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Jeremy smiled knowingly at his words, giving him a gentle nod. Witchcraft and magic wasn't suited for everyone, some could work with it quite well and make complicated spells come to life while others created disaster and mishaps. He got incredibly lucky that the skilled demon Akira appeared when he first discovered it and taught him so many things that he could never have learned from anyone else. There were a few witches in Essex back then though they were being hunted daily and were remaining hidden. He had no idea how to even begin contacting them for help in his craft, let alone discover who they were. If Akira hadn't appeared to him, he imagined he wouldn't have gotten very far. Of course, if he hadn't been so excelled at it he certainly wouldn't be here today.

[+green "I understand,"] he responded softly. He glanced over as Akira moved from Sebastian's side and to the nearest mirror, the demon lightly touching the smooth glass with her fingertips. [+green "It isn't something everyone can excel at; I tried to teach Jounichi once and it didn't go very well. We were working with a basic rejuvenation spell and he built up so much energy he took out the observatory wall. He's since resigned to watching me work though he does enjoy playing in the mirrors."]

Akira glanced over at the door as Jounichi returned, this time with his twin holding his hand, and headed over to their sister. She smiled gently, kneeling down and hugging them both, before reaching out and brushing Haku's bangs from his eyes. Jeremy always noticed how maternal and human-like she was when she interacted with the boys, imagining they reminded her of what she had lost in her human life. He knew how special they were to her.

[+fuchsia "Haku-chan, Lord Phantomhive brought his butler with him to pay us a visit,"] she told him softly. [+fuchsia "Isn't that nice?"] Haku smiled a bit at this, turning to look up at Sebastian. His smile grew a little more, the small demon carefully and slowly moving over to him and giving him a quick hug before darting back to his sister's side. She and Jeremy both laughed at this, Akira leaning over and placing a gentle kiss on his forehead.

[+green "Haku seems to enjoy your company."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 41d 23h 37m 36s
This time, the smile turned thin, almost strained. "It does not end well for anything around me." Of course, his mind went to the numerous magical blunders he had gone thru. From his creators rather comical permanent grin to the bard-like explosion he caused in his given room . The younger demon shook his head, "As entertaining as it would be for me, I am doubtful anybody else would see any humor in it." Honestly, he had no idea what could happen. He could try changing a cat into a frog and end up aging one of the boys 1000 years. That would be very bad, as the demons naturally slow growth was key in controling the massive amounts of power their race could have. Not all demons were lucky enough to have power to boast about, but he could tell those two had potential.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 42d 12h 12m 48s
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Akira giggled at Sebastian's statement of his young master, she could tell by the smile that he certainly returned whatever Ciel dished out and vice versa. Ciel was known throughout London to be quite difficult and often refused to take 'no' as an answer, she could only imagine what he was like at home with his butler. She was also aware that Sebastian could be antagonistic when he chose to be which gave the two of them a rather interesting dynamic. Akira had to admit that she would have loved to observe the two of them together just to witness how they played off of each other's troublesome personalities.

Jeremy smiled softly, adjusting Jounichi on his hip again and looking through pristine round lenses at the mirrors before letting his eyes roam to the table. It had taken him many years to get to this point, having direction and instruction from many places. He was proud of his skills, especially now, as they had grown exponentially. The male witch had just begun to master mirror magic before he was murdered, having used it to travel to different places in Essex. Truthfully, as long as he had a marked mirror, there were very little places he couldn't travel to. Traveling through mirrors was quite tricky, however, and most witches never mastered the art. It was a great way to tire out small demons, however, in a game of chase. [+green " Thank you very much, Sebastian,"] he responded softly. After a minute or two, he carefully set Jounichi down on his feet and watched as he darted out of the room...most likely to retrieve his brother. [+green "It's nice to have a room dedicated to my work that I can leave in the open. It makes it much easier to cast spells and the like. It also gives the boys something to watch when they're bored. Have you ever performed any magic, Sebastian?"]
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Sebastians amused smile turned mischievous. "I cannot deny that, but he knows there are very few boundaries I will not cross for him to get my point thru. He is well aware of what I tolerate. It is simply a matter of his pride or intelligence leading him." As it were, he had frightened the boy into behaving before . Embarrassment was a far easier option- or simply playing the role of an over protective mother hen. He had done so once out of Somas request he coddle his sick master to health.

