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[h3 +]
Ciel kept his eyes closed as he rested against Sebastian, sighing quietly in relief as he felt the demon's hand reach around to his rib cage to hold him and alleviate some of the stress. It felt good to be up without the full strain; it hurt a bit but not as much as if he were standing on his own. He remained still as he listened to Sebastian explain what the others were like, deciding how much of a threat each one was. His butler seemed to be right, Leviathan was the easy one and they continued to get more difficult and dangerous the further they went up the line. It made him wonder if this was something the two of them could really take on, if they should acquire some aid or back out now.

The latter wasn't an option now because of their actions. They destroyed a cult which focused on a seemly narcissistic man and they would certainly need to be punished for it. He couldn't imagine who in the hell would want to help them nor if Ciel would even accept it. There were very little involved in a matter such as this that he felt he could trust and he was only aware of one other demon that didn't seem keen on attacking them because of the orders on their current contract. Those feelings would probably change and it would get them into even more trouble.

[+blue "At least I don't think we have to deal with them for a while yet,"] he finally said after a while, opening his eyes and looking blankly out the window that faced the front yard. He could see Finny out there, obediently trimming the hedges as Sebastian asked him to. He moved away from the demon after a couple more minutes, not wanting to need a crutch, and slowly made his way back down the hall. His pace had slowed greatly since he started and it was clear that every step was uncomfortable. Still, he didn't want to be coddled any more than he was. [+blue "Is there any way we can be proactive?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 5d 25m 42s
Sebastian narrowed his eyes a bit. He could tell Ciel was in pain. Staying still all the time would only making things worse, though. It could cause knots or kinks to form in the muscle. "Once the bruising heals, I can give you a massage to allieviate the knots." He offered, he would only make the bruising worse if he tried now. He rested a hand along Ciels side, against his ribs, to remove more strain from his masters back. It would make walking more ackward for the demon, but it was a minor consequence if Ciel needed help returning to the room.

Sebastian reman silent for a moment, gathering his thoughts. He never really paid them any mind. "well, first I do believe I should tell you to forget just about everything religion tells you. I am sure you can guess, but much of it is false. Things change over time, even for us. Lucifer, the Morning Star or' Lord of the power of Air.' you humans claim him as our ruler, but he was only named after our first. He is quite strong, though. It is known that he has followers, but he is very quiet on the subject. I do not know if he ignores them or not. He is also one of the few of us who can actually use his wings to fly. Hence the title. As well as the only one to participate in the War for the land. As such, he holds the most respect which would make him a dangerous enemy. Satan... He is a sly snake thru and thru. He has quite the silver tongue, able to talk people away from their deepest desires. The only thing he failed was trying to persuade Jesus to renounce his Faith. He may be a Prince, but he hardly ever leaves his home in the Lake of Fire... Then the High Prince, or our King as you humans prefer, is Belial. He is the son of the first King, who was also named Lucifer." he said, the demons name seemed to run off his tongue bitterly. "he killed his father for the throne, and forced us into the War with the Natives. I was not yet born, but from what I heard Lucifer had been able to keep bloodshed at bay and we were able to live together with only some difficulties. While many had been eager for the fight, by the end we paid a heavy price. About 60% of our species died because our King would have rathered conquering the world rather than preserving his subjects. Remir seems keen on the thought that I would make a much better ruler. Unfortunately probably because I have no real want to be at the top."
[h3 +]
The boy listened carefully as he continued his slow trek down the hallway, keeping rather close to the wall should he need sudden support. Each passing minute along with each step caused the small back to ache a bit more, the small earl vowing to utterly destroy Fredrick the next time he got his hands on him. It was too early to detect permanent damage but he really didn't believe he had any. Either way, it was a huge detriment to him at the moment and still promised to make the older male pay for it.

