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Sebastian was right. All signs pointed to the woman being otherworldly, especially since she had long been in the ground at this point in time. Still, it was hard to explain. He didn't expect the demon to understand as he didn't fully, either. [+blue "It caught me by surprise,"] Ciel answered after a minute, keeping in his relaxed position as his arms folded loosely over his chest. [+blue "Perhaps I even wanted to believe she was real, willed it even. But it doesn't matter, I doubt it'll happen again."]

He looked over as Sebastian picked up a book before explaining a couple of things about his life. The male must've had a lot of sins in his life in order to become such a powerful creature...or he really needed saving. Power like that, though, wasn't simply given. It was harvested from deep within. Sebastian had to have really been a force to reckon with way back then. It was good to know he had such a powerful creature on his side and would remain that way until the very end.

[+blue "Perhaps I wish to get to know you better,"] Ciel answered, arching his back after a minute in order to crack it. Once it felt a little better, he returned to his previous position. It was a good question, though, especially since he never bothered before. [+blue "Or maybe it's to help defeat that creature. It's not like I have anything else to do until you lift the quarantine."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 274d 5h 17m 15s
The demon took the question seriously, he didn't want to upset his master too much. "I was treated like a monster, so I became a monster." His eyes changed to a dark candy apple red. "I was human once, but people were very superstitious. When your born with my eyes, it doesn't bode well at all." It was a color that sometimes bled into his eyes when he was especially annoyed, before they began to glow the bright magenta. "I darken them now to blend in." Luckily he could make himself look however he wanted. As he spoke, they returned to the usual russet color he normally wore. He looked at his master. "Your mothers eyes were blue, correct? You should have known she was a fake." Answers for answers; it seemed fair to him. He gathered the dishes and removed them from his masters desk. He was glad to see his master chosing to remain in the sun. "I am sure you could guess my entire story with what I have told you. Give or take a few details of course. My history is not nearly as exciting as the humans who reside here." He picked up the book his master had put aside. He flipped through it with his free hand, it was in old English and dated to 565 AC. "It has been a while since I have had to think of my former life." He seemed rather neutral. "If I may, I would like to inquire about your sudden curiousity. Why the sudden interest in me, sir?" The demon closed the book, using a finger as a bookmark. He tapped the corner on his chin, watching ciel thoughtfully.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 274d 10h 47m 59s
[h3 +]
He was glad to see he was getting somewhere even if his butler was being incredibly irritating already. Heaven forbid the male not play games with his charge and give outright answers. Sometimes Ciel wished he could just punch him in the throat.

[+blue "Yes,"] he answered, finishing the tea afterwards. He set the cup down with the rest of the dishes and looked back at his butler. [+blue "She was already in the form of my mother when I saw her, I don't know if she appeared on the property that way or not. But she's smart, I'll give her that."] The creature had done her research on the Phantomhive's household in order to take them off guard. This told Ciel she more than likely used the same tactic for each of her victims. It was an easy way to get the humans off guard and the demons to come running. How long, exactly, had she been doing this? If Ciel had to guess, he would say quite a long time. It had to have taken her decades to become that skilled.

[+blue "Tell me what happened to you,"] Ciel instructed, leaning back into the window seat more. [+blue "I want to know what happened to turn you into....this."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 275d 3h 43m 15s
"Very good, my lord! I am glad to see your unconsious state has not hindered your inteligence." The demon looked at the boy, "now then, let us continue? Please, ask me a more direct question. By her, I assume you mean the late Lady Phantomhive?" He was both stalling and trying to get a second answer from his master. He was sure his master was prepared for this dirty little trick though. After three, nearly four years of service the boy knew how to handle the demon pretty well. The butler was merely just being difficult. Not a single day had gone, and he was falling back into his annoying habits. Annoying for his master, anyway. He merely did not want to launch into telling his whole life story.
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Sebastian seemed amused by this game they were playing though the boy wasn't sure if it was simply because he had someone to talk to again. He didn't know what the male had been up to while Ciel had been comatose but, if he kept it themselves quarantined, he guessed it wasn't much. Perhaps this was just some sort of amusement for the demon. He couldn't be sure but it appeared if it wanted to get something, he'd have to give for it first.

