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Ciel kept his frown as he looked back down at it. He remembered their agreement well thought he was hoping Sebastian would have forgotten about it. He should have known better. But was protecting his taste buds more important that dessert for the rest of this meal plan? That was yet to be decided. Even though Ciel prided himself in how mature he was, in reality he was still a child. These moments proved that.

He stared at it for what felt like an eternity before he picked his fork back up and brought it up to the pot pie. It looked good and had his stomach grumbling but he knew what evil was really in it. He remembered the last few times he had eaten the substance, the boy not even able to swallow it as the taste was just too horrible. Not even Sebastian's fabulous cooking skills could hide that. Slowly he began to poke at the insides, trying to push the small bits of liver out of the way of some vegetables so he could eat it. Once he succeeded, he ate it and looked back up at Sebastian briefly. Even though it wasn't a piece of liver, it still had the faint taste like it. Eating this was going to be hell.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 271d 13h 37m 0s
Sebastian rose an eyebrow. "You did not even try it, master." He said, the liver itself was diced, in an attempt to spread outthe strange texture. The Raven had really put some effort into making it edable for the boy. He was not letting the boy go with out him giving it a fair chance. He had grown proud of his cooking ablities, this would be an excelent test to see just how good he was. He tried to ignore the slight feeling of wanting his master to actually like it. Outwardly, he gave his master a thoughtful look. Even if he was just losing himself in his thoughts. His master would never know if he was being annoying or plotting.

He enjoyed watching the debate his master was having with himself. "Keep in mind ourprevious deal, as well sir." The demon said. He was reminding his master that he would take Ciels desserts away for the remainder of his diet. After all, his master was a child. Being picky could lead to an embarassing scene in the future. As such, such behavior cause to be punished.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 271d 13h 48m 42s
[h3 +]
The exposed eye flickered over to the butler as he heard his voice, quietly shutting the book and setting on the table beside him. He had been dreading this meal since he saw it on the schedule and the demon had talked him into it. Now he was having second thoughts. There was nothing Ciel despised more than liver, no matter how it was prepared, and would rather put a campfire out with his face than eat tonight's dinner. He also knew from the menu that one of his favorite desserts was being served tonight but he wasn't sure if that was a good enough deal for him.

He rose, following the demon out to the dining room and looking over the table as he sat down. His stomach still rumbled, Sebastian having suddenly cut off his snacks in order to persuade his master to eat tonight's meal. Sebastian was certainly crafty, knowing his master like the back of his hand. He glanced up at the male as the dinner was set in front of him, quietly picking up his silverware and cutting into it. A soft frown touched his lips as he saw the dark substance inside, his nose wrinkling a bit as well. [+blue "You really think mixing it with other things is going to subdue the taste?"] he asked, slowly setting his silverware down on the plate and looking up at the demon. [+blue "I'd rather go back into the coma."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 271d 14h 10m 7s
Sebastian stood in the kitchen, stirring a pot. He was currently thickening the filling for a pot pie. He was in no mood for his masters growing attitude. He was at that age. While it was amusing, borderlineing cute sometimes, he was in a bad mood for some reason. As such, he was trying to 'hide' the liver by making it more palatable. Reather than grilling or frying it, as was normal, he used it as an ingrediant. He could still smell it, and knew his master would too. It was just a part of his masters unique observational abilities.

He glanced toward the chef, who was preparing the pie crust. Seeing everything as it should be he turned his eyes toward the bubbling stew. He poured a little into a sample dish he had on the counter next to him. Sampling the dish, he gave himself a satisfied nod and took the pot off the heat. He did enjoy cooking. He could even enjoy human food- to an extent. The biggest problem was his sense of taste being different. To him, the food most humans enjoyed was very bland. With hardly any flavor at at all. The first time he served his master food had been created to his personal taste. His master had not even been able to swallow it.

He filled the pie and put the top crust on it. Once it was in the over, he began to clean the area up. He shook his head, to clear up his mind. He had become boarderlining obsesive with his master, if he wasn't careful he was going to slip. He had not been very good at trying to block out his feelings toward his master. As a Demon, they usually took what they wanted. He couldn't this time though, and it bothered him. A lot. While he knew he should put some distance between them, he did not want to. So he didn't. He fussed over his master day in and day out- in his own way.

Ciel had gained weight well in the time he had woken. He looked more normal. Then again, sebastian had been keeping his master stocked on snacks. Every couple hours the demon would bring something or other to munch on. He had used the excuse of his master being so thin. The real reason was a mixture. The more important one being his stratagy to get his master to eat the undesirable meal. His master was stubborn, so there was no way to tell if this would work. He increased his masters food intake. Today, he put a longer gap between snacks.

