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Sebastian sighed, the little demon wasn't really bothering him or anything. It only remnded him how childish his co workers were. At least Haku wasn't trying to swipe some off the counter. Ciel had to deal with a half fried chef complaining about being kicked out of the kitchen, after said butler had used the flame thrower on him. He had recieved a stern talking to about NOT harming the house staff.

"My master is quite particular. He will anything, if the presentation is proper." He finished one, and moved onto another. "However, a mess up as small as... this," when he got to the end of the last one, he allowed the end of the icing curl of on top of itself, creating an unattractive but tasty glob at the end. He turned the cooling rack so the messed up one was was closer to the boy. "Is enough for him to want a whole new batch." He smiled, gesturing for Haku to take it. "Feel free to take that one." He certainly didn't want Ciel to see it.
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Haku watched as Sebastian worked, slowly inching his way over to get a better look. He didn't want to invade the demon's personal space nor become a burden, moving closer little by little ensured neither of those happened. He was barely tall enough to see over the counter but he watched nonetheless, observing as Sebastian expertly made a crust and cut it into rectangles. Even though the small demon spent a bit of time in the kitchen with Jeremy and Akira, he had never seen anyone do this before. What was he going to make? He continued to watch as the older male found some jams and used them as a filling then slid them in the oven. Haku watched in surprise once they were removed from the oven after they had finished baking, each perfect in every way. The butler then created an icing to go with it, drizzling the substance on each one. He was truly amazing!

[+goldenrod "Sebastian-sama?"] he asked quietly, averting his eyes from the demon once the words left his lips. It was clear that he was still a bit wary of the older male but was brave enough to speak to him due to his sister's presence. [+goldenrod "Do you always make food like this for Lord Phantomhive? It's...pretty."]

While Sebastian began creating their snack, Akira began work on the tea. Being of Asian heritage and of old age, she liked to think she knew tea rather well. She prepared it a bit differently than the nobles and their butlers here did, preferring the old method of creating her own. Many people now bought their tea already mixed, only needing brewed for their enjoyment. Akira never caught on to that trend but allowed Jeremy to do so when he wished for tea. Either that or she would make a batch of leaves and flavors then store it in a container for the Englishman to make himself.

Akira pulled out a bowl from a cabinet above her and took it to a counter near the stove. Small jars of tea leaves, dried fruits and spices, and other such items stood neatly against the wall, ready for use. She decided to go a more traditional English route, using a black tea as a base while adding orange pekoe and a bit of ginger. Carefully she mixed these things together, grinding them slightly to bring more flavor out, before scooping it into a large tea ball and placing it into a porcelain pot. Once the mini tarts were almost finished, she poured the water into the pot to allow it to seep, then turned back and leaned lightly against the counter.
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Sebastian smiled, "very well," he enjoyed cooking, baking especially. It was a form of chemistry, which he always had been fond of. It was a pity that he did not enjoy consuming what he made, but he enjoyed the compliments he received. He would consider his master more finicky than picky. The boy did not often refuse to eat something served to him, even raw beef. However, organ meats and spicy foods were usually off the menu. Other than that, his masters eating habits could be rather diverse- mainly because the demon got really bored of making the same things over and over again. He browsed through the cabinets idly to see what he had to work with. As expected, he found them well stocked. He began pulling ingredients. He didn't really have time to do something complicated, like a puff pastry. Nor did he want to do something boring. After coming up blank, he simply decided to make something inventive. He did that often, and was willing to risk an odd look from the other Lord. It only mattered that it tasted good, after all. And after so much time, he suspected Ciel was more interested in the odd dishes he sometimes offered

Hopefully the young man had not outgrown a love for sweets, because that was what he usually gave his master for snacks. He lost himself in his work, making it obvious he enjoyed working in the kitchen- which would be odd for a demon. Even those that enjoyed human food could often times snap their fingers and have what they want ready, rather than take the time to make it.

