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Sebstian made sweet and simple, knowing that it was risky to talk long. "Where was your father the night my Master was to be sacrificed? If he was there, he would be dead. Or at the very least know of my exsistance." He had not been very subtle about showing up. Not bothering to hide what he was. He even recalled a few of from the gathering demanding things. Wealth being the most common, along with eternal youth. He had merely thought them all imbecils, one soul ment one wish. Not to mention there was no way he would contract such low teir souls, let alone grant something such as eternal youth. Then again, none of them were the ones calling to him. While he spoke, he was still able to watch Ciel. His own eyes glowing while he remained fully connected to the bird.
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Ciel curled up in the chair a bit in order to get more comfortable, still holding onto the demon's hand. He wasn't willing to relinquish his small piece of comfort just yet and found it easier to breathe through this situation while the demon was near. It was strange, most people would be incredibly uncomfortable in a demon's presence...but not Ciel. This was where he was most comfortable. As Sebastian worked, Ciel let his head rest back a bit and his gaze shift from the fire to the desk top. The butchered piece of pie still lay nearby, the rest of it sitting on the cart, and he groaned faintly at the sight of it. This subject still made his insides churn so eating was the last thing on his mind. He quickly turned his gaze away and let it rest on the surface of the desk, silently looking over the grain patterns in the wood.

Seth shifted a bit as the large bird landed on his shoulder and stretched, looking down at it as it began to speak. He recognized this voice, as did Haku, as it caught the young demon's attention. Red brows knitted together as he was asked about his father, running a hand through the long, matching locks. [+red "Now's a fine time as any, I suppose,"] he responded softly, stealing a glance up at Jeremy. The butler had turned his head, looking at them, before going back to his work. Now that the bug had been placed in Jeremy's ear, he would keep a careful eye out for the master of the house lest he sneak up on them. [+red "What is it?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 5d 22h 15m 32s
"Ah, it seems we are in luck." He said, as the bird turned to allow Seth into it field of vision. "Young master, if you will forgive me for a moment." He smiled politely to Ciel. While he did not leave, Ciel would not be able to understand his words. While the bird would speak english, Sebastian had to speak in an ancient tounge tounge. Speaking to the birds was different than speaking thru them. The bird flew over to Seth, landing on the shoulder. It took a moment to flutter its wings and settle on the new perch. The dead turned to look Seth with a black, beady eye before it turned blood red, with a cat like pupils. The beak opebed a small fraction, allowung a soft, raspy voice to be heard.

"Good Evening, Master Seth." If one listened close enough, they could hear an underlaying tone of sebastians voice. If a demon could lose their voice, anyway. The birds own vocal cords were limited, unfortunatly. "If it is a good time, I have a question regarding Lord Whitehill." He, himself, did not know where the man was.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 6d 19h 38m 3s
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Ciel nodded faintly, his grip remaining on Sebastian's hand, and averted his gaze towards the fire again. He had always hated thinking about those few hellish weeks and wasn't exactly pleased with the fact that he had done so for almost an hour. Granted it may have helped them a bit but it didn't make him feel better. What did, strangely, was Sebastian. Having the butler around made it seem somewhat bearable and made it somewhat easier to face those awful memories. Sebastian made him That was the easiest way to describe it. Nothing like that would ever happen again as long as he was around. That fact was what helped Ciel sleep at night.

Luckily for Sebastian and their cause, Lord Whitehill was in another section of the house and busy with work which left the twins on the first floor. Seth and Jeremy were with them, the redhead watching the butler show them how to properly clean a tea set.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 6d 20h 35m 41s
"Hmm... very well then." The demon sighed. It was possible, the human brain was like that. Things were easily forgotten. He relented, not moveing away just yet. There was very little he could do if Ciel honestly forgot. It had been over 3 years since then. "I will see if I can get the twins to get Master Seth." He promised, not wanting to unnessisarily put his bird at risk. As it were, he had already told the bird to pester them. The bird instantly pecking at the nearest ones clothing and pulling at hair. While humans mught find it painful, it would just be annoyimg to a demon. He could just speak thru her, but he was not sure if it was safe to do so. Who knew if someone loyal to Lord Fredrick was lurking nearby.
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Ciel swallowed a little bit, shifting his gaze to look at the roaring fire. The colors were calming and the flames easy to get lost in. His line of vision stayed there, watching the fire dance across the stone, as Sebastian spoke. He was incredibly grateful he wasn't being forced to repeat the darkest atrocities that occurred and merely had to think about them; even though those things hurt his soul it wasn't nearly as bad as repeating them vocally. He tried to think about each horror and pull as much detail out of them as he could but he couldn't think of any details that could help. All they did was give him nightmares.

