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He watched his master get up carefully. He wondered if the boy would be able to keep up his little act much longer. His arm was clearly bothering him, it probably itched like hell. Any healing wound did. He knew telling the boy to stop rubbing it would do no good- it was instinct. Not a very good one, but even he had trouble not trying to sooth the more extreme injuries he received. "I do hope they are not intending to use any stairs. My young Master is recovering from a rather bad kink in his back." he said, watching the two young humans leave the room. On one hand, his master was proud enough to try to climb stairs to avoid being fussed over. On the other, he was smart enough to know that his butler would be extremely unhappy if he was caught doing something that could hurt himself further. He would be more than happy to fuss over the boy in front of Seth , to embarrass him into thinking first next time.

A thought struck him as he remembered something Seth had said. Again, it was just a curiosity. "Master Seth mentioned he could control the elements a little bit through your contract. How did you manage to enable that?" He had never heard of a human tapping into their demons powers before. While it was possible it was something unique for her, if it was something he could learn it could save his masters life if the worst happened. Akira was the older of them, so it was also possible it was just a trick she figured out. He had never been willing to experiment with his contracts, as it could affect the soul.
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It was interesting to hear that Sebastian didn't act alone in the slaying of the shape shifter and that a stronger and much older demon was involved as well. That part of the rumor hadn't circulated to her circles yet and caused her to wonder why it hadn't been included. It made Akira wonder if it was intentionally left out in order to have Sebastian attacked for taking credit he didn't deserve or if was to see how Sorath would react to it. The old demon didn't let things he worked towards go that easily and, once the rumor reached his ears, would more than likely seek to fix it.

She glanced into the room again as she saw the two lords rise, Ciel a bit slower than Seth, and caught the tail end of their conversation. A small manor tour was happening, now that Fredrick had been destroyed there were no longer threats in the house to harm them. She had no doubt the young males would be safe wherever they ventured to and, as for secret rooms and items, she didn't have many. What she wished to remain out of others sight was carefully hidden away, even from Seth. Luckily he wasn't a very nosy young lord.

[+fuchsia "I would count on a few, at least until Leviathan is taken down, from some lower level demons,"] she responded softly, turning her attention towards Sebastian again. [+fuchsia "It can't be avoided. I'll also be continuing attacking what appears here until he comes to take care of it himself. Once you begin picking off the princes, I suspect the demons that attack you will be stronger and older. I doubt, however, you'll get any of my age until you have one or two left. Elder demons like myself prefer to observe and study first. Still, your small lord has me concerned; you know he'll be a target."]
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He released a low, displeased grunt. "I was not alone." he stated matter of factly. "yes, I killed it. I had to seek help since they haven't been seen since I was very young." He may have been Proud, but he knew when to distribute credit where it was deserved. Sorath was one he did not want to upset. The demon was old, and while Remir was also a Fallen Angel, he suspected his creator to be a bit younger. "with rumors like that, it is more likely to happen. I'll be hunted just out of others paranoia. What are the chances of random attacks, do you think?" he rose an eyebrow slightly. He had liked where he had been on Hells 'social ladder.' He had been left alone. Now, after killing that shape shifting beast and with Leviathan breathing down his neck, he was bound to have other higher ranking demons concerned over their favored positions. Each had worked hard in their own way- whether thru bribery, murder, or an official challenge - to get where they wanted. Anyone trying to rise in the ranks often vanished, or were found dead. With rumors like that going around, it was very possible some were going to try to assasinate him. Remir had done a wonderful job getting the ball rolling, with Ciel having originally been a gift for the Prince. Leviathan was intelligent, but he wouldn't let anything that could count as an insult to remain unpunished.

He wondered how the small country would look by the end of the day. He would try to minimize the damage, but others would not care what was torn down, or who died in the crossfire. He smiled at the female. "oh, If there is anywhere in the City you would like remodeled, it would be best to have the hanging there. I have no doubt it will be nothing but rubble by the end."
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Bright blue eyes flickered into the sitting room to check on the small group of boys again. Haku had left, the items he had been working with set carefully on a nearby table to be put away properly later, while Seth and Ciel still spoke softly in the large chairs. The small earl seemed to be shifting a bit, a small hand rubbing his arm over a slight bump in his jacket. She knew he had been injured during the eradication of the cult but she wasn't aware of the extent.

