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The demon wrapped it up quickly, his eyes going up to meet Ciels. He was curious what the boy was thinking, but refused to invade such privacy. He was trained by a mind reader, so he knew a few things. Unlike his Creator, though, he did not enjoy it. While it had been facinating once, now it could become too much. Knowing everything was boring. He smiled at the boy. "Goodnight, young master. If you have no need of anything else, I there is something I must see to." Even as he spoke, he could sense someone crossing the border f his masters territory. That simply wouldn't do. "You have gained many enemies." He said, so Ciel would know what he was up to. He stood, "sleep well, my lord" he purred. He cupped his master cheek for a moment, "I am glad you enjoyed the flowers." He said, meaning it. He bowed, then left. He had to take care of the intruders before they reached the mansion. Otherwise they risked waking the servants. He didn't was them sleep deprived,
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 57d 15h 7m 38s
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It was clear by the supplies present that Sebastian had fully intended on wrapping it again, something Ciel was alright with. He didn't want to be bothered with it in the middle of the night, sore because he hit it off of something or accidentally broke stitches. Covering it was certainly for the best. He had to admit he was grateful that the demon didn't want to clean it again, the area already rather sore. He really didn't want to sit through another round of poking and prodding. Ciel nodded at Sebastian's request, shifting his weight a bit and looking down at it.

As injuries went, this certainly wasn't the worst one had received in his life. There were far deeper wounds with rather ugly scars. The demon had once told him that it added to his character though Ciel wasn't sure if he believed that. Would this, too, scar over and add to his character?
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 57d 15h 51m 21s
"I am sure it will be fine, I cleaned it well while you slept this morning." He informed, not wanting Ciel to fret. "Tomorrow we will have to again. Painful or not. Would you like me to bandage it so you don't bother it in your sleep?" It honestly didn't look like it needed covered now. However, itchiness was prominante when healing. He didn't want torush in to find the blanket bloodied and Ciel in agony. He already had the bandages present, so it was clear he already intended to do so. He knelt, to look at the injury closer. One certaily wouldn't belive he dressed his first wound only 3 years ago. He smirked, pleased with how it was holding. "It would be nice if ripped stitches did not become part of the morning routine." A poor jest, but it still seemed to amuse the sadistic creature.
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Ciel remained relaxed in the hot water, though it began to lose warmth with every passing minute. It still retained enough heat by the time the demon returned to be quite enjoyable though not as hot as when he first got in. This had always been one of his favorite times of the day as it was always easy to relax in the bath. His eyes slowly opened as he heard Sebastian announce his presence, stepping inside and closing the door quietly behind him. He noticed the clean shirt he had draped over his arm, the demon taking it over with the towels in order to properly dress him after he dried off. It didn't seem to take Sebastian long to finish his nightly routine, though it never really did in the first place. He was far too efficient. He chose to relax in the water for a little bit longer before getting out, letting the heat work at his sore muscles.

He finally moved to stand after a bit, allowing Sebastian to help him in whichever way he chose, and shivered a bit as his skin made contact with the cooler air. He instantly missed being in the hot water though Sebastian made sure he wasn't cold for too long. He was quickly dried and dressed, Ciel pulling the sleeve of his shirt up past the stitches as contact of any kind still hurt, and allowed Sebastian to take him back to his room. His heart sank a bit as he saw the neatly made bed with fluffed pillows, certain Sebastian had seen the trinket from his closet and taken it back. He sighed quietly, sitting on the bed, then looked down at his arm. It still didn't appear as angry as his side had been, hopefully an indication that it was healing well. [+blue "I tried to clean it, but it hurt,"] he informed his butler quietly. [+blue "I didn't want to irritate it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 57d 16h 53m 18s
As promised, the demon was quick to return. The servants were just getting ready to call it a night, but the butler was still able to pass off washing the dishes to Bard. After that, he made his rounds to lock up the doors and windows. Ciel didn't even have a spare set, entrusting the demon to guard over them. It made it impossible for a theif or assassin to sneak in that way. Once he was done, he stopped by his room to collect the pillows Ciel had used. He left the one that had been one the bed already. Due to his more sensitive nose, his masters scent was rather strong in his room which caused him to smile a little bit. He took the items back to their proper place, fluffing them before setting them back where they belonged. As he did so, he rearranged the bed back to how it was suppose to be. He lifted one of the pillows to fluff it, and raised an eyebrow. The poorly hiden tie laying in stark contrast with the white sheet underneath. Of course Ciel wouldn't have told him about wanting to stay close to him. He covered it back up, shaking his head. He would keep that as ammuntion should Ciel decided to be annoying at some point.