He ended up making a pie crust, rolling it out thin. Careful not to make it too flakey so it would hold together while being eaten but not tough to chew. He actually baked a small extra piece to make sure the texture was right, though his expression held indifference when he tasted it. He then took various different fruit jellies or jams that they had. All the same flavour would get boring after all. He finished putting the odd little pies together uniformed rectangles and put them in the oven (). While they baked, he set to work making a cream cheese icing, which didn't take long. While he waited for those to come out, he started cleaning up the mess he made, until the timer rang. He carefully removed them from the pan to cool, the heat having no affect on him. He then drizzled some of the icing of half of them . He was very particular about how it looked, as any imperfection would be enough for Ciel to criticize.
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[+fuchsia "Sure, help would be great,"] she responded softly. Akira adjusted the small demon that she held in her arms as she led Sebastian through the servant stairways and down to the kitchen. It was large but about the size of a noble's kitchen, everything neat, clean, and in proper order. Gently she set the young boy down on his feet, ruffling his hair which elicited another giggle from him.

[+fuchsia "Why don't you practice and start the fire for tea?"] she suggested to Haku. Bright amber eyes flickered up to Sebastian for a moment before turning to his sister, nodding faintly before moving towards the stove. A small hand reached up, turning on the gas burner, and focused his eyes on the element. After a long moment, a small flame erupted into the gas, lighting the burner. The boy smiled faintly at this, turning to his sister, who was now filling the kettle with water to set onto the element. [+fuchsia "Good job, sweetheart. Now set this carefully onto the stovetop."]

She handed him the kettle, watching as he followed her instructions, then turned to Sebastian. Akira wasn't sure what to serve that would satisfy Ciel's taste but she was aware of his sweet tooth. Perhaps that was a job best left for Sebastian. [+fuchsia "If you prefer, I'll allow you to prepare their snack,"] she suggested softly. [+fuchsia "You know Lord Phantomhive better than I and what he'd prefer to have. Lord Whitehill isn't picky; the kitchen layout is pretty easy to follow once you open a few cabinets. While you do that, I'll prepare the tea."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 44d 11h 23m 47s
Sebastian turned from watching Jeremy work, the the demoness that spoke. "very well, would you like some assistance?" He was technically a guest as well, but he enjoyed caring for his master. He asked mainly because he hated others in his kitchen . He followed her out, leaving the other butler alone to do his work. What the man had given him was tucked securely in one of the various inner pockets of his tail coat. His poor master knew so little about his kind, and yet was in quite a bit of danger of becoming a demons pet. The boy was so use to being able to boss him around, and more than once had even dared to strike him. If he failed, then the boy would surly end up wishing he was back at the cult. Demons could be cruel and vicious one minute, then sweet and loving the next, without warning. He followed her, as it would have been rude otherwise. He hoped his young master had remembered to ask lord Seth if they could look at the building. While Ciel was not normally one to forget such things, he was only human. He was injured, just tortured someone for the first time, and had not eaten anything for a few hours. He was bound to be running low on energy now, and it could make him forgetful. He could have made sure to listen but it was rude for a servant to eavesdrop on their master.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 44d 14h 28m 11s
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Jeremy gave him a soft smile as Sebastian took the small satchel of herbs, adjusting his glasses before looking over the items he had scattered neatly on the surface of the table. Nightmares were usually pretty tricky to keep at bay, many cultures tried their own methods but they weren't very successful. Luckily dark magic had the cure for that and Jeremy had been practicing for a very long time. From underneath the table he pulled out a miniature cast iron cauldron and set it on the worn surface, the metal making a soft clang as it connected with the wood. Quietly he began adding some liquids of unknown origin and some herbs, measuring each one carefully. Some questionable ingredients were also added, such as some dried butterfly wings. Once the contents were crushed and mixed together thoroughly, Jeremy took it over to the fireplace and hung it over the fire to boil.

[+green "This shouldn't take me more than an hour and a half to finish,"] he instructed Sebastian softly, keeping an eye on his creation to make sure it was mixing properly. [+green "I'll instruct you on how to use it once I have it bottled for you."]

