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Sebastian stood aside watching intently. His eyes glowed, the hatred sparking between the two. It made the beast he kept caged inside want to come out. To try to make the situation worse, make the boys anger overflow. He kept his mouth shut, though. The boy had worked hard to teach the demon some form of disapline, and not to speak out of turn. Besides, he might as well shock the man more. He decided to act as though the boy had 100% absolute control over him. Something he doubted the man was able to do. Just to try to damage his pride further. His own bit of fun. He dipped his head in respected unnessisarily whenever addressed. Keeping sarcastic or teasing comments to himself. And over all being over the top respectful toward Ciel. He hoped the noy woyldn't call him out on his act.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 95d 11h 13m 32s
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Fredrick still seemed to have a good amount of strength left in him, Ciel noticed, as he tried to escape the demon's grip. No matter, he would certainly see to that. He continued to try even after he was secured down, spewing insults and curses not at the one that bound him, but at the small earl. He seemed to realize quickly that Sebastian was merely an assistant, an orderly to a sinister doctor. Ciel wasn't sure if Fredrick was going to die today but he was certainly going to suffer.

The visible eye flickered over the man's struggling form, noting that Sebastian had already tested him. He imagined it to be his punishment for trying to kill Ciel the other day. The mark was red and angry with infection, if the boy didn't kill him this certainly would. He imagined it would only take a week at the most which meant he needed to get started quickly. Still, he wanted it to last. He had been waiting for this moment for three long years while suffering many nightmares and terrors. His gaze moved down to the object he still held, lightly touching one of the prongs. It was sharpened pretty well, the point would draw blood with little pressure.

He continued to allow the man to curse, moving to stand near his shoulder. Without a word, he reached over and shoved the fork into his shoulder muscle. Fredrick screamed, writhing a bit with the pain, and blood began to well around the prongs before trickling down his shoulder. [+blue "You've taken a lot from me, Fredrick,"] he told him quietly. He could see the hatred in his eyes mixed with the pain he was in. [+blue "I hope you realize what you're in for."]

[+darkred "You're nothing but a little cur,"] he hissed painfully, struggling to work a hand free. Ciel knew he would get nowhere with it but it was amusing to watch him try. [+darkred "You may have grown a bit but you're still the pathetic child you were those few years ago. If only your parents could see you now. Do you really think they would be proud of you?"]

Ciel watched him, remaining quiet, before moving away from him to walk around his other side. He picked up a thick rope on his way, stopping at the table's edge. Pulling himself up on the edge of the table, he then carefully moved onto his knees over Fredrick and quickly pulled the rope taught over his throat. He struggled, Ciel keeping it tight, and watched dispassionately as he began to lose oxygen. Only when he was on the verge of unconsciousness did the boy remove it, watching as he sputtered and coughed.

[+blue "You have no place to speak about my parents,"] Ciel responded dangerously quiet. [+blue "Next time I'll cut out your tongue."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 95d 13h 35m 28s
Sebastian watched Ciel investigate the new surroundings. He doubted the boy had ever actually been inside an actual torture room. Then again, Ciel never told him every little detail of his expriance with the man. He tilted his head as his master seemed to take interest in the fork. There were quite a few things Ciel could have chosen. Some were quite old, while others were not even human created. He found it enteresting that of everything, Ciel chose such a hands on item. It required one to be up in the victims face, and he was very curious what Ciel would do. Though, he could guess.

