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Ciel slowly moved onto his back, wincing faintly as he did so. The bruising and rather sore area of his spine didn't appreciate the extra weight on it, telling him immediately. The boy only remained in this position for a few moments before he pulled himself to sit up. This didn't appear to appease the injury, either, as more pain shot up his back. He groaned faintly at this, reaching behind him to adjust the pillow to have something soft to lean against, then pulled the blanket back up to cover his chest. His gaze shifted over to Sebastian, the demon entering the room with tea and dinner, who inquired about the boy's sleep.

[+blue "I suppose,"] Ciel answered quietly before pulling himself to sit up a bit more. He couldn't wait until he could move about normally again, finding all this bed rest quite bothersome. More importantly, he couldn't wait to get his hands on the cause of all of this. He watched as his butler carefully set the tray down on the bed, Ciel looking over the dinner that was expertly prepared. It looked and smelled rather amazing, the small earl a bit surprised to see himself so hungry. He ate his meal quietly, finishing over half of it, then sipped at the tea as he always did.

[+blue "I must admit that I'm surprised you let me stay here,"] he told him quietly after a few moments of silence. [+blue "I expected to wake up in my own bed with a lecture from you about privacy and that nonsense."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 14d 19h 7m 11s
Sebastian pretty much ignored the man for the rest of the day. He actually hoped Fredrick would try to run, or harm Ciel. It would give him more reason to use the human to entertain himself. Away from his little human though. He doubted even Ciel could stomach what demons considered suitable punishment. Even after being practically raised by a demon for the past 3, almost 4 years.

"Mr. Sebastian! Here are the herbs you wanted!" Finnys cheerful voice drew him from his thoughts. He turned, taking the plants from the eager gardeners hands.

"Thank you, Finny." He commented, impressed that the delicate greens were nit overly crushed. He had come a long way in controling his strength, but still had a long way to go. The young blonde left after the dismissal to continue his work. He tore the leaves off the thin stems, adding them to the chicken he was currently frying. After a couple minutes he turned off the stove. He dished the meal, and set up the tea set. 2 cups, just in case one accidently broke. He grabbed a bed table, knowing Ciel wasstill in where he left him. Their bond having remained calm other than a light tingle that told him Ciel was now awake. He took the tray to his bedroom, again entering without knocking. "I trust you slept well, master." He teased the boy, who appeared to be enjoying himself.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 14d 19h 31m 29s
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Ciel remained curled under the blankets in Sebastian's bed with his eyes closed, but didn't fall into sleep right away. His brain had way too many thoughts swirling around it to allow him those moments of peace, anyway. After a while, the heterochromic eyes opened to gaze at the wall he faced and the small window beside it. The curtains had been opened to allow some light in, as was normal this time of day, and gave the room a soft glow. He found the small space comforting, Ciel feeling this was the first moment he experienced since the incident where he could breathe comfortably and his anxiety wasn't through the roof. But what, really, helped with that? The room itself helped since it was a place the master of the house would rarely, if ever, occupy. If anyone were to appear, they never would look for him in this place. Secondly, Sebastian's essence was here. He couldn't have the butler with him physically so this was an excellent second. Even though this was a room that the butler wasn't in very much, the bed still smelled like him. It gave off that soft aroma that he liked so much, that made him safe. It were almost as if the demon was right beside him.

Once he calmed down again, his eyes closed once more and he finally fell asleep. Small arms wrapped themselves around the top blanket, holding it close to his chest, and he slept peacefully for a few hours. When he finally awakened, the first thing he saw was his book sitting on the table in front of him. Upon further inspection, he took notice of the extra pillows around him and that the blanket was tucked around him carefully. Sebastian had been here. He was a bit surprised to see that his small wish had been accommodated instead of his butler carrying him back to his own bed nor did he see a frowning demon staring at him from the opposite side of the room. Even more so he noticed that Sebastian had removed the makeshift cover Ciel had made using part of his uniform and instead covered it with a curtain to shield it from the boy's vision. He smiled faintly at this before getting comfortable again and curling up, pulling the blanket that smelled so much like Sebastian up to his chest again.

