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What was it? Better yet, could he pronounce it right? Ciel mulled over it for a few moments, keeping quiet while he did so. He didn't want to give the wrong answer and send them in a completely different direction. [+blue "It started with an S, I think,"] he answered, looking back at Sebastian. He seemed rather curious about this new development and Ciel imagined he would delve into this rather quickly only to see where the trail would lead.

[+blue "Sorath...or something like it,"] he finally stated after another long minute or two. [+blue "One of your books stated this individual destroyed many shapshifting creatures, though the methods were never said. If this is one of your kind and not a fairy tale of sorts, a conversation may be worth your time. I suggest it be checked out immediately."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 253d 12h 19m 21s
This peaked Sebastians interest. "I see, do you remember it? Or, a better question, can you pronounce it?" He knew a great many different people of various races. There was quite the list that could have been part of a rumor in such a place. Both human and nonhuman. Besides, if it was a non human his masters irriation would be amusing. His master was extremely well read. The demon made sure of it. He, himself had caught quite a few quick updates so any specific names did not come up. If his master did not rememeber then he would question which book. It would narrow doen his list a lot. He gathered the minimal dishes, he would leave the actual cleaning up to the others. He suspected his master would want to plan their next move until it was time for him to go to bed.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 253d 12h 49m 17s
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[+blue "Perhaps just a small portion,"] he answered, finishing the rest of his tea. Sebastian's desserts were exquisite and the best part of the meal. Even though he was getting rather full he didn't wish to skip out on it. Whatever the demon had prepared would easily be the best thing he had consumed all day.

He ate what was brought to him but didn't rise from his seat after he was finished as he normally would. Instead, he chose to stay and speak to his butler, imagining that the others could handle cleaning up the kitchen. After all, he and Sebastian had very important matters to discuss. Ciel leaned back in his seat again, lifting his gaze to the demon. He was glad to hear that his butler had learned a little bit about its power and how to use it as well as how to best avoid being destroyed by it. It would help them both to keep themselves alive and maybe even abolish this creature. [+blue "Very good,"] Ciel told him. [+blue "Keep working on it, let's hope she doesn't return before we finish. It would be nice if we could close this case and this chapter in our lives. Now, about the tea shop..."]

Ciel remembered this well, especially now that he had seen the name in the book. It was late spring, he and his butler had entered the shop in order to try some new tea. The young master had been growing bored with the ones they had and wanted to try something unique. Now that quite a few Chinese had begun to occupy London, such shops were available to them if one knew the right place to look. [+blue "We were there last spring and picked up the cherry blossom black tea. While you were busy paying for it, I was still looking around at they things they had for sale and overheard two people talking in hushed voices. I couldn't understand what they were saying as it was in some kind of Asian language, I think, but they said a name. I know that because it's in one of your books."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 253d 13h 9m 49s
"Quite a bit, actually. It seems as though it was made to weaken our power. It is why I was unable to heal until your quarantine. Being around it nullified any healing abilites I have. I would hate to see what would happen if I were struck in a more serious area." In truth, he knew. All that research he had done told him that a fatal blow would, in a sense, suck him dry. A demons power was only as strong as their will to live hsd been when they died. As such, if you took their power it was the same as taking their life force. "I do have a thought on how to alter it a bit, to turn it to our favor." He said.

He looked at his master upon his next question. "Yes, of course sir." He knew London very well. The past few years serving this young human had forced him to learn the city as well as he knew the manor. "If I may, what brought your attention to it?" He gathered the dishes while he asked. It was an old business. Very succesful, as it did not discriminate between the rich or poor. Always clean, but ran by other creatures that were not human. An old family that had a strict no violence rule.He noted his master hadn't been able to finish his dinner. "Would you care for dessert tonight, sir?" He did not want to over stuff his young lord.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 253d 13h 8m 48s
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Ciel curled up in his spot with a book in his lap and a few within easy reach. He found these old books fascinating, an odd thing since he usually tried to weasel out of history lessons when Sebastian was attempting to teach him. Human history was so boring and repetitive. These had so many twists and unexpected endings due to their supernatural state which left the boy enthralled. The more he read, the more he wanted to keep going; it was almost as if he couldn't put the books down. If Sebastian weren't preparing dinner and would call him away, he imagined he wouldn't.

