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The demon stood outside his masyers door for a moment, listening to the boys steady breathing. He sighed, then walked away. He had a lot to do this night. First he took csre of his personal needs. After a very quick and cold bath he got started on his nighttime chores. Getting things preped for his masters breakfast, and he had to repair the washing machine. Hoenstly, he found the thing annoying. That could be only because he was repairing it on a weekly basis though. Then he went to the records room, filing important papers for his master business and copying some numbers into a giant binder. He hummed a low tune as he did- this was tedious and rather boring work. Once he was done, he stoppd by Ciel room again, pushing the door open to peak in. He had to restock the flames, so the room would remain warm. The rain had increased during the night. He turned, looking at Ciel. He was adorable when he slept, always had been. He steped closer, very gently reaching out to touch him. He was careful not to wake him, as he gently ran a gloved thumb over the still semi-plump cheek. The boy had yet to shed all of his baby-fat. He suspected that Ciel would grow into an attractive man, even if he was going to remain short. He hoped Ciel grew, but the lack of growth the past two years was a bit alarming. Would he just have a major growth spurt in a season? Or stay this small. He could only wait to find out, but he knee Ciel hated being so small. He removed himself, smailing down at the little human. "Sleep well, My young Lord." He whispered, then turned to leave.

Once outside the room, he made his way outside. He checked the area for intruders, mindful to watch for other demons now. Once he was satified that everything was fine, he went toward the servants door. He was dripping wet by the time he went back inside, and had to quickly dry himself before he left puddles in the house. He made something quick for their prisoner, a simple sandwich, then went to pay Fredrick a visit.

He peered around the large dark room, he could see Fredrick in the doorless cell he created. He set the meal on a table near the cell, it was just out of reach if the man were to try to grab it, he was sure he was hungry. It had been almost 3 days since he was offered anything to eat. Edible or otherwise. For now, he ignored the human. He had to finish gettng this place ready if Ciel was coming here tomorrow. He had left it on the back burner, taking care of his master came first. However, now it seemed he had waited too long. He set to work, as he didn't have much time. Luckily he could mould the shadows into different things. It made it faster and easier. Within an hour he had already lined the walls with some of his favorite toys and was now considering if he wanted to leave the middle of thw room open, or add a couple more items.

If anyone walked in, they might have wondered if the butler was mad. As the whole time he had a suppressed excitement- simular to that of a child who was just given their own bedroom for the first time. He added a few morbid paintings just to add to the general eeriness of the room. As well as some torches up on the wall. He just liked them more than the more normal lanterns.
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Ciel slowly pulled the heavy blankets over himself, resting comfortably against the pillows. The comforter combined with the strong fire nearby left him quite warm but he preferred it that way. He disliked being cold. Bright eyes looked over at the roaring flames, watching them absently as he thought about the demon's proposal. It was probably in their best interest to speak with Seth again and begin the hunt for the other three factions soon. Once word got out that one of them had been eradicated, the others would begin to grow harder to find. They would most likely go into hiding and practice underground if they weren't already. He wasn't certain how much information the redhead would have but it was currently more than Ciel did. He also had quite the small army in his power, if he didn't know something they had the means to find it out.

[+blue "Set up something for the morning, I'd like to get started as soon as possible,"] he informed Sebastian quietly. His gaze shifted from the fire to the demon that stood nearby. He watched as Sebastian bowed, then excused himself, leaving and shutting the door quietly behind him. Ciel slowly lay down, the fire nearby the only light in the room, and reached under the pillow nearest him to pull out the black silk he had taken from the butler's wardrobe. Carefully he wrapped it around his hand, fingers carefully brushing over the soft fabric, before snuggling into the pillows and falling asleep for the night.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 113d 10h 14m 34s
"I will add it to tomorrows schedual, then." He would have to finish decorating his new torture room. He wouldn't want his master unimpressed by it after all. He smiled, genuinely. Tonight could be fun after all. He left the bedside to make sure the window was locked and to close curtains. He was glad his master wanted to get things done, rather than dwelling on his fears. "Would you like to set up an appoinment with Lord Seth tomorrow? We still need to investigate the building." Seth had given his master the name of someone else who caused the fire. The man had fled, but he would be hunted down. If he changed to another occult or was trying to lead a new life was yet to be seen, though. He waited for his masters answer, before bowing low. "If you require nothing else, I must prepare for tomorrow."
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 113d 10h 27m 59s
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Ciel let his eyes close again as Sebastian lifted him in his arms, carrying him back to his bedroom. It had begun to rain, the sound of the large drops on the window and roof almost as soothing as the demon's hands had been on his sore skin. He honestly hadn't felt this good in a long time despite his injuries. There was something about Sebastian that was just so calming and comforting even though Ciel knew his true nature. That didn't scare him, it never had, and he honestly felt the most comfortable and safe around him. No one had ever protected him like Sebastian had and no one ever would. The demon was his safe place though he probably wouldn't admit it out loud.

