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Instead of going to the kitchen, the demon went to his masters bedside table. He was amused by Ciels efforts. He had a pitcher and glass waiting to be used for such an instance. "I already have some here, sir." He returned with the full glass, seeming rather proud of himself. Having supernatural powers helped a lot, as the pitcher had actually been empty until sebastian picked it up. "Do you require anything else?" Being called 'old' annoyed him, though he hid it well. He was, in fact, rather young. At least when you compared him to most others of his age. "My offer to let you try to read those books still stands, sir. You might learn something interesting. However, for your health, you must stay in your room. Luckily, he could disobey his masters orders if he felt it was nessisary for his masters well being. He would lock him in if needed.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 256d 14h 57m 29s
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It was somewhat reassuring to see Sebastian had returned to his usual cheekiness, though rather irritating. If he wasn't certain the demon would dodge whatever he threw at him, Ciel certainly would have hurled something straight at his head. Had Sebastian always been like this with his previous masters or did he reserve it specially for the young lord? Ciel would ask, but he was afraid of the answer.

[+blue "you deserve to be laid out flat for that remark,"] Ciel retorted, narrowing his eyes. [+blue "Old men should be seen and not heard. Be careful working on your chores today, I wouldn't want you busting a hip."] Small arms folded over his chest, keeping the irritated look. Most of the time he wasn't afraid to give the demon's smart ass remarks back at him even though it never seemed to bother him much. It was mostly to make Ciel feel better.

A heavy sigh fell at the demon's next announcement, his form slouching a bit. He hated doctor's visits; they were incredibly annoying, wasted time, and he didn't care for the poking, prodding, and stupid questions. He'd rather be left alone and checked up on from afar. Maybe he still had time to escape the room. He quickly scanned over his options, judging the distances between the door and Sebastian. He was certain that if he tried, he'd be stopped immediately as the butler was too close. He could try to send Sebastian out of the room but was sure the older male wouldn't fall for it.

Damn it all to hell.

[+blue "I need you to retrieve something for me from the kitchen,"] Ciel lied, trying option number two anyway. [+blue "I need some water, I'm parched."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 256d 15h 8m 47s
The demon only smiled at the small Lord. "You never asked. Besides." The demon chuckled again, "the best way to keep a child in one spot is to keep them entertained." He smiled innocently. It had been far too long since he had been able to tease his master. "I do hope I have answered any questions adoquetly?" Pretending he had not just insulted his master. "Oh, and the doctor should be here shortly. I asked Bard to call him over." By now it would be too late to call the check up off. Something Sebastian had planned, as his master was one to avoid such visits. The doctors diagnosis would also help Sebastian to decide how much longer his masters isolation would be. He hoped it would not be long.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 256d 15h 10m 40s
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Ciel had no idea just how dark the demon's life had been when he once had human flesh. Human beings were a cruel species, that he knew, and only imagined just how horrible they used to be in the older days. He really couldn't imagine the actuality and the severity of it, Sebastian's story told him that. He was well aware of how people that were different from others were treated as he had experienced a fraction of that, but it paled in comparison. Sebastian's former life had truly been a horrifying experience.

Heterochromic eyes closed momentarily as those familiar people were mentioned, a soft shiver crawling up his spine. There was no accurate description for the hate he harbored for them and decided that the firey pits of Hell weren't enough punishment for those bastards. They deserved much worse for the Hell he had put him through. Honestly he was even a bit perturbed at Sebastian for even bringing it up as the demon knew full well how he felt about them.

[+blue "I wasn't expecting something that horrific,"] Ciel admitted after a few long, quiet minutes. It was a lot to sort out, even for one who had witnessed much bloodshed and experienced unbearable heartbreak. [+blue "Perhaps that's why you understand me so well. To be honest, I'm surprised you told me all of that, you've been hiding it from me for years."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 256d 15h 31m 44s
When sebastian finished scolding the unruly gardener-who apologized perfusly for the broken door- and fixed said door, he decided to make a snack for his Lord. It was nothing too heavy, just some scones as bard had returned from shopping. Once done, he returned to his master. He smiled, "I'll have you know, most of that passage is false. I was not possesed at birth." His keen eyes had seen what his master was reading. "I have brought you a variety of scones to snack on, sir." There looked like there was some blueberry, strawberry, apple, and chocolate. He took a momentbto get his master comfortable, being the faithful servant he was.

