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The heavy gaze remained locked on Sebastian as Ciel's brain fought to sort out the words and the sentiments behind them. They still ran together some, something that likely wouldn't pass until his body created more blood to replace what was lost. Still, he was able to understand most of what was said to him and his brain filled in the rest to the best of its ability. Why did he leave the manor and disobey his butler like that? Simply because of curiosity?

The boy's gaze shifted again to stare up at the ceiling, remaining quiet for quite a time and struggling to find the words to say. [+blue "Because...I...."] He knew Sebastian would never understand so what was the point in telling him? The demon knew nothing of human emotions and made it clear before that he didn't wish to. Perhaps it was easier to omit certain bits until Ciel felt they both were ready to handle them.

[+blue "...I saw movement,"] he stated, slowly closing the heavy eyes. [+blue "I was Finny. I only wanted to be sure...he wasn't doing something....dumb again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 15h 18m 43s
"After finny took you away i transported her to another relm. I fought her, and underestimated her. She got me with a demon slayer blade," he didn't bother withthe weapons name, his master would be unable to pronounce it. "It is designed to prevent us from healing. I left her there, and we I returned I found you on your death bed. Until my nerves heal, I won't be able to walk without that thing." He looked at his master, "you knew the danger. What pressed you to leave the manor? Such a situation as ours was no time to be rebellious." He had clearly calmed down a lot since the incedent, but the ire could be heard in his voice. It was clear he was still angry at the childs disobedience. "I do not command you unless I am stressing the importance of your obedience. What is the point of our deal, if you are so desprate to off yourself?" His tone grew softer, almost tired sounding. He was being dramatic, he knew the boy didn't want to be killed. Not even by the very creature he was next to. However, he had no doubt that the questions would make him think. And if it was something out of his masters control, he need to know. Could she control ones mind? If so he might consider calling his old mentor. He really didn't want to do that.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 269d 15h 23m 16s
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Ciel stared at Sebastian quietly, listening as best he could to the words that left his butler's lips. Due to his state and the amount of blood loss, he found it a bit hard to concentrate at moments and the demon's words would slur together. He understood enough to get the picture, though, and his eyes flickered down to Sebastian's leg. It was propped up and a crutch rested at his side though he couldn't see the damage underneath. He doubted he ever would, the demon was quite prideful and likely wouldn't want to show his master his mistake.

[+blue "What....what happened?"] Ciel asked quietly, his own words blending together a bit. His memory was still pretty good and remembered most of what transpired, but he was curious as to what happened between Sebastian and that...woman.

That's right. He had almost forgotten.

It wasn't just any woman, it was mascarading as his mother. That was the most painful thing, even moreso than the injury. It hurt to know she was gone once again and there was nothing Ciel could do about it. Life sure hated him.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 16h 6m 56s
The demon watched the boy closely, "try not to move, sir. I would be useless at the moment." He gestured to his leg, "she is a tad bit faster than I." He did not blame his master for his injury. It was a mark at his own foolishness. He had spent the silence thinking, and the wise thing to would have been to ditch her there and return. However, demons were known for their pride, not wisdom. It would, however, teach the boy to listen. Maybe. Both injuries could have been avoided if the he had. "I am afraid I am temprarily lame. Hopefully, it will not be long." He held his hand up to stop any speach. Likly unnessariy as ciel liked to lesrn everything before talking. "She will not be bothering us for a while. It will be difficult for her to crawl out of the hole i put her in." Portals were tedious things to create, a big reason why he trained so hard to control the darkness.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 269d 15h 29m 3s
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The maid nodded, heading off to do as Sebastian asked while Bard instructed Finny on what supplies to stock up on. The normally chipper blonde seemed grateful to have a task to focus on Aand was more than happy to do so. Anything to help out. Bard decided against asking too many questions, figuring he wouldn't get far at this point, instead helping out silently. He moved to Ciel's sitting area and picked up foot stool to bring back to the butler. After kneeling down, he carefully propped the demon's foot on it then stood up after. [+red "Try to keep it elevated for a while,"] he told Sebastian quietly while taking a drag from the cigarette. [+red "The master won't wake any time soon so take it easy. I'm going to start something for the others to eat and I'll make something light for the master when he awakes."] With that, he left the butler and the boy alone.

