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Akira sighed softly, looking over at Seth. She knew there was something strange with that bird but she said nothing. It made the twins happy. Seth didn't seem to bothered by what Sebastian said, there really weren't any big secrets to hear from the little tribe. What it picked up from Lord Whitehill or his conversations with his son were of a different story. [+fuchsia "Jounichi-chan is quite fond of it,"] she responded softly. A small hand reached out to take what Sebastian offered, tucking it into her obi to bring back later. [+fuchsia "he was the one that brought it inside. It stays in their bedroom where Lord Whitehill doesn't go. I'll be sure she gets it."]

Seth smiled faintly, loosely folding his arms over his chest as he relaxed a bit more. He wouldn't dare to turn on Ciel and his demon, he wasn't that type of person. Still it was good to see the male protecting his charge. [+red "I was wondering where it came from; like Akira said, they enjoy having her. They take wonderful care of her from what I've observed. I think they even let her outside at night to roam around. I was surprised the first time she returned, actually."]

He sat down again, reaching over and pulling out the chair beside him for Ciel to sit down, then motion across from him for the other two to sit as well. [+red "Since we're all already together and this is probably the safest place for it, let's begin. Father likes to pretend I don't exist unless he's leading the cult so it's not as if he'll come looking for me tonight. If you lend me a quill, ink, and some paper, I'll write everything out for you."]

Ciel nodded to Sebastian to go get the items, slowly sitting down beside Seth. He looked over at the taller male, still struggling to keep himself composed. He would certainly be glad once this chapter of his life had closed. [+blue "Why does he need you then?"] he asked quietly.

[+red "He thinks he's teaching me so I can continue the line,"] Seth responded, keeping his voice soft and gentle as not to disturb the boy more. [+red "The Whitehill line is incredibly old, stretching as far back as the dark ages. They were practicing then, too."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 19h 28m 6s
"However," sebastian rose his free hand, "if I learn this is a trap for my master, then I will tear you apart." He said, growling to make sure his point was made. The hand on Ciels shoulder gave a light squeeze, to reasure Ciel he was going nowhere.

"In return for your help, I will let you in on a little secret." He smirked. "There is a Raven inside the manor, I used her to play with the boys. In case they talked about any plans or conpiracies. SOMEHOW she made it inside the manor, I was too far away at the time to see how. I can see and hear what she does. Please, do take good care of her." He smiled at them. "She might be easier to comunicate thru than letters or visits."

He took something, a small black ball, out from one of his many pockets. "Give this to her. If she dies, she at least deserves a treat before her end for being of good use." It was one of his many creations. "I would explain it, but you'll see what will happen if she gets killed." He smirked. The little ball would, temorarily, grant the bird demonic powers. How temprarily, he didn't know. Each bird he tested it on varied.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 15d 19h 43m 2s
[h3 +]

[+red "He won't."] Seth answered, allowing his frame to lean lightly on the sturdy table behind him. Akira moved over to him, smiling faintly as she finished buttoning up the shirt but allowed it to remain untucked. It weren't as if they were going anywhere important, after all. Once finished, she looked back at Sebastian.

[+fuchsia "Lord Phantomhive is a rare commodity,"] she informed him softly. [+fuchsia "His soul is pure enough to be tantalizingly sweet but has enough bitterness from life to round it out. You should know this best of all. Whitehill is extremely angry that a sacrifice had escaped, he was the first one to do so. He plans on bringing him back and finishing what he started; the man is foolish enough to think he can call the Dark Prince himself. Still, he keeps trying. It's why so many children are missing."]

Seth looked over at them, noticing Ciel's irregular breathing pattern and the hand that now rested behind him, looking for comfort no doubt. He didn't blame him for this, Fredrick was frightening on his own...especially what that boy had gone through. [+red "I will give you the inner workings of the cult and the rituals, I'll walk you through everything. The only thing I want in return is to know he and those like him won't do this to anyone ever again. Akira has told me that his work is mostly pointless, he'll never get what he wants to achieve. All he's doing is murdering innocent people."]