He looked down at the tea in the cup, thinking about Sebastian's question. The older male knew that Ciel's earlier reason was bullshit, whatever it was. Honestly he couldn't even remember what he had said. He had to think hard about what went through his mind and what he saw, a lot of it coming in bits and pieces. After a few long minutes, it began to come in clearer and his hand tightened over the porcelain cup. He had seen [i her.] His heart still ached over it, still wishing he could see her once again and receive her love. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and he missed her terribly. He would never say those words out loud, believing it made him sound weak.

[+blue "I saw movement outside,"] he answered after a long while, keeping his eyes on the teacup that he still held dangerously tight. [+blue "I thought it was Finny in the garden, but it kept continuing. So I got up to check. When I went out, I saw her...and I couldn't move."]

Ciel went quiet for a while before looking back at Sebastian. Now it was time to play his game. [+blue "As for you, I'm guessing the same thing happened to you that happens to all of us: Something devastating happened to you and, on the verge of expiring, made a deal that turned you into the devil you are now. Am I close?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 275d 4h 2m 6s
"Really, young master. You wound me." Though the demon looked mildly amused. He seemed thoughtful. He really did not want to talkabout his past, however his master was just as stubborn. And the demon wanted information himself. His master could outright order him to speak, but the demon hoped he would not. "Why don't we make a deal? You, my lord tell my why you went outside. The real reason, mind you. I am a demon, after all." His masters former evasion hadn't fooled him at all. "And guess one thing that happened to make me what I am today." He smirked, perhaps that was unfair, but he would make the boy work for anything more. As long as his master did not cheat. But maybe- just maybe he could avoid a repeat incident if he knew what went through his masters head to leave himself so vunerable.
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[+blue "Yes, I imagine so,"] Ciel answered, taking the teacup from his butler and taking a small sip. [+blue "Some are so old I can't read them. They're in another language entirely. I imagine you even have some from languages that no longer exist. That alone gives me an idea of your true age. Still, I don't imagine you'd tell me those details, even if I asked you outright."]

Ciel finished most of his breakfast, finding himself unable to finish the last bit, and leaned back with the remainder of his tea. He wondered those things sometimes, the details of Sebastian's past. When he vaguely inquired about them, the demon gave him a roundabout answer and quickly changed the subject, just as he had tried to do now. He never liked to talk about his past, at least with Ciel, which left the boy even more curious. Sebastian was just a giant mystery and perhaps always would be.

[+blue "But I'd still like to know, especially if someone is hunting you. It'll give me an idea on what to write in your obituary."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 275d 4h 33m 19s
The demon seemed to ponder the question. "In a sense, both." He said, he glanced at the book his master had been looking at. "I learned quickly that if you like something, take it. Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, time erases even the most popular stories. Changes the most important facts." He picked up an old looking histrical book. It had strange drawings on it, it looked like it was from Egypt. "Perhaps not heartbreaking if I lost them. However, it would be disappointing. As long as you are careful, you may read them. They are very old. Some as old as I am." He was trying to dodge out of the path his masters questions were directing to. Usually his master did not care about the demons interests. Sebastian liked to think he was good at reading the boys face, however he had been surprised before. He poured the tea and offered the cup to his master. His perfect, signature smirk remained the whole time.
[h3 +]
An eyebrow raised slightly as he watched Sebastian, not entirely pleased with that answer. It was incredibly vague which lead the earl to believe the demon was hiding something which, honestly, wouldn't be that surprising. He had a great variety of books here and he knew the demon well enough to know that he didn't keep things of no value. These were important to him in some fashion and the earl was curious as to what. Did he study from these books? Had he known some of the subjects whose stories filled the pages?

He wondered if Sebastian would answer if he asked.