He turned his head toward the bathroom. Even with that distance, he could feel the increase in humidity from the hot bath. The boys perfered temperature had only gotten warmer as the years went by. At the rate Ciel was going, he was a bit worried his master might end up cooking himself. As it was, sometimes the boys skin reddend a small bit. He couldn't suppress the small giggle that escaped, remembering the first time he had tried to bathe Ciel. He failed, miserably. Being far too rough, and pouring boiling water over him. He had never actually taken persnal care over someone, and hadn't had a clue as to what role he had taken on.

Now that he knew what he was doing, he foumd he rather enjoyed it. Serving Ciel Phantomhive was far from dull. Plus, as a butler, even the quiet days were normally still busy for him. He turned toward his masters wardrobe, taking a clean night shirt from the closet. He decided he might as well wash the soiled night shirt with his own shirts. It was the only thing the boy had worn, and he was not going to just wash it by itself. Nor would he allow mey-rin near his or his masters clothes. After the maid had-somehow- shreaded one Ciels more expensive overcoats, he didn't trust her. He stepped closer to the bathroom, "young master, I have returned." He opened the door, the clean shirt folded neatly over his arm.
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Ciel looked up at Sebastian's words, prepared to pull himself up once the bath was ready. Luckily there was no need, the strong arms wrapping around the boy's small frame and easily lifting him. He didn't mind it and actually welcomed it, both because it was less stress on the boy's back and because he was able to be close to Sebastian again. It ended pretty quickly, however, as the bath wasn't too far away. He was carefully stripped and set into the hot water, the temperature instantly attacking the muscles to loosen them. He had grown to enjoy hot baths, Sebastian once expressing his concern over the high temperature, but it didn't bother Ciel at all. In fact, he quite enjoyed it.

He silently watched as Sebastian exited the bathroom, slightly disappointed to see him go, but began to relax anyway. He wasn't about to become shy because the demon expressed his interest in him, it was already far too late for that. He had seen the earl nude plenty of times and even helped dress him in the mornings and evenings. Ciel sunk into the water, watching the steam rise from the surface for a few minutes, before taking some soap and a cloth and carefully cleaning the area around his arm. It hurt, especially once it came in contact with the water, and hurt more the closer he got to it. He decided to only clean the skin around the wound, choosing not to anger it more, before he slowly began to clean himself. Once he was finished, he sank back into the water and closed his eyes.

Bath times were the best.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 58d 16h 36m 27s
"I will draw a bath for you, then take these downstairs." The boy didn't actually need him to bathe, and he was not sure how the boy would feel knowing what the demon wanted. Humans could make the most simple things ackward. He had seen the boy in the worst of moods, but didn't want to push his luck. Ciel would probably want some time to sort his thoughts anyway, and if he was needed, the boy only had to call. He set the carefully stacked dishes on a desk, leaving the room to the ajoining master bathroom.

Once the bath was ready, he returned to Ciel. Due to not wanting Ciel to overwork his back, he lifted him off the bed. "The warm water might relax your back further, as well." He informed, carrying the boy to the bathroom. He was not entirely sure as to what he should do at this point, but he still had a job to do. Perhaps the boy would be able to brush it off as long as the butler kept his composure. An easy feat, as the demon felt no shame from what his did. He removed the bandaging, eyeing the injury. He was happy to see both the new stitching was holding well, and the injury iteslf was looking less irritated.

