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Fredrick struggled against Sebastian despite his wounded legs, trying anything and everything he could to escape. The demon's grip was strong, unfortunately, and it appeared he wouldn't have any control of the situation any time soon. This was incredibly frustrating to him, the man who was in control over so many people for so long. He vowed that he would end that brat's life before this torment ended, still firmly believing that the child's life should have ended years ago.

If it weren't for this bloody demon, it would have.

He recognized the area, having been there once or twice to parties the Phantomhive nobles had hosted. It was there that this event started, where he first laid eyes on the small boy and vowed to have him. He could only imagine what the demon was going to do in this skeleton of a manor as most of it was destroyed and the location was a bit out of the way. [+darkred "Of course I do,"] he growled. [+darkred "Though I don't understand what you've dragged me all the way out here for. Do you plan to kill me, servant?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 21h 50m 30s
"Exellent shot, Meyrin." Sebastian praised to spite the man, the maid instantly turning red. Bard reset the safety and lowered the gun. "Now, if you are all done playing, Get to work! I will entertain our guest" The servants instantly scattered to do just that. "Mr. Tanaka, would you mind caring for the young master while I take care of a few things? He is asleep right now."

"Ho ho ho." The old man answered, with a single nod.

Sebastian turned toward Fredrick. "Well, you certainly could have posed a greater challange if you were not so blinded by your own importance." He bent circling his arms around the former Duke and tossed him over his shoulder. He would have dragged him, but this way would avoid dragging blood throughout the house. At worse, he would get blood on his own clothes first.

He carried Fredrick outside, making his way toward the forest. They passed Finny, who thus far was successfully completeing his job. "Finny, other than the select few, no visitors until I return." He said, Ciel had a few choice people that could spontaneously show up. The boy nodded, frowning at the man Sebastian easily kept on his shoulder.

"Where are you going?"

"To teach Mr. Fredrick what happens to those who threaten our master."

The boy accepted this, continuing with his given task. Sebastian continued into the forest, it wasn't too long until the ruins were in sight. "I presume you know where we are?"
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 8d 22h 1m 38s
[h3 +]
Fredrick immediately dropped with a pain yell after the shots, turning back quickly to see the maid standing at the back of the room and holding two firearms. Why did the world seem to have a problem with women learning their places? First it was Akira with her nonsense and now this. His gaze turned as he heard the safety of another gun being removed, looking up to see Bardroy aiming another one in his direction. He despised everything about this situation, mostly that he was even in it. Fredrick pulled himself away from the others, sitting up against the wall, and looking down to see the bright red liquid beginning to stain his pants before dripping to the floor.

He remembered Tanaka, his memory of him returning as he laid eyes on the old man. Fredrick had met Vincent many times at gatherings and the like which was where he also first saw Ciel. One look at that child told him he was different, that and having Vincent's bloodline made him an excellent candidate for his cause. He didn't regret having the man killed as he found him rather cocky for his own good and felt the world was better with one less noble in it. Ciel wasn't supposed to live to take his place, another reason Fredrick hated his situation. His attention was torn from his injuries as another blonde burst into the room, this one seeming more sensitive than the last, while that damned demon came in afterwards. Great.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9d 3m 20s
Sebastian watched Ciel fall asleep, then collected the medical he kept in his room. One could never be too prepared. He layed a towel under the arm, to stop any blood from staining the sheets. Then the demon proceeded to remove the bandage, tossing the soiled wrapping into the low burning fire. He studied the arm, confirming that a couple of the stitches had torn free from the skin. The blood leaked slowly, but steadily. The thick substance dripped freely without anything to stop it. It was far from deadly, which appeased the Raven somewhat. Ciel was still hurt without his 'permission' which was a blow to his pride. Still, it could have been worse. He leaned down, gently lapping up some of the fluid that fell away from the torn skin. Crimson eyes flashed breifly, the taste being far suporior than the man he was currently responsible for. The demon smirked, wondering how disgusted Ciel might be if he learned his butler snatched a small sample. Ciel had been corrupted by force, to see the vile side of the world before he should have. Combined with a unique purity that was both due to his youth, and something else the demon was not quite sure of. He doubted he would ever be able to cultivate another soul like the one his master had.