[+blue "Here is fine,"] he answered, carefully closing the book and setting it down with the others. Something that old required the utmost care and gentle handling. Ciel imagined Sebastian would be happier with this spot than the bed as the boy was bathed in the morning light here, moreso than he would be anywhere else in the chamber at this time of morning. It would help return a bit of color, at least, and Ciel wouldn't have to keep hearing about it.

He looked down at the breakfast that was served to him, surprised at how appetizing he found it. It was a hazy memory but he recalled how upset his stomach had felt before he fell into the void. Now it seemed more than eager to perform its duty. Ciel took a few bites of breakfast before glancing up at the butler again.

[+blue "I never took you for a sentimental being,"] Ciel stated before taking a few bites of his food. [+blue "Did you know someone mentioned in some of those books or did you simply study from them?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 275d 5h 10m 6s
The demon looked at the book his master was currently nosing through. "They are a few personal favorites I have picked up during my life." He said simply. He looked at the small stack his master had. There was one that was based around old tourchure- not that the title would have given any hint to that. The one his master looked at was a historical one about some of the worst criminals in history. It was the last on in exsistance. The others having been lost in time. It held personal value to the butler. While it had been altered to a 'happier' ending, he was in it. They had changed it quite a bit, but still. The fact he, at one time, was considered one of the worst was smething he took pride in. It told of a sadistix man possesed by evil spirits. It said he killed mercylessly and ate his victims . It said that he had been burned at the stake for mass murder and walking with the devil. He had been a but pit out when he first read about himself. However, now he laughed at how rediculous some of the 'facts' were. He had been a much more predictable, even normal sort of criminal. He kept it in mint condition for that sole reason. He smiled slightly, he hadn't thought about his former life in a long time. "I have brought you some Cream of Weat with egg and ham. I also have Milk tea, with Earl Grey. Where would you like to take your meal, sir?" He had given his master a rather vauge answer.
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Soon the room was quiet, the master the only person left in it. This silence must have been what Sebastian had listened to, this room the only thing to look at. He had grown bored in the few minutes he had been alone, he couldn't imagine having to spend six weeks alone with nothing but thoughts and the occasional book. How the demon endured it he couldn't even begin to imagine, though he was the stronger of the two. Sebastian could do many things his master couldn't, including finding odd ways to entertain himself.

Ciel moved away from the bed to the stacks of books that Sebastian had left, looking over them. Some seemed rather old, certainly not coming from Ciel's collection, and some in other languages. Quietly he began to look through them, ignoring the medical books as he found them quite boring, and pulled out the ones he could read as well as the ones that had illustrations in them. Taking the small pile he had sorted through, he set them on the window seat and quietly began to go through them. The ones in other languages had rather interesting, if not dark, pictures and didn't take him long to filter through them. The ones in English were rather old, taking an old dialect as well, which made it a bit difficult to understand. Ciel hadn't seen writing like this in an incredibly long time. He was still looking through one of them when Sebastian knocked and announced his presence.

[+blue "Come in,"] Ciel stated, flipping through a few pages. His butler entered with breakfast, the boy glancing up at it before carefully closing the ancient text. [+blue "Quite the collection you've acquired. Where did you get all of these?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 276d 3h 7m 43s
"Yes, my lord." The demon bowed, "please, do not strain yourself. If you begin to feel tired, rest. You only just woke up. I will be back shortly." With that, he left. On his way to the kitchen, hr pondered on what to give his master. Something high-calorie with little flavor. With his master not eating in so long, something too strong would make him ill again. When he entered the kitchen, Bard was looking at some sort of magazine. Without looking up to see who entered, the chef muttered a short "hey."

"Hello, Bardroy." The butlers voice caused the chef to nearly jump out of his skin. The demon smirked, amused by the reaction.

"Mr. Sebastian! The young master- is he....?" It was clear he was prepared for the worst news.

"Is awake and walking on his own." The demon said, his smirk turned into a smile. "I am hear to bring him something to eat, actually." The demon made his way to the fridge.

"Thats great! Ah, er...." the chefs cheerful tone turned nervous as the fridge was opened.