He opened his eyes once he was on the bed, looking up at the demon quietly. The room was still warm due to the fire to counter the cooler weather outside due to the rain. He didn't mind it, he quite enjoyed the sound it made and the general ambiance it produced. There were times, though they were rare, that he enjoyed being out in it. It was mostly in the city, though, where he could watch the quiet London streets. The thought of the dark sidewalks caused him to think of their "guest" further along the property and wondering what, exactly, had become of him. Perhaps it would be better to face this particular demon soon.

[+blue "I think I'm ready to see Whitehill,"] he told Sebastian quietly while his gaze was turned to the dark window nearby. [+blue "I want to go with you when you visit him again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 113d 11h 3m 23s
Sebastian released a low chuckle. "Unnessisarily so, but yes it is true all the same." It was actually more common for demons to be blunt and honest. They just didn't care about opinions. The Raven was no different, and had little want to fabricate complex stories to suit lies. That didn't mean he was below half-truths or omitting things though. He quickly dried and dressed Ciel after the boy was done, the water growing cold. He then unrooled his sleeves and put on the discarded bits of his uniform. Once he was done, he scooped Ciel up into his arms, leaving the master bathroom. He was glad to see the fire still going strong, keeping the room warm.

Outside, it had begun to rain. The drops hittng the window sounded almost musical to the demon. As nice as the warm sun felt, he liked the stormy weather of England. Storms just brought a level of chaos that no creature could simulate. On the other hand, even he was affected by the seemingly contagious laziness that seemed to spread thru the servants of the house. Sometimes being the head butler had its faults. Of everyone in the manor house, his master included, he was the one who had to maintain a high level of responibilty. Everyone looked to him to keep the days schedual and manor in check. To humans, it could be stressful. While it was no problem to overcome, he also had times where he wanted to curl up somewhere comfortable and just enjoy some quiet.

Every time he tried, though, chaos ensued somewhere within the manor. Even now, he had far too much to do to be able to simply enjoy the rain. He had to prepare for tomorrow, and he was planning on paying Fredrick a visit to see how he was holding up. He had decided on bringing the man some real food. You can't train a dog right without the occassional treats after all.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 113d 14h 22m 20s
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A soft but content sigh echoed in the room as he simply lay in the hot water, closing his eyes again. Even though he was still a bit sore due to both injuries this was arguably the most relaxed he had been in his entire life. The hot water added to that serene feeling, holding onto him like a blanket that he never wanted to shed. [+blue "Honesty is good,"] he answered quietly after a few long minutes. Heterochromic eyes opened as he heard movement in the water near him, looking over to see the butler's ungloved hands in the water. In them was a washcloth and soap, clearly the male meant to clean his master, though Ciel wasn't sure why. Normally he would bathe himself while Sebastian stood aside and kept an eye on things. He didn't really care at this juncture and allowed him to continue.

[+blue "It's when your honesty ends that I'll have a problem, but I don't foresee that happening. It's in our contract."] He kept relaxed as he felt the male's hands glide over his skin with the cloth, his eyes closing again as he sank further back into the tub. Even when Sebastian was done, Ciel's body and hair clean, he chose not to move and to stay in the tub until the water began to cool. It was only then that he allowed Sebastian to help him out of the water to dry and dress for the night.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 114d 12h 37m 16s
Sebastian was very careful handling Ciel, not putting any more pressure on his masters lower back. He chuckled at his masters statement. "You wound me. I, for one, find you highly enjoyable." He countered, lowering Ciel into the tub. "Or would your rather I stop being honest?" He snickered, of course Ciel was the center of his amusement. Ciel was really the center of his life. Every decision he made affected Ciel in some way. Everything he did was in his Masters name. Of course, that also ment Ciel got the brunt force of his boredom, jealousy, and more recently random spurts of affection. That last bit was something the demon had been struggling with. He didn't want to press Ciel into anything, his duty as a butler and Ciels revenge came first. However, like ealier, it happened without any real concious thought. It was both thrilling, as it was new, and frightening, also because it was new.