He remained quiet for a rather long while before he lifted his gaze to Sebastian's face. Ciel's eyes didn't quite meet his butler's and he shook his head faintly. [+blue "I can't remember anything else, nothing that will help us, anyway,"] he answered quietly. [+blue "All I remember is what they did to me, all of those little details are gone."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 6d 21h 34m 0s
"Ah, well then. It would seem we have our first question for him then." Sebastian smiled lightly. At least they were getting somewhere to get some answers. "I am aware you are skipping over the little details. I won't make you say them out loud. However, I do need you to think about them carefully. Those are normally the most important." There was a reason he tried to nit pick the little things. "Think very carefully, sir." He said, he voice lowering slighty to lull Ciel deeper into his mind. One of the benifits of being a supernatural creature. Wheather demon or angel, any could manipulate the human mind just thru the tone of their voice. He hated to use this tactic on his little master , however it seemed the boy needed a little extra push. They had no time to play games and dance around any missed important facts.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 6d 21h 50m 48s
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Ciel shook his head faintly, keeping his gaze down a bit and his hold remained on Sebastian's hand. It wasn't as tight as it had been on the arm rest of the chair as his knuckles weren't white, but it was tight enough that the butler couldn't simply slip his hand away. Sebastian's presence and touch helped Ciel, even if it didn't seem like it at the time, and made it a tad easier to speak of the atrocities that occurred in that dark period.

[+blue "It didn't,"] he responded quietly to the demon's first statement, his grip tightening for a moment before loosening to its previous state. That was when the worst of it had happened to him, things he never wanted to repeat...not even to his savior. He remembered when the demon had come to him, promising to save him from that Hell and he quickly agreed. He didn't have much of a choice, it was either agree or bleed out on the table. Ciel didn't regret his decision, not in the least, as it allowed him to exact revenge on those that terrorized him for weeks.

[+blue "I don't know,"] he said in his quiet tone after a long minute of silence. There was so much happening around him at that time that he couldn't keep track of everyone and everything around him. [+blue "Seth might know the answer to that, especially if he was there during all of this."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 6d 23h 35m 13s
"I would guess things got worse for you, if he was runnng out of time. I wonder... why would he put so much effort into 'prepareing' you for a sacrifice, just to miss the big day? If he was there, he would have died along with everyone else that day." He would have thought the man would have wanted to be present. Even if he managed to escape before the massacre, he would certainly know a demon had shown up. A man as intelligent as Fredrick would have been able to assume the demon contracted what was ment to be a sacrifice .

Sebastian had only showed up because of Ciel being the one to call for help- from anybody. The demon recalled the day well. The boys desprate cries reaching several ears, but he was the first one to decide to answer. He was glad to be quick to claim the boy. A single look was all he need to know his soul was a rarity, and he could assume the others who heard him were dissappointed to ignore it by this point. He recalled the sorry state of the other children , and all seemed to have given up on life. Yet Ciel had not, not even when his very own life seeped out of the wound after being stabbed in the gut. Sebastian really only getting there just in time to save him.
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[+blue "He spoke....but I don't remember what was said,"] he answered quietly. He averted his gaze again, letting it settle on the fire place and watching the beautiful hues of red and orange dance against the stone. These were things he didn't want to remember nor to speak out loud to anyone and he desperately wished they could call it a night and end the discussion. He understood why Sebastian wouldn't and why it was happening in the first place but it didn't mean he was receptive of the idea. These were things he had never told anyone, not even the demon with whom he trusted his very soul...these were the painful, humiliating, and haunting memories he had planned to keep locked inside until the day he passed from this earth. Now here they were, Ciel spilling horrific detail after detail to his protector.

[+blue "I remember watching some of the murders take place; the cell I was kept in was close to the door,"] he continued quietly. [+blue "They spoke in another language so I couldn't understand what was said...I watched them cut the throat of a small girl, I remember the sound her screams the smell of death that hung in the room. Her screams turned into whines before she just...stopped. I could see her blood as it flowed down to the floor and puddled there and I remember the cultists standing around silently as if waiting for something to happen. When it didn't, the tallest one got incredibly angry and yelled something about moon cycles and how they were running out of time."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 15m 1s
"Did he speak? Taunt you at all?" Sebastian asked. He was glad to learn that it seemed Seth never seemed to enjoy the rituals. He wondered if the boy was forced to help with the death of his siblings at all.

