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[h3 +]
The young earl watched Sebastian leave, briefly thinking about running away and hiding from the unpleasant treatment. He had run from his butler before, especially when doctors were involved, but wasn't able to stay hidden long due to their contract. If his back weren't injured, he probably would have jumped off the bed and done so. So, instead of causing himself possibly more damage by running, he stayed in bed and awaited Sebastian's return.

It was quicker than he expected, seeing his butler return with a bowl of water and returning to his side. Nimble hands unwrapped the bandage carefully, exposing the healing and still stitched wound underneath. It was healing quite well but, because of how deeply the knife had sliced, would remained stitched for at least a full week. The area throbbed more as it was exposed to the air, Ciel watching quietly as the demon picked up a cloth and began to clean the area around with the warm water. It was a bit uncomfortable but certainly not the worst pain he had felt. Gently it was dried before the gloved hand reached over and pulled out a dark glass bottle, Sebastian warning of its burning effect. He didn't think much of it until the substance touched the wound, causing a painful and distressed cry to fall from his lips. The boy tried to jerk his arm back out of reflex but the demon's gentle hand kept it still. As the pain began to fall back to a normal level, it was then bandaged again and the demon rose to his feet. It took everything in the boy's power not to touch it again, wanting to apply a bit of pressure to stop some of the pain.

Luckily he had decent self control.

He nodded to Sebastian's suggestion of dressing and heading to the lounge, moving slowly and a bit awkwardly to the edge of the bed. The lounge was a much better idea than his room, that way he had a place to escape to if Soma was becoming too much for his sanity to handle. Also it would give the staff an opportunity to change the bed before he used it again. Ciel slowly moved to his feet as Sebastian retrieved his clothes from the wardrobe, working on the buttons to his nightshirt.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 54d 33m 28s
Sebastian nodded, flashing Ciel an encouraging smile. The boy was being coopertive, so he didn't tease the boy about it. As adorable as the flushed cheeks and irate glares could be, he didn't want to cause the boy to decide to shove him out the door before he was properly cared for. "I will be as gentle as I can." He promised. He brpugjt out the supplies he needed, leaving to fill the bowl with warm water. Not too cold so it would still be used to clesn, but not so hot as to irritate the sensitive skin. He gently unwrapped the arm, discarding the used bandages in a waste bin. He eyed it closely, still not seeing or smelling any signs of infection. He cleaned the injury, gently as he had promised. He dried the area well, then prepared what he had to sterilize the wound. "This may burn." He warned, then carefully applied the disinfectant over the stitches. He cleaned up any that dripped away from the injury and rebandaged it to prevent Ciel from subconsiously pestering it. "Now then, if you feel up to it, I can dress you amd have Master Soma meet you in the lounge for the game." The Prince had gone to the parlour downstairs, but the lounge was on the same floor Ciel was currently one. "Or would you prefer him to return here to your bedroom?" He questioned. He picked up the boys brush, running it through the slate colored hair. There was an occassional tug, but for the most part the demon was able to untangle Ciels hair easily.
[h3 +]
Ciel couldn't stop the frown from appearing, sipping at the tea quietly before answering Sebastian's request. He wasn't sure which one was worse, dealing with Soma for a few hours or having the stitches cleaned. Even though one was a much longer duration of time than the other, it still hurt less. He was already in enough discomfort due to the healing stress on his spine and now the butler wished to add more? He understood the reasoning and logic behind it, an uncleaned injury would fester and breed infection. He had experienced it already and almost died. Still, just because he knew and understood these things didn't mean he looked forward to it.

