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The demon flicked his finger, without saying anything, and the window opened. The demon was still studying his master. "Rest, sir. If your body temerature rises any further I will be forced to summon the doctor again." The demon softened his tone a bit. He was just trying to gat a reation, but his masters behaivior was beinging to worry him. The request sounded more like a question rather than an instruction. The butler seemed thoughtful for a moment before he shook his head. His treatment would help precent an infection, however it did not garantee no infection. As it was, the demon went through his medical knowledge on humans. It was not overly extensive. That was a downside to having a stronger healing ability. Humans were truly fragile cretures. Hecould crush a humans skull as easy as one would a grape. The demon reached forward, his hand decending on the cup of milk from above. His fingers barely touched the rim of the glass before his whole hand quickly moved straight down. The glass disappeared as his hand lowered. He withdrew from the now empty spot. He was always one to show off, and loved the attention he recived. Though, his master had long been immune to his little tricks. Now that he thought about it, his master had never appeared impressed by his different abilities.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 267d 15h 34m 38s
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Ciel let his eyes fall close for a few moments, slowly pulling some of the blanket up to cover his waist. He felt uncomfortably warm but didn't like not having the blanket over at least part of him. No matter what position he lay in he found it hard to stay that way for long and needed to move due to strain or warmth. Was this part of what it felt like to be dying?

After hearing Sebastian speak again, he looked over in enough time to see the demon drop the crutch at his side. He seemed annoyed whenever he needed to use it, either not comfortable with how it felt or not used to using it at all. Crutches were rather difficult to get the hang of and once you did, they were no longer needed. Hopefully Sebastian would heal quickly and he wouldn't need them for very long.

Slowly Ciel curled up a bit, keeping a tired gaze on Sebastian. He found this to be his last resort of slaying boredom; he had no concentration for a book nor anything else complicated. The demon seemed to be just enough to hold his attention.

[+blue "Will the window?"] he asked quietly. He knew it was a task Sebastian didn't need to get up to do, especially since they were the only two present. He just wanted to see if it would take some of the heat away.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 267d 17h 20m 32s
"It is hard to tell. You humans never heal at the same rate. However, until that casing falls off, you wont have to worry about tearing these stitches. It also works as a barrier. So, unless it is out right hit, you should feel little pain from external sourses." The demon lurched as gracefully as he could back to his chair. He had his master acting somewhat normal, and wanted to encourage a lighter mood. He had delt with his masters depression before. It was always frustrating because he did not understand it. Demons did things that made them happy, no mayyer what it was. He had heard of demons getting depressed, but they were killed for being weak. As such, he veiwed such things as extreme weakness. He hated it when his master let himself become so undignified. "You know, for how sensitive you humans are... your medical contraptions are quite ackward..." he said, putting the thing aside.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 268d 14h 25m 16s
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Ciel had closed his eyes for most of Sebastian's work, still having difficulty keeping them open for long periods of time. He became tired so quickly but found it hard to sleep. Most of the time when that occurred he would simply lie still and wait for the drowsiness to pass. That and his still motion made Finny believe he was sleeping most of the time.

Once Sebastian had finished, a small hand reached up to lightly touch the wound for a moment before his hand dropped at his side again. He was aware of how pathetic he looked and hated his staff seeing him this way and gaining their sympathy. The only exception to this was Sebastian. The demon had laid eyes on him in a much worse state than this. How he looked now to the demon wasn't an issue.

[+blue "How long...will it take..?"] Ciel asked quietly. He was curious about the state of the injury and how long he would resemble and invalid. Slowly he shifted again, trying to pull the nightshirt back down and gave up after a few attempts.

[+blue "Did the window like...I asked him to?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 268d 15h 27m 20s
The demon studied the injury, he could tell he was lucky to be alive. He grimanced, if she hadn't hit him, he may have actually lost his meal. He found it funny, in a twisted and demented sort of way. Shadows suddenly enveloped ciel, gently. It was not the first time the young human had felt or even been influenced by the dark tendrils his butler controlled. However, it was usually rough or painful. This time they were gentle. Caring, even. The demon inspected the injury his way, but was quick about it. Some of the shadow encouraged the boy to look away, gently forcing the head to turn. There were bits of shadow holding his master, to prevent him from moving suddenly and injurying himself further. The darkness supported the small body to remain comfortable. After a moment the boy could feel an odd prickling semsation along the stitches. The shadows receaded and layed the boy back in his origonal position. "That should prevent you from opening your wound in your sleep." He couldn't have his master bleed out all because he flipped over. There was now a thin, clear and hard casing around the slice.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 268d 15h 37m 18s
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He knew that answer was inevitable but it wasn't one he was looking forward to hearing. The very thought of consuming anything made his stomach hurt already, threatening to revolt at any time. He didn't wish to tempt it and see if it would happen, preferring to just lie still and hope it passed. At least Sebastian was being somewhat understanding and allowing the boy to become used to his circumstances before forcing anything on him. He didn't always seem to understand humans but at least he respected his master's ways.