As Bard had predicted, several hours had passed before Ciel began to stir again. After a few soft and pained groans, his eyes fluttered open and gazed at the white ceiling above him for a few minutes. His side hurt terribly and felt as if it were on fire. A small hand slowly reached up to touch the sore area only to withdraw his hand with a quiet, pained cry. It was best not to do that again. A light movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, the boy slowly looking over to see Sebastian sitting at his side in the chair that Finnian had occupied hours before. Ciel's eyes were still a bit hazy, black spots still clouded part of his vision, and he simply watched his butler tiredly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 16h 44m 6s
The butler spoke before anyone could insist the doctor look at his injury. He was leaning on the crutch, embarrassed to have to use the human contraption. "That is all, for now. We will call if his condition changes." He knew bard would possibly insist on seeing it later, but he would deal with that. He shifted the uncomfortable stick under his arm. He would have to get new padding, this one was old and well used. It had been akward at first, but he got the hang of it. The leg still refused to hold his weight at all, and it throbbed. "Thank you for all your help." He had noticed the curious looks finny and maylene gave him when he entered using the crutch, and mentally prepared himself for the questions. "Maylene, would you show him to the door?" Once thwy were gone, the demon eased into a chair. His leg hurt bad, and he wanted to be there when his master woke up. He wanted to know why the boy had gone outside when he had known the danger.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 269d 16h 58m 31s
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Bard left after Sebastian allowed him to, lighting up another cigarette as he made his way back to the boy's room. He was worried about both of them though he tried to hide it from his face for the sake of the maid and the gardener. They both needed someone tough to look to and the cook wasn't about to let himself fall to pieces. Sebastian seemed to be doing a bit better already, not letting the injury keep him down for long.

Ciel was the only problem now.

He stepped into the bedroom, looking over the boy's form as he lay on the bed with Finny sitting beside him. He was still unconscious, something to be expected, and his breathing was a bit on the shallow side. Still, the ex-military man was certain the master would survive. The bleeding had been stopped as quickly as possible and the doctor would be sure it was cleaned thoroughly. It was hard to see the small Phantomhive like this, usually he was so strong and capable of anything. He wouldn't say Ciel was caring, but he thought well of them enough to open his home to them and give them what they needed. This was probably the most painful of all.

A loud knock sounded at the door, announcing the doctor's presence. Bard sent Finny to show him in while he himself went to retrieve Sebastian. Once all were present, the older gentleman began his work. Bandages were removed to inspect the stitches, expert eyes looking over them before picking up an antiseptic bottle and cloth. Carefully he cleaned the stitched wound which elicited a few whines from the unconscious boy, before wrapping it up again and checking his temperature.

[+purple "The stitches look good and the bleeding is almost stopped; within the next twenty minutes or so the blood around the stitches should be dry,"] he informed them. [+purple "Make sure to keep them clean, I'll leave an extra bottle of antiseptic for you. Clean the stitches and the area around them three times a day. Lord Phantomhive is a touch warm, keep an eye on his temperature. If it goes above 100, telephone me again and we'll look into other matters. He's to remain in bed or sitting if he's comfortable for at least five days, absolutely nothing strenuous during that time or those stitches will burst. Is there anything else I can do for you, gentlemen?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 19h 8m 43s
"Please." The butler said. "Thank you, Bardroy." The butler dismissed the household cook. It wasn't often the man got into he butlers good graces, but he was a trustworthy pawn. Once Bard had took off, the butler carefully removed his trousers. They were ruined, of course. He sighed, they were his most comfortable pair too. He foynd human attire so annoying. He inspected the wound. Everyone was fawning over their master, so the butler was able to use his shadoes to bring him the nessisary items to bandage it up. Stitching it would not do much, as the demon killer was made to prevent healing. He cleaned it carefully. He had to stop the bleeding, else he would never get anywhere. He grabbed the knife he summoned and heated the blade white hot with a small flame in his palm. It was long, so it would to the job. Inhaling, he shoved it through his own leg. He bent forward and hissed, removing the blade. He then carefully bamdaged the cauterized stab. Looking at it, he wondered if it would scar his human skin. He then summoned a fresh pair of pants and eased himself into them. He was careful not to reopen the wound, or tear off his bandage.