Sebastian, despite being a young demon, was still hundreds of years old. He studied humans, and his master was very much a human. One thing that the Demon knew about them: Humans lie. Even the honest ones lie. He had never ever met a 100% honest human. He did not trust his master to eat the meal. But encouraging a larger eating habbit, and cutting it short so suddenly, he hoped his master would feel hungrier and eat his dinner anyway. Either way, he was determined to get his master to eat before bed. Increase hunger, and bribe with one of his favorite desserts- which the boy had not had since he woke. He smirked, imagining the look on his masters face when he would, inevidably, realized the demons long term stratagy.

He took the pie out of the oven. The meal complete, he prepped the cart and put his masters dinner on it. Once it was covered and the tea fetched, he went to fetch Ciel. He found him reading in the parlor.

"Young master, dinner is served." He announced. He watched his master slowly put the book down. Watching his master had become a favorite past time.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 272d 5m 47s
[h3 +]
A few days had passed since the incident with the shapeshifter, the manor finally back into a normal working order. All that had been damaged was fixed and Ciel had purchased a new outfit to replace the one he had stained. The morning and early afternoon had found the small earl tending to some business in London with Sebastian, picking up small purchases and following new orders. Once they had finished, the two returned to the manor where Ciel had done some paperwork after he ate lunch while the demon went off to clean or whatever he did during that time.

It didn't take him long to finish the small pile of invitations and work orders, the small earl deciding to leave the study and find something else to preoccupy his time. Quietly he moved through the house to the parlor where he picked up his book and began to read. It didn't take him long to become lost in the pages, as he usually did, but the smell of dinner and his stomach rumbling pulled him out of it just as quickly. It smelled rather good at first but a certain note his his nose that caused it to wrinkle a bit. He didn't recognize it at first but, when he did, he narrowed his eyes faintly at the book that he still held open.

The damn demon was making liver.

He couldn't express into words how badly he didn't want to eat it and thought about hiding somewhere in the house until dinner was over. He knew it was useless and that he would be found rather quickly. A heavy sigh sounded, Ciel closing the book and leaning back more into the overstuffed chair and shutting his eyes. He wasn't looking forward to how Sebastian would handle his refusal of dinner; the demon wouldn't take no for an answer.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 272d 13h 11m 15s
"Yes, my Lord." The demon stated, doing his customary bow. On the inside, the dark butler took more pleasure from the request than he should have. It warmed him to know the boy took comfort in his presence. He watched his master discreetly. He had learned early in their contract that humans looked down on watching someone fall asleep. Apparently it was creepy. Instead, he busied himself by looking about the room. He allowed his gaze to return to his master once the boys breath evened out. A brief study and he was sure his master was asleep.

Sebastian smiled, his master was adorable when he slept. He removed his glove, very gently touching his masters face with the back of his hand. He did not feel a fever starting, so he withdrew. He watched a moment as Ciel shifted, but remained asleep. He shook his head, picking up the candle holder. There was definatly something wrong with him, to be fussing over his master so.

Despite that, the demon paused halfway out the door and looked back at his sleeping Lord. "Pleasant dreams. young master..." he whispered and shut the door. He blew outthe candles, having no need for them. Now in the complete darkness, he set off nown the hall. It was time to prepare for the new day. He checked his watch, it was well past midnight. He would let his master sleep in. The boy could be quite cranky in the morning sometimes.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 273d 12h 25m 24s
[h3 +]
The hot water was incredibly relaxing, just what Ciel needed. He had no problem laying in the water, letting the warm substance blanket his body. He made quick work of cleaning himself thoroughly, making sure not a stain of purple was left on the porcelain skin. Once he was completely clean, he lay back in the water and closed his eyes. After the chilliness he had experienced outside, the warm water was a welcomed thing. In fact, he stayed there much longer than he should have, not budging until the butler returned to him.

Heterochromic eyes fluttered open at the demon's voice, slowly looking over to him. It was probably best to get out now while the water was still relatively warm. Slowly he stood, taking the towel that was offered to him and dried off before allowing Sebastian to dress him for bed. When he was ready he walked beside the demon to the guest room that had been prepared. The large and inviting bed was a welcoming sight after the experience and trauma he had just underwent, the boy quietly climbing in and pulling the blankets up to his chest before lying down.

[+blue "Stay...until I fall asleep,"] he requested quietly of his butler, slowly looking over at him. It was a childish thing to ask but he didn't wish to be alone right now. It was the reason he requested the guest room so close to the servant's quarters.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 273d 14h 19m 46s
Sebastian bowed again and took his leave. First, he left to clean himself. He couldn't handle anything in the bedroom with how bloody his clothes were. He opened his door, his eyes falling on the hole he created earlier. "I suppose that had been a waste of time." He muttered, irate. He closed the door and removed his gloves. A black film covered the hole, enabling the demon to walk across it without a problem. He tossed the gloves in a hamper in the corner. He usually cleaned or repaired his cloathing immediatly, as old stains were difficult to remove. The clothes that he couldn't repair went there for when he had a second to throw them out. The other servants dared not enter his room. Even to collect laundry, so the system worked for him.