With a resigned sigh, he set to work cleaning the injury and restitching the damaged part. By the time he was done, you couldn't tell it had torn. He cleaned it again, for good measure, then dried and rebandaged the arm. He smiled softly at the boy. His master was a rather pretty human, beautiful even. He smirked, knowing Ciel would likely not apprieciate such sentiment coming from a demon. Ciel was certainly on the fairer side of the male gender. He stood, putting his supplies away. He glanced over his shoulder, hearing a gunshot. Duty was calling, it seemed. He moved toward the door, muttering a soft, "pleasant dreams..... Ciel" before leaving his master alone. He sighed again, the man was becoming a real pain.

Bard aimed his planned fall to land on the floor rather than a table or counter, the second he was no longer at risk two shots fired. Not needing any command, Meyrin held a pistol in each hand, and had fired two shots at the mans legs. He approched him causiously, as Bard got up. As he did, he grabbed another hidden gun and aimed. "Now, I was told not to kill ya. But I know where it hurts." He threatend, keeping distance to prevent the gun from being snatched. A soft "ho ho ho." Could be heard frm the old man, happily drinking his tea as if this was a normal occurance. Fredrick would, no doubt, recognize him as the preivious Earls butler if he had ever met Earl Vincent Phantomhive. Finny came running, as Bard antisipated.

"Bard... what happened?" Innocent green eyes went from one person to the other, Sebastian himself only seconds behing the blonde gardener. He however, walked in casually.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 9d 1h 26m 49s
[h3 +]
Ciel watched quietly while Sebastian picked up a dark glass bottle, opening the top and picking up a small measuring cup that sat nearby. Eagle eyes of red carefully measured out the dosage before it was handed to Ciel, the boy looking over the off-white color. He normally hated taking medicine and was known to throw it back at Sebastian if he got his hands on it, but this time he took it obediently and quickly swallowed the concoction. It had a strong, bitter taste which made him wrinkle his nose at it, but he handed the cup back to his butler to clean and store at a later date. He quietly complied with the male's question to look over his back, Ciel pushing himself on his side from his relaxed position in order for the demon to see it more clearly. Any poke near the bruising hurt, making a soft and uncomfortable gasp to sound from him. The knot was what hurt the most, Ciel jumping a bit the moment Sebastian touched it. Soon, though, it was over and the male was fixing his night shirt in order to cover him completely.

It didn't take too long for the medicine to take effect, Ciel falling into a deep and peaceful sleep no later than twenty minutes after swallowing it. He lay curled on his side, his injured arm laying on the mattress in front of him, and ready for Sebastian to inspect and care for.

Fredrick narrowed his eyes at the blonde, completely ignoring Meyrin. To him, she wasn't any real threat. This man standing in his way, well, that was different. He moved forward, ready to slam the man into the counter if he so dared as to attack him, and began his way towards the door. [+darkred "I'm not afraid to bash your face in to get out here. If you don't want that, you'd best stay out of my way."] He then shoved Bard aside and started towards the doorway again. Soon he would be free and would certainly unleash hell on the house he governed.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9d 3h 43m 27s
Sebastian handed the medicine over, refilling his masters tea cup afterward. While Ciel took them, he began to clean up the dishes and bed table. Once everything was set nicely on back on the cart, he turned back to Ciel. He let Ciel finish the tea before he moved to closer inspect the boy. "Could you turn so I can see your back, sir?" He requested. Once he complied, the demon moved the shirt so he could possibly see any damage. He was relived to see nothing obvious. He reached forward, lightly feeling around the boys spine for any bone or muscle damage. He listened to Ciel carefully for any signs of trying to suppress reactions to pain. The demons conclusion was that the muscles were bruised up, very painful but not something to fuss over. As long as he could rest, he would heal fine. His fingers grazed gently over the brand Fredrick had given Ciel, a cruel idea forming in his head. He knew just what to give Fredrick as punishment. But it would be far worse than any simple brand. The pain would last longer, too.

He removed the hand, pulling Ciels shirt down to cover him. He remaind to keep Cirl company until he fell asleep to investigate the arm, not wanting the sight of the injury to give him nightmares despite the drugs. He was not overly worried about Fredrick. No matter if he was skilled in combat, one man could not taken on four. The mans disgusting sexism would prove his downfall, he was sure. The man was going to be a major grievance, but he didn't care. Sebastian was well versed in the art of torment. Which, he did veiw it as an art. Something to enjoy slowly. Start small, then move on from there. If Fredrick kept up the pace, Ciel would not recognize the man by the time he was eating in the dining room again.

