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"Yes, my lord." The demon bowed, "please, do not strain yourself. If you begin to feel tired, rest. You only just woke up. I will be back shortly." With that, he left. On his way to the kitchen, hr pondered on what to give his master. Something high-calorie with little flavor. With his master not eating in so long, something too strong would make him ill again. When he entered the kitchen, Bard was looking at some sort of magazine. Without looking up to see who entered, the chef muttered a short "hey."

"Hello, Bardroy." The butlers voice caused the chef to nearly jump out of his skin. The demon smirked, amused by the reaction.

"Mr. Sebastian! The young master- is he....?" It was clear he was prepared for the worst news.

"Is awake and walking on his own." The demon said, his smirk turned into a smile. "I am hear to bring him something to eat, actually." The demon made his way to the fridge.

"Thats great! Ah, er...." the chefs cheerful tone turned nervous as the fridge was opened.

Sebastian stared, blinked, and stared some more. He tried to maintain a calm demeanor as he shut the empty cooler. The only thing in there was butter. He went to the pantry, and found it simularly empty. There was bread, and cream of weat.

". Bardroy." the demon wore his 'I am going to kill you' smile.

"Well.... with the master not awake I only had to feed us so I let it get a little low."

"Go restock our supplies..... now." The demon growled, Bard saluted and took off before Sebastian decided to skin him alive.

"Well then.... let me see...." He picked up the cream of weat, it was half full. "Fine, it will do." He was only after a simple meal anyway. He took off, filtching an egg and some milk from one of the a neighboring farms. He also found a wild boar on in his path and killed it. He brought it back, putting the milk and eggs aside. He quickly harvested the boar, then sliced of some meat. He actually chewed on a raw bit while he cooked, to make sure it was not diseased. Finding it clean, he cooked the slices. He dished the meal, the ham and egg on the very top of the thick porrige like substance. He also made his master a milk based Earl Grey tea. He grabbed a lap table, not sure where his master would decide to eat. He the took it up to his master, passing meylene on the way. He told her the news, and ordered her to tell Finny and Tanaka as well. Once he returned, he knocked to announce himself and entered.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 310d 18h 16m 12s
[h3 +]
Ciel remained standing next to the bed, having abandoned the book on the spacious surface for the time being. It seemed as if the young master had seen enough of the comfortable piece of furniture and didn't wish to get back on it. Who could blame him after have been lying on it for so long? He seemed to prefer standing and stretching his legs a bit which didn't seem to bother the demon in the least. In fact, he still seemed happy to see his charge up and about.

A small hand rested over his stomach as Sebastian mentioned his weight, frowning a bit. He could feel the space between his nightshirt and his skin, the garment feeling larger than it used to. Being as white as a ghost didn't concern him as much, some time in the sun could easily fix it. His weight, however, was more important. Ciel had always been unnaturally small and would have to work to bring his size back up to normal. He was sure Sebastian could help with that.

[+blue "It's probably best that I eat something,"] Ciel answered, rubbing his stomach lightly again before letting his arm fall to his side. [+blue "See what you can do to bring my weight back up to normal. After breakfast, we should discuss this shapeshifter more and find out what we can do to protect ourselves. You can leave the books and take care of them later."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 310d 20h 1m 31s
"I could not risk contaminating the room." His tone turned serious as he looked up at the two towers of books. "My negligence nearly cost you your life. I won't let that happen again." The last sentance sounded more like a promise to himself rather than Ciel. Nearly losing his master had honestly shaken him. He turned to his master, "now, do you require anything? You have lost a rather alarming amount a weight. And, despite my efforts, have grown unheathily pale." He had tried to leave the curtains open, but unfortunatly the sun only shone on the bed for a short amount of time inthe morning. It was conveinet to be annoying while waking his master, but to keep him a heathy shade was near impossible. At first the demon had tried moving the bed, but in the end the sun moved away from his masyers room too quick to do any good. "The way the demon kept circling back to questioning if his master wanted anything was like he was asking his lord to give him an order. Which, he was. He did not care what it was, it could be ridiculous. He could just leave to do any of the tasks he had said, however he did not want to leave without permission. Perhaps he was feeling nostalgic due to the constant silence.
[h3 +]
Bright eyes watched as Sebastian moved to the desk to clean up the clutter. He was rather surprised to see it in such a state, typically Sebastian was a rather neat monster. What could have happened in his mind to allow such a mess to accumulate? He set his book down on the comforter of the bed, watching the demon work. Everything Sebastian did seemed so effortless, no matter the task. Ciel knew it was his demon power at work but it was still fascinating to watch sometimes. He would never admit such a thing, however, as he would never let the demon know that he found him impressive.

