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The piercing eyes continued to scan the area around him, searching for the source of the smell. There were actually a few scents that lingered that Leviathan could follow, but one was here in close proximity. The others were around the city, but they weren't worth searching for...

...except for one.

It was a scent he also recognized in the city and from the fight, meaning it could be a possible contract. If that was the case, finding it would be in his best interest. Finding that human would give him a bargaining chip and could force whoever had started this nonsense to end it. Afterwards, Leviathan could take them out easily and not have to worry about this again. He called one of his faithful followers over that had also been keeping an eye on things, giving him brief instructions and watching as he disappeared into the city to fulfill them. Now it was time to deal with the nuisance.

Whoever was after him was fighting with shadows, using them to solidify and attack the crowned prince. They were easy enough to dodge and to fend off, Leviathan not one to be done in by a simple attack. He did move to a bit of a more secluded area, one where he could watch the progress of his followers but still fight effectively. The demon leaned against a stray lamp post, red eyes flickering around the area to hopefully land on his target.

[+blueviolet "Why don't you face me like a real demon, you coward?"] he mused into the emptiness. [+blueviolet "If you don't, you'll force me to use creative measures. I guarantee you won't like them."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 301d 9h 27m 31s
The younger demon narrowed his eyes to locate the dark Prince. He was not surprised by his vanishing act, he could do something simular  after all. The spike had impaled a human, but he didn't care. The released soul would only help with the feeding frenzy going around. Grell seemed to notice the trouble his fellow reapers were in, and abandoned the dark butler to both help and call for assistance.
Which was good, because  things were going to get very hectic. Where did he go? Not on any roofs, so he looked around. He couldn't have gone far, and the lack of an attack ment he hadn't caught on yet. He blinked, smirking when he caught sight of the other in between the screaming humans.

He moved out of the chaos, grell having given the reapers a surviving chance. At least for now. The red reaper was heavily dependant on his scythe. While he was decent in combat with it, when the obnoxious thing was stopped he was about as useless as a limp fish.

He merged himself into the shadows, he was slightly harder to trace that way, and went for the demon. Leviathan, while not having been in combat in a while, was still highly intelligent. His main goal was still to drive him away from the pack, the reapers having the demons quite busy. He didn't want to wait for the older male to figure out the trap. He didn't go for the demon head on, he wasn't stupid enough for that, but he did use his shadows to try to trap or attack the Prince. Unfortunately fire was out of the question, as if it got out of control it could harm his master.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 301d 10h 24m 54s
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The deep red eyes narrowed faintly as the attention of the reaper was turned on him, clearly not appreciating this turn of events. He could tell that this one was strong, clearly more adept at his job than some of the others. Still, he wouldn't be much of a problem. Leviathan was a crowned prince for a reason.

[+blueviolet "That would require a lady to be present, wouldn't it?"] he baited quietly. As he was about to attack, movement caught his eye. It was dark, but not quite solid: a shadow. It was a demon attack. He quickly moved back, letting someone else take the hit of it, and allowed a dark shadowy ring to form around him. Smoke seemed to billow out of it for a brief moment, covering him. When it dissipated, he had vanished from his spot and appeared nearly fifteen yards away from them into safety. It was a neat little trick he acquired, able to move miles away if he needed to. This time away from the fight also allowed him a few moments to sort out his thoughts.

Before he had appeared in the city, he had paid a visit to the cult site to see if he could discern what had happened to the perished members. There was a smell that lingered, one he had picked up in the group he had just left. Whoever was in that group destroyed his faithful followers and they would get what they deserved. He would see to that. Red eyes continued to watch the carnage, scanning over every individual possible.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 311d 9h 55m 30s
Sebastian frowned when the reaper pointed the demon out. Grell gasped, realizing the attack happening on his fellow reapers while the demons addressed each other. He let go of the taller males arm, while the reapers tried to regroup together to protect each other and the loose souls.

Sebastian knew it was now or never. Leviathan would have a harder time stopping a feeding frenzy than starting it, and he couldn't afford to wait for the demon to figure out he was the one he was hunting for. One of the demons got stuck by a scythe in the shoulder, humans already starting to freak out by the demons sudden aggressive behavior.

Grell, being one of the stronger reapers in this group, frowned with a huff. With a dramatic florish, he pulled out his scythe. Grell was unpredictable like that, just as quick to attack as he was to flirt. "I'd hate to think you were a theif, Bassy. But I am ju st as happy to cover you in red." He grinned, the chain saw alive and roaring, just as obnoxious as the reaper who wielded it.

