, sir." He said, knowing that there was a chance the dark could bring about nightmares. He adjusted the items he held so he could open the door, standing aside for Akira to go first. Not because he feared her harming Ciel, but simply because it was the gentlemanly thing to do. She had had plenty of oppertunities to betray them during the ritual, so he was not concerned about her attacking anybody now. Other than his new Thrall, perhaps.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 13d 6h 45m 6s
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Akira nodded, keeping her position on the desk as she watched the two quietly. Ciel seemed rather content and relaxed in this place, the boy curled up a bit under the dark blanket as his head rested comfortably against a large pillow. She was glad to see he was doing so well after the events of the night as she understood what hell that must have been on his mental state. Luckily that chapter was over now and another horrifying one could begin. Now that one sect of the cult had been eradicated, the other three would begin to panic once they caught wind of it. They would be harder to track down, especially if those two males didn't really know what they were looking for, and imagined her master would be called upon again to aid them. He didn't seem to mind as it gave him an opportunity to wipe this stain from the earth. She wondered, though, if the Phantomhive child would be able to handle it. In her opinion, this was one of the easy sects.

She was also aware of how angry Leviathan would become. He was quick to anger and had never contained it well. This was a dangerous game the two of them were playing though she was a bit excited to see how it would end.

[+fuchsia "I have an ulterior motive to my presence, which is why I didn't send the others as I had suggested I would before,"] she spoke softly. Bright blue eyes shifted over to Sebastian as she spoke, directing her words towards him. [+fuchsia "I would like to see Fredrick before you destroy him, I have a couple questions of my own I'd like to ask."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 19h 30m 48s
Sebastian turned toward her, slowly. "That is good to hear." He said, sounding much more like he was exchanging pleasantries more than anything. He had no real attatment to her or who she served. They served their purpose, and he knew she would more than lukely think the same. If anything, the being in the twins favor would be the only thing keeping any sort of future meeting from ending poorly. "Once my master is able to move about, we will investigate. I would suggest keeping your distance, though I doubt I need to tell you that." Being mixed up with him would not end well for the female or her strange companions. Destroying the cult was merely a part of the contract, and something no demon could fault him for. However, if Leviathian showed up and Sebastian killed him, he would become a rouge. An enemy of the Crown. She would not wish to know him then. He was well aware she would have already figured that much herself, as Leviathian was quick to throw a fit if something of his was taken.

He did not bother asking her about the dagger, because the only other one who knew the significance was the one who made it. Plus, he was sure the man had it before the female contracted Seth.
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Ciel would prefer the man to live outside in a tent but was well aware of how cold the nights could get. He would be incredibly lucky if he didn't fall severely ill and pass from exposure. That was the only thing stopping Ciel from booting him back out and putting as much distance between them as possible. He wanted to be the one to end the man's life, not the weather. He wondered how much freedom Sebastian had granted Whitehill as he wasn't looking forward to passing him in the halls. The demon no doubt knew this and would keep the two separated until Ciel could better handle it.

He lay quietly on his side as the demon exited the room, leaving him alone once more. Ciel still preferred this room to his own while Fredrick was still in his home and able to appear literally anywhere as this wasn't a place he would actively look. The boy knew he was more defenseless than usual due to his back and his arm. The former was too sore to hold him up long, let alone defend himself against a crazy ex-Duke, while the latter would easily reopen with one wrong movement. This room was almost as comforting as if Sebastian were here with him, finding it most easiest to relax than his own bed for the time being. He couldn't help but wonder, however, Sebastian would allow him to take up residence in his personal room before returning back to where he really belonged.

Heterochromic eyes lifted as the demon returned, carrying a bowl of ice cream and sitting it close to Ciel. It was a nice surprise, a treat he hadn't had in quite some time, as it could be difficult to make. He pushed himself up a little bit before picking up the bowl and the spoon, taking small bites. It didn't take long before he finished what was brought to him, his sweet tooth beginning to return, and slowly lay back down on the comfortable and warm bedding. As he pulled the blanket back up to his chest, movement from across the room caught his eye. Akira sat on the surface of the clean desk, looking between the two males.

