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Sebastian smiled, "as you wish, My Lord." The demon leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on the boys temple. He might not get another chance, after all. Depending on when everything happened. It was hard to predict. He certainly didn't want to die before he had the chance to show the affection the felt toward his master. Even if it was only a small bit. "Sleep well, young master." He moved away, taking his usual place by Ciels bed. He watched the boy for a moment, then directed his gaze elsewhere. Even though Ciel was the most interesting thing to watch. He peered around the room he already had memorized, before he grew bored and his eyes went back to the bed. Truthfully, he wished to be able to sneak into the bed with him.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 19d 16h 40m 23s
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Ciel shifted again, closing his eyes for a moment as his muscles complained before stilling and opening them again. As strange as it sounded, he didn't want anyone else to dress him in the morning, he wished for Sebastian to do it. It was a feeling he couldn't explain nor fully understand and it extended further than that the longer he thought about it. He found himself not wanting to be without his butler during any moment for the foreseeable future as he knew how badly this could end up. Ciel believed in his butler and knew he would fight as hard as he could but, as much as the boy didn't like to admit it, there was still a possibility that something could happen to Sebastian. He greatly disliked the thought of being without him as he had grown so dependent on the demon these last few years; the small earl was fully aware that there was little he could do without Sebastian's aid in some capacity. Heterochromic eyes averted themselves away from his butler as he continued to think, the small hand releasing the male's cuff and dropping to the unbandaged stitches and toying with the black strings.

[+blue "I still don't like the thought of something devastating happening to you,"] Ciel answered after a long moment of silence. He kept his gaze down, observing the threads in the comforter below him. [+blue "Just....stay with me until I fall asleep."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 19d 19h 6m 41s
Sebastian chuckled, "you make it sound like I am vanishing the second I leave this room. Tanaka is only dressing you, I will still be there for your breakfast." He said, amused. He was grateful that the boy was so attached. "You know all you have to do is tell me what you want, and I will grant it to the best of my abilities. Do not think I will go down easy. I too, am still alive for a reason. I am rather low ranked for a demon of my calibre- so hopefully I have retained some level of surprise." He wanted Ciel to be rational about the odds, not go into some form of depression. "Just keep that dagger on you, if nothing else but to humor me." The metal in it causes a chemical reaction that slows down our healing ability. So the more damage you can do, the better." He was tempted to hug the boy, but wanted Ciel to initiate such contact. This time was different, Ciel was not panicking over a past horror. He was simply being adorably clingy.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 20d 17h 19m 42s
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Ciel didn't have much to offer up in the form of suggestions, the boy remaining quiet. Unfortunately he wasn't very skilled and knowledgeable when it came to demons and how they operated, leaving him in the dark about many subjects. This fight was one of them, Ciel not knowing fully what to expect. Sure, it would be vicious and he would see things about them that Sebastian wished his charge wouldn't, but he couldn't fathom the things he would be witnessing. Despite Sebastian's cautionary words, he still didn't want to be away from his protector.

His eyes lifted again as Sebastian carefully rested a gloved hand on his cheek, speaking softly. Even though he knew the demon would do whatever he could to protect him, it was still nice to hear it. Ciel reached up, gripping the male's cuff in his small hand. [+blue "I don't want to be without you,"] he admitted quietly. After a long moment, his gaze shifted from the demon's eyes and settled on a random spot on the bed. [+blue "I'm aware this won't be easy...and it comes with great risks....but I want you close for as long as I'm able to."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 20d 17h 56m 29s
Sebastian met the mismatched eyes, offering a small smile. "If you have any other suggestions, I am happy to listen." He did not want to distance himself from Ciel. As a matter of fact, taking the boy and hiding somewhere was a rather attractive thought. He was no coward though, and refused to become one. Temptation was a bitch, though. "This fight will not be what you are use to. I am strong, but but seven to one is not the normal odds I would pick. Leviathan is a Prince for a reason, I do not wish to underestimate him like I did the shapeshifter." He reached up with a silk gloved hand, careful to not let his injury be visable, and ran his thumb across his masters cheek. "If I can avoid you getting hurt, then I will gladly give my life to do so." He said, the words falling out without much thought. They were the truth though, but the words were more than just their contract demanding it.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 21d 16h 41m 49s
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Ciel couldn't help but feel a small pang of sadness as he listened to his butler's words, the male carefully settling his young master in for the night. He didn't want to be away from Sebastian, especially during this time, and wondered what would happen without the demon nearby. Being in the public eye might not deter the demons as much as Sebastian had hoped and the two would be separated for nothing. Sure, Ciel could survive on his own for a while but knew he wouldn't make it long without his savior by his side. This news almost made the boy want to keep the raven-haired male by his side the duration of the night, simply because he wouldn't have him the next day.