The Raven quickly moved out of range, "of course not, I only wish for my master." He assured pointlessly. Grell, like any reaper, never fully believed him. Unfortunately, he had not been able to properly a dress the Prince due to grells sudden change in attitude. Frustrated, since he was running out of time, he simply decided to use grell to his advantage. "I'll have you know, he is the one who issued the order." He said, causing grell to stop and look at the other hand on male. "Well, what sort of Lady would say no to a three some with such hand on gentlemen?" He crooned, an unmasked look of disgust on Sebastians face as he used the slight distraction to try to spike the other demon with a bit of his shadow. If he hit, great, but his main goal was to drive him away from his little army. Isolate him so they could settle this properly.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 311d 15h 28m 12s
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The reapers began their work and Leviathan watched silently as they did so. It was a perfect opportunity to take some of them out as well as feed his little army. Some of them hadn't fed in quite some time, making their hunger for souls that much more intense. He was here to do a job, to eradicate the one who destroyed his worshipers, but could spare a couple of minutes to feed his followers and kill some reapers in the process. He gave a faint nod to the ones that were watching him, observing as they darted forward and began attacking the otherworldly beings. He smirked faintly as some of them went down, not much of a match for such strong demons, and allowed his gaze to flicker through the crowd. The others had begun to follow suit moments later, filling their need for souls from whatever was around.

The deep red eyes stopped on Grell, taking notice to the male he clung to. What was a reaper doing so far away from the action when he had work to do? More importantly, who was this man beside him? He had an aura similar to his own, a dark one, and the unnatural eyes told him what he needed to know: this tall male was a demon. He was here of his own agenda, obviously not part of Leviathan's group. The demon prince made his way through the carnage, stopping a few yards from Sebastian and Grell. He could sense that this demon was a contractor, his status giving him the ability to see the mark through his glove. It had a bright violet glow to it, indicating he was attached to someone already. So why was he here alone?

[+blueviolet "What brings you to such a boring event?"] he asked quietly, ignoring Grell's presence for the time being. The redhead certainly wasn't a threat. [+blueviolet "And without your charge, no less? You wouldn't want something to happen to them.....would you?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 312d 10h 14m 39s
Sebastian kept with the crowd, keeping his eyes open for anything. He could instantly feel the dark and powerful aura when it neared, as well as others shortly after. Quickly, as inconspicuous as he could, he looked around for the others. He spotted a demon on a roof, eyeing a nearby reaper that had yet to take notice.

Unfortunately for Sebastian, a certain voice sounded overly excited from the crowed just before he saw a red streak bee-line into him. He let it happen, as it was better to be tackled by the insufferable reaper than give his position away. If grells shrill voice hadn't already done that.

"Oh Bassy! It has been too long. This is such a romantic moment for us to cross again, don't you think?" The bright reaper said, watching as the lever was pulled.

The demon grimaced, not finding it romantic at all. If anything, it was rather boring.

He looked around, grell finally falling silent. "Hey, bassy? Do you happen to know who he is?" Grell asked, having spotted the demon Prince in the crowd. Of course, once he saw the older demon, he recognized him quickly. Very soon the centimatic records spilled from the bodies as the reapers began to do their job. Sebastian wished the reaper would leave, but didn't want attention drawn to him. Leviathan was far from stupid, and it was a vain hope that the demon would think he was one of the rare humans who could see reapers. Grell was going to ruin his chance to surprise his foe. He could already see a couple of the other demons hiding, and eyeing the currently loose souls hungrily. The only question was, would they cave to the temptation?
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 312d 12h 48m 58s
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Ciel let out a quiet sigh as he watched Sebastian leave through the window, disappearing around the corner. He still didn't like being away from his demon, especially for an undetermined amount of time, and it made him a bit nervous. He was aware that whatever was going to happen was bound to be rough and possibly injure Sebastian in some way. He was alright with that, just as long as he returned. Ciel turned from the window, moving through the bottom floor over to the staircase that reached the second. Many of the books he preferred were on this floor, hidden away from the others. Maybe one of these books would keep his mind busy until his butler returned.


He forgot how much he didn't care for London until he was in it. He didn't hate it, per say, but it wasn't the first place he'd choose to spend his time. It was far too overcrowded for his taste. Leviathan's crimson eyes flickered over the people around him, each one glancing at him in some way. No one seemed to be too alarmed by his presence which told him that he had done a sufficient job at blending in. He was quite handsome in his human form, as most demons were, and soft brunette bangs hung in front of his eyes. He could feel a darker presence further into the city, Leviathan deciding to head into that direction.