Bard sighed, "tough guy, huh?" He scratched his head. "Really, it's too early for this. You kniw, the kitchen is a chefs personal heaven. Even the butler don't dare boss him around." A fact that was definatly NOT true, "No one knows the kitchen better." Bard smirked, catching sight of Meyrin pushing her glasses onto the top of her head. Good, now all she needed was his signal. He would let the man push past him, it would give less chance of accidently getting shot in the chaos. He wasn't too worried, as her aim rarely missed. Once he was 'pushed' out of the way, she was free to incompasitate him. A shot or two in the knee or foot would hopefully do the trick. Bard was not dumb enough to take on an unknown oppnent straight on.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 9d 19h 35m 30s
[h3 +]
Ciel simply nodded at Sebastian's request to check him over, taking a few more drinks of tea before looking at what else was brought to him. The breakfast was simple, a fact the boy didn't mind, but was glad to see he was hungry enough to eat it. His low appetite had him a bit concerned as well but, now that most of the threat had passed, it seemed to be picking back up. Ciel ate quietly, glancing over at the partially red bandage from time to time. He wasn't overly worried about it as there was still a great deal of white on it which told him the blood flow wasn't strong. He hoped it was an easy fix; if Sebastian had to restitch it he promised himself he wasn't going to be awake for it. He would rather spend the entire day unconscious than feel that pain a second time. Ciel still remembered when he received them from Bard when the shapeshifter had attacked and remembered the searing pain they caused when they were applied. There was no way in hell he was going to volunteer himself for that procedure again. His back didn't cause him to worry just yet either as it had been sore since the day before and didn't seem to increase in pain much. He still had most of his mobility as well.

He finished everything that was brought to him, setting the dishes back onto the tray once he was done and lightly touched the bandage that continued to grow red at a slow pace. [+blue "I'd like to take the medication now,"] he informed Sebastian, looking up at him after he spoke. Despite Ciel's aversion to doctors and medical procedures, he was willing to take this dose without problem simply due to the pain he was in. This was one thing Sebastian wouldn't have to fight him with.

Fredrick ignored Meyrin as she moved further away from him, keeping his eyes on Bard. In his mind, the cook was the thing stopping him from attaining his freedom. He couldn't get anything to use as a weapon at the moment but he didn't give up on that objective just yet. [+darkred "I'm not scared of a butler,"] he growled quietly. That was a bit of a lie as Sebastian was quite terrifying. [+darkred "Nor am I afraid of any of you."] He began to move forward, challenging the cook all while looking for a use-able weapon.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9d 21h 15m 36s
Sebastian smiled, "that is very generous of you, sir." He said. Setting up the simple meal. "When you are finished I would like to look you over. I am thinking he has gone mad from power-hunger." He said, honestly surprised he hadn't heard any gunfire yet. He waited to offer the painkillers, not wanting Ciel to take them on an empty stomach. Ciel still seemed to be moving fine, which was good, but he still worried about the added damage Fredrick may have done. He could both smell and see the blood on the bandage, which would need cared for promptly. He could re-stitch Ciel with no problem, but he wasn't happy that it needed done. The wound had looked like it was doing quite well, and this would only increase risk of infection. Something Ciel didn't need to worry about right now.

Teaching Fredrick his place was going to have to be top of his list, otherwise his master could end up dead, or worse, crippled if another attack occured. He couldn't just give the man the satisfaction of hovering near Ciel, either. Both master and servant were too proud for that.

Bard glanced at Meyrin, who nodded. They didn't actually need to talk, as they knew the threat this man posed. Bard was rather proud of his strength, but was still a normal human. "I don't want any trouble, but it's clear you do." He met the mans glare, with a frown. "I suppose peace and quiet is too much to ask, eh?" He moved to block his path, but otherwise did nothing to engage. "Trust me, Mr. Sebastian isn't very friendly to those who can't do as their told."

While Bard attempted to distract the man with talk and moving further into the path tothe door, Mey-rin moved further away. Bard could tell the man didn't hive the woman in the room a second thought, which made things easier. As a soldier, though he kept the thought it might be a trap in the back of his mind. He was prepare to jump to the maids defence if he had to. Tanaka was still near her, the old man was scary good in martial arts so she did have some protection already. He also knew Finny would be here right quick if she fired any of the pistols she carried constantly. This man was not prepared to face the wrath of the Phantomhive household. In all honesty, he was more afraid of being yelled at for dieing by the butler than he was of dieing itself.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 9d 21h 37m 8s
[h3 +]
Fredrick slowly folded his arms over his chest, continuing to look around the room as Sebastian gave the others orders. They appeared to be completely useless, the male wondering how they obtained their jobs in the first place. He remained seated as Sebastian left, judging the distance from the exit to where he sat while including the obstacles he would face. Bard was closest to the exit while the maid remained back a bit. He wasn't worried about her as much as the blonde as she appeared to have no skill whatsoever. Bard, though, seemed to have a bit of strength to him and would prove to be more of a challenge. He remained in his seated position for a good few minutes before deciding to rise while his gaze dropped onto the cook, daring him to do something. Fredrick then began to make his way towards the door.