He did find it flattering that his master insisted on buying him clothes. He supposed it was to make him seem human, but the boy knew he could summon his own clothing. He had done so when he first took his human form, with his uniform already.

The demon walked over to the wash basin he kept. He placed the head he carried on his desk. It would give him something to do in the middle of the night after his chores were done. Taking the rag and soaking it, he made short work of getting the purple substance off his person. The water was cold, but he paid no mind to it, his thoughts elsewhere. He found it interesting, the way his blood changed color. He knew human blood was blue until it was oxidized. He assumed the same thing happened. The oxygen level from the place he called home was vastly different.

Once he was dressed, he went to one of the guest bedrooms. He supposed if his master was not ill tomorrow, they could go to town. If the stress of tonight didn't affect him, he was sure the boys immune system was fine. Though, the weight gain diet was not changing. One the room was ready, he returned to his Lord. "Master, the room is ready for you." He entered the bathroom, looking perfact as ever.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 274d 22h 46m 25s
[h3 +]
Ciel relaxed a bit in Sebastian's arms, closing his eyes. It was calming in the demon's embrace and he enjoyed it. Most of the time he would complain if Sebastian dared to pick him up, protesting and not wishing to be coddled. Tonight, however, was a different story. He could actually use a little love in his life and, even though the butler wasn't his parent, wanted to be in the embrace of a parental figure. His heart ached a bit after all the words she had said even though he knew they were spoken only to get under his skin. Still, it hurt.

He remained cuddled in the demon's arms and chest until he was placed into the bathroom, Sebastian requesting his leave. [+blue "Very well,"] he answered, slowly working his jacket open. Undressing wasn't a problem, Ciel could do that on his own without a problem. When he tried to dress himself, though, he made many mistakes that the butler always had to fix. [+blue "Try to clean yourself up some; we can go to town tomorrow and order a few uniforms for you. Your last few have been damaged beyond repair, I'm sure."]

He slowly stripped down and stepped into the tub, letting out a quiet sigh as he sat down and relaxed. The hot water was so soothing; he had no problem staying here until his butler returned.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 275d 14h 55m 50s
"Yes, my lord." The demon easily lifted his master, sprinting toward the large house. He, of course, had do defend his beloved felines. How could his master threaten such harmless creatures? In his mind, cats could do no harm. "You know, cats bring dead things to the ones they care about as gifts." He said, mainly to irritate Ciel. Too bad humans did not share that sentiment others he could have gifted the head to his master. He doubted the boy would see the humor in that though, and wished not to have the next cup of tea thrown in his face.

Soon Sebastian spotted Mey-rin, scouting on the roof. He slowed down to a more human pace, slowing to a walk as they passed the tree line. "Mr. Sebastian!" She yelled, "what happened?"

"The young mastet was taken from his room, it is taken care of now. No need to worry." He called back, grateful for the darkness. It his his bloody clothes. Even she would have a hard time making out his dark attire against the darkened area. "Tell the others they may return to bed."

She saluted and dissapeared from sight.

The demon soon had his master in a bathroom and was warming the water. He himslef wpuld have to bathe tonight to rid himself of the now dried blood. Once his master was in, he bowed. "If you do not require me, my lord, then I will return shortly." It would not take him long to prepare another room.
[h3 +]
Ciel's nose wrinkled a little bit as he heard of Sebastian's plans for his trophy. He enjoyed darker things, yes, but that thing was terrifying. He would be just fine if he never laid eyes on it again, he didn't want to remember this awful period if he didn't need to. He'd rather forget it in the dark recesses of his mind. [+blue "I don't think I'll ever go into your quarters ever again,"] he responded, still staring at it. [+blue "And if you so much as bring that out into the hallway outside of your quarters for All Hallow's Eve, you'll find a dead cat in your bed."]

He shivered faintly at the light gust of wind, small arms wrapping themselves around him in order to keep warm. This caused him to take a quick glance over himself and frowned at how soiled his clothing had became. The blow Sebastian had delivered did quite a bit of damage in order to cover them both in the dark liquid. He shifted closer to the demon until he was pressed lightly against his side, finding a bit of warmth and a shield from the cold air. Since it was a bit on the chillier side, he would have to sleep in one of the guest rooms until Sebastian repaired the window. Sure, the demon was fast but even he didn't have large panes of glass at his disposal. They would have to be retrieved from town in the morning.