He bowed obediently when Ciel spoke. "Indeed, you have waited a long three years for this moment, sir." He turned to face the cell. Malice glinted in his eyes, but he did as ordered. The bars easily bending to let him through. Much like a predator, he suddenly hoped the prey would bolt. He did love a good chase, but he didn't have time for that. There were many things this man could use against Ciel, so he could not take a moment to play with him. Besides, this was his masters moment. He grabbed the man roughly, careful not to bleed him. Only bruise if he tried to escape. He heaved him up easily. The human was strong, but it was nothing in comparison to the strength of a supernatural being. Even among his own, Sebastian was not frail. He dragged him out and bound him to the table again. This time using a more traditional rope to try to give the man hope of escape. Though the knots were secure and were not going to give easily. He lowered the table so his master could work with ease. It was safer than him standing on a step to be able to reach across the table should he need to. Less childish as well. He wanted the man to fear Ciel. The man would learn to not judge a book by the cover. Ciel was only a child to the man. Ciel was always underestimated. His master was not weak by any means, which Fredrick would see. He wondered if the man had thought Ciel was going to simply watch and instruct the demon what to do. He was tempted to pry into the mans thoughts- it would be emberassing for anyone to be tortured by someone so young. He was sure the man had realized by now that the demon would be partisipating only it regards to assisting and protecting his master. As a matter of fact, he had no intention of doing much other than moving the man to fetchng things. He would not impose on the boy enjoying his revenge.
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Ciel looked around the darker room once he was placed on his feet again. Sebastian most likely didn't wish to repeat the incident with the stairs again in front of such an impressionable prisoner but he was grateful for it. His back still ached from the trek and figured the stairs would have really pushed it over the edge. He didn't want Fredrick to know that he had injured the small human other than the obvious gash to his arm. He didn't deserve that satisfaction.

The area was much cleaner than he imagined it to be, nothing out of place in Sebastian's chamber. The stench was a bit unbearable as there was nothing to carry the waste out of the area and seemed to remain in the far corner of the male's cell. Sebastian had also brought quite a few instruments to be used, more than Ciel could even imagined existed. Some appeared medieval in nature, others seeming to have been invented in the last couple hundred years.

Fredrick watched them carefully from inside of his cell, mostly keeping an eye on the child. He had an idea why he was here and imagined that all of the orders for inflicting pain would come from the small earl. He kept back and away from them, not giving either of them the opportunity to grab him through the bars. Ciel seemed to ignore him for the moment, carefully inspecting the objects around him. It was hard to decide where to start as they all had their selling points. He picked up a strange, two-pronged fork object and noted the sharp points were about the position of a human adult's eye placement. It gave him an idea.

[+blue "Sebastian, bring our guest over and secure him,"] he ordered quietly, turning the object in his hand. [+blue "I think it's about time to begin, don't you?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 96d 10h 43m 39s
Once Ciel was presentable again, looking every bit the regal nobleman he was, the butler stood again. "If you will follow me, then, we shall be on our way." He opened the door, faithfully followimg behind the young human. He covered Ciel with a rain shedding jacket on top of a warm coat. While the rain had lightened to a drizzle, who knew what would happen in 5 minutes. He held an umbrela over Ciel as they made their way toward the ruined manor. He, himeslf remained in the rain to make sure Ciel stayed dry as possible. It was not a very long walk, the longest part being the demon still gping thru the doorways. Passing giant holes in the walls that could have been shortcuts in preferance to opening the either half burned or nonexsistant doors for his charge.

He finally opened the door to the cellar, scooping Ciel up without a word. His master was probably incredibly sore from walking, and set hum down carefully at the bottom. The dungeon was large, as it had previously been a wine cellar for a Lords mansion. It had everything anyone would imagine a demons playroom to have. The wall were decorated like on might expect a bedroom, with different peices of art here and there. The place was also very, very clean. Well, almost. Fredricks cell was left untouched. It reeked, as the demon had not even bothered to offer anything for the man to relive himself. Rather perfering to force the man to do his business like some wild animal, as what matched his behaivior.
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A quiet sigh escaped as Sebastian spoke and disappeared again. Much to his dismay, it hadn't been forgotten about and would be cleaned in the near future. Ciel understood why it was important and needed to be done, even with how far they had come with medicine lately, but it didn't make him look forward to it any more than before. He chose to stay in his spot and await the butler's return, deciding against taking off and hiding somewhere. It never worked, thanks to their contract, and his back still ached. Trying to tackle the staircase was probably a terrible idea but he was glad he did it as it showed him his limits. He hoped that by the end of the week he wouldn't need help going up and down the stairs.

