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The work load was better than he was expecting, imagining Sebastian would dismiss his suggestion and do as he wished anyway. It wouldn't have been the first time. It was strange not having the demon rise to his usual banter, hearing silence or something practical instead of a witty remark. Could whatever have happened last night be affecting him now? He hoped not, Ciel needed him at one hundred percent.

[+blue "Very well,"] he responded before beginning his breakfast. He ate what was brought to him, finishing nearly everything. His appetite wasn't back to normal but it was getting stronger with every meal. In no time at all he'd be back on his regular food intake.

Ciel wrinkled his nose at the mention of the Midford's. He knew he couldn't keep avoiding them, no matter how he wished to. Both of them were headstrong and couldn't be kept at bay for much longer, it would be necessary to deal with them soon. It was a visit he wasn't looking forward to in the least, knowing how both females would fuss and carry on.

He'd rather go back into the coma.

[+blue "Let them call on their own,"] he groaned quietly, dropping back into his chair. [+blue "I want to avoid them as much as possible and build myself up for the call. I can only imagine the lecture and questions I'm going to receive."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 246d 17h 59m 1s
Sebastian left to retrieve the waiting meal. He did not answer his masters threat about forcing him to eat. Upon returning he served it, along with more tea. "Dancing is out of the question as well. Perhaps some review work to see what you remember?" While his masters memory was normally excelent, a month spent unconsious could have affected him. "Then we can move on from there. I was thinking you should take afternoon tea outside today as well." On the patio, of course. He did not really want his master roaming the gardens just yet. "If you would like, I will call Lord and Lady Midford. I expect they will be calling within the next 3 hours anyway." They had called daily when they learned of Ciels state. He had suspected gossip, but they had learned far quicker than antisipated. He also expected at least two more, thorough tpunge lashings from Lady Midford. One, when he eventually would have to tell them his master was awake. He had avoided talking to them, leaving one of the other servants to the task. Then another when they would be permited to visit.

He also expected his master to be fussed over severely. Lady Midford had been related to the late Lord Phantomhive. As such, Ciel was all she had left of her brother. She would not take this lightly.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 246d 18h 20m 42s
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Ciel was oblivious to the demon's growing feelings, a good thing probably at this point in time. There was a lot on the male's plate; between the problem at hand, his compromised immune system, work, and lessons there wasn't much room left. Sebastian's demonic abilities gave him the skill to juggle so many things at once without breaking a sweat where any more stress on the young master may result in disastrous consequences. It was best to focus on a few things at a time.

[+blue "At least all of that blasted fruit is gone,"] Ciel grumbled, following his butler down the hallway and the stairs. It was good to know the berries were on the side and were optional, if he kept eating fruit at the rate he had been, he was likely to grow roots and sprout leaves. [+blue "Next time you allow the others to go to market and they come back with something ridiculous like that, I'm making you eat it. No reason I should have to suffer alone."]

A heavy sigh sounded at the mention of lessons, the boy sitting down at the table afterwards. Why were these things so important? Most of the time he didn't even use what was taught to him but the demon still insisted he needed to learn it. It was probably just to torture him. [+blue "Maybe something easy today,"] Ciel stated, looking up at the tall male. [+blue "If you so much as suggest the violin today, you'll find that bow in a very uncomfortable place."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 246d 19h 14m 31s
"Indeed," Sebastian finished his task. Sebastian was not entirely sure why either, however he hoped his actions toward his master were not so obvious to gain others' attentions. He had not even paid much attention to his personal feelings until Sorath had shoved them in his face. Now, he considered them. Ignoring his desires would only bring a mess later. While he could no longer do things such as shed tears, he could still feel. There were a few Demons he knew who proudly proclaimed their affections . While it was rare, the affection the pair held for each other was sometimes sickening. A mated pair of Demons could behave more lovey than most mated pairs of humans. Not to mention the extreme posesiveness. Mated pairs even did contracts together. Something that had never really made sense, until now. The impulse to just hug his suffering master with the cat had been terribly tempting. Unfortunatly, such an action would scare the poor unsuspecting human. For him to be feeling such things for his master was worrisome to him. Not to mention his master was still a child. His race would think nothing of it, but it would cause quite a bit of drama among the humans.

