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Ciel looked up at the door once he heard it click shut, letting out a quiet sigh and running a hand through his hair. He had no idea where some of these thoughts and reactions were coming from but he wasn't sure if he liked it, more so the reactions than anything. It was an outward sign of his vulnerability and uncomfortableness inside his own head, basically giving Sebastian all the ammo he would ever need. He wasn't sure if his butler would ever use it against him but he still hated the possibility of it being there.

Once he felt better and calmed down enough, he finally looked down at the book to see what he was supposed to be reading. It was on different economic systems, things he already knew, but decided to read it anyway. Part of it was to humor Sebastian and the other part was to avoid negative repercussion. The demon would never do anything to really harm his charge but he wasn't against uncomfortable discipline. He was already in enough discomfort, he didn't want to add to that list. He made it close to the end of the chapter before sudden movement caught his eye, something jumping through the window. His first instinct was to jump up and move back but his injury prevented this. All he could do was remain on the bed, watching as this man-creature dropped to the floor and writhed in pain.

He didn't even need to call for Sebastian, the male entering the room shortly after and ignoring the stranger's presence. Ciel, however, never took his eyes off of it. He never did with potential threats. [+blue " that?"] he asked quietly, not even bothering to glance up at the demon. He would know perfectly well what he was talking about.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 45d 17h 9m 41s
The demon turned away, peering out the window for a moment. He could sense a lesser demon lurking near . He opened the window, a dark smirk on his face. Instantly he knew the type. Slow, weak, and rather stupid. The only reasn this was not considered an animal was because it could speak. He turned away, leaving the window open for Ciel to gsin some fresh air. He did not tell Ciel he was also being used as bait for a test of sorts.

Sebastian took his leave, with the soiled tea set and made his way to the kitchen. Bard was there, of course and by the stove. He seemed to be glaring at whatever was in the pan. He hadn't noticed the butler entering, and Sebastian was very happy he wasn't just five minutes later as he watched the chef pick up his flame thrower. With an exsaperated sigh, he went behind the chef and snatched it in time to prevent Bard from pulling the trigger. Of course, this startled the chef and Sebastian had to duck in order to avoid the knife that suddenly swung toward him. He didn't mind, he would rather the servants be ready for a sudden attack.

"This is not a cooking utensil." He informed, finishing the journey to the sink.

"Sebastian!" Bard fumed, "Don't sneak up on people, I coulda hurt you! Besides, if something isn't cooked enough the young master could get sick."

Sebastian ignored the first part, as Bard actually hurting him was quite laughable. "I am quite certain the young master does not have a taste for charcoal. He leaned the massive gun on the counter. He then went over the the pan. It was still a bit overcooked, so he took it off the heat. It was a simple dish at least. Bard had taken his advise, for once.

"Say, were'd our guest go?" Bard asked suddenly.

"He is rethinking the wisdom of attacking our master." Bard nodded, knowing what that ment.

"Well, keep in mind he'll die without water." The chef sat down as Sebastian began to pull things out for his masters lunch.

The demon didn't answer. Fredrick would be in a uncomfortable position, but due to the mark placed on his heart, he would not die. He might go somewhat mad, which was just more fun for the demon. While he cooked, he sence the demon enter the house. He was not worried, though.

The demon had entered through the window, snarling at Ciel a moment before landing onthe carpeted floor. It took one step toward the boy, then literally collapsed in a fit of pain. The creature struggled to keep its human form . It couldn't seem to pick itself up and finally curled up, wheezing against the wall while trying to climb up to the window again. It continued to do this until Sebastian returned a while later with Ciels lunch. It seemed unable to make any sound, though its eyes screamed that it was in agony. Sebastian ignored it, appearing as if he didn't know it was there. He did, of course, but seeng the creature too weak to even break the wall down was too much. He didn't want to go into a fit of histerically laughing in front of Ciel. Really, a demon as low as that one should know better than to enter a private home uninvited.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 45d 21h 20m 26s
[h3 +]
The demon's silence made it clear that he didn't believe the story he had just been told, though Ciel didn't really think he would. Sebastian easily saw through every lie he ever told but typically thought enough of his master's privacy to leave it lie for a while. The only exception, of course, was when the boy's safety was at risk. Luckily that wasn't the case and it gave the boy some more time to think it over. He still wasn't quite sure of what to think as this idea was completely new to him as he had never had that kind of relationship before. There were so many new things: Sebastian was man, an older one at that, and his butler which broke the norm and quite a few noble rules. But it gave him a chance he would never have again, especially with his betrothal to Elizabeth: real happiness. If that was the path he decided to take, it would give him a choice in the matter of his future, one he never had before. He didn't imagine he would be totally unhappy with Sebastian as they got along so well already, despite their individual outbursts. But was this what he really wanted? He wasn't sure.