Ciel kept his tight grip on his butler, so tight that his knuckles were white, and his hand shook faintly. His entire frame had a small tremble to it but luckily Seth wasn't close enough to see it. The redhead's offer was exactly what he wanted, what he sold his soul for three years ago. It was amazing that it was so close at hand. [+blue "Alright,"] Ciel answered quietly, focusing on keeping his voice strong. It was more difficult than he imagined. [+blue "Sebastian and I will stop this. I assure you."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 20h 26m 20s
Sebastian seemed unimpressed once again. "While I had expected this....." He pointedly looked at the scar lay, "what would happen if your father learned of your... betrayal?" Sebastian stepped closer, to prevent strain on his masters shoulder for reaching behind him. The demon moved to place a hand on the opposite shoulder. "I find it very difficul. To be willing to go thru with this, without knowing why. I do apologize, Akira, but I find that Lord Whitehill after my master just because he is upset over being duped a poor answer. Even he cannot be that petty." Of course, humans were sometimes shocking. "There is a reason for the rituals to continue, correct?" He narrowed his eyes. This one,was about the missing children Ciel was to find. He stopped himself there, before he faulsy accused them of anything.
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Ciel watched as his guest disrobed, the male now working on the buttons to his white shirt. What in the hell was he trying to get at? Ciel didn't have a full plan yet, he mostly left that to Sebastian as the male could think clearer than he could during this case. Every time certain aspects of the case and his past were brought up, the boy could feel his heart in his throat and panic begin to rise. This was difficult for him so such plans were best left to Sebastian. [+blue "Are you expecting us to lay out our inner workings for you to criticize and intercept later?"] Ciel scoffed. He glanced up briefly at Sebastian as the male moved closer, ready to protect his charge if needed. [+blue "I wasn't born yesterday, you know."]

Seth smiled faintly at this, working on the last buttons of his shirt. [+red "I understand this. But I'm betting whatever you're coming up with won't work. It might have a good start to it but, ultimately, it will fail. You suggested that you're missing the entire picture, only working with the edges. Allow me to connect all those pieces together for you."]

Ciel looked up at Sebastian, raising a questioning eyebrow. Never in three years had someone simply offer to give him the entire inner workings of a case he was trying to finish. This was a first for him and he wasn't sure if he could trust it.

Not until Seth removed his shirt.

Ciel could feel the panic rising in his throat again, a hand moving behind him and gripping the sleeve of Sebastian's jacket with a shaky hand. Burned into the male's lower front torso was the exact brand Ciel had. Seth was a part of this too, that much was clear.

[+blue "What....what do you want for this information?"] he asked quietly, his voice shaky in a few spots. It was incredibly difficult to keep composure. Seth smiled faintly, allowing his shirt to hang open for a moment before buttoning the last few buttons again to hide his best kept secret. [+red "I will give you all the weapons you need,"] he told the pair quietly. [+red "I want him and others like him gone. That's it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 21h 2m 17s
"I was working on something." Sebastian smirked, "however, as Akira has stated a couple times, I am missing a few vital peices to see the whole thing. I am sure we could manage on our own, given time. Which, I suspect, is very limited. I would have sooner remained by my masters side constantly than charge into your home like a rampant bull." He felt slightly offended that the man would question either of their intelligence. "However, my plan is... dangerous at best." He mused, watching the visiting male. When he moved, he had shifted closer slightly to Ciel. He remained there, "my master has never played the role of 'pawn' well. He glanced at the female, raising a perfact eyebrow. "That, is my job." He could not dent Ciel made an excelent damsel in distress though. He glanced at Ciel, deciding that he enjoyed the dog-free enviorment he lived in. Embarassing his master in front of someone twice in less than an hour would lead to nothing good or enjoyable.
[h3 +]
Akira glanced down at her charge when Sebastian questioned why such actions were tolerated. Long ago she had wanted to rip the man's head off of his very shoulders but Seth stopped her. He was a stain on the earth and, hopefully one day soon, he would disappear. When he did, there would be no trace of the man and no blood would lead back to their door. It would be clean and final.

Seth ran his hand through his hair and brought it back to rest against the back of the chair afterwards. He allowed himself to become a little more comfortable, after all this wasn't a formal meeting. There were no other nobles to impress, this was just an information visit. He knew the two were simply trying to gauge their next move and see if anyone in the Whitehill house was worth keeping and who would fall. He knew exactly who Ciel was and what role he had to play in all of this. [+red "You're right, they are my servants. Every last one of them,"] he stated softly, lifting his eyes up to Sebastian. [+red "At this point in the game its best to allow Father to think he's in charge and give him what he wants. That's the point that's being made now. I feel it's best to stop dancing around the subject and get to the meat of the conversation, don't you agree gentlemen?"]

He slowly stood, moving away from the chair and began working at the buttons to his vest as he continued to watch them through oddly-colored eyes. Ciel rose as well, getting ready to intercept his next move if it needed it. [+blue "And what do you think that is, Seth?"]

