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"Nor I. I scared him a fair bit upon our first meeting. Perhaps he knew I was bluffing." He refilled the cup as it grew empty, since Ciel didn't quite seem finished with it. "You seem to be back to your normal self for the most part.... I have gained some vital information.... unfortunatly you will be non too pleased, if you wish to hear it now." He said, deciding to make Ciel ask for it. He wasn't too keen on their contract ending, but he did have a promise to fullfil. He didn't want his selfish nature to turn him into a liar. He watched Ciel closely, knowing the boy would know he had been withholding information for a while now. His small human was too smart to think otherwise. He remaind silent to force Ciel to ask.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 7d 22h 55m 49s
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Ciel took another drink of tea, looking up at the demon when Sebastian mentioned the boy's snooping. It wasn't as if the boy had gone rooting through his stuff, he simply found it by accident. He wasn't one to really rifle through other people's things unless he needed to, but it caught his attention and he wanted to see exactly what the young demon had given the older male.

[+blue "It's not as if you had it under lock and key,"] he responded quietly, drinking a little more before setting the cup down on the nearby table. [+blue "You know I'm not one to really look through other people's things. I dropped the bookmark and when I went to retrieve it, I saw this. Curiosity got the better of me. I'm a bit surprised you kept it, to be honest."] He didn't see Sebastian as the sentimental type, especially when it came to children. Ciel was surprised to see, however, that the small, shy demon seemed to have taken a liking to the taller male. He wondered if it was because they were both demons or if Sebastian had been the first kind stranger to him.

[+blue "That boy really seems to like you. I can't imagine why,"] he poked, carefully setting the home made craft aside as not to damage it.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 7d 23h 25m 43s
"That is good to hear." The demon watched Ciel carefully, wondering if he should share whst he knew or wait. If he kept this up, he would end up procrastinating further. Not a habit he wished to start. No matter how many excuses he formed in his head, this involved his master into something very dangerous.

While his mind went over his internal debate, he observed the boy who held the book that was gifted to him. "You should excersise caution snooping around. You might find something unpleasant." He smirked, teasing his master. He didn't care that Ciel had it, he didn't actually think Ciel cared to 'snoop.' However, he had to poke at him. The boys annoyance was always pleasing to watch. Nor was that particular item hidden from view. Though he supposed if anyone else saw it, they might think he had an unspoken of child.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 8d 1h 52m 53s
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Ciel pushed himself to sit up a little bit, his body beginning to grow uncomfortable from being in one spot for so long. This was another reason he hated bed rest. He would have to walk around the floor a couple of times to stretch his legs out, no doubt needing his butler's aid for anything more troublesome than walking. Stairs were completely out of the question, he could only imagine the pain his back would be in if he attempted that. Perhaps in a few more days if he continued to recover at a decent pace.

As he shifted, his bookmark fell from the side of the bed and fluttered to the ground, causing a soft sigh to fall from his chest. Well, he did indicate that he wished to move a little more. Carefully slid to the edge of the small bed and off of the side, kneeling down to pick up what he had dropped before his gaze fell on something tucked away in an open portion of the nightstand. Small fingers wrapped around it, pulling out the little book that the child demon had made for Sebastian. He carefully set it on the bed before crawling back up into it, covering himself with the warm blankets before carefully looking through the book of skeletal leaves.

He remembered having done such an activity a couple of times when he was younger, his mother sitting outside with him in the garden while the two of them picked leaves beautiful enough for the process. It seemed like magic at the time though he knew now it was simple chemistry. He remembered putting them in a small book similar to this, his mother even helping to make a couple bookmarks out of them for his father to use. He was pulled out of his thoughts as he heard the door open, surprised to see Sebastian arrive instead of Tanaka, and carrying the tea that was requested. It wasn't his favorite tea but, because the older gentleman made it, he wouldn't stick his nose up.

[+blue "I suppose,"] he responded quietly, taking the cup once it was offered to him and taking a small drink. [+blue "I do feel a bit better."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 2h 56m 3s
Sebastian smirked, feeling his hand tingle. It would seem his human was awake now. "My master will have work for me, I am sure. You will need to heal some, before you can compkete your chores. Rest now, pet." He gently stroked the mans hair, much like one might a dog, pressing his will on the humans mind. "Rest, and let your dreams make you feel the suffering you have caused." He purred, lowering his voice to a hypnotic note. "Let every scream from innocent mouths scorch your soul." Once the mans eyes closed, he left. He locked the door behind him, so nothing would come and drag his toy away.

Returning to the manor took a matter of seconds. The man was quite stubborn, he wouldgive him that. Most humans would have been reduced to squalling babes, yet the man held onto his pride.