[+blue "What are the other ones like?"] he asked quietly, stopping once he got to the end of the hall. A small hand reached around his side to rub at his lower back, a small twist of pain appearing on his face before it disappeared again. This may be a once-a-day exercise, he doubted he could do it twice as he originally hoped. Perhaps in a couple days, it would be healed enough that he could do so. After a few minutes, he leaned against Sebastian's side to alleviate some of the pressure, closing his eyes.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 6d 1h 4m 43s
"After I learned his intentions for me, he made it as a bad joke. The inscription says 'The Dark Bird will Rise from the Flames of Death.' As he wants me on the throne, I did not find it funny, and tried to kill him with it. He locked me up to prevent having to kill me, I am sure. As I said, he values me too much to do any lasting damage." He moved to follow Ciel closely, watchng the boys form should anything falter. He much prefered hand to hand combat, but he had been so angry at the time. The blade disappering up his sleeve. The curved blade should have beed visable through the fabric, but the demons clothes still remained form fitting. No evidence that he carried any weapon was visable.

"Other than that, it is just a normal blade. I was not going to leave it laying for another human to find. We find it amusing that you humans call us immortal, and don't really want that to change. We may not die of natural causes, but we can be killed." He doubted anyone would expect a human to have suvh a blade, but didn't say such. He didn't want Ciel to expect he had the element of surprise. If it wasn't properly hidden, someone would easily see it. Ciel, while he had gotten rather good at sneaking sweets from time to time, had yet to successfuly keep anything hidden. Unfortunatly, he didn't expect anyone with poor sight to challange him.

"To be quite honest, Leviathan is only Prince because he licks the Kings boots. His Magesty would not want anyone who might oppose him in power." He wasn't claiming the older demon to be weak, but of the 4 dark Princes he was the least worrisome. From what he had picked up, the Prince of Envy had hid in the castle while Lucifer sent his demons to die fighting the natives of the world they ended up settling on.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 6d 1h 46m 51s
[h3 +]
Ciel held onto Sebastian loosely, not needing him for complete support just yet. He eyed the strange blade as it was offered to him, lightly running his fingers over the blade before dropping his hand to his side. He planned on taking it, just not at the current moment. If it was as powerful as Sebastian suggested, he certainly wanted to keep a hold of it. Now that they were quite a large target due to their actions, any moment that the demon wasn't there could be an attack. He would need it.

[+blue "Hold onto it until I make it back to bed,"] he responded quietly, slowly allowing his back to straighten up some. The movement hurt but he needed to stretch those muscles as well. It wouldn't do to have them lose their strength from being unused for so long. These tips for destroying demons were also quite helpful, giving Ciel a minor confidence boost that he may actually be able to kill one if he needed to. Slowly he began to make his way out into the hallway, his movements a bit stiff as the small body ached a bit, but found reassurance in the knowledge that Sebastian was close by should he need a break.

[+blue "Why did he gift it to you?"] he asked quietly. [+blue "What makes it so special?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 6d 21h 18m 2s
"Of course." Sebastian dropped the shards he held in the convienent waste bin near the desk, then returned to help ease Ciel off the bed. "As for why I didn't tell you," He removed the blade he had been carrying on him, but remainder close in case Ciel needed assistance. "I didn't want to say anything without knowing. I found this before I stopped Fredrick from stabbing you." He held the blade for Ciel to see. "I wasn't suppose to find it. I learned that much today, as Remir paid a short visit earlier." He said, annoyed. "It was a gift he once made for me, one that I rejected." Actually, he had tried to use it to rip the older Demons throat out, but Ciel didn't need to know that much detail. He knew the inscription had been ment as a joke. One he didn't find very amusing. "I think I would like you to hold onto it. It is not much, but it will still deal decent damage if someone manages to get past me. More than your gun, anyway." He held it out for Ciel to take if he accepted it. "You should know that our throat is one of our weakest points." The last sentance went against his instincts, as a good enough blow could kill. He didn't want Ciel to see it as a way to get out of their contract. "As well as the stomach." Demons couldn't live if their way of holding their food took too much damage. If the injury itself didn't kill, then starvation eventually would weaken them to a point they killed themself. "Don't try anything if you don't have to, any demon will be a lot faster than you. " there were times he had to leave the manor to gather Intel for different cases, and he didn't want something to come up if he had to leave for a little bit. He didn't think Ciel would have need of it, but as his butler, he had to be prepared for any and everything.