[+blue "With all of this time on your hands, I don't understand why you haven't looked into it,"] Ciel answered, watching the stacks of books become two large ones. What was so dangerous about this blade that Sebastian couldn't even bring it into his master's room? He doubted it had that much power. [+blue "It's not as if you had orders to take care of. And what of that creature? Have you seen her again?"]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 311d 16h 44m 28s
"Very true, my lord." The demon watched his little master closely. The fact the boy was walking on his own so quickly was amazing. "Now that you arr awakr, there is something I need to do. I have been unable to look at the sword I took from our most current foe. It is.... different than what I have seen before." It was it was like he had to stay away from the sword to heal. Before his master had gone unconscious he had studied the markings on it. However he hadn't the time to truly study it. He hadn't really been healing well. Once he had been forced away from it, his healing sped up expodentially. This had the butler deeply interested in more than just its creator. He began cleaning up his masters desk. Now that he could leave, he did not want to keep his lords property so cluttered. He had kept it neat at first, but astime went on he had stopped careing. It wasn't like anyone was seeing the mess. While he had hid it well, it had been slightly uncomfortable for the butler to have his master see it in such dissarray. Granted, it was just books and quills. By the time he was finished, he had three stacks of books up to his eyes, which he then condenced to two. The tall towers seemed intimidating, but he would be able to carry them to the library with ease.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 311d 16h 53m 27s
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Ciel sighed in disappointment, lightly folding his arms over his chest. It was a bit upsetting to hear that he still couldn't leave, but at least he had some room to stretch his legs out a bit in. He knew it was for his well being but he also imagined Sebastian would enjoy seeing his master riled. After all, it had been so long since he had an actual argument with anyone. Knowing his butler, he wouldn't have gone far in order to keep a watchful eye on his charge and making him rather bored during Ciel's recovery period.

Things seemed to be returning to normal.

He slowly pushed his frame towards the edge of the bed and stood, his legs shaking a bit from not being used in so long. It took him a couple of steps in order to get them back into proper working order and, of course, refused any and all help from Sebastian, then walked to the sitting room to retrieve his book. If he couldn't go anywhere, he may as well read. Even though he was getting better he didn't feel up for anything rather complicated at the moment. Perhaps in a few hours.

[i "You truly are a stubborn human."]

Ciel turned his head at this, looking back at the demon while holding the book in his hands. It was true, many human beings would have crumbled under the pressure if they were in the boy's shoes...especially after all he had been through. For some reason even Ciel couldn't explain, he seemed to push through all odds to come out on top. [+blue "Being complacent never got one anywhere,"] Ciel answered, slowly making his way back towards the bed. [+blue "If I weren't stubborn, your life would be rather boring, I think."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 311d 17h 14m 39s
"I would like to keep an eye on you for at least a full 24 hours. The doctor, nodoubt,will want to check on you before you can leave the quarantined area. If you can walk, you full access to your private rooms." Which included the bathroom, dressing room, and the bedroom. "If you require anything to entertain you, I will bring them to you. I think me bringing any potential contaminates will be the safest way to begin." However, he would not go out of his way to bring anything to his master. The demon had finally relaxed and took on his more usual, arrogant composure. While the fight was not over, it was coming to an end. "You truly are a stubborn human." There was a slight lilt of approval. It could have been taken as a self pride for chosing such an exquisit meal. In reality, it was honest relief. Going home because he fail his contract would have been most embarressing and shameful. As a demon, both of those wpuld have ruined his reputation. Which was everything to a demon.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 311d 17h 33m 52s
[h3 +]
It was a relief to know that the company had been kept up with and that Sebastian didn't allow it to fail. Ciel believed in his butler's abilities and knew that the demon made the right choices to prevent them from losing any money. It was nice to have at least one capable staff member. Hearing that most understood the boy's condition and wished a swift recovery was reassuring though he dreaded having the ladies visit. He could only imagine the hell that he and the demon would have to go through, all the questions that would be asked and answers demanded, not to mention getting them to leave. That was something he wasn't confident he could deal with at the time being, though luckily he wouldn't have to.