It was almost as good as having him in the room with him.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 14d 21h 27m 36s
"Oh, I do not think you stole it. As a matter of fact, I know who gave it- or rather let you have it. It was a gift, you see. One that I refused." The man didn't really need to know the details. "I merely find it curious that you have it. However, you still are a theif. That boy is mine." His eyes narrowed. Fredrick had no idea the importance of the dagger. Very few did, actually. He was backed into a corner, with the only option to either go with it, or break his contract. "You have no idea what your greed has done." The boade vanished up his sleeve. "Now, I do think I should set some ground rules. Tomorrow, and every morning until otherwise specified, you will be in the kitchen by 6 am sharp to eat with the rest of the servants. Do try to get along, none of them will enjoy your negativity toward our master. You will be sleeping here. Unfortunatly you will be of more use with both hands, than one. Every morning I will give you a list of jobs, which I will teach you do complete if I find you too incompetent." He turned, opening the door to leave. "Oh, and be careful attacking my master. I have strict orders, which as my thrall, you must obey." He gave the man a cheerful grin. His orders were to protect Ciel at all costs, and to never betray. This man would be in a world of pain if he put any possible plot into action. He would also learn he could no longer lie to the boy, if he every tried. "My master is more intelligent than you might think." And with that, he left. This time, however, he did not lock the door.

Sebastian sighed, knowing he ought to locate Ciel. He made his way back toward his masters room, which required him to pass his own personal space. He stopped, turning hishead to look at the door. His master really never entered his room, not that he minded. There was really nothing there. However, there was no mistaking that both thru scent and the contract told him his master was beyond the door.

Quietly opening the door, he didn't knock as it the room Ciel assigned to him, curious to see why Ciel was in there. First, his eyes fell upon his covered trophy. He frowned, fining the vest to be a poor cover. Not to mention it wasn't even pleasing to look at. He left, locating a spare curtain. It still would not be pleasing to look at, but it was better than his vest just hanging on the wall. He returned, entering this time and heading toqard the bed. He kept the room clean, but this was the first time the bed was used for its main purpose, sleeping. He did use it occasionally, but it was simply to relax. Never to sleep. With a sharp tug, his vest fell into his waiting grasp and revealed the prize underneath. The clouded, acid green, life like eyes staring ahead blankly. He smirked, unable to mask the rush of pride that he had managed to defeat the creature despite his lack of knowledge. Though, he did remind himself that credit should be shared where it was due. His eyes fell to the sleeping human. His master had given the order to seek help. Without that, he may have never been able to get over his pride to defeat the thing. He also owed Sorath, whom had aided with a rather low price. He tossed the curtain onto the head to cover it. The motion seemed careless, but the fabric still flowed to cover the mounted decoration elegantly and completely.

Taking care not to wake Ciel, he tucked him in better. He knew he should be upset over the fact Ciel had moved himself, but the fact he felt safe enough here was too flattering. He left again, this time fetching his masters book and a couple extra pillows.
As a servant, and a butler no less, the bed was ment for only a single person. A butler could not even marry without permission from the one they served, which had proved a useful excuse to deny many rather sad attempts humans made to gain his affections. Unfortunatly, his master was rather spoiled and he knew the boy would be more comfortsble with more than just a single pillow to arrange to his liking. He set the book on his bedside table, which was within reach of Ciels current posistion.he then fluffed the pillows and arranged them into a softnest for Ciel. As a Raven, he knew how to make the nest very comfortable. It was more than what the boy needed, but he rather enjoyed the task and wpuld have been tempted to curl up as well if he didn't have work to do.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 14d 22h 6m 3s
[h3 +]
Fredrick kept his distance from Sebastian, focused on keeping as much space between the two of them as possible. It was clear to anyone with a working set of eyes how much trouble this man was going to be and he hadn't been on the property for longer than a few hours. It was also easy to see how he managed to dominate everyone around him and easily strike fear into their very souls...everyone except the two older demons, apparently.

