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Ciel swallowed a bit at Sebastian's question, instantly averting his eyes again. To him, all of those things were the same. That man and that place were a reminder of everything he lost in that short amount of time and all the pain and torture he was forced to endure. He could pretend to be strong and proud all he wanted and it was easy to do when he wasn't face to face with it. He knew, though, that when he was forced into that room again he ran the very real risk of a full blown panic attack.

He shrugged faintly, folding his arms over his chest tightly as he usually did when he became defensive. [+blue "I don't know,"] he responded quietly and a bit flatly. It was no secret that he disliked talking about this subject and had shot Sebastian down the few times he had tried. It was obvious that this was still an open and festering wound to the boy and severely needed time to heal.

[+blue "It's harder than it sounds,"] he finally answered after a long minute of silence. [+blue "It's not like I want to be like this."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 20h 42m 56s
"Is it the place? The man? The helplessness? Or the reminder of what happened to your family?" The demon asked softly. He watched Ciels face calmly, looking for the even tiniest muscle twitch that might give him an answer. A more honest one than what Ciel might say. He knew his master tried to repress the memories, but it didn't mean it was healthy. After a moment, he let his master go, still watching Ciel. "It is normal to be afraid, you are human. You cannot let it control your actions, though. It can make you stronger, or become your end. The choice, inevitably, is up to the individual."
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 2d 20h 57m 42s
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His gaze lifted as Sebastian turned his head, the demon's touch gentle and warm. It wasn't as if he wanted to be afraid of the man or like he enjoyed it. In all honesty he wished he could put a bullet in his head and be done with it. Still, he couldn't promise the demon that he wouldn't express fear of any kind when Whitehill finally arrived to retrieve him as he didn't feel confident he could pull through with it. He also knew that Sebastian wouldn't let anything permanent happen to him but that fear still remained deep in his brain. The demon could try to reassure him all he wanted but that underlying fear and the memories that fueled it would always be there.

[+blue "I can't help it,"] Ciel responded quietly after a long moment of silence. His eyes finally met Sebastian's for the first time during their meeting. [+blue "That place frightens me and I'm not looking forward to returning to it."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 21h 13m 10s
Sebastian reached forward, gripping his masters chin to make their eyes meet. "I would like it if you did not behave so frightened when he comes." He said softly, "yet you humans are s complicated. I cannot seem to figure out how to make you realize no extensive harm will be brought to you." His brow furrowed, the human brain was certainly a never ending puzzle. His master moreso than the average human. There was very little he could do, though. He had no want to force Ciels mind into a state of no fear, as that could damage him. Not to mention he doubted Ciel would like it if the demon tried to control any aspect of his brain. For better or worse, that trust they held would shatter.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 2d 21h 28m 38s
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Ciel exhaled deeply then nodded again. He could only imagine the nightmare he would have to endure, as if the first one wasn't enough. With how anxious he was, two days felt like a month. Having to endure these feelings and the constant nausea for two more days felt like a cruel joke. He still remembered and relived those horrible acts he endured, now he would be constantly thinking about them until the full moon. That thought was enough to make him want to vomit.

He looked away from Sebastian and to the desk top, looking at the unique patterns of the wood's grain. Deep down he knew he had nothing to worry about and that Sebastian would come for him, but it was still the fact he would be returning to his personal Hell once more. He'd rather put out a campfire with his face than go back to that place. [+blue "What will we do in the meantime?"] he asked quietly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 22h 18m 45s
"My best guess would be during the full moon. For some reason our magical power is stronger, making it easier for those who must go through a portal to cross. Plus we are more active during that time. As such many worshippers prefer to call on us then. If there is a second full moon in the month- a blue moon- then it is normally considered a good omen for us." Sebastian explained, once again not caring about what might be considered too much information given to a human. "Last night the moon was almost full. So if he is using this stratigy then I would guess you have about 2 days to wait. As Master Seth said, he won't want to wait once he has you." Which is why Sebastian was so worried. "I will of course play the helpless human to my upmost ability and follow behind you."
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 2d 22h 31m 13s
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The boy could only imagine the Hell that would ensue on himself if the Lord were to discover Ciel was contracted to the very demon they summoned. If he was feeling kind that day, Whitehill would merely gouge it out. If he were angry gouging it out would be the highlight of the evening. It was best not to cross that bridge at all and move onto safer land. He simply nodded at Sebastian's words, indicating he understood them, and leaned back a little more in the chair. All of this waiting around made his anxiety level much higher than it should be for a thirteen year old and kept his stomach in a constant knot.