[+fuchsia "Some say you're growing soft,"] she answered softly, turning her gaze back towards the taller demon. Akira still had her sources underground and consulted with them semi-regularly. Since she had small demons with her, she liked to be up to date. This particular rumor, however, was an easy enough one to fix. The same had been said for her when she started building her little troupe, that she was growing soft and weak. All it took was a small feat of her talents to stop that rumor in its tracks. [+fuchsia "This is quite a long time for a contract to exist with our kind, they imagine you've lost your resolve. Others say your contract means more to you than it should and you'll allow yourself to starve before you finish it. On the other hand, some rumors have sprouted about your fight with the shape shifter. They say that since you've killed such a legendary beast that next you'll set your sights on the throne."]
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Sebastian pressed his lips together in thought. He knew he had to be careful, and have every possible outcome planned out. If he did not, not only did he raise his chances of not surviving, but his little Lord would not have the best exsistance. The boy would possibly be kept as a pet of sorts to discourage future problems.

And more than likely not treated well. His face twisted not a frown at that thought, his eyes narrowing as he finally turned his gaze back to Akira. "It seems the bit of gossip I wish to hear has avoided me. Might I inquire as to what is being said?" This was simply curiosity, but there was the added benefit of knowing what Leviathan was preparing for. He kept his true strength to himself, but having survived being attacked by a shifter would have definitely altered his position in Hell. Whether he wished it or not.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 70d 14h 18m 41s
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She nodded lightly, indicating that she understood his instructions. It certainly wasn't a challenge and was a task she could have finished in a few hours if she wished to. Human were extremely simple creatures, though there were a few gems hidden within them, and always searched for the worst in each other. That would be more than enough fuel for the fire that Sebastian needed. Still, dealing with Leviathan wouldn't be an easy task. He was a prince for a reason and had been for quite some time, no doubt knowing many tricks and having a few advantages. She didn't doubt Sebastian's ability but she liked to remain realistic.

[+fuchsia "Leviathan can be unpredictable,"] she responded softly, following his gaze for a moment to the small earl in the sitting room. The two males were still conversing softly though the topic seemed to have changed. [+fuchsia "But he enjoys watching others suffer. I've heard rumors from below of you and your contract, no doubt he's heard them too. I'm certain he'll target Lord Phantomhive simply to hurt you. Plan for every angle imaginable. He also enjoys fighting dirty so keep an eye out for that."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 71d 12h 27m 8s
Sebastian smiled, "A simple burglary would do. Humans will hang each other for anything, it seems. Though, it does not really matter. Have fun with it, if you wish." Since she offered, he would no longer have to leave his master alone. It would be far easier for her to throw something together quickly, since his master lived further out in the countryside. "Leviathan will no doubt accuse me of thievery." He turned his gaze to where his master was in the other room. The Prince would instantly know the boy was marked by his followers. It mattered little to him, though. Being marked by a human held no power in comparison to the mark his placed on the boy. "With a little luck that will infuriate him enough to want to kill me, rather than take him and run." His smile slipped a bit. He was somewhat worried. He had fought many demons, equal and higher ranking than him and come out the victor. He bore the scars to prove it . He had never fought any of the Princes though- either seriously or simply friendly combat. Nor had he watched them fight, as he tended to isolate himself. He could only hope his winning streak was not yet over.
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Akira smiled a little at this, her fingers continuing to brush over the dark pink brocade of the obi. It had become a habit of hers while she thought to toy with the thick band of fabric around her waist or the obijime cord that held it all together. It seemed that Sebastian had thought long about this problem and what he was going to do about it, having already begun to formulate a plan. Most demons preferred to work alone and not drag others of their kind into personal matters and she suspected Sebastian to be of this type. After all, most demons weren't very trustworthy anyways. The older ones, those who had withstood the test of time like herself and Sebastian, were able to form small alliances with a select group of their kind. Akira was incredibly different in this aspect as two of the demons she trusted were children. She still had her sources inside, the one who created her, but she didn't see him near as often as those that resided with her in the manor.

