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[h3 +]
Bright eyes remained on the demon in front of her, refusing to lose sight of him no matter what he did. Her tracking skills were pretty advanced, it had been clear she had been doing this for a long time. How long, however, was a mystery that had yet to be unraveled.

[+green "That rat can hardly call himself a master of anything,"] she retorted. A nimble hand reached down, pulling a dagger out of her long skirt. It was identical to the one she had thrown at Sebastian, clearly of the same making and just as much of a threat as the first one. [+green "He is a stain that will be wiped from the map as soon as I finish with you."]

She slowly stepped closer to him, remaining far enough away for a good defense, and quickly changed her form again into a silky black cat. The shadows and dark spots helped camouflage her well though she knew it wouldn't last long. The creature remained the shadows until she saw a brief opening, transforming into her human form and hurling two daggers at Sebastian: one at his chest and one at his head.

[+green "You have the audacity to ask why after all your kind has done? You're disgusting animals, moreso than I. Perhaps I won't kill you just yet, perhaps I'll have you watch as I crush the life out of that pathetic insect you protect."]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 291d 20h 49m 23s
The demon twisted around. She was fast, and her aim true. He was just quick enpugh to avoid a painful injury. His movement cause her blade to slice his cheek rather than his neck. He then noticed her blade was special. He touched the blood tjat dripped down his cheek. As he expected, his glove was stained deep purple. He wondered where she had gotten one of those. He would have to be careful. "I am in your way? Need i remind you that you attacked MY master? I had not even initiated this. Why have you been hunting contractors anyway?" He was curious. He needed to learn her fighting style. Was she playing with him, or was this her normal form of attacking? He did need to get them away from the manor first. Lucky for him, they were standing in the shadows of a couple trees. The shadows suddenly turned to solid black masses and swallowed them. It cleared as soon as it got too dark for even sebastian to see, swirling around and dissapateing. He had 'shadowstepped' them to another area. He knew whwre they were, of course. It was different than teleporting. He could go anywhere that had a shadow of some sort, on whatever relm he chose. Teleporting, at least for demons, usually had to stay in the same world. He did not know if it was the same for Dopplegangers, but he hoped it was. He had taken them to the Middle Relm, or Courtrath. It was a broken piece of hell, separated and turned into its own entity. It had been the land their races had fought before, he smirked. He had only been here once, and he hoped it hit a nerve fot the creature to be forced here on his terms.
[h3 +]
Ciel felt as if his heart had stopped beating, a terrible pain in his chest. His brain knew that it wasn't possible, that she lay buried in Brompton beside his father. But his heart, the thing that ached terribly so, refused to see that. She looked just the same as that day that she was taken from him along with everything else he held dear to him, and her hand outstretched lovingly just like it used to.

Everything inside of him hurt.

Before he even knew entirely what was happening, Sebastian appeared in front of him and thrust the creature away. It was at this point Ciel began breathing again, the pain in his chest his lungs crying out for much needed oxygen, and shocked eyes lifted to the butler. The look he received was less than endearing, indicating Ciel was in for some serious shit later.

His gaze shifted again as the woman rose, cracking her neck and sending a menacing glare in Sebastian's direction. He couldn't bring himself to leave nor to turn his eyes away from her. It was a sight he hadn't seen for so long. Luckily Finny had heard the butler's shout, darting over and taking hold of Ciel's hand to escort him into the house. He led the earl over to the kitchen, getting a cloth and kneeling beside the boy in order to see the damage.

Emerald eyes never strayed from Sebastian as the creature cracked her arm back into place, standing a safe distance away. [+green "Dare you stand in my way? Know your place and remember what happened to those of you who have crossed me in the past."]

Her form shifted again, this time into the menacing wolf, and growled darkly at the butler. After a few moments of staring him down and snarling, she darted at his throat but seemed to disappear just before she bit him. Once again she shifted, this time into a normal woman's form where she appeared behind him, and sent a dagger towards the back of his neck.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 291d 21h 45m 53s
Something was wrong. Terribly, horribly wrong. The butler put the tea set he had been polishing down while he located ciel. He found him through their contract nearly immdiatly. A rage he hadn't felt for a while boiled through him He was sure his master could feel his ire. If he were a telepath he'd be scolding the child. No matter how unproffessional, and damn the consiquence. He was going to lock him up if anything like this happened again. He ran through the manor at top speed, blurring past the maid. Ht wind he made going by her made her drop the painting she had been dusting.He burst out the door. Immidiatly he spoted finny, his eyes going over the garden his search of his lord. He was moving in seconds, but too late. His master stared at the creature before the butler slammed into it. He hit it hard enough to knock down the tree it went into. The butler gave his master a full on sneering glare. The acidic message was clear. Most would have started crying and begging forgivness.

"Finny!" The butler bellowed, keeping himself between it and his master. He knew finny would drag the boy away and temd to his injury. The demon watched as the creature quickly got up. Despite the urgency, and his own fury, he couldn't help the fascinated curiousity that he felt.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 291d 21h 49m 16s
[h3 +]
The small earl headed back to the study after his butler's short words, sitting down heavily into the chair he had occupied previously. He knew Sebastian was just trying to protect both of them but he didn't enjoy being babysat in such a manner. It made him feel like a child, a feeling he detested. He really couldn't wait for this all to be over. Ciel reached over, picking up his book again, and began where he left off.