He would have to crush his hope of escape somehow. It was an annoying trait, but even demons could feel it. At least, he thought it was simular, if not completely the same. The demon tugged on the white gloves, having almost forgotten he took them off. He entered through the servants door, as was proper, seeing Tanaka prearing some green tea. He presumed it was for Ciel, due to the tea set that was set out.

They didn't have to say anything as the demon easily took over. Ciel would have to deal with the lighter tea, as the demon respected the old man too much to change it after it was already prepared to serve. He took the tray, heading up to his room where he knee Ciel still was. Once he was with the boy again, he smiled at the boy. Ciels appearance was more disheavled than usual. He would have to brush Ciels hair, at the very least. Otherwise it would form into hopeless knots. Ciel was not quite ready for another haircut yet. "Did you sleep well, sir?"
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Fredrick had shifted in and out of consciousness for some time, the brief moments he was awake weren't remembered. It was defense for the human body, the brain, actually, to preserve itself and remain on top of its game. It was necessary to shut down, especially in traumatic and painful moments such as these, in order for it to function properly another day. He had no sense of time when he awoke again, feeling only the intense and searing pain that was present on his torso. He tried to push himself up but couldn't, lacking strength in his limbs due to the procedure, and simply lay on the table regaining his strength. Despite all of this, the pride still remained, and his vow to turn all of this around on the child was still in effect. He promised himself to escape by the time Ciel returned to his normal physical state and, when he did, that little beast's time would be up.

Ciel had awoken while Sebastian had been taking care of his own business, still a bit groggy for the first half hour or so due to the drug. Once he began to feel more aware, he requested a cup of tea from Tanaka, which the elderly gentleman hopped away to retrieve. He would prefer tea from Sebastian but knew, out of the remaining staff, that Tanaka was the least likely to screw it up. He curled up on his side again, reaching over to pick up the book that was within easy reach, and waited until either butlers returned.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 4h 12m 38s
When the demon finished, he set the bloodied blade down. He waited for him to wake up again, the mans blood having filled the groves in the table making a the pretty design on the table stand out. That was all the demon was doing really. He could create things easily, the man was merely helping decorate his playroom. Thr shadows holding him in place melted away, the demon doubting he could run anymore. If he did, he would relish the game of chase. He leaned over the man, he tilted the mans head a little to see how lethargic he was. "What a pity. My master can withstand worse beatings than what I have just done to you." Granted, Ciel wasn't usually stabbed and carved bone deep either. Just beaten bloody until Sebastian finally showed up. It probably help that he wasn't going to let Ciel die that easily. "I can only imagine how furious you are. Betrayed by the very ones you 'knew' you had complete control over. Not knowing that you, yourself, were a mere puppet in a larger, more dangerous game. He is not contracted to my master. But he will protect him. For his scheme to work, Ciel needs to remain alive to fullfil his promise to your son." He figured the man wouldn't remember much ofwhat he said, but hoped he did. It might crush the mans pride furher to know his current position had been planned.

He was upset that his whole contract was just a huge scheme by his mentor. However, he wasn't angry. He enjoyed Ciel far too much to wish he had seen thru everything sooner.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 8d 4h 49m 52s
[h3 +]
Fredrick wondered what was happening and who this unknown demon was, but he knew better than to ask. It weren't as if he would receive any answers, anyway. Still, he listed quietly and committed their words to memory. There could be a time when he could use it. There could also be a time when more puzzle pieces fell into place, especially with the other servants, and would need to know this information. Unfortunately he didn't realize that the servants knew literally nothing about the butler and what he really was....only he and his charge knew.

It was unfortunate that the break wasn't longer, Sebastian beginning work immediately after the demon disappeared. The pain was a bit too much for the older male, Fredrick falling in and out of unconsciousness as the harsh treatment continued.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 17h 9m 14s
After a minute of silence, the new demon reached forward, gripping it slightly. Sebastian didn't fight it, but didnxt relenquish his hold. He turned to face the other. "How can I be of service?" He monotoned. There was a grudge, plain as day.

"Ah, he looks at me!" The demon cheered playfully. Sebastian, deciding that Fredrick could use a break before he passed out from the pain, put the knife down. "I am not here to argue, son. Now, tell me of your contract. The child seems incredibly bright. If a bit clingy to you? I do think you are coddling him too much."

"I do not particularly care. Nor do I think I can tell you anything you don't already know." Sebastian suddenly moved his arm, the dagger he took from Fredrick appeared into his hand. He set it along the table, gently. "Last time, this didn't end well. " red eyes glared angrily. "Now, it seems I have no choice. You planned this so well."