Ciel nodded at the butler's request to see the injury, slowly pushing the blanket from his torso to gather around his thighs. Even though he didn't feel the sharp, searing pain any longer didn't mean moving was comfortable. Just as slowly he raised the edge of his nightshirt up and over the bandages to allow Sebastian access to it. Once the bandages were removed and the injury brought to light, heterochromic eyes slowly lifted to the demon's face to judge the severity of it. The wound was still warm and red, rather irritated from all the work that had been done to it, but the bleeding had long stopped and all the stitches were still in place. Ciel just wished he didn't feel so awful, physically and mentally.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 268d 15h 50m 4s
The demon narrowed his eyes, he sighed then. If this was how his master was going to be. "Then at least allow me to see your injury." He was not particularly fond of human drugs, but his race had mechinisms that enable the to heal naturally. Unfortunatly, it would not work on himself. Given the weapon used. He waited, patient for the boy to move. "Once the drug wears off, i will be expecting you to consume something." He told him. "You humans are so fragile." He had grabbed the crutch, purposely trying to use his injured leg. It ended in a rather pathetic looking flop back into the chair. With a bored sigh he adjusted the crutch and used the uninjured one to stand. Honesty, this was embarrasing. However, we wasn't about to let the leg get weak from lack of use.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 268d 16h 4m 21s
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He knew the demon's words to be truth. Sebastian wouldn't put up with the boy's attitude any longer than he was required to and would do whatever was necessary in order to preserve his life, even if it meant going against Ciel's wishes. The continuation and eventual fulfillment of the contract was what was important so keeping Ciel alive and well was his top priority.

His gaze shifted a little to the table, a bit curious to see what, exactly, the demon could attempt to force-feed him with. He was a bit surprised to see a cup of milk that held the sweet aroma of honey. Sebastian decided to bring the only thing Ciel had never refused, wanting to see how the boy would respond to it. If he accepted it, Sebastian had successfully found a way to get nutrients into his charge. If he denied it, an indication of a more serious problem would be noted and the boy would end up with it in his system anyway. Honestly, the morphine had made him nauseous; it was still felt when the drug wore off as the discomfort made his stomach hurt. Food of any kind was the last thing on the boy's mind but he wasn't looking forward to Sebastian's response if he refused.

[+blue "I just don't want it right now,"] Ciel told him quietly, looking back at his butler again. [+blue "Perhaps later."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 268d 16h 18m 54s
"If you wish, however my treatment would last longer." He ignored the boys statement. "I have brought you something. You won't heal quickly if you do not fuel your body." He leaned forward and placed the cup on the night table between them. "I know you need to rest, however the longer you take to recover the less we have to prepare for her return. I have no desire to force feed you. However, if you refuse to eat..." he shrugged. He would if he had to. He only tolerated stubbornness for so long. Unfortunatly, his methods of forcing co-operation were usually painful. Or uncomfortable when he was feeling generous. Being force fed by the demon would be no walk in the park. He hoped the threat would encourage the child.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 268d 16h 32m 4s
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Ciel's eyes opened as he heard Sebastian instruct Finny to leave but remained in his position. It wasn't until the door closed did the boy move again, adjusting his form under his blankets. It wasn't normal for Ciel to brood like this, normally he took the hit to his body or pride and bounced back up with a vengeance. This situation was different in every way. Not only could Sebastian not fully protect either of them but he still couldn't shake what he saw. That pain was worse than anything he could feel on his body, it was more like mental torture.

He moved onto his back after Sebastian spoke to him, voicing his distaste for Ciel's attitude, but didn't answer. The demon was right, he rarely allowed such things to get to him. Still, he figured the demon was just trying to get a reaction out of the boy to see if he was still alive in there. He shook his head at the demon's next statement, adjusting the blankets over his small and warm form.

[+blue "I had a shot of morphine an hour ago, I don't feel much right now,"] Ciel answered quietly. If Sebastian's hearing weren't so great, he may not have heard the boy's soft voice. [+blue "If you've come to lecture me, I don't need to hear it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 268d 16h 48m 44s
The demon tilted his head, humans were fascinating. "I am honestly unsure. This is the first time I have failed to protect him..." He knew Finny really wanted to help. Sebastian had an idea to help his master. He had hoped the boy would come out of this mood. "You should probably get something to eat." He was sure finny hadn't left his post for a while, and it was the nicest way to tell finny to leave. He did not want to to deal with his tears.

