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Ciel nodded at Sebastian's words, slowly making his way down the hallway. He was happy he didn't have to spend another day in bed, he preferred to move around on his own instead of being stuck in one place. The same four walls were beginning to grow rather boring. Sure, he'd be sitting for much of his morning but he was out of that room and in a different one, a room that had a large window to look out from and things to do in it. The further he went down the hall, he more his back began to ache. A small hand reached out to touch the wall, Ciel using it to guide his way to his study. He was determined to make it on his own. Once he was in, he sat down heavily and closed his eyes while a small hand reached around his back to rub the throbbing area lightly.

Once it began to feel better, he looked over the surface of the desk. Just as promised, Seth's number was sitting near the telephone. Ciel didn't keep the conversation long as both nobles had a lot of work to do, both agreeing that this evening was a good time to meet. After dark was ideal that way Ciel could use Sebastian to get there and remain relatively hidden in the shadows. It would be quicker and much more effective. Afterwards, he began his work on his paper and used the book that Sebastian had delivered in order to do it. It was relatively boring but at least it was a subject he was confident in. That meant it wouldn't take him as long. He worked well into lunch time, trying to finish the paper before Sebastian appeared again.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 109d 11h 42m 3s
Sebastian watched his master carefully as the boy his way across the room. He hadn't expected Ciel to suddenly be better, he was only human. At least he could walk, which ment he was alright to move about the manor. Perferably with supervision, but he didn't say that out loud. He didn't want Ciel to feel babied. He just didn't want his masters pride to cause him to be stuck somewhere because he pushed himself too hard.

"That is to be expected." He took holf of the cart, taking it with him as he followed Ciel to the door. He opened it, allowing the boy to exit, before following with the cart again. "I will escort you to your study. You will find Lord Seths number on your desk." He informed, leaving no room for arguing- not that he expected any. "I will bring your books to you shortly.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 109d 11h 57m 10s
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Ciel stood mostly still, having to shift his weight now and then as certain positions would pull at his back. It was certainly better than it had been the previous day but some spots were still touchy. He could still feel the pulls from his muscles and tendons if he bent or stretched too far, causing an uncomfortable twinge to shoot up his spine. He looked down at his boots, the blue leather laced up neatly to the top where the black laces hung down the sides. He started to bend but the pain made itself known again which caused him to straighten up his back.

[+blue "It still hurts to move that far,"] he responded quietly. It wasn't the worst outcome in the world that Sebastian still had to tie his shoes, Ciel was still pretty sloppy when it came to tying a bow. No matter how hard he tried, it always turned out lopsided and completely uneven. A small frown touched his face at the mention of his arm, subconsciously tucking it closer to his side. It wasn't fully healed by any stretch of the imagination, it had only been four days. The stitches weren't even ready to come out yet. It still hurt, especially if it was jostled, but was mostly a dull and steady throb. They didn't really have any medication to take care of that so he simply had to deal with it for the time being.

Once he was fully presentable, he decided to try to see how far he could walk. Slow and small steps were fine, he figured out quickly, though it was pretty time consuming. The larger he made his steps, the more he discovered it hurt. Still, it was progress over yesterday. [+blue "It's still a bit sore,"] he admitted to Sebastian, slowly looking back at him when he reached the other side of the room. [+blue "Long distances are still a challenge, the stairs may be as well. I guess we'll see at lunch time."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 109d 12h 45m 51s
"Very good, sir." He said, still sporting a rather cheerful- if only slightly noticable- disposition. Once Ciel was finished eating the demon cleared everything away. "I will clean your arm just before lunch." He said, helping Ciel dress. Overall, the boy had gotten decent at dressing himself. Only stumbling over the buttons. Sebastian bent to put his masters shoes on. He glanced up at the boy, "would the young master like to try his hand at tying his shoes?" He questioned, lifting an eyebrow questioningly at Ciel. The boy was definatly old enough to dress himself, but had deemed it unnessisary until reacently. As a matter of fact, there had been quite a few changes in the past year that had surprised the demon. He knew humans grew fast, but the pretty much overnight change had taken him by surprise. Now Ciel bathed, and dressed (mostly) him. He hadn't expected to miss doing such things, but he had to let Ciel gain independance. Otherwise- eventually- he would be mocked for being heavily dependant on his butler.

