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A quiet sigh fell as he looked down at the glass again, his unwillingness to consume its contents evident on his face. He couldn't blame is ill feeling on the morphine as it had worn off hours ago. Ciel also knew that he was more than likely doing more damage by ignoring meals but it was so hard to do otherwise. His stomach was churning almost constantly and even glances to food threatened to bring bouts of dryheaving. He was worried to see what this would do to him and found it safer to not find out.

Though he knew Sebastian would never go for that.

The demon made his intentions very clear and Ciel knew he would fall back on them. When Sebastian stated he would do something, it would be done. In an attempt to appease his butler, the boy took a small sip before reaching over and setting it carefully on the table. If his stomach cooperated, perhaps he'd try again.

A small hand reached down and lightly rubbed at the hard casing on his side while his head rested back against the pillows. [+blue "Make sure it's rather cool,"] Ciel instructed the demon about his bathwater. [+blue "I don't think I can take any more warmth today."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 265d 16h 17m 16s
The demon smirked. "That is very kind, sir. Once you are finished with your drink i will summon Meylene to take the dishes and prepare a bath for you." The demon was prepared to get back to work, no matter his condition. He was slower, however he had managed. That was good enough for the demon. Just the short time he had been standing there, he coyld feel the blood flow slowing. He would just have to make sure to remain still for a few minutes when it reopened. He was never one to let an injury keep him down, even if he was bordering death. It was clear the demon had no intetion of 'resting.' Maybe it was pride, or maybe spite toward his lords rare show of generosity. He would not let his master take pity on him.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 266d 12h 44m 42s
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Ciel relaxed as much as his ill and injured body would allow him, lying on his back as he stared up at the ceiling. Making his even more injured butler walk through the manor to prepare him a drink that was already in the room was a rather low thing to do, though he figured Sebastian deserved and could handle it. They had an odd relationship where, instead of showing each other mild bits of affection as normal people did, they enjoyed seeing the other uncomfortable or struggling. They often went out of their way to bring a little discomfort onto the other and enjoyed every minute of it. This was no different.

He was surprised at how long it took Sebastian to return with the promised drink, slowly pushing himself up again as he heard the door open. The trip seemed as if it had taken its toll on the demon and a rest would be in order so his leg could heal properly. This may be a blessing in disguise...if Sebastian couldn't use his leg very well then perhaps he couldn't torture his charge with doctor visits or forced meals.

Speaking of which, the items that were left for the boy remained untouched and cold as his stomach hadn't fully settled yet. He looked forward to consuming the prepared beverage as much as he looked forward to a week-long trip with his betrothed. He frowned faintly as he took the glass, holding it with one hand while the other kept him propped up, and glanced over at his butler.

[+blue "You should rest,"] he instructed quietly. [+blue "And take care of your leg."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 266d 13h 20m 48s
"Very well. I would rather not wait. I have no wish for you to get worse." The demon bowed. He left the items, just in case his master got hungry enough to try. The demon turned around, his jaw clenching as he faced away from his master. He had no desire to show how much that actually hurt. He managed to limp out at a decent pace. He was stubborn and proud, and actually walked the whole way as his master asked. While he had not been forbidden from using his abilities, his master did say walk. He focused on his balance as he went down the steps. He had to stop partway down after his leg gave out. He rested for a moment before pressing forward. He pushed himself off the rail, growling. He was grateful for his dark clothing, as he could feel his pants gtowing damp. He was stuck resorting to short bursts of distance. The kitchen was empty when he entered, so he took aseat and used his powers to make the drink. In all, it took him almost 2 hours before the demon made it back to his lord. His limp now looked cringe worthy, though he put on a careless face. "Your milk, my lord." His voice was soft, trying to keep any traces of misery out of his voice.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 266d 13h 32m 30s
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The inevitable was coming but it was nice to prolong it a bit. Common sense told him that Sebastian wouldn't take long and he would probably use his demon abilities to make it easier but that didn't matter. What mattered was stalling and hopefully making the demon a bit miserable while he did it. The boy was feeling worse for wear and he wasn't about to suffer alone.

He allowed his small form to sink to the mattress, his arms getting tired of propping himself up, and glared tiredly at the demon that towered above him. [+blue "I'd sooner eat dirt than sample Bard's cooking, which honestly isn't too far off,"] Ciel retorted. The blonde had a tendency to over-cook and burn things beyond recognition, Ciel wanted to be able to recognize a dish before he ate it.