He finished the tea in his cup, keeping the small frown on his face. The more he thought about it, the less he wanted to partake in it. Still, it needed to be done and he didn't want to hear another lecture from Sebastian. He let out a sigh after setting the cup down, slowly looking up at the older male. [+blue "Very well,"] he muttered quietly. [+blue "It already hurts so take it easy."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 54d 1h 24m 15s
Sebastian dipped his head to acknowledge his masters consent. "If you would permit me, I would like to clean your injury first?" He requested. With it not being throughly cleaned the night before, he wanted to make sure everything was still fine. It would probably hurt. At the very least, sting or burn pretty badly due to the disinfectant. His master was probably not looking forward to it. He picked up the used dishes as he spoke, stacking them neatly onto the cart to be taken away. The demon had collected everything he would need to clean the stitches on one of the shelves of the trolly. He would have to make his master more presentable, for sure. It was a good thing Ciel had trained himself in keeping his eye closed if it was not covered. That would have been a far more interesting topic than why Ciel had one of his ties.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 54d 1h 43m 47s
[h3 +]
Ciel's eyes narrowed faintly at his butler, watching him a moment before looking down at the meal. It was something he expected, Sebastian seeming to return back to the boy's normal meals now that he was feeling better. It looked rather good, healthy and able to keep the small earl focused and energized for most of the day. He slowly picked up the silver fork and knife, cutting some of his food as he listened to his butler all while giving him disapproving looks.

[+blue "You find him entertaining because he doesn't bother you,"] Ciel retorted quietly, glancing up at the demon before focusing on his current task. Soma meant well but he could be a pain in the neck for the antisocial teenager. Sometimes he wished he could slip the man a sedative just so he could get some work done. He began to eat a bit, finding the meal satisfactory, and continued to eat at his normal pace.

Sebastian had a good idea, it would be best to exhaust the prince's mind so Ciel could get some things finished later. Chess was always a good choice as the boy excelled at it and, after it was over, Soma would be tired and satisfied that he was able to spend time with Ciel. [+blue "Very well,"] he responded after a bit, being sure to swallow what he was eating before speaking. He finished his breakfast quickly, sipping at the tea afterwards.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 54d 16h 16m 56s
Sebastians smirk turned into a relaxed smile. He removed the lid off the food. A typical English breakfast. It seemed he had the same desire as Some, in wanting his first meal balanced and nutritious. He set up the bed table quickly so Ciel could easily eat. He set the platter down, not answering until he withdrew. "I can't wait." He said, not really sure how Ciel intended to gain revenge on him. No matter what happened, it was bound to be fun. "Truly, though. I find Master Soma highly entertaining." Probably because he didn't have to deal with him. Ciel was the one who suffered there. "Shall I bring a chess board? He will not be still long enough for your studies. Exhausting his brain might be best." He suggested. The young man was poor at chess, but always vowed to beat Ciel next time. He tried though, anyone could see it. He took the chess lessons well, and was a much better loser than Ciel possibly ever had been .
[h3 +]
Ciel kept his cold look, watching as Sebastian began to pour the tea. While he didn't enjoy socializing with others, he didn't feel he was lacking in that area. If he had a choice between leaving a gathering early or staying to chat, one would see smoke trails by how quickly he disappeared. But lacking? Sebastian was asking for something to be thrown at his head. One of these days he vowed to get Sebastian back for all of this and wouldn't die until he did. To hell with the contract, he wanted to see Sebastian squirm just once.

He was a bit surprised that Sebastian wasn't making him eat downstairs with the others but was rather grateful. He didn't feel that his back would handle the stairs well and like hell he would let the others catch his butler carrying him. They already saw him vulnerable once today, he'd rather slit his wrists before making it another. He took the tea, resisting the urge to throw it at the taller male, and forcibly gripped the cup tightly to prevent him from doing so. [+blue "I believe you already know the answer to that,"] he huffed again, keeping his cold look. [+blue "One of these days, this will all come back to bite you."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 56d 15h 49m 54s
The words had no affect. Instead, he answered rather shamelessly. "I could not help it. Your social skills are lacking..." he tilted his head. "And it is cute how you look at me with murderous intent. Like a fluffed up kitten." It was a bit dramatic, but that hardly mattered. Now that Ciel knew what he was after, he was not concerned with flirting with his lord behind closed doors. The smirk never left as he then began to pour the tea. "While he is unnessisarily obnoxious, he is well meaning." He held out the saucer for Ciel to take. "As least you will not be bored." He said, purpously trying to pester Ciel. The boy could be very grumpy with such awakenings. If Ciel were a cat, there was no doubt the demon would be gushing and cooing at him. He turned back toward the cart. "Would you like to eat now, before Master Soma returns?"
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 56d 16h 14m 2s
[h3 +]
Ciel had tried to shrug out from under the male's arm as it was placed around him, not wishing to be touched so early in the morning. Luckily, Sebastian seemed to take care of it and succeeded in forcing the two males from the room. His eyes dropped to his hand, seeing the tie still wrapped loosely around it, and he could feel his cheeks beginning to burn again. Damn it all to hell. He slowly unwrapped it, as if it were part of his every day routine, and set it beside him on the bed. He could feel the red eyes watching him carefully, the demon most likely holding that damn amused smirk of his, and decided not to acknowledge least right away.