After which, he tucked the items away. He would clean them later when he could stay away from the questioning eyes.after allowing his throbbing leg to rest for a moment he brought his attention to the crutch. He never thought he would have to use the human contraption. Usually if a demon got hurt they found somewhere to hide and heal. He, however, did not have that luxury. "I suppose having a lame leg is better than being dead." He grabbed it up. "Next time, I will kill her." He promised himself. He knew he had the strength too. It was not a matter of conviction. However, he had been too hasty. The fact that it was also a lack of disappline or self control never crossed his mind. Such things were what humans aimed to have, and therefore considered below demons. Demons who were prone to do what they want, whenever thay wanted.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 270d 3h 36m 22s
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He nodded at the butler's instructions again, running into the parlor to inform Mey-Rin to telephone the doctor and return to her task after she finished. Once that was accomplished, Bard headed back to Sebastian. A strong arm wrapped around the demon's svelte waist to help hold him up while his free hand pulled Sebastian's arm over his broad shoulders, holding onto his wrist afterwards and helped him through the house and up the stairs to his room. Once he was in and somewhat comfortable, Bard headed towards the door.

[+red "The doctor has been telephoned and should be here within the next half-hour,"] he informed the demon, turning once he made it to the door to look back at the butler. [+red "Finny is in with Master Ciel at the moment but I'm going to go see to him again. I'll be back in a moment."]

He left, searching many of the untouched closets for a crutch. It was surprisingly hard to find seeming as injuries like these weren't really an issue before. He then decided to check the attic, Bard searching around the large chests and crates for what he wanted. He was about to give up when he saw the wooden medical piece leaning against a far wall, a triumphant smile touching his lips as he picked it up and carried it to Sebastian.

[+red "Do you want to be there for the exam?"] Bard asked, setting the crutch against the wall beside Sebastian's bed. [+red "I can have Finny fetch you when he arrives."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 270d 13h 56m 31s
"Have someone call a doctor. I know you did everything you could, however we do not have all the medical tools available. Once thats done.... I could use some help to my room." The butler frowned, "maybe find an actual crutch. I am afraid I will be rather useless until I heal a bit. So I will be relying on everyones help." That stung his pride. He hoped the chef wouldn't poison their master. If he didn't stress the injury he might only be down for a couple days. Using his healing magic to sustain his master and the constant blood loss was starting to affect the butler. "I will see to my own injury." His dark clothes hid the color of the blood, and he didn't need the chef knowing it came from him. "Until the doctor is here, make sure someone stays with the young master constantly."
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 270d 14h 7m 39s
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There were a million questions the blonde wanted to ask but knew that this wasn't the moment for it. Not only did they run the risk of losing the master of the house but also the esteemed butler . He was mentally kicking himself for not seeing the signs of any assassination attempts and vowed to do everything he could in his power to help both of them. It had to begin with Ciel, however, as he was the most important. "Top priority" as Sebastian had stated.

He simply nodded, heading back towards the parlor and kneeling beside the sofa again. The amount of stained rags were a bit alarming but wasn't a cause to panic just yet. If any of the three were an expert at this art, it was Bardroy. He had lived through is fair share and had the most experience with emergency medicine out of all three of them.

Bard removed the rag currently pressed to Ciel's side, glancing up as the boy jolted a bit, and carefully looked at the menacing wound before digging into the kit. Out came a sharp, curved needle and sutures, as well as a hypodermic needle and a small bottle of clear liquid. He filled it to the correct line, pushing himself up a little and injecting the numbing agent close the wound. Bard waited as long as he could before beginning to stitch the wound. At the rate Ciel was losing blood he couldn't afford to wait the full amount of time it would take, thus resulting in a soft shriek from the master as soon as the needle was introduced to his skin. Finny made sure to keep the boy as still as he could, shutting his eyes tightly to avoid seeing the pain Ciel was in. The soft screams and shouts only lasted a minute or two before the discomfort was too much, Ciel falling unconscious and Bard continuing his treatment. Once it was finished, he securely wrapped his abdomen and had Finny carry him to his room while Mey-Rin cleaned up.

He had headed out to find Sebastian, locating him after a while. [+red "The master is unconscious, probably will be for several hours,"] he updated him quietly. [+red "Finny is up with him now; I'm going to the apothecary for a bag of saline and tubing. Is there anything I can do for you?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 270d 14h 26m 14s
The demon had been trying to use the sword as a crutch. It wasn't working well, as the blade kept sinking into the soft soil. He had finally found a rock to balance it and his wieght on. He looked at the chef. "An attempted assaination." The butler growled. "I managed to chase her away," not a complete lie. "However I have no doubt she will be back, sooner rather than later." He was finally upright. "Fetch me after the ypung master is stable. He is top priority." He would work his way into the manor in the mean time. He did not know what to do about his current situation. The blade was stained purple, and he was sure to be leaving a purple foot print in the grass. Tjat was not normal. It told the power of the blade, since his human disguise did not turn it red. "Don't let him die." The last phrase was more to himself. He relized his mistake. He had treated her like a fellow demon. Expected her to fight like one. She was not a demon. Therefore, he lost. It angered him to know that not only his pride cost him this battle. But possibly his next meal. He was completely dissapointed in his own actions.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 270d 14h 49m 50s
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Inside the manor, all three servants were moving quickly. Each second was important and they all knew it, using their best skills towards their master's recovery. In reality, Sebastian had been gone only a few short minutes and none of the staff were any of the wiser. They were all too focused on helping Ciel.