[+blue "I require nothing further, but take your time,"] he said after a moment, wiping forming sweat from his brow. It was still a bit warm though the boy was working on hiding it as he didn't wish the doctor to be phoned. [+blue "You could even wait until lunch, or better yet, dinner."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 266d 14h 47s
The demon cocked his head. "Bardroy brought some, but if that is what you require then consider it done." The demon rested his hand over his chest. He was notletting the boy squirm his way out of this. He wouldn't even use the crutch, just to prove his point. All the demon had managed was remaining in a single spot, however he turned and placed the three items by his master. Just in case the boy got tired of waiting. "Do you not trustyour chef to make something edible?" He smirked, of course boy wouldn't. Bard did not have the best track record. However, he had to taunt. Is there anything else you require of me?" If his master insisted he walk all the way across the manor, he may as well get whatever else his master may want. He tried to give his leg a slight break. He wanted to at least make it to the door without hurting himself.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 266d 14h 8m 19s
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Curiosity got the better of the small earl and he glanced over to see the vivid eyes narrow. It was a lot nicer than the look he imagined he would receive but it didn't do much to convince him. Sebastian's words, though, were a bit better. One bite was certainly better than being forced to eat the entire bowl and the other options weren't as bad either. Again, the demon never said he had to finish what was offered as long as he consumed something. The more he thought about it, the more his stomach grew upset and a small hand rested over it. Which would be the least upsetting to his stomach? He wasn't sure but he knew which one would probably taste better on the way down.

[+blue "I still think you're being unreasonable,"] Ciel answered quietly. He was stalling for time, hoping that he might still weasel his way out of this. Reality told him that it wasn't likely. Still, in an ill state or not, he didn't want to give Sebastian an easy time either and the fact that he felt like hell amplified it. [+blue "But if you insist, I'll take the milk...if you walk down to the kitchen to get it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 266d 14h 21m 19s
The demons russet eyes narrowed, "you humans are easily suseptible to many illnesses. The longer you refuse to take care of yourself, you raise the risk of either infection or sickness. Without proper nutrients, your body cannot protect itself. I will not let you waste away." The demon smiled, "just a bite, if you can't get it down then we will wait." The demon wasnt using the crutch at the moment, forcing his wounded leg to work. He was healing faster than he antisipated, given the weapon used. He would have to look at it closer when he could move freely. He still hoped to get his master to tellhim the truth as to what happened with the Doppleganger. However, he figured one battle at a time. His masters physical heath was more imprtant right now. After the boy attempted to eat, the butler planned to give his lord a bath. It was about time to clean and rewrap his masters injury. He held the bowl out still, "it is eather this or the milk. Or i have some Earl Grey tea, if you would rather. I will let you choose." His hand withdrew slightly. He would rather his master eat some food, but at least both the others had some sort of nutrients in them. If his master still refused.. "or we can do this the hard way."
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 266d 14h 30m 16s
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The cold water was a godsend, it was the best thing he felt since receiving the injury. He wanted nothing more than to submerge his entire face into the bowl and stay that way if drowning wasn't a possibility. Heavy eyes closed as Sebastian worked; if the boy was still feverish afterwards then at least his face was clean now. A soft sigh fell from his chest, his frame relaxing a bit, and remained that way until the soothing motion stopped and the door was opened again.

Ciel remained in his half reclined position as he watched his breakfast being brought in, recognizing it as rather plain. He figured it was the least flavored food they had in the manor, something that wouldn't agitate the master's stomach as much and would be easy to digest. His nose wrinkled again as his stomach churned, another wave of nausea washing over him, and groaned quietly. That combined with the look he received from his butler informed him that this wasn't going to be a very pleasant breakfast.

[+blue "I said I wasn't interested in anything until lunch time,"] Ciel huffed quietly, turning his head a bit from Sebastian. He was sure that whatever look he was going to receive from this, he wouldn't want to see it.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 266d 14h 53m 55s
"Only if I cannot lower your temperature myself." The demon said. He was not much a nursemaid. However, he would try. He dipped one of the clean rags into the cool bowl of water on the tray. He then wrung it out a bit and movd it to his masters face. It was a rather old technique, but maybe it would bring the boy some relief. He was careful not to get the bed or pillows wet, but allowed some water to soak his masters nightgown collar. "I have no doubt you will recover. You have been through worse." The demon did not speak much after that but remained trying to cool his masters tempwrature and keeping him company. About tea time bardroy brought some oatmeal and dry toast. Both were plain, as Sebastian was worried flavor would make his master ill. However, he was determind to get some sort of substance into his charge. There was some more warmed milk and a small thing of honey. Sebastian did not trust the chef to put the right amount in. As it was, Bard had brought two spoons. Once the chef left again, leaving the cart of food and drink in the room, the demon took a spoon and tasted the oats. The demon had given him a detailed step by step intruction. The chef would never intentionally poison Ciel, however tje demon wpuld not risk it. Not even with such a basic dish. His taste buds instantly wanted him to spit up the tasteless grit. How humans ate this was beyond him. He swallowed, it was satisfactory. He brought the bowl to his lord. He rose his eyebrow, daring the boy to refuse at least trying to eat.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 266d 15h 9m 5s
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Heterochromic eyes remained closed as he felt Sebastian's hand on his face, shifting a little before stilling again. He didn't care for the contact as it made him feel more warm but also knew he had no way around it. The demon would do what was necessary in order for the boy to recover whether he agreed to it or not. Preserving his life and the contract was all that mattered.

