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"Very well." He said, taking the folder. He put it down on just long enough to serve his masters meal, explaining what was being placed in front of him. Once done, he picked up the file and read it. He had it all read in a matter of seconds. He looked at the photos again as well. Every victim died gruesomely. He frowned, he doubted it to be a human causing this. It was too... unnatural. Suddenly his eyes widened, and he growled. A doppleganger. They were extremely violent creatures. Who just so happened to have a taste for demons blood. There had been a massive war to wipe them out. It would seem some survived. The teo races had always had it out for each other. Like demons, they got stronger as they aged. Unlike demons, they followed no laws, aethetics, or anything. If a demon represented the more animalistic side of humans. Then these thing represented the animalistic side of demons. Truly a nightmare for any human who came across them.
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Ciel moved to the parlor instead of climbing the staircase to his study, knowing he could review the papers and photographs just as efficiently there. Besides, if any danger were to surface, he was still on the same floor as the majority of his staff and Sebastian was only a few rooms away. Getting to his master in time certainly wasn't a problem but, because of the nature of this case, he decided not to give his butler any more work than he needed.

Those few seconds could make the difference between life or death.

His head picked up when Sebastian announced dinner a while later, closing the folder and holding it as he rose to his feet. After moving towards the svelte male, he handed it to him and continued his way towards the dining room for his dinner.

[+blue "Look over the notes as well as the photographs while I eat,"] he ordered softly. [+blue "It'll give you a better understanding of what we're up against; maybe you'll come up with a plan of action."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 299d 5h 7s
"Of course,sir. I will alert the servants to a possible attack promptly." Sebastian bowed, waiting til his master was one his way before turning toward the kitchens to prepare dinner. There was still a bunch of fruit, however Sebastian decided to be merciful. He made roasted lamb with rosemarry, thyme, and oregano. There was a side of brown rice, with a salad. The salad had carrots, tomato, cucumber and onion. The servants entered as he was just turning the stove off.

"If your hungry, eat some fruit. You bought it, the master shouldn't suffer alone." He glared at them briefly. "Also, be on your guard. The young master has taken a case which may prove mote dangerous than normal." He watched the servants turn grim faced.

"Yessir!" They shouted in unison.

A satisfied nod, he turned to fetch his lord for dinner. He paid extra close attention for any unexpected guests entering the property. He reached his master and knocked on the door. "Young master, supper is ready." He said as he opened the door.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 299d 5h 21m 55s
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A lot of thinking had been done during the journey home. While Ciel had been in quite a few dangerous and life-threatening situations, this one was by far the deadliest. Something was out there hunting demons and contractors; not only was his own life in jeopardy but so was Sebastian's. He had no real idea what would happen to the demon when his life was snuffed out but Ciel knew what would happen to his soul. That fact wasn't particularly offputting as the afterlife didn't mean much to him, but he was curious to know what happened to demons. Did they rise again as something else or did they simply cease to be?

Ciel jumped down from the carriage once it had stopped in front of the manor and the door was opened, letting out a quiet sigh. It was good to be home where he could relax and work a little on figuring this problem out. [+blue "After dinner I would like to work on this case with you,"] he told his butler, looking up at him after a moment. [+blue "We need to plan a defensive immediately."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 299d 7h 50s
The demon shook his head, "I've seen enough." He said, he doubted he would be able to glean any information." He moved away from the corpse and opened the door.

"Pardon our sudden intrusion, Undertaker." Sebastian said. Undertaker was now putting the body he'd been working on in one of his custom made coffins.

"Any time~ it is not often i get to display my companions." The silver hairs man grinned.