[+darkred "Of course I know what it means,"] he growled darkly, keeping his eyes on the butler in front of him. He was a smart man and had an idea of just how much of a threat this demon was to him. The thing that upset him the most, however, was that he contracted [i his] sacrifice. The ex Duke ran on vengeance and spite, the man clearly intending for Ciel to pay for this. The child would have to be alone sometime. [+darkred "But what makes you think I stole it? It's been in my possession long before you or that rat showed up."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 29m 31s
Sebastian only seemed amused by the answer. His hand throbbed lightly, making him sigh. His master was in pain, and the demon could only guess why. He had left the boy in bed. He would see to his master in a bit, since he was already here. He focused on whahewas dong. Holding up the blade, Ciels blood having long since dried and begun to flake off. Narrowed eyes stared at it for a moment, then he licked the last little bit off. He couldn't help the smile at the sharp tang of Ciels blood. It was also sweet, no dount due to the amount of sugar he let him consume. He stopped the distracting thought by holding the blade up, reflecting the dim light to see the flate of the weapon. "Avis in tenebris non resurget ex favilla mortis," he mused. "I don't suppose you know what that means do you?" He mused. He hadn't expected an answer anyway. He doubted it was the blade the man thought it was. Nor did he wait for an answer. There was a chance the man knew latin, as he worshiped demons who still spoke the old tongues. "A bit dramtic, if you ask me. The lettering is well made, one of our own blades. Techincally, mine, to be exact." He glared at the man. "when I came to being, theives lost a hand. Shall you pick, or me?" he watched the human, feeling the fury radiating off of him. He imagined the mans soul to taste rather spicy, due to the wrath he could feel. Though the mans greed would dull that a bit. However, his lust for power really threw the mans soul off for his personal taste.

Sebastian was more than certain this man was a mere puppet now that he looked at him. There was no way he would willingly obey anyone. Still, he had to earn his keep. He would make his life difficult, miserable in any way. He couldn't kill him, but he would do his best to make him suffer. As is was, Bardroy was in charge of making the mans meals. The man would learn not to test him. If his master didn't kill him immidiately. Until he did, he would do his best to drag him to the same point his master had been when he foumd him.

And he would make sure the man knew he put himself there when the second he decided his life was worth more than a childs.
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Ciel reached over to take hold of the book when it was offered to him. Once his hand wrapped around the somewhat large piece of literature, Sebastian's hand moved from it to rest lightly against the boy's cheek. This caused the small earl to lift his eyes so they met Sebastian's, watching the bright crimson as they sparkled with light. Even though they were such a strange color to humans, Ciel found them quite beautiful. They were light deep pools of the reddest wine and he often found himself watching them as the demon moved so he could see them change color in the light.

The gentle motions of Sebastian intensified the want for company, Ciel debating whether or not he should allow his butler to leave. Even though he liked to be alone he found himself not looking forward to the experience, not after what he had gone through. He was aware he could call Sebastian back up at any time and the demon would comply though he didn't want to appear as a needy child just yet. If his back weren't in such discomfort, he probably would have followed the demon to wherever he was going....just like he used to.

Once Sebastian had disappeared, Ciel took notice as to was. The only noise really was the sound of the boy breathing and the flickering of the candle nearby as it slowly consumed the wick. For once, he didn't like it. Since he could hear every small noise, every creak in the hallway, it began to play games with his paranoia. He was fully aware that those that harmed him would never be able to do so again, he watched Sebastian destroy them all, but that was the first place his mind went to: they came back for him a third time. He tried to distract himself with the book but it proved useless, the boy's hypersensitive senses making it impossible. After nearly an hour of torturing himself with this, he slowly pulled himself to the edge of his bed. His back began to hurt immediately with the sudden pull to it and the work it was forced to do; luckily Ciel didn't plan on going too far. Slowly he pulled his housecoat over his shoulders and slowly trekked down the hallway to the demon's bedroom where he stood in front of the door for a few moments before reaching out and pushing it open.