One the blonde left, clearly not wanting to. Finny hesitated on closing the door, and even hovered at the door before leaving. Once he was out of earshot, the butler stared at his master.
"You are usually stronger than this." His lack of formalities said how unimpressed he was. Silence fell as he waited for something. When he got no answer, he said. I can take the physical pain away, if you would like." He was going to, wheather or not the boy wanted him to. It would feel strange to his master, no doubt. However, he didn't need to break his master completely by startling him. Humans were so strange.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 268d 17h 1m 15s
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Finny looked back at Sebastian once he asked about the small master. He was just as worried about him as they all were, it was incredibly rare to see the boy in such a condition. His physical health wasn't the only thing the gardener was worried about, Ciel's mental health could use a bit of love, too. Unfortunately, he wasn't sure how to go about that despite his loving and bubbly nature.

[+teal "He doesn't talk much,"] Finny answered after a moment, looking between the two. Ciel was lying on his uninjured side, his back towards both of them. He had been in this position for a few hours now, he wasn't sure if the master was really asleep or not. [+teal "I've tried a couple of times but he just seems to ignore me. That's how he's been all afternoon; he hasn't eaten anything Bard has sent up. So I've just been keeping an eye on him just in case he needs something. Is there anything I can do to help?
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 268d 17h 29m 15s
The demon made his way out of the room. He could feel his masters emotionsl distress. He shook his head, human sentiment would only be their end. He slowly went to his room. The servants would not bother him so long as he did not give them reason to, but he locked the door anyway. He removed his clothes, leaving his pants on. Romeing his shoes was no problem, due to his skill with magick. He glanced at the sword, "i can't heal your wound magically. However, maybe some rest will speed this up." Then demon then spent the next 6 hours trying, and failing, to sleep. He could not turn his brain off. He would get bored, remember something he had to do. He shifted in the bed, growling in frustration. He had been rigjt, he didn't rrmember how to sleep. He sighed and grabbed the crutch.

"A complete waste of time." He growled at himself. It had been a while, so get got himself to his feet. His leg gained more manuverability, however it still did not like his weight. Using the crutch, he slowly made his way to the kitchen. It was early evening, but he knew his master was not completely asleep. He knew the boy never ate, despite bardroys efforts. He made the one thing he had never heard the boy refuse. Milk and honey. His master had practically lived off of it until the demob had learned how to cook. Despite his more ackward gait, he didn't spill anything. With their master so badly injured, normally courtesy had vanished. He opened the door, seeing finny with their master. The blonde boy looked up at him as he entered, eyes drifting to the crutch he used sympathetically. Finny silently got up and got a couple chairs for the butler. He recalled the chefs instruction to keep his leg up and level. He decided he did not want to be lectured, and he still had to seem human. "Thanks, how is he?" He would be able to preserve the drink until his master completely woke up.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 269d 2h 29m 6s
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Ciel kept his eyes closed and remained still, able to detect the irritation and frustration in the demon's words. He was still angry with the boy for leaving of his own accord and putting himself in such danger. Admittedly, it was a rather foolish thing to do...but Sebastian wouldn't understand. Maybe one day he could but the small earl didn't feel that now was the right time. They both had more important things to focus on.

But he could still see her.

She was exactly the way he remembered her, from the way she wore her hair to the perfect and straight irons in her skirt. She even smelled the same. Even though he knew full well that it wasn't his mother, he still couldn't shake it. It was just so accurate and pulled on his heartstrings in the right way. He still missed her after all this time.

Bard appeared shortly after the bell rang, carrying a tray containing a bowl of soup accompanied by some crackers and a small folding table under his arm.He figured he should start light, not sure how Ciel's appetite was just yet nor wanted his stomach to upset. With one hand he set the table up then put the tray on top, watching Ciel's still form for a moment.

[+red "I've brought you up some soup, Master Ciel,"] he informed him, watching as the boy barely moved for what seemed like a few long minutes. The bright eyes opened, glancing over at the tray, before looking up at the ceiling again. [+blue "I"m not hungry."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 269d 15h 33m 25s
The demon studied him. He knew the boy wasn't saying everything. He was a master of twisting words, and could see it being done to him. The butler pinched the bridge of his nose. "I cannot protect you if you don't allow me." His weary expression faced away from the boy. He fell silent, "I will be posting one of the servants to you for a couple days. Neither of us can do anything until we both heal. I apologize, as i will be unable to perform my part of our contract until I am healed." He was relived to know his master would not die yet. "However, if you have need of me please call." He reached out and rang the bell pull. Soon one of the servants would be bringing a -hopefully- edible meal to try to feed ciel. He, like humans, healed quickest while sleeping. He despised the action, as he had no control over his thoughts in such a state. He did not even know if he could fall asleep any more. Unfortunatly, he needed to heal quickly. He grabbed his crutch, pulling himself up. He adjusted it to best assited his leg in balancing his weight.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 269d 15h 42m 18s

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