"For breakfast I have prepared some Belgium styled waffles with whipped cream and a variety of berries. I left them as a side, as I am unsure how much your body can handle." The demon opened the door for his master, escorting him to the dinning hall. "Also, I do belive it wise for you to review the business reports. Not to mention ypur recent illness has made you dreadfully behind in lessons." Of course he would want to catch Ciel up quickly.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 247d 17h 18m 42s
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The use of female pronouns was a bit strange as Ciel remembered reading that Sorath was male. He was well aware of the fact that demons could change their appearance and imagined that upper class ones could do it as often as they liked but he didn't know that gender could also change. It appeared that he didn't know as much about demons as he thought. In reality, he hadn't even skimmed the surface. There was still so much to learn.

Bright eyes watched Sebastian as he undressed the boy and began to clothe him for the day, straightening wrinkles and perfecting the bows. That news was a bit of a surprise to him as he couldn't imagine why they were worthy of such gossip. [+blue "I wonder why that is,"] he responded, rolling his shoulders once Sebastian had finished. [+blue "It's not like our relationship is riveting; I'm sure there's more interesting contracts out there. But at least now we should be more prepared when she appears again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 247d 19h 52m 3s
"A success, surprisingly. Sorath was unusually cooperative. She gave me a couple items that may be useful." He did not metion the offer of assistance. He did not even consider any confusion as the book claimed Sorath to be a male. "The eyes are a weak spot. And she suspected this one was an escapee from the war." He said, while chossing his masters outfit for the day. He returned to his master. He looked at the boy thoughtfully. "It would seem we are currently one of the hot topics in Hell." He informed, he seemed happy with that bit of information. He removed his masters nigjt gown and began to dress him for the day. He thought about the Elders words about his master. He did not like it, but she was right. He did hold some level of affection for his master. What level, he was not sure. However, he knew killing the boy would be difficult. Perhaps a photo album would be a good idea. At least he would be able able to hold onto the memories when time would eventually erase them. Completeing his task, he stepped away from the young human. If he did not eat, he would die. That wasa fact he could not forget.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 248d 16h 27m 3s
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Ciel glared at the door once the cat had left, sneezing again and rubbing his nose with his sleeve. Damn animal. Sebastian was forever sneaking cats in and hiding them from his master's presence like a hoarder. He would never forget opening one of the rarely used cabinets to have a dozen or so of them running out like children after the school bell. He didn't seem to be happy unless he was doing something to agitate the boy.

It didn't take too long for the butler to return, this time with his master's morning tea. His coat appeared rather clean and free of fur, Ciel imagining that he traded it for a newly washed one, and he slowly moved to the edge of the bed in order to take the cup of hot tea. He was still plotting ways to make the demon's day miserable and had yet to decide on the perfect punishment to fit the crime.

[+blue "I trust you took care of it and I won't see it again,"] he stated after another sneeze and sniffle, then took a drink of his breakfast tea. It was a good blend and perfectly sweet. [+blue "If not, I suggest you get busy. What of your errand last night?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 248d 17h 9m 53s
The cat did not listen. "Hold on a moment longer, sir." He said, then turned and left. When he returned, he held a cat toy. It was a ball, stuffed with catnip and tied to a long stick. Of course the butler would happen to have one handy. He had swung by his masters Study and grabbed the camera of the shelf. It had been a gift to his ypung master from the queen. Though, it never got used. He took a swift photo before allowing his masyer to notice his presence. He kept the camera hidden, of course. The photo would make nice decor for the servants hall. Humans were all about sentiment, and finny had even commented on wanting to do a picture ablum. He was sure his master wpuld seek revenge in some way, and knew this would be very embarrasing if Lady Elizabeth just so happened to see it after his masters revenge was accomplished. Oh, how he missed these little battles between them. He used the toy to distract the feline and scooped her up.