By the time dinner was almost finished, the boy was nearly halfway through his second book. He had learned more about demon and other creature's history than he had ever imagined, nothing really sticking out to him....except one. There was a name mentioned in the area that he was reading, a section about slaying other supernatural creatures and what weapons were best. This person, this name that had syllables that he couldn't quite pronounce, had destroyed dozens of shapeshifters though the methods they had used weren't documented. Bright eyes narrowed at the page a little bit, Ciel thinking. He had seen these letters before...but where? It had taken him a few minutes to realize it was in the previous book, the boy quickly picking it up and flipping through the pages until he found it. The name had been translated to English in this part, and it was a name he had heard before.

When Sebastian had announced dinner was ready, he quietly closed the book and followed his butler downstairs and to the patio. It had been cleaned recently, Ciel imagining the demon put the rest of the house to work, and sat down while looking over at the food in front of him. This was Sebastian's first fully successful meal as his butler, the first one Ciel enjoyed. Was there a reason Sebastian chose to serve this now?

He ate quietly, finishing more than half of the meal before his stomach voiced its fullness and the boy leaned back again with his tea. While the two of them were alone, Ciel figured now was the best time to ask him some questions.

[+blue "Did you find anything useful about the sword?"] he asked quietly, sipping at his tea. [+blue " you recall the Asian tea shop in London?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 253d 14h 10m 8s
"very good sir," Sebastian bowed politely. "I will return for you once supper is ready." he said coolly. He was slightly offended by the offer of extra time, but knew he should not underestimate this creature. Last time had nearly cost his masters life, and he was not going to allow that to happen again. The demon gathered the books he did not want his master reading, and the ones the boy could not read without a word. He left the egyptian one. While his master could not read it, he could glean information from the detailed pictures. Pictures on their own were worth a thousand words, after all. The first thing he did was put the books back in their rightful place, though tucking one he might need into his coat. He walked through the manor quickly, taking the nearest stairs to where the servants usually worked. He passed by the laundry room first, and was pleased to see Meylene had at least tried to work without his instruction. She was sitting on the ground, rubbing her ankle. From the looks of it she had been trying to reach the back up detergent on the top shelf. Part of the wood looked like it had snapped.

"Are you alright?" He asked, more for a courtesy than caring.

Meylene jumped and he found himself staring, unamused, down the barrel of a gun. He rose an elegant eyebrow, waiting for an answer. Her face flushed as she realized she had pointed a gun at her employer. "I-I'm fine! Just forgot the ladder was broken, I did."

The demon swept his russet colored eyes to the ladder. "why was it not thrown out and replaced right away?" he asked, not really sure he wanted to know the answer.

"well..." her gaze went downward. "we usually have to double check any purchases with you.... And you were locked away with master Ciel, you were..."

Sebastian stiffened, how were these morons still alive when they lacked the most basic type of common sense? He took a deep breath, "well, when you are finished here I would like you to polish the dishes and cutlery for the young masters dinner. He will be having some soup with garlic bread. For dessert he will be having some fruit tarts." he went on his way after the typical 'yes sir.'

Next he passed by a door that led to the garden. Taking a quick peek outside, he found Finnian pulling weeds by his masters favorite roses. He approached the blonde haired boy, "Finny," he called out. "I would like you to make sure the patio is cleaned and ready for the young master to use." the boys excitement at being given a task was almost overbearing. He was off to work on the task immediately.