[+blue "And what in the hell do you find so amusing?"] Ciel huffed after a long moment, finally turning his gaze up to his butler. Just as expected, he held that smile. Sometimes Ciel wanted to punch if off of his face. He could still feel the heat in his cheeks from the embarrassment of being caught with his butler's personal item and hoped if he yelled enough, it would go away. Ciel pushed some of the blankets away from his waist, wincing a bit as he shifted his position, then went back to glaring faintly at Sebastian. [+blue "You couldn't stop them before they got up here or did you miss me yelling at you so much so you decided to turn a blind eye?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 56d 16h 25m 37s
"I had to come as soon as I heard!" The Prince spoje this it was an obvious fact. "As your honorary big brother it is my job to make sure you are well taken care of! Agni! Make sure Sebastian is preparing something nutritious!" He ordered. Wrapping an arm arpund Ciels shoulder.

"That will not be nessisary." The devils voice sounded in the door, cheerful as ever. Amusement glittering in his crimson eyes. He had prepared a strong tea, Ciel was gping to need it with Soma around. Agni covered his mouth, trying to hide his own amusement from watching the two nobles. "Did you sleep well, master?" He asked, like this was normal.

Agni seemed to catch sight of something, "Master Ciel, why are you holding one of Mr. Sebastians ties?"

This made the demon and Prnce look at it. Sebastian smiled, finding it cute. Soma, on the other hand, did not. "Something like that, it could wrap around your neck in your sleep!" Soma scolded lightly. "How could you let him?" Soma accused the demonic butler.

To be perfactly honest, Sebastian was in agony. Watching his master being fussed over by the dramatic prince, who was usually frightened to death of him, was hilarious.

"Do you really think I was going to notice one tie missing when they all look the same?" He asked, "Now, if you wouldn't mind, could you stop leaning on my master?" He rose an eyebrow, challenging the Prince to stay.

"I... will go wait in the parlour."he said, seeming to melt under the dark butlers gaze. He removed himself from Ciel, shrinking as he passed since the red eyes followed him until he was out of the room. Agni bowed to them both.

"Please, accept my apology. He is just worried." He said, leaving the room to wait until Ciel had calmed down.

Once the door shut, the demon turned his gaze toward Ciel, a smirk formed as he met Ciels gaze.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 56d 16h 36m 38s
[h3 +]
The sudden, loud noise followed by shouting woke Ciel suddenly, the boy's heart beginning to race again as it believed something to be wrong. Why else would such noise be occurring? His eyes shot open, not greeted by the sight of his butler trying to protect him but of the Indian prince that had just burst into his bedroom. The small earl couldn't hide the irritation that he felt at being suddenly awoken nor having someone other than his butler in his personal room. Soma was sure to hear about it in the near future.

[+blue "I was fine until you woke me,"] Ciel grumbled, slowly sitting up. A small hand ran through his hair before glaring tiredly at Soma. He was such a drama king, something Ciel didn't quite care for as he enjoyed his peace and quiet...especially in the morning. [+blue "Couldn't you wait until late morning or, better yet, telephone me?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 56d 16h 59m 57s
The demon had remained in his room, thpugh he had gotten up to check on the boy after the nightmare started. His contract tingling due to his lords distress. He watched for a moment, partially wanting to wake him. However, he silently closed the door and left him alone. As much as he didn't want Ciel to suffer, the boy could not rely on him for every bit of comfort. Yes, the demon wanted to claim the boy as his. Moreso than their current contract did, anyway. However, coddling Ciel would encourage weakness. Ciel may be a fragile human, but there would be a time where the boy would have to prove his inner strength. Yes, Ciel was fragile. By his standard. But far from weak, and he wouldn't allow him to become such. He returned to his room, deciding to relax while he could. Eventually, his masters scent would dissapate from his room. He intended to enjoy it while he could. He spread himself over the top of the blankets, laying on his side whith eyes closed. It would seem like he was sleeping, exepting the fact he was still partially dressed in his uniform and his shoes were still on. He never did fall asleep though. Eventually, hehad to get up and finish getting ready for the new day. He was actually cooking his masters breakfast when he heard the doorbell ring.

