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Sebastian let the amusement show in his eyes, though the neutral expression remained on his face. "That is an excelent question, my Lord." He studied Ciel a moment, then smirked. "It is not often I share a room with another~" he said, watching for Ciels reaction to the suggestive tone. Of course, he ment it to sound that way to get a rise out of him. Even though the prospect was rather exciting, Ciel was too hurt to act on anything. He crossed a leg over the other, leaning back in the chair. He stared at the boy, unblinking. Ciels current situation could have been dangerous, as Ciels weakend condition did draw the attention from the demons predatory side. Luckly for Ciel, despite how dangerous Sebastian could be, the demon no longer had the desire to hurt him.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 11d 23h 45m 27s
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[+blue "It sounds quite boring,"] he murmured softly, shifting a bit. He slowly began to sit up a bit since he spent quite a bit of time on his side and it was starting to ache. It seemed to make the injury to his back complain, finding a nice chorus with the discomfort he was experiencing from his arm. Ciel hated every minute of this, it seemed that no matter what he did, something was aching. The longer he thought about it, getting black-out drunk seemed to be a better option. He doubted, though, that Sebastian would agree to that.

[+blue "What are you going to do tonight?"] he asked quietly. He quickly pulled a pillow behind his back to help hold him up and cushion it a bit, closing his eyes for a moment as he waited for the pain to die down. Even though he found Sebastian's evenings boring he didn't mind observing the male as he went through his nightly routine, especially since he knew the demon was within arm's length most of the time tonight.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 12m 18s
"If you do not require me, or there is no body around that might wish you ill, I usually clean. If I fishish everything with time to spare, I usually go over your lesson plans. On the rare occasion I feel like indulging myself, I pick a book from the library to read or go lay on the roof to watch the stars." Stars were not something that exsisted where he came from, so he found them rather beautiful. He was aware that most people would find him rather boring, undoubtedly calling him a workaholic. However, his current exsistance in the human world literally revolved around Ciel and it was his duty to serve to the best of his abilities. He had often heard the others servants question as to why he never even requested a day to himself.

In all honesty, he wouldn't know what to do with himself if Ciel told him to take a day. He would, undoubtedly, annoy the boy until he took the time off away.
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Ciel remained curled and snuggled in the blankets, watching as Sebastian began to remove the tailcoat and the vest. It was very rare that he saw his butler in such light as he focused on remaining as professional as possible. The only time he could really remember seeing the demon in such fashion was late at night when he was called; Ciel didn't really mind seeing him like that. He carefully positioned one of the many pillows back under his head as to take some of the strain from his neck as he continued to observe the male's nightly routine. It was something he had never seen before and it kind of fascinated him. He had no idea what Sebastian really did during the night hours while he was asleep.

Heterochromic eyes watched as Sebastian pulled out a tin of polish and a cloth from his desk drawer, beginning to expertly clean the timepiece and pin that was given to him by Ciel. He took extraordinary care of these items, it was clear by how he treated them now. They were the only parts of his uniform that never needed replaced. He continued to observe the demon as he finished cleaning them, setting the tin and cloth back into the drawer and closing it securely.

[+blue "What else do you do during the night?"] Ciel asked quietly, pulling the dark blanket up again.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 3h 19m 16s
"No, not until I must start your breakfast anyway." He smiled at Ciel, finding the childish neediness rather cute at the moment. He moved over toward the desk his master gad given him . He removed his tailcoat and vest, laying the items across the back of the chair. It was not professional, but his master was in his designated bedroom. He removed the pin and watch that identified him as a Phantomhive servant and gently laid the items on the desk. Even he couldn't where the same thing all time, though he no longer trusted Mey-rin with his clothes.

He took extraordnarily good care of the watch, which Ciel could see for himself as the demon set about polishing it to remove any sort of tarnish. Despite all the coats that seemed to end up getting ruined one way or another, Ciel had never had to replace the watch or pin. Once the items were once again the shiny silver they were suppose to be, he set them aside and replaced the polish back into the desk drawer.
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Ciel jumped at Sebastian's soft voice, quickly moving the pillow to look over at him. He wasn't aware the demon had returned even though it had gone rather quiet, the sudden gentle sound startling him. He hated feeling this way, normally Ciel was the one causing others torment and frustration. He disliked how a single man had this much control over his emotions, the ones he swore that he didn't have. Part of him wanted him dead now just so he wouldn't have to feel this way anymore though the more rational part of him wanted him to suffer. He needed to feel the same that Ciel did those years ago. Today just didn't seem to be the best for the small earl.