The result had been an utterly creeped out Master, which he must admit was still quite funny. They had been alone, then. How would the boy react if he behaved as such in front an audience?

The boy would surely seek revenge later if he did. Not that it worried him, he loved the little games they played. Watching for Ciel to move, letting him think he had the upper hand, then waiting for the right time to crumble the illusion. They kept him from getting lazy.

Crimson eyes flicked over the alter where the witch had been working before playing with the young demon. "You have quite the nice set up." He offered. It was true, the man was not the first human witch he had met- though possibly the most talented. Most practiced a different Magick thru some Pagan religon, and were not able to do things like travel thru mirrors. He could appreciate the attention to detail to create the perfect environment spell casting. Akira might have helped some, but he knew magic reacted different from person to person. Unless the two could work in sync, it could have disastrous results.
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Jeremy gave a soft smile to the other butler, holding Jounichi carefully on his hip. The small demon watched Sebastian quietly, having a loose hold on the male witch, and listened to them speak. Jeremy was glad that the small earl was alright and recovering well, despite his restlessness. Ciel always seemed eager to get his work done and out of the way, especially when it came to the Queen's work, and seemed to be semi-active. Granted there was a lot of paperwork that came with the job, as well as what was received from the toy company, which led him to believe that the small Phantomhive was working on papers at least three days a week. It was wonderful to hear that the injuries he sustained weren't keeping him from doing that . Akira, however, knew better than that and could tell from the way that he was carrying himself that the boy was in a bit of discomfort. She imagined it was from the rough handling he received from Fredrick, the man using too much strength against a frail target. She didn't know the full extent of the damage but she could tell it was in the lower back or hips.

[+fuchsia "It's well known that Lord Phantomhive is quite the stubborn one,"] she mused with a soft smile, causing Jeremy to laugh a bit. That was true, everyone in London was aware of that fact. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing as he made sure he got what he wanted but in some aspects of his life she was sure it was less than ideal. She was sure, actually, that Sebastian had warned his young master about traversing the Whitehill manor too much but imagined the boy to be ignoring that piece of advice. [+fuchsia "You certainly have your work cut out for you."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 42d 14h 41m 16s
Sebastian shifted his gaze toward the fire as the room grew quiet. The flames, even to him, could be quite hypnotic. He found it interesting in the almost human way Akora seemed to behave at times. He figured it was here choice of company that rubbed off on her. It would be very easy to accuse her of being soft, if he hadn’t already found enjoyment with his Masters company. He did not see himself as soft, so it would be hypocritical to veiw her as such. Crimson eyes shifted over toward the other butler when he spoke, “My Master is fine, if a bit restless.” A small, amused smile appeared. “For someone who does very little other than paperwork every day, he does not stay still very well when he needs to.” It was highly amusing. Watching him remain so impatient as he healed at such a slow pace. The injury could be a bonus, though. It would be much easier to leave the boy somewhere away from the fight. The boy, unfortunatly, had learned what buttons to push to get what he wanted, and a fight between demons was not overly common in this world. The boy would undoubtedly be curious, and wishing he could see what was going on. He would need to make sure that the long dagger he had found could be easily hidden and secured on his masters person.

Even if he failed and ended up dead, hopefully he would have tired the Prince enough to give his master a higher chance of survival. He knew that if he wanted his master to survive, he would have to show him where to aim. There were two reasons he had not yet, one was his natural survivak instinct. His master could use the knowledge and kill him with that blade. While he doubted his master would do such a thing , it was still difficult to over come. The second was much more petty. He simply didn’t want to admit he might not be able to return to his masters side.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 45d 18h 22m 3s
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Akira wasn't sure if she enjoyed their conversations simply because she enjoyed the insight of others or because the small part of her humanity that she still held liked to fill the empty spaces. Either way, she valued these conversations she had with Sebastian. He was an intelligent demon and often told things how they were. She appreciated that honesty and bluntness, also finding him personable. Ciel was incredibly lucky to have him as a guardian.