Akira continued to hold Haku on her hip, kissing the boy's cheek which caused him to giggle quietly. [+fuchsia "Shall we go check on our charges, then?"] she asked Sebastian softly. [+fuchsia "I'm sure they could use some tea and a snack."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 47d 11h 47m 54s
Sebastian quickly committed the instruction to memory. His masters blood would not be hard to get. He pocould easily get such a small amount as he slept That would possibly get him through the night. He would have to collect what he needed tonight. "it is much appreciated." he said softly, watching the man work once again. He was certain that this was much healthier than drugging Ciel. Which he had been required to do a couple times before to keep him asleep. Humans needed rest to function properly, and children especially needed it to grow properly. Not that Ciel was doing much of that, either. He was actually growing concerned that their contract may have stunted, or even stopped his growth. He had never contracted someone so young before, and their bond was a form of a curse on the humans.
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It wasn't difficult for the butler to figure out who it was meant for; he didn't imagine Sebastian's inner circle was very large and believed he mostly kept to himself. Jeremy adjusted his glasses, going over to the fireplace and picking up a couple small jars of herbs. [+green "I can prepare the base for you,"] he responded softly, carefully setting the glass jars down on his table and removing the corks. He used many of these herbs daily so labels weren't really needed. [+green "It will require a drop of the intended's blood to work, but it can be added at any time."]

He dropped some herbs into the mortar, grinding them down to a fine powder. Jeremy then laid out a small, blue square of cloth and emptied the ingridients onto it while murmuring quiet words. He reached down to a small set of drawers that were stacked neatly beside one of the ends of the table, opening it and pulling out a white feather before closing it again. Carefully it was added to the ground herbs then the ends were lifted and tied together with a red string, making a small satchel. Once he was finished, he took it back to Sebastian and held out the cloth. [+green "When you've added the blood, throw it into the fire of the room that the intended sleeps in before they go to sleep,"] he explained softly. [+green "This will purify the air and lasts about a month. Intense nightmares can still creep in, give me an hour or two and I can make the solution for that. It's much more of a delicate process."]
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"Sleep is a luxury I rarely participate in." He confirmed, "but I do know someone who struggles with remaining asleep some nights." He cast a glance toward the boy watching the fire. "Only if you have any to spare," He was of course willing to pay for it. He was not sure if Lord Seth supplied everything or if Jeremy used his pay .

He would not say his masters name out loud, though he was sure most of the people in the room would be able to figure it out. He did not converse with many, after all. His entire current being focused solely on one person. Of course, it could be anyone in the manor, as all the Phantomhive servants had their inner demons. He looked back to the butler, indicating he would not say more about the person in question. Nor did he actually intend to tell his master about it, as the boy would possibly claim to not need help sleeping .

Besides, despite the fact he had control over a demon, his master often showed skepticism when magic or anything supernatural was mentioned. Something Sebastian found very curious.
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A tint of red colored the small demon's cheeks when Sebastian smiled at him, resting his head on his sister's shoulder bashfully as he smiled. It was clear that he was beginning to think a lot of Sebastian, which Akira couldn't help but smile at. Haku was incredibly adorable and often times reminded her of a lost puppy. He had a tendency to follow others around and remain close to them, especially if he liked them. If Sebastian and Ciel kept helping her master, this tall demon could very well find himself with that problem.

Jeremy glanced over at the table once the demon spoke again before looking back at him. [+green "That's correct, I had been working on a little something for Jounichi,"] he responded softly. He wouldn't exactly call it a potion as much as a concoction, but it was effective and proven to work. Its success, though, was reliant of how bad the nightmares were. [+green "He doesn't remember hardly anything of his life before Akira changed him, but I believe the nightmares he was having were from his human days when the war hit. The spell I used should dull them greatly for about a week. Are you interested in using this for someone? I can't imagine it's yourself, Akira informed me that demon's rarely sleep."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 50d 13h 10m 17s
"Well, I suppose I had best be honored then." He smiled at the young demon. It wouldn't do to upset his masters allies. If it were not for the investigation he would have been happy to leave the unusual family be. Though, he was glad for the help Akira had offered earlier. He would have to wait and see if she would have time to complete his request. Not that it would take her long, but he could recieve a missive at any moment.

He did not really want to admit it out loud, but he wish he had something other than silver butter knives to take on a small hoard. He was by no means weak, having the power to become a Duke of Hell if he so chose. He could shoot up the rank easily, and he knew it- but that did not make fighting a Prince any wiser a move. There was no real way to know if his little trick would even work- and he fully expected the reapers to attack him as much as the others.

The more he thought about it, the more stupid it seemed. All because demolishing that particular cult was part of his contract .

