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Bright eyes looked up at Sebastian as he did as requested, moving the items to a different location before doing the same with the dishes. Just as always, he had a unique gracefulness to his movements. Sometimes Ciel liked to watch the butler when he worked just to see that, it was like watching a ballerina on ice. He wondered if the male was aware he was being watched during those times and made it more entertaining for his audience or if he ignored the watching eyes completely.

Sebastian had suggested a massage in order to loosen the muscles and hopefully eradicate the large knot that prevented the earl from moving well. While it was a good idea if it was successful, he wasn't looking forward to the pain during the process. It hurt simply sitting up straight, he couldn't imagine the discomfort that would appear once his butler began kneading at it. The chance of being able to walk better was enticing, though...

[+blue "Very well,"] he responded quietly after a moment while noting the small discomfort he was in now. Ciel was certain it was going to worsen in a few short moments.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 246d 23h 44m 5s
The demon nodded, moving the books and papers out of the way for Ciel to get more comfortable. The bed table being moved aside so the boy could move. He set the dishes on a table closer to the door and turned back to his master. "Would you like me to try to massage that knot out of your muscles?" He asked, it would probably hurt at first. However, it was not the worst thing Ciel would have suffered through. A hot bath afterward would only serve to relax the sore back further. If everything went how the demon wanted, Ciel would only be stiff and maybe slightly sore in the morning. A better alternative to being nearly unable to walk.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 246d 23h 55m 48s
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He should have known better than to ask, though he knew if he waited the work required would be much worse. Though it wasn't fun, an essay wasn't the worst thing in the world and was aware that if he had waited for Sebastian to bring it up, the demon would probably have him citing sources. He leaned back, glancing down at the book, and letting out a quiet sigh. The responsible part of him told him it was best to start now and at least get a paragraph out of the way, but the completionist wanted to wait until tomorrow when he could do the entire thing at once. It was a lot of work to do in two days, especially since Sebastian tacked on the extra work at the end. It sounded optional but it wasn't. Not really. If it wasn't done the butler would find some way to punish him for it. He didn't doubt his ability to complete it within the allotted time if he started the next day and decided after a few moments that it was probably the best course of action.

[+blue "Not tonight,"] he stated quietly, shifting his form a little bit. Now that he had relaxed a bit, he noticed how much his lower back was aching from sitting up for so long and how his arm throbbed from lack of relaxation. Perhaps it was best to take a break for the rest of the night. [+blue "But I may review a little in the morning. Set the textbook with the rest of my writing utensils and I'll get to it tomorrow. I'm too sore to do it now."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 247d 17m 14s
The boys question drew the demon from his dissapointed remembrance. Crimson eyes went toward him, the disgruntled frown melting into the usual neutral mask. Yes, he did have an assignment. He moced to removed the dishes as he answered. "I would like you to to write an essay about how the Economic structure you read about differs from what is currently used. For a bonus, you can try to use pursuasion as to why one theory might be better than the other." He said, making it sound more like a request. Ciel had the option of refuse to do pointed assignments, but there were consequenses for it. "I expect to see it two days from now. Would you like to go over the chapter before you start?" He was a strict teacher, but he was not going to set Ciel up for failure if he didn't understand something. Some might think it mean for him to give such homework with such a short deadline, but it was typically an easy subject for Ciel. A short deadline would force the boy to think faster, as Ciel would know he would have to work around other lessons. Now, however, it was getting late. Ciel still had time to start the work before his bath though. The indians visit had really put them behind.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 247d 37m 10s
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The weaker demon's behavior and Sebastian's words informed Ciel that there was absolutely no challenge to be had when it came to disposing of the creature. It was a good thing as it meant no harm came to his butler though he was sure he was pouting a bit on the inside because of an unsatisfactory performance. Sebastian liked his prey to at least put up a fight if not present a good challenge. He didn't want to say anything but he was certain that would come sooner than expected. Besides, an easy disposal was ideal at this point in time due to the boy's weakened state. At least Ciel thought so.