[+fucshia "Curiosity got the better of me, I suppose,"] she told him softly in response, watching as Jeremy continued to stoke the fire to keep it going. Once he was finished, he set the poker back into its rightful home and gave Jounichi another soft smile. [+fuchsia "That was why I asked. Sometimes I find peace in filling those gaps."]

A gentle silence fell upon the room, all inhabitants of it quiet. The fire crackled musically, the only thing that broke the silence. After a long while, Jeremy adjusted his glasses with his free hand and turned to look over at Sebastian with a small smile. [+green "It's good to see you and Lord Phantomhive again,"] he finally greeted him. Now that they had finished their conversation, he could properly greet their guest. He didn't think it wise nor polite to interrupt them. [+green "I know Haku will be happy to see you whenever he pops out of wherever he's hiding in. How is the Earl fairing after the incident?"]

Akira looked over at the small demon that was still held on the butler's hip, silently inquiring as to where his brother was. Jounichi shrugged lightly before looking up at the ceiling, indicating he could be up another floor with Ryu. That wasn't an uncommon occurrence as Haku didn't like to be alone for long periods of time. If he wasn't here with the small group than it was a good guess. Bright eyes then flickered over to Sebastian again, eager to hear how his charge was doing.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 52d 16h 31m 54s
The Raven demon sighed. That was a long time to think back on. A long time and many, many changes. What had he expected of himself back then? He pressed his lips, together. “Remir thought it was important for me to remember who I use to be.” he said, still watching the duo. Jeremy seemed content to ignore them for the moment and let the two talk. It was rather odd, to carry a full conversation. The only person he ever really spoke to was his master, and even Ciel was more hands on than most of his other contracts. He was very good at mimicking others behavior, but his own antisocial tendencies could rival his masters.

Finally, he decided on an answer to her question. “Though that is a rather vague question.” He rose an eyebrow toward her. In favor of their current alliance, he avoided being purpously annoying as he would have if he were talking with Ciel. The boy really was too cute for his own good. “To answer your question, I suppose the answer would be both yes and no. Did I know I would perfer to remain a mid-teir? Not at all. I was much more ambitous then. However, I did know that I was never going to be forced to bow my head to anyone again.” Thus far, he had been rather successful. Belial, he knew, was not overly fond of him because of this. He had met the King once before and had refused to kneel. He had been able to walk out alive, though not entirely unharmed for misbehavior. More or less a warning over his disrespect. His creator, however, had been estatic over the fact he stood his ground. “If I am to be knocked down, it will be with my death.” he stated. He had no intention of dying yet though. He had promiseto fulfil with Ciel, and he was a man of his word.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 52d 21h 52m 4s
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Bright blue eyes flickered over to Sebastian after he spoke, a bit surprised at his age. She recognized him to be rather old but didn't imagine him to be almost as old as the twins were. The crusades were a rather dark period of time, almost as garish as the inquisition, and wasn't blind to the horrors that were happening even so far away from where they took place. She was a demon by that point and knew well of the occurrence, more souls had entered Hell during that period than they really expected which resulted in a bit of an overflow. Most souls were either destroyed or taken in by demons just to take care of the access. It was clear by the tone of his voice that Sebastian didn't particularly enjoy this era of his life and it was most likely very difficult for him.

[+fuchsia "You're around the twins' age,"] she murmured softly, continuing to watch the game of chase until it ended. Jeremy sealed the mirror and gently picked up the tired child who seemed rather happy with their time spent together. The butler held him on his hip as he moved back to the fire, carefully stoking it then brushing the demon's bangs from his violet eyes. [+fuchsia "I found them during the Zenkunen war, somewhere in the middle I believe,"] she told him softly. [+fuchsia "I believe the crusades started shortly afterwards. At least shortly for us."] Time wasn't a concern to most demons and many lost track of the years in between. Their lives were incredibly long compared to humans. [+fuchsia "Many of our kind wipe that part of their existence from their memories, choosing to focus on the present instead of their past. Did you ever imagine, in those early years, that you would get as far as you have today?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 53d 15h 16m 14s
Sebastian silently followed, if any trouble occurred his master would call for him. He glanced around the room, spotting the different ingredients. He knew many of them, he was not uneducated in the art. He remained quiet because he knew an interruption could be quite volatile. After the other butler finished, and agreed to play with the young demon, he smiled a bit. Watching the two chase each other through the mirrors. It didn't look too unlike when he stepped through the shadows to get somewhere quickly.

