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"With all due respect, master." Sebastian said, walking up to the desk. "You will not be able to continue working if you do not take care of yourself. That includes eating. I will not tolerate you harming yourself because you are stressed." To make his point clear, he sliced and put the pie in front of Ciel. It was a smaller slice than what was normally offered, in a way to try to make amends. "You did not even try to eat what I brought earlier, sir." His eyes went to the paper he put on the desk the night before. "If you are to use me to the best of your ability, you will need a clear head." His gaze went back to Ciel. "If the attack happenes tonight, I would not be able to forgive myself if I allowed you to continue like this." He stared at Ciel, not willing to move until he witnessed Ciel at least make an effort. Really, he knew Ciel needed to confront the memories that made him tremble and want to run. Even after this was over, he would not be at peace until he faced them, rather than trying to repress them. Even revenge would do nothing, if the boy did not come to terms with what happened himself.
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Ciel remained rather quiet in the study, not calling for Sebastian once. Normally he found at least one thing to bother the demon with and interrupt his chores but today was different. His brain was far too focused on more important matters than irritated his caretaker. He continued his progress on company business and accepting or rejecting invitations but his eyes would occasionally flicker over to the paper that sat isolated on the far end of his desk. He wanted to stop thinking about it, to continue on with his normal life as much as he could. No matter what he seemed to do, it always remained in the back of his mind and reminded him of what was to come.

He shifted position a bit to make himself more comfortable, resting his head on his hand as he continued to write a little more. Ciel was beginning to feel a bit tired, a little sluggish even, but figured it was due to his stress and seemingly-constant upset stomach. He remained in this position when Sebastian entered the study, slowly looking up at him and remained quiet for a minute. [+blue "I'm still not that hungry,"] he mumbled quietly, looking down at the paper he was working on currently. [+blue "Maybe I will be around dinner."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9d 21h 9m 27s
Sebastian, after trying and failing to feed Ciel, had gone to the kitchen to attempt a different approuch. While he was not surprised by Ciels lack of appitite, due to the recent happenings, it did not help with the demons internal turmoil. That, and the other servants avoidance was starting to really get on his nerves. They were currently hiding in one of the empty guest rooms, of all places. At least they were not causing trouble, though. He set the crust in the ice box, to set up properly. While he waited, he put his coat on and left to get them working again. It seemed like they only really worked when the butler was threatening their lives. By the end of it, Bard was sulking behind him as they both returned to the kitchen. The other two had be quick to flee when the butler staryed yelling at them. However, he was not expecting Bard to try to talk to him. The man was usually either too frightened, or hot headed to just talk.

"Umm... Sebastian? You doin' alright?"

The butler sent a glare his way, not answering. The blonde didn't seem to take the hint."It's just you've been odd all day. You never get this angry at Master Ciel." He said, "what happened?"

This made the demon look at the chef, who seemed detemined not to flinch under the icey stare. "I am not upset with the young master." He said finally. "You wouldn't understand it." He growled out.

"Well..." bard edged toward the door, ignoring the fact that the butlers reddish eyes were following him. "I know you care for him and all.... but maybe try not be so harsh? He respects you, you know...." he stopped edging for safety when the butlers brows drew together. The demon remained silent, so the chef continued. Rambling more than anything. "It just, he listens to your advise more than any other noble I have ever met. Whatevers bothering you... I am sure he would listen... we're a family after all... you too, even if you're an asshole." Sebastian rose an eyebrow at that, irritation at the blonde chef turning into vague amusement. Bard, certain he was going to end up with his head on a pike, fled with the excuse of using the loo. Sebastian shook his head, the chef didn't understand at all. "I am not suppose to care..." he said to the air, "it will only complicate things..." despite this, he finished the pie and made a fresh pot of tea. He then took the items to Ciels study once they were set up on a cart.