He ate the dessert and finished the tea, setting the empty dishes down before leaning back into the pillows. Heterochromic eyes dropped to the textbook near the foot of the bed before lifting to look at Sebastian again. [+blue "I finished the chapter,"] he informed him quietly before lifting a hand to run it through his hair. Afterwards he let it fall to the mattress, mere centimeters away from the "concealed" tie that lay under the pillow. [+blue "Is there any work I need to finish for it tonight?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 247d 2h 8m 45s
Sebastian gave his master a pleasant smile. "Slow, but it could barely move properly. It will not be bothering you again." He said, Ciel didn't need the gory details. He stood back for Ciel to enjoy the chocolaty dessert after he poured the tea he picked specifically to go with the cake. "I am not worried about anyone of major concern showing up until I recieve word from Remir. The Prince would not want to risk losing his better warriors, but that was just rediculous..." on one hand he was glad he didn't have to repair the manor, but on the other he felt offended that THAT was thought to be a suitable challange. Just how weak was he thought to be, even after the rumor of him killing the shapeshifter had spread. He frowned, mainly because it was more professional than sulking over unsatisfied bloodlust. He quickly cheered himself up, as at least his master was unharmed. Perhaps confused, but whole and functioning.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 247d 23h 55m 6s
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It didn't take the boy long to finish the rest of his chapter, letting the book fall shut afterwards. Since he was reading things he mostly knew, it didn't take him long to finish as he was mostly browsing over the paragraphs. He reached over carefully with the book in his hand, careful not to pull his back more, and dropped it at the foot of the bed for Sebastian to take later. Ciel had no idea how long the butler would take to deal with their little problem though it was rather quiet in the house and the nearby area. Either the demon was unfeeling of pain or Sebastian took care of it quite efficiently. Either way it left Ciel alone for awhile with not much to do.

He lay there for a while, resting against the pillows, and looking out the open window. Luckily nothing had followed it in, leaving nothing but a gentle breeze to enter through the spacious room. He thought about Sebastian and the flowers in this time, still trying to decide what he was going to do about it, though no definite answers still came to mind. At least he still had some time to think about about it. It wasn't long before the slender male re-entered the room, carrying dessert with him, and appearing perfect as usual. Either cleanup went smoothly or there was no mess to begin with. Ciel was happy to see some kind of chocolate for dessert, the boy having been craving it for a day or so.

[+blue "How did it go?"] Ciel asked quietly as he took the confection once it was offered, glancing up at him before taking a small bite. Perfect as usual.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 248d 59m 7s
Sebastian escorted the unfortunate demon to the door, he didn't risk zipping into the kitchen to ditch the dishes. There was only a short time once the thing left that the pain would ease. As soon as that happened, the creature was going to run. He set the try on the floor near the door, there were no decoritive tables with vases or the like in this part of the house. For two reasons. One was that nobody needing impressed came this way, and at least 2 of the house servants broke things way too easily and the 3rd blew things up on a regular basis.

The tea set on the floor didn't really sit right with him, but it was better than losing this creature. It just messed with 'butler aesthetics' as it was not an appropriate thing to do. However, the demon needed taken care of. It wasn't a threat while his master was inside his home, but the second the boy stepped outside would be a whole knew senerio if Ciel was alone. He sprung into action just as it practically fell out the servants door. He grabbed it by the back of the neck as it stood, ready to bolt. Sebastians eyes widened a small degree as the neck snapped in his hand. "Leviathan must take better care of his pets..." he made sure the door was secure behind them, then let his gloved fingers dive int the skin, ripping part of the spine out. His other hand quickly clamped the mouth shut before the creature could make a sound in reaction to the pain . "Now now, you invaded my masters private quarters of your own chosing." He crooned softly, he as going to have to change his clothes now. He shoved his hand thru the hole he had created, ripping the head not so cleanly off. He shoved the body off the couple of stepps and into the dirt, right on top of the bit of spine he had carelessly tossed. After about a minute of waiting a rancid smell filled the air and the body began to smoke and pop. Seconds later, the meat began to melt and liquify, absorbng into the ground until only the skeleton remained. While he waited for the process to finish, he took the dishes to the kitchen. The other servants were already eating, though Finny gave him an odd look. It was no longer a surprise to see the butler covered in blood, though. After the first year of Ciel having random people attacking the manor, anyone with blood splattered on them were usually excused from duty to clean up. Save for Sebastian, as his duty to his master never paused.

Back outside, he gathered the bones and took them into the forest. There were plenty of creatures that would be happy with chewing on the bits of calcium. This particular demon had been incredibly weak, his body only slightly tougher than that of a humans. He took much better care of his 'pets'. To let them get to such a sad state made them pretty much useless. He returned to the manor, cleaning himself up and changeing his clothes. After a final check, he back tracked to the kitchen quickly and retrieved his masters dessert and finally returned to Ciel. With a couple of knocks to announce himself, he entered the room
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 248d 23h 59m 35s
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Ciel quietly watched as Sebastian began dealing with the beast, able to communicate with it. He imagined it to be some old, demonic language that practically no one understood anymore; he wasn't bothered by it but rather curious. Maybe it was Aramaic, or even Tamil. Perhaps the demon could even teach him a few words. Even though Ciel behaved at times as though he hated learning, it was quite the opposite. He enjoyed discovering and being taught different things, they just had to be interesting. That was the opposite case with some of the things his butler was trying to teach him, such as writing poetry or learning German, as he had no interest.

