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Seth began to interject, a sharp look from Akira silencing him quickly. Even though he was the Lord of the house, she had the final say in these matters and would not allow him to ignore her orders. Ciel took notice of this, watching the two of them quietly as he continued to pick at the bandage under his sleeve. He wondered how strict Akira really was, the look suggesting her mood could become much worse when provoked. Sure, Sebastian wasn't always the easiest to deal with but he rarely received looks of that caliber. Even if he did, the small earl tended to ignore them anyway. Seth's sudden silence suggested that her temperament would change if the redhead kept pushing and he wouldn't like the outcome. But could she really be that scary?

Part of him didn't want to find out.

Ciel glanced up at Sebastian as he heard him speak, noting the disapproving look and let out a quiet sigh. His hand moved from his sleeve, resting in his lap and shifting again. The room went quiet for a bit before the demon broke the silence, suggesting they return home. Ciel nodded at this, slowly pushing himself up. [+blue "Very well,"] he responded quietly, running a hand through his hair. Seth rose as well, giving his guests a gentle smile. [+red "I hope we've given you enough information to work with,"] he told Ciel softly. [+red "If I can be of any more help, please let me know."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 24d 16h 14m 54s
Sebastian sighed, supposing he should be grateful. The less he had to deal with, the safer his master was. Still, it was incredibly dull to get the slim pickings. "Young master." He muttered softly, to get the human to stop messing with his bandage. While it was stitched well, playing with it would do little good. A big reason why dogs were given cones, not that anything like that would be accepted by Ciel.

He took inthe females new appearance when she entered. All his clothes were the same, which prevented anyone from knowing anything was wrong. It made his image of absolute perfection easier to uphold. He was a bit surprised by how well Seth listened, though had no real wish for Ciel to become that way.

The boys defiance kept him on his toes, and prevented boredom from becoming too dominate. He looked at his watch quickly, finding it to have gotten late.
"Perhaps we should return home, sir." He advised quietly. Nearly an hour had gone by, so Jeremy might be finished with his work. If the intruder had not inturrpted him. Still, he could not postpone his masters rest.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 25d 4h 49m 1s
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Seth watched her leave, letting out another quiet sigh. Just like Sebastian, she could be a bit bossy when she needed to be. He wasn't like Ciel, however, and would follow her instructions as best he could whereas the other would walk out immediately just to spite his demon. They had a strange relationship, Sebastian and Ciel, but he could see how much they really meant to each other.

[+red "The occurrences are slowly beginning to increase, but yes I suppose it is becoming a new normal,"] he responded softly, turning his gaze over to Sebastian. He couldn't help but wonder if the Phantomhive manor was experiencing these kinds of problems but, judging by the demon's voice, didn't think that to be the case. [+red "It's quite bothersome, really. They seem to pick the most inopportune times."]

Ciel smiled faintly at this, shifting in his chair after another couple minutes, and absently picking at the bandage beneath his shirt sleeve. He as well could hear the demon's jealousy and found it amusing. Did he really not have enough to do that he was wishing for more challenging fights to appear?

After fifteen or so minutes, Akira appeared again but in a different and simpler kimono, her hair up but changed in style. Seth raised an eyebrow at this, running a hand through his hair. [+red "I suspect it got a little messy."]

Akira looked down at her charge, staying quiet for a moment, before faintly shaking her head. [+fuchsia "It's a matter that can be discussed later."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 25d 20h 14m 45s
Sebastian mether gaze for a moment, then went back to Ciel. Good, maybe they would get somewhere then. "Very good,then." He said. They bith got some answers, then. He could hear the ussle, and couldn't help but end up upset. Really, it was umfair that he got stuck with a weak link attacking the manor. They get someone who can cause some alarm. He listened carefully, to make sure everything was under control. Of course, should anythng burst through the door he would jump into action. He would return the courtesy if trying to protect Seth, but Ciel was his prioriety.

"I take it as this is not overly uncommon?" He asked the Lord of the house. Merely to break the silence. His tone was one that bore poorly masked jelously. He certainly wouldn't mind fixing some damage NOT caused by the staff members.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 26d 2h 44m 43s
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Seth let out another sigh at Akira's answer, continuing to watch her a moment longer. Ryu was strong and very capable of handling himself, a fact that got him to where he was today. Still, he wasn't very comfortable with the fact that an enemy was loose in his manor while he had guests over. While Sebastian was very much capable of caring for his charge and protecting him, he didn't wish the demon to have to work so hard in his home. It's not what guests were supposed to do, even the butlers of them.

Akira opened her mouth to reassure him again but quickly closed it, cerulean eyes flickering over to her left as she listened carefully. She could hear said demon on the top floor with Ryu, easily distinguishing which footsteps belonged to the human and which didn't. Another set was heard, a lighter one, which told her it was one of the twins. She seriously doubted it was Haku as he preferred to avoid confrontation, this meant it was Jounichi. It was probably best to check on the situation to make sure nothing serious happened. The female moved over to Seth, reaching out a hand and gently placing it under his chin to gain his attention.