Sebastian's room wasn't far from Ciel's as the boy had grown too afraid of most things around him and wanted someone close to him should he need it. He had never gone into the demon's room, though, as he was usually summoned to his master's to keep him company during the night. In fact, the small earl couldn't remember the last time he had seen the room he had given to Sebastian. It was neat and tidy, just like the rest of the house was, with a neatly made bed and a desk nearby. A notebook sat on the nearly empty surface where the older male made grocery lists, wrote notes, and other such things. The space didn't appear to really be lived in, causing Ciel to wonder how much time his butler spent in here, exactly. He didn't really need to sleep which left his bed basically useless, especially since he had the entire manor and its grounds to roam around on. The only thing someone would consider strange was the trophy he had collected for himself, the head of the shapeshifter, hanging on the wall across from him. Ciel wrinkled his nose at this, finding it a bit unpleasant, and slowly stepped in before closing the door behind him. He reached over to the nearby wardrobe, pulling out one of Sebastian's vests and tossing it over the trophy to cover it from his view, then slowly made his way over to the bed. His back was really beginning to ache now, complaining about the work it was forced to do, so Ciel decided to stay. He had come to steal one of Sebastian's tailcoats, hoping it would make him feel better, but now he wound up laying in Sebastian's bed. He didn't imagine his butler would take to kindly to the small invasion of privacy, but Ciel didn't care at the moment. Strangely, though, being surrounded by the male's things made him feel a bit more safe; Ciel crawled under the covers and curled up, closing his eyes.

Fredrick glared up at the demon as he entered, demanding to know where the ceremonial dagger had come from. He was already in a foul mood over the night's events, that anger intensifying as he discovered he had no other option than to comply with this demon's wishes. The salt in the would was that it belonged to the boy he tried to sacrifice years ago. This bastard may have power over him now but it didn't mean he was willing to give up any answers. [+darkred "I'll tell you exactly what you can do with that knife,"] Fredrick growled, keeping himself as far away from Sebastian as he possibly could. [+darkred "Like I'd tell you anything, anyway."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 15d 20h 57m 21s
The demon tilted his head slightly, not too unlike an inquisive animal might. Sebastian watched his master try and fail to reach the book, a small smile appearing as the boy gave in. He stepped forward, glancing at the book to see what caught his masters fancy this time before turning he reddish eyes to meet his masters mismatched ones. He rather liked the colours. "As adorable as your stubborness can be," he paused, not breaking his gaze as he held the book within easy reach for Ciel to take. Once he did, his hand went to cup his masters cheek rather than back to his side. "Now is not the time to be insolent. I would hate to see you break yourself." He said softly, unable to help but to notice just how small his master was. He could fit the the whole side of his masters face into his hand if he wanted. Curious how the boy might react, he ran his thumb across the boys cheek, allowing his gaze to soften fondly. "Please, relax. You know you can call me if you have need of anything." He finally withdrew, breaking eye contact and taking the discarded dishes.

"There are things I must attend to, sir. I will be around to check on you later if you do not summon me before." He said, continueing as if the unusual interaction hadn't occured at all. He bowed respectfully, exept this time it appeard to be more meaningful than simply expected from a servant, as he kept it a bit longer before taking his leave. He didn't actually watch for his masters reaction, but left quickly. He dpared a glance at the closed door, curioys as to what the boy might make of his odd behavior. Then he continued on, as he really did have things to do.