He finished his tea, allowing Sebastian to gather the rest of the dishes to take downstairs with their unwanted guest, and watched the pair leave before he reached over to pick up his textbook again. It caused a painful pull in both his back and his arm though he chose to fight through the discomfort. Once the book was in his grip, he settled back into the pillows and slowly opened the text in order to finish the chapter before Sebastian returned. Even though it wasn't voiced, the demon would be expecting it. He couldn't help but wonder, though, if there had been other demons emerging that they haven't seen. It would make sense for them to start where the cult had once been and the Whitehill manor was a shorter distance away than his home was. Had the demons there encountered a few enemies or none at all? Perhaps he would have to telephone the house later and ask a few questions.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 250d 32m 30s
"That is possible. My scent was all over the place as well, though. Unless only one or two were being sent at once." He returned to Ciel, cleaning up the dishes. "I will dispose of it outside." He said, it was much less messy. Blood stained quickly, and it was not pretty when a demon died. "I will bring your dessert afterward." He promised, setting everything neatly on the trolley. He turned to the creature, picking it up by the collar of the dirty shirt. The second Sebastian touched it, it spat at him. The saliva spattering the Ravens cheek. Sebastian turned his head to prevent Ciel from watching the gruesome sight as the skin began to litterally melt for a moment. Though, the sizzling was still quite loud to his ears. He stared at the dirty demon, bored. "Do you not know me at all?" He huffed and felt he skin already stitching itself back together. He let go, the demon hissing something. "I have heard much better insults, so if you insist on talking, at least be creative." The demon seemed stunned, then narrowed its eyes. It seemed to be preparing to spit again. "Your unique venom has no affect on me, do not waste your energy." He even sounded bored dealing with the creature. He gestured toward the door, and the creature glared. After a moment of the two staring at each other, the demon finally bowed its head and staggered toward the door. Ultimatly, Sebastian was much more powerful and the other demon had enough Pride to accept his doom, and was unwilling to be litterally dragged to it. Sebastian followed it out, closing the door behind himself. The demon growled, pourposely knocking pictures and vases over in an outraged fit. Sebastian simply went behind him quickly stopping anything from hitting the floor. Sebastian shook his head, keeping his more dominating aura focus on the weaker demon to keep him at least somewhat contained. Not that it could do much, using the wall for support the whole time. Occasionally Sebastian notice a nice bit of the wall missing from the man ptting too much force into gripping it. What a pain.

He could have just shoved he demon out the window, but there was a flowerbed along the mansion wall there, and he didn't want to have to clean it up. Unfortunatly, it seemed to be lacking strength to fight the concequence of invading his masters home. Sebastian let a dry chuckle escape as it vanished too fast from view once it started down the stairs that led to the servants section of the manor. He put the cart in its rightful spot, clearing the dishes onto a tray to take them the rest of the way down. He peered down at the creature as it, shakily, began to try to stand up again. In the end, Sebastian had to put him back on his feet again. "Really, this is just sad. Did Akira get the good ones?" He pouted, practically sulking over the fact he might have ended up with the sloppy seconds.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 250d 49m 21s
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Both options weren't exactly something Ciel looked forward to and had yet to decide which one was actually worse. For him, both were rather uncomfortably and possibly humiliating. The bigger question was if Sebastian could really prevent them from happening. He was strong and quick, that was easy to see, but would it be enough for someone like Leviathan? Enlisting the reapers was certainly a genius move and knew they wouldn't deny it, especially once hell started to break loose. It was their job to reap souls only when it was time and early deaths resulted in quite a bit of work from them. Even though William despised Sebastian, he would help for that reason alone: less work in the long run.

Ciel ate quietly, finishing most of his dinner before leaning back further into the pillows behind him with his tea. He rose an excellent question: why did it take so long? If Leviathan was as proactive as he sounded, they should have had one a lot sooner than this. But what if this wasn't their first stop?