Lastly the demon butler found himself standing in front of a napping chef. He gathered a few items and slammed them down on the counter near Bardroy. The chef jumped up, alarmed. He laughed nervously as he saw the butler glaring at him. "The young master will be having a beef soup with a vegetable base. Please, begin preparations immediately." The vegetables would be healthy for his master, while the beef held the protein his masters body lacked. The yogurt he would use in the tarts would help with digestion, thanks to the live bacteria in it. He was grateful the man could at least cut and boil vegetables. He would return later to finished the meal and start dessert. Once he made sure Bard was going to use the stove, rather than anything else he might be hiding in the kitchen, he made his way to his room. He rarely used it, but it would be the best place for him to study the sword. He sat down at the small desk he had in his room, laying the sword across it. It was honestly quite the handsome blade. He removed the book from his coat, then removed the tailboat all together. He carefully laid it on the back of his chair, laying the silver watch on a corner of his desk. He sat and got to work. While he knew some magic, he preferred hand to hand combat. He could turn really anything into a weapon, control fire and shadow, some things to speed up healing, and transform himself into a few different beasts. Magical weapons were not his forte. He knew the runes on the blade, but the order that were put in often changed the meaning. Other than the basics, he was in new territory. It was slow work, for him anyway. By the time he had to go complete his masters dinner he had a headache, and had sliced his own hand open in an experiment. He got up and returned to the kitchen, pondering his delima and any way to right it. He had been forced to bandage his hand tightly, as it refused to heal. The demon was adding the cooked beef to the soup when his hand began to itch. He glanced over, seeing Bard busy sorting tome strawberries for the tarts. Their master could only have the best, after all. Sebastian made his way over to the sink and removed his glove and bandage. His hand had completely healed. Tossing the bandage and pulling on a fresh, clean pair of gloves he carried around just in case. He gave Bardroy instructions.

"turn the stove off in 10 minutes, take the bread out of the oven in 15. Once the bread cooled to a changeable temperature to cut it into slices and spread some of the garlic butter mix on them." He made Bard repeat the instruction and left. He grabbed a paper, ink, and quill from a drawer and began to write. It was in a language not know to this world, the letters long and flowy. He rapidly flipped through the pages of the book, and copied the runes on the blade itself. The placement of the runes had made no sense, but when his hand healed it gave him an idea. He straighter himself, staring at the paper smugly. "well aren't you a dangerous little toy." he cooed at the inanimate object. He almost wished his master was there, he could only imagine the disturbed look on the boys face if he hear his butler talk in such a manner. Like any language, his native tounge changed over the years as new slang and whatnot appeared. These runes were written long before his time.

A normal demon slaying sword would have forced him to heal at a human rate. This blade only seemed to nullify his healing ability depending on how long he was around it. Both his injuries were not serious. However he had spent more time around it when his leg got damaged, making it take longer for him to regain his healing ability. Now that he had fixed the way he was looking at the script, he learned what the blade really was. How it had such power, he did not know. He did know he would have to be careful though. He made his way to the kitchen again, seeing everything was in order. He quickly made dessert, keeping it somewhere safe so he could fetch it later. He dished and set up the push cart to serve his master while some Earl Grey tea brewed.

He paused briefly while setting the tea set on the cart. The meal had smelled familiar, and now he remembered. He frowned, shrugging it off as a ccoincidence. It was actually the exact same meal he had successfully made in the beginning of his contract. The first time the boy had actually said his cooking was' good.' He had more pressing matters than why he had picked this meal, over everything else. Leaving the cart in the dining hall, which was already set up, he went to retrieve his master. He was right on schedule as he knocked on the door softly. "young master, dinner is ready."
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 253d 22h 20m 51s
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That's right. With all of the drama, he had nearly forgotten about its cause. She would, without a doubt, return for the sword if not for their heads. Ciel was certain she was pissed that she lost her weapon and that her prey escaped her. If she was anything like Sebastian, she would return and with a vengeance. It was important to be extra careful and, this time, Ciel intended on listening. His rebelliousness nearly cost him his life and it wasn't an experience he wanted to repeat.

[+blue "You're correct, that matter does need to be discussed,"] he agreed, moving back to the window seat and sitting down in the warm light. Since he could only spend limited amounts of time outside he figured the second best way to get some sun was to sit in the window. [+blue "We can do so after dinner in order to allow you some extra time to plan. While you're working on those things, I plan to stay here and look into these books some more."]

