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Ciel slowly sat down in one of the chairs at the table, taking the end where he usually sat. He leaned back comfortably in the chair, his form more relaxed now that he knew he wasn't dealing with Fredrick tonight. That battle would come later but at least he could rest easy for now. The exposed eye lifted to meet the gaze of his butler, his arms folding loosely over his chest. [+blue "If they're not here of their own accord, don't be too harsh,"] he responded quietly. It wasn't like Ciel to be so soft when it came to a case or intruders in his home but he couldn't help it. They were only following the orders of a bigger monster than they. [+blue "But see what else you can get out of them, any detail will help."]

Akira's eyes changed briefly in the light, flickering from a dull purple back to their ice blue. The demon knew they were here. She imagined they may have been discovered before they could finish their work, demons certainly were crafty and she had heard many rumors about this one. Some were good, some were bad...she would form her own opinion of the demon once she properly met him. She continued slowly down the hall, uncovering the servants first. They were sound asleep , not wanting to disturb them she quietly closed the door and continued down the hallway; Jeremy continued his way through the first floor.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 22h 37m 27s
Sebastian smirked, catching their scent. It was faint, but there. He looked around, wondering just where the little mice might be. "Forgive me, it is rather dark." With that, the candles lit brightly. Lighting the hall rather well. Sebastian prepared the tea, temporarily ignoring the others for now. Once it was done, he took Ciel to the dining hall. "Now then, "I do belive it is time to bring our guests to enjoy our hospitality." Due to him having not just one, but two natural abilities, he was able to track them thru the light from the flame, and the shadows that ran from the light. He tried to see if his form of teleporting would work on their semi-corpial forms, enveloping them in shadow and trying to just flat out bring them to the dining room. Much like how he transported himself and the shape shifter to another plane of exsistance. After all, it was rude not to at least knock if you showed up unanounced. He was, however, happy to learn he would not have to work around the children. "Any particular orders, sir?" He asked before he would see if his attempt worked.
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Damn, that was quick. He didn't expect them to arrive so soon, he imagined they would try later in the night. Even though he had intruders in his home it was a lot less unnerving knowing it wasn't [i him.] The ones that had come were powerful, no doubt, but they didn't hold all the cruelty that one single man did...even though they were demons. No demon alive could be as frightening to Ciel as that one human was.

He chose to remain silent, running his hand through his hair as he followed his butler to the kitchen once he suggested he make tea. Ciel had already forgotten the layout he had witnessed first so it was best the demon lead the way. He'd most likely end up taking them out to the garden shed by accident. They passed through the dining hall, the room now empty, and glanced up at Sebastian. Did the demon know exactly where the two were?

Akira and Jeremy had left the room at just the right moment, witnessing the boy and his butler walking through the door. The male sighed quietly, adjusting his glasses as he looked back at his companion. [+teal "Take the upstairs, I'll remain down here,"] he whispered to her quietly. [+teal "Memorize everything and meet me back in this spot in fifteen minutes. We're only shadows of ourselves here and the spell will wear off by then."]

She nodded, quickly and quietly moving away from him and darting upstairs, Jeremy exiting the room and quietly moving down the hallway.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 23h 8m 48s
Sebastian smirked, pleased to have gotten praised for his hard work. "Thank you, sir." He said, "now, then." Almost as if on cue, sebastian watched them vanish from his ravens eyes. He pressed a finger to his lips, sending a sly wink toward Ciel. "Now, I belive we have some business to attend to, My Lord?" He asked, playing it off as they had just returned to the Manor. It was too convinent, with them being at the entrance hall. He knew Ciel would catch on. Sebastian didn't want to talk too freely, and inadvertly cause the birds death. She was becoming quite useful. He hoped it would continue. "It would seem as though everyone has already gone to sleep, sir." He added, mainly to make their supposed 'return' belivable. Now, to find out where they were? Their aura was hidden, however, he knew they would run into the intruders soon enough. "Allow me to prepare some tea." He said, as he usher Ciel toward the dinng room. Tea was the basic hospitality to hosting guests, after all. They wouldn't want to be rude.
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Ciel followed Sebastian through the newly remodeled manor, focusing on memorizing the location of each room. It was difficult, the boy stuck on how they used to be and not how they are now. He had been looking at the exact same layout for thirteen years. Still, it was well done. He had to give the demon that.