He nodded at Sebastian's instructions, reaching over carefully as not to pull his muscles more and set the math book to the side to be replaced with the economics one. This one was a bit heavier, Ciel needing to use his other hand as support for his healing arm. Once it was in front of him, he slowly opened it to the page he was instructed and glanced up at the male just in time to see him slip the thin glasses into his pocket. Even without trying, he was rather attractive, a thought that made a light pink fill into his cheeks. He felt embarrassed even thinking it, Sebastian would have a field day if he knew what his charge was thinking. He decided to divert his gaze, hoping it would fix the situation, and immediately stared at the open text in front of him.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 46d 1h 16m 30s
Sebastian studied the boy for a moment, the crimson eyes seeming to go over the boys whole form. He could understand Ciel being nervous, it was a reasonable reaction. He had thrust his affections right n the boys face. He didn't regret it, though. In the end, Ciel would be his. Yes, should Ciel deny him, he would back off. However, one day, the tables would turn. He wondered if Ciel even realized that, yet. He wasn't going to accept the fact the boy had to cease to exsist. He would find a way to both claim the boys soul and keep him. He was determined. It amused him that Ciel seemed intimidated by him now, though. Not really him, specifically, but more of what he wanted. Ciel was still quite young, but he was on the verge of traveling into adulthood. It wouldn't be long now, before things started to really get interesting. He had, of course, educated the boy on the subject. But theory and experience were to very,VERY different things. It would be interesting, and Sebastian really hoped he would be able to reign himself in. Finally, he spoke. He knew, by his prolonged silence, that Ciel would know he was not fooled. Ciel would be very hard pressed to lie to him, a demon. Still, he would not pry. His little lord would talk when he was ready (maybe). Human emotions could be so bothersome, "very well." He said finally, removing his watch to check the time. He didn't actually need to look at the little device, but he used it because Ciel gave it to him. Did Ciel know that? He was curious. "It is nearly time for lunch. You are rather advanced in Economics, so go ahead and read the next chapter while I prepare your afternoon meal. We will go over what your read after you have eaten, and go from there." He instructed, removing the glasses as he did so. They slid easily into a pocket on the front of his coat, then he walked over to the bed to collect the dirtied dishes,
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 46d 17h 9m 26s
[h3 +]
The room was rather quiet as Sebastian graded his work which allowed Ciel to completely forget he was staring at the flowers. They just brought so many questions with him and very little answers, though he felt afraid of what some of those answers would be. He had never been in a real relationship before except for his betrothal with Lizzie, but he hardly counted it as a relationship. He cared for her but not in the traditional sense; he had feelings for her but they weren't romantic. He had never had an experience like that in his life and was a bit intimidated by it, especially by someone like Sebastian. The male had been around quite a bit and knew far more than Ciel did; normally he didn't find intelligence daunting but he did in this case.

Sebastian's voice snapped him back into reality, looking over to see the demon adding the boy's work to his file. It must have passed his inspection. [+blue "No, Sebastian,"] he answered quietly, picking up his tea again in order to finish the last of it. Once the cup was empty, he set it aside to be taken downstairs with the now-empty pot. He wasn't sure if he was ready to share these deep fears and secrets with Sebastian just yet, maybe he needed another day or so to mull them over. [+blue "I just got distracted is all."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 46d 20h 37m 3s
Sebastian took the offered papers after Ciel was done with them. His eyes roamed over the neat print of his masters writing . Ciel excelles in this particular subject, as well as the next. He would lessen them, due to this, but they were important for Funtom. So instead, Ciel was far above others his age. Some things the demon taught him were not even a part of normal school curriculum . He was proud of this fact, about to give the boy a satisfied nod. Mistakes came with severe punishment. His master tried very hard to keep his work mistake free. The subjects he was exceptionally good at were no problem. A praise at the tip of his tongue, his eyes went toward Ciel. He noticed the boy seemed distracted and followed his gaze quickly before the red orbs snapped back to his 'student'. "Is something on your mind, Master?" He asked, already knowing the answer. He sat the work down to add to the files of his lessons. Some may think it weird, but he kept every single paper his master competed correctly .
[h3 +]
Ciel was pulled out of his thoughts as Sebastian returned, carrying tea, his books, paper, and a writing utensil. He'd be lying if he said he was excited about his lessons as he found them to be rather dull. Sebastian insisted on them, informing him of how they were necessary and providing examples but it didn't do much to sway the boy to his side. He'd prefer to get them over with quickly, actually he'd like it if they didn't exist, but he was grateful to see that his butler decided to start with a subject the boy was good at: math.