[+blue "I don't want to be away from you..."] Ciel admitted quietly after a long minute of silence. Heterochromic eyes slowly raised to Sebastian, observing him. He imagined the demon wasn't exactly excited about leaving his charge but figured it to be for the best. The small earl didn't care if it was, he simply didn't want to be alone during all of this.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 21d 17h 38m 35s
Once the beast was done, Sebastian retracted his arm to view the damage. The creature had not seemed to discriminate between either blood or flesh. He sighed, lifting the arm to lap up some of the escaping liquid before it dripped onto the spotless, carpeted floor. He moved over to the fireplace, quickly starting a fire. As soon as the first strong flames grew, the bird took off and dove into the orange flames. After a brief flare up in the fire, it died to how it was before, the only evidence was the messed up bed.

He eyed the chewed up looking injury on his wrist, watching the blood drip down his arm for a moment before he, again, licked it off before it stained his shirt. Then he stuck the hand in the fire, which seemed to lean forward in greeting as he drew close. He removed the limb once the wound was cauterized. He hummed, it looked worse, but at least it wasn't bleeding everywhere. He stood, unrolling his sleeves and replacing the tailcoat. He swiftly fetched fresh bedding and changed out the rumpled blankets and sheets, erasing any evidence of the demonic avian creature.

He returned to Ciel, remaining quiet until Ciel asked his question. He smiled, surprised the boy had waited to ask. "Leviathan will be in England soon, though the exact time is unknown. He will be coming through a well used portal that doubles as a well known cafe." He informed, though he didn't say the name of the café. He is bringing a small hoard of demons, 6 to be precise. He will be after you, so I would prefer it if you remained somewhere public. I do not know if it will help any, but it might make it a bit more difficult for him to track you." He lifted Ciel again, taking him to his once again spotless room. He set him gently on the bed, covering him with the sheet and blanket. "I will be sending Tanaka in to dress you tomorrow, as my scent will make you far easier to locate. Even in a group of humans." He said sorrowfully. It was going to be hard, as he enjoyed the physical contact with Ciel. He didn't what good it would do, but he was willing to take any precaution to avoid the other demon from getting his hands on the boy. "I would also like you to keep that dagger on you at all times. Our blades can be deadly to us, if you hit somewhere vital." He instructed. "Just in case he kills me." He was not sure if his master was actually realizing he could lose his butler. One could only cheat death so many times, and he had done so a lot.

"I am also expecting quite a few others to be around as well, Leviathan has not been in a fight since Belial killed his father and took the throne. There will be many wantng to watch."
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Ciel let out a sigh at this answer, sinking further into the hot water and closing his eyes. He should have known he wouldn't receive a direct answer in this case, as most questions he asked when it came to demons and the one that cared for him. He had learned a few things, mostly because of the case they had just closed, but before that Sebastian was rather secretive with his kind's information. Everything was on a need-to-know basis and Sebastian was very careful about the words he chose. Ciel could understand it to a point but it didn't mean he liked it.

