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Sebastian finished up his evening duties and then went to fetch his master. The demon knocked on the door. "Young master, it is time to retire." He was planing for his master to take a bath. He opened the door, the two crows were still in the same spot. One male cawed in hreeting to the butler, who nodded in return. Any animosity the butler had toward it earlier seemed to have vanished. "If you are finished I would be happy to draw you a bath, sir." He said, looking to the boy. The male flew over to Sebastian and perched on his shoulder. After a moment, sebastian frown. "He will be fine with me, do you two mind investigating?" He went over to the window and let them out. Before the female left she flew to ciel and perched on him. She groomed him for a moment then took off before she could get swatted at. Sebastian covered his mouth to hide a snicker.
"It seems young master has made a friend." He shut the window amd locked it.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 47d 9h 54m 30s
[h3 +]
[+blue "Very well, then go."] Ciel narrowed his eyes at his butler again and kept them that way until the butler left. He sighed again once he was (somewhat) alone, sitting down in his chair and looking over the papers. He only had two small piles left, certainly able to be finished by the time he needed to head off to sleep. He was grateful for that as last night's episode left him rather exhausted.

Ciel pulled the first pile closer to him, grabbing his quill and beginning to finish the reports that were due. These were perhaps the most tedious and time consuming task, taking most of his evening to finish. Once he was done, he carefully folded the papers and put them into the appropriate envelops before wax sealing each one. The last small pile was a list of event invitations, the earl carefully sorting through them to decide which ones would be the least hellish to go to. He hated social gatherings and preferred to stay at home but his butler didn't allow him to get away with it too often. He had an image to uphold and was expected to be seen at such events.

Just as he finished the last RSVP and set the quill down, a soft tap at the window caught his attention. [+blue "Blasted birds,"] he mumbled, not looking at the window. If this was going to continue all night, Sebastian was certainly going to hear about it. It wasn't until the fourth or fifth tap did the bright eyes narrow, Ciel rising from his chair, and moved towards the window. Much to his surprise, there was nothing there. He slowly opened the window to get a better look, not seeing anything other than the birds. Figuring it must have flown away, he sighed quietly and stood up straighter before closing the window.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 47d 11h 13m 8s
Sebastian bowed, "Roukin will keep her brother in line." He glared at the mischivious bird. "His name is Lukin." He informed. He went to the shelf and fetched a new ink well for his master, then closed the window. "The crows main duty is to act as my sentries. One will come alert me if my own senses fail me. You will find quite a few on the property. Please, do not be alarmed by them. I trust you'll come up with a reason for them?" Sebastian decided to put his masters brain to use. Smirking, he bowed again. "I do beg your pardon, master. I do have a few thing that require my attention." He tilted his head, requesting to be dismissed. He did not miss the boys annyance, which made his smirk grow. He knew he may be sorry for allowing his master to come up with a story for the crows sudden appearence, however the steady glare he recived was well worth it.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 47d 11h 25m 47s
[h3 +]
Great. Now even a couple of birds could get the best of him. It was moments like these that reminded Ciel just exactly why his butler needed a good punch to his face. Sebastian loved to remind his master just how weak and vulnerable he really was without him and it irritated the boy to no end.

[+blue "I suppose they can stay as long as they aren't a bother,"] Ciel huffed quietly, keeping his eyes on Sebastian. He knew full well which arguments he could win and which ones he couldn't; if it involved the boy's well being Sebastian would do whatever he had to if his master liked it or not. That was one of the conditions and he was forced to uphold it. [+blue "That means they need to be quiet. Interruptions aren't acceptable, especially if I'm working."]

He turned his gaze a little, looking at the ravens, and sighed deeply. He had a feeling this would be another long night.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 47d 13h 3m 37s
The butler shook his head. "Only if there are no windows in the room your going too. Otherwise, feel free to shoo them out. Roukin." His gestured to the raven on the chair. "Wanted to meet you." He smirked, "I thought this would be better than me dogging ypur footsteps. You should have expected me to be protective of whats mine." He liked to remind the boy of his future from time to time. It had stopped having an outward affect a ling time ago, though. "She is a bit smarter than her brother. Ask her to fetch cspesific items and she'll bring them to you if you have a treat. And do not underestimate them. I am shareing my power, should they need to defend you." He knew his master would not like a couple of birds being stronger than him. "I will take evry precaution I have too to ensure your life. That was, after all, one of your wishes." He smirked slightly, his eyes glowed magenta. Those 3 wishes were the main thing that kept the demon in line.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 48d 6h 55m 47s
[h3 +]
He continued to watch them, his arms remaining folded over his chest. It appeared that the two had come to some kind of mutual understanding and the demon had convinced the bird to behave. Just because they were behaved, though, didn't mean he had to like it.