Sebastian stared, blinked, and stared some more. He tried to maintain a calm demeanor as he shut the empty cooler. The only thing in there was butter. He went to the pantry, and found it simularly empty. There was bread, and cream of weat.

". Bardroy." the demon wore his 'I am going to kill you' smile.

"Well.... with the master not awake I only had to feed us so I let it get a little low."

"Go restock our supplies..... now." The demon growled, Bard saluted and took off before Sebastian decided to skin him alive.

"Well then.... let me see...." He picked up the cream of weat, it was half full. "Fine, it will do." He was only after a simple meal anyway. He took off, filtching an egg and some milk from one of the a neighboring farms. He also found a wild boar on in his path and killed it. He brought it back, putting the milk and eggs aside. He quickly harvested the boar, then sliced of some meat. He actually chewed on a raw bit while he cooked, to make sure it was not diseased. Finding it clean, he cooked the slices. He dished the meal, the ham and egg on the very top of the thick porrige like substance. He also made his master a milk based Earl Grey tea. He grabbed a lap table, not sure where his master would decide to eat. He the took it up to his master, passing meylene on the way. He told her the news, and ordered her to tell Finny and Tanaka as well. Once he returned, he knocked to announce himself and entered.
[h3 +]
Ciel remained standing next to the bed, having abandoned the book on the spacious surface for the time being. It seemed as if the young master had seen enough of the comfortable piece of furniture and didn't wish to get back on it. Who could blame him after have been lying on it for so long? He seemed to prefer standing and stretching his legs a bit which didn't seem to bother the demon in the least. In fact, he still seemed happy to see his charge up and about.

A small hand rested over his stomach as Sebastian mentioned his weight, frowning a bit. He could feel the space between his nightshirt and his skin, the garment feeling larger than it used to. Being as white as a ghost didn't concern him as much, some time in the sun could easily fix it. His weight, however, was more important. Ciel had always been unnaturally small and would have to work to bring his size back up to normal. He was sure Sebastian could help with that.

[+blue "It's probably best that I eat something,"] Ciel answered, rubbing his stomach lightly again before letting his arm fall to his side. [+blue "See what you can do to bring my weight back up to normal. After breakfast, we should discuss this shapeshifter more and find out what we can do to protect ourselves. You can leave the books and take care of them later."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 276d 5h 9m 47s
"I could not risk contaminating the room." His tone turned serious as he looked up at the two towers of books. "My negligence nearly cost you your life. I won't let that happen again." The last sentance sounded more like a promise to himself rather than Ciel. Nearly losing his master had honestly shaken him. He turned to his master, "now, do you require anything? You have lost a rather alarming amount a weight. And, despite my efforts, have grown unheathily pale." He had tried to leave the curtains open, but unfortunatly the sun only shone on the bed for a short amount of time inthe morning. It was conveinet to be annoying while waking his master, but to keep him a heathy shade was near impossible. At first the demon had tried moving the bed, but in the end the sun moved away from his masyers room too quick to do any good. "The way the demon kept circling back to questioning if his master wanted anything was like he was asking his lord to give him an order. Which, he was. He did not care what it was, it could be ridiculous. He could just leave to do any of the tasks he had said, however he did not want to leave without permission. Perhaps he was feeling nostalgic due to the constant silence.
[h3 +]
Bright eyes watched as Sebastian moved to the desk to clean up the clutter. He was rather surprised to see it in such a state, typically Sebastian was a rather neat monster. What could have happened in his mind to allow such a mess to accumulate? He set his book down on the comforter of the bed, watching the demon work. Everything Sebastian did seemed so effortless, no matter the task. Ciel knew it was his demon power at work but it was still fascinating to watch sometimes. He would never admit such a thing, however, as he would never let the demon know that he found him impressive.

[+blue "With all of this time on your hands, I don't understand why you haven't looked into it,"] Ciel answered, watching the stacks of books become two large ones. What was so dangerous about this blade that Sebastian couldn't even bring it into his master's room? He doubted it had that much power. [+blue "It's not as if you had orders to take care of. And what of that creature? Have you seen her again?"]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 277d 1h 52m 44s

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