He was also paranoid that his new and growing attachment to Ciel was going to make the human a target. He was skilled in many things, but he still had limits. He couldn't be everywhere at once.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 6d 21h 27m 0s
[h3 +]
Ciel watched Sebastian for a moment before adjusting his position once more. He was growing restless staying in bed for so long and his body was aching at the lack of movement. Human beings weren't meant to stay sedentary so long. At least his apology seemed rather genuine. It also helped that the demon promised he would stay, something Ciel was grateful for at this point in time. After all that had happened lately he wasn't sure if he could handle abandonment all that well.

[+blue "I expect you to alert me the moment you suspect something is occurring,"] he responded quietly. [+blue "I'd like to know what to expect. I'd also like to know how you plan to eradicate Leviathan once you get to him, I don't suspect it'd be rather easy. But first, I need to walk around a little. My legs hurt."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 6d 22h 23m 33s
Sebastian frowned a little, "That will depend on Leviathan. All I can do is be prepared. Luckily, I am rather strong in the opinion that he is over rated. He has thousands of Thrall at his disposal. Most who challanges his position end up dead before they get to him. I find him to be a cowardly rat who is quick to throw a temper tantrum. So we will not be holding our breaths long." He said. He watched Ciel slump slightly. "I am sorry, sir. It was never my intention to involve anyone. I did not expect Remir to stoop so low. He is normally more proud than this." There was not much he could do about it. The apology was pountless, but he owed his master that much at very least. "I will not leave just because I do not wish for the end result." He didn't know if it was something Ciel was worried about, but reassured him anyway. He didn't want his master to fear abandonment.
[h3 +]
Ciel sighed, letting his frame sink further into the pillows that held him up, running a hand through his messy hair. It seemed that now he was in the middle of feud between demons and the situation would only grow worse from here. As awful as humans could be during disputes and arguments, he knew for a fact that demons were worse. He had seen it. What bothered him the most about it wasn't the fact that Sebastian was in this situation in the first place, he felt the raven-haired male could handle himself well enough to put an end to it. It was the fact that he was now involuntarily involved in this and would be for a while. Especially since they were after another sect of the cult which would probably result in the loss of another prince's worshiping.

He turned a bit to get some pressure off of his already sore back once the china was cleaned up, looking back at Sebastian again. [+blue "How long until we can expect an appearance? And why in the bloody hell didn't you tell me this the second you found out?"] he asked quietly, a roundabout way of seeing when a conflict would arise.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 7d 35m 21s
Sebastian released a tired sigh, stepping forward to clean up the shards. "What Father doesn't want to see their child on the top? He wants me on the throne. I don't care to. As to why, because he failed to force it by himself. We fought over it last time, and he ended up lovking me in a pit of boiling tar to prevent one of us from killing the other. As to how. Our contract is doing a lovely job of that. I am considered a mid ranking demon. Strong enough to keep lesser demons awsy, but not high enough on the scale to be a threat to the higher ups. My ambition was never to climb the ranks, and he couldn't get me to challange anyone higher. Your wish for revenge had made me destroy one of the crowned princes cults. While he hardly answers, he likes to brag. He won't take it lightly, and won't let such a thing go. You are, by our standards, my current most prized possesion. He will want you, or I will have to kill him. I think you can imagine what thst will do. I do apologise, it is just the way most demons veiw you humans." He couldn't change that.

"There is logic behind his reasoning, I cannot deny that. Our current king has nearly less us die off to gain more power."
[h3 +]
Ciel ignored Sebastian's warning related to crushing the china, keeping heterochromic eyes focused on him. He couldn't believe this. He was well aware that Hell had politics, just about everywhere did. It was impossible to escape from. There had to be more to this, however, as the demon's answers were rather vague and seemed to leave quite a few open holes. Why Sebastian? What was so special about him that another demon needed a child in order to keep him in line? How long had this plan been in the works? What would happen when the contract was finally complete? Every sentence seemed to cause another question to appear, something Ciel disliked as he hated not knowing all the answers at once.