He shifted so he was behind Ciel. This time, he did remove his gloves. Since he wanted to keep the boy relaxed, he took it upon himself to bath him. Allowing Ciel to just soak in the hot steaming water.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 115d 8h 23m 29s
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The small earl had long since gotten used to his butler's silent entries, Sebastian sometimes seeming to pop out of literally nowhere. It used to startle him when he was first under his care, not used to the sudden appearances, and often had Sebastian announce his presence in some form or another. Now it rarely bothered him, Sebastian only succeeding in startling him when he was really focused on a project or work. He slowly opened his eyes as he heard the male's deeper voice, greeted with the sight of the white wall again, and didn't bother turning his head to look at him. He always hated it when he was called cute or some other form of it as he didn't feel it was a good fit. In other circles he was known as ruthless and harsh, certainly not cute.

[+blue "Some days I really hate you,"] Ciel mumbled quietly in response. He didn't bother moving, knowing Sebastian would take care of that for him. Besides, his back still hurt quite a bit despite the calm feeling he felt in his shoulders. He allowed his butler to pick him up and carry him to the bathroom, allowing his frame to rest heavily against Sebastian's. He didn't move much until he was placed into the water, sinking back into the tub's frame while the water covered him up to his chin. Bright eyes looked back up at the demon, noting that he had shed part of his uniform probably to keep it relatively dry.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 115d 10h 40m 37s
Sebastian turned on the water, allowing it to warm up. The improvements humans had msde on their way of life was impressive. Not even 50 years ago humans were still bathing in riverbeds or lakes. And rarely bathed at that. Humans changed so quickly, but could move so slowly. It was an odd thing to observe. Weapons had gotten so much better, more improvements made every day. They got a new gun to test out nearly monthy sometimes. Now they were working on land mobile ships to carry large cannons and gas bombs. Yet there was still an incomplete bridge that had started being built before he met Ciel.

Overall, human were strange. They didn't live long life spans and they scurried about worried about what everyone else was doing their whole life . From birth to death, everyone needed to know and compare everyone to each other. It made him question just how much humans were aware of their own mortality.

He shut the fauset off. He straitened, then removed his coat and vest. He set them gently on a stool that was really never used. He rolled up his sleeves, figuring Ciel would be too tender to move much. He was more than happy to carry him to the bath. He nearly called toward Ciel, but didn't. He smiled, seeing Ciel had not moved an inch. Still hugging the pillow. Stealthily, he moved back toward the bed. "I do wonder if it is at all possible for the young master to NOT be cute." he purred. He chise is words to be both flattering and frustrating. No doubt Ciel found being called cute somewhat embarassing.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 115d 11h 18m 38s
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By the time Sebastian had finally eradicated the large and painful knot, the entirety of Ciel's lower back hurt. Even before the butler mentioned it, he knew he was going to be sore during and after. The knot was rather large and in a problematic area. Despite this, he remained still and mostly quiet as the raven haired male worked on fixing his small master.

After a little while, though, the male's hands began to roam a bit over the small frame while gently prodding at the tense muscles. It was hard for him to relax, especially with the workload he typically carried, which meant that his frame was almost always tense. He could feel it now and then, especially in his shoulders, but chose to leave it alone as it didn't really hurt and he knew it would just return by the next day. He didn't stop Sebastian from his work, though, as he found it quite soothing...especially compared to the torture he had just went through.

Large eyes opened slowly as the gentle hands came to a stop, Sebastian excusing himself to start the boy's bath. A quiet sigh filled the room though he didn't move, Ciel looking at the wall beside him. He didn't want it to stop as he quite enjoyed it, though he knew it wouldn't last forever, and found it a bit strange how Sebastian left so quickly. Did he sense something that his charge couldn't? He allowed his eyes to close again, patiently waiting for his demon to return.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 115d 12h 22m 0s
Sebastian worked silently. When he finally felt the muscle relax but now everything was feeling even under the skin. He glanced, unsure if his master could even feel the difference. Or if it just hurt. He smirked lightly, moving his hands to knead at the rest of the boys body. His master was always so tense, he really should learn to relax sometime. He worked his way up the back and across his shoulders and upper arms. He couldn't go further due to his master hugging the pillow. As he was trying to relax the boy cmpletely after attacking the damaged muscle, he didn't want to make him move if he was comfortable. He moved up to the base of the head slowly and carefully. He smiled lightly, his master was the first human to trust him to not snap his neck . It was flattering, in a weird way, that his master was not frightened of him.

He had done a remarkable job cultivating his masters soul, retaining the irrasitable bits of innocence, combined with the shadows of wrath and the icey clutches of greed. Ciels soul could be one hell of an amazing meal. He would be mocked back home. To have any sort of attraction to a human... It was like a human enjoying the company of a cow. It was weird, but he was not one to care for the opinion of others. He didn't want his master to cease to exsist, which ment eating his soul was out of the question.