As the dutiful butler he was, he removed the boys nightshirt and got him into the water. There was no way Ciel would be able to step in without angering the muscles. Even with his sleeve being rolled up, the ends still got wet as he carefully set him into the tub. "If you find you need help, please call." He said, bowing. He would be back soon, anyway. He was only taking the dishes downstairs and locking up the manor.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 58d 16h 49m 1s
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Sebastian was right about that, Ciel was incredibly willful. Not many could have survived what he had and had all their marbles in tact. He not only survived but came out on top and vowed never to let anyone take advantage of him again. He'd see them dead first. Absently he rubbed at the bandage on his arm, able to feel the stitches over the still throbbing wound underneath. He knew it wasn't infected as the last set of stitches had once been as the pain was less intense and the area around it wasn't hot. It just hurt as most deep injuries would.

He watched quietly as Sebastian stepped closer to gather the dishes to be brought downstairs, the male so close Ciel could catch a hint of the smell he liked so much: musk and soap. It was relaxing and was one of the few things that could calm him when his nerves got too high. He watched the demon work, nimble hands stacking the dishes carefully as not to break them on their trip downstairs. He was a bit disappointed to see the demon go so soon but he had no real reason to keep him here. Besides, he needed to think about the bomb that Sebastian had just hit him with.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 58d 17h 17m 24s
"Most wouldn't. To court a human... is frowned on. In comparison, you humans are very fragile and easily broken if we are not careful. Though, you are quite a bit more willful than most. I do belive most around your age would be reduced to tears with what you are currently recovering from." He stepped closers, keeping his eyes on Ciel until he was next to him. Then he turned his gaze to pick up the dishes. For now, he was content. It wpuldn't last, but he knew he just put his master in a difficult spot. He could wait, though that didn't mean the attempts would stop until ordered to. If his master decided to reject him, it would hurt, but he would accept it. He cared for the small human too much not to respect his choice.
[h3 +]
Ciel took another drink of tea, listening quietly as he tried to force his pulse back to a normal rate. He had to admit, having Sebastian profess those things to him was a bit exciting as it was something he never saw coming. Should he have? He honestly didn't pay that much attention to things outside of his work and normal life unless he was forced to. It made him wonder if the demon had tried before and the earl had never picked up on it. [+blue "It's just that the few demons I've crossed paths with never seemed too bothered with that aspect of their lives. I mean, I don't know them very well, obviously, but it wasn't something that made itself known."]

He leaned over slowly, carefully setting the cup down, and snuggled back into his blankets. The more he thought about Sebastian in that new light, the less it bothered him. He wasn't one hundred percent sure if it was something he was going to pursue but he wasn't opposed to the idea. He felt safe and comfortable with Sebastian, a feeling he didn't get from anyone else. The demon saw him in a light no one else had and didn't look down on him for it. Maybe they were meant to be together.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 58d 17h 56m 14s
Sebastian gave Ciel a somewhat puzzled look. "Of course we do. Though, courtship is much different for us. More aggressive, at some points. And it is pretty much what I do for you on a daily basis. Hardly impressive anymore, after 3 years." It was normal for a demon to offer food or gifts to whomever they were interested. If such things were constantly accepted and the favor returned, a brawl followed, as strength and power were important. It was pretty much based on how well one could care for the other, and how well they might be able to protect each other if they were attacked. Demons could spend decades living wih one another just to be sure neither would end up ripping the others head off. Unlike humans, where it was male dominate, it went both ways for demons. Usually there was a dominate and submissive in each pair, but gender didn't judge that. It was normally who won the brawl, so a female could just as easily be dominate while the male submissive. Such things he did do every day for Ciel. Protecting him, keeping him fed and supplied with what he needed. The only thing that was actually alike was presenting gifts.

Sebastian took Ciels last comment as a good thing, unable to stop the small, nagging hope that Ciel would consider him a potential partner. He knew it would be difficult, and he risked mockery from his own kind. To fall for a human was considered weak, as who else would want such a fragile mate? Sebastian having been of the same mind, now felt bad for every demon who had gone mad after their human mate died.