[+blue "Very well,"] he answered softly, allowing himself to be lifted into Sebastian's arms and being sure he stayed far away from the demon's trophy. [+blue "Prepare the guest room the closest to the servant's wing while I'm bathing, my bedroom will be too cold since the window's broken. If my immune system is really that compromised, I don't want to get sick. I have enough to deal with already."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 276d 13h 10m 32s
Sebastian smiled, a bit too cheerfully. "Clean it up, stuff it. Maybe I will hang it on my wall. Like you humans do with deer or bear." He tilted his head a bit. "Yes, I think above the bed would do just fine." He held it up. With her death her body had shifted to its true appearance. He held it by a knarled horn, twisting it to look at it from all angles. "I could take it out into the manor around the end of October." The last part was a jest, but he couldn't help it. He focused on his small master again. It was clear he wasn't going to ask to keep it, he was just doing it.

He found Soraths strange kindness toward him odd, but went with it. It was mich better than having him want him dead.

"If it is all the same to you, we should return. Once we are there I will draw you a bath and make sure the manor is still in one piece." He was sure the other servants would be tearing the mansion apart, looking for both the missing males. There was no way they would have ignored that scream. He studied his masters cloathing. It would not be worth it to repair. He would have to dye the fabric and even then he wasn't sure of hiw it would turn out. The breeze swept around them, chilling the areas where the blood was still wet. The demon approched his master, intending to carry him back.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 276d 13h 26m 40s
[h3 +]
Sorath took the remaining weapons, tucking them away, before brushing the boy's hair again. [+goldenrod "Be sure to come to me again if you need assistance,"] he told Sebastian. [+goldenrod "I doubt it'll be another creature like her but you may face something even more powerful in the future."] With that, he took his leave and left the two alone.

Ciel watched the older demon disappear before looking up at Sebastian again then down to the head he still held in his grip. He looked a grim sight as the top layers of his uniform were torn and stained, most likely unable to be fixed. It would seem that Ciel would need to order a few more replacement uniforms for his butler. He didn't mind, he saw it that the demon was working hard to keep the contract in place. [+blue "What do you plan to do with that ghastly thing?"] Ciel asked quietly, keeping his eyes on it. It was like a train wreck, something he couldn't look away from. The fact that the demon kept it was just a tiny bit unsettling.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 276d 13h 50m 29s
"It is appreciated, those blades have the ability to seal power. Though, I supposeypu knew that." He removed the rest of Soraths weapons from his coat. "These are youes, as well." He said. He stood a bit taller at the Elders praise. He almostlooked like a bird flashing his feathers. When the boy was finished, he responded with a kind thank you in his native tounge. He found it funny that Sorath had claimed to not understand his affection for his master. Yet the cards seemed to hold the spirits of whatever the Elder cared about. He supposed, in a way, it was different. He wasn't sure if his master would enjoy living inside an object for all eternity. He stepped away, his cloathes were still stained, but he could feel the drained power returning to him. "Until the next we meet, Elder." Sebastian gave the older male a bow. Turning to his master, who hadn't said a word, "shall we return to the manor, my Lord? It has become quite late."
[h3 +]
Sorath watched silently as Sebastian slayed her, sending the Empress back into her temporary home. The child, however, he left out. He still had plans for the blonde haired boy. [+goldenrod "You've grown into a fine demon,"] he told him softly, reaching out and taking the shorter sword from Sebastian. It was true, the butler was doing very well for himself and growing stronger with each contract. In a few centuries, this demon's strength could easily help him climb the ladder of Hell and have his name known and feared. [+goldenrod "You have amazing potential; I wish I could have nurtured it myself."]

Ciel remained in the spot where Sebastian had left him, not finding it wise to move just yet. He knew nothing of the larger male that his butler spoke to nor of the boy at his side. He appeared to be a few years younger than Ciel himself, having shaggy but beautiful blonde hair. His blue eyes were piercing, yet soft, and his clothes suggested he lived a few centuries ago. He wore black pants, a white shirt with billowy sleeves, and a black waistcoat. Ciel couldn't place where exactly the boy had lived but he knew it was long ago.

Ciel kept his eyes on them as Sorath gently brushed the boy's blonde hair and nudged him over to Sebastian. Slowly he moved over, small hands resting carefully over the demon's wound while his eyes closed. A soft light seemed to emanate from his hands as he held them still, the demon's wound closing and healing moments later.

[+goldenrod "Nathan was a witch in Salem and was gifted with the art of healing,"] he explained to Sebastian and Ciel, seeing the inquisitive and curious looks in their eyes. [+goldenrod "I was the first demon he called to and I became attached, I suppose. I figured this was the best I could do for you, to keep you well and in tact for your contract."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 276d 14h 30m 22s

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