He was their first priority.

Ciel had been taken to the parlor, the shortest distance from the door he was pulled in from, and had followed without protest. He was still a bit shaken up by the sight he had seen and was still trying to sort it all out. He began to feel a bit ill, his stomach feeling as if it were going to revolt, and dark spots began to appear. Was this stress induced? He didn't fully understand, not even remembering the strike to his side. Luckily Finny had noticed and called Bard immediately.

The cook carefully pushed the boy to lay down, removing his jacket and shirt after noticing the large red stain on his side. Whatever had hit him had gone deep, the boy having a three-inch gash in his side. The cleanest tear was in the back, telling Bard that he had been struck from behind, the weapon going straight through and exiting from the front. It would be tricky to keep the bleeding down, especially in one so small.

[+red "Finny, take the rags from Mey-Rin and keep them pressed tight to the area,"] he instructed, stepping side for the blonde to do just that. [+red "Don't press too hard, you'll break his ribs. Mey-Rin, keep an eye on the rag and replace it as it gets soiled. I'm going to retrieve the medical kit and return as quickly as I can."]

He glanced at Ciel as he fell in and out of consciousness before running across the house to grab the kit. On his way back, he noticed Sebastian in the garden and stopped in the doorway. He looked bad, worse than the master, even.

[+red "Oi, Sebastian, I'll send Finny out to help you. What happened to you two?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 270d 15h 10m 53s
The demon had honestly never been 'found' before. When she found her spot to think, it hadn't taken him long to find her. He had not expected to be found. Him losing track of her had given her enough time to gain the upper hand. He turned in time to see the sword a mere foot away from his head. He jolted as he felt his heart leap to his throat. A feeling he hadn't had in a long long time. He moved, instictivly, out of the way. The result was the blade going thru his upper leg. It was by no means fatal, but it was bad. He could not die from blood loss, but he could get weak. The shadows swirled around him, abandoning his attack on her in favor of keeping her away. A pained and furious howl echoed around them, he had never been hit in this form. He quickly learned it was more sensitive to pain than his human disguise. He tore the blade out of his leg, purple blood leaked freely. It was a clean cut, thru some major veins. He hadn't relized he had gone to the ground, but he relized his leg was useless at the moment. He would not be able to fight her like this. He snarled, drawing away from her. When they cleared, he was gone. His voice echoed, threatening her. "When you find your way out of this pathetic floating rock, I will hunt you down." The ground was empty. He had taken her sword, making sure they would meet again.

Sebastian found himself in the phantomhive garden as his shadows disappated. Hehissed, falling to the ground. "Damnit!" Everything hit him like a tidal wave. First, was the relization his master hardly even alive. He had never been so far from any of his past meals. It was a bit unusual to leave the world inthe middle of a contract. Realizing his idiocy as his leg gave out. He was stuck. He sighed, hoping he didn't kill himself. Using their magical connection, he forced all of his healing ability toward the small human. It wpuld be useless to him anyway. He would heal, but it would take time. The blade that hit him was made to kill his race, after all. He remained in the grass, focusing on sealing his masters injury shut. He hoped he was not too late.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 270d 15h 26m 48s
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A faint smirk touched her lips, her grip tightening on the sword. He was certainly full of himself; this demon was known in her world for being a bit on the cocky side. Maybe she could knock that down a few pegs if she failed to kill him outright. She was just as sure of her own skills as Sebastian was of his, it would certainly be interesting to see how this fight went.

[+green "Don't say I didn't warn you when his soul slips away,"] she hissed quietly, taking a few steps back as he began to change. [+green "You could lose that meal forever."]

The woman vanished, reappearing a few yards away and slicing a few times at the shadows that threatened her, disappearing seconds after. This pattern continued for a while until she stopped a great distance away in a somewhat safe spot to judge whether she had hit him or not. It was difficult to tell in the moment and everything blended together so well. She lightly touched the blade again before looking into the darkness and throwing it like a spear, hoping for it to hit the demon's most vulnerable point.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 270d 16h 1m 20s

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