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[h3 +]
Ciel sat up quickly, despite his back, once his attacker was removed from him and his hand instinctively rested over the bandaged wound. It hurt a lot more than it did the previous night due to his action but he didn't regret doing it. He was desperate and it needed to be done. Luckily the bandage was still relatively dry, telling Ciel that he didn't pull any stitches out. He was certainly going to need another dose of painkillers after this, both injuries hurting quite badly now.

[+blue "I'm fine,"] Ciel responded quietly, the discomfort able to be heard in his voice. A small hand reached behind him to rub at the sore area of his back, watching as Sebastian threw the offender against the door. [+blue "I thought you locked him away somewhere."]

Heterochromic eyes shifted to the makeshift weapon that lay on the bed, wanting to see what the man was attempting to kill him with: a letter opener. Granted it was pretty sharp and could have done some damage if Sebastian hadn't appeared when he did. He reached over, picking it up, and slowly sliding off the bed. His movements were hindered due to the damage done to his back, making him slow. He made his way over to Fredrick, watching stone faced for a moment as the man slowly pulled himself up to his knees. After a quick glance to Sebastian he moved over and plunged the letter opener deep into the man's shoulder before backing away from him and into his butler. Ciel winced at the scream that sounded through the room, letting his weight fall against the taller male as his body began to ache.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 10d 22h 44m 18s
Luckily, the chef was focused on creating that 'meal' for Fredrick. His hand twitched as a wave of pain alerted him that Ciels life was in grave danger. Bard started to ask a question, but the demonic butler was gone before he finished. He glanced over his shoulder, blinking in confusion as he never heard the man leave. He shrugged, continueing his attempt at Cream of Wheat.

Sebastian bolted down the hall, only taking a matter of seconds before he he was outside the door. Instead of checking to see if the door was locked, he faded into a shadowy mass and filtered himself thru the cracks before solidifing on the inside. A low, feral snarl escaped as he, quite literally, ripped the man away from Ciel. He held him by the back of the neck, one arm shooting out. To catch Ciel in case he tumbled to the ground. He pressed down with his thumb, pointer, and middle fingers to keep him from escaping as he made sure Ciel was revitivly unharmed. Then threw him into the door, not with enough force to break the room though. "Are you alright, sir?" He turned to look at Ciel, there was a hint of true concern in his tone.

[h3 +]
Ciel slept rather fitfully for the night, the boy only tossing or turning a couple of times. It was a much welcomed occurrence since, as they days went on, he could feel the effects that his terrible sleep was having on him. He was overly tired and didn't feel like himself most of the time. This night, the first in a while, he rarely moved. He remained so still that if anyone who didn't know better were to enter, they would swear that the boy was deceased. The fact that part one of his nightmare was over combined with the pain medication he would receive helped the boy finally get a good night's sleep. Ciel only had one episode during the night which ended as abruptly as it started, the boy falling back into a deep sleep immediately after.

Fredrick, however, would continue to cause problems. Finny had awoken first, which wasn't unusual, and proceeded to wake up the other servants so they could get dressed and begin their days. The ex-Duke wasn't excluded from this list, the male unlocking the door in order to inform him it was time to wake, but forgot to lock it again. It wasn't customary to leave doors locked, if a secured room needed tended to, Sebastian was usually the one to take care of it. Once the blonde had disappeared to finish dressing for the day, Fredrick took this opportunity to sneak out of his room and quietly move down the hallway. He was quite limber and sneaky for an older male, clearly having picked up these skills from his need to acquire sacrifices for the cult. He carefully and quietly looked into each room that he could open, looking for the brat that started it all. To his surprise, he found him in the servant's quarters, sleeping soundly in a rather empty room. A dark smile touched his lips, believing this to be his opportunity, and quietly moved into the room and shut the door just as silently behind him. The boy didn't move at this sound, too far gone into sleep, which allowed Fredrick to snoop around the room to find a weapon to use.

After acquiring one, he sneaked over to a side of the bed, watching Ciel for a moment before darting forward. One hand covered the boy's mouth to prevent him from screaming while the one that held his makeshift weapon, grabbed hold of the stitched area of his arm to keep him relatively still. Ciel awoke in a jolt, struggling with his attacker. Where was the damn demon when he needed him?! He was unable to give an order effectively which left calling for Sebastian out of the question. Fredrick was smart about that. Still, the demon would be able to sense his pain. In a desperate attempt to summon Sebastian, Ciel jerked the injured arm up further into his attacker's hand, causing a sharp wave of pain to erupt from it and the boy to cry out quietly.