After a few minutes he had become completely engrossed in the book. Mey-Rin could probably come crashing through the ceiling and he would pay her no mind. Despite this fact, something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. Bright eyes lifted from the pages to the window in front of him, looking out into the scenery of the beautiful garden. He didn't see anything after, passing it off as Finny tending to the roses, and began reading again. Not long after something moved again, something not of the garden, and caused the boy to put his book down to investigate. A few quick glances around told him Sebastian was in another part of the large house, Ciel ignoring his butler's precautionary words of the other night and moving outside.

Still nothing.

It was at this point he began to imagine he was losing his mind or somehow he hadn't slept enough, when a faint movement caught his attention as well as a sharp pain to his side. Instantly he pressed his hand to the area, whipping around to yell at Finnian for being careless as he usually was, when he was met with the image of his deceased mother...

...with stunning, emerald eyes.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 291d 22h 45m 0s
Sebastian shook his head, "due to our current situation you a free to do as you please. However I must encourage you to not get behind on your studies, sir." He gatheres tje fine tea set. "I will fetch you when it is time for afternoon tea, which you will be having outside." He knew that would make him happy. "I only ask you do not send me away while you are outside." He sounded polite, however it was not a request. Once the dishes were gathered he rushed to clean the study before his lord got there. Then he hurried and the letters to the box before the post man arrived. He returned to the mansion, where he stopped at tje main steps for a small breather. Now it was time prepare the snack to go with his masters afternoon tea.
[h3 +]
Ciel quietly set the marker in the book once Sebastian spoke out, shutting it and setting it aside to pick up later. It was a good one and he had trouble putting it down at times, perhaps when he went out to the garden he'd bring it with him. Reading among the flowers would prove quite relaxing. He followed Sebastian out to the table, overlooking the meal that had been prepared for him, and sat down after a moment. It smelled good, looked even better, and the two combined caused the boy's stomach to rumble. It seemed that the internal organ had grown upset that it had been neglected for so long, choosing to voice its opinion the moment it sensed food.

Ciel ate what he was presented in silence, picking up the tea after he had finished and leaned back into the chair with it. It was a nice blend, one the boy particularly liked, and chose to savor every drop of it. He made it last as long as possible, setting the cup down gently after, and rising from the table.

[+blue "I don't suppose there are any pressing matters to attend to?"] Ciel asked his butler, folding his arms loosely over his chest. [+blue "If not, I'd like to return to my book."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 291d 23h 56m 59s
Sebastian quickly made his way to the kitchen. Of course the boy would want to go outside. His life was in mortal danger, so if made perfact sense. The butler silently fumed. Normally it wouldn't be an issue. He may have let the boy get taken as revenge, if their opponet were human. Maybe even another demon, but that would have been a dangerous gamble.

"As soon as this is over, I am schedualing a visit for Lady Elizabeth." The butler promised himself. Watching his master being cuddled to death was rather entertaining. He sped up the cooking process using his magic and swiftly went to fetch his master. He decided to let his master eat a snack outside later. When the sun was highest in the sky. He heard they had better sight in the dark, so maybe it would be asleep or something then. If they were both lucky. Unfortunatly, his master had poor luck when it came to being stolen. "Young master, brunch is ready." He called out when he reached the parlor.
[h3 +]
Ciel remained still as Sebastian dressed him, finishing his look off with the rings and eye patch. It was good to hear that his butler had finally made some progress as it meant that the case could be closed soon and life could return to normal. The earl was used to being on his own, left to do as he pleased. This constant watch over himself, though necessary, was incredibly annoying. He couldn't wait to have his old routine back.

[+blue "Scone, I suppose,"] Ciel answered, rolling his shoulders lightly before glancing back up at the demon nearby. [+blue "I would like to spend some time in the garden today, make time for it."] He was certain his butler wouldn't be fond of the idea as it made him a somewhat easier target, but he didn't care about that. He wanted some time outside. The small master then exited the room, walking a bit slowly down the long hallway and staircase as he began to formulate his schedule for the day, thinking of what business he needed to attend do and if he had any more letters to send out. Unable to recall any, he smiled faintly and moved into the parlor to read until his butler came to fetch him.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 292d 1h 1m 41s
The demon bowed, "of course, sir. I do hope you slept well?" Unfortuantly, him gaurding ciel had put him behind on everything. He had no tea, as he did not trust meyrin to carry the tray up to them without falling or mixing up the ingrediants. Nor a meal, due to bardroy outright incompitence as a chef. He would have to cheat, but what he didn't tell his master wouldn't hurt him. Especially now that he knew how human taste buds worked. Of course, he was sure the boy would be quick to figure it out on his own. "There will be a brunch of an omelete with a varitey of vegitables and either toast or scone. Which would you prefer, my lord?" The butler asked, being a take bit quicker about dressing his lord. He still had to clean the study before his master had to use it. He was a tad bit worried about both managung the other memebers in the house and guarding ciel. The thing had killed his crows with no problem. They would do nothing to protect his master.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 292d 23h 28m 35s
[h3 +]
The small form groaned quietly as he slowly began to wake, opening his eyes to be greeted firstly by a stream of sunlight beside his table. Ciel felt a little better now that he had gotten more sleep, though had no idea what time it was. The position of the sun in his window informed him it was somewhere in the late morning; this was the latest he had awoke in a very long time. Sebastian's voice greeted him soon after, his gaze shifting to the cheery demon. It piqued the boy's curiosity to see what had his butler so chipper this morning, Ciel slowly sitting up to awaken more fully.