[+fuchsia "I'm glad to see you're doing well, Lord Phantomhive,"] she told him softly, observing the boy for a moment before letting her gaze flicker over to Sebastian. [+fuchsia "Lord Whitehill has awakened and is being cared for by Jeremy. He didn't sustain too much damage and is recovering well. I've informed him that you would like to return to the property, he's given you permission to return at your leisure."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 22h 12m 42s
"I left him in his assigned room for now. He will be of more use if he does not fall ill. I have made arrangments for Bardroy to be in charge of his meals, as I don't care to." Sebastian hesitated, then decided to continue. "I expect him to try to kill you, however all orders you have me bound by, applies to him now as well. He may be unwilling to talk if we have questions, but what he does say will be the truth." He said, as an example. His eyes glowed dimly. "Personally, I will enjoy watching him struggle to adapt." He knew the words would do little to ease Ciel, but at least he would know. He was sure his master would not be completely relaxed again until the man was dead. "Do not rush yourself, he will remain until you are ready to cull him. Until then, I will do my upmost to keep him from your presence, my Lord." He promised. With that, he left to retrive his masters dessert. He could tell Ciel didn't really want to be left alone, but he did have a job to do. It wasn't long before he returned, without the cart this time. He entered, approching Ciel again and setting the bowl of ice cream on the table he had left with Ciel. The demon usually enjoyed making the more flashy desserts, as he enjoyed flaunting his skill. While the dish was still hand made to perfection by the demon, the simple looking dish was not nessisarily common. Usually something like this had to be requested.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 13d 22h 34m 29s
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His eyes remained slightly narrowed as he watched Sebastian. He was well aware that his move to this room was a bit childish as he really shouldn't have anything to be afraid of. The proverbial dragons were slain and only one remained, hopefully outside somewhere freezing to death. Honestly, it was that remaining dragon that Ciel was the most afraid of. He wanted to put all of those fears and insecurities behind him, simply move on, and make the man's life a living hell but it was harder than it sounded. Fredrick was the cause of everything that happened to him, the man initiated if not performed most of it. It wasn't that easy to just let it go, especially with his revisit back to where it all began. Being here without Sebastian around to keep him company made him feel safe; he could simply imagine Sebastian's thoughts on the subject and of his master's behavior. Still, the demon wasn't the vulnerable one here.

[+blue "Just a little bit, I suppose,"] he responded quietly, letting his frame lay down again to calm the ache he could feel in his back. It lessened once he was down, Ciel pulling another pillow close to him. Even though his appetite was returning, it wasn't to complete normal yet. He remained quiet for another minute as Sebastian cleaned up the dishes in order to take them back downstairs, the boy looking up at him before he was about to leave. [+blue "He's not in the he?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 14d 19m 44s
"Is that so?" The demon questioned, smirking still. "Then please, accept my apologies." He said, bowing. It was clear he had really just brushed off his masters last statement. When he stood straight, the smirk was still in place. He began removing the left overs, placing them on the cart. "Would you care for dessert tonight?" He asked, changing the topic. His master was past the hard part, so he knew there was a chance the boy would be happy to accept. He had made something lighter, as so not upset his masters stomach. Plus, it could wait for another day if Ciel decided against it. He retained the amused appearance though.

He already knew that the boy felt safest around him, but it was surprising for his master to need so much security right now to move to this room. He wondered if Ciel would have taken to following him around again if he could physically do so. Then he had simply allowed it until he felt the boy needed to get over his fear of being alone.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 14d 51m 7s
[h3 +]
The boy's eyes narrowed faintly as he noticed the smirk which counteracted the words he spoke. Sebastian's expression meant quite a few things though Ciel believed it to be an indication that he had something else on his mind. The demon rarely ever said what he meant initially, leaving those it was directed to to figure it out on their own. Sometimes they picked up on it, sometimes it went over their heads. In casual circumstances, Ciel hardly payed attention to Sebastian's words until he saw a change in his face. What in the hell was the demon up to now?

He gave his butler the usual look he did when he believed the demon wasn't telling the whole truth, but chose to take another drink of tea instead of acting on it. His gaze flickered over to the covered trophy, not an inch left to be seen due to the curtain, and looked back over at Sebastian again. [+blue "I don't, that was why I covered it,"] he responded, reaching over to set the nearly finished cup on the table. His back complained with every motion other than staying still, a faint look of discomfort flashing over the porcelain surface for a moment. [+blue "I thought briefly about setting it on fire but that required too much moving. I think you're looking too far into this situation."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 14d 4h 25m 1s
Sebastian smirked, "I simply decided it was best not to irritate your back." He said, ass a liable excuse. He didn't bother to hide his amusment at the the boys attempt to read him, though. He hadn't intended to toy with his master, but the boy seemed so oblivious. He would have fun destroying his innocence. He simply couldn't pass up the oppurtunity. He wondered at how long it would take for Ciel to realize the demons ulterior motives.

He removed the dishes as his master was done with them. "I was rather surprised," he admitted, "If I recall you claimed you would never want to set eyes on that." His eyes shot up to the covered head, "again." He lowered his gaze again, watching the boy slowly sip at his tea. His keen eyes could see the movement of every muscle required to swallow the liquid. Only his master would find humans more terrifying than a creature not of this world.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 14d 7h 38m 12s

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