[+darkred "This is the end for you, child."]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 4h 8m 39s
Sebastian smiled as he watched Ciel sleep, then chuckled lowly. "I wonder what you think my 'type' might be?" He murmured, turning in his chair to face the desk. He removed the dagger he had taken from the cult building from his coat and set it on the desk. He gave the blade a half hearted glare. Then he opened a drawer and removed on of the borrowed books and some loose paper. He would normally have wrote in the book, but it did not belong to him. He Fredrick was not overly hard to keep awake, though if the man actually started to clean at this point it was too late. The blood would have long stained the carpet and would need replaced. As promised, he would not be getting rest until he did so. Sebastian would have to show him how to tear it up and put new down.

He also kept his ears open in case Ciel might need him, but otherwise delved into the ancient book in an attempt to figure out how to use magic. He used a different approch, having never shown a real talent for it. It was dangerous, but he was willing to try if it ment keeping Ciel safer. He could do some basic things, so he focused on ways to try to enhance what he could do, rather than try to force new material when he really didn't have a lot of time.

Occasionally he would get up to prevent the fire from dieing, but as promised didn't leave until it was time to start the day. It was 5:30 in the mornng now, and for once Bard was there.

"Good morning, Bardroy."

"Mornin'." Was the half hearted response he recieved. Then, "shouldn't the bloke be in the legal jails or somethin'?" He asked, frowning at whatever concotion he had already brewing.

Sebastian hoped that maybe the 'chef' might learn something while feeding Fredrick.

"You are going to burn it..." He didn't even know what it was, but it almosted looked alive the way the this substance was boiling. It didn't smell bad, but the appearance was disturbing even to the demon.
[h3 +]
Ciel winced as the wet clothed was pressed to the closing wound, his arm shaking faintly from pain. Sebastian was right, he had received and lived through worse wounds than this, so why was he behaving this way? Despite its small size it still hurt pretty badly. Just the light pressure Sebastian was using on it to clean the area to prevent infection was enough to drive him up the wall. Foolishly, he thought if he couldn't see it, it wouldn't hurt as much. That theory was proved wrong rather quickly, the boy slowly turning his head and opening his eyes to look down at it.

[+blue "It still hurts like the others,"] Ciel responded quietly, watching as Sebastian picked up another cloth and carefully patted the area dry. It didn't look too bad, the skin around the stitches red with irritation but that was normal. Anyone's skin would react to having thread in it. Heterochromic eyes watched as Sebastian set that cloth aside and began to bandage it once again to prevent Ciel from irritating it and to catch any small drips of blood that may seep through.

He carefully lay down onto the smaller bed, careful not to agitate his back, and curled up in the blankets. The boy was grateful Sebastian wasn't poking at his back tonight as that was the worst of them, though imagined it would occur sometime in the morning. He slowly looked over to see Sebastian sit down in the chair across from the bed, then snuggled into the pillows. This was the most relaxed he had been in days, though he wasn't sure whether it was the room, the demon's presence, or the promise that this chapter was over. It took a bit longer than usual but Ciel eventually drifted off into sleep.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 5h 40m 38s
Sebastian set to work taking care of the injury. He removed the bandage, looking at it closely. The stitching was well done, not yet coming loose. He didn't smell anything thatmight indicate an infection, nor did it seem to be swelling. "I find it strange that this affects you so. This is a mere cut in comparison to some of the other things you have lived thru." He spoke softly, taking one of the cloths and dipping it into the warm water. He was as gentle as he could be, knowing the injury was still sensitive. He then took another dry cloth, and padded it dry. Too much moisture left behind could cause problems too. Once he was satisfied, he covered it with clean bandaging to prevent his master from scratching at the stitches. "It appears to be healing well." He reported, standing to move the bowl of water further from the bed. Ciel was use to a larger bed, and lately had been a restless sleeper. He wouldn't put it past him to accidently knock it over if he remained restless. Drying out a mattress was difficult even for him, if it got soaked.