And he didn't.

[+blue "Is it really necessary for them to be in here?"] he asked, unable to hide the irritation in his voice. Again, he wasn't much of an animal person and he felt he may become more agitated the longer they remained in his personal space. He enjoyed being alone from time to time, not having to listen to another being breathing or moving. The silence was relaxing and if the demon informed him he'd be stuck in this situation, the earl feared he may lose his very mind. [+blue "Can't they watch from outside?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 48d 8h 47m 8s
Sebastisn was there instantly. He saw the mess and rose an eyebrow. The one on ciels chair cawed. The butler looked atthe one on the shelf. "If your going to behave like an animal, you can go outside."
The bird looked at the butler, their eyes meeting.sebastian rose his hand and it flew to him. They stared at each other for a moment. He usually spoke out loud to them, however it was not his desire for his master to scold the bird.
When it went back to the shlef, the bird actually looked shame-faced. The bird on the chair trilled.
Sebastian turned away from the bird to clean up the mess. "I apologize, sir. Aparently I intruppet a meal when i summoned them." There was a tone of slight aggervation in his tone. "They will stay out of your way from now on." He straighted. "If they upset you just say 'bad' and it won't happen again. They are more intellegent than they appear." They only understood him because he was one of them, in a sense.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 48d 8h 57m 0s
[h3 +]
Bright eyes narrowed at the birds, turning around to face them. If they thought they were going to have free reign of his home then they were just as mad as his butler was. They were going to listen, and that would be that. He wouldn't accept no for an answer.

[+blue "That bloody demon is going to be the end of me,"] Ciel muttered, leaning his back against the wall. He was aware of how the crows and ravens listened to him, how well they communicated. He had observed it a few times. Still, it didn't mean they needed to be in his home. Ciel wasn't an animal person and hadn't been since the incident, and birds were especially unnerving.

[+blue "I won't stand for this nonsense,"] he huffed at them, continuing his irritated look. [+blue "This isn't your home, it's mine."] He then turned to the door a little, folding his arms tightly over his chest. [+blue "Sebastian, clean up this ink before it stains and control your animals."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 48d 9h 16m 56s
Sebastian went back into the manor, he still had chores to do. Dangerous foe or not, he still had a job to do. This was his longest conract yet, it was honestly unnerving to know all that work was wasted. Of course, he could take his masters soul and flee. But that was cowardly, and against his aethetics. He heard a slight bit of commotion. "Ah," he grinned. "Young master must be aquainting himself woth his new guardians,"

The crows began pecking in different spots. After about 10 miutes the latch fell and the window swung open. Both birds flew in quickly. One landed on the back of the desk chair, glaring at the young human. The other landed on the desk and cawed once, loudly. After that, it huffed and ruffled its feathers. The dark wings snapped open, knocking ink off the desk and went to perch on the book case. It turned and glared at him as well.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 48d 9h 27m 44s
[h3 +]
Ciel watched as his butler left the room, keeping relaxed in his chair. It was nice to know Sebastian still had a few tricks up his sleeve and didn't consider them dead in the water just yet. But would it be enough to keep them both alive? Small fingers lightly tapped the surface of the oak desk as he thought about these things, the exposed eye staring blankly at a random spot on the wall. Why did things always have to be so complicated?

After a few long minutes, Ciel began work again on the many tasks he had in front of him. He liked keeping busy, to focus on something other than the darkness that loomed overhead. He didn't believe that getting lost in his work would be problematic considering he had so many others looking out for his safety. The staff would certainly do their part and Sebastian was....well, Sebastian. Quietly he worked on letters and reports, hoping to get the pile completed before bed.