[+blue "When do you think he'll show up?"] he asked quietly, looking up at the demon. If he had a small window of information, perhaps he would feel a bit better.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 23h 29m 8s
"But of course. It is the Phantomhive way." A preditory grin made it's way across the demons face. "You have never let anyone the queen sends your way escape your judgment. You must not forget all those helpless children you CAN save this time around." The fact none had gone missing recently made it clear Ciel was the next one they were after. "You will have to be careful to keep your eye closed. I have no doubt you may lose your eyepatch at some point. I do not know what he would try if he learned you were bound to me." He said softly. The man could either try to remove the eye that held the mark. Try to convince the contractor (Sebastian) to void the contract. Or simply beg for forgivness and let his master go . As amusing as the last one would be, he doubted the human would give Ciel up after all the effort he had been putting into catching Ciel unaware.
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Sebastian had a point. How could a man who was so involved in devil worship that he seemed to revolve his whole life around it miss the signs of a demon showing up and wreaking havoc? Either Seth was lying, the man had no idea what he was seeing, or something had happened shortly before the summon that had his mind running all kinds of directions. Ciel didn't think the first option was true, the redhead had been very cooperative with them and shared quite a bit of personal information. He had the resources and power to attack the earl and his butler but he chose an alliance instead. He still had some thinking to do on the second option, not wanting to lean in that direction but not wanting to exclude it, either. That left the third option. Had something happened between father and son before shortly before or during the sacrifice that caused him to be in such an upset and frazzled state that he completely overlooked the entrance of a demon?

He lifted a hand, running it through his short locks and kept curled up in the chair. Ciel watched Sebastian as he reached over and adjusted the bow around his neck before straightening up again. [+blue "I suppose not,"] he responded quietly. [+blue "But he'll come to regret that decision."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 22m 22s
"Both He and Seth were there. It would seem Lord Whitehill was busy disaplining his son and missed my involvment completely. According to Master Seth, he belives you escaped. He did not remember anything after that, though. I still find it strange.... as the leader to a demon worshing cult, I would have thought he would recognize the work of one." The demon sounded somewhat affronted, even if it worked in their favor. "If I had to guess, he did not expect a demon to make a deal with one so young. Or think you capable of the careful consideration it takes to make a deal." Sebastian smiled, remembering the whole process. It had been interestng to watch Ciel, as mere child, handle selling his soul when he witnessed so many adults beg him to take something -anything- else. After learned what the demon wanted, he had been surprised, but accepted it without any fuss at all. Stating only that he would not deny a servant their rightful pay.

"I do not belive he knows what you are capable of." He reached up, adjusing the bow around Ciels neck. "When you are yourself, anyway. I do not know his thoughts on what happened, unfortunatly."
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 4d 7h 52m 20s
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Ciel continued his blank stare at the surface of the desk, keeping his grip on his butler's hand. He wasn't sure how long it was going to take but he hoped none of the others burst in during this time. It would be incredibly difficult to explain as were most of the things Sebastian did. Luckily they never asked too many questions and just accepted the demon's antics as some strange personality trait.

Movement from Sebastian caught Ciel's attention, turning his head to look at him. He didn't seem overly perturbed or angry, the boy taking it as a sign that he didn't hear overly bad news. His demeanor wasn't too happy, either, so he wasn't sure what to make of that. [+blue "What did he tell you?"] he asked quietly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 22h 33m 39s
"I see.... I do hope you are correct in that assumption." However, he was still going to do his best to take precautions. "Thank you for your time, sir. I will not keep you any longer." He said, he then released the bird. Its eyes fading back into black. The bird sneeze, fluffed its feathers then took off. The claws dug into the skin as it pushed itself off the humans shoulder. It landed somewhere high up, seeming grumpy as being used in such a manner.

Back in the Phantomhive manor, the demon took a deep breath, carefully releasing the birds mind. He didn't want to void their connection -yet . Inserting himself into any other creatures mind was never the most pleasant. It was a form of possesion, and while the raven was rather good at that skill, knowing every little instinct was very annoying.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 5d 20h 8m 55s
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Seth leaned back a little bit into his chair, his arms folding loosely over his chest. He could understand Sebastian's suspicion as it would have taken quite a bit to kill that many people in that span of time. As far as he knew, however, the man was still in the dark when it came to the demon and his contract. [+red "I don't recall everything that happened after that point,"] Seth responded quietly. The loss of his memory would reinforce Sebastian's belief that the boy had, in fact, taken quite the beating. [+red "Still, he never mentioned his belief that Ciel had contracted a demon that night. It was suspected that he escaped and then proven when he reappeared a couple months later. I think that if he knew he wouldn't be so foolish as to try it again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 5d 21h 34m 34s
Sebastian frowned, something still didn't add up. "Are you quite sure he does not know of me? A child could not cause such calamity." He answered. Tilted his head toward the window, noticing the sky darkening. Once again, it began to rain. Typical English wheather. It was quite amusing to know that the man had been so occupied with his sonthat he missed the entirety of the contract being made. It made the demon think the man had beat his son within an inch of his life. It was no mystery as to why Akira had contracted him. She seemed to be the type to grow attached to humans. The company she kept was proof enough if that. He could only imagine how irritated Ciel would be at being called a child twice in one day. Luckily, the boy could not understand him at the moment.
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[+red "Oh..."] Seth went quiet for a few moments, almost debating with himself if he wanted to share this information. The only reason he would was because this demon and his master were helping him with a much larger project. He owed them any information he could spare, much more than that even, but it was the best he could do at the time.

[+red "He had become angry with me,"] he finally responded in a softer tone. It wasn't because he was embarrassed or shy but he didn't want to risk the master of the house hearing his words if he were to leave the room he occupied. [+red "So much so that he decided to take me outside to discipline me. He and I were out there for a while; when we finally did come back, the members present had all perished and Ciel had disappeared."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 5d 22h 7m 33s

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