Ciel had remained in bed during his butler's absence, only leaving once to take care of some mandatory business. He couldn't believe the discomfort he was in, between the deep throbbing of his back and the sharp pain in his arm he felt he was falling apart. He had looked down at the bandage on his way to and from the bathroom, noticing dots of red beginning to appear on the white gauze. Great. If he busted any stitches because of that asshole Ciel would really let him have it later. He curled back up under the blankets, pulling them up around his chest and taking a deep breath before letting it back out. The cloth still gave off notes of Sebastian, something that made the boy feel better. It didn't take long for the male to return, carrying a tray with his breakfast and a side of painkillers which Ciel was grateful to see. Slowly and painfully he sat up, resting against a small mountain of pillows again, and took the tea once it was offered to him.

[+blue "Very well,"] he responded quietly, taking a drink after. He could only imagine the dungeon Sebastian would make out of that space and knew it wouldn't be for the faint of heart. [+blue "Do what you want with it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9d 23h 14m 0s
The demon quickly set up a tray with his masters meal and tea. He removed a first aid kit, taking the painkilling drug to prevent a stop along the way. He knew the doseage that would be best for Ciel. Ciel was usually stubborn when taking any medicine, for which Sebastian was grateful. It made it less likely for him to develope an addiction, which was rather common among humans. He looked directly at Fredrick thoughtfully. He knew there was no way Bard would be able to get the man to work. He settled with having him babysat. "Bardroy, Meyrin." The pair looked toward him obediantly, knowing that tone of voice should be taken seriously. "Don't take your eyes off him until I return. He had already made an attempt on the young masters life. Do what you must to keep him in this room. This room." He repeated hinself for clairity. "And don't kill him." He added.

"Well, now your making things complicated." Bard huffed, turning his blue gaze toward the criminal. He paled slightly at the look Sebastian gave him.

"His death is not ours to decide."

"Alright, alright, he'll be here." Bard said quickly, Meyrin nodded in agreement, moving further away in case she might have to disable him. Both knew to expect trouble. Sebastian wouldn't have said anything otherwise.

Sebastian knew the man would see them as no threat. Anyone would, as they were completely useless at their everyday jobs. He expected injuries, but with Bards suprior tactical thinking and Meyrins all around skill with a gun, he was positive the duo would show him the truth of what it ment to be a phantomhive servant. They were, after all, hand picked by the demon himself.

He finally left, returning to Ciel. "Young master..." he said, setting the tray on his desk so he could set up the bed table. "Would you permit me to make use of the Abandoned Celler?" It was a code of sorts, as the demon made use of the still intact celler of the privious mansion that was little more than ruins now. The demon made use of it to punish any assassin who came to claim his masters life. The demon thought it fitting for the man to spend some time in the rotting building he had ordered to be burnt down 3 years ago. He used that place rather than anywhere in the manor for the humans comfort. Finny could not handle the butlers cruel side, and even Bard would seem to have a hard time hiding his discomfort.

Sebastian knew he should look at Ciels arm, but decided to wait for Ciel to fall asleep from the drug first.
[h3 +]
Fredrick continued his slow pace to the kitchen, sitting as instructed and trying to ignore the others around him. He couldn't understand what Ciel saw in this bunch as they seemed rather incompetent. The cold dish that was served to him didn't seem appetizing at all, wondering how the blonde even got the job he was filling. The male probably couldn't even make toast. He took a bite of the cold meal, frowning at its horrible taste, and decided that was enough for him. He leaned back into the chair, looking around at the others, and wondering if he could pick them off individually during his forced stay. He could tell they weren't demons, especially after living in a house of them, and doubted that they had any real skill.