A small hand ran over the stitches in his arm as he allowed his back to relax in the hot water. It was beginning to work some, the muscles not feeling as agitated but still rather sore. Unfortunately once his bath was over, he didn't feel he'd be leaving bed until the morning. He probably wouldn't be able to. Ciel relaxed in the water until it started to lose some of its warmth, only then cleaning himself efficiently. When he was finished and was relaxing again, Sebastian returned to help him out of the water and into his night shirt. He remained as still as he could as he was dried and dressed, having to shift a couple of times with a painful groan as he did so.

[+blue "What did you discover?"] he asked quietly, looking up at the demon once the last button was in place.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 22d 14h 23m 55s
Sebastian stood after Ciel was set up, everything he needed within easy reach. "The best way to handle any creature of Hell, is to fnd out what it eats, and feed it." He said simply, leaving his master to dwell on that information. It was ture, because pretty much every creature that lived there were basically cursed wih a never ending hunger. Some, like himself, were able to ignore the near constant knawing teeth of hunger, but others were not. Demons had it the worst, though, as their rejection of the One God had left the race as a whole wanting in a few things.

He reentered the bedroom, finding the bird had moved. It was now perched on the back of the stuffed chair by the desk, ready to deliver the message and recieve payment. Silently, he reached forward and removed the cylindrical case tied to its neck, and opened it. As expected, the letter was written in his native tounge. He skimmed over the words, finding quite a bit of information that Akira had only just informed him of, but there was some more details. He pressed his lips at the ending, which was a rather pointless conversational question. It told him Remir had been lurking around what he called home, and it was not something he approved of. With a sigh, he arranged the new information in his head as he removed his coat and rolled up the pristine white sleeves of his shirt. Removing a glove, he held his arm out, wrist up, toward the bird. With an excited sound, the sharp beak dove forward and tore the pale skin open, drinking the red human-like he had in this form. Happy, and rather adorable, trills sounded as crimson eyes scanned over the letter one more time.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 22d 14h 50m 51s
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Ciel slowly pulled the eye patch off once he was set down on the stool, watching as Sebastian drew the bath and tested the water. The demon always made sure the water wasn't too hot to hurt his charge but Ciel did prefer it rather toasty. After the first minute or so, his skin would gain a more reddish color but it always dissipated once he left the bath tub. Sebastian expressed concern once in a while but it did no good, Ciel demanding the bath be kept at its high temperature. It was far easier to relax in.

Slowly Ciel began to undress with Sebastian's help, some movements made impossible by his agitated back. Once his top attire was removed and set aside, the bandage to the underside of his arm was removed and the stitches checked. They looked relatively good despite the small earl picking at them earlier and seemed to be healing well. It still hurt a lot, as deep wounds did, but lacked any signs of infection. He was grateful for that as he wasn't willing to endure another round.

[+blue "And how is it that you take care of such a creature?"] Ciel asked quietly, getting into the water with Sebastian's aid. A heavy sigh left him as the hot water began attacking the sore muscles, the boy leaning back into the tub. Curiosity was getting the better of him though he still wasn't appreciative of where it decided to rest.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 22d 15h 42m 1s
"That, young master, is a creature we simply call Messengers. As it is what they do, only a very select few are faster than them. Nor is there another with a better sense of direction, if you can belive that." He walked over to the master bathroom attatched to the room and gently placed Ciel in a chair. He did not want the agitated bird near his master. He drew the bath, making sure it was not so hot as to cook the boy who had grown to like the steamng temperatures. "I will take care of it and change the bedding while you bathe." He informed. He didn't really want Ciel to see how the creatures were handled, as it would want payment quickly. Not only could paying the bird be messy, but he was not sure how a human would handle it- as some might find it disgusting.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 22d 16h 5m 42s
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Ciel's eyes opened as he was lifted carefully into Sebastian's arms, the demon quiet about the act. It was clear to him how much discomfort his young master was in, even though he tried to hide it, and figured it best to prevent aggravating it further. Ciel was strangely okay with that as he really didn't want to tackle the staircase nor did he really want to walk much anymore. All he really wished for was to take a long, hot bath and curl up on his bed. It hurt far less when he was laying down, especially on his side or stomach, so maybe a little bit of reading in those positions may help.