"Young master." He called, knocking on the door. Opening it, he pushed the cart in front of him, hoping to tempt the human with something sweet.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 9d 21h 21m 39s
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Ciel walked quietly up the staircase to his study and sat down in the overstuffed chair. A couple small stacks of papers and envelopes were sitting neatly in the corner while on the other side lay the notes that Seth had written during the night. The exposed eye flickered over to the paper, staring at the neat calligraphy for a minute before suddenly averting his gaze to the work on the other side of the desk. He thought briefly about studying the paper and seeing what else he could pull from those words but changed his mind as his stomach churned uncomfortably. He was still rather nauseous about this whole ordeal and not knowing when these events would happen made him extremely uncomfortable.

He decided to work on the pile of letters, hoping a bit of mindless work and number crunching would help distract him. Ciel continued with this through the morning and even into the afternoon; by the time his normal lunch time came around he hadn't even requested it nor any kind of snack or tea to tide him over during the day. It was rather unusual for the small earl to reject tea and snacks but his stomach still ached and he didn't want to risk being sick in the study.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9d 22h 50s
"Of course, sir." Sebastian said, watching his master leave. He frowned, wondering what was wrong with himself. All he wanted to do was force the the boy to relax. It was strange, especially as Ciel had no time to just relax. That, and without anything to distract himself, Ciels mind would only begin going in circles again. Which would only make things worse. The demon growled at himself, barely even recognizing himself. He, a decently powerful demon was struggling to not to go overboard with fussing over a human. Not only that, but had flat out begged his master to not die on him. As a demon not actually wanting their contract to end. It was frustrating, especially as the end was in sights. They now had information to hunt down all of Ciels attackers.

He could only postpone the hunt for so long, and he hoped by that time he was bored of Ciels company. He took the dishes to the kitchen, his jaw clenched tight enough to grind his teeth. Bard noticed the butlers frustrated demenor, and fled the room as to not be on the recieving end of Sebastians sharp tounge. The demon went about his duties, irritated at his own thoughts that seemed to always gravitated to the little human he didn't want to kill. The servants, since the demons attitude had changed after feeding Ciel, mistook the silent fuming as something Ciel had done to anger him. They couldn't help but to talk about it. It was unusual for him to be so obviously edgy after anything their master did or said to him, no matter how dangerous or hurtful. Sebastian often looked more amused than anything with any encounter with the boy. So of course, seeng this outcome was rather scary for him.

"I wonder what the young master did, yes..." Mey rin whispered nit too quitely. "He seems so distracted."

"He didn't even scold me for uprooting that tree...." finny said quietly.

"I don't kniw what his problem is, but he's scarier than when he is mad at us... at the young masters guardian, doesn't he have the right to disapline?"

"He has done it before, taken desserts away, he has..." Mey rin mused. "But I saw him in the kitchen making a pie.... maybe he isn't angry at master Ciel? Would it have something to do with the possible attack? Nobody has even gotten past the 5 of us though..."

They continued on, talking about the butler and what might have him on edge. While hiding and trying to avoid him, as to not encourage the butlers wrath onto them.
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Ciel looked down at the breakfast for a moment before he finally started to eat. His stomach ached and complained but he forced the meal down anyway. It's wasn't that Sebastian's healthy choice was sub par but the stress from the case and its latest development. The fact that Lord Whitehill could literally burst in at any moment and drag him back to that place didn't help his anxiety level any and the more he thought about it the more nauseous he became. Ciel was only able to stomach about half of it before he finally called it quits for fear his stomach may reject what was in it already.

[+blue "I'll be up in the study trying to get more work done,"] Ciel informed Sebastian, looking over at him as he rose. Luckily he had other work to finish so he wouldn't be stuck thinking about the case all day. He could focus on other things. [+blue "Come to me immediately if there are any new developments."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 17h 34m 48s
"Very well, sir." He said, leading him down to the dining room. "I did not send those letters." He updated Ciel, "with how things turned out last night, I did not think it nessisary." He was rather glad he didn't have to. It would have been dangerous, though it would have probably had the desired affect. However. He figured he would take up studing magic as a past time, just because it seemed to be a more consistent problem. He served the meal, he had kept it simple due to the fact he wasn't sure if his master could stomach something heavy. The tea was a sweeter blend. Both for his master to enjoy and to balance out the meal. The breakfast was somewhat on the healthier side, due to the stress Ciel was being forced thru due to recent events.