[+blue "I do....I just don't want to hear it right now,"] he mumbled quietly, keeping his small form curled up. It hurt his back a little but it was a position he felt safe in. Granted, he felt much better now that Sebastian was here. He pulled the blankets up a little bit more, letting his gaze fall on the demon and watching as he began to start a fire. It was probably the first time this fireplace was used for its intended purpose. [+blue "Are you going to leave again?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 4h 2m 28s
The demon finally turned toward Ciel, smiling at the hidden form despite the fear he could taste in the air. "Young master." He said quietly, unsure if the boy even knew he had returned. "If I recall, you wanted him to suffer. Is that no longer the case?" He tilted his head. Perhaps he had gone a little too far too quickly? Humans could be unnessisarily complex and unpredictable when their emotions took control. He had expected Ciel to be more welcoming toward the mans torment. He had never seen his master behave in such a fashion from screams that sounded within the manor. As a matter of fact, the last time he had been severly scolded because Ciel hadn't been able to fall asleep until the demon had grown bored and killed the man . He couldn't imagine why such brutality would make Ciel behave this way now. He couldn't help but be baffled by the human emotions.
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Ciel had lay quietly in the demon's bed throughout his experience with Akira and Fredrick, the boy on his side with the book open in front of him. He hated bed rest more than he hated parties, at least then he could sneak away from whatever was bothering him and take a couple drinks until he didn't feel awful anymore. Here, though, he couldn't do that. He was forced to stay in the bed until his back healed enough that he could bend without pain. He partly wished he had a bottle of strong alcohol with him, hoping if he got drunk enough his memory of this horrid time would fade with his consciousness.

A couple of screams had caught his attention, along with faint yelling. He couldn't make out the words but he knew the voice well enough. Whatever was going on between the three of them, Fredrick wasn't enjoying it. He couldn't exactly say it upset him, the man certainly deserved it. Ciel found himself partially hoping that Akira ripped an arm off or the like. As time continued, the screams grew more panicked which caused the boy's heartbeat to quicken as that familiar knot grew in his stomach. Even though the voice was much deeper it wasn't unlike the cries and screams he heard in that terrible place. He found himself not wanting to listen to it, the sound only causing him more panic, and pulled one of the pillows over his head to try to drown it out. He remained that way until Sebastian came in, Ciel not realizing it had finally stopped, with the pillow over his head and the small frame shaking faintly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 4h 50m 31s
"Good, now then. You'd best get to work." Sebastian turned to leave. He smirked, alowing some of the shadows to warp before a large eye seemed to open in one of the darkest spot in the room. There was a thick black liquid that seemed to drip from it, though the strange substance seemed to vaporize into the shadows before it hit the ground. The eye, undeniably, belonged to the demon halfway out the door. "Remember, I am always watching." Then the eye vanished as the door shut. He grinned, pulling his glove back on before someone else saw. He locked the door, though he doubted the man would do much sneaking around just yet. He completed his nightly rounds. Making sure no intruders were lurking near the property, and locking up the manor for the night and making sure any lit fires were tended to. He also brought a load of wood to his room to start a fire for Ciel. He really never used it, due to the facr it didn't get cold enough to affect him. His master, on the other hand, sometimes chilled quickly. He quietly entered, just in case Ciel was asleep, and moved to stock the fireplace. It took no more than a minute until the dry logs began to burn without assistance.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 12d 5h 23m 5s
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Fredrick screamed the moment the burn was touched, trying to fight Sebastian off in order to get some relief. Due to the strength of the male in front of him, it was an impossible task. He had no choice but to wait until Sebastian decided to show him mercy and finally back off. Pained screams filled the room, the male thrashing a bit in the demon's grip, until he finally relented just to escape the torment.

[+darkred "Fine, just let me go!"] he screamed. He didn't intend on complying with the orders still, simply wanted the demon to release him and leave. He would say whatever he could in order to get the male away from him and out of the room. In all honesty, he'd rather deal with Ciel than Sebastian. At least he could easily kill the brat and continue on his way. With this one it didn't seem like a feasible objective. He still vowed to do that somehow, refusing to let a child get the better of him like this. The two of them had to be alone at some point and, when they were, that bastard would pay for this.