The demon arrived in time to witness the hanging, watching stoically as it occurred. Humans could be so boring, yet so violent.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 313d 10h 4m 59s
Sebastian remained silent for a moment, trying to come up with a time span. It was hard, because there would be a lot of confusion to begin with. "After the hanging, it will be a mess. I expect Reapers will be targeting me just as much as the others. I cannot give you a time frame."He checked the boy over, making sure the dagger he gave him was situated and well concealed. "Do not loose that." He instructed, using a firmer tone than normal. He did not want to leave Ciel, but with so much going on he could not hope to focus both on a hoard of demons and keep him safe from falling debris. Damage was bound to happen, demons were naturally destructive creatures.

"I will be back." He said, determined not to fail the boy. He just hoped his promise wasn't an empty one. He saw Ciel inside, then made his leave. He drove the carriage around to an alleyway, and unhooked the mare.

"I might need your help again, but don't get yourself killed on my behalf." He whispered to the horse, patting the nightmares falling apart nose. The horse grunted at him, then trotted away to who knows where. The beast was not so much a pet, as it was just someone who followed him. He made his way to where the hangings took place, which was away from where the tourists might be found. He blended in with the crowd to watch and wait. Sometimes hiding was more likely to bring attention, and after 3 years of practice he made a convincing human. They had missed the commotion of the crime, but it seemed Akira pulled it off well.
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Ciel still had to admit that he didn't like the idea of being split apart from his demon, there was just something about it that didn't sit right with him. Unfortunately Sebastian nor the small earl saw another alternative which left them with this as their only plan of action. He sighed quietly, running a hand through his hair, as he thought through all of his options. The library was close to the center of London and within walking distance of many other places that the boy would think to frequent, telling him it was the wisest choice. He actually enjoyed visiting, sometimes he could find quite the oddity in literature. If his mind allowed it, perhaps he could kill some time there.

[+blue "The library is the best choice, I think,"] Ciel answered quietly, looking up at his demon. [+blue "Hopefully you'll return before I grow too bored."]

The ride to London didn't seem to take as long as usual, Sebastian stopping in front of the boy's destination and helping him down from the carriage. The bright, exposed eye flickered up to the butler, Ciel pulling his coat around him more as a faint breeze hit his small frame. [+blue "How long do you think it'll take?"] he asked quietly.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 314d 10h 49m 18s
"Well, humans are vicious creatures. Without something frightening them, the often attack each other." He smiled down at the boy. "I do belive I will go see the hanging that is scheduled. If I am lucky, the reapers on duty will be too focused on the others to bother me." He said, though he doubted it. He fully expected them to believe he was part of the group stealing the souls. "It will be quite the mess, but I do not care to lead anyone here, to your home." He said, pulling out the boys chair when he placed his utensils down.

"If you are ready, I will fetch a carriage. Is there somewhere in particular you care to spend your time?" He asked. There were plenty of sight seeing places for Ciel to go. Museum, art gallery, or even just in a popular cafè or the library. It would be a couple hours, though, so he might as well let Ciel choose where he wished to be.
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Ciel watched as Sebastian carefully tucked away the letter after reading it, noticing how happy and calm it was. He couldn't help but wonder what made them act the way that they did, he doubted care really had anything to do with it. He knew his butler cared for his winged friends very well, yet they still had a flair of attitude about them. The small woodland creature that had just left seemed quite playful, not containing an ounce of attitude, and seemed to love doing its job. This also made him wonder if every demon had some kind of animal messenger and, if they did, how the twins sent messages if they needed to. Did they have their own animals or did they share Akira's?

The small earl rolled his eyes at this vague answer, taking another bite of his breakfast. He should have known he wouldn't receive a straight answer unless he asked for specifics, still it irritated him. Now things were beginning to get serious and Sebastian's nonchalant tone seemed to suggest that they weren't in as dark of a situation as they actually were. The boy knew better than that. His breakfast was nearly completed, Ciel finishing it off as well as his tea before slowly rising to his feet and looking at his butler.

[+blue "Where do you plan on going?"] he asked quietly. He knew the town house was out of the question as it would risk Agni and Soma being harmed. Ciel wouldn't accept that.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 319d 10h 48m 16s
Sebastians eyes were drawn from the human as he noticed the fox dart thru the room. It stopped as his feet, seeming all too happy to be delivering it's message. He bent and took the letter from the canine, offering the messenger a light nod. He opened the letter, reading the contents. The foxed yipped at him, apparently well taken care of to not want anything in return, and took off from the room. He felt Ciel watching him for a moment, and he folded the paper and tucked it away. "I asked Miss Akira for a favor, she is only letting me know it will be complete soon." He said, smiling at Ciel. He knew the boy would not be happy with such a vague answer. "It might be best if we head to town when you are finished, sir. I do not care to have anyone track us here." He informed, like it was no big deal that someone was hunting for his blood.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 319d 11h 25m 34s
[h3 +]
Ciel opened his eyes again as the bright light poured into the bedroom, dual-colored eyes falling on the shorter butler. He still couldn't help the disappointment that he felt upon seeing Tanaka but fought to hide it well. He quickly discarded the tie under his pillow where he had been keeping it, quietly drinking the tea that was presented to him. It was so abnormal to not have Sebastian's usual banter to fill the quiet air, Tanaka choosing to fill it with minuscule details about the day's events. There weren't really many so it didn't take the elderly man long. Once the tea was finished, Ciel was dressed in a blue suit with tights and boots to combat the chillier air. When he was presentable, his eyepatch and rings in their respectable places, he slowly made his way downstairs.