"Now, where was I?" The demon had to think for a moment. "Right, The first time I caused a death. It is rather amusing to think about. I stabbed him in the eye while hitting him with a stick. I was trying to get him to release me, after I had stolen some bread. It was a complete accident, really. It is amazing what you can do when your pushed to your limits. I was horrified, of course. However I took the bread and ran. Theives back then had their hands cut off, you know. I consider myself lucky that I still have both of mine. My theivery got so bad I was chased out of the village before I was considered an adult. I suppose they were afraid of killing the 'devils son.'" The demon tilted his head, "I had gained a fascination with death after that. I started having a hobby of disecting small animals and learning how they funtioned. Due to this, I was fine alone in the wilderness at first. However, I did not have any idea how to shelter myself from the harsher winter weather." He looked at the book again, " I never ate anybody. I was not, and am not, a cannibal." It was clear that that was something that disgusted the butler, that didn't mean he did not occasionally drink human blood, but he was no longer human. "Luckily I was found by someone before I froze to death, and was brought to a church. At first, I was relived. I lived there for a while, and kept to myself. It was the happiest I had been, ever. Everyone avoided me- My only guess is it had something to do with my eyes." The thought that being as anti social as he had been was not normal never seemed to cross his mind. " Quite sad how something I had no control over was so taboo." He chuckled darkly, it was like he was enjoying telling his tale. It did, of course, feel good to talk to someone again. And sebastian, while subtle about it, did seem to enjoy the sound of his own voice at times.

"I kept myself isolated, for the most part. I tried to live a somewhat normal life . unfortunatly, my peace was short lived as one day something important to one of the preists went missing. I was the newest one to the building, and got blamed for it." He did not remember what the item was though "When I was unable to return the item, I was beaten. I quickly found myself being dragged into the dungeons for punishment."

Sebastian hesitated, his tone changed slightly, growing softer. The next part seemed to be physically challenging to spit out. "I.. begged for it to stop. Told them I did not have it. I was practically skinned alive." A forced smile appeared. The demon had always behaved rather vain, so admitting to such a thing would be highly embarrassing. "That is something even I would not want to repeat." He shifted uncomfortably on his feet, and rolled his shoulders. The way he frowned said he remwmbered how it felt. It was gone as quick as it had been there as he noticed his dropping composure. He fell silent, as if remembering something he found truley unpleasant.

He shook his head, "I snapped." He had skipped over something important, but did not care to repeat the conversation he had with the jailer. He wondered if the boy would insist or let the matter drop. Being a demon did not mean he had forgotten the extreme hurt he had felt. "I got tired of everything. From they day I was born I had been shunned and ridiculed over something I had no control over. Abused and walked on, despite me trying to either bend over backwards to gain their favor or stay out of the way. All because of my.... abnormality, if you will." Sharp teeth were visable, telling how much this part of the story bothered him. Wheather it was because of the treatment he had been through, or the embarrasment of admiting to having been so pathetic was unceartain though. The demon himself, was unsure. "I broke free of my cell, somehow. I do not remember how, there seems to be a gap there. Next thing that comes to mind is me soaked in blood and watching the building burn. From that point on, I did what I wanted. I didn't care about saving my soul, or trying to be a decent man. As far as I cared, the world owed me for everything that happened to me. I became rather wealthy, after that. Through whatever means nessisary. I watched people, became a cutpurse and a cold-blooded killer. From there, I bought a special fabric i could see through that would hide my eyes. People gave me whatever I wanted. How could a blind man work for a living? Between those two things, I was able to live comfortably. As long as I hid my appeance, I was treated rather well."

His composure relaxed again as he continued, returning to normal. "When that wasn't enough, I took more drastic measures. I was able to talk peoples most precious valuables right off of them by using their fears and black mailing. Sometimes, I would watch someone for weeks, learning about them. I didn't care who died for me to get what I wanted. I killed anyone who got in my way, and used their money to get myself tutored. I learned to read and write, and fell in love with the arts of poison. I studied it for years. Makeing myself immune to it- by allowing the creatures to bite me. And yes, I am now aware of how idiotic that was." The demon chuckled, "I still wonder if it would have been considered suicide, if I had died. It is why no poison affects me now. I mixed different ones to see what they did, used human test subjects for my experiments. Both genders, and all ages. I poisoned whole towns, even cities, just to study how people reacted. To watch them panic, as their spouse or child began to sweat blood or boil from the inside out." Now he sounded like he was remenicing on a particularly fond memory. "I had to run eventually, as my hobby got found out by a curious child. I got caught red handed- literally, with the childs throat slit open." He ran his finger across his neck, for dramatic effect. The things he was choosing to highlight would certainly unnerve most people, however he was a demon for a reason. "I lost my wealth, as my reputation plumeted fast. I grew ever more bitter and angry, and resorted to full blown murder. I became well known for my knack for escaping any and all punishments."