[+fuchsia "We are more than able to handle anything that comes our way,"] she reassured him softly. [+fuchsia "Having such a wide variety of skills in this little manor gives us quite the advantage. Now, did you have a subject in mind for this plan or shall I scout one out myself?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 72d 10h 35m 30s
The raven tilted his head. "I would not expect anything else. Though, since you offered," he flashed a somewhat cheeky grin, "I could use a public execution. Somethingto distract his army and draw in some reapers. Londonseems to have grown peaceful at a rather inconvient time. I find myself unwilling to leave my master at the manor to come and set something up, and I would much rather him not be around to become a suspect. Cheif inspector Randall would love to pin something on him, no matter how much the evidence would say otherwise." If the distraction was good enough, the reapers would occupy his arsenal and he could focus on keeping the Dark Prince away from his master. "Only if your contacts do not say that Leviathan is unstable. I do not wish any harm upon anyone here." he added. Demons did not typically harm the children of their kind, but that did not excuse Seth or the other two humans with her from harm's way. He did not wish to drag the female to Rouge status with him.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 72d 10h 56m 13s
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Akira glanced into the room from time to time, keeping an eye on the two males that were under her care. Seth continued his conversation with Ciel, the two discussing the remaining factions and how best to deal with them while Haku continued to sit on the floor and practice his brushwork. Once she was satisfied that the others in the sitting room didn't need anything, she turned her attention towards Sebastian again. Akira expected he would have some visitors but was surprised to hear of only one. Especially such a weak being. None of the ones that appeared on this property were worthy of a fight, either, but they didn't even compare to that. The lack of a fight had her a bit concerned, honestly, and caused her to wonder what was to come.

[+fuchsia "Leviathan must be saving his more powerful subjects for his army,"] she mused softly. A delicate hand appeared from the long sleeves of the dark purple kimono and gently ran over the silk of the contrasting obi. [+fuchsia "If that's the case, I imagine the attack will be sudden and quite unexpected. You may not have much time between Remir's warning and Leviathan's appearance; is there anything we can do to help you?"]
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Sebastian allowed a small grimance to show. He would have to make sure to keep his master somewhere safe. A busier part of London would probably suffice. There would be enough reapers around trying to stop the small hoard of demons from stealng too many souls. "What a mess." He complained quietly, mostly to himself. Then to Akira, "only a low ranking slug. The creature was dumb enough to enter the Manor." He huffed, "he must have tired of losing his better scouts." He allowed the annoyance to show, but didn't fuss over it. He was only annoyed that he got stuck wasting time with such a pathetic excuse of a demon. It had put him a few minutes behind his daily schedual. Though, the confusion it had caused his master had been somewhat amusing. "I have asked Remir to alert me when he is prepareing to arrive, but I have not heard anything yet." He muttered. It was one con to keeping to himself. He did not have the most connections. He had a few pets, but nobody he actually put effort into keeping on friendly terms. He supposed he could contact Sorath if he wanted to, but he owed the older demon enough as it was. Building up that debt was not on his to do list.
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Ciel glanced up at Sebastian after he spoke, watching the male straighten up before turning his attention back towards Seth. He imagined he had a few questions towards the eldest demon, if not any of the others, as she was most likely the one who knew the answers to Sebastian's questions. Akira seemed to be the most knowledgeable out of all of them when it came to matters of demons and devils. The older two males may have some answers but most likely not as many as she did. Akira seemed incredibly smart and had Ciel wondering just how old she was. Did she out date Sebastian? What made her the way she was?

He knew very well that he was safe in this home, another reason he didn't mind the demon leaving the two boys alone to chat. Even if he wasn't, Sebastian would appear within a second to save him.