His back was beginning to feel better again now that he had rested it for the night, his pace quicker but nowhere near the speed it once was. Ciel wasn't able to rise or sit without some pain but it was better than it was the previous day. Granted, he had pushed himself to his limit the past twenty-four hours. His gaze fell on Sebastian as he entered the dining room, the male waiting until he was down and situated before presenting him breakfast. Tanaka had, by this time, disappeared to do other duties which left the two males alone.

Ciel picked up his fork and began to eat slowly, deciding to break the silence halfway through and ask about Sebastian's preparations. He'd be lying if he didn't admit that he was somewhat nervous about this whole ordeal, especially the fact that he could lose his beloved protector, but chose to keep it from his face and frame as much as he possibly could. He preferred to keep his feelings locked inside instead of vocalizing them; once in a while Sebastian could weasel a bit of information from his young master about his feelings though he didn't get much.

Movement caught Ciel's attention before he could speak, whatever it was bright and low to the ground. That instantly excluded any of his staff, that fact causing the earl to pull his gaze away from the demon and down to the floor near him. Beside Sebastian was a small orange fox, the creature sitting down while looking up at him, and holding a sealed letter delicately in its jaws. Ciel could tell by the quality of the envelope that it came from another noble's home, if he had to guess it was from Seth's. The messenger, however, led him to believe that it wasn't from the lord of the house but from the demonic maid. Once the letter was taken from the bright creature and read carefully, the contents informing Sebastian that Akira was going to be fulfilling her promise to him within the next hour, the fox let out a happy and satisfied yip before darting out of the room and to the outside world. Ciel raised an eyebrow as Sebastian carefully read the letter addressed to the demon, leaning back in his chair.

[+blue "What's going on?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 322d 11h 4m 9s
Once his master was asleep, the demon quietly left the room. He sighed, recalling the evenings events. His master was adorable. He chuckled, walking down the darkened hallway. He had a lot to do, preparing a will for Ciel being one. He would hide it, so I would take a while for anyone to find in case he failed and Ciel was whisked away. He didn't want it found quickly, because Ciel did not actually know the way to the manor and might need a few days to return if he died and killed Leviathan. He did not tell Ciel th at, mainly because he didn't want him to panick. He had warned the boy, but he didn't need to know just how far he was going. It was, after all, not his nature to not be prepared for anything and everything.

After he finished that, he continued with his usual evening duties until it was time to make breakfast. He catered to Ciels sweeter tastes, making crepes simply because he wanted to. When it was time, he woke the servants and asked Tanaka to help their Master.

The old man agreed, taking the already prepared tea cart to wake the young lord of the house.
  Sebastian Michealis / Leopard_dragon_Love / 326d 14h 49m 57s
[h3 +]
A gentle heat filled his cheeks as a soft kiss was placed upon his forehead, a deep red coloring them shortly after. He wasn't expecting the caring gesture but he didn't complain. At any other point in their relationship, Ciel would have fought and protested against it, perhaps even hit the older male. He wasn't generally affectionate and didn't particularly like it expressed towards him, either. But this, it felt different. It was actually something he wished would happen again. Right now, though, he would never voice it. He wasn't sure he was able to.

Slowly the boy curled up on the soft bed, watching quietly with a bit of heat still on his face while the demon silently extinguished the lantern nearby and settled into his usual place in the room. Ciel slowly pulled up the blanket a little more, bright eyes settling on Sebastian for a while, but didn't close quite yet. He began noticing all the little details about his butler that he never payed attention to before, like the way his uniform sat on his frame or the way the red eyes shone in soft light. Ciel continued to observe these small things until he grew more tired, eyes finally closing for the night and he drifted into a somewhat fitful sleep.

An unsettling dream woke him in the middle of the night, Ciel sitting up quickly and looking around the room as he usually did. Once he was certain it was safe, he slowly lay down again and dug around under his pillows until his fingers brushed over the soft silk of Sebastian's tie. He pulled it close to him, wrapping it around his hand again, and he could feel his pulse begin to slow to its normal rate. It wasn't as good as having the demon beside him but it would do for now. When he began to feel better, he curled up again under the blankets and fell back asleep until morning.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 327d 8h 29m 26s

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