He was trying to encourage Ciel to disect the memories. He knew it would be painful, but the more details he could get then the higher chance they could plan a way to make him beg forgiveness from Ciel. Luckily, the boy had a demon to aid him. Very few creatures would remain fearless in front of a wrathful demon. He did not expect this human to be overly affected by the Ravens rage though. Not until he realized he was contracted to Ciel, at any rate. He hoped the man had not grown so cocky as to think he had control over Seths little army. If he had, he would be in quite the surprise. Though, watching reality crash around the man would be entertaining. He actually wished he would have time to toy with him. However, he was a faithful worshiper of one of the Princes. They were bound to notice if their faithful followers were to suddenly vanish. Not all of them cared for the humans that constantly called to them, but he expected this one to be irritated. It was easy to make Levithan jealous.
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The earl's gaze flickered over to his hand as he felt Sebastian gently place his own over it and massaged the small appendage. Ciel hadn't fully realized how tightly he had been gripping his butler's coat and loosened his hold a bit but still held onto it firmly. He thought for a long while about what had happened after that, all the events blurring together to make one extremely long day. He experienced so much trauma that it was difficult to keep them in chronological order. He know one thing, however: at the end of this Sebastian would a clear and complete view of why he he had such a seething hatred Whitehill yet feared him and that place at the same time.

It took a while for the boy to start speaking again but, when he did, he continued to stare at their hands. Not making eye contact with someone seemed to help. [+blue "A lot of things blur together and it's difficult to say when each thing happened...but I remember shortly after I had arrived that I was sitting in a small room. It was incredibly dark, I could barely see things that were right in front of me. There was a man with me, I don't know who it was. I could hear him as he moved around the room and came closer to me. He hit me in the stomach and I fell into the wall...I tried to move away but he kept me still and kept doing it. It felt like forever before he stopped. Then the door opened and I saw that teenager again and he looked upset....angry even. Then the man left and I don't remember much after that. They would starve us for days then give us the lowest quality food they could muster. Many of us got poisoning, probably."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 20h 27m 18s
Sebastian nodded, "remember the man, he is likly who we are after." He spoke softly, he was not going to demand Ciel repeat what was said. He probably genuinely forgot anyway. Plys, he doubted the man would say anything of importance quite yet. Not when the preperations had yet to start. "What comes next?" He took the free hand, placing it on top of his masters smaller one. He rubbed gentle circles into the top, worrued the boy was going to give himself a cramp by clinging too tightly. The man had had a bonus then. Seeing his parents dead, but at least he didn't have to watch them die. Then being dragged from his home and then put into a cage. Any human would be frightened, child or not. He waited for Ciel to continue, wanting him to talk at his own rate.
[h3 +]
Ciel let his line of vision drop a bit, swallowing as he began to think back to the start of this horrible mess. It was his birthday, one of the reasons he had grown to despise December 14th, and he had gone shopping with his mother earlier in the afternoon. He remembered the snow and how it blanketed the streets of London so beautifully, like a crystal quilt. They had been shopping for his father, looking for a present for him for Christmas while he had been working; he remembered how happy his mother seemed to have been while spending they day with her son. Ciel remembered going home, eating dinner, and playing with the dog while his father read some papers and his mother was working on her needlepoint.

After that, the nightmare began.

He remembered going into the kitchen to get a snack, having pulled himself up onto the counter top in order to reach the cabinet. Ciel recalled hearing a few noises from the parlor but passed it off as the staff beginning their evening chores to ready the manor for tomorrow. That was when the smoke began to pour in through the open doorway. He ran in, looking for his parents and recalled them sitting among the raging flames...perfectly still. He had started towards them but that was the last thing he remembered before he woke up with the cult.

[+blue "...I...I woke up in a large cell with five other children,"] he started quietly, his grip tightening on Sebastian's jacket. [+blue "And...there was a tall man in a white robe watching us. It seemed like he had been waiting for me to regain consciousness...he on the front of his clothes and there was a young teenager standing behind him...Seth, probably. He was talking to three other people who were nearby him and told them to keep a careful eye on my cell and that ritual preparations would start shortly....then he left."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8d 21h 13m 56s
The demon smiled slightly, "theres my master." He said. "Now then, we can talk while you eat." He looked at the mutialated slice of pie. It didn't really look liske a pie anymore. More like an apple crumble. "Perhaps by the end, we can learn what you are truely afraid of. He didn't move away or let go of Ciel though. He didn't even turn the boy toward the desk again. He would let Ciel eat on his own, he might not even be able to until everything was sorted out in his head. "I usually find it best to start at the begining. If I understood correctly, he may be one of the ones who helped plot out your parents demise." He said, "shall we start there?" He tried to get Ciel to focus on the earliest memories that might have anything to do with the man.

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