His eyes drifted over to where Jeremy had been working when they first walked in. His mind looking for something less stressful to focus on. He also recalled the man saying something about his project helping with nightmares. He repeated his thoughts out loud, "when Miss Akira and I entered, I over heard you saying you were working on a potion to assist with nightmares?" If that was true, he k ew his master could use it some nights. He had no idea how the boy would handle tonight, after what he had done to Mr. Whitehill. His master was only human, and while he had killed plenty, torture was something he left for the demon. The first time, like the first kill could be very damaging for a humans mind. He would not be shocked if his master woke up screaming.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 51d 10h 1m 4s
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Jeremy kept his smile, noting that some color had left the butler's face at his playful suggestion. He was fully aware of what a disaster that would be, he imagined that Ciel ran a tight ship. He didn't think the small earl would tolerate Haku well, even though he was quiet he could be a bit clingy. Most of the time, he didn't see Haku unless he was with Akira or Jounichi. Besides, Sebastian was used to caring for one being unlike Akira who had grown quite skilled at watching over more than one at a time.

[+green "Luckily, I don't think little Haku would be willing to leave his family,"] Jeremy responded softly. Bright eyes glanced over at Jounichi to keep an eye on him, the small demon still watching the roaring fire. He would have to check on the other fires soon to make sure they were still going strong and keeping the manor warm. It wouldn't do to allow one to fizzle out, especially with a guest. [+green "He's too attached to his brother and Akira. But he does seem to enjoy your company."]
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The demon grew a shade paler than normal at the disastrous idea. He quickly recomposed himself, but it was not his idea of a fun time. He was not one for kids in the first place. Yes, he was capable of caring for them but he had not been about to turn away from such a hate filled soul just to avoid the 10 year old child.

Not to mention the other servants had no idea their perfectionist boss was not human. He did not know how many escuses he could come up with while a demon child ran rampant, learning to control his powers. Or, if they brushed it off, the chaos that would ensue.

He enjoyed causing choas, and it would be amusing to watch his master struggle with controling two demons. However, he also knew he would be the one following behind and putting everything back in order. It was not nearly as fun being the one having to clean up. And that could been rebuilding the manor every other day.

No, Ciel would probably just order him to not let the boy bother his work. He could imagine e Ciel accept such an offer just to drive HIM mad. He supposed it would not be as bad as being told to keep an eye on some visitors dog .

"I mean no offence, but I would rather not..." he admitted, having no desire to increase his work load. His master could be quite the slave driver. Honestly, no contractee had ever dared to make him do typical housework before. His master was rather confident that their contract would protect him from the get go. Which it had, otherwise he would have likely drowned the boy or something in the first year .
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Jeremy shook his head, watching as Akira carefully picked him up and held him on her hip while humming a soft tune. Haku seemed to instantly relax, small arms wrapping loosely around her neck and toying with her kimono collar. Most of his weight rested against her, including his head, which was nestled against her neck. Bright amber eyes remained open, watching Sebastian and Jeremy from his perch nearby while Jounichi remained at her side and seemed preoccupied with watching the roaring fire.

[+green "He's incredibly wary of strangers,"] he explained softly to Sebastian, hoping to answer his question. His hand raised, adjusting the glasses, before dropping down to his side again. [+green "He won't speak to them, much less get closer than he has to. Haku doesn't trust a lot of people and allows very few into his world; it's why Jounichi is so protective of him. However, he does pick up quickly on Akira's body language and cues, as well as Lord Whitehill's, so I image he believes you to be a friend because of them. Still, he could use a bit more confidence in himself. Maybe he should spend a few days at your manor and take some lessons from Lord Phantomhive."] He smiled a bit at his small joke and fully realized what a disaster it had the potential to be. Ciel would probably eat the small demon alive, so to speak.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 52d 12h 9m 12s
Sebastian allowed the contact, as the last thing the boy needed was a negative reaction.He was far too timid. He simply patted the boy on the head, simply mimicking the motion he had seen many other humans do to children. "I do not understand why. If I recall correctly, my first impression was rather intimidating." He said, watching the ypung demon run back to the female. "Has he always been this way?" He asked, finding it odd since they did not really know each other. Even though demons did not attack children, it was normally enforce to be wary. Even demons taught their young the importance of avoiding strangers. To have taken a liking to someone who could have ulteior motives was quite dangerous. Kidnappings were not uncommon if another demon desperatly wanted a child and had always failed to either concieve or create one.

Sebastian himself never imagined he would ever be responsible for someone so young, and was quite grateful that his master was not like most others his age.

The boy could be quite spoiled sometimes, though.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 52d 15h 11s

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