He had the small debate to ask if there was anything specific Ciel wanted done before he went to 'rescue' him from being sacrificed a second time. However, he did not really want him to be stuck on the case all day long. Humans were difficult like that, bei ng able to dwell on a single thing for hours, if not days until they calmed down.
[h3 +]
Ciel again tried to dress himself but ended up needing Sebastian's help. It was clear how often he did a full dressing on his own as shirt tails were untucked, buttons were missed, and bows were lopsided. Once the butler fixed all of these details, Ciel carefully put the eye patch and rings on to finish the process.

[+blue "I'd feel better if we skip lessons until this is finished,"] he answered after a minute, running his hands through his hair. The boy really didn't want to fight with two hells at a time and figured it was best to focus on the bigger one. Hopefully within a week it would all be over. He had to admit, not knowing when it was coming made him rather anxious and tense. He hated having that question in the air, as well as how long it would take. He hated the idea of being in that place again but knew it was the smoothest path they could be on. [+blue "I don't feel confident that I could fully focus on more than one thing right now."]

He followed Sebastian downstairs and was grateful to see the manor it its usual state again. The demon had been busy, just as he said he was. Quietly he sat down at the table, exhaling slowly while looking down at the perfect white table cloth. The anxiety had his stomach in knots but knew it wouldn't do any good to skip meals. To avoid an unwanted questions from his demon, he decided to eat at least a little bit.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 18h 2m 43s
Sebastian laid the outfit out carefully, keeping them from creasing. "If you would like, I will clear your schedule for this evening. It is only your lessons, however I belive you have more pressing matters to attend to." He said, standing by in case Ciel needed help buttoning his shirt or tieing a bow. Once the boy was dressed. He gave Ciel a critical gaze. He gave a single nod, deeming him presentable. He was certainly getting better. He wondered how much longer until he walked in to his master dressed, or dressing himself. While he would certainly be proud of Ciel for picking his own outfit, more and more of his duties were slowly dwindling away. Most would be pleased with this, however it was less for him to keep himself occupied with. Night were normally long and boring. He didn't nessisarily want the time between putting his master to bed and coming to get him for breakfast getting longer. Even if just by a minute. He collected the cup once it was emptied. Ciel would be recieving more with breakfast, as usual.
[h3 +]
Ciel slowly opened his eyes to see Sebastian tying back the curtains in order to allow morning light to filter into the room. He slowly sat up, taking the tea that the butler offered and sighed quietly. [+blue "A little tired, I suppose,"] he responded quietly before taking a small drink of his morning tea. He wondered if his tiredness was from overthinking the case and the information that Seth had given him or if he was simply stressed about his work in general. It was hard to pinpoint with so much going on at once.

[+blue "I still have work to finish, however, so I imagine that will take up most of the morning."] Ciel looked up at his butler, the boy remaining nestled in the warm blankets. He watched as Sebastian moved to his wardrobe and pulled out an outfit for the day, bringing it back to the bed and laying it on the surface for Ciel to change into when he was ready.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 18h 29m 49s
Sebastian returned later, this time to waken Ciel. He pushed his cart that held the warm tea to the bedside. He left it there, walking over to the window. He opened the curtains, with his usually waking call. "Young master, It is time to wake up." He said, tieing the curtains back, allowing the morning light to cross across the floor and bed. "How are you feeling? You had quite the long night." He questioned. He walked back over to the cart, pourung the steaming liquid into a cup. He looked over Ciel, the boy looked fine. Maybe a little stressed at most, but he had every right to be. He held out the cup, on the little saucer that was part of the set. He waited for an answer, as it would determine Ciels schedual for the day. With everything going on, he did not want his master getting too stressed. He wanted the boy to be able to give him clear orders, with as little panicing as possible when the time came for him to be whisked away.
[h3 +]
Ciel curled up a bit more under the heavy and warm blankets, laying still after as he watched Sebastian feed the fire. He continued to watch for a while as the demon knelt in front of the fireplace and carefully placed logs onto the burning haze of orange and red, watching to make sure it rose and didn't go out. He found his eyelids growing heavy as he watched, sleep beginning to creep up behind the small earl. He was grateful that the demon had chose to work on the fire instead of something else at the moment as his presence made it much easier to relax and slip into sleep. He finally did so around the time that Sebastian put up the grate to prevent embers from jumping out and roasting all of them.