He was quiet suddenly, when he spoke he said, "i belive I was supposed to be hung 15 different times, beheaded 6, drowned once and burned at the stake 12 times. Though, I would prefer you not quote me on that. My numbers could be off a bit. I escaped them all before the actual sentance could be carried out, ruthlessly killing anyone who kept me from my freedom. Everything comes to an end, though. I was finally caught, ironically, by the very people who chased me out in the first place. They had me wrapped in chain so tight that I bled, to prevent me from breaking free again. They knocked me uncounsious when it was time for me to be tied to the stake. When I woke, it was due to oil being thrown at me." The demon seemed to stand taller, "I had quite the audiance, people from all over came to watch me burn. Of course, I was not ready to just give up. Their downfall was that they took the chain off, and replaced it with rope. When they lit the fire, the rope burned off before it killed me. It was a glorious agony, but I jumped out of the flames. The fools first thought was to force me, as a living torch, back into the fire. Instead, I grabbed a log and threw it as hard as I could. I had grown quite good at fighting, due to my years as a murderer. By the end, blood had put the fires on me out and the town was burning. However, i was terribly wounded. I was dieing, though I did not wish for it yet. My injuries were grave, and the smoke was choking me. Then I met Him. I collapsed, unable to stand and He told me to get up. After a brief conversation," he was being vauge on purpose, this was something the demon considered personal information. "We made a deal. As such, I died and my new life began. That, is where I must end my tale. I would rather not speak of my personal life." Pretty much confiming the boys thoughts on Sebastian speaking as if talking about someone else. Hew still cruel, but did not have the orals that tried to stop him anymore. Despite that, there had been a few points where the demons reaction had given away that a few things bothered him. The fact he kept stressing his eye color made it clear he still did not understand why he had been so horribly treated. If Ciel looked closely, he could see the fire of anger in his dulled eyes. They way he spoke of murder was like he truly felt those people deserved it. The tone he had when describing the child that ruined him was like death had become like a drug to him. He could have been completely normal, if he had been born with normal eyes. The fact his still hid the coloring said he was still wary of being rejected, especially since he loved being in the center of attention.

It also gave some context as to why he loved kicking others down, other than 'he is a demon.' He was really a walking and talking pillar of fury and hate. Taking amusement in others pain and suffering. However, though he kept a decently positive tone throughout the whole monolog, there were times where the boy could see a bit of a lip twitch. Or his brow furrow. Little signs that gave away how horrible some of those experiences must have been. He had purposefully steered clear out right saying anything that may have said ill of his mentality. However, he did not hide that he had been emotionally and mentally sick as a human, either. Overall, he made it seem like a casual talk.

Sebastian tapped held his chin thoughtfully. "I have actually met quite abfew potencial Demons while in service too you. Baron Kelvin or his Doctor, for example," He knew metioning the men would make his master squirm, "could have become one had I or anyone else nearby been willing to assist. Unfortunatly for them, I made sure to kill them before a deal could be made." Which was a requirement. Sebastian had long paid his debt to his creator, but they still kept in touch. Usually just to be a nuisance to the other.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 256d 2h 29m 41s
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Ciel watched the butler quietly as he spoke, listening to his words. He was rather surprised to see the demon give in so quickly and give such personal information, he thought he'd have to fight and argue with him first. Perhaps Sebastian was taking pity on his master after all that happened, a fact that made a frown touch the pale face. If it was pity that granted this, he'd no doubt give the male a piece of his mind. But that would come later.

Sebastian was so nonchalant about his life, almost as if he were describing someone else. Ciel guessed that, in a way, he was. That person who Sebastian was no longer existed and he had lost human emotions because of that. Time had certainly taken a toll on what humanity the butler used to have.

A quiet sigh left his chest as he heard the crash, Sebastian excusing himself in order to take care of it. One would believe they were the children in the house with how often they needed policing. Ciel reached down, picking up the book Sebastian had been holding and opened it to the place he had marked it. Slowly he began to decipher the old English until the demon returned once again.