He continued to watch them, unfastening the last button and taking the black vest off before handing it to Akira, then pulled his shirt tails from his pants. [+red "You're assessing whether or not I'm a threat to you and you're making your next move to take out Lord Whitehill. But you don't understand him like I do. I don't think you'd be able to pull it off, not in such a high profile house like his. Tell me, did you have a plan in action or were you two simply going to fly by the seat of your pants?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 21h 14m 50s
"He, clearly, does not know how to play a good game, then." Sebastian, so far, seemed rather unimpressed. "He seems to rely on- and do forgive me if I am being presumptuous- on YOUR servants. I am quite surprised it is tolerated." He was trying to ease the topic into more of the 'big picture' that Akira had told him, twice now, that he could not see. Why would he tolerate his father using them for his selfish whims? Especially when he could simply order her to make some sort of accident happen. Then again, if the man was as intelligent as they claimed, then maybe he had foreseen such an outcome. He may have asked for forgivness, but it was clear he had no remorse for his prying question. They allowed him here to get answers, after all. Besides, if he went too far Ciel would make sure he went silent.
[h3 +]
Seth looked over at Sebastian, setting his cup down after taking a drink. They certainly had many questions and observations and he could think of no one better to answer them, at least not freely. Akira would only speak on certain subjects, preferring the redhead answer the more difficult questions as not to give away information unwarranted. He understood that, he was certain Sebastian was the same way with his master. He actually didn't mind conversing with the pair, they seemed rather polite and were willing to have an actual discussion instead of a full-on interrogation.

[+red "The twins are quite powerful, I agree,"] he answered softly. [+red "I encourage them to practice as much as possible, mostly outside where Father won't see them. Akira and I will typically spend an hour or two on the far end of the property with them and strengthen their gifts. They're quite talented and I've grown incredibly attached to them. They're still children, however, as Haku doesn't like to be alone and requires a lot of attention. Jounichi is more independent but still has a child's needs."]

He paused, taking another drink and leaning back before continuing. [+red "yes, Father is rather intelligent, sometimes I think too much for his own good. He's also quite the dictator and doesn't take to opposition very well."]

Ciel raised an eyebrow at this, keeping in his relaxed position while his arms slowly unfolded themselves. One hand lifted to toy with the empty teacup, the other laying across his lap. [+blue "Is that what happened to your siblings?"]

Seth smiled faintly at this, shaking his head. [+red "No. I lost them to.....other circumstances. He was to blame for that, too, and it will be one of the sins he answers for later."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 22h 12m 7s
Sebastian nodded, pondering the new information. "In other words, he veiws them as a burden, more often than not...?" Then again, a man who killed his own offspring would find others bothersome. "Both have quite a bit of potential, if given the chance to grow. Surly he would see a benifit in befreindng them, than making them fear him. I have heard he is a bright man." He closely observed the human, one hand going across his middle while the other went up to grip his chin in thought. A common, if dramatic, action with him when he was considering something carefully.

The man seemed honest enough. If they were, indeed, speaking the truth then the only enemy was this lads father. Quite a shame the man had to hide behind his son. A shame that he was such a coward. He had several other questions, however he deemed it best not to bombard the poor boy. At least it didn't seem like he had gone to bed yet. Due to how quickly they returned and he was fully dressed.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 15d 22h 24m 2s
[h3 +]
Ciel nodded at Sebastian's request to speak then looked over at the pair. He didn't mind the demon speaking on this subject, he may even think of things Ciel wouldn't dream to ask. It was nice to cross-examine the two with such a capable being. He wasn't completely sure but he imagined Sebastian knew things about this that he didn't. It was best to let him speak his mind unless more insults were about to come flying his way. Even in company, Ciel wasn't afraid to throw something heavy and painful at the raven-haired male.

Seth smiled faintly, running his hand through his hair and away from his face which fully exposed both eyes. Even Ciel had to admit that he was quite handsome though his features were a tad bit feminine. He worked them well and imagined that combined with his charm got him quite a few places in life. He was, after all, quite pleasant to talk to. [+red "He discovered about Akira last, but he knows about all of them,"] he answered, looking between the two. [+red "He wasn't too pleased at first but now he likes the extra help. It's not as if they cause much trouble, anyway. But he knows what she is and why she's here. Because of that he allows her to do mostly as she pleases."]

[+blue "What about the others?"] Ciel asked, folding his arms over his chest as he leaned back into the chair. [+blue "Does he like them, too?"]

Seth remained quiet for a moment, almost as if choosing his words carefully, before speaking again. [+red "He's most impressed with Jeremy, I think, since he can do the most compared to Akira. The twins...he'd rather not see them unless he has a use for them."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 23h 6m 52s
Sebastian seemed pleased to have won this round, though he would have to keep a careful eye out. Ciel could cause quite a bit of mischeif if given reason to. The boys remarkable intelligence would give the demon no mercy, either. His eyes went over to watch the other demon. Seth seemed rather fond of her. Had he not been allowed to have any friends? Sebastian knew how that was rather well. He hadn't know what it was like to be thought of in such a manner until he met Agni, who still baffled the demon sometimes.