He blinked quickly, shaking his head to bring himself back to his task. At some point his fingers had lightened to a soft caress. He removed his hands from Ciel quickly, unsure when the change had happened. "If you do not mind waiting a moment," he said quickly, "I will go prepare your bath." The demon removed himself from the large four poster bed. He didn't actually wait for a response to leave, upset he had faltered in his usual aboslute control over himself.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 115d 17h 8m 39s
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Ciel's arms remained tight around the pillow though was careful not to agitate the stitches in his arm. It was easy to forget about them for the time being with how much his back ached, especially while the demon was prodding at the large knot. He couldn't stop the small frame from jerking each time Sebastian pressed on it but remained rather quiet and simply buried into the pillow. He hated every minute of it but figured it to be worth it in order to get out of bed rest. Ciel didn't like to be laid up for too long, hell even keeping him in bed with a bad cold was a challenge. He liked to get things done and minimize his work load, not put things off and do them all at once. It was a good trait to have in the business world but it reflected on his personal life and relations.

[+blue "It's the only reason I'm doing this,"] Ciel answered a bit painfully and muffled, his face still buried into the pillow. He was careful not to suffocate himself, allowing some air to enter and escape. As Sebastian began to move away from the pained area and work elsewhere, he found it easier to relax. Once he returned to the knot, however, his frame returned to its usual state.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 116d 10h 31m 24s
Sebastian glanced over his masters small form, he could both feel and see the boy tensing up. Though, the boy never cried out and tried to remain as still as he could. It was hard for mortals to not act on instinct. He moved away from the spot after a few minutes, working the area around it to encourage Ciel to relax again. Going rigid would only make it more painful, but the knot was pretty bad. Much worse than any kink he had worked out of Ciels body when he slept wrong. There was no doubt that if he fixed it, Ciel would still be tender at least the following day. "Think of how nice it would be to eat at the table like a normal person, sir." He kept tone light. His master was normally stubborn when it came to bed rest. No doubt the pain of moving made him compliant. He only spoke to draw the humans attention away from focusing on what was causing him so much discomfort. He slowly moved back to where he needed to focus on, and as he did so he could feel the muscle under the soft flesh start to give. He released a low hum, glad he was making progress- it made his masters silent suffering worth it. The hot bath afterward would hopefully ease the pain. He kept it up until he finally felt the tensed tissue give under his fingers, then let his hands ease up on the pressure a bit to try to soothe the undoubtedly sore spot.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 116d 10h 46m 4s
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Ciel gingerly turned onto his stomach as not to upset his back more than it already was, and pulled a pillow closer to rest under his head. Small arms wrapped loosely around the pillow and he allowed himself to relax before the inevitable torture began. To be fair, he did agree to the procedure so Sebastian wasn't the only party to blame. Honestly he should give credit where credit was due and be angry at Fredrick. After all, he was the one who did it. Ciel promised himself that once he was feeling better and could walk normally, that man would have hell to pay.

Bright eyes shut tightly as Sebastian began to work the area around the knot, finding it a bit sensitive. At least he was easing the boy into it and not attacking the problem area immediately. It was still uncomfortable but not so much that he couldn't stand it. The closer he got to the problem, however, the more the small frame tensed. His grip tightened on the pillow and he turned his face into it, keeping his eyes shut tightly. He found it hard to stay still, Ciel jolting each time it was touched. It was arguably more painful than receiving the damn thing. Still, he let Sebastian continue in the hopes that the demon could fix him.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1y 116d 11h 16m 38s
Sebastian gave another nod, "it will hurt." He said bluntly. He was never one to sugar coat such things, and Ciel wouldn't like it if he started now. As he reached the bed again, he turned to pull the rope that dangled near the be, ringng the bell pull for one of the other servants to come collect the dishes, mostly likely Mey-rin. "Can you flip onto your stomach, Master?" He asked, moving around the bed to get closer to Ciel. He waited for the young human to do so patiently. Once Ciel was situated and had settled down the best he could the demn moved closer again. He let his hands roam over slender frame, pressing down here and there to test the extent of the damaged area. When he found the main problem he set to work, gently and toward the edge of the hurt area to ease Ciel into it. It wasn't long until the demons nimble fingers worked their way to the spot that really needed attention, shifting to use his palm occasionally to give the frayed nerves a break from the thin prodding finger tips. He would have enjoyed removing his gloves for this, but he couldn't risk the maid seeing the symbol on his hand.

After a little while Mey-rin finally showed up. She peered curiously at the two, seeing Sebastian give Ciel a massage . She silently took the dishes and left, knowing that the butler would have spoken up if anything else was required.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1y 117d 9h 13m 6s

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