It didn't take very long for Sebastian to return with the needed medical supplies, Ciel sighing quietly again and carefully shrugging out of his jacket. It was at this point Sebastian seemed to take the initiative, helping the boy roll up his shirt sleeve and remove the bandage. The wound still seemed to be healing well despite the area around the sutures being a bit red and irritated. It wasn't where most of the boy's discomfort came from which led Ciel to think it was simple irritation instead of a growing infection. Sure, it hurt, but not anywhere near what his side had felt like. A faint wince touched his face as Sebastian carefully cleaned and rebandaged it, fixing the boys appearance afterwards and helping him back into his jacket.

This was it, it was time to face Fredrick.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 97d 12h 25m 41s
Sebastian bowed quickly, and cleared the table. "It will only take me a moment to yake this to the kitchen. Once I make sure those those three understand their instructions for the afternoon I will return to clean your arm. I would perfer to avoid you taking another long term nap. After that, if it is still your wish, we will head to entertain your guest." He taunted. There was no way Ciel could back out of this, if he wanted to. The vengance his master was to take on Fredrick was part of their contract. He would see the the boy got what he wished upon their first meeting. It was, after all, the whole reason he was there in the first place. His little master was certainly one of the more exciting contracts- as well as most involved. Demons fulfiled their end, taking care that everything aboslutly perfact. No matter if, in the end, the human no longer wished for it. Those were the worst, and most disappointing.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 98d 5h 34m 6s
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Ciel leaned back in his chair a bit, relaxing more while his gaze flickered up to Sebastian. In truth, the dessert wasn't terrible. He had certainly consumed worse and was a bit surprised to know that Bard had actually made something edible. From the things he heard from his butler, Bardroy burned most of what he prepared and, if he didn't, it wasn't fit for human consumption. In fact, he couldn't remember when he actually ate something the blonde had made as Sebastian would quickly take over in the kitchen.

[+blue "Give him some pointers; it wasn't terrible but it could use some improvement,"] he responded quietly. His hand moved under the table to rest over the throbbing wound in his arm lightly, fully remembering that Sebastian had wanted to look at and clean it after lunch. It was the reason he did so out of the demon's view, hoping he had forgotten; he was already in pain and knew that even gentle poking and cleaning would cause it to hurt more. [+blue "I don't require anything else."]

He then rose from the table, slowly as not to agitate his back, and ran a hand through his hair. Soon it would be time to deal with Fredrick, something he had been waiting for for years now.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 102d 11h 44m 0s
Sebastian tilted his head, "if it is not to you likeing, I am happy to replace it." He bowed in mock apology, "though, you will be hurting the actual chefs feelings by doing so." He didn't actually care if Ciel hated or loved it. When he served cookies, they were normally used as decor on the dessert. "He wished to know your thoughts," and they didn't make him feel ill, not that he would tell Ciel that that was how he made sure something was alright for Ciel to consume. He was not immune to the affects of bad food, his body was not use to eating regularly as it was. Things like heartburn or an upset stomach were sometimes worse than being shot. He waited for Ciels answer, curious if the boy would falter under human emotion and accept the dessert anyway. Or would his suprior tastes take hold and want something better.

Little things like this peaked the demons curiousity, as it all really just depended on his masters mood.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 103d 7h 37m 7s
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A quiet sigh left the boy as he was lifted into Sebastian's arms, his body resting against the male's chest heavily. It felt good to have the strain removed from his back and it gave the muscles a chance to relax. Ciel knew that if he continued to push himself he was going to pay for it but he didn't want to rely on his butler so much. If the lord of the house couldn't walk down the hallway on his own, how else was he supposed to function? He knew he could damage the muscles quite badly if he kept up his stubborn attitude but it was so difficult to do otherwise.