He quietly picked up his tea as he listened to his butler begin his recap of what they had covered earlier, making sure the boy still remembered and understood his past lessons. Truthfully, this was the second easiest subject for the boy, economics being first. He dealt with these things on a daily basis and his skills in them were far above average. Most nobles struggled with the concepts of basic algebra, let alone the material Ciel was covering. He drank the hot liquid quietly, looking down at the book that was now open to the lesson they were covering, cosine and sine. Easy. Once the demon stopped talking and allowed Ciel to begin his work, he set the tea down and picked up the quill. The process and answers came easy to him, finishing rather quickly and pushing the papers over to Sebastian. At least it was a subject he was excellent at and not boring world history. Talk about a pointless subject.

As Sebastian scrutinized his work, looking for mistakes, the boy's eyes flickered over to the roses once more. He couldn't stop staring at them though a reason why had yet to present itself.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 49d 1h 46m 1s
The demon showed the two indians to the door quickly, and apologized for any rude behavior. Luckily, Soma and Agni both brushed it off. "Ciel is always grumpy. He should really learn to smile more," had been the answer he got. Sebastian, really, agreed. He was a demon, and he had an easier time enjoying himself more than his master did. Though, enjoying ones job helped with that. The boy, however, very rarely took any time for himself. Not that he had time. Between being the queens guard dog, hunting for revenge, running a business, being the Earl and Head of the house, schooling and finally being betrothed to the Lady Elizabeth.... his master was comepletely booked. It was quite a lot for a thirteen, almost fourteen year old boy. Once the indians carriage was a good distance away, he turned and went back inside while checking the time. They still had time for a lesson before he had to prepare his masters lunch. Perhaps soon Ciel might feel up to paying Fredrick a visit with him he would have to do some more decorating there, as right now it was a rather sad dungeon.

The thought of watching Ciel torment the man himself was a thrilling thought. He wondered if his master would even be up for mentally though. He had debated taking his female form the next time he visited, to add salt to the wound. He was leaning against it, though. Switching back and forth too often could be tireing.

He quickly gathered what he would need for the first lesson, bringing Ciel fresh tea as well. His master would need something to help him focus. Of course, when he returned, he had the glasses he typically (unnessisarily) wore while teaching. He had no real reason why, other than the fact he actually liked the look of it. "Young master." He greeted once he finally returned. He set up the table so Ciel wouldn't have to get up, and gave him the needed books and paper . Once they both had everything in order, he started his lesson.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 49d 14h 47m 13s
[h3 +]
Ciel couldn't help the small, displeased wrinkle that appeared on his nose. While he was glad his least favorite subject wasn't in there he wasn't particularly looking forward to physics. While it contained a bit of math, which he was good at, he just didn't deem it as an important subject for his line of work nor could he see himself using it often. He would avoid German as much as he could as he wasn't particularly fond of that subject either, as he found a lot of the sounds hard to make. Sebastian seemed hell-bent on making him learn the subjects, however, and knew it wouldn't be up for debate. Ciel could usually tell which battles he could win and this wasn't one of them.