He couldn't help but wonder, though. How long would it take for the boy to learn the Demon was actually quite dependant on him. More specifcally, being near. He could be away just fine, sure. However, as he looked up at Ciel, he could feel his heartrate increase and he had to choke down the urge to tackle the human to the bed. He wanted to be close so, so badly.

That was certainly not normal.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 110d 8h 3m 15s
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Another busy day, but not as busy as some others had been. He ate quietly, finishing most of what was brought to him and doing the same with the tea. The assignment would take a while and he wasn't sure how quickly he could finish it. He knew well the consequences of handing in assignments that he grew lax with and knew Sebastian wouldn't go light on him, either. He made it clear a long time ago and followed through every time. Setting up a meeting with Seth wouldn't take that long and would probably be in the evening or morning tomorrow. Ciel's schedule after his visit with Fredrick sounded rather open, it would then depend on what the other noble had planned for his day.

He was a bit worried about his visit in the afternoon, still not sure where he stood mentally with the older male. Part of him just wanted to stab him in the neck so he wouldn't have to deal with him anymore but a darker part of him wouldn't allow it. He needed to suffer. Hopefully having pulled his victim into a new area would do wonders for his mental health since he wouldn't have many of his triggers around. Despite that small obstacle, he still planned on making his right and getting his revenge.

[+blue "I'm going to see if Seth has some spare time this evening,"] he informed Sebastian, standing up once he finished his breakfast in order to get dressed. He stood still, allowing Sebastian to work, then pulled on the rings and eyepatch when the demon had finished. [+blue "It's best to get the ball rolling on that, I think. And I doubt Fredrick will take up too much of my time."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 110d 9h 28m 38s
Sebastian smiled at Ciel, "After Breakfast, I would like you to see how your back is doing. From what I can tell, you seem better. But we will see if you can walk fine. After that, you may call Master Seth. They are not a bad group to maintain contact with, and it would be safer for them if they did not hear directly from me." He moved to fetch an outfit from the wardrobe as he spoke. Too much contact with him could pose a problem for Seth after he was deemed a rouge. Limited contact now would make it easier for them to claim ignorance over his actions. Ciel would be fine, as Seths family was intertwined with his revenge. No demon could fault that obvious fact. "After that, you have some free time to work on that assignment and any paperwork that needs your attention." That would take a couple hours, he was sure. The boy knew not to turn in half assed work. "At 12 o'clock you will have lunch, and after that I have taken the liberty of clearing your schedual so you may spend some time with your guest." He informed. Though, he had a back up plan in case Ciel couldn't handle being around Fredrick. He had several german poems he could have the boy read and translate.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 110d 10h 2m 26s
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Ciel groaned quietly as Sebastian spoke, the male pulling the curtains open to allow some natural light to filter into the room. He wasn't ready to be awake yet, the hand that was previously holding the tie moving to pull the blankets up a little higher. He knew it was no use and that Sebastian would be around to pull them back down in a few short moments if he didn't begin moving. He hated waking up early, though sometimes the demon would take pity if he had a hard day previously and allow him an extra hour or two. Ciel wondered what it was like to sleep until his body woke up on its own.

He slowly sat up after a bit, letting the blanket fall around his waist while small hands rubbed his eyes. He'd still rather be asleep but he listened quietly as Sebastian listed tea and breakfast before setting the tray down on the nearby table so Ciel could eat. His back was feeling quite a bit better now though he noticed a few movements and stretches still caused it to ache. He wondered how it would do while he was up and moving.

[+blue "What's the agenda for today?"] Ciel asked quietly, beginning to work on his breakfast. He was surprised to see a sweeter selection, usually Sebastian waited until lunch to serve something of that nature.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 110d 12h 55m 43s
Sebastian made his way back to the mansion. When he was back inside, he quickly dried himself, then went to start his day. He was curious, to say the least. They day was sure to be interesting. He hummed lightly, in a good mood. Depending on how his master handled himself, today could prove to he a big step closer to the end of their contract. He always enjoyed the feeling of a job well done. His little master couldn't get much better, and he had a special plan for that boys soul. He liked Ciel, and was not planning on just letting the boy fade. He smiled, happily making his master something different to eat for breakfast. Humans got tired of eating the same thing all the time. He didn't normally indulge Ciels sweet tooth so early, but he had a feeling his master might want to start the day on in a good mood as well. Bard walked in, grumbling a tired good morning.