Akira watched Sebastian quietly for a moment, giving him a small smile. What made his home so chaotic, she wondered? Was the staff full of energy or simply not well trained? These weren't polite questions to ask, at least not in that manner. Still, she understood how chaos could run rampant in the home as she was looking after two young demons that were still discovering abilities. Luckily, Seth didn't mind their antics and encouraged their playfulness. [+fuchsia "You've caught the Whitehill manor on a good day,"] she responded softly, keeping her small smile. [+fuchsia "The twins are relatively calm and Jeremy-san hasn't been conjuring anything today."]

Bright eyes of blue flickered into the room to check on both of her charges before turning back to Sebastian. He certainly didn't waste time. [+fuchsia "Nothing I can't handle,"] she answered softly. There had been a couple of nosy creatures, due to the nature of their little "family," but it was nothing that her age and skill couldn't extinguish in a matter of seconds. [+fuchsia "I still have a decent relationship with my creator and he keeps me well informed. Leviathan's angry that his worshipers have been eradicated; Armaros says he's looking for blood. Most of his spies haven't returned, as I suspect you and I have picked them off, so he'll be searching himself soon. Most likely with a small army. Have you seen anything appearing around the Phantomhive manor lately?"]
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Sebastian turned toward Ciel once she slipped out quietly. Bending at the waist, he lowered himself to whisper into his Masters ear. "My lord, I doubt any harm will befall you here. I will return in a moment." he said vaguely. The boy was smart enough to figure out he would be talking to the other Demon, especially as he exited the room through the same door she had. He barely spared the room they entered a glance. "The Phantomhive Manor is so chaotic, I find this Calmness rather unsettling." he said, being more polite in his attempt at conversing. He did not wish to interrogate the female, and he doubted she would respond well to such an approach. He met Akiras gaze evenly, "I do hope nobody has bothered your little family too much?" he asked, not wasting time to get to his inquiry.
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Ciel huffed faintly at Sebastian's remark, folding his arms loosely over his chest while leaning back in his chair. The demon could sometimes be rather insufferable. There was truth to his statement though the boy chose not to acknowledge it in the presence of others; Ciel disliked most social gatherings, especially if they entailed leaving the manor. He wasn't particularly a social person and mostly kept to himself at other gatherings and while working. If he had a choice between going out and staying home, the latter typically won.

[+blue "Make me a list of the information you have,"] Ciel requested quietly, turning his attention towards Seth. [+blue "I'm sure it'll prove to be quite useful in the long run."]

Seth smiled and nodded, picking up a quill and some paper after turning in his chair to a nearby table, and began to write in beautiful calligraphy. The redhead's handwriting was unique, clearly having learned from someone who didn't share Sebastian's views, as the loops and lines were a bit different than Ciel's. It was still easy to read but rather beautiful to look at.

Akira stood in the doorway, looking over everything to make sure it was in proper order before locking eyes with the tall butler. The tiniest change in expression appeared, indicating he wished to speak with her, and she watched him quietly for a minute before gesturing to the door beside her. She had no idea what he wished to see her for but she knew it would be rather important. This next room was perfect for such a conversation as it would be far enough away for them to talk in private but close enough to keep an eye on their charges if something were to arise. Once the demon entered the room, she tucked her hands into the sleeves of her kimono while glancing at the stunning red eyes.

[+fuchsia "What I can do for you, Sebastian?"] she asked softly.
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Sebastian remained quiet, unsurprised by the Veteran Demons cult practices. He was known to have a cruel sense of humor. He, himself, did not favor the overpowering flavor of agony. "It would seem a trip to France is needed then. I have said the young Master does not get out of the mansion enough." he teased lightly. The boy rarely went to London or anywhere else because he simply wanted to. Usually some form of work or duty was involved. Not that this time was any different, He simply couldn't pass up the chance to ruffle the boys feathers. As for moon phases, demons in general were more active during certain times. It would make sense the sacrifices would follow a simular pattern. While the two nobles conversed, he turned to catch the head Maids attention. He did want to know just how much Leviathan was hunting for him. As she was contracted to the leaders son, she would be the first looked at. He rose an eyebrow at her to silently request a word with her. It would be rude for a servant to call over his masters conversation.
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