She screamed and got sebastianc chin with her claws. "Oh, dear me. Aren't you a fiestu one~" Sebastian crooned. He took the cat outside, the poor thing flailing fearfully. He put her down and she bolted under a bush and hid. Taking pity on the little cat, he brought some milk and put it by the door. He then changed his coat and gloves, to prevent triggering his masters allergies. This time he took tea up to his master. He had expected that bit of drama this morning and waited to bring the upto his master. It simply would not do to serve him cold tea.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 248d 17h 26m 7s
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The bright, watering eyes narrowed faintly before a soft round of sneezes sounded. Sebastian was enjoying this far too much which irritated Ciel even more. God, that demon was insufferable. He wanted nothing more than to hurl the end table at his butler's face and break every bone in it. The male wasn't a pet person anymore, not since his return from the cult, and didn't care for animals so close to him. Especially cats.

The boy's glare grew more intense as the cat jumped into his lap to seek protection, vowing to himself that Sebastian would pay for this later. Those details needed to be worked out but he would see that it was. He had a few tricks up his sleeve, tricks that the demon voiced his distaste for, and figured now was the time to bring them back again. After another sneeze, Ciel reached down and picked up the cat, holding it at arm's length. [+blue "This is not your house,"] he told it in an irritated tone. [+blue "I refuse to spend the rest of my life sneezing and coughing because of you. Out you go."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 248d 18h 8m 5s
"Oh, how hurtful, master." The demons eyes glittereed with mischief as he put on a wounded look. "I merely wished not to wake you sir. The poor thing was dreadfully frightened last night. Niether Bard or I could get near without risking bodily harm to you. What if she scratched you and it got infected? What would I do then?" The demon asked, a smirk playing at the corners of his lips. He could see the growing anger in his masters small frame. He reached forward to take the cat and it went from relaxed to defensive. It swiped at the butler, catching the glove. She gave a panicked shriek and tore her paw away from the demon, causing a small rip in the glove. He leaped onto Iels lap and trembled. The demon smiled. "Oh, how cute. It would seem she has chosen you as her protector." The look Sebastian gave was like he found the whole sene infront of him adorable. "Cats are so unpredictable."
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 248d 18h 16m 26s
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Ciel had fallen asleep in the sitting room while waiting for Sebastian to return, his book laying open on his chest. Finny was the one to find him, the strong blonde carefully moving the book to the table and lifting the sleeping earl into his arms. He had observed Sebastian do it hundreds of times so he knew how to hold the boy correctly without harming him and he slowly carried him up to his bedroom. As gently and slowly as he could so he didn't wake the young master, he carefully changed him into his night shirt and tucked him into the bed. The boy must have been rather tired as he didn't move much once he had been placed onto the neatly made bed.

He remained still during the night except for a few soft sneezes now and then, followed by quiet sniffles. Having the feline so close to his face didn't help much with his allergies. This pattern remained until his butler woke him in the morning; Ciel slowly sat up with a few more sniffles. It felt almost as if he had a cold, a thought that made the young lord frown a little. That was the last thing he wanted or needed right now. Movement near his pillow caught his eye, his head turning and seeing the small creature stretch its paws out before snuggling into the blankets again. What the hell?! Damn that demon and his pets!

[+blue "Sebastian, what in the blood hell is this cat doing on my bed?!"] he coughed out, turning his glare onto the demon. His nose was red from the irritation of the allergens and the bright eyes watered slightly. [+blue "You know better than this. Now get rid of it before I get rid of you."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 248d 18h 58m 57s
Sebastian knew her words were true. If he didn't eat something within the next 20 or so uears he would start having adverse reactions due to hunger. He had cut it rather close waiting for a 'worthy' soul. Now that he found one, he wasn't sure if he could eat it now. He bowed low, "I will keep your advice in mind...." He knew he would havebto make a choice when the time came. To summon Sorath for assistance or take the shapeshifter on himself. "I will keep your weapons safe until our next meeting." He had full intention on returning the items. In the meantime, he would practice with the cards. If he could avoid it, he did not wish to call for help. He took his leave, returning to the Human world thru the same portal. Rather than going through the store again he just walked down and out of the alley.