He slowly looked up at Sebastian when he spoke before dropping his gaze to the pristine tray with various items on its polished surface. Water was probably the safest bet as it had no taste to upset his stomach and perhaps the coolness of it would chill some of the fever as well. He nodded at Sebastian's request, very slowly pushing himself to sit up some. It still hurt and throbbed but not as much as before. Once he was situated, he took the water that was offered to him and took a few small drinks before setting it back down again. Once the throbbing subsided, he decided he would try again. It was difficult to focus on more than one thing at a time.

[+blue "You're not going to call the doctor again, are you?"] Ciel asked quietly, wiping a few beads of sweat from his brow. His nose wrinkled slightly at the thought, the boy liking doctors just as much as he liked everyone else.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 266d 15h 39m 28s
The butler muttered something else and the chef shuffled off. Sebastian turned to his master and approched him. He removed his right glove and touched his masters face. His face remained expressionless. He rested the back of his hand on his masters forehead. "You seemed to have a slight fever." The demon murrmured softly. He withdrew and put his glove back on as he heard footsteps down the hall.
Bardroy soon entered with a tray of items. "You know, if you wamt to go get some rest-"

"I am fine, Bard." The butler took the tray, balancing it on his palm. He shooed the chef away before closing the door and returning to his master. Just because his limb was not working did not mean he was going to let someone else guard the slate haired boy. "Young master, might we try to get some water in you at least? Dehydration will only do more harm than good." He glanced at the clock. 3 hours until the normal morning tea time.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 266d 15h 53m 20s
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Ciel remained motionless with his eyes shut tightly in his half-sitting half-reclining position for a while. He was waiting for some of the pain to lessen before moving again while fully regretting his decision to move. Lying flat for so long had led him to believe that his side was recovering quite well and caused him to forget how badly he was injured. Once the pain had died to a somewhat tolerable throb, he dropped back down onto his back and lightly rested his hand over the injury.

He wasn't sure what answer to give his cook. Hungry wasn't something Ciel would describe himself as, though he had to admit that his upset stomach could partly be from his unintentional hunger strike. The thought of food made him nauseous. The boy didn't want to pass on breakfast due to his butler's threat earlier but he wasn't really looking forward to breakfast. He also didn't want the food to go to waste, either.

Decisions, decisions.

[+blue "I'll try some soup later today,"] Ciel answered painfully, keeping his eyes closed. His hand moved from his aching side to push the blankets further from his frame, finding them uncomfortably warm. [+blue "No more morphine, either. I don't like how it makes me feel."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 266d 16h 18m 9s
The demon had sat with his master through the night. It was early morning when someone knocked. Bardroys voice could be heard. "I was just wonderin if Master Ciel was feeling up to something for breakfast?" The chef had to have been extremely concerned for their employer. He was up earlier than usual, the sun wasn't even up all the way yet. While the chef spoke, the butler had made his way to the door. Sitting all night seemed to have done his leg some good, as his gait was smoother than the night before. Hopefully in another couple hours he could stop using the crutches. Chef rose his eyebrow, but did not comment on the butlers rapid recovery. The injury had been bad, but they all knew the households butler was just as unusual as they were. Of course, they all asumed their master had dragged him out of some personal hell, whenit was in fact the other way around. The demon was going to give his master until his usual breakfast time to gain an appitite. However, the boy was still warm. His master was never one to enjoy being fussed over, however the demon could tell how uncomfortable the boy really was. In a low tone, he asked the chef to bring him both a glass and a bowl of cold water. With a clean cloth. If the demon could not cool his master by the time of normal morning tea, he was call the doctor back. The time of silence made the demon lose himself in his own mind, due to boredom. It resulted in a memory from a long, long time ago. He decided to mimick the mystery person in his memory. He knew who it was of course, but had long forgotten their apperance. The chef waited, hoping for an answer from their small master.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 267d 3h 44m 33s
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He closed his eyes briefly at the breeze that blew into the room and over his small form, feeling faintly better now that he had cool, fresh air. He still felt as if he were nearing death's doorstep but his stomach ache had lessened some and he didn't feel as if he were on fire.

Ciel adjusted the blankets again, looking over just in enough time to see Sebastian perform one of his little tricks. He used to be surprised by them when they first met, the demon relying on these to break the ice. Ciel never said anything about them even when he was mesmerized believing his butler to have a big enough head already. No need to inflate his ego. Now, he believed Sebastian did it either to get some sort of rise out of his charge or to relieve boredom. Even injured, Ciel wasn't about to give the demon what he wanted.

He lay still for most of their time together, drifting in and out of sleep until the sun rose again. A soft knock at the door announced one of the servants, Ciel exhaling deeply and began to push himself to sit up a little. Despite Sebastian's efforts, it still hurt some and caused Ciel to freeze immediately in order to allow the pain to die some.

[+blue "What...what is it?"] he answered quietly but a bit painfully. Trying to sit was incredibly stupid.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 267d 14h 27m 0s

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