"You should try to get some rest." He said, moving away. He expected he would be spending the night keeping Fredrick awake since the man refused to clean. A bit more gently, though. He didn't want to startle Ciel while he slept. He picked up the discarded pillow he had allowed to both hit and fall to the floor. He dusted it off, though there was no real need to. The room was spotless, as was the rest of the mansion. He fluffed it, and replaced it back onto the bed where it currently belonged.
[h3 +
Small arms wrapped gently around Sebastian's neck as the demon lifted his charge, Ciel letting out a quiet sigh. He knew the answer he would get, Sebastian giving him some sort of lecture about infections and the like. The demon wasn't wrong, they lived in a time where it ran rampant. Even the smallest cut could turn ugly if not cared for properly. The facts didn't make Ciel want to comply any more than usual, Ciel not wanting to seek out pain.

He watched as Sebastian carried him to the nearest bathroom, the one the servants mostly used, and observed as the demon filled a pitcher with water. Afterwards he collected a few cloths and adjusted Ciel in one arm so he could effectively carry all the items back to his bedroom. Once he was placed back onto Sebastian's bed, another sigh left his chest.

[+blue "Of course I'm aware,"] he retorted quietly, watching as his butler took the injured arm in his hands and twisted so the underside was facing up. The bandage was then removed, Ciel biting his lip as he looked over the line of stitches running horizontally across the middle of his arm. They didn't appear too angry, which was a good sign, but they still hurt. As soon as it appeared that Sebastian was going to begin cleaning, Ciel shut his eyes tightly and turned his head away.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 20h 10m 8s
"Come, now. I am sure you have no wants to suffer an infection. Unfortunatly I cannot share my quick healing with you." Their sort of bond simply would not allow him. Unlike Akira, the Raven could not share his abilities with his contractee. He very carefully lifted Ciel from the bed, to prevent too much strain on Ciels back. He doubted Ciel wanted to be alone right now. The fact Ciel made his way to the room in the first place was enough proof of that. He then left the room, going toward the nearest bathroom. It was clear as day Ciel had no real choice. "You do realize you can turn away while I clean it, sir?" He said, smirking. He would be a rather poor servant to ignore something as important as an injury. He adjusted his grip carefully, not wanting to put Ciel down on any of the hard surfaces, until he had the boy secure in one arm. He filled a pitcher with water, heating it himself since it was much faster then grab a couple wash cloths, just in case he would need more than one. Once he had the items, he returned with Ciel to his bedroom and carefuly placed him back on the bed.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 11d 20h 23m 22s
[h3 +]
Ciel frowned a bit at Sebastian's mention of cleaning his stitches, not a process he was particularly looking forward to. He took the sudden change of conversation to mean that the demon didn't wish to continue the subject they were talking about, wondering if it was because the butler was growing uncomfortable with it or if he imagined the small master was. Either way, the subject was changed to focus on Ciel and the particularly unpleasant task ahead of them. [+blue "I'd rather give up a week's worth of dessert than that,"] he mumbled quietly.

He took notice of the change of Sebastian's expression, wondering what exactly could have caused it to switch that drastically. He watched as Sebastian stood, approaching the side of the bed, and gently covering the boy's ears. It only took moments for a scream from the older human to fill the hall, Ciel's hands quickly raising and resting over Sebastian's in order to dull the sound more. Once it stopped, the boy relaxed, and slowly looked up at the butler.

[+blue "Can't it wait until later?"] he asked quietly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 21h 22m 7s
"Normally not. I don't not fancy the reapers at all. I was merely stating he is a better option than Grell. At the very least he takes his work seriously. Were you never told that appearences are not everything? There are others I would chose over any reaper, of course." He smiled rather cheerfully, having no intention of actually telling Ciel much more information. "Perhaps we should clean your arm now sir?" He questioned. Infection was a possiblity. Though he was aware that itchiness was common during healing. He had not missed Ciel absently rubbing it for the past few minutes. He tilted his head at the boy, he fully expected Ciel to resist as he had earlier.

Sebastian blinked once, then frowned suddenly. He had let himself get focused on toying with Ciel,he just now realized Fredrick had not followed through with his instructions. It was an easy fix, and it seemed as though the man had drifted to sleep. Though, not reslly a comfortsble one. He stood, remembering the discomfort his master had experienced. While he still did not understamd it, he covered Ciels ears anyway. Justto be safe. He sent a short but powerful jolt to the man their the mark that bound them. It was equivalent to a lighnting bolt striking the mans branded heart. Fredrick would have no ill affects, other than the agony of living through his heart feeling like it was now fried. He would have to soynd proof the room, otherwise the other servants were going to suffer from lack of sleep.
[h3 +]
The small nose wrinkled again, clearly showing distaste for Sebastian's choices. Even though Sebastian despised it, Ciel would never grow tired of watching him interact with Grell. It was just so comedic it was impossible to look away. Granted the demon always won in the end but it was entertaining to watch Grell try anyway. It was even more amusing when the redhead decided to make advances on him.

