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Sebastian's news was a relief to hear, especially after the surprise attack earlier. It would be nice to know that he wouldn't encounter the asshole unless he decided to nor would he need to worry about being attacked in his sleep again. Would it make him more enticed to listen to his captors? Ciel couldn't answer that. Fredrick was a strong willed individual and had been for some time. He doubted it would happen immediately and, if it did, it could take months. The small earl didn't mind, through, as he had waited years for this moment. He could wait a little longer.

He remained half reclined into the pillows, the position taking some pressure off of his back. [+blue "Excellent,"] he responded quietly. [+blue "I'd rather not trip over him unless I choose to. Besides, I think it may take quite a bit of time until he's ready to see things on our terms. Now that his presence won't be an issue, I suppose I can return to my room; I'll do so in the evening, I'm too sore to move again now."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3d 22h 17m 23s
Sebastian rose an eyebrow, "throwing things at me is not enough?" He questioned, he doubted Ciel actually had the nessisary strength to even break anything. "How cruel." Though, he wouldn't have his little human any other way. He had raised Ciel to serve what he was dished, including interest. "Though, you are correct. While troublesome, Free Will is not something we tamper with without reason." His thought went to Fredrick, whom he had locked in a nightmare based coma until he released him. It would be satisfying to watch Ciel handle the man. Being tormented by Ciel, who the man still saw as a weak child, would be humiliating. So long as Ciel kept a pistol on hand for self defence, there was little that Fredrick could do. Even if Ciel blew his head off, he wpuldn't die unless the butler allowed it. He had seen some impressive shots, when the gun was small enough for his master to handle with ease. First, he wanted to remain close. His master still seemed affected by the man, despite the fact the tables had turned on him. Last thing he wanted was Ciel to get hurt because he let fesr get the better of him.

"Speaking of tampering with free will, after this mornings attack I will be making a cell for HIM to reside in until he decides obeying his instructions might actually be better for his health. I thought you might like to know the manor is free of him for now." Perhaps being forgotten about for a while will give the man some time to think.
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Ciel closed his eyes as he felt the demon’s finger brush delicately under the marked eye, letting out a sigh that was barely audible. It was relaxing, almost loving, and he didn’t push it away. Sebastian was correct about the things he spoke of, he did brand Ciel in a way and even allowed the boy to suffer from time to time. The difference was that his butler wasn’t malicious in his actions towards him and probably never thought to be. Others, though, were quite different.

[+blue “I chose those things,”] Ciel responses after a bit in his quiet fashion. [+blue “Choice was never taken from me when it came to those decisions. I gave my soul away, I chose to have you in my life. Those decisions ensured my survival. Humans don’t allow the luxury of choice, not in those cases.”]

He watched as Sebastian rose to his full height, Ciel moving a bit to rest at the head of the bed and finally sit up some. His body ached and complained though he did it anyway. [+blue “Even though some days I’d like to punch you in the nose, I don’t regret those choices.”]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 3h 1m 32s
An amused sound escaped the demon, "you really are a curious human. It would do little good. I know when you want me near." He smiled at the boy. He could sense when his master was distressed. Both thru the contract and sense of smell. "To be perfactly clear, though. I have branded you," he reached out, brushing his fingers gently under the eye that held his mark. He did love that shade of purple. "and allowed you to go thru enough near death instances that it might be considered torture. At least, cruel. And I do not think I need to remind you who you sold your soul to? It is another form of sacrifice for me to lend you my power." He closed his eyes, grinning. "The only difference was that I did not force anything, merely let things play out." He opened his eyes a little, peering down at Ciel as he stood straight again. Ciel had enough enemies that he never had need to manipulate anything. Granted, it did get more difficult as Ciel got more detailed as he learned how his demon twisted his orders. That was part of the fun, though.
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It was easy to see how irritated the boy's comment made his butler, Sebastian not bothering to hide it from his face. Truth be told, the male was going above and beyond what he should be doing and the performance of his duties weren't an issue. Sebastian performed far better than any of his other servants. Still, he was running out of ammo and refused to bow out just yet.

His own eyes narrowed a bit as Sebastian threw out his comment, simply watching him for a few minutes. It seemed the demon planned to retaliate in the same fashion. It wasn't unusual to hear the two go at it like this, they've been doing so since Ciel could remember. Sometimes they went a bit too far.

