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Ciel narrowed his eyes faintly at that thought, leaning back a little more. He could only imagine the carnage Sebastian would allow them to wreak despite being the one cleaning up after them. After a while there might not be one but three Sebastian's tormenting him every waking hour. Why did the damn creature have to be right all the time? It was incredibly annoying.

Ciel looked down at his drink as Sebastian turned around as if pretending he wasn't the one that threw it and hoped it would give the male a concussion, taking another drink as he made his way back. His glass was about half gone by now and it wouldn't take him long to finish the rest of it. Despite all of this he wasn't sure if he wanted to be alone just yet as the vivid images of the things Seth had described and the things he had experienced were still running rampant through his mind.

[+blue "What did you plan to accomplish before the morning?"] Ciel asked quietly. If the demon's plans weren't incredibly important, especially to their case, then he figured he may want company least until he fell asleep.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 22h 18m 26s
Sebastian smirked, "think about that carefully, master. Children are very mischivious. With our powers, imagine what might happen? Espicially as they have little to fear here." Sebastian recalled a few things he had done in his youth. While he had been turned too old be considered a real child, he had still had fun exploring his natural abilities. Which resulted in many, not all painless, pranks. "Boys will, inevitibly, be boys. You would want me to ruin them now, would you?" He questioned with a rose eyebrow. Hinestly, though, while babysitting might get annoying he figured he could manage for short periods without wanting to kill anything. Sebastian stepped out of the way casually, as if it was mere coincidence the object missed. He caught it easily, before it even past his head. "Now then." Sebastian brought the candle holder back to the bed, replacing it back onto the night stand. "It is about time for you to rest, sir. The morning comes early."
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His eyes narrowed a bit at Sebastian's jab to his height. While he was well aware he hadn't grown much since their first meeting, he didn't enjoy it being pointed out to him. Ciel let out a faint huff and picked up a random object on his nightstand and hurled it at the back of Sebastian's head. He was fully aware it would never make contact, none of his attempts did, but it made him feel better nonetheless. Luckily for Sebastian, it wasn't the glass of milk lest he would be forced to clean up that mess before he left.

Ciel leaned back into the headboard and the pillows, reaching over and picking up the warm night time beverage and taking a couple sips of it. It was sweetened just the way he liked least the demon did something right this evening. [+blue "You don't have to mention it, you know,"] Ciel huffed quietly, carefully holding the drink in his hands. [+blue "Keep it up and I'll ask Seth to give you demon babysitting duty."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 23h 10m 21s
Sebastian buttoned up the shirt, amused by the boys efforts. Clearly, he still had some ways to go. Perhaps by the end of the year he might be teaching Ciel to tie his own shoes. At Ciels aggitated inquirey, Sebastians eyes glittered mischiviously. "Only that you have matured quite a bit. Though, no matter how much you grow mentally.... you still refuse to get taller." He tilted his head, his eyes studying Ciel from head to toe. "I don't belive you've grown an inch." He seemed to ponder that, mainly to further ruffle his masters feathers. He moved away, to avoid any possible assult for his jibe at Ciel. He chose to use putting the rest of the clothes away as an excuse to abandon the side of the bed.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 12d 23h 32m 31s
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[+blue "I wasn't aware of all of that,"] he said softly, removing each piece and laying it on the bed before pulling his nightshirt on. He focused on trying to button it again, going slow as the demon had instructed, but still managed to miss a few. He sighed quietly, undoing it while glancing up at him. [+blue "They do seem well behaved though I suspect they would have to be in [i that] house. I don't think he would take too kindly to outbursts of any kind."] Once he finished, he stood still and allowed Sebastian to button it up, knowing he would once again fail if left to do it on his own. He supposed he could try again but he wasn't up to it tonight.

Once it was finished, he slowly moved to the nightstand and carefully set his rings down beside his eye patch, then pulled himself up onto the large bed. Heterochromic eyes lifted to Sebastian once he was situated. [+blue "And what, exactly, do you mean by that?"] Ciel scoffed, referring to his butler's latter expression.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 23h 49m 54s
Sebastian gave Ciel a quizical look, turning to move the discarded eyeatch to the bedsidetable before it got lost in the thick blanket. "It is not that I do not like children.... however they require a lot. Ours, possibly moreso than humans. Without the proper lessons and patience, they can lose control of their powers. It can result in the childs death. Those two are old enough to have learned their limits, luckily. To top is off, as demons, we all relish in some form of chaos. How would you imagine a demon child to act? To say the least, those two are much more well behaved than I expected. They are the first I have ever met, so I cannot say if it is normal or not. Naturally, my kind can be very possesive over what is ours." He returned to his masters side, bringing with him the Earls night clothes. He layed it out, a small smirk in place. "Speaking of, the young master has come quite a long way since we met." He teased, laying out the shirt and collecting the discarded clothing. He deemed them wearable again, as Ciel only wore them for a little over 2 hours. Ciel had seemed to have no real interest in doing things himself. Until one day he just started doing things himself. Sebastian, of course, took it as a sign Ciel was growing up more. A matter of pride that someone his age at least not having to rely on somebody else doing every little thing for him.
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Ciel sighed quietly, staring at the flames that burned in the fireplace. They were a little low and could use more wood but he knew Sebastian would see to that in a little bit. He would never admit it aloud, especially to the demon that was on his way upstairs, but he was a bit relieved to know that their contract would be extended. He wasn't sure if he wanted this to be the end, if he was ready to stop his work and allow Sebastian to swallow his soul . Ciel imagined that it was his childish side talking, a bit afraid to finally leave this earth. He wondered if Sebastian was disappointed that their excursions weren't over yet and he couldn't have the soul that he cared for.