[+blue "Well done, Sebastian,"] Ciel told him quietly once they had finished the tour. [+blue "I'll leave it to you to remember everything, after all you built it. I'll probably take them to the wrong place. Now, just be ready. I'm sure they weren't kind enough to give you a schedule."]


[+fuchsia "If you're ready, then we'd best get going."] Akira continued to watch Jeremy as he performed his ritual, one last puff of smoke rising to the ceiling. This time the color was a bright blue instead. Jeremy nodded, rolling up his sleeves as he picked up the smoking bowl and moved over to Akira. [+teal "Who's going?"]

[+fuchsia "You and I,"] she responded softly. [+fuchsia "I thought about bringing Ryu momentarily but I'm not about to leave the boys unprotected. Remember, in and out. Quickly."]

He nodded, grabbing hold of her hand with his free one and blew the smoke out, the two watching as it covered both of them. Before they knew it, they were standing in the dining hall of Ciel's manor, the bowl no longer in Jeremy's hand. He glanced over at her through pristine lenses as he released her hand, straightening his vest. [+teal "Let's move."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 16d 23h 44m 8s
Sebastian dressed Ciel in something elegant, but not over done. Really, Ciel looked rsther good in this outfit. It was one of his favorites, actually. Primarily blue, a color that suited Ciel so well, accented by black and a deep, dark, almost black purple tie. It matched both his masters mismatched eyes well. . His master looked rather fetching, indeed. "If you will follow me, Master." He then began to walk his master thru the new mansion.

It was completely different. Each room retained familiarity, however everything was in the wrong spot. He pointed out guest rooms, the drawing room, the study was further away. The parlor was closer to Ciels study than it was before. The dining room and ball room were right next to each other now. There was now a hall conecting the manor to the greenhouse as well. Then the servants area. The only spot untouched was wear everyone was sleeping. Finally, they ended at the main hall. Instead of one staircase in the center leading up, it had been dismatled and now there were two narrower ones along the wall.
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Ciel ate quietly, listening to the cackling of the fire as he did so. The dish was perfect, exactly what he wanted, and he smiled faintly. He remembered when he first arrived at the newly-built manor with the demon, Sebastian learning how to cook for his master just the way he liked. There were a few mishaps then but he recovered quickly. Sometimes the boy had to explain just what it was he wanted. Now Sebastian could read his words like an open book, knowing exactly what to make when certain words were used. The demon really was something special.

He had gone back to working the letters by the time the demon returned, having changed the entire structure of the house. Another faint smile touched his face as a random thought entered his mind after the demon had spoke. [+blue "Well, let's hope Finny doesn't get the urge for a midnight glass of water again,"] he mused quietly, slowly standing. He could only imagine the chaos that would cause.

Ciel allowed Sebastian to dress him, remaining still as he did so, and rolled his shoulders once the demon had finished. [+blue "Let's see what you've accomplished before they get here,"] he told him quietly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 17d 28m 35s
Sebastian grinned, "very good, sir. I will only take but a couple of moments." He bowed, then left Ciel to eat. He started at the main hall. He could have just changed the layoutafter their visit, however then the humans would likly have been unable to perform their duties properly. He completely tore down some halls, using the parts he tore down to create a new maze. The phantomhive manor had already been maze like, due to how many attackers the family had. At one point he removed his masters bedroom door. "Please forgive me. You will be locked in for but a minute." He then procedded to put up a wall where the door had been. By the time he was done, he was entering the room again on the opposite wall. He swung the door a couple times, checking its sturdiness. "Everything is complete. The other servants are already in bed, so they should not know anything is amiss." He gave Ciel his close-eyed smile, rather pleased with the work he had done. "I do hope I did not over do it." He walked over to the wardrobe, pulling out a suitble outfit. "If you are ready, sir. It is best the Master is not confused wandering his own home."
[h3 +]f
It relaxed the boy a bit to know that Fredrick Whitehill himself wasn't appearing in his manor but his servants instead. They weren't nearly as frightening as the older male even though they could do more damage. It also helped to know that the demon had already formulated a plan and didn't just want to let them waltz in his home, either. The thing that unnerved Ciel the most was knowing that this wouldn't be their last visit. If they were coming to see the layout of the manor then they would be back, next time for him.