He sighed, pausing his task to answer the door. Who would be calling so early? The demon got his answer as he reached the main entrance. He sighed heavily, opening the door. "Good morning, Mas-" the Lord of the duo lunged at him.

"Where is he? How is Ciel?!" The thick accent demanded. The Indian Prince stared at him with wide eyes.

"The young master is fine, he," the demn was shoved out of the way as Soma rushed up the stairs to see his freinds health for himself. Agni gave chase, calling for Soma to wait.

"It would seem I am cooking for two." He muttered, letting them go. He smirked, the chuckled. Despite how annoying Soma was, he actually enjoyed Agnis company. It wpuld be nice to have another capable servant helping for however long Soma insisted on staying. With Ciels luck, it would be until the boy was completely healed. He could only assume Ciels hospital visit had made it to his ears. He continued to the kitchen, grinning at the glare he was sure to recieve when he finally showed his face.

Soma bolted thru the mansion, knowing exactly where his 'little brothers' room was. He didn't even knock, flinging the door open so hard it slammed into the wall with a resounding BANG. Only Agni seemed to wince at the sound, Soma aoblivious to the alarm he was causing. "Ciel, are you ok?!" He questioned loudly. Agni was futile in any attempt to quiet the Prince down. Neither seemed to take notice of the tie clutched in the boys hand.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 56d 17h 10m 40s
[h3 +]
Ciel's sleep was rather peaceful until the early morning hours, the boy not quite moving much. A toss here, a turn there. Such things were normal for his sleep. A couple hours before dawn, unfortunately, were where things seemed to have changed. A nightmare snaked its way into his peaceful dreaming, twisting it into dark memories and horrible fears. Many things that haunted him still were remembered and amplified, causing a cold sweat to cover him while deep fears that he hid as best as he could were brought to the surface. They twisted and tore into his dreams, causing his pulse to quicken and his form to curl up rather uncomfortably while burying deeply into the many pillows he had. After over an hour of this, he finally shot awake and looked around the room quickly. Just as always, nothing was there, though he half expected to see some dark and menacing figure staring at him from the corner of his room. Luckily that was not the case.

He uncurled himself from his painful ball, groaning a bit at how uncomfortable it was, and reached under his pillow to pull out the tie he had stolen from Sebastian. The dark fabric shone faintly as the moonlight hit it in just the right place, Ciel wrapping the silk around his hand. It was cool but comforting. Small fingers traced patterns over it and continued to do so until he felt his pulse return to a normal rate. Unfortunately he had a hard time falling asleep, finally doing so an hour before Sebastian decided to wake him with the tie still wrapped firmly around his hand.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 56d 18h 43m 26s
Sebastian made short work of finding the tresspassers. He was boths surprised and pleased to see not assassins to take his human away, but common theives from the soumd of things. He waited in the trees, listening to their conversation. He was curious why these people sought, to travel all this way from London.

"You sure this is a good idea? I have heard rumor that the Earl is known as the Evil Nobleman... who knows what he has here?" One spoke, they all seemed to be male. Probably from the east end, judging from their scent.

"Please, a kid? Do you really belive such silly superstitions?" The next one who spoke made the demon grin. Really, one should not judge so quickly. "I saw him this my own eyes leaving the Whitehill Auction. His butlers just a pretty face, I'm sure." Now that was both amusing and insulting.

"We should wait here til it gets later." The third spoke, this voice was older and hoarse. "It will take the yard a while to get here if your caught. Just get out of there. We'll be gone before they get here."