He looked over, raising a hand to pull the eyepatch off, and carefully tossed it onto the bed but didn't move from his spot just yet. [+blue "Well, we won't discuss how many doors I had to open just to find it again,"] he answered quietly, watching as the demon set down the warm glass on his nightstand. After a moment, Ciel began working on the buttons to his jacket and shirt so he could prepare himself for bed. [+blue "I'm a bit surprised I didn't walk in a giant circle. But it will be nice to have things back to normal. I'm surprised to see that the demon boy has taken to you so well, it seems. You act like you hate children."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 50m 3s
Sebastian watched his master leave, then turned to face the table. He put all the chairs in their proper spot, gathering the spare paper and ink. He took the notes Seth had written out, putting them on top. He then proceded to his room, wondering where he might put the book. He looked up, above his bed. A prideful smirk took place whenever he looked at the thing. The snarling head glared back at him, the marble eyes seeming slmost life like as the moonlight reflected on them. He then went to the night stand herarely ever used. A gas lamp sat on top, that he literaly never needed to use. He put the book in it, making a mental note to make a false bottom for the drawer. It didn't actually mind if someone saw it and wanted to look. However, the only one he trusted to not destroy the thin book was Ciel. Bard might leave it laying somewhere to get damaged, finny... well finny had a hard time not breaking the trees every other day. While mey rin was just annoyingly clumsy. He doubted they would mean to damage it, but they never ment to damage the manor either. He took the stack of papers and inkwell to the records room, where he had fetched them, and put them back. Then went to the kitchen.

He took the milk out of the ice box, heating it manually rather than using his powers. While using his powers was faster, over time he learned thst there was a difference in the outcome. While to him, both were just as distastful. His master, however, seemed to enjoy the food that had time to cook slowly more. He wasn't even sure if Ciel himself could tell the difference if asked. He poured the warmed substance into a glass, then added the honey to sweeten it to his masters prefered taste. Then he was on his way up the stairs. He stopped by Ciels study to leave the notes on Ciels desk. Just in case he wanted to look into them, and proceded to the master bedroom. He was both pleased and proud to find his master already there.

"It would seem you lack confidence as well, sir. You seem to have found your way here without much of a problem." Sebastian said, "however, I will have the manor back in it's proper shape before you wake." It was a pity though, he had so much fun being able to alter the building to his personal likeing. If only he could have redecorated as well.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 13d 1h 4m 40s
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Ciel looked over at the demon and the small book that he held. Even though it was small he could see that the boy had put quite a bit of effort into it. [+blue "There are always worse acquaintances you could make, I suppose,"] he responded softly. He had to admit, though, the thought of a child smaller than he following Sebastian around like a lost puppy was pretty cute. [+blue "But you are right, we're working towards the same goal. I don't think it could be done safely without Seth's interference. I guess we're quite lucky that he didn't turn out like his father."]

He ran a hand through his hair, letting the small form lean against the chair he stood next to. The thought of doing this on his own without the safeguard of the redhead and his staff made him anxious and a bit nauseous. He could only imagine the horrible things that would have happened. Ciel shuddered faintly at that thought before straightening up and walking past the demon. [+blue "Do as you wish, I'll be up in my bed chambers."] He briefly thought of asking Sebastian to change the drink choice to a rather dark wine but thought better of it. He would save that for when he really needed it. Slowly he made his way up the stairs and to his room, entering the rather warm bedroom and standing in front of the fire while waiting for the demon to return.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 1h 42m 12s
Sebastian turned to his master when he spoke. "Indeed. I am sure we will be able to put on quite the show as well~" Sebastian found it all rather nastolgic, to have his master back in that situation. He turned to Ciel, "of course, I do not particularly like the thought of being someone elses pawn. I suppose there is no helping, since we have the same goal." He looked down at the book he just recieved. "I seem to have gained the uncanny habbit of making aquaintences..." he muttered, fliping through the pages again carefully. He closed it, looking at his master. "If you would permit me to put this away, sir. Then I will meet you upstairs to put you to bed." His tone resumed its natural business like tone, but faltered into a gentler one as he continued to talk. "I will bring you some warmed milk to help you relax." He knew the youth would likely be up all night without sone sort of assistance.
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Seth watched carefully as Sebastian drew the map of the original manor, Akira taking it. Once it was fully dry, she folded it and carefully tucked it into her obi. He smiled a bit at this, running a hand through his hair. [+red "You did impressive work, I'll give you that,"] he told him softly. [+red "Ciel is incredibly luck to have you. We'll be leaving now, Lord Phantomhive, to allow you to get some much needed rest."] He turned to Akira, giving her his usual soft smile as she stepped back so he could move past. Before he actually left, he looked back at the two males again. [+red "If I can, I'll send a note when I learn when father plans to make his move. I'm hoping he'll tell me at least a couple hours beforehand but he could completely surprise me with it. If I get any kind of information, I'll send it your way."]