He picked his head up a bit as he was set into his chair, watching as Sebastian quickly left the room to take care of some kind of business, and looked down at his arm. Ciel pushed the sleeve up a bit in order to see the bandage and was happy to note there were no splashes of red nor any sign of distress on the white surface. Sure, the area still throbbed and hurt a lot but he could tell it was healing well. As far as he could tell there were no infections or pulled stitches of any kind. Hopefully it would be fully healed by the end of next month.

Ciel turned his attention to the table once Sebastian returned and served lunch, the earl looking over the meal and the dessert that was sitting nearby. It was rather basic, not Sebastian's usual exquisite masterpiece, but he wasn't turning his nose up at it. From the smell and color of it, it was peanut butter. He liked it but it could be rather hard to come by, especially in London. Ciel ate his meal quietly before starting on dessert; he picked up one of the cookies and took a bite. It wasn't as sweet as he was used to but it wasn't too bad. He finished the one he had in his hand before looking up at Sebastian.

[+blue "It's a rather lack-luster dessert,"] he told him quietly. [+blue "I was expecting more from you to be quite honest."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 103d 11h 26m 0s
Sebastian happily obliged, scopping Ciel up swiftly but carefully. He had followed closely just in case the boy slipped. A tumble down the stairs would send him straight back to bed. He carried the boy toward the dinning room, rather than putting him down at the bottom of the steps. Ciel could be stubborn, amd the demon could tell his back was mearing a spasm. If he didn't want to collapse in front of Fredrick it would be best for him to rest for now. As they approched the room, Mey-rin could be seen down the hall polishing a vase. She was being careful, but the demon hurried to the room to put Ciel down. She had been too far for human eyes to see what she was using. However, the demon quickly recognized the floor wax she was currently scrubbing onto the decoration. He needed to hurry before she ruined it. "I will only be a moment." He promised. He left with a slight quicker pace in his steps to stop the maid from ruining one of the most expensive pieces in his masters home.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 103d 19h 38m 24s
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Ciel's eyes closed as he stood at the top of the stairs, lightly rubbing his aching back and avoiding brushing the stitches against his side. They ached as well but not as much as his spine did. Either Fredrick was unaware of his own strength or he was actively trying to hurt him that night. He highly doubted the former was the case after witnessing how the others in the house behaved when his name was merely mentioned, leaving him to believe it was part of the man's strategy.

He looked up as he heard Sebastian's voice, seeing the taller male climbing the staircase. While his voice remained normal, he could see slight concern in his eyes and was no doubt wondering about Ciel's true pain level. It hurt quite a bit to get this far despite his small and slow steps and he knew the staircase was going to be a challenge. Still, he wanted to try it on his own. He didn't like depending on others and wanted to do things his own way. Ciel gave a simple nod before letting his hand fall to his side while the other one reached out to grip the banister.

[+blue "It's just sore,"] he admitted quietly, slowly and carefully beginning his descent. It was even slower than his trek down the hallway; the change in height made it quite a painful challenge. Each step down caused him to wince a bit and he vowed to make the man responsible pay for all of this. He got about halfway down before he needed to stop again, letting his eyes close once more.