[+blue "I've never had a demon brand me, torture me, and sacrifice me to the devil,"] Ciel responded quietly. Sebastian's words were true, Ciel instantly felt better when his butler appeared after a near-traumatic event or nightmare than when he was left on his own. It was the same reason he was in the bed he was and hadn't returned to his own yet. [+blue "Perhaps I should stop asking for you so you can continue your work during the night."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 5h 31m 52s
Crimson eyes widened a small degree. Ciel had some nerve to call him lazy. "Pride and foolishness go hand in hand, I suppose. However, it is hardly my fault if you wake screaming if I am not in the room. Some my question how you find comfort in something like me, yet cower in terror at the sight of a another human." A bit dramatized, but not nessisarily a lie. Ciel calmed down a lot faster if he saw his butler nearby, rather than if he was alone. "Most of the work I do is while everyone sleeps."

His eyes hardened into a slight glare, insulted more about the fact Ciel had the nerve to call him lazy. Had Ciel been the one to start this banter, he might have been more tempted to show Ciel what the sin of Sloth really looked like. Some would definatly think he would need to straighten his priorities though.
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Ciel raised an eyebrow, keeping his gaze on Sebastian. Someone was feeling feisty today, either that or the demon was in an incredibly good mood. Those were the times he decided it best to tease his master the most, the male obviously feeling the boy was well enough to handle it. There were times that Ciel wasn't feeling up to it, informing the demon to get lost, to which he complied with. Despite these unpleasant sentiments, these were some of Ciel's favorite times with the demon. He enjoyed the back and forth, the challenge of finding an insult deep enough to make those eyes flash. Simply put, it was fun.

[+blue "I told you to do so because you were obviously failing,"] he retorted, shifting his form a bit to get comfortable again. It was a difficult task for the already aching body. [+blue "I simply didn't want you injured beyond repair and have to form another contract or worse, watch you hobble around the manor complaining again. As for your butler skills...they could be better. I think you're growing lazy."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 18h 10m 22s
Had that fell from anyone elses mouth, he would have torn their head off. As it was, rsther than fury, he felt pride. His master had really gone for a low blow to his own vanity, he was very proud of how ruthless the blow was. Ciel reminded him of a feisty kitten who got stroked the wrong way. Fluffed up and glaring. Of course, being called adorable was bound to annoy his master to no end. "If I recall, I called for help under your orders. I merely did precisly as I was told. I am fully capable of giving credit, where it is due." He moved to stand in a more normal position that still enabled him to hover over Ciel, red eyes meeting blue and purple. "You have taught me so much in what it means to be a servant... if you still feel I am not up to par, then please." Here, he stepped closer to Ciel, his smirk growing to a cheshire like grin. "Feel free to educate me further."

Ciel was never boring to poke at. Though, he had to agree that a simple adorable did not sit well. He doubted Ciel would appreciate his true sentiments just yet, though. For some reason, human males didn't take to being called Beautiful. He was not quite daring enough to try that yet. Humans could be unpredictable at the best of times.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 4d 18h 25m 10s
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Ciel watched as the male rose, making his way over to the bed and standing nearby. It seemed he had overcome his concern of the opposing threat by his mannerisms and words. Heterochromic eyes watched as he bent down, his face almost equal to the boy's, and narrowed at his words. Adorable? He hardly thought so. He didn't find himself terrible to look at but adorable wasn't a word he would use to describe himself and sent menacing looks to anyone who decided to do so. The only one excluded from that was Elizabeth but that was only because she was family and he was certain she had a couple of screws loose. Sebastian, though, was doing this to get a rise out of his master. Ciel certainly wasn't afraid to rise to the challenge.

[+blue "I'm not worried about a mere servant,"] he mused quietly, not moving from his position. [+blue "I'm worried about a demon who, by evidence, isn't very good at being one. Couldn't even beat a shapeshifter, had to call in someone else to do it for you. It doesn't give me a lot of hope for the future."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 19h 58m 18s
Sebastian straightened, as he did he ran a hand thru his hair. He let the dark hair fall into its usual look. His eyes glittered amusedly, and he stepped toward the bed until he was at the foot. His pupils went from the human-like orbs to their natrual thin slits. "I fear I must offer a sincere apology." He purred, he bent so his master was nearly eye level, tilting his head a bit as if to taunt him further. He had no need to hold himself up using the mattress, "I can think of many more miserable things than serving an adorable, tiny little human like yourself." The words could have been taken as a major insult, except for the flirtatious undertone the in the demons voice. "You needn't worry over a servant so much." He smirked, his eyes narrowing in a more playful manner, as if challenging Ciel to do better.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 4d 20h 5m 57s
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The boy immediately closed his eyes as he made contact with the bed, another quiet sigh falling from his chest. He felt better now that he wasn't putting stress on his spine, though it still hurt. Ciel remained that way and still for a few long minutes before opening his eyes and pulling himself completely on the bed. He remained on his stomach, folding his arms in front of him and resting his head lightly on them as a makeshift pillow. His gaze shifted to Sebastian, the demon seeming a bit agitated at his master's suggestion. Asking for aid wasn't the norm, especially in this house, but this was different. There was far too much at risk, namely his protector, and he wasn't about to lose him.