After that the two exited the manor, leaving Ciel and Sebastian in a moment of silence. The boy exhaled slowly, closing his eyes. He was tired but his mind was moving too quickly to allow him to sleep. It would be an incredibly long night, he was sure of that. [+blue "I'll be happy when this is all over,"] he mumbled quietly. [+blue "But at least we know more now than we did two hours ago."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 13d 23h 27m 58s
Sebastian nodded, grateful. "It is appreciated. Now, if that is all, I had best get my master to hed. His constitution is not the best." He said, though he knew Ciel would likly not be sleeping much tonight. He probably wouldn't until Lord Whitehill had a bullet through his skull. The demon pondered about the changes to the building, as his master seemed distracted. On one hand, the manor was maze like as it normally was. Though, he suspected that Akria, at least, would be able to track him no matter how the building looked. Then again, it sounded as if Lord Whitehill would be showing up himself for the raid. A completely altered building- in possibly a short amount of time- would reek of supernatural assistance. At the moment it seemed he was the main trump card. Since the Lord didn't actually know Ciel had made a contract that night. He sighed, annoyed that he would probably have to pretend to be at least greiviously wounded. The Lord seemed cruel enough to make a butler live in shame at failing to protect their master. "Before you go...." the demon made his way over to the table, stopping the pair before they left. He took the quill, dipping it in the ink. He then drew a map of how the manorwas suppose to look. "I had a little fun when I learned you were comeing to searchthe manor." He smiled cockily, handing the drying map to Akira. "I suppose it is better HE remains ignorant to my exsistance."
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 13d 23h 41m 0s
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Akira gave him a small smile, bowing a bit at the waist for a moment before straightening up to her full height. Since it was part of her orders she would make sure Ciel got through this experience alive and in one piece without significant damage. Now, since she was asked, she would also make sure to keep the boy's home in rather pristine condition with (hopefully) no damage. Unfortunately Lord Whitehill could be rather unpredictable and may end up breaking something for spite on the way out. If she could prevent such an action, she would. [+fuchsia "I assure you I will do my best to preserve his manor and the items within it,"] she responded softly. [+fucsia "As for our meeting, it was in the works, yes. He wanted to try to work something out with you before the Lord forced his way in and did something unfathomable."]

Ciel shook his head at Seth's question, letting his gaze flicker over to the two demons who were chatting quietly a short distance away. [+blue "I can't think of anything now, I think tonight I'll simply allow all this information digest,"] he responded softly. [+blue "But, as you've said, any future questions will be directed to you through the raven in the house. Thank you for coming by and telling us all of this."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 14d 1h 4m 20s
Sebastian inclined his head breifly, holding the gift carefully. He would have to keep it hidden in the space his master had given him. Hidden, just in case some other humans decided to look for anything he may have confinscated. Mainly bard and his seemingly never ending stock of artilery. "It is much appreciated, though I have a feeling something like this was in your plans." He was meaning their little meeting. While it didbother him somewhat to be acting like someone elses pawn, he knew it was then safest route for Ciel. Seth would hopefully have enough authority to make sure Ciel took minimal damage. Unlike if Sebastian had let him be taken on his own accord, and if Seth was like his father. "Just try not to destroy the manor when it is time for My Master to be taken..." he glanced toward Ciel again, silently asking if he should alert them to the remodling. Any attack would fail since they did not know the true layout of the house. Plus it would feed the Lords ego, and make him think he got away with the kidnapping.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 14d 6h 13m 56s
[h3 +]
Akira smiled a little, seeing the uneasiness on the male's features. Demons weren't particularly kind, especially to other demons, but Haku seemed to be the exception. She imagined he was that way in his human life as well and it simply carried over to his demon one. He was an incredibly sweet child through afraid of many things and had the self confidence of a squash. [+fuchsia "Yes, Lord Whitehill was quick to snuff that light out of him quickly,"] she responded softly. She hated that man and despised living in his house with him. One day soon, however, that would all change. [+fuchsia "But he's slowly working on it. And I will tell him, I assure you."]

She looked over as Seth slowly stood, picking up his vest and putting it on over his untucked shirt. [+red "I think we got most of the important stuff out of the way,"] he told Ciel gently, the boy slowly standing up as well. Seth smiled gently, looking between Ciel and Sebastian. [+red "Do you have any other questions for myself or Akira before we go? If you think of something later, Sebastian can always send a message through his bird."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 14d 20h 31m 50s

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