Ciel never grew tired of watching him suffer in the hands of Grell.

Small fingers continued to rub at the bandage as his mind wandered. He never really thought of Sebastian as "that" type, he always imagined him to be interested in women. There were no women reapers which was probably why he chose the way he did, but Ciel still found it interesting that he didn't name a woman from somewhere else. Did the demon really swing that way? A light blush colored the boy's cheeks as these thoughts danced around in his head, the small earl accidentally pressing to hard on the stitches and causing a faint wince to appear for a brief moment.

[+blue "He looks too much like a librarian,"] Ciel answered quietly after a long while. [+blue "I didn't think someone like that would be your thing."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 22h 1m 46s
Sebastian grimanced at that, "that will definatly not be happening. There is something seriously wrong with that man." He didn't bother to hide the shudder. Grell was one being that could get under his skin rather easily. Sebastian could handle people being attracted to him, that wasn't the problem. The gender confused reaper really needed to get his priorities straight. Not only had Grell been a poor butler , but he didn't even take his reaping seriously. To top it off, the reaper wanted to actually breed with him. Sebastian found it revolting. His master, unfortunatly, was an ameture at this game. "Mr. Spears, at least, can do his job quickly and efficently." He could respect that, "If I had to pick." He said, letting his master 'enjoy' that image as revenge. Not that he actually wanted to do anything of the sort with any Shinigami.
[h3 +]
Ciel wrinkled his nose a bit at Sebastian's last statement, continuing to absently rub at the white bandage. He didn't exactly want to think about his servants getting familiar with each other in that sense. He knew how Mey-Rin felt about Sebastian and that she found him extremely attractive, it was plain to anyone that observed them together. He was also aware of the needs his servants more than likely felt, especially the males, and didn't have any qualms about them spending some time satisfying those urges. Still, he didn't really want to think about them participating in such activities with each other.

[+blue "I'd rather you not copulate with my maid,"] Ciel muttered quietly. He was aware that Sebastian had participated in such acts, he remembered standing no less than fifteen feet away from him when he did so. Of course, it was to further a case, not because he wished to. Still, he had no idea when Sebastian felt those urges, if they appeared at all, nor what he did about him. He probably didn't wish to. He did find Grell's persistent pursuit of him rather entertaining, though, and loved to watch it unfold. [+blue "I mean, if you get desperate Grell is always interested."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 22h 9m 56s
Sebastian tsked, "that is hardly in my nature. If I am to bed someone because I genuinly wish to, it will be someone I respect." He said, not at all offended. "I am not an incubus, thankfully." His lip did curl slightly in disgust as he said the name of the demonic race. Sexism was one thing most demons couldn't comprehend. Racism, however, was rather dominant. "Any other time is due to contract obligations if I have very limited time or am otherwise compramised." He informed, clearly having no qualms about the direction the conversation went. He was honestly curious to see how long until Ciel became uncmfortable with the topic. "Though, I would hardly have to leave the manor, would I? There is at least one who would be more than happy if I were to pay a late night visit. That I know of, anyway." He mused out loud. It was not an image he cared t hae in his own mind, but watching Ciel was rather entertaining.
[h3 +]
Sebastian could be quite problematic when he wished to be; Ciel couldn't decide if he really meant what his words and tone suggested or if he were doing it to simply get a rise out of his charge. When the boy was feeling less than himself it wasn't out of the ordinary for the demon to act this way, wanting Ciel to feel something other than the negative feelings he currently had. Surely this was one of those situations...wasn't it?

He reached to his left, picking up one of the extra pillows and throwing it in Sebastian's direction. It was one of the only things he had within easy reach other than the book, but he figured he may want to read again soon. He didn't want to risk his butler holding it captive. [+blue "I am not some woman you picked up off the street,"] Ciel huffed quietly, eyes narrowing, and resting against the pillows again. A hand absently moved to his injured arm, lightly rubbing at the stitches under the bandage. [+blue "If that's one of the needs you're having, I'm surprised you haven't gone out and solicited someone yet."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 23h 58m 44s

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