It was good to see the children appearing happier, playing as they should. It would help build up their awareness and general instinctive nature. His smile vanished after Akira asked her question though. A lot of the external details were blurred or missing . He remembered everything that was centered around him, though.

He never was able to run and play like the child in the room was, trying to catch the butler. "yes. I was born some time during the crusading wars, when the fear of the one god ran rampant like a disease." he said, the words pouring out layered with venom. He had no problem talking about his human life, he was a vastly different person now. The way he had been treated, though, bothered him and fed his own level of hatred that many demons bore toward mankind. In his personal opinion, humans were more monstrous than his own race. Demons, at least, did not hide what they did. No matter how' evil' another might deem it. He had been abused in any way, for something he had no control over even from his earliest memories. Watched his own father kill his family if they tried to protect him. A sibling , and his mother in a drunken stupor. He didn't share that information, because she did not ask for details, only if he remembered. He was not worried about being pitied, it would be quite unusual for a demon to show such an emotion toward another. Though, he often did wonder what it would be like to have someone truly care and worry for his well being. Even Remir had only altered him for his own ambitions. He never had any special abilities as Akira or her humans did. He had been a normal human with an unusual eye color, and that was it. As he grew he had given up trying to be decent and became a pillar of anger and hatred until the day he slaughtered the village he was born in and completely ruined the human soul he had once had.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 53d 17h 3m 57s
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Akira kept her soft smile as she observed Sebastian for a moment. He seemed rather hesitant at first, as if he didn't think it a wise idea, but reluctantly agreed with his small stipulation. She found it interesting as it seemed there wasn't much the demon couldn't do, apparently this was kryptonite. His stipulation was understandable as Jeremy was able to do some pretty advanced witchcraft and the smallest mistake could have disastrous outcomes. Other than Ryu, the butler was really the only spellcaster in the manor and was exceptional at it. Akira remembered when she had first discovered him and agreed to teach him a thing or two, the young Englishman barely able to conjure a gust of wind. Now he was quite skilled in dark magic, his powers having grown since his time away from the living world.

[+fuchsia "I think that can be arranged,"] she reassured him softly, leading him though the kitchen, up a small flight of steps, and down the connecting hallway. Akira led Sebastian through the last door and into a large and spacious room, a fire blazing in the fireplace along the far wall with a table nearby. Herbs of many kinds hung over the mantle along a string, in the process of drying for use later, while jars of labeled herbs already prepared sat in a neat row behind it. On the table sat a few containers with unidentifiable ingredients in them, a mortar and pestle, and various other items of his craft. Along the wall was a tall bookshelf with spellbooks both in English and Latin, each book appearing to be well taken care of due to their age. On the wall across from the bookshelf as well as next to the large piece of furniture itself were large mirrors, most full-bodied, with symbols etched into the upper right corners. Jeremy was standing behind the table, having abandoned his coat and vest on a chair nearby, and had a cloth unfolded in front of him. A small pile of dried ingredients was placed neatly in the center, Jeremy looking at it through pristine, round lenses before carefully picking the cloth up to crush the ingredients inside.

[+fuchsia "I taught Jeremy a lot of the basics when I found him in Essex,"] she informed Sebastian softly. He seemed not to notice them as he continued his work, murmuring a few soft words as he continued to crush what was in his hand into a finer powder. [+fuchsia "Most of it was how to practice and become better without getting caught. His power grew rather quickly and was quite skilled in a few short years. Unfortunately he had an argument with one of the city officials and they accused him of witchcraft, a growing occurrence during that time. He was murdered and spent some time below with our kind before I had Ryu bring him back to us. His power had since grown."]

She watched as Jeremy moved around the table, dropping the cloth of ingredients into the roaring fire and watched as a light blue smoke drifted from it for a few seconds before turning its normal grey. Green eyes flickered over to Jounichi, who was standing nearby, and gave him a gentle smile. [+green "That should take care of the nightmares and allow you to sleep better."] Jounichi smiled at this, moving closer to him and carefully tugged on the black, waist-long braid that hung delicately over the older male's shoulder. [+purple "Will you do the trick with the mirrors now?"]