They left in silence, Sebastian remaining a little closer to his master than usual. Once they got to their carriage the butler paid the man watching it. The man walked off whistling a happy tune. He was always generous with his payments. He never spent his 'pay' anyway. He had no real need of it. He only had it for convince. He crackedbthe reins and the horses started on their way. He was grateful when the left the city behindwith no incidence. He did not let his guard down though. He had no doubt that his master was hungry. The sun was starting to set when they pulled in thru the gates. That was when he relaxed a little. He knew that the, while flawed, the servants would give their life for both their master and himself. Sebastian had been the one to drag them out of their own, individual hells. Ceil gave them a reason to live. That was a reason they stayed. Loyalty like that was foolish to get rid of.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 300d 1h 31m 47s
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Knowledge of this subject wasn't something Ciel was expecting, but he would certainly accept it. Sebastian had been like a vault with such information and only allowed small pieces to float through. Now that door had been blasted wide open and many secrets would come to light. He didn't appreciate the way they were forced into this but he would take what he could get.

[+blue "Then we'll continue this conversation back at the manor where we don't have to worry about interruptions,"] Ciel stated softly, straightening up his form while his arms fell down to his sides. It wasn't safe to speak so freely of this dark subject with potential ears around. Sure, he had his other servants at the manor but they respected his privacy enough not to eavesdrop.

[+blue "If there's anything else in London you need to observe, then we'll do so. If not, I suggest we return home where it's a touch safer."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 300d 3h 56m 28s
Sebastian bowes slightly, "of course sir." His masters faith in him was flattering. "They clearly know quite a bit about my race. Unfortunatly, I will answer anything you ask about us. So long as you know it to be nessisary to the case." After all, this creature knew a demons weakness. It may be nessisary for his Lord to know what their opponent knew. Knowledge was power, and they were playing a dangerous game. The cost being not one, but both their lives should they lose.Sebastian had quite a few abilities he didn't use, it may be good for his lord to know them. As to be used to the best advantages.
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Ciel tensed, his exposed eye turning down towards the body again. This organic matter that was once a person, was in allegiance with a demon. While he knew he wasn't the only human with such a contract, it opened his eyes to just how many there had been and how many more there could possibly be. Whoever, whatever, was doing this wasn't killing just because they could. They were sending a message.

It was especially more worrying that they were able to eradicate demons as well.

He knew how dangerous this case had just become and that the longer they investigated, the more likely Ciel was to join the others on this table. What would become of Sebastian, he couldn't say. He didn't have the immense knowledge of demon kind as his butler did. Despite this, he couldn't back down.

[+blue "I have an obligation to Her Majesty to prevent this from continuing,"] Ciel informed him quietly. [+blue "I understand the risks but I must continue. I have faith that you'll protect me."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 300d 4h 24m 15s
"I am not entirely sure. However, it is clear that contracted pairs, like you and me, are being eradicated. Both senes there had been different demons." Sebastian smirked, "you may learn more about my species than you want to." He touched the ankle again. "This was were the contract mark had been. It disappears after the contract is completed, or one of them dies." He frowned. "I did not smell any others. Just the demons, whom I am certain have perished, the reapers who collected the souls, and the humans that swarm the crime sene. I do belive..." Sebastian almost looked like he was in pain. "We should keep in mind the danger we, ourselves, could be in." That was a massive blow to his pride. Unfortuantly, it made him want to hunt and kill the bastard more. If it weren't for his master, he'd be looking for this fight already.
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The exposed eye watched the Undertaker for a few moments as he cleaned himself off, then observed him with Sebastian. Something was bothering the demon, even the mad man could see that, and chose not to test his patience. He followed quietly, stopping beside the table that the body lay upon, and looked over its form. Part of it had been pieced together as best as it could be while open wounds had been stitched shut. Whatever this soul had endured, it had certainly been though hell.

[+blue "Leave us for a moment,"] Ciel ordered the Undertaker, watching until he left and shut the door behind him. The small form leaned lightly against a nearby wall, matching arms folded over the petite chest. Whatever was eating at his butler was certainly huge, he rarely acted in such a manner.

[+blue "Tell me what it is you know,"] he spoke softly, watching him carefully. [+blue "What are we dealing with?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 300d 4h 44m 21s
Sebastian opened the door for his Lord, following closely. For once, Undertaker wasn't hiding. He was happily putting a corpse back together, actually. He was humming a cheery tune when they entered.