[+blue "Very well, Sebastian,"] he answered softly, slowly standing and laying the blanket back over the back of the chair. [+blue "Do what you must and return for me when you're finished. It is a bit nice to know I won't have to face the biggest demon of them all just yet. If the children are forced to be involved in this, don't hurt them. They shouldn't have to suffer because the Lord of the house is an asshole."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 17d 1h 1m 36s
"Oh, no. My apologies, sir." Sebastian said, "I do not belive it is an attack. I think they are only coming to learn the layout of your home." His eyes glinted mischiviously. "Of course, I will show only the best Phantomhive hospitality." There were several things he could do. "Despite how annoying it may be, I think we should offer a tour. If you would allow me to do it, of course. I can arrange preparations while you eat. Then get you properly dressed, then I will show you what I have done?" He was asking for permission to completely change the manor. "Now, I do not know where she will be entering, but that is a small matter. It will not take me long to locate once she is here." He would, of course, fix everything before Ciel woke up after their guest left. It would confuse them if they ever came to truly attack the Manor. He wondered if THEY knew who they were up against. He was not all-powerful by any means. However, he was excelent at causing mayhem no matter where, when, or how. He never gave in either. That was ehere he was normally underestimated. He never failed to get back up.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 17d 1h 18m 31s
[h3 +]
Ciel's eyes lifted from the current letter he was working on to Sebastian as he entered the room and spoke. His eyes widened faintly as his grip tightened on the quill, simply staring at Sebastian for a minute. He was coming here? Already? The man only learned of the boy's presence a day or two ago and he was already attacking? He wasted no time, apparently. Slowly he set the quill down in its holder as not to drip ink over the table and tightened the blanket around him a little more.

[+blue "He's coming here already?"] he asked a little quietly, watching as the demon carefully set the tray down on an unused, small table and pulled the lid off of the plate. It was a simple and small dish, just as Ciel had asked for, which he was grateful for. With this news he wasn't sure how much he could stomach. [+blue "What are we supposed to do? Especially if he busts in here with three demons and two spellcasters? The others are strong but I doubt even they can handle that."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 17d 1h 53m 27s
Sebastian opened his masters door, finding him huddled in his blanket while working. It was strangly endearing. "Master, dinner is-" he stopped, hearing a strange echo begore ue focused on the bird that managed to infiltrate the Whitehill Manor. After a moment, his eyes narrowed. "Interesting. What an effective tactic." He mutter, brining his attention to Ciel again. "Dinner is ready, sir." He said, finishing his prior statement. "And afterward, I belive we should get you ready to greet an uninvited guest. We wouldn't want Lord Whitehill knowing how much he bothers you, do we?" He tilted his head, wondering if Ciel could pull off a tough act. "No better way to make our opponet question their next move than by catching them with their hand in the cookie jar, no?" He smirked, hoping Ciel would be up for some fun with him. It would be terribly boreing to greet their guest alone.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 17d 1h 59m 39s
[h3 +]
Ciel sighed after Sebastian had left, abandoning the blanket on the chair to head to his study. Since the fire hadn't been lit he didn't plan on staying. He just wanted to gather a couple simple things to work on. Picking up the candle stick on his bedside table, he lit it from the fireplace and made his way down the hallway. Quietly he entered the stately room and set the candle down on the desk in order to give himself maximum light and space to work with then began sorting through the stack of letters. It seemed Finny had brought them up, probably on his way in from yard work, and set them neatly on a corner of the desk. He could tell it had been the gardener from the light smears of dirt on the corners. It didn't bother him, it just informed him that the blonde had been doing his job. Ciel pulled a few promising letters from the stack, setting the others down, and picked up the quill and ink pot as well as a few pieces of paper, enough for each letter. Once he had what he needed, he returned to the bedroom and set the items on a small table near the chair. He then wrapped himself in the blanket and began to open the letters, reading over them carefully.

Just as he imagined, they weren't anything important. Party invitations and some order forms/company updates. Simple and mind numbing work. He began to work on the replies as he waited for Sebastian to return.