[+blue "Why did he pick you?"] he asked quietly, his voice still a bit on the dangerous side. [+blue "Why am I the one who needs to keep you in line? And how do I do that?"]

The cup finally shattered due to the immense pressure it was under, Ciel jumping a bit as the pieces dropped from his hands and onto the blanket under them. Luckily he didn't get any shards stuck in his hands, suffering mere scratches on his palms instead.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 7d 1h 19m 24s
Sebastian smiled, obeying while watching Ciels grip tighten. "you will break the cup." he informed, but didn't move to take it away. "The one you want is a demon by the name of Remir. You were set up to be a trap for me. One a fell for, the to how long I had let myself starve. I could easily locate him and bring him here if you desired. He values me too much put up much a fight and needs you to remain alive to keep me in line." he said, "put simply, it is politics." he sighed. "if I comply with his wishes he will, no doubt, give you the weapon to end him. I know him rather well." He watched Ciel, finishing with a warning. "he his a skilled mind manipulator, which is why I called Fredrick a puppet. However, the brutality is no doubt the decision of the human himself. Remir loves children, and would not order such harsh treatment. He would only go so far as to make you renounce your faith." anything more would be guess work, even if he suspected his guesses to be accurate. "the reason behind it, I am sorry to say, is partially my fault. We have argued for a long time, as I have constantly refused to take any steps in becoming what he had planned for me." he knew Ciel would not really be happy with the vague answers, andwould likely request more detail. However, he didn't know hoe long he had put into planning this. The last time the spoke had been nearly 200 years ago.
[h3 +]
Ciel watched Sebastian carefully, listening to his words. While he sat motionless (mostly), anyone who knew the boy well enough could tell that his level of frustration was rising. He was furious to know that the man he had hunted for three years wasn't the main one at fault and that he had a secondary chase to participate in. Ciel still planned on destroying the man for a couple of reasons, one of them being his promise to Seth while another was still revenge related, but the idea that he would have to start this all over again infuriated him. To call Fredrick a puppet informed Ciel that this was the cause of a supernatural being, another demon if he had to guess, which made this increasingly more difficult. This frustration caused Ciel to grip the teacup with a surprising amount of force, the boy's knuckles turning white.

[+blue "I demand to know what you know,"] Ciel ordered quietly, his voice dangerously quiet. His grip continued to subconsciously tighten, threatening to shatter the delicate china in his hands.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 7d 21h 1m 16s
"Mr Fredrick may have been the one to order the attack, but the fault of that lays with another. The man we currently hold, while vile, was nothing more than a puppet. I do know who it is you want." He tilted his head, gauging Ciels reaction. "I have suspected for a little while, but the dagger you may have seen yesterday confirmed my thoughts." He added, ready to catch the cup should Ciels anger spike. "I did not wish to say anything until I knew for sure and you were of sound mind. More or less." He knew Ciel was fuming, and he didn't blame him. It was a pretty big secret he kept to himself.

He waited for the next question, that he would be able to answer. He didn't know the fine details, but he knew enough. In a roundabout way, he, himself was also at fault for his master losing his family. There was little to be done now, thoug.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 7d 21h 21m 6s
[h3 +]
Bright eyes flickered back up to the demon when he informed Ciel that he had information that he wouldn't be too happy upon hearing. He wondered how long, exactly, Sebastian had been sitting on this information before deciding to bring it up now. Granted he hadn't exactly been himself lately but, if it was that important, he felt he should have heard about this much earlier. He sat up a little bit more, a faint wince showing on the porcelain face due to his back, and narrowed his eyes faintly at his butler. [+blue "What are you hiding from me and how long have you known?"] he asked quietly. Once the demon began talking, he picked up the tea again and took another small drink. What the demon told him would determine if this half-empty cup of hot liquid were to be hurled at his head with as much force as the boy could muster.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 7d 22h 52m 13s

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