He stayed asleep most of the night, only awakening for short periods of time before drifting back into a light sleep. Ciel was still in unconsciousness when the demon returned, his small form moving a bit as the blankets were tucked warmly around him, then immediately stilled. Even in sleep the demon was still calming to the small human. Ciel buried into the pillows a bit once the sun began to rise and stayed there until Sebastian came to wake him once again to greet the day.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 11d 20h 26m 46s
Sebastian smiled, not answering as to let his master fall asleep. Rather than leaveing right away, he went over to the fireplace. He restocked the fire, allowing the flames to increase a little bit. He then put the grate up, to prevent any sparks from leaping out and onto the carpet. While a house fire was not something he was overly worried about, he didn't really want to deal with the risk. Any amount of smoke would irritate his masters athsma. He stood, returning to Ciel. He picked up the empty glass, looking at Ciel from the corner of his eye.

Once he collected the item, he left Ciel to sleep. Once the glass was taken care of, he went to the main hall. "Too bad, I had fun with this." He sighed, setting to work. As promised, the whole manor was set to rights before the sun started to rise. He smiled slightly, the manor was the one thing he had that was the same since before he lost his family. He turned, returning to check on Ciel. He watched Ciel sleep, wondering what was going on in his head.

"I wonder..." he spoke very quietly, as to not disturb his rest, "will you be able to put down the rabid dog?" He grabbed the blanket, fixing and tucking it around Ciels small frame. "When the time comes to meet his gaze, what will he see? Narrowed eyes full of hate with bared teeth? Or wide terrified eyes that want it all to end?" He gently brushed his masters hair away from his face. "I look forward to finding out." He straightened, adjusting his clothes to remove the nonexsistant wrinkles. The morning would be coming soon, and it was time to start getting his masters breakfast ready.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 12d 7h 32m 54s
[h3 +]
Ciel slowly drank the remainder of the milk, setting the glass on the table and slowly crawling under the blankets. They were warm due to the dying fire and the piece of furniture quite comfortably. He stretched a little bit before relaxing back and pulling the blankets over his small frame. [+blue "Changing it back sounds better,"] he huffed quietly. [+blue "I don't want to lose daylight looking for whatever room I need to be in. ] How long it took him to find his bedroom was rather embarrassing and he didn't wish to repeat it for the next week. Besides, he rather liked the way it used to be and he had grown fond of it.

Slowly he lay down, keeping the blankets pulled up, and watched Sebastian for a minute. He was sideways due to the position of Ciel's head, making it appear as if the demon were walking on the ceiling. He probably could, the small earl wouldn't doubt it. [+blue "You're welcome,"] he responded quietly, curling up a bit underneath the heavy blankets. [+blue "Hopefully that will tide you over for a while."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12d 20h 8m 4s
"Only fixing the manor, sir. Unless you happen to like the remodling?" He said, meeting Ciels gaze. "Joking aside, It will not take me very long. My hunger is no longer hampering my abilities." He said, actually he felt a lot better after eating. While the meal had been revolting, it gave him quite a bit of energy. He had honestly forgotten how strong he truly was until he was able to alter the whole building in just minutes. He had gone without a meal for quite a long time. Most demons would made contracts for merely feeling peckish. Or other, higher ranking, demons just sent others to get them food. "I am grateful that you allowed me to eat today, sir." He said, it was rather embarassing that he had been that concerned about protecting his master. To go out and eat another soul during a contract was the equivilant to cheating, in a way.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 12d 20h 24m 33s

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