Yellow eyes widened. "Oops. You weren't suppose to find that." He actually seemed worried.

"You.... you have forced me to involve HUMANS into our politics. My master, at that. If I didn't need your particular skill, I'd rip your throat out."

"I planned this for the past two hundred years. Messing with this mans cult was the only trouble. It was difficult to make it so you would hear the boy."

Sebastian narrowed his eyes, and turned back to Fredrick. "Get out."

The man stood, and placed a hand on Sebastians shoulder. "Before that boy takes my life, I will see you on the throne. You already have made quite a fuss. First the Doppleganger, now you destroy Leviathians favorite thing to brag about... You're mid ranking will no longer disuade challenges." Then he stepped back, blurring into the shadows.

"..." Sebastian picked up the blade, letting it heat up in his hand. He then, ever so carefully slide the knife into the incisions he already made. This would make for hideous scarring, with the deep cauterized cuts. It made Ciels brand look like pretty art.

Sebastian felt more worried than angry. Worried for Ciel. When the supernaturals disagreed, whether it be gods, demons, angels or anything else, some unlucky human got stuck in the crossfire. He was contractually obligated to help Ciel gain his revenge. To do that, Ciel had to kill the master mind. Who was not human. It made things very difficult, especially because he could make it easy by going along with this mad scheme.

If only the end result didn't involve becoming King.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 8d 17h 21m 46s
[h3 +]

Fredrick screamed in agony as Sebastian began his work, trying unsuccessfully to move away. The demon had him bound too tightly, escaping was impossible. He was forced to lay there as he felt the blade repeatedly enter his skin, going rather deep in some cases, and feel the trickles of blood slide down his skin. It wasn't the fact that he was being marked that was unbearable but the pain. Nothing in his life could compare and he knew that this was only the beginning. Still, he refused to relinquish his noble attitude and simply tried to ride the pain out instead. The intense discomfort caused his vision to fail in some spots, objects around him appearing rather blurry or black dots appearing over things. He had no sense of time, not knowing how long, exactly, Sebastian worked for. Fredrick did notice, however, when Sebastian finally stopped and turned his head to see what caused that to happen. It was difficult to see due to the low light but he was able to make out a yellow pair of eyes, telling him whatever it was wasn't human. The first thing he imagined was that there were not one, but two demons in Ciel's care. Great. He turned his head a bit, however, to watch and see what they were up to.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 18h 23m 15s
Sebastian grin turned into a dark smirk. He didn't answe, but walked up to the table. Fredrick was human, and every human had a breaking point. He would have fun until his very soul screamed. He had no doubt that the man would not fear Ciel, perhaps his master would join him in these games at some point. Ciel was no stranger to these sort of things, even if he hardly participated. Normally Ciel asked the questions, and Sebastian forced the answers. "Close." He said, "but this is simply punishment for attacking him this morning. I can be rather generous to those who do as their told. Just as visious to those who don't. He may be a bit upset, but that is his fault for not being clear with my limitations. He knows how I can be." He removed his gloves with his sharp teeth, to prevent them from getting soiled. The dark nails grew and sharpened to deadly claws. "You will wish that was my only intent, though." A claw reached up, running down the mans shirt. The sharp claw cut the shirt easily. "If you were to escape." He mocked, "we can't have anyone recognizing you." He lifted his hand away, the sliced cloth falling away. The demin seemed thoughtful for a moment. This man had branded his master like a farm animal. He wanted to do worse. He pressed the knife to the mans ribs, begining his work. He began carving the Phantomhive Crest into the the skin. His keen eyes and artistic skill enabling him to do the tiniest details. He was slow, taking his time. He cutdeep too, even allowing the knife scrape against bone. At one poibt Sebastian furrowed his brow.

He was able to ignore the mans pain with ease, he was just starting after all. However, it was clear something was distracting him. Soon, he paused, looking over his shoulder.

"You are terrible at hiding." He growled, then continued his task. A light tongue click could be heard before someone else made themself present.

"The shadows were always your thing, my sweet." A masculine purr sounded. A large man peered at the human, with a clearly forced wide grin.

"You have been stalking me for a while." Sebastian muttered, unaffected. Sebastians lack of a reaction seemed to dissspoint the other. Slitted yellow-orange eyes marked him as another demon.

"Whos your new toy?"the other male watched what Sebastian was doing with fascination.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 8d 18h 31m 41s
[h3 +]
Fredrick kept his eyes on Sebastian, not daring to move them just yet. He trusted this man about as far as he could throw him and he had good reason to. It was clear that Ciel intended to have his revenge on the man who took everything from him, unfortunately for him he wasn't in any condition to do so right now. That was where his demon came in, taking over the process until the boy was well enough to do so. If Ciel was the one that was going to exact his final revenge then it was in Fredrick's best interest to keep the child as incapacitated for as long as possible. If he knew anything about the Phantomhive line, they were incredibly proud. Ciel wouldn't let anyone take what was rightfully his away from him.