[+fuchsia "I'm going to check on Ryu,"] she informed him softly. [+fuchsia "It shouldn't take me long to return. [i Do not leave this room."]] Her eyes then flickered over to Sebastian for a moment, telling him without words to keep an eye on Ciel, and disappeared out the door.

Ciel ran his hand through his hair while the two exchanged words, turning his gaze up to Sebastian. He and Seth had discussed quite a bit while the demon had been gone, doing God knew what, and that had been one of the many topics. [+blue "He's agreed,"] Ciel informed him quietly, shifting after another few minutes and resting his head back. It may not be the most noble sitting position but he didn't care at the moment. [+blue "He has it secured, he wants us tell him before hand so he can have Jeremy open it for us. He doubts we'll find much but we're welcome to look as long as we like."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 26d 15h 45m 26s
The Raven rose a curious eyebrow but otherwise did not react. He was glad that he was back to his masters side, though. He was not sure as to what was happening, but the servants in this manor seemed compitent enough. Ciel, though, was in no condition to be able to protect himself. He watched the boy shift again, and heaved a quiet sigh.

Perhaps he should not have permitted Ciel to deal with Fredrick today. Though he was rather strong willed, he had a rather frail constitution. Something that he was always fighting. The only time Ciel was really compliant was right after an athsma attack, when he was too tired after nearly suffocating to argue.

While the other master demon pair held their brief conversation, Sebastian addressed Ciel. "Did you request permission to investigate the building you were held in?" They might be able to find clues about the other cults, or even the location of the person Seth had named before Fredricks capture.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 26d 16h 26m 27s
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Ciel shifted in his chair again, glancing up at Sebastian. Sure, there were some matters in this case that he couldn't fully understand until he dealt with them face to face but couldn't help but wonder how over-dramatic and overly cautions the demon was being. He didn't doubt Leviathan's strength but imagined it was something these two demons could handle. Sure, Sebastian was dead set against Akira aiding him but, if it came down to it, Ciel was certain he could get the demon to see things his way.

Seth looked over at Akira, studying her for a while. Nothing really appeared to be out of place but he could tell something was bothering least just a little bit. [+red "Care to tell me what's going on, Akira?"] he asked softly. This caught Ciel's attention, the boy turning his head to look over at them.

A soft sigh left the female, slender arms folding loosely over her chest. She paused for a moment, as if debating on what to say exactly, before finally giving in to her master. [+fuchsia "It's happened again but Ryu-chan is handling it,"] she responded quietly.

Seth sank back in his chair, closing his eyes and rubbing his hand over them. [+red "Damn it to hell...."]

[+fuchsia "Ryu has everything under control,"] Akira reassured him quietly. [+fuchsia "Don't get yourself worked up over nothing."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 26d 22h 8m 44s
"Still, I stand by what I said." The Raven said. Really, he was not one for torture unless he was angry. He had heard stories of Leviathan ripping souls from their bodies bit by by. Tearing it to peices before finally swallowing it. Removing a soul was painful, but that was just uncalled for. While never exactly gentle, he didn't prolong his preys suffering unnessiarily.

Ciel had thus far only delt with contracted demons, and his statement made him worry. Ciel was often very bold in the demons abilities. With a plan, he had more confidence he would be able to face the Prince. Facing several demons of equal or (rumored) greater strength would have posed a problem.

He silently wondered if he should let Remir stay a while. It would be entertaining to watch the boy interact with him.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 26d 22h 25m 22s
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Ciel shifted again in his chair, his current position no longer comfortable, and let out a quiet sigh. He knew better than to take part in all of the excursions he had today, fearing for the state of his back, and it seemed to be complaining rather loudly at the moment. Whatever position Ciel found comfortable didn't last longer than a few minutes, the boy needing to shift once again to stop some of the pain. He didn't dare ask for a pain killer, not wanting his host to know of the severe discomfort he was in nor did he want him to see the possible effects it could have on him. He'd rather suffer it out.

[+blue "Something tells me he could handle it,"] Ciel responded quietly, eyes shifting over to Seth. The redhead looked over as he felt the smaller lord's eyes on him and gave him a faint smile. [+blue "Maybe not extreme torture, but I do believe he's stronger than he lets on."]

[+red "I believe you're over confident in my abilities, Lord Phantomhive,"] Seth answered, keeping his small smile. [+red "I don't think I have as much strength and willpower that you believe me to possess."]

Both males glanced up as Akira returned, the silver tray returned to the kitchen, and stood near Seth's chair as she usually did.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 28d 16h 51m 21s
"Yes, though I would rather not discuss such things here. I doubt you would want to increase the risk of your new friend getting tortured for knowing too much." He said, raising a slightly mocking brow. His master seemed to have relaxed a bit around the other boy. Speaking of, he looked to other human in the room. "If Miss Akira deems it afe enough, I am sure she will be happy to share with you, sir. It is not my place to make that decision. Please excuse me if that sounded a bit rude. As far as temperment goes, Leviathan makes me look cuddly." He informed. It didn't seem like Akira was the type to withold things from her contractee like he often did Ciel, but whatever was saidwas not for him to share.