A gentle smile played on the older male's lips at this question, reaching out and ruffling the boy's shaggy, dark locks. The mirrors in the room and throughout the manor were how he was a more effective butler, the only way he could compete with Akira's speed. It was a useful skill he had discovered in Essex, shortly before his life ended, and worked to perfect it in case he needed an easy out of a tough situation. Once the twins had seen him perform this trick in their home, they became enamored with it and loved to watch him work. Moving back over to the table, Jeremy picked up a small pocket knife and worked open the blade while he walked over to one of the full length mirrors. The surface was cleaned to perfection, not a speck of dust or a smudge on the delicate glass. A complicated sigil was etched into the top right corner with beautiful precision, the mark used to protect from accidents. Each mirror in the manor had one as a safety precaution.

Jeremy stood in front of the mirror, Jounichi nearby to watch, and made a small cut to his index finger while murmuring a few soft words. Once he had a large enough trickle of blood, he used the substance to draw a symbol on each cardinal point of the mirror. Once he finished and stopped the gentle murmur, he lightly touched the glass with his other hand. The gentle smile returned as he glanced over at the small boy, Jeremy moving forward and disappearing into the glass and from the mirror completely. Jounichi smiled, looking across the wall at all the mirrors, looking for any signs of the male witch. He emerged from a mirror behind the boy, close to where Sebastian and Akira still stood, and quietly sneaked up behind Jounichi before grabbing him and picking him up. A happy shriek sounded from him, the boy laughing before hugging Jeremy around the neck. This caused a soft giggle to sound from Akira as she watched the two play; Jeremy quickly set him down and darted into the mirror again, Jounichi chasing after him. The boy emerged from the one next to it, Jeremy stepping out from one a couple mirrors over. This game of chase continued for a while longer, Akira glancing over at Sebastian.

[+fuchsia "Do you remember your human life, Sebastian?"] she asked quietly, tucking her hands into her kimono sleeves. [+fuchsia "Or do you remember your childhood?"]

  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 54d 9h 34m 29s
Sebastian frowned, tilting his head in thought. Magic and him did not really get along- he simply couldn't control it. It always ended in some mess. It was frustrating, though, as he hated having to acknowlegde that there was something he couldn't do. "As long as I am not required to try anything, sure." He might learn something. Looking over the books, he was getting somewhere. It made some sense to him now. The spells, however, never did what they were suppose to. No matter how precise he was. He could not help but think of his creator. The old demon had tried to teach him once, but wuickly said enough. He no longer remembered the spell he was trying to cast. But for some reason he could not make head or tails of, his creator got cursed. The demon now had a permenate manical grin that he could not change.

And from the looks of the last time they had met outside the manor, the demon was still stuck with it. It had been clear to both of them he was capable of casting powerfl magic, but not so good at commanding the element.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 56d 1h 21m 55s
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Akira could hear the soft conversation of the two young lords as they slowly maneuvered around the first floor, taking notice that Sebastian was keeping an eye on them as well. She understood why, Ciel was a rather delicate being and was quite fragile at the moment due to his injuries. It was natural for a demon to be a bit paranoid about their meal, especially if they haven't fed for a while. She was also a bit surprised to see the two getting along so well, mostly on Ciel's end. Even though Seth was a bit on the quiet side, he was very personable and could easily hold conversation. Akira was aware how antisocial and difficult the small Phantomhive was; perhaps since the two had a couple darker elements of their pasts in common, it helped them relate more. She wanted to encourage this as Seth didn't have very many friends outside of the manor and she was certain Ciel didn't either. Hopefully they would be able to keep on such good terms.

She carefully opened the top of the secretary sitting on the far corner of the room, setting the papers and ink inside before closing up the wooden structure again. Bright eyes glanced over at Sebastian, holding the calligraphy brush in her hand, and smiled softly as she turned back towards him. It was also rare that demons made friendships like the ones she had and even got along as well as she and Sebastian were. She enjoyed his company, finding him rather personable, and also wanted to keep building bridges between them. [+fuchsia "The twins are doing much better now that Fredrick is gone,"] she informed him softly, leading him across the room and into the kitchen. Carefully she cleaned the darkened bristles until they returned to their normal tan and set it on the edge of the sink to dry. [+fuchsia "Jounichi's protectiveness still appears but is much less in the manor now. They no longer have anything to fear and can be themselves. He is, however, quite nosy when it comes to Jeremy's craft and enjoys watching him and asking far too many questions. That's where he is now."]