The moon was already up, so he broke into a run and hurried to the manor. Upon coming to the door, he saw it slightly open. He shut it behind himself and rushed to make sure his master was alright. It would not be the first time one of the servants had left the door open, but one could not be too sure. His master was attacked often, and they had a doppleganger on them. He smirked, she would no doubt be furious that the demon had essentially pawned her sword off. The thought brought him a small amount of joy. He frowned, seeing his masters door open. Upon entering, he was set with the most amusing sight ever. A small cat was at the base of his masters bed. His master looked sound asleep. Bardroy was crouched, trying to quietly call the feline. The cat looked scared and jumped up onto the bed when Bard lunged for it.

"How did you manage to let a cat in here?" It looked so pitiful, it was thin. And looked bald. At first the demon thought it had been shaved, but no. It just had no real fur. Just a slight fuzz.

"It snuck in when I checked on Master Ciel!" Bard whispered defensivly. Sebastian tried to approched the feline, who hissed and ran up the bed and straight over his master. Both servants froze as the boy stirred. the cat huddled close to the headboard, trembling with wide blue eyes.

"She must have come through the front door. It was open." The demon said, his love of cats made him not want to frighten the creature more. Even if his master was allergic. He would deal with it when his master found the cat next to him when he woke in the morning. "You are dismissed, Bard. I will take care of the young Lord now." The chef nodded and headed to bed.

The demon chuckled. "Your going to get me in quite a bit of trouble, dear." He said as the cat curled up next to his master. "Children don't scare you, it seems." He observed. He left his master to sleep. "Ah, well. I won't say no to some morning entertainment." With that he left to prepare for the next morning. He was rhinking some Belgian waffles with berries amd hand made whip cream for his masters breakfast. Perhaps with a blueberry and cinnimon tea.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 248d 19h 12m 5s
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[+purple "This isn't one of your most intelligent decisions, I must say,"] Sorath told him after a few moments of simply watching him. She knew he wanted to leave, to check on his charge and spend time with him again, but she couldn't understand the motivation behind it. She had never found a human she loved like Sebastian and some other demons had so this idea was foreign to her. What made these people so desirable that demons would risk starving themselves to death in order to be with them?

[+purple "You're not the first to fall for your contract, I've seen it happen quite a few times,"] she continued. It would be a shame for a demon as strong and powerful as this one nonexist because of something so simple. [+purple "Most demons perish because of it; it's not a fate I would like for you. Do yourself a favor and forget it. If not, at least take a soul now and then from the next town over to prevent starvation. It's hard to climb the ladder of power if you're dead."]

She dropped back down into the chair again, letting out a heavy sigh after a minute or two. [+purple "You can go, if you wish. Don't forget all that I've told you during our time together."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 248d 21h 2m 12s
Sebastian had to suppress a a slight cringe at having what he was hiding from himself thrust into his face. "I have already had to deal with other demons trying to steal his soul." If this demon wanted it, he would be pretty screwed. Then again this demon could have comepletely different tastes. "As per our contract, I must protect him frm any and all potencial harm." He as trying to veer away from her 'crush' comment. "I wpuld rather not take any unnessisary risks." He gave her a polite smile, he almost felt like she was mocking him. However, he was not sure if she was just amused by him. He shifted on his feet, wanting to leave and return to the manor. This had taken much longer than he had antisipated. He hoped at least one of the servants stayed awake to keep an eye on the young master. However, leaving without permission would only damage his image that he had worked so hard to build up.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 249d 3h 14m 31s
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Her faint smirk remained as she kept her vivid eyes on him. That boy meant a great deal to him, that much was clear without having to read him from his contract mark. Contracts that lasted as long as Sebastian's did weren't unheard of but they only occurred once in a blue moon. Most demons in his position would have found a way to complete the contract by now or would have traveled to the next town over to satisfy their hunger. Sebastian did neither of those things as he knew how his master would react to it. He was a rare breed, something that intrigued the elder demon more. Such actions spoke volumes of his control and power.

[+purple "What do you want, then?"] she asked, slowly untangling her from within the chair and rising to her feet. She didn't move closer but remained in her spot, arms folding loosely over her chest. [+purple "If you're fearful of me meddling with your contract, you shouldn't. I have more important matters to attend to than to interrupt your crush on a human boy."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 249d 14h 49m 36s

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