"How is it you and Finny both are wide awake no matter what?" He sat heavily, laying his head on the table. The demon pretended no to hear, at the consequence of soon hearing low snores come from the blonde chef. He sighed, placing the crepes carefully on a plate. The thin wrapping was always so delicate, he couldn't accidently rip it open. He prepared the tea set, chosing the tea to match the meal as always. He left Bard snoring on the table, taking the meal with the tea on a silver platter. He had no clue if Ciel was feeling up to walking down the stairs to the dinng hall. He hoped the massage did something for his masters back. He loaded everything neatly onto a trolly, and resumed his journey to his masters bedroom. He entered quietly, pushing the cart up to the bed.

He smirked, seeing the tie. If Ciel was so determined to sleep with a part of his uniform, he ought to swap it with something less dangerous. It would not be hard for something like that to end up around his masters neck if the boy were to have a fit in his sleep. He turned toward the window, moving closer so he could open the curtains. It was quite a grey day, the sun barely poking thru the clouds. The rain still hittng the window, though it had gotten lighter over the past hour.

"Young master, it is time for you to wake up." He called, throwing the curtains wide in his usual manner of waking the boy. The dreary weather dulled the affect of the sun on his masters face though. He tied the curtains back, leaving identical perfact little bows on the ties.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 111d 9h 16m 15s
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Fredrick waited until after the demon had left to slowly get up and retrieve his sad meal, bringing it back to his spot against the wall. He had no real knowledge of the inner workings of Hell as his ancestor's notes were quite short nor could he get the three living in his home to really tell him anything. He wasn't their contract, so why would they? Akira was extremely selective in the information she shared with him, the woman holding more secrets than all the vaults in the world. He had no doubt that Seth knew far more than he did but that was behind him now. He sat down against the wall again, quietly eating what was brought to him and going back to silent thought.

Ciel remained asleep all this time, the boy not moving much during the night other than the occasional tossing and turning. He generally didn't sleep all that well, having outbursts now and then. When he didn't wake up in a cold sweat during the middle of the night, his body shifted many times over short periods of time. Tonight seemed to be one of the rare ones as there were no disturbances to wake him. He lay peacefully under his blankets, the silk tie still in his clutches but not wrapped around his hand anymore. It had come loose, the long fabric resembling a black snake resting against the white sheets while part of it remained clutched in a loose hand.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 111d 11h 19m 12s
"Their best interest to be butchered and sent to unrest for all eternity?" He snickered. "Or are you in the belife that the deal your ancestors made with us is still in place? unfortunatly King Lucifer has been dead for centries. And any pacts he made with your species died with him. Your little cult became nothing more than a bragging right." His eyes glinted. Demons were secritive by nature, so it was not widely known that the first king was gone. The current king, Belail, held a massive hatred for humans. Leviathan was one to do anything the King wanted to keep his position as one of the top ranked demons. "You are either a fool to think we have not changed all this time, or you had ulterior motives. Not that it is any of my business. I do not need to know why." He picked up the plate, walking closer to the bars. "My only job is to follow orders." He bent the bars a little to fit the plate thru and set it on the ground. Fredrick would have to come get it himself. He fixed the bars after he removed his arm. "I will take my leave now, a butlers duty never ends." He said, turning on his heel. He removed his silver watch as he walked away. Perfect, it was time to start his humans breakfast. He couldn't have timed it better if he tried.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 111d 11h 43m 12s
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It was a bit surprising to Fredrick that he had been left alone since Sebastian returned, even if it was just for a short time and for other purposes. He fully expected some kind of physical torment to fall in his direction due to the child and what had transpired between them. Honestly the list of his sins against Ciel was lengthy though he wondered what the earl was brave enough to tell his caretaker of. Fredrick may not have initiated or taken part in every act of abuse the boy suffered but he was responsible.

But was he remorseful?