Once he returned the dishes to the kitchen, ordering Bard to clean up, he went to see how their current prisoner was doing. As he made his way to the room, to remoced the dagger that was still safe up his sleeve. He looked at it closely, nodding in confirmation when he remembered where he had seen it. The door unlocked at his touch, and he let himself in. He didn't particularly care what condition the miserable human was in. He glared at the man, flashing the blade for him to see. "Might I inquire as to where you got this?" He polite question was overruled be the clear superiority that his tone held.
[h3 +]
A quiet sigh left the small body, Ciel leaning back slowly to rest against the pillows and headboard behind him. It wasn't the most comfortable for the injury to his back but it was less painful than sitting up straight. At least this way he had something to hold him up and cushion it a little. His gaze fell to the gauze wrapped neatly around his arm, covering and protecting the stitches underneath. He was grateful that this was all he received as he knew it could have been a lot worse. Granted he did acquire a few cuts and bruises from their rough treatment this time but this was nothing compared to the last time. Back then he didn't speak much to Sebastian, simply following the male around as he didn't wish to be alone. The demon didn't seem to bothered by it, really, and allowed Ciel to follow him to all kinds of places. He smiled faintly at that memory as the urge to remain near his protector had intensified since the night, the small earl not wanting to be alone.

[+blue "I'll try to stay here as long as I can but I make no promises,"] Ciel told him quietly. A small hand reached out slowly to the bedside table where his book lay, a pained look appearing on his face as he was forced to stretch to reach it. The pain grew worse, Ciel giving up and returning to the position he started in.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 20h 40m 5s
"We wait. Unless you wish for me to take care of the problem before it happens. However, I advise against it. I do not care to leave you vulnerable." He stated. "You have many enemies." It simply came with the job of being the guard dog for his masters Queen. He wasn't complaining. As it kept him from growing overly bored or exploding from any pent up frustrations he might aquire. "He may try to negotiate something. Or, more likely, issue a formal challenge. Unfortunately, I do not consider myself lucky enough to think he will wait until after I return." He said, meaning he expected it in the much nearer future. It was a bit more attention than he wanted from his own kind, but he would not back out on his end of their deal. He paused, to see if his master would have any more questions. As it would more than likely involve his master, he wasn't about to deny information.

He wondered if he was sharing too much though. Demons were mysterious for a reason, and he hoped his willingness to talk did not cause his master to grow bored of him. Which only confused him further, as he wasn't sure he wanted to care about something as trivial as a human remaining interested in him in some way.

He moved to clear the dishes from his masters bedside, "I would encourage you to rest, sir. I know you hated bed rest, so I implore you to be easy on your body. I doubt you want to go back anytime soon." His master wasn't fond of calling a doctor, much less going to the hospital.
  Xeiba / Leopard_dragon_Love / 17d 17h 36m 9s
[h3 +]
[+blue "I'm fine, Sebastian,"] Ciel responded quietly after pulling his head back a little bit. He wasn't sure how completely true that was but he was feeling better than he had been. The boy knew full well that the second round with the occult did a bit of mental damage; it wasn't as bad of an experience as the first time but it was still a bit scarring. If that was something he could recover from, he had no idea how long it took. He was just glad it was over.

He looked up at the demon again, listening to him quietly. He imagined there would be some sort of consequence for this as demons were quite selfish and prideful creatures. Once he could no longer hear the cries and praises of the sect that worshiped him he was sure to become angry and seek out why. That would lead him to this very home and possibly try to exact revenge. [+blue "Then what do we do?"] he asked quietly as he reached out and set the empty cup on the nearby table.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 20d 22h 39m 46s
Sebastian stepped closer, moving to lift his master chin up to meet his gaze. He studied the boy with narrowed eyes. After a moment, the muscles relaxed and the demon smiled. "I am glad you seem alright. I was a bit concerned when I wasn't insulted for being late." He said, as if he thought it was a joke. "Now, as much as I would like you to relax." The demon gripped his chin thoughtfully, the elbow resting against his other arm that was across his midsection. "I do belive I will be recieving some sort of... well challange to put it simply. Leviathan will not nessisarily be pleased when he realizes why he can no longer hear the summons. We do not really handle things taken from us well." He said, as his master had every right to know. A challange could come in any form, frm a dead thrall, something from his own home, or even someone sent to steal something dear to him. Most recently, that would be his master.
[h3 +]
Ciel ate most of what was brought to him, a greater improvement than the past couple of days, and quietly drank the tea as he listened to Sebastian. He was afraid of such news regarding the case. Either way, it was over and no more children would go missing because of that group. Hopefully not so many at a single time, either. Once he felt better he would write up his findings and send them back to the Queen, then one more case would be closed. He sacrificed more to this case than he had in his past ones, especially his sanity, but knew it was sometimes inescapable. At least it was over with now. As for Seth, Ciel completely agreed. It was best that the teenager believed his father to be dead that way he could move on with his life. Despite how positive and helpful the redhead was, he knew that living under the same roof with such a horrible father figure had taken quite its toll on him. This would give him closure as well as the exit he wished for from the cult while Ciel would get all the things he wished for as well. He didn't plan to cut ties after all of this was over, having another noble like himself was an asset he could use.

