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The demon spent nearly every minute with his master. He kept the servants at bay, having told them of the quarantined area. He kept it clean, bathed his master every day. He cleaned the injury every couple hours. Meylene or Bard would bring him the mail, ehich the butler took it upon himself to got thru. He kept the Funtom company running smoothly, as would be expected. The butler denied all party invitations. The child would be in no condition to be dancing or socializing. He was worried about how thin the boy was getting, however the doctor told him the injections had enough nutrients to sustain him. By the end of the third week Sebastian started talking to his master. He was bored. Not only was he a demon, but a bird demon. He liked the freedom of going places. Being cooped up was starting to affect him. He spoke about anything that came to mind. From the weather, to how the flowers were looking. About the servants, and how they were actually behaving for once. Sometimes he read to Ciel. The books varied from educational lectures to the detective novels the child loved so much.

Sometimes, the demon made up fantastical stories. Many involved bloodshed, but sometimes they were completely innocent.

Once, about 5 weeks in, the demon stood, hovering over his master. The constant silence was begining to drive him mad. He stared at the boy, contemplating. Finally, he turned away with a heavy sigh. "I do wish you would wake up, my lord..." He turned and looked at the child again. He sighed again. He missed his master. The snarky attitude, the spiteful orders. The heavy glares when teased. He even missed having things thrown at him. The demon, by nature, was one to do as he pleased. He removedhis tailcoat and put it on the desk. There was nothing for him to do, and he had long gotten bored of fawning over the same kitten pictures every night. The demon crawled across the bed to his tiny little lord. Once there, he curled himself, rather protectively, around the boy. He was careful, not wanting to disturb the stitched wound. He held the child to his chest, locking him in a cage. He closed his eyes, resting his chin on the boys head. He did not sleep. He started doing this every night, holding the small Earl protectivly. Wishing for him to open his eyes. He became more verbal about it as well, during the day. When writing letters, he often found himslef rubbing the back of his hand, where the mark lay. If it wasn't for the fact he could sense the boys soul, he'd have thpught him dead.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 263d 15h 16m 10s
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The manor was quiet, unusual for this time of day. Every servant worried about their master's well being. He had received horrible injuries before but this was something on a completely new level. He could die. Each one of them understood how grim the situation looked; if he didn't die right away, he could remain comatose for a very long time...and that was if he ever woke up again. That combined with the deep infection made Ciel's chances of seeing the next day very slim. It was nerve racking.

Bard had made himself busy in the kitchen, choosing to bury his feelings into his work. Now that Sebastian would be with the young master nearly twenty-four hours a day, someone would have to feed the rest of them. He got to work, making their meals right on time each day and promptly cleaning the dishes after. Mey-Rin performed her usual cleaning duties, even going out of her way to clean hard to reach areas in order to keep her mind preoccupied. Finny, however, seemed to take it the hardest out of all of them and remained outside in the garden for as long as he possibly could. Some nights he even slept out there. It was easier than seeing his master in such a state, the child that gave him everything. These routines continued until the small earl finally broke free of the coma...

...six weeks later.

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 263d 17h 23m 4s
Sebastian shook his head, "no, thank you. If I have any other questions, or his condition changes I will contact you immediately." He would work on the quarantine space right away. "I do not mean to be rude, however if it means his life.... I would like to get to work promptly." The butler limped his way to the door of the room. He gestured to the speaking tube that resided in the room. They were not used often, as calling the demon was normally quicker. For that matter, they were only used when the manor was attacked. "I will call someone to see you to the door, sir." His master would be severely upset if the hospitality he was so proud of vanished without his supervision. He bowed politely as the doctor left, respecting the butlers wishes. Once he contacted someone to see to the good doctor, he turned to his master.