Knowing that his immune system had taken quite the fall was disappointing, the butler suggesting that his re-acquaintance with the outside world would be slow. Still, it was best to take it easy due to what had happened to him and how long he had been rendered unconscious because of it.

He leaned back a little, looking back at Sebastian again. [+blue "Then what am I to do until then?"] he asked his butler. Maybe if he was lucky and kept improving, Sebastian would find it acceptable for his master to traverse at least the second floor. Ciel felt he would lose his mind if he had to stay here longer than a day.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 311d 19h 53m 56s
"I have kept the Funtom Company going in your stead. If you would like, I will show you what I have done. Sales in Germany have gone up." Though he was not entirely sure why, but sales went up and down all the time. "I did not change anything," he assured his lord quickly. As a butler, it was not his place to. "I did send a letter to the queen, explaining your condition. She answered wishing you a swift recovery. And the ladies of Midford..... lets just say I am not looking forward to their next visit.....which should probably be sooner rather than later." He had let the other servants deal with their phone calls after the first one. He had more important things to do than stand for an hour being yelled at every time they wanted an update. He had only been trying to avoid the possibilty of the young Lady Elizabeth from forcing her way thru to see his master. He was grateful that he never had to cross that bridge.
"The doctor suggested I quarantine you, so your introdution back outside will be slow." He had learned a lot through the different medical books he had read to his master. "I am glad you are awake, sir. The manor is not the same without you. It has been.... quiet. There will be quite a bit of excitment, however I don't think letting them see you is a good idea yet. I have kept your room sterile, that along with your infection.... according to the books I read," he now gestured to the perilously stacked pile of books on his masters desk, "your immune system could have taken a deep plunge. For your safety, I would prefer you to remain here a bit longer. You gave everyone quite the scare." He would not admit that he had been frightened as well. He had been starting to think he comletely failed Ciel.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 312d 1h 33m 50s
[h3 +]
Ciel simply stared at his butler, not able to find the right words to say. He imagined he had fallen asleep for a few hours, perhaps even a day or so. To hear he had been out for six entire weeks was shocking. Was whatever happened to him so horrendous that it took him from the waking world for over a month? Granted he did feel a lot better than he remembered but it was still rather surprising.

Slowly he pushed himself to sit up, wincing faintly at the pull from the nearly healed wound, and groaned as he did so. Bones that hadn't been used in weeks shifted at the sudden work, cracking into place. It may take a while until he was feeling as good as he used to before the incident but he was impressed with how good he felt already. Sebastian seemed to be thrilled at the boy's sudden progress though Ciel imagined it was simply because he didn't lose his meal. He had no idea of the boredom and lonely days the demon had in this room with his quiet form and how he longed for his dear master to awaken. Still, it was a little much too soon and he wasn't sure he was ready for it

[+blue "That's....that's impossible,"] Ciel began to protest, running his hand through his hair. He felt the tubing of the IV brush against his skin, his gaze following it to the needle still inserted in his arm. Perhaps it did happen as IV's weren't brought out unless absolutely needed. [+blue "I couldn't have been out that long..."]