He leaned back a bit more into the bed, pulling the blanket up around him more. [+blue "Don't hurry,"] he mumbled quietly, watching as the demon began his journey towards the door. He'd rather be unconscious for some of these lessons. Once the demon had finally left to retrieve what he had promised, he found himself looking at the roses again. He couldn't seem to stop staring at them. It wasn't because of how pretty he found them, but because of what they meant. Why was Sebastian interested in him, anyway? The man could have literally anyone in the world, no matter where they traveled there was at least one person enamored by his looks. What made Ciel so special? Even the boy had to admit he could be a pain and rather problematic, was that the kind of thing Sebastian liked? He sighed quietly as these things raced through his head, pulling the blanket up even more and shifting to make himself comfortable. Even more important, was this was Ciel wanted? He wasn't interested in his betrothed as he didn't think of her in that light. He honestly didn't want to marry her, secretly praying his contract would be complete before that ever rolled around. But Sebastian...he looked forward to see him every day and genuinely enjoyed his company. Did that mean he was attracted to his butler? It was all so confusing.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 49d 15h 42m 51s
Sebastian stood back, his head tilting to the side briefly in curiosity. He didn't pry, though he wondered what his little lord was thinking. "I will return shortly, I have lesson plans for-" well, they might as well as skip the first one since they were so behind. Plus it would give a little more time spent on the others. Within seconds he had the whole day reschedualed. They would just have to go over that particular lesson for another day. It was one of the more challenging subjects since verylittle of the information was actually useful to Ciel. The demon surmised the boy just didn't care about it for that reason, no matter how much the demon stressed the importance of knowing the history. One less stress was a boon for both of them, today at least. He simply listed the other lessons that were now slightly longer than what he had originally intended. "Mathematics, Economics, Physics and German." He said, his master really needed to improve his German due to all the people he ended up having to 'entertain' from there. They were currently the biggest military competetor, and Ciel could eavesdrop well. If he knew what they were saying.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 49d 16h 4m 26s
[h3 +]
[+blue "Good to know,"] Ciel murmured quietly, watching as the demon retreated back to the wardrobe to retrieve another night shirt. He didn't plan on causing the demon bodily harm, not that he could anyway, and figured the male wasn't serious anyway. Sebastian had a rather dark sense of humor, something that he had in common with his charge, and wouldn't doubt him to make a joke of that fashion.

He remained still as Sebastian carefully undressed him from his better clothes and covered him with the nightshirt, stating that if the boy was up to it he would try to work out the knot later. Part of him was a bit apprehensive about it, he knew Sebastian wouldn't harm him but it was still a bit sensitive. How much pain would he be in afterwards and for how long? Would it really work? These were the kind of things that wondered if he should allow Sebastian to do as he promised, though the curiosity of making it better quickly pushed him in the other direction. He'd gladly give the demon his left eye as well if he could make it go away.

Once he was back on the bed, he took the blanket that was offered to him and wrapped up in it quickly. Now that he was wearing less layers, the air was rather cold and would be until the fire was revived again. He thought hard about crawling back under the warm comforter but didn't want to be tempted into sleeping all day. He was certain Sebastian had some kind of hell prepared for him and wouldn't tolerate it. Ciel carefully pulled off the eye patch, setting it on the table. After he did so, his gaze fell onto the beautiful crystal vase with the roses in it, still sitting where they had been previously placed by the older male. Sebastian seemed to be doing well even though he didn't get an answer and Ciel wondered how long it would take for him to land on one. There were still so many things running through his head that it made it hard for him to focus, let alone land on a single answer.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 49d 16h 52m 0s
Sebastian chuckled at his masters antics, "as long as you do not strain yourself. You my find the right one may come off easier." He joked, his master didn't have the brute strength needed to really harm him. "Try to remain relaxed, if you are still doing alright tonight I will try to work it out." He said, offering to try to quicken the process. It might not help, but it wouldn't do anymore damage. He was always careful when handling his master. He fixed the pillows to give his masters body a bit added support. He turned, leaving to retrieve a clean night shirt . "If you will bear with the pain for a moment, sir." He said, somewhat sympathetic for the boy. It was his fault for messing around while Ciel was reliving through his nightmares. Still, he didn't regret anything. What was horrifying for Ciel was rather nostolgic for the demon. He quickly got Ciel out of the everyday clothes, getting him back into the more comfortable white shirt. He wasn't going to demamd Ciel to crawl under the blankets, as Soma undoubtedly would. Just because Ciel was on near bed rest didn't mean he was going to bed. Though, he did pick up a throw blanket from the plush chair near the fireplace and offered it to him. Without all the layers, the room would be a bit chillier since the fire had died as the morning progressed. Of course, Ciel had the option to get cozy under the thick comfortor on the bed. However, the demon would rather Ciel be awake during their lesson, not tempted to doze off.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 49d 17h 26m 13s
[h3 +]
Ciel shifted now and then in Sebastian's arms, his back seeming to complain here, too. It wasn't nearly as bad as the chair but the longer he remained still, the more it was beginning to hurt. He also knew he was in for quite the lecture as he indicated the pair would have to leave once he was in bed but Ciel wasn't sure how long he could remain civil as the pain progressed. He was already known by his butler to become cranky and unpleasant when he was uncomfortable but pain made it ten times worse. He was, at this point, willing to take another painkiller just to get a bit of relief. He hoped Soma wouldn't be too sore about it and he would visit again when the boy wasn't in so much discomfort. A faint winced touched his face as he was lain on the bed. He moved on his side, trying to take as much pressure off of his back as he could.