When the demon finally released him, Fredrick moved back again and away from him, keeping his eyes on him continually.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 5h 53m 47s
"Oho~" Sebastians eyes glowed, "such defiance." He revealed a sharp toothed grin, not at all angry. "And he thinks he has a choice?" Sebastian reached forward, lightly moving the mans chin aside to peer at the burn Akira caused on his neck. "Now, you really should adapt faster. You belong to Lord Phantomhive now. Until he decides how to dispose of you, I am responsible for you. That means, you are little more than a toy." To prove his point, he began to apply pressure to the raw burn, slowly dragging his pad from one end to the other. He closed his eyes, relishing the feel of the frantic beating of the heart. Despite being a demon, he very rarely tortured living people. Only doing so if ordered by his master . Shinigami where quick to kill a demon running loose out of fear of loseing a soul. However, even they knew better than to cross the lines of a demons contract , and the man was marked. No matter how much the man begged, no angel would come either. They were normally spiteful toward anyone who worshiped any of their fallen brethren. He stroked the burn slowly, but roughly. "Have I made myself clear, pet?" He pressed slightly harder, not careing if he bruised but careful enough to not break the skin.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 12d 5h 53m 35s
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Fredrick tried to pull away from the demon but was unsuccessful. Sebastian was much stronger than he was. He was forced to stay still as he could feel the pain in his hand worsen greatly before it became better, the male's eyes focusing on the back of the demon's hand. Akria's mark was much different than Sebastian's, believing it to be because of where she came from, and didn't bother hiding it unless she was in English clothes. Many, like he did at first, imagined it was something that came from her homeland. If only they knew how wrong they were.

Once he was healed and released, he moved as far away from Sebastian as he possibly could. He, a noble, [i clean?] That was something Fredrick hadn't done in years and didn't plan on doing it now for some spoiled brat who should have died years ago. He glared at Sebastian, keeping back and against the wall. [+darkred "I'll never do anything for you or that worthless brat,"] he growled out quietly. [+darkred "You'll have to kill me first."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 19h 37m 22s
Sebastian left the bleeding man for a moment, quickly fetching the nessisary items. He then returned to the man. "You ought to learn some respect, human." He dropped the cleaning supplies. "Now, give me hand. You can hardly move it, correct?" He said, his tone remained kind, but it never reached his eyes. He couldn't expect the man to be abke to clean while bleeding everywhere. He watched man, who had every right to be wary. The demon took the hand, not giving enough time for the man to actually react. He smirked, "as expected, she has excelent aim. Whiout help, you would not heal from this. Luckily for you, I need you functionable." He leaned forward, licking the injury to clean it so he could see it better. He inspected it again as he removed a glove. His mark now visible as he gently covered the injury with the now bare hand, holding the limb still by the wrist. He knew just the pressure point to prevent movement. The marked glowed faintly. He wasn't gentle about it by any means, allowing the man to feel the pain that when with the rapid healing. Forcing him to feel the stretching as the tendons knitted together. Then he released him. "Now that thats done, get to work." He gestured to the blood on the floor.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 12d 19h 48m 40s
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Akira smiled softly, tucking her hands back into the sleeves of her kimono. She could feel the anger and frustration radiating off of Fredrick and knew that he now realized with Sebastian's words that she and probably Seth had been involved from the beginning. They each had a hand in his fall from glory. If he had another successor to his line, he would have killed that awful child from the beginning. Seth was nothing but a problem and didn't have the guts it took to continue his work. Thousands of years of sacrifices and ceremonies had now been for nothing.

[+fuchsia "Don't worry, we can handle it,"] she reassured him softly. If there was one thing Akira wasn't, it was afraid of hardly anything. She had experienced many years of both sides of human and demon lives, there wasn't much that she didn't feel she could handle...including a fit from a crowned prince. [+fuchsia "If you or Lord Phantomhive need anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'm sure with all of our gifts, we can fix any problem that appears."] It was strange to see such a helpful demon, especially a woman one as they could be quite territorial. For reasons she couldn't understand, she enjoyed Sebastian's level-headedness and company, nor did she mind Ciel. The Asian demon gave Sebastian a gentle bow before disappearing from the property and heading back to her own for the time being.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 20h 34m 29s
"And I, yours. The young master would have been far worse off without your assistance." Just to add salt to the injury, the man now knew just how betrayed he was. I will send a note once we have completed our investigation." He said, retaining a pleasant smile. "Lord Whitehill will, of course, be welcome. However, as I said before, it might be unwise to be around me for a little while. I would hate your family to end up mixed up in our current mess." He said, not wanting to say too much in front of this man. He opened the door for her, "also, if you need any more information, do not hesitate to visit Fredrick. I do not know how long my Master will be able to tolerate being under the same roof as him. I am sure he would enjoy the change of pace." He practically cooed the last sentance, looking at human in question. He would have to bring the cleaning supplies soon, otherwise the blood would stain.

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