He brought his gaze back over to the demon, the male seemingly excited to endure his master's verbal abuse again. [+blue "What of the business, then? And the cases?"] Another thought fell into his head, causing his eyes to widen a bit. [+blue "Even worse, what of Aunt Francis and Elizabeth?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 313d 16h 40m 46s
The demon, was by his master instantly. He had been completely heal for a long while now. "Young master!" The demon sounded an odd mixture of shocked, estatic, and worried. "You are awake! That will be some joyous news!" The demon grinned- actually grinned. "It is good to see you coming to. You have been unconcious for about 6 weeks." While he spoke, he fussed over the boy. "It has been dreadfully boring. If you feel up for it, I will bring you something light to snack on? You should be pleased to know I took the liberty of refusing any invintations, as you are in no cndition to be going out." The demon looked a little too excited to be put to work. He had been stuck within his masters room nearly the whole time, to prevent contamination. He fell silent, rsther suddenly. He waited for his master speak, as the demon was starting to sound like he had nobody to talk to for far too long. Which was true, however he did not want to unnerve his master more than he realized he already had. This was not normal behavior, and it was clear his master had thought he'd been asleep for a few hours. Being bombarded with a suddenly talkitive demon would likely stun him. The servants would want to see their master, for sure. He would have to call Doctor Reneir, who had been checking on the young master. He would have to contact Lady Elizabrth as well, she had of course found out. He had recived a major lecture from the Marquis about why he neglected to tell them. Convincing them to stay away for the time being had been challenging as well.
[h3 +]
Six weeks. Six long weeks the house had run without a master to guide it. The servants were still rather somber and sticking to their routines in order to avoid thinking about the worst. It seemed at this point the small earl would never wake up and they would never hear his voice again.

Mid morning was when the young Phantomhive began to regain his senses. He could hear soft movements through the room though he couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. After a few minutes of listening, heterochromic eyes slowly opened to be greeted by the view of the familiar, sun-streaked ceiling. He felt as if he were dreaming or in some sort of fog, or perhaps as if he weren't really there. While his mind became re-accustomed to reality, the boy slowly turned his gaze over to the direction he had last heard movement coming from.

Sebastian was there, though he had no idea why so early. Did something happen or was he simply checking on his master's ill form? It took Ciel a few minutes to realize that he wasn't sick with fever or upset stomach any longer, though his body was a bit sore. How did it disappear so quickly? More importantly, what happened?

Ciel had little recollection of the events that took place before he fell comatose, the boy remembering the severe pain in his side and feeling feverish. Most of the events after that were quite vague. Perhaps the demon would be able to fill him in on the rest.

[+blue "Sebastian,"] Ciel called out, though his voice was a bit weak due to not being used for over a month. It would take a little bit to break it back in, but it wouldn't be difficult in the least. [+blue "What happened?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 313d 18h 6m 24s
The demon spent nearly every minute with his master. He kept the servants at bay, having told them of the quarantined area. He kept it clean, bathed his master every day. He cleaned the injury every couple hours. Meylene or Bard would bring him the mail, ehich the butler took it upon himself to got thru. He kept the Funtom company running smoothly, as would be expected. The butler denied all party invitations. The child would be in no condition to be dancing or socializing. He was worried about how thin the boy was getting, however the doctor told him the injections had enough nutrients to sustain him. By the end of the third week Sebastian started talking to his master. He was bored. Not only was he a demon, but a bird demon. He liked the freedom of going places. Being cooped up was starting to affect him. He spoke about anything that came to mind. From the weather, to how the flowers were looking. About the servants, and how they were actually behaving for once. Sometimes he read to Ciel. The books varied from educational lectures to the detective novels the child loved so much.

Sometimes, the demon made up fantastical stories. Many involved bloodshed, but sometimes they were completely innocent.