She turned, her eyes shining softly and gave him a gentle smile. [+fuchsia "Would you care to see?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 56d 13h 56m 59s
Sebastian nodded, letting the information sink in. It was obvious why nobody would be willing to share their power. Nobody would want to risk losing the soul. It seemed reckless to him, with such high stakes. He was uncertain if he wanted to risk attempting to do so with Ciel. He, himself controlled fire and shadow with ease. Two of the (supposedly) most difficult elements, along with Light which was inaccessible to most Demons due to their darker nature. Fire, which could be both soothing and destructive. Wrathful and affectionate. The dark was mysterious, dangerous. To be able to control the dark on a whim, one had to acknowledge and accept the deepest and darkest parts of themself. Demons lied to themselves just as often as humans did. Sebastian, himself, had gone through a physiological meltdown during the process of controlling it when he was young. Simply knowing what one did was wrong was not enough.

He could also, somewhat, control the element of Earth, which he really only used to encourage the growth of the plants Finny killed on a near daily basis. His master would not approve of a dead garden.

He was not sure if his master would be able to handle both. Either handled wrong could be detrimental to his health. Fire could kill him, while shadow could turn him to madness. He did not want either of those for his little human. He followed, moving toward the door. He intended to follow behind the two boys, far enough so they could talk undisturbed but near enough to be able to hear that Ciel was, in fact, safe. He couldn't help but wonder if Ciel had made him a tad paranoid. He watched her pick up Hakus project. Really, she had answered what he was after, and he relaxed into more casual conversation. "what is Jounichi up to? He seemed rather protective of Haku." he asked, peeking out the door as the boys moved further away.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 56d 14h 19m 6s
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Akira watched as the two boys exited the room and lingered in the next, able to hear their soft voices though the walls. They didn't seem to be discussing anything of major importance, choosing simple noble talk to fill the time. A few personal questions were asked and answered here and there from both parties, but nothing to cause any distress. Really, there wasn't much left to discuss that would be alarming as many of their secrets were out in the open. Talking about these subjects would be as simple as discussing the weather.

Bright eyes flickered over to Sebastian as he mentioned Ciel's injury before stopping on a spot on the wall across from her, able to hear their voices on the other side. Akira was aware that Ciel's arm had been injured, having witnessed the slice across it. She had also seen how he had been slammed back into the alter before it but wasn't aware it had caused such damage. Apparently it had, so much so that Sebastian worried about his charge climbing the stairs. [+fuchsia "I suppose we'll have to see what Lord Phantomhive says when they come to that,"] she answered softly. [+fuchsia "Though, there is quite a bit to see downstairs as well. Perhaps he'll wish to rest before that part of the tour."]

A delicate hand rubbed at the stiff obi again as she looked at Sebastian, the male inquiring about her ability. More specifically how she shared it with her charge. It was a very unique thing as most demons weren't able to share their powers with their contracts. Most demons, though, weren't nearly as old as she was nor were they exceptional in their human life. [+fuchsia "As a human child, I had some of these elemental powers,"] she informed him, her voice remaining soft. [+fuchsia "Fire was the most prevalent and it was what I focused on the most. When I was changed, I acquired the ability to harness the others. As you know, most demons only develop one or two at the most. I have six."]

Akira moved into the sitting room where the boys had previously been occupying, reaching over to pick up the papers that Haku had been working with in order to put them away. [+fuchsia "When I was summoned by Seth, he requested a way to have power over his father if the situation called for it; he wanted to have it as a fail safe. I had only tried to share my abilities with one other contract successfully before and knew he was strong enough to handle it. It's very rare that a human can withstand the pressure and most perish, especially when it comes to fire. It burns them from the inside out. Even Seth can only harness one at a time, it's why his right eye changes color. He was experimenting with water earlier, I believe, so it's blue."]
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