[+blue "I'd venture a guess that this may not be the first place they came to,"] he responded quietly, looking over at Sebastian who was standing rather still nearby. [+blue "I'd imagine they were sent to the cult area first to see what had happened, then probably followed the trail to the Whitehill manor. Akira and the others probably disposed of them."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 250d 1h 35m 37s
Sebastisn rose an eyebrow, "well, one of two things. He could make you his pet, out of spite towards me. Do whatever he wanted with you, really. Or, he could eat you. Not something I want for My master. Leviathan is a bit special. You humans sometimes referto himas 'hell mouth.' He can hold a soul, or several, until he needs the energy from them." He glanced at Ciel, then decided against explaining further. Ciel could handle quite a bit but telling him about being endlessly digested didn't seem appropriate while Ciel was eating. "He can do the same with other demons, and steal their power from that. Which is why one of the first thngs I will be trying to go is slice his stomach open. Which is where I really need the reapers. They will be able to reap the souls that escape faster than he can try to re-eat them." The weaker demon looked between them. It seemed to be unable to understand English at all. "Plus, it gives me an escape should I get unlucky enough to end up swallowed." The fact no demon had ever escaped the Prince's gullet told him that the inside was too tough to rip apart. Sebastian stared at it. He didn't usually kill such weak creatures. There was no real point. He gained nothing from it, Pride or experience. However, if he let him go, Leviathan would know he was no longer half dead from starvation. He had no doubt Leviathans skill in a straight up battle was inferior. However, the Prince was still very powerful. He was not going to risk underestimating him. "I honestly am surprised this is the first one to show up. In general, my species is not one to dawdle when threatened."
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Ciel glanced at Sebastian as he began to set up the table and remove his book from it so he could place the boy's meal down on its surface. His eyes then quickly moved back to the demon, watching as it struggled to get to an upright position. It was in pain, that much was for certain, and couldn't communicate with them outside of growls and groans. His butler certainly didn't seem worried about it, not turning to face it until Ciel's food was placed perfectly on the table.

He picked up the tea, sipping at it quietly as he listened to Sebastian explain its presence. It didn't seem to take Leviathan long to realize his cult had been eradicated and to send someone out to investigate. That thought was a bit unnerving but it seemed he didn't exactly send his best. Was he testing the waters or was he trying to knock them off guard? [+blue "What would happen if he were to succeed?"] Ciel asked quietly, carefully setting the china cup down and picking up the perfectly polished silver to begin his meal. Sebastian seemed to be doing well with the lower class demon, Ciel choosing not to get worked up over it. If it could barely stand then it certainly wasn't a threat to him.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 250d 2h 45m 36s
"Nothing you need to worry about. A pest, or spy, if it pleases you..." he finally turned to look at the man. "The want to please your Master was just a little too strong, I think." He set up the table, carefully marking the page his master was on in the text book. "His perticular breed can be quite... slippery when not in a solid form." Once the meal and tea was laid in front of Ciel, Sebastian then turned his full focus to the lesser creature. "This is an insult, really." He finally said, staring, unblinking, at the pathetic looking man. He decided to explain why the demon was there. "I am guessing he was sent to locate whoever killed the last of Leviathans little cult. I have no doubt the the Prince has claimed to offer a generous reward if they managed to snatch you from me." The man seemed to be trying to get up, hissing and snarling in some animalistic language. "It would seem he cannot speak English." He observed out loud. He paced forward, stopping about an arms length frm the man, who was halfway up off the ground. With a sad lunge, he tried to attack the Raven. The butler merely side stepping around him to close and lock the window as a heavy thump sounded through the room. The failed attack had caused the demon to fall back to the ground.
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Ciel looked up at the door once he heard it click shut, letting out a quiet sigh and running a hand through his hair. He had no idea where some of these thoughts and reactions were coming from but he wasn't sure if he liked it, more so the reactions than anything. It was an outward sign of his vulnerability and uncomfortableness inside his own head, basically giving Sebastian all the ammo he would ever need. He wasn't sure if his butler would ever use it against him but he still hated the possibility of it being there.

Once he felt better and calmed down enough, he finally looked down at the book to see what he was supposed to be reading. It was on different economic systems, things he already knew, but decided to read it anyway. Part of it was to humor Sebastian and the other part was to avoid negative repercussion. The demon would never do anything to really harm his charge but he wasn't against uncomfortable discipline. He was already in enough discomfort, he didn't want to add to that list. He made it close to the end of the chapter before sudden movement caught his eye, something jumping through the window. His first instinct was to jump up and move back but his injury prevented this. All he could do was remain on the bed, watching as this man-creature dropped to the floor and writhed in pain.

He didn't even need to call for Sebastian, the male entering the room shortly after and ignoring the stranger's presence. Ciel, however, never took his eyes off of it. He never did with potential threats. [+blue " that?"] he asked quietly, not even bothering to glance up at the demon. He would know perfectly well what he was talking about.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 251d 23h 25m 0s

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