He looked up at Sebastian as he spoke, a hand reaching behind him to rub at the pained area. Even though both boys were rather privileged, Ciel felt that Soma's showed more than his. Ciel had a dark past to fight with where the prince didn't. It caused the small earl to look at things in a way the prince couldn't even imagine. [+blue "Try it and I'll rip your arm off,"] Ciel huffed quietly. Sebastian was fully aware of how things like that made his skin crawl. [+blue "Soma may enjoy that treatment but I certainly don't."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 49d 19h 3m 23s
Sebastian sighed, but said nothing. He would have to question his masters lack of manners after the two left. As much as pointing things like that out, the two had already put them behimd schedual. They had started cutting into his masters lessons about 15 minutes ago. While it was good someone cared for Ciel enough to come visit his master. Though itvwas not really needed. Agni opened the door for him, since his arms were full. He was rather good at altering how he carried Ciel quickly, but he nodded at the man anyway. He was only helping. Then the two filed in after him. "I can get my master into bed without assistance," he assured, turning a bit to face the two. He had stopped after just a couple steps into the room, which made the doorway rather crowded. He kept his body turned to prevent their guests from being directly in Ciels face, since Soma had been forcibly stopped by walking into the butlers back. Soma shrank and instantly dodged back behind Agni, giving a bit more moving space.

The indian butler seemed torn. Soma clearly wanted him to say something, but he could also tell their visit, while appriciated it did not make it actually welcome. Finally, he gave in to Somas silent prodding. "Prince Soma was hoping to see the extent of the injuries himself. Master Ciel has never needed hospitalized before... that we know of..." he faltered, already knowing the answer just by his friends expression.

Sebastian offered the indians a kind smile . His words, however, were directed to the hiding prince. "Your concern over my masters well being is well recieved, Master Soma." Sebastian dipped his head slightly, as Ciel would not be pleased with the normal polite bow while being held. The Prince might think him rude, but it was no ruder than his masyer pretty much telling them to leave. "However, his injuries are not life threatening and I do not need help changing his clothes." Soma seemed to wilt further at the sickly sweet smile directed toward him. Agni could only shift his eyes between the two with an 'i told you' look on his face. After a moment of rather tense silence the Prince backed off, "fine... but if I hear of you nearly dieing again I am staying here for a month." He threatened with a huff. Sebastian made a mental note to take it easy on making his master look death in the eye . Finally, Agni was allowed to step back out of the doorway as Soma moved back nto the hall. The other butler closed the door, nearly instantly they could hear Soma complaining that Sebastian was simply not kind enough to care for Ciel properly as they went further down the hall.

Sebastian sighed, "If I recall correctly," the raven smirked at Ciel, "his definition of kindness is your definition of creepy." The image of his masters visably disterbed face came to mind. No, Ciel had not liked the demons poor attempts at 'coddling' at all. His eyes fell on the tie, still on the edge of the bed. "Unless, of course, you want me to spoon feed you?" He teased, gently setting Ciel down on the pillows. He was glad to see Meyrin had already changed the linen. One of the things she actually seemed halfway decent at- making a bed. He supposed it would be hard for her to break the sheets or bedframe by falling though.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 49d 19h 14m 12s
[h3 +]
Ciel tried to protest returning to bed but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Soma believed he knew what was best and how to make his injuries heal faster. This wasn't a first, he remembered when Soma interjected Ciel's treatment when he had become quite ill before, insisting Sebastian become more caring and basically smother Ciel in the process. Needless to say, it didn't go over very well and the small earl wasn't exactly looking for a repeat of that occurrence. And, of course, he had to comment on the boy's short stature as well. Sebastian had already teased him on multiple occasions, indicating Ciel woudn't grow much taller than he was now, and earning him a heavy object hurled at his face.

He sighed heavily as he was lifted into Sebastian's arms, letting his gaze fall on the prince. Ciel had to admit that it did feel much better here than in the large chair, the demon seeming to support all the right places to reduce the discomfort he was previously in. If he knew he wouldn't get strange looks and even worse comments from the rest of the staff, he wouldn't mind this more often during his healing process. Still, it was best to simply roll with it until the pair left and he could go about his normal business afterwards. [+blue "Sebastian will see you out after, then,"] he told them quietly, loosely folding his arms over his chest.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 50d 17h 7m 44s

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