[+blue "Take me the rest of the way down,"] he ordered Sebastian quietly, letting his weight rest against the banister to take some of the pressure off. [+blue "It's getting rather painful."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 104d 12h 17m 53s
The demon entered the main hall, catching sight of his master leaning on the wall. He already knew Cie had left the study, and tracked him thru their contract. He silently made his way up the stairs, watching Ciel try to relieve some of the stress on his back. "Are you alright, young master?" He called as he neared the top. He could tell that Ciel was not ok, but he would let Ciel tell him if he needed help. He might damage the boys ego otherwise. He remained at the top of the stairs. While he knew pulled muscles were enough to send most grown men to their knees, the demon still found it interesting that something so minor affected humans so terribly. "Your lunch is ready," he said, hishead tilting in a slight gesture down the stairs, toward the doord that led to the dining room.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 104d 15h 33m 59s
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After a while, Ciel slowly sat up straighter from being bent over his desk for so long and set the quill into its holder. The small hand flexed a bit, beginning to cramp from being in the same position for so long. It had taken him all morning, but he had finished it. It was even ahead of schedule. He knew this meant his work would be under extra scrutiny, the demon actively looking for more mistakes than usual. That was the price for turning in work early. Still, Ciel was confident that there were no errors, his handwriting was perfect, and there was enough content to satisfy Sebastian.

At least he hoped so. He wasn't looking forward to how the demon would retaliate if it wasn't.

Slowly he leaned back in the chair again, allowing his back to stretch, and closed his eyes. Lunch should be finished soon and then after would come the real challenge. Ciel felt he was better prepared for it now that Fredrick was on the boy's property and there were no real triggers around except for the man himself. Being in that place again was arguably more difficult than facing the bastard. In that environment, everything came crashing back to him like a tidal wave. Here, he had the upper hand.

Once he began to feel better, Ciel pushed himself to stand and let out a small groan as he did so. Even though it was worlds better than it had been the day before, his back still ached. He slowly made his way to the door with smaller steps than usual and proceeded down the hallway. When he reached the top of the staircase, he needed to stop. The small frame leaned heavily against the wall, his hand moving to his back to rub at the area once again to encourage it to stop throbbing.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 108d 11h 40m 37s
Once Ciel was safely in his too large chair, the demon left the boy to his own devices. Ciel was mature enough to not need baby sat to do homework. He left to clean up the dishes and do some house cleaning. A never ending job, as dust was always settling on the tops of picture frames or the hearths of the fire places. If he could, he would banish dust from exsistance. It was very annoying how there was a never ending supply of the small specks- he could see them flying through the air where humans were unable to.

After a couple hours of cleaning he returned to the kitchen. Just in time to see Bard figeting with his flame thrower.

"Bardroy, no." Sebastian snapped quickly, he could smell the cookies the man was making in the oven. In all honesty the man could make some decent things. As long as he didn't get experimental, followed directions, and didn't touch the massive torch. He would have to sample the treats. But they smelled edible. Ciel may enjoy them or be unimpressed by the simple after lunch treat. It was never easy to guess, but it had been a while since he offered the boy cookies. He decided to give incouragment to discourage the chef from ruining an possible good batch.

"They smell good, peanut butter?" He questioned, moving arounf the kitchen gathering ingrediants for Ciels lunch.

The American chef beamed. A compliment! From Sebastian! "Yeah, you want any? They should be ready in about 5 minutes. I was just thinking of quickening the time a bit." He picked up the flame thrower again.

"I will try one," he had to make sure they wouldn't make Ciel sick. He still remembered the time he had mixed up salt and sugar in the begining. The boy had forced the demon to eat them as punishment. He didn't care for human to begin with, and he found sweets downright disgusting. It had not been fun, even if he managed a neutral demeanor thru the punishment. He managed to keep Bard distracted long enough for the cookies to come out unharmed. As promised, he sampled one. Bard standing nearby visably nervous. He was acting as if the butler were a famous food critic.

They were just typical peanut butter cookies, "very good. Though I would recomend an extra tablespoon of sugar. The young master has an unhealthy love for sweet. However, I will tell you what he thinks of them." He smirked at the sudden panic in Bards eyes. The young master was actually going to be served something he made?

The demon let Bard sit to absorb that information as he plated a few of them and added them to the tray that held his mastrs lunch. Covering everything well, he put everything on the trolly in the kitchen. He suspected Ciel would want to try the stairs. Even if Ciel couldn't, he would just carry Ciel down.
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