"A rather unfortunate turn of events....." he mused, looking around. He wondered how much his leg could handle. It was strange, he was healing faster than when he had first been injured. The day before had been miserable, and now he only had a slight limp. He would have to take a look at the sword soon. He knew it was built to do serious damage to him, but the injury was strange. Normally, it took longer to heal from such blades. "well, no matter." He spoke to the air, "time to get started," he clapped his hands together and summoned the items he would need. He sterilized everything. From the window and desks, to the chair cushions and even the head board of his masters bed. He was extra careful handling the boy, moving him to replace the soiled linens with clean ones. He took his time with that, as he did not want to stress his masters weakened body more. By the time he was finished, it was supper time. time for his masters first shot. The demon went to the massive Phantomhive library. It was large for two reasons. One was because it was built the same as the first manor, and two to occupy the demon when he got bored. The demon actually had a hidden collection of books locked in the room. He was unsure if his master knew of it. Mostly books from his own home, but he had stuck a couple medical books to read at some point with them. he got them after he learned of his masters asthma, but never actually read them. There was one book that looked to be a thin scrapbook type thing. The demons guilty pleasure. His master was allergic to cats, and had forbade the demon from keeping any . That little book was full of pictures of cats. Some were rather impressive. He took the medical books, and the scrapbook. he would need to entertain himself while he watched over his lord at night. He flipped through the books quickly until he found what he looking for. He took the books to his masters room, reading on how to properly give a shot along the way. Once he had the information, he proceeded to complete the task. He sterilized both the thin needle and his masters arm, and filled the syringe with the fluid. Finishing his task, he cleaned and put everything away. There were still a couple hours before his masters normal bed time. The demon decided it was time to check on the servants.

  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 264d 11h 28m 30s
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The doctor glanced back at the boy's form, still except for his soft breathing. He had witnessed such things before and knew how hard it would be on the house's staff. It was always difficult to care for an injured master but a possibly dying one would be worse. He could tell they were already rather upset, he'd hate to see their state if he passed onto the next realm.

He thought for a few moments before nodding, turning his attention back towards Sebastian. [+green "If you can provide the most sanitary space for him, that and the quarantine would be your best outlook,"] he answered softly. Just like the others, he wished the small master better as soon as possible. [+green "As I said, be prepared for the worst. He's fighting it as hard as he can but the infection is pretty deep. Is there anything else I can do for you, sir?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 264d 14h 46m 12s
"You are the doctor, please do what you must. The door will be open to you." He was grateful the doctors eyes were brown- rather than green. He set the case in a safe spot, "would it be best if I quarantined him?" It would be difficult, but if it would help he would do it. He was currently grateful that they were different species. Otherwise it would be impossible. He calculated the doctors instructions to the schedual that was alrewdy forming in his head. Since he could not feed his master, he would give the shots at the normal breakfast and dinner hours. He had been planning on bring his master the business letters that Maylene had fetched from the post box. However, it was uncertain when his lord would wake. He looked at the sleeping form of his master. The child almost looked peaceful. He hoped his master would not be in this strange, hybertative state for long. On the bright side, he wouldn't recieve any orders derived from spite. The demon would still do some research on this, if there were other things that could help, he would try them.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 264d 14h 55m 0s
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The doctor nodded at his request, stopping at the door and looking out at his carriage. He had come prepared for this as he had been given a few details before arriving, a good thing since if he didn't know he would have to go back to town and retrieve them. If he had to leave, Ciel's chances of surviving would be lower than they were now.

[+green "I'll return in a moment,"] he said softly. [+green "Please excuse me."]

With that, he stepped outside and to the carriage, setting his bag on the seat and picking up small case. He brought it in to the house, nodding for Sebastian to follow him up to Ciel's bedroom, and carefully went up.

Ciel rested against the pillows comfortably, his small frame tucked in. His breathing was rather even, the boy seeming as if sleeping, and looked peaceful except for the film of sweat that still covered his form. The doctor carefully set the case on the bed and opened it, revealing an IV system and quite a few bags of saline fluid. Expert hands assembled it and carefully inserted the long needle into the boy's arm, securing it down and carefully hanging up the bag so it could drip effectively. Lastly, he pulled out some syringes filled with a clear liquid and held them out to the demon.

[+green "The saline fluid will help hydrate him; one bag per day,"] he instructed softly. [+green "Give him those injections twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. It's an incredibly strong antibiotic. If permitted, I'd like to come up in a couple of days to check on Lord Phatomhive's state and see if there's any other medications I can give you. Other than this, there's nothing else to be done except pray he wakes up again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 264d 15h 13m 40s
The demons eyes widened a bit. He was able to pick out the nessissary information and not ask what might seem to be a stupid question. He had never actually heard of humans becomng 'comatose' for such long periodes of time. He doubted the sleep like state was what caused the death. The information was quickly processed, and the docotors warning of death made him clench his jaw. He wanted to snap at the man, however that would be improper. He did have to accept it was a dangerous injury for a human though. "Thank you, sir, for coming." He said, to be polite. He let the fact it upset him show, mainly because humans would usually have broken down. He could already hear the other servants bawling. He shook his head, "I will tell the others."
The demon stood to show the doctor to the door. His work load was going to become a lot larger. He ran his hand thru his hair, releasing a slow sigh. All of these actions were more of a show for the doctor, however Sebastian did feel a bit concerned. He would have to try hard to keep his master hydrated. Of course, he had his normal chores, and keeping his co-workers in line. Nor could he forget about his masters business. He debated on telling his masters fiancee. He knew it would anger his master, however duty told him he had to. Then he, personally, wanted to keep his master into a quarentined area. Then there was the queen and her butlers. What would he do if they came asking questions? He would cross that bridge if it happened. Once they got to the door, he asked, "do you have any treatment suggestions? A way to keep him hydrated?" If not, he would figure something out. He had to, it was part of their contract.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 264d 15h 31m 26s
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The doctor didn't emerge from the room for quite some time, the sun beginning to set by the time he left. Carefully he cleaned his hands on his handkerchief before picking up the bag and walking the halls to find the butler to inform him of the master's condition.