"Ah, hello milord~ I was wondering when you'd come~" he turned to look at them, grinning madly. He dipped his hands in a bowl of water to get any blood off. "Poor bloke got shot in a crossfire. Not nearly as fascinating as some of my more recent customers."

"We were hoping to see one of the bodies." Sebastian informed.

"You seem more serious than usual, Mr. Butler. I wonder what would have you so on edge?" He muttered the question, giggling. Undertaker studdied them, and gesturedthem to follow. "I suppose i'll charge you twice next time, eh?" Sebastian was relived to relized even this mad man wasn't going to try his mood right now. The second sebastian saw the body, he knew. The soul, as he thought, had been harvested by a reaper. The body was currently nude, so Sebastian inspected it closely. The Understaker watched, interested. Sebastian reached out and touched the ankle. He sensed the magick of the expired contract. He frowned, he had hoped to he wrong. "I do not know the culprit." He whispered, "but i have a connection." He withdrew from the corpse. "Thank you, undertaker." Sebastian said, trying to think of any possible creatures. Demons did not have many predators. And the ones that were left clear signs in their wake. He did not know if they were an unnaturally strong human like Agni. Or something else entirely.
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The earl didn't question his butler's vague answer, knowing the hidden meaning behind the words. In normal circumstances he wouldn't accept such a simple answer, demanding to know more. Unfortunately, these weren't normal circumstances. He wondered, though, what could possibly be hunting such a variety of people, all seeming to have nothing in common. He imagined that perhaps another reaper was involved but, judging by the state of the corpses, he doubted it. This had to be the work of something far more sinister than that.

He quietly walked with Sebastian though the London crowds, remaining somewhat close, until they reached the Undertaker's. If the bodies were still available to be seen, this is the location they would be.

[+blue "Do whatever it takes to get the information we need,"] he told his butler softly. [+blue "I, too, feel that viewing the corpses will help push this case along."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 300d 5h 16m 32s
Sebastian looked around. Again, ther was the smell of a demon, with no arua. There wre too many sent to disern the killer in both spot though. He frowned, as he considered the real danger both he and his lord could be. "It seems like they were hunted." He could smell a reaper, but he guessed they had harvested the soul. They vauge answer would tell the boy he wished to talk in a mote secure spot. If they could kill a demon, there was a possibilty they were being watched. He cpuld not risk his masters life by speaking too freely. "Though we should see if. Any of the actual bodies are available to be seen. All the areas were in semi public locations, so finding the murderer by sent was nigh impossible.
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Ciel watched as Sebastian worked, remaining quiet. He didn't like the fact that the demon couldn't figure this out in one go, that he needed more information to go on. Typically on cases like this, if Ciel couldn't solve it then Sebastian under five minutes. He had answers for every angle imaginable. It was mildly unsettling to see his butler stumble like this, Ciel hoped this case wouldn't be more than they could handle.

He nodded faintly at Sebastian's request, picking up the folder again and flipping through the pages. It appeared that the next closest one was another two blocks away, towards the east. The boy led Sebastian to the spot, reading him the notes that had been sent with the photographs. [+blue "Mary Wilsed, eight years old. Sold flowers to help her parents. Police report states she was discovered with a wound to the back of her head from a blunt object, back of her neck and throat were nearly shredded. After you look around, I want to hear your thoughts."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 300d 5h 34m 21s
Sebastian took the flesh, bringing it to his fact and sniffing it. He didnt bother to hid his confusion. "Very... peculiar..." he put it back and looked around. "This doesn't make sense, somethings not right...." the demon murrmured. He was certainly acting odd, but by they way things looked.... The thing that startled the demon was the lack of an aura. When demons died, they vanished. Sure, their bodies remained, however they had no real spirit. It was why they preyed on humans, they craved to have one of their own. Live demons would have left traces of an aura. There was absolutly nothing. "May we see one more sene before i speak?"

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