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 258d 15h 37m 31s
"Very well, sir." He had never outright refused to answer his masters questions before, and he was not going to now. "Let me see. he looked at the book, finding the date it was written. "I belive i was born around 515 AC, give or take. It has been a long time, so please forgive me. I remember 4 siblings, but nothing about them. My birth ruined my family. The whole village shunned us, all because of my red eyes. My mother loved them, she often said they were the same as her mothers. My father, however, hated me. Actually tried to kill me once, but one of my siblings got in the way." His brow furrowed, he did not remember genders. "You'd think I would remember that one." He fell silent, trying to keep things in a cronilogical order.

"I was younger than you were when my family died. An epidemic swept the country, I was the only one in my family to live. After that, I had to fend for myself. Nobody wanted to take me in. After all, I could not replace their own child who had died." He shrugged. He was eerily nonchalant talking about something that most wpuld start crying over. Then he went rather cheerful, as if he thought the next was hilarious. "I remember I was 8 years old when I killed a man over a loaf of bread." Which really saidjust how messed up the demons mind was. He was about to contiue when there was a shout and a loud thundering crash.

Sebastian sighed, "I do beg your pardon, but I do not think Finny knows I am not permiting visitors yet. I shall continue-" A large crash sounded, signaling finnys intrance into the manor, "when i return." The butler said, leaving quuckly before finny destroyed anyrhing. A quiet "so noisy." Could be heard as the door shut behund the demon.

  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 258d 15h 47m 39s
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Sebastian was right. All signs pointed to the woman being otherworldly, especially since she had long been in the ground at this point in time. Still, it was hard to explain. He didn't expect the demon to understand as he didn't fully, either. [+blue "It caught me by surprise,"] Ciel answered after a minute, keeping in his relaxed position as his arms folded loosely over his chest. [+blue "Perhaps I even wanted to believe she was real, willed it even. But it doesn't matter, I doubt it'll happen again."]

He looked over as Sebastian picked up a book before explaining a couple of things about his life. The male must've had a lot of sins in his life in order to become such a powerful creature...or he really needed saving. Power like that, though, wasn't simply given. It was harvested from deep within. Sebastian had to have really been a force to reckon with way back then. It was good to know he had such a powerful creature on his side and would remain that way until the very end.

[+blue "Perhaps I wish to get to know you better,"] Ciel answered, arching his back after a minute in order to crack it. Once it felt a little better, he returned to his previous position. It was a good question, though, especially since he never bothered before. [+blue "Or maybe it's to help defeat that creature. It's not like I have anything else to do until you lift the quarantine."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 258d 17h 7m 6s
The demon took the question seriously, he didn't want to upset his master too much. "I was treated like a monster, so I became a monster." His eyes changed to a dark candy apple red. "I was human once, but people were very superstitious. When your born with my eyes, it doesn't bode well at all." It was a color that sometimes bled into his eyes when he was especially annoyed, before they began to glow the bright magenta. "I darken them now to blend in." Luckily he could make himself look however he wanted. As he spoke, they returned to the usual russet color he normally wore. He looked at his master. "Your mothers eyes were blue, correct? You should have known she was a fake." Answers for answers; it seemed fair to him. He gathered the dishes and removed them from his masters desk. He was glad to see his master chosing to remain in the sun. "I am sure you could guess my entire story with what I have told you. Give or take a few details of course. My history is not nearly as exciting as the humans who reside here." He picked up the book his master had put aside. He flipped through it with his free hand, it was in old English and dated to 565 AC. "It has been a while since I have had to think of my former life." He seemed rather neutral. "If I may, I would like to inquire about your sudden curiousity. Why the sudden interest in me, sir?" The demon closed the book, using a finger as a bookmark. He tapped the corner on his chin, watching ciel thoughtfully.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 258d 22h 37m 50s
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He was glad to see he was getting somewhere even if his butler was being incredibly irritating already. Heaven forbid the male not play games with his charge and give outright answers. Sometimes Ciel wished he could just punch him in the throat.

[+blue "Yes,"] he answered, finishing the tea afterwards. He set the cup down with the rest of the dishes and looked back at his butler. [+blue "She was already in the form of my mother when I saw her, I don't know if she appeared on the property that way or not. But she's smart, I'll give her that."] The creature had done her research on the Phantomhive's household in order to take them off guard. This told Ciel she more than likely used the same tactic for each of her victims. It was an easy way to get the humans off guard and the demons to come running. How long, exactly, had she been doing this? If Ciel had to guess, he would say quite a long time. It had to have taken her decades to become that skilled.