It took him a bit of navigation but he found the demon seated in one of the comfortable chairs on the first floor, the older male going over to him and quietly setting his bag down beside him. One could tell by the look in his eyes that it wasn't good and he didn't want to deliver the news that he was carrying inside. Slowly he sat down in a chair nearby, exhaling slowly before stating the boy's state.

[+green "As you know, the wound was deep,"] he began, looking up at Sebastian. [+green "Whatever caused this injury made the infection spread quickly; it's likely why it wasn't noticed before as it was far too soon to tell. I cleaned it out as well as I could and restitched it tightly to prevent any more infection."]

The doctor paused for a minute as if debating with himself on whether or not he should deliver this part of Ciel's condition.

[+green "The infection has made Lord Phantomhive quite ill, as you've no doubt witnessed...his fever is still incredibly high and he's not retaining fluids. Not only is his body working on fighting this but also focusing on keeping what little blood he has left circulating through his system. Within the last hour of treating him he had fallen cases such as these, the patient only lasts a couple of days. I don't wish for you to give up hope, but you should still remain realistic."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 264d 15h 58m 32s
"Of course." The demon left, the obediant servant that he was. However, that did notmean he wasn't watching. Various red eyes began to flit among the shadows, remaining out of the doctors vision. His master was weak, and he was not going to trust anyone with his masters life. The doctor had never done anything to encourage such distrust, but sebastian did not care. He limped down to where the other servants were gathered. He onew they would be hunting him down sooner or later for answers. Once he located them, he moved to a chair. He was glad to relive his injury before it reopened again.

"I am afraid it is not looking well. There is a bit of an infection." Such a deep wound, he supposed he should have seen it coming. Especially given his masters weaker constitution. "The good doctor is with him now, doing what he can." Every seemed disheartend by that. "Unfortuantly, I am afraid the young master is unable to eat. He got ill when I tried to feed him."

Bardroy shook his head, everyone hoped they weren't going to lose their master. They had quite the dysfunctional little family, though they knew the butler would deny his role in being part of it.

"You sit tight, Sebastian." The american said, "dinners on us." The trio turned, determind to keep the butler off his feet for a little bit. All of them missed the horrified and disgusted look that found its way onto the butlers face. Some of the things Bard had made inthe past came to mind. Some of them, he was certain, would make him ill. He shook his head, escaping outdoors while he could. Demon or not, his master would have to order him directly to eat something the created without his detailed instruction.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 265d 13h 38m 12s
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He remained still as Sebastian cleaned and dried him, remaining that way until he was lain on the large bed again. Ciel was grateful to be clean again though he felt he'd be even more grateful when this hell were to pass. The small frame curled up on the bed, keeping the blankets away from him, and allowed his eyes to close again.

The doctor returned rather quickly, sensing the urgency in the message, and followed Sebastian up to the earl's room again. Carefully he set his bag on the edge of the bed then pulled the boy's nightshirt up to examine the wound carefully. A soft frown touched his face as he looked at it then carefully ran his fingers over the area. Ciel shouted weakly at this, moving away a bit, and squirmed again as the elder male's hand rested gently on his forehead. Once his hand was removed, the boy stilled after curlng up again.