All was going well until the tapping started. A frustrated groan sounding, Ciel standing and hitting the window a few times with the back of his hand in an attempt to scare them off. [+blue "Damn birds,"] he grumbled, watching them from his position next to the window. [+blue "How am I supposed to concentrate with that incessant noise?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 48d 9h 46m 10s
Sebastian shook his head. "I was still a child during the war between our races. It wasn't as important for me to know after we won." He grunted slightly. " a wise decision, as you can tell." He said sarcastically. "I will be sure whatever I do does not affect your duties, sir." He placed a gloved hand on his chest and bowed slightly. "If that is all, then I will return when it is time for you to return." After he was dismissed he went outside. The first thing he did was remove his feline friends. It was almost enough to make the demon cry. Almost. He extended his shadows to a 3 mile radius. It was the furthest he could go without missing anything in this form. He was able to dodge the alerted servants. He then summoned all the crows in the area. They were his servants, in a sense. The doppleganger would not hear his sommuns, and they were intelegent enough to know their own. He did this in the forest, away from his co-workers prying eyes. He soon had a good dozen Murders on the ground and trees around him.

"Hello, my friends. I have a favor to ask." Over a hundred black, beady eyes looked at him. "I need you to report to me if you find anything off in the forest. Any creatures being avoided by their own. Any humanoid creatures coming close the manor. There is something of the foulest nature lose nearby. I will let you decide which group should stay close to the manor, and I would like 2 of you to watch my master constantly." The crows cawed in response. Due to their link as beasts, they would comply. One Murder flew to the manor house while the rest flew off into the forest. Outside ciels window, two large crows pecked at the window, unstopping.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 48d 10h 39s
[h3 +]
This was certainly a problem and it left and uneasy feeling in the pit of Ciel's stomach. Even though Sebastian seemed rather confident in himself, there was still the possibility that he could fail. If that were to happen no one else in the manor could possibly stand a chance. A million other terrible thoughts seemed to bounce around in the earl's mind, Ciel running his hand through his hair as he slowly looked back up at Sebastian.

What were they to do?

[+blue "Do whatever you must to keep us safe,"] Ciel told him after a long moment. It was a rather strange request as it more or less gave the butler free reign to do as he pleased. There were still restrictions in place and the demon knew well what they were, but he had more freedom than he typically did.

[+blue "Is there anything else you can tell me about this?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 48d 11h 14m 13s
Sebastian grinned at this question, "it is hard to say. If i had to guess, I would say perhaps a little." Sebastian didn't seem too concerned. "However, keep in mind I am stronger than most my age." Meaning he had found one equal to him. "I do not think it knows all the demons in the area. Which is why it is taking so long for each one to perish. It is focusing on one of us at a time....." he tilted his head. "I would definatly be in trouble if it took its true form." He said, more talking to himself than his master at the last part. His gaze drifted to the window as he thought about his new delima. His eyes were able to see each individual leaf or pine needle in the trees. He was suddenly saddened by the fact he would have to chase away the cats that came to visit. In case one was the doppleganger.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 48d 12h 37m 23s
[h3 +]
The small earl relaxed into the chair a little more, his arms folding over his petite chest. Never in his lifetime did he imagine he would learn so much interesting information about Sebastian's true life, even if they were just scraping the surface. It was pretty fascinating to know all of these things though the circumstances they were under were rather grim. Sebastian's answers did little to calm the faint wave of terror in his stomach and imagined that wouldn't disappear until this was all over. Ciel knew well that his butler would protect him with everything he had but he didn't want to lose him in the process.

[+blue "Judging by the case file, do you believe this creature is older than yourself?"] With the information given to him, this was one of the most important questions he could ask. It would present him with an idea of how likely they were to survive and encounter if one should appear.

[+blue "Is there something we can do to prepare ourselves if this thing were to appear?"] Ciel asked afterwards, his voice lowering a bit. Another good question to gauge their survival rate. [+blue "We need to get whatever we can into place to protect ourselves and the staff."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 49d 9h 31m 1s
"Yes, we actually defeated them during the war. They were actually thought to have been extinct, we hadn't seen them for so long. They are, of course, the natives. So it makes sense if they had somewhere to hide. They hate us, and we them. Their ability to harm me is the same as my chance of hurting them. It depends on its strength. If it is older than I am. Then we could be in danger." Sebastian grimanced. "While I am stronger than many my age, and I am considered young. Both our races get stronger with age." He felt a bit weird giving away such personal information. To a human, no less. It was usually a sign of complete trust to be open with anyone. Something that did not come easily. So being in a rather forced situation did nothing to settle him.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 49d 9h 43m 11s

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