Once, about 5 weeks in, the demon stood, hovering over his master. The constant silence was begining to drive him mad. He stared at the boy, contemplating. Finally, he turned away with a heavy sigh. "I do wish you would wake up, my lord..." He turned and looked at the child again. He sighed again. He missed his master. The snarky attitude, the spiteful orders. The heavy glares when teased. He even missed having things thrown at him. The demon, by nature, was one to do as he pleased. He removedhis tailcoat and put it on the desk. There was nothing for him to do, and he had long gotten bored of fawning over the same kitten pictures every night. The demon crawled across the bed to his tiny little lord. Once there, he curled himself, rather protectively, around the boy. He was careful, not wanting to disturb the stitched wound. He held the child to his chest, locking him in a cage. He closed his eyes, resting his chin on the boys head. He did not sleep. He started doing this every night, holding the small Earl protectivly. Wishing for him to open his eyes. He became more verbal about it as well, during the day. When writing letters, he often found himslef rubbing the back of his hand, where the mark lay. If it wasn't for the fact he could sense the boys soul, he'd have thpught him dead.
[h3 +]
The manor was quiet, unusual for this time of day. Every servant worried about their master's well being. He had received horrible injuries before but this was something on a completely new level. He could die. Each one of them understood how grim the situation looked; if he didn't die right away, he could remain comatose for a very long time...and that was if he ever woke up again. That combined with the deep infection made Ciel's chances of seeing the next day very slim. It was nerve racking.

Bard had made himself busy in the kitchen, choosing to bury his feelings into his work. Now that Sebastian would be with the young master nearly twenty-four hours a day, someone would have to feed the rest of them. He got to work, making their meals right on time each day and promptly cleaning the dishes after. Mey-Rin performed her usual cleaning duties, even going out of her way to clean hard to reach areas in order to keep her mind preoccupied. Finny, however, seemed to take it the hardest out of all of them and remained outside in the garden for as long as he possibly could. Some nights he even slept out there. It was easier than seeing his master in such a state, the child that gave him everything. These routines continued until the small earl finally broke free of the coma...

...six weeks later.

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 313d 20h 33m 54s
Sebastian shook his head, "no, thank you. If I have any other questions, or his condition changes I will contact you immediately." He would work on the quarantine space right away. "I do not mean to be rude, however if it means his life.... I would like to get to work promptly." The butler limped his way to the door of the room. He gestured to the speaking tube that resided in the room. They were not used often, as calling the demon was normally quicker. For that matter, they were only used when the manor was attacked. "I will call someone to see you to the door, sir." His master would be severely upset if the hospitality he was so proud of vanished without his supervision. He bowed politely as the doctor left, respecting the butlers wishes. Once he contacted someone to see to the good doctor, he turned to his master.

"A rather unfortunate turn of events....." he mused, looking around. He wondered how much his leg could handle. It was strange, he was healing faster than when he had first been injured. The day before had been miserable, and now he only had a slight limp. He would have to take a look at the sword soon. He knew it was built to do serious damage to him, but the injury was strange. Normally, it took longer to heal from such blades. "well, no matter." He spoke to the air, "time to get started," he clapped his hands together and summoned the items he would need. He sterilized everything. From the window and desks, to the chair cushions and even the head board of his masters bed. He was extra careful handling the boy, moving him to replace the soiled linens with clean ones. He took his time with that, as he did not want to stress his masters weakened body more. By the time he was finished, it was supper time. time for his masters first shot. The demon went to the massive Phantomhive library. It was large for two reasons. One was because it was built the same as the first manor, and two to occupy the demon when he got bored. The demon actually had a hidden collection of books locked in the room. He was unsure if his master knew of it. Mostly books from his own home, but he had stuck a couple medical books to read at some point with them. he got them after he learned of his masters asthma, but never actually read them. There was one book that looked to be a thin scrapbook type thing. The demons guilty pleasure. His master was allergic to cats, and had forbade the demon from keeping any . That little book was full of pictures of cats. Some were rather impressive. He took the medical books, and the scrapbook. he would need to entertain himself while he watched over his lord at night. He flipped through the books quickly until he found what he looking for. He took the books to his masters room, reading on how to properly give a shot along the way. Once he had the information, he proceeded to complete the task. He sterilized both the thin needle and his masters arm, and filled the syringe with the fluid. Finishing his task, he cleaned and put everything away. There were still a couple hours before his masters normal bed time. The demon decided it was time to check on the servants.

  Leopard_dragon_Love / 314d 14h 39m 20s

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