Despite the fact he wanted Ciel, that was an end he feared. Madness among demons could be quite terrifying. Demons mated for life, and typically didn't last long after their beloved perished. On the flip side, no creature had ever made his heart beat like being close to Ciel did.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 58d 18h 14m 8s
[h3 +]
[+blue "I didn't think demons actively participated in things like this,"] Ciel responded quietly after a moment, allowing his form to rest against the pillows a little more. He knew it was a thing, practically every species courted and mated at some point though he didn't think demons saw it as important. He thought they would be a lot pickier about their choosing, seeming as they had the rest of eternity to do so. He also didn't think they would want to be with humans for a number of reasons, mostly due to their short life span in comparison. Was this something Sebastian really wanted or was he simply lonely? That was a question he couldn't answer.

Ciel completely understood why Sebastian was so quiet about it, however. Even though age wasn't really an issue the fact that they were both male was a problem. London was a heavily Catholic community and things like this weren't taken lightly by its residents. If this was what they both wanted, the news could never leave this room. If word that the Earl Phantomhive was dating a man, let alone his butler, ever got out it would ruin him for sure. That alone was enough to give him pause about this.

He didn't find himself turning away in disgust, though. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense to him. Ciel would rather spend his life around Sebastian instead of Elizabeth; he loved her in his own way but not enough to settle down with her and live out their lives. It seemed an inescapable destiny for the time being, despite how much he hated it.

[+blue "I don't think I could ever think less of you,"] he said quietly after a long pause of silence, picking his tea up and taking a drink. Now that the initial shock was over he could function normally again.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 58d 19h 4m 3s
Now it was the demons turn to look away in thought. Though, it didn't take long to answer. "To be blunt, I did not know how to proceed." He admitted, looking back toward Ciel. "Courtship is not something to like lightly, escpecially for my kind. And you humans can be.... odd about it." He didn't really want to end his bit on that, though. "For example, I am not only your servant, but we are both, naturally, male. Both are socially unacceptable. I know this, but do not actually understand why it is so important..." he explained. The male bit could be worked around, but the Raven really didn't consider himself that desprate. While he was not against taking a female form, he would rather not do it over something like accaptance. That was simply below him. He was a bit dissapointed something better hadn't escaped his mouth, but he couldn't change anything now. He finsihed with a soft, "I did not want you to think less of me." It was the best he could offer, because it was the truth. Even if he was rejected, he didn't want their strange companionship to end. He expected an answer, but knew it might take time. On top of what he already said, they were two differwnt species, and Ciel was promised to another. Ciel may care for his fianceƩ, but he knew the boy was not eager to marry her.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 59d 14h 33m 3s
[h3 +]
Ciel stared at the dark liquid in the cup almost as if it were the most fascinating thing on earth. The truth was, he wasn't ready to face his butler just yet. This wasn't something he could simply brush off and pretend never happened, the demon would never allow that. He would be expecting an answer to his nonverbal question and Ciel wasn't sure how to give it.

Now that this was in the open, things were beginning to click into place that didn't make sense before, such as the way Ciel acted when the older male wasn't around. He found himself missing his presence, even if it was just to have someone to banter with. It wasn't too often but he was known to steal Sebastian's things from time to time, holding onto them for a week or so before returning them where they previously came from. Sebastian was the first person to show him any sort of kindness or the like after the incident so he imagined it was only natural to feel that way.

But was it really?

He glanced up at the demon to see how he was reacting to all of this before quickly averting his gaze back to his tea. He didn't seem too upset by his master's flustered behavior, in fact it seemed quite the opposite. [+blue "I'm...I'm fine,"] he responded quietly. [+blue "But if you have something you wish to tell me, why don't you tell me outright?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 59d 16h 30m 53s
The demon watched, truly fascinated, as several expressions flashed across Ciels face before the boy tried to hide in his tea. He had never seen a human so conflicted before, and the bright flush that appeared was simply adorable. Sebastian couldn't help it when his smile widened. After Ciel finally spoke, he couldn't help himself. "Well, they are grown for your pleasure.... Are you feeling alright, sir? You seem a little flushed. I do hope you are not falling ill." He said, curious how Ciel might respond. He was glad to see Ciel taking the subtle confession seriously. He knew why Ciel was blushing, but decided to play innocent. An act he knew his master would see though. The demoncould be many things, but innocent was not one of them. Perhaps he was enjoying this too much, but it also ment there was a chance the boy wouldn't shun him for this.

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