He continued to ignore them as Sebastian gave out tasks for the servants to complete, discreetly looking around the room and trying to commit it to memory. Its layout would be imperative if he were to try to escape.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 10d 20h 18m 13s
Sebastian scowled at the mans back, willing himself to maintain patience. He was not overly adept at such virtues, but he had been forced to learn some during this particular contract. Let the man get comfortable. He wouldn't be later. There were many things hedidn't need to live, and Sebastian knee many things the man could live thru.

Finally, they reached the kitchen. "Eat." He ordered, forcinging him into the nearest chair. He looked at Bard, who raised an eyebrow at the bloodied shoulder. "He attacked our master." He explained shortly. The chefs eyes narrowed, and he nodded. Mey-rin heard, and frowned. She was at a counter polishing the silver.

"Is master Ciel ok?" She asked.

"Just a little sore. He will be fine with some rest. The young master caused this as revenge."

Both servants took this information well,the chef seemed shocked. "Thats it?" Finally coming over with the now cold, failed dish. "He is normally more violent." All of the servants were aware of Ciels duty to the queen.

"Yes, well. Now is not the time for gossip. Bard, I am leaving lunch preparations to you. Mey-rin, when you finish what your doing gather the laundry and wash it. And please read the instructions more carefully." He paused, "where's Finny?" He asked.

"Here!" The blonde entered carrying a barrel. By the smell, Sebastian knew it to be full of potatoes.

"Good, the hedges need trimming. Tanaka...." he turned his gaze to the old man happily drinking tea. "May carry on as is." He finished.

The three saluted, "yessir!" They chorus before taking off to do their assigned jobs. A soft laugh could be heard from the old man. The whole time he made sure the man wouldn't attack the house servants. He then went about makeing Ciel a simple breakfast. He was late because the man had taken to long to get to the kitchen.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 10d 20h 38m 55s
[h3 +]
It was clear that Fredrick was growing tired of this situation with every passing minute, different ways of killing off Ciel forming in his mind. It that little stain wasn't here, none of this would be happening. Clearly it was all his fault. Sebastian was clearly a problem as well but would be more difficult to deal with. He wasn't aware of how long it took to get on the butler's nerves but he was willing to find out. After all, no one got anywhere in life without being frustrating.

He slowly moved forward, taking up as much as Sebastian's time as he could. A simply eye roll was expressed as the demon mentioned the boy's studies, doubting he was that intelligent anyway. He considered his own son to be incredibly daft but wondered if Ciel was way beyond that. In his mind, the boy was still that crying child in the corner that trembled and screamed any time someone came near him. Not much could have changed.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 10d 21h 37m 11s
Sebastian grabbed the wrist as the opener came close. He had thought about allowing the blow, but didn't want the coat to be ruined. He let his grip get painfully tight. "I know of several ways to reduce that Pride of yours. Perhaps when the master is taken care of, I will see what I can do. Walk." He spun the man around, expertly plucking the small blade like a toy fron a small toddler. "It will require some rearranging of todays schedual, but you have now opened up my time. The young master will not be able to focus on any lessons now." The last part made him sound somewhat upset. At this rate Ciel was going to fall behind. Sebastian tried to keep Ciel ahead on his lesson, as being the guard dog sometimes gave forced breaks in favor of the cases. He now looked forward to the change of plan, a cruel and cold grin forming.
[h3 +]
Ciel groaned uncomfortably as he was lain down on the soft sheets, moving onto his side immediately after. It felt as if his entire spine was aching, the small of his back the worse as it was where he collided rather hard with the altar. [+blue "That doesn't matter,"] he mumbled into the pillow, blue eyes shut, as Sebastian asked him about his take on the effects the medicine would have on him. He honestly just wished it to go away, if putting him to sleep was what would do it, he'd spend all week asleep. He didn't even bother to watch Sebastian take the offender out into the hallway, the boy reaching down and pulling the blankets up over his small frame and burying more into he pillows.

Fredrick fought to escape Sebastian's grip to no avail, ignoring the searing pain in his shoulder for now. Escaping this demon was more important. Once he was shoved to the ground, he turned angry eyes up to the butler beside him. [+darkred "I'll kill that little wretch if it's the last thing I do,"] he hissed back at the demon. He reached over to his shoulder, pulling out the letter opener that was still inches deep in. Blood erupted from the wound, dripping down his shoulder to his chest, Fredrick ignoring it as he attempted to stab the demon in the chest with it. If they really planned to keep him, he figured he would be as much as a problem as he could be until they grew frustrated and eventually let him go. Or killed him. Either way, it would get him out of serving that ungrateful urchin.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 10d 22h 9m 11s

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