He reached down, picking up a new one and setting it down in his lap before looking up at Sebastian again. He seemed eager to work again and do anything that gave him his old sense of normality back.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 254d 15h 36m 9s
"Indeed. However keep in mind we have rather important matters to talk of. First I think it best for me to look at that sword. If you would like, I will report what I find at dinner." The demon offered. They had to prepare, they had wasted enough time. "I am sure she will be wanting it back, and she could have made it out of where I left her by now." He was lucky in his ability to just step through the different worlds. Though, it would only take a day or two to make the portal to exit, then the portal to exit. Then, hopefully you did not get lost. After that, you had to recover from the amount of energy it takes to keep them open.

That was why demons usually required a soul for passage from Hell. That way they did not collapse. As it was, traveling in such a manner right niw would likely kill him. He was starving as it was. "However, if you require anything at all pkease call me." The butler seemed unusually earnest in his last request, he hoped to put a decent amount of weight on his master within the week.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 254d 19h 58m 11s
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The doctor gave a few more brief instructions before showing himself out and leaving the two males alone in the room. He was grateful to hear that he didn't have to be confined to the room anymore and he could traverse the house and even a little bit outside. It would be nice to see something other than the same familiar walls he had been staring at. He was sure Sebastian was also grateful for that as he could continue his normal work and wouldn't be stuck watching his master all day. It gave them the freedom they both needed and allowed them to go back (somewhat) to their normal lives.

Ciel slowly pushed himself up again, straightening his shirt, before glancing up at Sebastian. He still seemed a bit irritated at his master's behavior, a fact that wasn't new. The boy felt he saw that look at least three times a day. [+blue "You must be happy, you can go back to your normal routine,"] Ciel stated, going back over to his window seat. [+blue "You don't have to worry about the rest of the house falling apart in your absence. What's the first thing you're going to do?"]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 255d 13h 52m 5s
The demon took everything in, listening to the instructions carefully. He had ignored the boys statement, he did not need the insolent human to remind him of his failute. He had spent the past 6 weeks in complete silence thinking of how the whole thing could have been avoided. In otherwords, it put the demon in a rather sour mood. "That is good news, thank you for all your hard work." He hated knowing that his masters life had not been truly saved by him. Without the injections his master would have died. He was not quite ready to go home yet. He was enjoying this life quite a bit, surprisingly enough. It kept him busy, he hadn't actually been truly bored at all since he started this contract. He studied his charge, he truly was glad to see him so active. He had been worried that the dusty room may have triggered something.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 255d 14h 7m 10s
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As much as Ciel prided himself on being an adult, he still had childish instances. Doctor's visits were one of the occasions that brought that to light. He hated them beyond measure and did everything in his power to avoid such instances. A soft scowl touched his face as Sebastian rather quickly uncovered his hiding spot, reaching down carefully to retrieve his master. He would have preferred at least a few more minutes before he was forced to face the doctor. The frown grew even more as Sebastian mentioned his childish actions, holding onto him loosely and not even bothering to hide the displeased look as they re-entered the bedroom.

[+blue "Perhaps you should have taken better precautions, then,"] Ciel retorted, avoiding eye contact with the demon as he was carefully set down on the bed near the doctor. [+blue "This is entirely your fault."]

The doctor smiled again and began his work, checking over every part of Ciel to determine his wellness. It didn't take long, a couple of the standard procedures, and sat back once he was finished. [+teal "The wound has healed very well, it's almost scarred over completely,"] he began, looking between the two. [+teal "His fever is gone; since he seems to be moving around well and eating, there's no longer a need for the quarantine inside. Being isolated, however, has no doubt lowered his immunity to viruses and the like so I would take a couple weeks precaution before inviting guests over. He may attend events but do so sparingly during these next few weeks. You should begin introducing him to the outside world for short periods of time and work his way up to normal outside hours. I'd start with open windows, maybe tea on the patio to start."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 255d 14h 28m 8s
"The young master will br pkeased to hear that, I am sure." He opened the door to his masters bedroom and stopped short. The demon frowned, looking around the room. A qyick sweep of the rooms attached to his masters bedroom told him his master had left. "You have my deepest apologies, sir. It would seem my master his hiding. If you dont mind, please make yourself comfortsble while I locate him?" He was annoyed beyone measure but kept up the polite farse. He breifly wondered how his master would like being left waiting outside on the curb the next time they were in town. He could easily make himself 'take longer than expected' on any task his master migjt give him. It would serve him well. He made his way through the manor, following his masters sent more than useing the contract. His eyes glowed magenta when he opened the door, easily spotting his masters soul behind everything.