[+blue "Tell me what happened to you,"] Ciel instructed, leaning back into the window seat more. [+blue "I want to know what happened to turn you into....this."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 259d 15h 33m 6s
"Very good, my lord! I am glad to see your unconsious state has not hindered your inteligence." The demon looked at the boy, "now then, let us continue? Please, ask me a more direct question. By her, I assume you mean the late Lady Phantomhive?" He was both stalling and trying to get a second answer from his master. He was sure his master was prepared for this dirty little trick though. After three, nearly four years of service the boy knew how to handle the demon pretty well. The butler was merely just being difficult. Not a single day had gone, and he was falling back into his annoying habits. Annoying for his master, anyway. He merely did not want to launch into telling his whole life story.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 259d 15h 34m 19s
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Sebastian seemed amused by this game they were playing though the boy wasn't sure if it was simply because he had someone to talk to again. He didn't know what the male had been up to while Ciel had been comatose but, if he kept it themselves quarantined, he guessed it wasn't much. Perhaps this was just some sort of amusement for the demon. He couldn't be sure but it appeared if it wanted to get something, he'd have to give for it first.

He looked down at the tea in the cup, thinking about Sebastian's question. The older male knew that Ciel's earlier reason was bullshit, whatever it was. Honestly he couldn't even remember what he had said. He had to think hard about what went through his mind and what he saw, a lot of it coming in bits and pieces. After a few long minutes, it began to come in clearer and his hand tightened over the porcelain cup. He had seen [i her.] His heart still ached over it, still wishing he could see her once again and receive her love. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and he missed her terribly. He would never say those words out loud, believing it made him sound weak.

[+blue "I saw movement outside,"] he answered after a long while, keeping his eyes on the teacup that he still held dangerously tight. [+blue "I thought it was Finny in the garden, but it kept continuing. So I got up to check. When I went out, I saw her...and I couldn't move."]

Ciel went quiet for a while before looking back at Sebastian. Now it was time to play his game. [+blue "As for you, I'm guessing the same thing happened to you that happens to all of us: Something devastating happened to you and, on the verge of expiring, made a deal that turned you into the devil you are now. Am I close?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 259d 15h 51m 57s
"Really, young master. You wound me." Though the demon looked mildly amused. He seemed thoughtful. He really did not want to talkabout his past, however his master was just as stubborn. And the demon wanted information himself. His master could outright order him to speak, but the demon hoped he would not. "Why don't we make a deal? You, my lord tell my why you went outside. The real reason, mind you. I am a demon, after all." His masters former evasion hadn't fooled him at all. "And guess one thing that happened to make me what I am today." He smirked, perhaps that was unfair, but he would make the boy work for anything more. As long as his master did not cheat. But maybe- just maybe he could avoid a repeat incident if he knew what went through his masters head to leave himself so vunerable.
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[+blue "Yes, I imagine so,"] Ciel answered, taking the teacup from his butler and taking a small sip. [+blue "Some are so old I can't read them. They're in another language entirely. I imagine you even have some from languages that no longer exist. That alone gives me an idea of your true age. Still, I don't imagine you'd tell me those details, even if I asked you outright."]

Ciel finished most of his breakfast, finding himself unable to finish the last bit, and leaned back with the remainder of his tea. He wondered those things sometimes, the details of Sebastian's past. When he vaguely inquired about them, the demon gave him a roundabout answer and quickly changed the subject, just as he had tried to do now. He never liked to talk about his past, at least with Ciel, which left the boy even more curious. Sebastian was just a giant mystery and perhaps always would be.

[+blue "But I'd still like to know, especially if someone is hunting you. It'll give me an idea on what to write in your obituary."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 259d 16h 23m 10s
The demon seemed to ponder the question. "In a sense, both." He said, he glanced at the book his master had been looking at. "I learned quickly that if you like something, take it. Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, time erases even the most popular stories. Changes the most important facts." He picked up an old looking histrical book. It had strange drawings on it, it looked like it was from Egypt. "Perhaps not heartbreaking if I lost them. However, it would be disappointing. As long as you are careful, you may read them. They are very old. Some as old as I am." He was trying to dodge out of the path his masters questions were directing to. Usually his master did not care about the demons interests. Sebastian liked to think he was good at reading the boys face, however he had been surprised before. He poured the tea and offered the cup to his master. His perfect, signature smirk remained the whole time.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 259d 16h 33m 7s

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