"If I may-?" He glanced at Ciel to make sure he could openly speak. "You say he found them? Does that include Miss Akira as well? Or just her companions?" He could by snnoyingly presice sometimes, but that was how one got the facts they needed. Sometimes you didn't know an important part until it was said.

Sebastian could see what drew the female to him. He, too, was drawn to his masters unique purity that was entangled with the dark of his soul. Much like a moth drawn to a flame. Bright and beautiful, but too bright to touch.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 15d 23h 22m 26s
[h3 +]
Ciel's eyes narrowed at the demon once he made his final comment, the boy vowing to get him back for that. He hardly thought of himself as a child anymore since that all had been taken from him and he was forced to grow up so quickly. He didn't partake in many activities children his age did and he prided himself on how mature he was. Sebastian's low blow would certainly be seen to later, hopefully when the taller male least expected it.

His eyes flickered back to Seth who had finally lifted his gaze to look at the small master of the house. Sebastian was right, there were matters to see to. [+blue "See that it doesn't,"] he answered, lifting the cup to take another drink of tea. Once he was finished, he set it down silently and observed the teenager again before speaking. [+blue "I'd like to discuss with you about your family for a moment. How did you acquire so many rare creatures like the spellcasters and the twins?"] He figured it best to talk about the "family" he was comfortable with before diving in to the harder stuff. Besides, it may allow the teen to open up a little more.

Seth glanced up at Akira, who stood beside his chair faithfully, before looking back at Ciel again with a faint smile. [+red "Oh, Akira brought them with her,"] he told him softly. [+red "She asked, of course. I thought others would make the house less lonely and stressful. Then Father found out about them and demanded they stay. It's really not a problem, they're quite helpful."]

Speaking of his father, Ciel couldn't help but notice how drastically different the two were. Fredrick was about negativity and fear while Seth seemed to genuinely enjoy his new "friends." They were complete and polar opposites.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 23h 15m 23s
The smile vanished and transformed into a sly smirk at the light riprimand, "my deepest apologies, sir." He muttered, mainly to irritate the boy. He could have just let it drop, but he was hardly one to allow Ciel the final word. Servant or not, he was proud. With a fellow demon nearby, and the other being her master, he had no qualms taunting Ciel. Since he was already there, he decided to push Ciels buttons further, "I only presumed it a better option then stating how much you were acting your age." He grinned, completely thinking Ciel deserved that. He kept his personal thoughts to himself, however, shifting his gaze toward the other pair. He knew Ciel would seek revenge for that statement later, as Ciel never liked Sebastian commenting on how he was still a child. Even if he wasn't really allowed to behave like one. Every time he did, the demon had never failed to tease him about it. There was just something about how defensive Ciel could be that the demon liked.

"To the topic at hand, master." He said before Ciel could retort or snap at him. He was never a thought about how strange it might be for another demon to watch him tease his human. He was a demon known to be distant and uncaring toward his contracts. No matter how much time he spent with them.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 16d 2m 39s
[h3 +]
Seth smiled at this instead of appearing angry, as most nobles probably would have. It was mostly all manners all the time. Ciel, however, had seemed to forget that and was more interested in the matter at hand than appearing formal. It didn't bother Seth in the least, he preferred it that way. Akira seemed to find this amusing as well, hiding a soft giggle with the back of her hand. She moved afterwards towards the table, carefully laying Seth's jacket on the back of a chair before picking up the teapot and filling the redhead a cup. When she brought it back to him carefully, not spilling a drop, he smiled and carefully took it from her.

[+red "Yes, the left eye does as part of my contract,"] he explained softly. Unlike his father, Seth was gentle and a pure soul. He took a small drink before setting it down carefully and continuing. [+red "I'm able to siphon a bit of Akira's elemental abilities, depending on what color it changes to. I had to light the fireplace while she was away so I asked for that ability. Haku probably could have but I didn't wish to wake him."]

Ciel glanced up at Sebastian, seeing his soft smile of apology and reached out to push him lightly. [+blue "Stop that, it's not as if it's a formal meeting. Besides, we caught his servants sneaking around my manor so he owes me a few answers."]

Seth sighed softly at this, his eyes lowering to the table's perfect white cloth covering. [+red "I apologize, Father more than likely made them do it. I'll do my best to see that it won't happen again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 24m 46s

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