Honestly he didn't see how it could get much worse.

He was about to respond to Sebastian's question when the door to his bedroom was open, but was quickly silenced by the sight he saw in it. A large bird had taken over his bed, untucking the blankets and rearranging pillows into a makeshift nest. The boy's eyes narrowed a bit, watching as Sebastian caught it's attention by shutting the door in a less-than-gentle manner, the bird chastising them for waking it up. [+blue "What in the bloody hell is that thing?"] Ciel asked, keeping his eyes on it. It certainly wasn't normal, that was for sure.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 22d 17h 24m 16s
Sebastian nodded, watching the boy. He bent as Ciel closed his eyes, carefully lifting him into his arms. He did not want Ciel climbing the stairs to his room. He took extreme care in the way he walked, as to not aggravate Ciels back further. "Are you hungry at all sir?" He asked, turning down the hall. Sweets were not the best thing to end the day on. He could very easily throw together a pasta or soup quickly.

Though, the train of thought derailed when he opened the bedroom door. Something was on his masters bed, cozied up in the blankets and pillows. The bird appeared normal, as it was asleep with its head tucked in its wing like any mortal bird. It looked like it had fun rearranging the bed. Edges pulled up and untucked, dragged to the center. Pillows piled up along the sides for warmth. Hoestly, to the demon it appeared quite comfortable. Or, it would if the nest was big enough to fit him. He closed the door, purposely being loud about it. The head whipped up quickly, revealing 6 blood red eyes, a purple beak, and more fuzzy head as opposed to feathers. It squawked, as if scolding them.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 23d 15h 40m 0s
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Ciel murmured a soft thank you as he slowly rose to his feet, focusing on keeping his discomfort from his face. He was certainly going to need a long soak in the tub after this day in order to calm his sore muscles. He slowly made his way through the room as Akira followed to show them out, listening quietly as the female reassured Sebastian that the task he had given to her would be taken care of rather quickly. Whatever it was, it sounded like she planned on doing it within the next twenty-four hours. He didn't imagine it was too dangerous since Sebastian tasked her with it, part of his focus was to keep them out of the cross hairs. His curiosity ate ate at him but he remained quiet, knowing there would be time for questions later.

The ride home was uneventful, the young master not having much else to do other than stare out the window and think about the things that he and Seth had discussed. Once the pair arrived back at the manor, Ciel slowly stepped out of the coach and let out a deep sigh while a small hand rubbed at the small of his back. [+blue "Prepare a hot bath before bed,"] he instructed Sebastian, his eyes closing momentarily. [+blue "My back aches."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 23d 17h 18m 2s
Sebastian gave both of them a short bow, "of course. Thank you for all the assistance you have given already." he said, speaking to both of them. He was personally grateful to Anita, who had been his ticket to avoid leaving Ciel alone. Seth, he was thanking on his masters behalf. He straightened, and pulled his masters chair out to assist him in getting up. While he didn't step forward to help Ciel stand, he watched him just in case he needed to.

He was not entirely certain what he was going to do with Ciel once everything started-and he had a feeling something was going to happen soon. He would not have much time once he received word from Remir. A day, maybe- more than likely- less. He was concerned his possesivness over his master would make him do something reckless. Stupid even. Though, he would have to cross that bridge when he came to it.

Whatever happened, it was going to take good timing.

He needed the reapers there, which a group hanging would call a couple. If it lined up good enough, Leviathan and his little army would show up before the souls were collected- leaving the dealers and hopefully at least a couple of the demons fighting each other. The natural hatred between their races would hopefully cause the dealers to keep the demons busy. The hard part would be keeping himself out of that brawl and try to single out the Prince without giving away his masters location.
Keeping his master in a safe spot would be hard too. The boy almost always demanded to be around to watch the show. Though, this was not going to have the usual showman flair has it would end up being a life and death struggle.

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