Ah, so that was their reason. Not a bad stratigy, as there were not many servants. If he were a human who needed sleep, they would have easily succeeded. Unfortunatly for them, Ciel would he beyond furious if he let them continue on. As much as his masters fury amused him, there were some pricey and irriplaceable items. Such as the vases his master mentioned. His masters greed was something to be awed by, but he knew that was his personal doing. It was only natural for someone so young to adapt to who they were around most. In this case, a creature of sin.

Besides, owning so many expensive items would be handy if something ever happened to Ciels business . Though, watching Ciel forced to sell some things might be enough for him a lose himself and laugh. The boy never took losses well.

Shaking himself from his thoughts , he lept out of the tree. He landed, quiet as the light breeze that stirred the trees.

"Please, forgive the intrusion, bt I am afraid you are tresspassing on my masters property. I am afraid I must ask you gentlemen to leave." He said, smiling politely as ever. They spun around quickly, revealing their weapons. They were not even high quality guns. These people were desprate, simple as that.

One man, the first speaker, reeked of fear. Now that he looked at their faces, they seemed to be father and two brothers. Twins, by the looks of it. "Who are you?" His voice didn't betray his fear. The demon was impressed.

"I am the butler to the Phantomhive Family." He bowed a bit. "Come now, I don't really want to dirty my suit this night." He said, "leave." The last word held an unspoken threat that made the one man flinch. The brother, however moved to fire his gun. Sebastian shot forward, wrenching the gun out of his hand, spinning it so it was aiming between the mans eyes.

"I am in a good mood. I will let you give me one reason why I shouldn't." He said, knowing the man couldn't speak. He had been a good distance away, impossible for a human to now be standing directly in front of the trio with the barrel of the gun pressed into the spot between his eyebrows. The man shook, all three shocked by what they just witnessed. "Nothing? Very well." He didn't shoot, not wanting the soumd to bother Ciels rest. Instead, he gave the gun a hard thrust, piercing the skull all the way thru. He let go the gun, the now dead human falling he looked at the other two. "Does anyone know you are here?"

The older man was in shock, staring at the younger mans corpse. He looked to the brother, who frantically shook his head. "N-no. I pr-omise." He stuttered out, his eyes wide and glued on the butler.

Sebastian hrinned darkly, "good." He said, making sure that was the last thing the last two heard. He looked at the grisly sight. It was no wonder the property was so healthy, with so many people thinking his master made an excellent target. They made great ferilizer. He took care of the bodies, adding the guns the the arsenal the manor already had once they were cleaned and inspected. Noe that he thpught about it he vaguly recalled spotting the three begging on a nearby corner after they had left the manor that day. He huffed, he hadn't pegged them for theives. Humans could be quite interesting sometimes. He returned to the manor, to his room first to clean up a bit. He sat on the bed his master had used, smiling a bit. It was a good thing he had stopped trying to hoard cats behind Ciels back.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 56d 19h 8m 38s
[h3 +]
He watched quietly as Sebastian carefully wrapped up his arm, being gentle in every way. He was careful not to cause his charge any more discomfort but firm enough that the bandage wouldn't slip nor come off during the night. Once he was finished, Ciel leaned back into the pillows and reached for his book in order to finish the last of it before bed. He'd have to pick another one tomorrow or send his butler to do so, not sure which he preferred more. He didn't have a specific title, author, or genre in mind so maybe it was best to have Sebastian surprise him with something. He knew well what the boy liked.

Ciel's eyes instantly lifted as he felt the gentle hand on his cheek, meeting eyes of red. They were warm and soft, unlike most of the times he looked at anything else. He could instantly feel heat enter his cheeks, certain they were turning red, from the look alone. But...he didn't mind it. No one else made him feel this way, not even his own fiance. There was something about Sebastian that made him want to see him again even after he was being incredibly frustrating.

And just like that, he was gone.

The boy sighed, partially wishing Sebastian would have remained, though he knew why he left. Someone was on the property who wasn't supposed to be. Part of him found himself wishing the demon would return when he was finished but was certain he'd by asleep by that point. He picked up his book, finishing the last few pages before turning in for the night.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 56d 20h 14m 36s

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