He remained silent until he lifted the sheet his master hid under. "Really, sir." He lifted Ciel before the boy could even think of trying to disappear. If his master was going to act like a child, he would be treated as such."Now you really are acting like a small child." The butler maintained the unammused frown and bored tone. His master tried his pateince at times. He hoped Ciel was pleased with himself, he had gotten around his demonic ward this round.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 255d 14h 46m 23s
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Ciel kept his displeased look, his face unchanging until his faithful butler disappeared. Even though he knew the demon would never allow his charge to be hurt if he could prevent it and would take the best care of him, he still grew pissed at Sebastian. That was the base of their relationship, poking each other as much as they could. Sebastian could handle it much better than Ciel could as he had years of experience under his belt.

It was exactly why Ciel did what he was about to do.

Once he heard the door open, the boy slipped out of the room as silently as possible and moved quickly down the hallway. He didn't give a damn if the quarantine hadn't been lifted yet, he didn't want to volunteer himself for a round of uncomfortable poking and prodding. He was also a bit miffed at Sebastian still, another reason he disobeyed his instructions. The boy silently slipped into the storage room, a place for abandoned furniture, and closed the door just as quietly. Finding a large desk in the back of the room, he made his way back and lifted the sheet before slipping under it and allowing it to fall in order to cover his form. He knew it would be useless in the end and that Sebastian would find him due to their contract but it prolonged the unpleasantness a little while longer.

The doctor nodded, giving the butler a small smile. [+teal "That's great to hear,"] he responded softly. [+teal "I'll give him a quick check and see if the rest of him is in better condition. If so, I don't see why we can't lift the quarantine."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 255d 15h 4m 54s
"That must be the Doctor. If you will excuse me, sir. Please stay here. If not for your sake, then think of how Lady Elizabeth will react if she learned you were being so careless." He smirked, placing his hand over his chest and bowing. He took pleasure in the annoyed expression his master currently held. He tapped the books and their apperance changed. While the letters Ciel was reading looked the same, the covers looked like more common books.

"Come now, sir. Do you really think I would reveal such information without good reason? As your butler it is my duty to watch after your health." He was having too much fun. He knew it, but he was trying to get under his masters skin. He straightened, casting a last pleased smiled at his Lord. Then he was gone. He did not lock the door, prefering to think his master was mature enough to listen. He was at the door quickly, before anyone else. As he guessed, it was the Doctor.

"Good afternoon, sir. My master has been up and about for a couple hours. He is none too pleased that I have not allowed him to leave his bed chambers. However he is eating on his own well." He figured he would give the Doctor a report before he was asked. It was closer to afternoon tea now. He would prepare it after the doctor gave him the ok to drop the quarantine. The demon suspected his master would be fine, howeverthis human was the expert. He did not want to kill his master, especially over such a stupid and easily avoided mistake.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 256d 2h 6m 52s
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It was easy to see that the boy was not happy with the turn of events, frowning softly as the butler handed him a glass of water. Sebastian seemed to have every exit covered and wasn't going to allow his master to run that easily. Slowly he took it, taking a small drink before setting it on a table nearby. He couldn't think of many more excuses and was certain the doctor would arrive within the hour. It was frustrating not knowing when, exactly, he would arrive as it hurt his chances of coming up with a good plan for escape. How could he plan effectively when he didn't know how much time he had to work with?

All of this difficulty was to be expected as it was no secret to the staff that Ciel hated the doctor. He avoided it at all costs and ordered that visits only occur as a last resort. He felt fine and that this check up would be a complete waste of time; Sebastian could lift the quarantine if he chose to. He didn't need a doctor to do it. Quietly the boy sighed, leaning back more in his seat.

[+blue "There aren't many that I'm able to read,"] Ciel admitted, looking up at the demon. [+blue "But I'd like to look over the ones that I can. It's rather fascinating, especially now that I know the context."] He almost didn't get to finish his sentence as a loud knock sounded through the manor, announcing the presence of a visitor.

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 256d 13h 46m 35s

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