Once Sebastian told him his wonderful news, Ciel yawned a bit and scrubbed his hands over his eyes. [+blue "That is most excellent to hear,"] Ciel answered, his voice a bit soft. It had to awaken, just like the rest of the young master. [+blue "It'll give us something to keep an eye out for. It's still best to remain on the cautious side."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 293d 1h 35m 38s
Sebastian allowed his master to sleep, two bad nights in a row would be detrimental to his masters health. Sebastian had gone to the window, keeping an eye on the door and master. His paitence was rewarded. There was something of a humanoid wolf. There were two key diffences that told Sebastian this was his foe. One, was real were wolves were cowards. They tripped over themselves to stay away from demons. And all were wolves had some variation of brown colored eyes. This thing snarled at him, challenging. When their eyes met, the butler saw acid green eyes. The cresture turned into a deer and disappeared into the forest. Sebastian grinned, he now knew wjat to look for. The eyes remained the bright green color. When ciel finally woke up, the demon seemed cheerful. The demon was rather exuberant about his new bit of information. Such valuable information would make it hard for the creature to cameoflauge.

"Good morning, young master. I have learned something most interesting." The butler said, he already had his masters clothes picked out. He waited for his master to wake up a bit, so he wouldn't have to repeat himself. When the boy had finalyvstretched and looked at him, he shared what he learned. "Apperently, it cannot change its eye color. I saw it shift it's form." The butler gestured to the window.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 293d 10h 52m 56s
[h3 +]
Sebastian remained still as he sat, almost statue-like. It was an odd skill to have, but somewhat useful. The demon had many talents like that and, though they were strange, Ciel couldn't really complain. They had come in handy more times than he could count. He wondered, though, what all was going through the demon's mind. Was he devising a new strategy? Was he listening to every corner of the house and the perimeter around it? Or was he planning an exit strategy should the worst occur? Sure, the boy could ask, but what was the fun in that? Sometimes he liked to guess internally what was on his butler's mind though he was sure he was wrong on many counts.

It was simply something to do in the dark of night.

Ciel watched him for about an hour before shifting onto his other side and closing his eyes, trying to fall into some kind of sleep. It was hard since he knew the trouble that lay ahead of him. It was all he could think about. What was going to happen to them? How would Ciel survive if Sebastian were to be taken from him? That was probably the worst thought of all. He needed Sebastian to continue this image and would ultimately fail without him. He did so much for his small charge.

The boy fell into a light sleep during the early morning hours, just before the sun began to rose, and tossed occasionally in his blankets.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 293d 23h 59m 49s
The butler smiled, but remain quiet. Continuing a conversation would do nothing to make the boy sleep. He sat there, still as a statue. He could stand, but he didn't really want too. He saw the boy watching him, but he paid him no mind. The little Earl would eventually get bored and drift off. He didn't even blink, worried something might happen while his eyes were shut. It was an odd, subconsious human movement anyway. Unnessisary for a demon. His crows alerted him to differant things, but by the time he focused on them, it was gone. It was rather infuriating for it to know so much about him and his stratigy, while he knew nothing. However, he was starting to see a pattern. He released his birds, it was only using them to distract and confuse him. He needed his focus on his master. It would do no good if it was using the forest animals as a distraction and took Ciel from under his nose. Without the birds, he grew bored quickly. However, it wasn't as bad as having to share a tent with the Reaper, William.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 294d 23h 22m 57s
[h3 +]
It made Ciel feel only slightly better to know the demon's words were mere custom and nothing else, but not enough to ease his fears. It was still unclear whether Sebastian could win against this beast or not and, if he did win, how much damage he would sustain. Could Sebastian really protect his master and himself? The small earl wasn't too sure what to make of that, though it was probably best not to dwell on it. He'd keep himself up all night if that train of thought continued.

Ciel scoffed a little bit at his butler's request to sleep, looking down at the book in his lap. [+blue "You think I'll be able to fall into a peaceful slumber after seeing what this creature can do?"] With those images in his mind, the boy imagined he'd be lucky if he even got a couple hours of sleep in. It was hard to rest when he knew they were being hunted. [+blue "You really do have lofty ambitions, don't you?"]

He read for another thirty to forty-five minutes, putting the marker in between the pages to pick up again later, and set it on the bedside table before laying down. It was still difficult to sleep, Ciel deciding to watch Sebastian for a while instead.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 295d 46m 43s

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