[+blue "I wouldn't call you noble or anything of the sort but, yes, I must admit that thought is there,"] he answered quietly. [+blue "I'm not done making your life miserable yet and I need you around. The more security, the better."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 20h 38m 34s
Sebastians eyebrow twitched slightly, not really wanting to ask her for help again. While he saw the wisdom, it just wasn't in his nature to ask for help. His creator, who owed him, was different. "Worried about your noble protector, are we?" He taunted. Not that there was anything 'noble' about him, but he wanted some sort of repayment for having to do such a task. Annoying his master would have to suffice, for now. He bowed, a sonewhat mocking smirk on his face. "You may consider it done. As for Remir, I will not let him get his slimy hands on you. He taught me a large bit of what I know. That includes protecting my mind, and others if I must." He assured. "I did live with him for a millennia. I know just about all of what he can do. That does go both ways, though."
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The things the demon could do were incredibly useful and it was tempting for Ciel to give in immediately. Still, he was unsure of some things, mainly if he could really trust this person, which delayed his answer. Ciel remained leaning against the door frame as he weighed his choices, heterochromic eyes watching Sebastian. Having a jump on Leviathan would be extremely useful, especially the way his butler described it, but reading and manipulating one's mind was what had him worried. He was unsure it wouldn't be used against himself and had no reassurance it wouldn't be. It would be the word of a demon, after all, and some of them weren't exactly trustworthy. Having that inside knowledge, though, was what enticed him the most.

[+blue "As long as any of his tricks aren't used against me, I suppose I can't complain,"] he answered quietly after a long while. [+blue "It may be a good idea to check with Akira, see if she has any contacts she's willing to give that may be able to help with this. I want as many precautions set as we possibly can, I can't allow anything to happen to you, either."] He slowly made his way back into Sebastian's room after he spoke, going to the bed and carefully dropping onto his stomach.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 21h 19m 52s
Sebastian inclined his head, continueing. He would not make his master come up with a way to kill a creature not of this world. This was, in a way, his fault that Ciel was n this mess. "To have the best advantage, I would like permission to use my Creator. You may not like it, but very few can fully, and successfully, protect against his specialty. He can look and control ones mind, and very few can catch onto it. I am assuming this is how he managed to post-pone you being sacrificed right away. He had to make sure you renounced your faith before I would listen. He would be able to tell us what Leviathan is doing, and could stall until I can get enough Reapers in an area. It takes a great amount of energy to cross worlds, the proper way. As a Prince, he has no need to hide what he is doing. So I am sure I can set something up to ease his hunger before he hunts me down. All we have to do is be in the right place, at the right time. Some might see thru it, but they will have to prove I set the trap. By the time they might have any evidence to issue a kill order, I will be too high ranking for it to be wise to bother with me." He knew killing a Prince would be a major leap up the ladder. Even if the King tried to keep things quiet, demons also enjoyed gossip, and bragging. Sebastian was no different. Still, he could not be seen in his current form, the yard that would undoubtedly flock to the comotion would recognize him. He already knew a simple and fast fix to that, though.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 4d 21h 48m 34s
[h3 +]
Sebastian had a very good point. Letting the reapers deal with the brunt of the damage wasn't a bad idea. They were far more effective than a boy and his demon would be as they had the proper tools to (hopefully) effectively neutralize the situation. He imagined an entire team of them could take down a rather strong demon. They may have some casualties but that wasn't Ciel's responsibility. His staff, on the other hand, were and he refused to allow them to be taken out like that. He may be an asshole but he did care about them to an extent.

[+blue "It's not a bad idea,"] he responded quietly, stopping near the doorway to Sebastian's bedroom and leaning heavily against the wall. His entire body hurt by this point and he desperately needed a break. Ciel was aware this moment of discomfort could have been avoided by allowing his butler to help him but he was too proud for that. It was bad enough he was sleeping in Sebastian's bed for extra comfort and protection, he wasn't about to allow the demon to carry him back to the room. He'd sooner crawl first.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 22h 36m 42s

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