[+blue "Seth is probably recovering if he's woken up by now,"] Ciel responded quietly. [+blue "But honestly, I don't understand what Fredrick thought such a great demon would do for him even if he did show up. I imagine both to be quite bullheaded and neither would give up the keys to their kingdoms for the other. Maybe Seth has more answers."]

His eyes dropped to the bandage that was wrapped firmly around his arm, observing it for a few moments before looking back up at Sebastian. Part of him wanted to tell the demon to piss off and that he was uncomfortable enough as it was. He also knew Sebastian was simply trying to care for his charge and to make sure he didn't die from complications or unclean bandages. [+blue "I'd rather you didn't,"] Ciel mumbled quietly before taking the last drink of tea and simply holding the teacup in his hands. [+blue "I'm sure it'll be fine until tomorrow."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 21d 19h 57m 10s
"That is the unfortunate side of arranged marriges, is it not? You will not see him unless you request such." He promised, going through his short report in his head. "Still, he seems quite convinced Leviathian was going to show up. I allowed him to knock Lord Seth unconsious, and I requested permission to investigate the building. I have yet to hear back, but I think it best if he thinks his father is dead. I am unsure how he would react to knowing I have enslaved his father. Vile man or not, humans still have a tendency to look down on such things." The way he said it made it clear he did not really understand why, but rather just delt with it. "I also found no hint of the missing children." He finished, knowing he didn't need to go into detail. Either they were elsewhere or, more likely, dead. He knew his master might have other questions but the important things were now adressed at least. "We should also clean your injury soon," narrowed eyes fell on the wrapped arm. While he could have stopped it, he had needed tobe sure of something. Still, he did not want to overload his masters stress. Once the boy was more himself he would mention some of his other findings.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 21d 20h 19m 23s
[h3 +]
His eyes flickered over to the door, grateful to see Sebastian and not anyone else. Now that the ordeal was over and he never had to lay eyes on that damn place ever again, he was beginning to feel a little better. He was still a bit jumpy, Ciel having discovered that as a rather strong gust of wind caused a branch outside to hid the side of the manor. It resulted in a rather loud thud as well as the small earl nearly jumping out of his skin. Just like everything else, he would get over it with time. He was just grateful that he didn't have to do as much mental healing as he did the last time.

[+blue "I feel as if I've been run over by a carriage,"] he grumbled quietly, taking the tea from his butler as it was offered. He took a small drink before he set it aside to allow it to cool a bit more then looked over at the snack Sebastian had brought with him. It certainly wasn't a fancier dish but it was simple. He was actually a bit happy about that as he wasn't sure what else was running through his system and how it would react to whatever Ciel ate. He took one, nibbling at it as he glanced up at his butler. [+blue "Wherever [i he] is, I don't want to see him,"] he said after a moment. He knew full well Sebastian would understand what he was talking about. [+blue "I don't want to lose my lunch by looking at that horrid face. Who in their right mind would have children with that bastard?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 21d 21h 39m 28s

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