He groaned quietly as he hit the surface of the table, looking around discreetly at his surroundings. The area they were in smelled incredibly wet, due to it being exposed to the elements. There wasn't much in the way of a house to keep it dry any longer. It was an interesting question the demon posed, if Fredrick thought he knew what hell was like. He had an idea due to his own life experiences though he was certain the tall male would debate him on that. Vivid eyes watched as he produced a butter knife out of seemingly nowhere, threatening to mark his flesh with it. He had plenty of scars on his body already, what were a few more?

[+darkred "Do you intend to return to me what I've given to that little pest?"] he hissed at him. [+darkred "How predictable. I guarantee you that it won't be the same. If I had an opportunity to do it again, I would."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 19h 10m 17s
"Oh, no. That privilege is reserved for the very one you currently despise." Sebastian walked around the deteriorating walls, using the doorways even though it would have been faster to simply go thru the holes in the walls. "I suppose you have known him longer than I have." He finally made it to the door he wanted. "To answer your question, I am going to be the cause of your nightmares. For someone who tried to summon one of us, you can be rather dull minded." He would have thought his intentions to be obvious. "You hurt my master three times now. I cannot turn a blind eye to that." He dropped the man at the bottom of the stairs, walking around the room. He guessed it was only intact due to how damp it could get. Mildew was strong, and he could hear rodents scurrying in the dark.

"Humans do anything they can to claw their way to the top. No matter the cost." He turned back to Fredrick. "Of course, that is a trait we share as well. Tell me, do you think you know what Hell is like?" He walked up to him, bending to grip his chin. Any human would have toppled over, as his legs remained straight and he brought his face close to Fredrick. He leaned close to his ear. "Because I intend to make you wish you were there." He released the human, just to pick him up by his shirt. It was terribly nice clothing for a servant. That would change. He dragged him deeper into the large underground room. Soon, he formed a sleek black table with elegant spiraling designs. There were groves in the surface, Sebastian would let him wonder. The demon plopped the man onto the table as if he were nothing more than a doll. The second he made an attempt to get off, shadowy tendrils forced him to lay down.

"You really should pick your battles wiser. One should know not to anger a wild beast." He flicked his wrist, a single butter knife entering his gloved hand. "Now then~ " he grinned happily. "How do you feel about permanent markings on your body?"
[h3 +]
Fredrick struggled against Sebastian despite his wounded legs, trying anything and everything he could to escape. The demon's grip was strong, unfortunately, and it appeared he wouldn't have any control of the situation any time soon. This was incredibly frustrating to him, the man who was in control over so many people for so long. He vowed that he would end that brat's life before this torment ended, still firmly believing that the child's life should have ended years ago.

If it weren't for this bloody demon, it would have.

He recognized the area, having been there once or twice to parties the Phantomhive nobles had hosted. It was there that this event started, where he first laid eyes on the small boy and vowed to have him. He could only imagine what the demon was going to do in this skeleton of a manor as most of it was destroyed and the location was a bit out of the way. [+darkred "Of course I do,"] he growled. [+darkred "Though I don't understand what you've dragged me all the way out here for. Do you plan to kill me, servant?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 20h 33m 13s
"Exellent shot, Meyrin." Sebastian praised to spite the man, the maid instantly turning red. Bard reset the safety and lowered the gun. "Now, if you are all done playing, Get to work! I will entertain our guest" The servants instantly scattered to do just that. "Mr. Tanaka, would you mind caring for the young master while I take care of a few things? He is asleep right now."

"Ho ho ho." The old man answered, with a single nod.

Sebastian turned toward Fredrick. "Well, you certainly could have posed a greater challange if you were not so blinded by your own importance." He bent circling his arms around the former Duke and tossed him over his shoulder. He would have dragged him, but this way would avoid dragging blood throughout the house. At worse, he would get blood on his own clothes first.

He carried Fredrick outside, making his way toward the forest. They passed Finny, who thus far was successfully completeing his job. "Finny, other than the select few, no visitors until I return." He said, Ciel had a few choice people that could spontaneously show up. The boy nodded, frowning at the man Sebastian easily kept on his shoulder.

"Where are you going?"

"To teach Mr. Fredrick what happens to those who threaten our master."

The boy accepted this, continuing with his given task. Sebastian continued into the forest, it wasn't too long until the ruins were in sight. "I presume you know where we are?"
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 8d 20h 44m 21s

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