He realy did hate polotics.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 28d 18h 12m 50s
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Sebastian's answer made Ciel wonder what Akira was like behind closed doors. When there was no one there to put on a show for, how much did her demeanor change? He knew Sebastian could be a bit grumpy when it was just the two of them, clearly showing likes and dislikes. He had doubts she became too strict, at least with the twins, as they seemed to adore her. If she had a mean streak, it probably only came out when the ones she cared for were threatened.

The small lord ate his snack, drinking the tea that accompanied it, and looked over at Seth. The redhead still held Haku on the arm of his chair as he slowly consumed his treat. Once he was full and Ciel voiced that he had eaten his fill, he picked up one of the few left and offered it to Haku. He smiled at this, quietly nibbling on it, while Seth looked over at the female demon standing silently nearby.

[+red "Take the tray up to the others, I'm sure they could use something to eat as well,"] he told her softly. [+red "They've all been quite busy all day."]

Akira nodded at this, carefully picking up the tray and disappearing from the library. Ciel glanced back at Sebastian then finished the last of his tea. [+blue "Did you find any useful information?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 29d 19h 16m 6s
Sebastian stepped forward with the small pie like sweets. After a quick description of what he had offered, and the various flavors. After which, he took his place usual behind Ciel. Crimson eyes flickered over when he spoke. He was rather proud of the boy, if it wasn't for their contract he would have never known he was hurting so much. He had taught the boy not to show any weakness well, too well even. He offered Ciel the smug smirk he knew annoyed him so much. "Just because I do not, does not mean I cannot." He said simply. He could pretend to be the kindest person in the world, if he wished to. Though, the very thought was rather vile.
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Akira nodded, carefully picking up the tray and making her way towards the library. Haku followed behind both of them, not wanting to be left behind, while finishing the last few bites of his treat. He remained a few steps behind Sebastian, making sure not to be in his way as he didn't wish to be a burden. Quietly Akira entered the library where the two nobles were sitting around the fireplace in large, stately chairs and conversing softly. Seth's form was more relaxed while Ciel's was a bit rigid, making it clear to his demon that his back was aching. The massage Sebastian had given him earlier helped quite a bit but between the time he spent with Fredrick and moving about the Whitehill manor, it had begun to hurt terribly. He didn't want to voice it to his butler, though, as he feared the demon may place him on bed/chair rest for a day or two.

After carefully setting up two cups, Akira quietly poured the tea and placed one near each of the lords on the side table between them. Once she was finished, she picked up the tray and moved away a bit in order for Sebastian to serve them their snacks. As the two demons worked, Seth reached over and picked up Haku, gently placing him on the arm of his chair and ruffling his hair afterwards. The boy smiled happily at this, watching Sebastian serve them, then looked over at Ciel. The smaller lord sat up a little bit more, hiding a wince from his butler, and carefully picked up the teacup. [+blue "The two of you seem to be getting along well,"] he observed quietly. [+blue "I'm a bit surprised since you don't seem to play well with others often."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 31d 17h 9m 33s
Sebastian carefully arranged the still cooling sweets on a decorative platter. "The food humans consume now has changed too much for me to stomach. The new bleached sugar that has been gaining in favor gives me terrible heartburn." He recalled Ciel giving him the lemonade. His chest had hurt for hours afterward, and Ciel had informed him he only offered it because he didn't like the new weird sugar. Of course, he had to give it to his ONE servant that could not actually digest such things. Really, his master could be just as sadistic as himself. With everything perfectly placed to give it an artistic flair, he picked up the plate to follow the female demon. "Shall we?" He asked to alert her he was ready to return to their charges.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 31d 21h 36m 8s
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Bright amber eyes widened a bit as Sebastian offered him the treat, looking up at him at first to be sure he really meant it. Sure, he had been given things from Akira and Jeremy while they created meals for the nobles while he helped in the kitchen, but rarely did he receive something so finely crafted. Once he was sure the demon truly meant it, he slowly reached up to the counter while standing on his toes to carefully pick it up. Haku took extra care not to touch the other pastries or to upset the cooling rack, smiling a bit once he had it in close proximity. Despite the minor blemish, he still thought it looked amazing. It even smelled it, too!

[+goldenrod "Thank you, Sebastian-sama!"] He then took a bite, chewing slowly to taste the peach notes inside of it. The crust was perfect and the icing complimented it well. As he ate his treat, Akira smiled and reached over, ruffling his hair again before retrieving the cups that matched the teapot as well as a tray to set them on.

[+fuchsia "That was very kind of you,"] Akira observed softly, carefully arranging the tray with the teapot, cups, and plates. [+fuchsia "He and his brother are still able to enjoy human food; I don't know about you but the taste curdles my stomach. Still, like any child, Haku does enjoy his sweets. The tea is finished, when you're ready we can carry this all out to them. They're still in the library."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 32d 16h 58m 16s

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