[+green "An infection has taken root,"] he explained quietly, digging through his bag for his necessary tools and medicines. [+green "I'll do what I can to clean it out but I fear it may already be too late. I would ask that you please exit the room so that I may work on Lord Phantomhive more efficiently."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 265d 14h 25m 56s
"Of course not, sir." The demon said, he would have to call the doctor. His masters temperature was high, and he was not eating. He gently scrubbed small circles of the soft human tissue. He was gentle around the stitched area, certain that it must be paiful. However, it needed cleaned. The demon washed his masters hair, and by the end of the bath over half his shirt was wet. He drained the tub, leaning his master on tje back of the tub. He would wait to replace the casing until after the doctor arrived and had left. It was not normal, and did not care to explain why or how it got there. He left his master to retrive a towel, and was back nearly instantly. It had just been hanging on the wall, he wrapped his master up. It did not really cover the boy, but it was enough of a barrier to not shock Ciel when sebastian put him on the cold wooden chair in the corner. "Lean back, into the wall sir." The demon made sure his master would stay and left to fetch another towel. Upon returning, he dried and rebandaged him. Once he redressed his master, he carried him back to the bed. "If you need anything, my lord, please call." The demon had a call to make, and didn't want to cause more complaints. He would leave and let his master rest until the doctor arrived.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 265d 14h 41m 39s
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Ciel allowed Sebastian to hold him up, opening his eyes and looking down at the cool water. He was sure his butler didn't care for this extra work and Ciel didn't like needing it done. The boy liked doing some things for himself, especially important things, and didn't enjoy being doted on at any point in his life. But this, whatever it was, was different. He felt rather ill almost constantly and he couldn't shake the exhaustion that seemed to loom over his head. The fever was arguably the worst not only because it made the young master feel as if he were burning from the inside out, but because it made the injury hurt more. It throbbed as if his heart were trying to escape from the stitched wound and the heat intensified it. Unfortunately the cool water seemed to do little to staunch it which left the earl feeling as miserable as he first went in.

He closed his eyes again after a few minutes, running his hand through his hair before letting it drop heavily back into the water. The demon was still holding the boy up as he would probably sink back under the surface without him and drown. [+blue "I don't feel well,"] Ciel groaned quietly. That was an understatement, he felt as if he were dying. [+blue "Don't make me drink any more."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 265d 14h 58m 0s
The demon took in his masters state, suppressing a heavy sigh. Some things just could not be helped. He removed his tailcoat, setting it on a desk chair. He then proceeded to roll up his sleeves, past the elbows. He approched his master, and took the basin from his master. He set it aside, on the ground. He said nothing as he unwrapped his master from the blanket and removed his masters night gown. He looked at the injury, which looked red and irritated. "The casing will dissolve in the water, so please be careful." He said, lifting the boy as if he were made of porclain. He carried his sickmaster to the bathroom and carefully lowered him into the cool water. He kept one arm around Ciel, lowering ackwardly due to his leg. He doubted his master wpuld be able to hold himself up, so he stayed ready to do it for him. The child had started to grow more independant through the years. A few months ago, he had demanded to start bathing himself. The butler complied, but stayed near. This time, however, the demon grabbed the sponge. His master was exhausted, so Sebastian began to gently wash his master. Honestly he missed doing this, standing at the door was so dull. Sloth was not his favorite of the sins, he prefered to stay busy.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 265d 15h 9m 24s
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Ciel lay in the bed as he waited for Sebastian, closing his eyes after wiping his brow again. Each passing minute felt as if he were sitting in an oven and the fire below kept growing hotter. He found it hard to do anything but lie there, focusing on what little he could. Between that and his stomach, his hands were rather full.

Opening his eyes, he looked over at the rather full glass sitting beside him. Sebastian would want him to drink more but, the longer he looked at it, the more his stomach protested. It seemed to still be agitated at the water and the milk he had drank earlier, the nauseous feeling growing stronger and stronger. He reached down, pulling out the basin that rested under the bed and pulled it into his lap. No sooner had he done so did his body revolt, rejecting the things he had consumed while his body layered itself in a film of sweat. The small frame dry heaved after for a minute or two before it fell back against the headboard, Ciel exhausted.

He had no idea how long he lay there but his eyes opened again once he heard Sebastian's voice. Ciel didn't move but stared at the adult in front of him tiredly, trying to find the strength to get back up.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 265d 16h 6m 38s
"Very well, sir." The demon left to prepare the water. He barely lifted his eyebrow at the small drink, however he did not want to make his master ill. The child did have to listen to his body as well. The demon limped out of the room, into his master private bath. He would have to clean it after he put his Lord back to bed. It had been nigh over 24 hours since the last time it had been cleaned. He found that to be completely unacceptable. Removing his gloves, he made sure the water would not freeze the boy. He did not bother to put them back on, as he had no need to hide his hands from Ciel. Sebastianvturned off the water, rising to go collect his master. Upon entering his masters bed chamber, he said, "your bath is ready, if you are finished." He had taken his time, hoping the boy would drink more of the milk.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 265d 16h 16m 20s

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