[+teal "I have to do this now, it's the last waxing moon of the cycle. If I don't, I won't have a chance until it cycles back around again."] The butler looked over at the Asian demon over the rims of his round glasses. A sigh fell from her, Jeremy looking back down at the materials he had gathered before beginning to grind a few herbs with a mortal and pestle. For a moment the only sounds were the soft clink as the stone collided with the bowl. Green eyes slowly flickered back up to her as she watched him work. [+teal "It will be quick and they won't even know about it. Besides, I have my orders and so do you."]

She sighed again, tucking her hands into the long sleeves of her dark purple kimono and glanced over at Jounichi. The boy was sitting nearby on the window sill, looking up at the celestial body that hung overhead. [+purple "He's going to kill me, you know."] She moved over to him, kneeling beside him, and reached out to gently brush his hair. [+fuchsia "No, he won't. I'd never let that happen,"] she reassured him quietly. [+fuchsia "You did what you were told to do and no one got hurt. Besides, it's not like we're attacking the child. So just relax. He'll never know. Now please, give it to me."]

Akira held out her hand, Jounichi reaching into his jacket pocket and placing a few strands of the familiar blue-silver hair into it and sighed quietly. She placed a gentle kiss on his forehead before taking them over to Jeremy and setting them down on the table in front of his work. Ice blue eyes flickered back up to the male witch briefly before tucking her hands back into her kimono, unaware Sebastian's bird was watching and listening. [+fuscia "Promise me, in and out. No one gets hurt and no one knows."]

Jeremy smiled faintly, adding the hair to the bowl before dropping in a bit of a dark, unidentified liquid. [+teal "You act as if I've never done this before,"] he murmured softly, watching as a grey smoke began to drift from his concoction. [+teal "But I promise. In and out; I'm just getting the layout of the manor. No one gets hurt and no one knows."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 17d 2h 54m 9s
Sebastian gave a short bow. "Very well. I will come get you when it is ready." He said, straitening. He took his leave, going down to the kitchen. He found Bardroy, readying some sort of magazine. When he entered, the chef actually seemed startled.

"Hey, I didn't realize you and the young mastser had returned. How'd the case go?" Bard asked. They rarely knew about the cases, but they knew their masters duty to the queen.

"Not finished. Keep a sharp eye, Bard. This one is dangerous." The demon supplied. Bards face darkened.

"Its kinda sad, the young masters just a kid." Bard muttered darkly. "The queen, making him do this work."

"The young master chose to continue his families duty, it is of no fault of hers. The young master knows this, too. It is our duty, as his servants, to protect him. No matter what." Sebastian sent a glare towards Bard. How did the man always seem to get his facts mixed up?

"Right! I will go warn the others!" Bard said, "we'll make anyone regret messing with out Master!" He grinned, "thats what it means to be a Phantomhive servant!" He said, twisting the butlers typical statement before running off to find the other 3 servants.

Sebastian could only smirk at that, as he started Ciels dinner. "Indeed." He doubted he would ever be able to find anyone as loyal as those 3 he had found and dragged back to the manor. He was quick to prepare the simple meal, not wanting to make anything too flavorful and upset his masters stomach. The boy was in a delicate state as it was. Once it was done, he cocered it and turned off the stove. He put his tailcoat back on, he normally removed it while cooking, and went to locate and fetch Ciel.
[h3 +]
Ciel remained curled in front of the fire with the blanket wrapped snugly around him. The clothes he was currently dressed in were far more comfortable than his typical wear, the outfit a bit on the commoner's side of fashion, and he enjoyed how much freedom it gave him. It wasn't fit to wear out in the general public so it was typically reserved for relaxing and light work around the manor. He sighed quietly at Sebastian's suggestions, realizing he couldn't let the stack of post sit. There were more than likely important letters in it that he couldn't ignore and responses would need to be delivered as soon as they possibly could. It was something that hardly seemed to end.

[+blue "Working on letters is probably a good idea,"] Ciel responded quietly. It was something that could be worked on while his butler was preparing dinner, anyway. He knew he should eat but he wasn't feeling up to a complete meal. Not after the horror show that had been playing in his mind. [+blue "Make something small,"] he responded to the demon's request, pulling the blanket around him more. [+blue "I'm not that hungry right now."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 17d 22h 14s

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