[+darkred "What I've done was for the best of our followers,"] he responded quietly. The butler's hand movements caused him to look down at the food that lay nearby for a minute, eyeing it hungrily. He was starving but wasn't about to beg for food. Not at this point. [+darkred "I may have to repent for my sins but I'm not sorry I did them. It was my duty to follow in my ancestor's footsteps."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 111d 13h 31m 54s
Sebastian hummed. At least the question was finally answered. He instantly presumed that the demons prior were there to take the offerings. "Really is a pity. There is nothing better than a soul you put time into." The man had no need to know his plans for Ciel. He was excited to see what the new day would bring. The man expected a demon to be cruel and unrelentless. However, what would this man do once his master got his hands on him? If his master could handle being around for long. He woud not expect a young teenager to be capable of a lot of things his master had done. He grinned, allowing the sharp teeth to show, his fingers tapping on the dark surface, tauntingly trying to bring the mans attention to it when it seemed he was looking away. "I must comend your lack of cowerdice. Do you have no remorse for your sins?" As a demon, he could see and judge a person based on the quality of their soul. Fredricks was abused, weeping over every innocent butchered from his hand. His eyes blazed bright for a moment as he met the mans eyes. It was in his nature to torment the sinful. It was his duty. He had his fair share of souls he was responsible for, making sure they felt every misery they had ever commited. Souls so rotten, it would make a demon sick if they tried to eat it. This one, he planned to add to his land. The mans torment would not end after Ciel killed him.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 112d 8h 56m 13s
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Fredrick watched as Sebastian stood up straight, speaking as he made his way over to the small wall of iron slats. While it was nice to finally have light in the dark and damp area, the way the demon decided to decorate the interior wasn't. A visitor? There was only one person he could think of that would bother coming down this far below the earth or even knew he was even there: the Phantomhive child. Had he finally grown a spine and decided to face his demons himself? They were going to find out. Fredrick didn't plan on making this easy on him, determined to fight until the end. If Ciel wanted to end his existence, he was going to have to work for it.

Green eyes looked over the food that still sat near the door, just out of reach. It looked edible and like a normal piece of food but he had his suspicions. The butler was torturing him, he wasn't about to easily hand him something to eat...even though it had been three long days. [+darkred "Demons that answered the call have slaughtered us before,"] he answered quietly. He still chose not to move in order to keep his pain level down. [+darkred "I simply imagined that to be what had occurred."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 112d 9h 37m 42s
Sebastian stood, leaning on an iron maiden, trying to decide if anything more would be overkill. When the only other occupant spoke, he slowly turned his crimson gaze toward the man. He debated on answering, then decided to could with a bit of taunting. "Isolation seems to have put you in a more civilized mood. To answer your question, you a getting another visitor tomorrow. Human eyes are not adaptable to such darkness. Plus, I find it aethetically pleasing to the eye. Either way, I do belive you would need left alone a lot longer for any of my mind tricks to work." He peered at the man. "To be frank, I am surprised you never figured out my master was wisked away by another demon. Surely the massacre would have given it away?" He seemed genuinely curious. He walked over to the table, glancing at the actual meal. He was in a much more easy-going mood than when he had been around fredrick before. He wasn't here to torment the man right now, and he already paid the price for attacking his master. Demons were odd like that. Freindly- even kind- one second, then ready to rip you throat out the next.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 112d 10h 1m 16s
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Ciel's sleep remained rather calm, nightmares seeming to forget about the boy this night. His small form remained curled under the heavy blankets while the tie was wrapped loosely around his hand. The warmth as well as Sebastian's light scent kept him asleep during Sebastian's visit, moving only a couple of times as his body shifted while sleeping. That and the steady rise and fall of his chest were the only movements he made during the dark hours.

Fredrick, however, was awake when the butler came to visit, sitting against the far wall of his cell and looking blankly into the darkness. It had been rather uneventful for the man, not having much to do other than watch as the mark that was carved into his skin began to fester. It was incredibly painful and gave off a harsh heat. Fredrick tried not to bother it as much as he could, remaining relatively still and trying to ignore the constant throbbing of the area. His gaze shifted over to Sebastian as he finally entered the dark area, giving the room a bit of dark character as well as a bit more light. He noticed that he had also brought some food with him, the male hoped he had gotten on the demon's better side in the past few days and he would at least be fed.

[+darkred "What possessed you to give the depths new light?"] he asked quietly, choosing to remain still as not to bother his chest.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 112d 12h 22m 26s

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