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The smirk grew wider, his russet eys focusing on the young human. "Your birthday is comeing up, sir. Two or so more years and you will find yourself planning a wedding." The demon watched the boys movements for any and every reaction as he bent to button the shirt. "I belive that will depend on Lady Francis, of course. She will want everythingto be absolutly perfact." He mused out loud. "As there is nobody to take your place you will be pressed to produce an heir rather quickly." Sebastians eyebrow twitched slightly as he said that. He didn't particularly like the thought of children in general. However, Ciel having children with someone else seemed a particulaly irksome. No, he didn't share well at all.

He kept the amused smirk on his face, knowing that the very notion would rile Ciel. Ciel was ypung, and probably had not even considered the fact he might live long enough to marry.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 6h 22m 36s
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He slowly began cleaning himself up, watching the crystal clear water become ivory with soap bubbles. Bath time was one of the most relaxing parts of his day and he typically looked forward to it for that very reason. Unfortunately, the water was now soiled and growing colder with each passing minute so he couldn't stay in it much longer.

Once he was completely finished, he slowly rose from the tub and grabbed the towel nearby to dry off. It was then that he noticed the sly smirk on Sebastian's face, causing Ciel to raise an eyebrow at this. What in the hell was he thinking now? Knowing the butler, it wouldn't be very good but curiosity was tugging at him pretty strongly.

[+blue "Tell me, what do you find so amusing?"] he finally asked while towel drying his form and grabbing his nightshirt afterwards. He slipped it on over his shoulders, letting Sebastian take care of the buttons instead of trying himself. He simply didn't have the energy or the patience for it.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 8h 31m 11s
"Very good sir." Sebastian answered obiediantly. He would make sure the ring was safely returned to Ciel afterward. However, the subject cause the demon to realize his masters births was only a few short months away. That would mean Ciel was turning 14. He smirked slightly, wondering if he should tease his master. Only another two years beforeCiel would have to start worrying about marrying Lady Elizabeth.
He decided against it, unless Ciel decided to ask what the demon found so amusing of course. Though, he had no intention of allowing the marriage to take place. Two years was not a lot of time though, especially to someone as long lived as Sebastian. He would have to keep careful track of the days to prevent murdering the poor girl becoming his obly option. He had no intention of sharing his master with anyone.
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Ciel kept relaxed in the tub, his eyes closed and enjoying the heat from the water. It did wonders for his muscles and even lowered his stress level a bit. It was nice to simply sit down and forget about work and the anxiety he was facing for twenty minutes.

Sebastian's voice caused him to open his eyes and look over at the demon who was standing near the tightly shut door. He had a point, as he usually did. The blue diamond ring he wore on his thumb was family heirloom and the most important possession of Ciel's. He treasured it greatly and would be devastated it something were to happen to it again. He lightly touched his thumb under the water where the ring was usually located, the beautiful piece of jewelry sitting carefully on his nightstand where it would stay until morning.

[+blue "I suppose you're right,"] he answered softly, his voice echoing a bit in the spacious room. As he spoke, he sat up a bit in order to begin cleaning the small and pale frame. [+blue "As soon as we get word from Seth or you feel him nearby, take the ring and put it in the safe. We'll retrieve it when it's over."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 9h 2m 19s
Sebastian took the discarded clothes, watching Ciel enter the tub. The demon still found it difficult to adapt to the change, as he felt rather useless just waiting for Ciel to finish. Once they were properly taken care of, the demon hovered by the door, watching Ciel through his periphrials. Human had a tendancy to get embarassed if looked at straight on in such situations. While it would be very entertaining, he did not care to risk ruining his wool coat by getting splashed. He rather liked this one, which made him guess it would not last long. It seemed to be a pattern.

"Young master, I was thinking it would be wise for you to 'lose' your ring... I would hate to see him damage it." He said, after a few minutes of silently watching Ciel.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1d 7h 34m 7s
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Ciel was nearly finished with his letter when he Sebastian entered the study, announcing the bath was ready. The timing was quite perfect, actually. He finished the last few sentences he had left to write before setting aside so the ink could dry completely. In the meantime, he carefully and neatly addressed the envelope and allowed that to dry as well. By the time his bath was finished, they should be ready for delivery to Her Majesty to review and file.

He stood after, carefully maneuvering around the desk and through the room to head to the bathroom. Sebastian was a step or two behind, as usual, and followed the boy to his destination in order to help in any way that he needed. Ciel disrobed, setting his clothes aside for the butler to take care of, then stepped into the tub and sank into the hot and steaming water. He exhaled deeply, his tight muscles seeming to relax as soon as they hit the hot substance, and the heterochromic eyes closed as well. This was exactly what he needed.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1d 8h 38m 46s
Sebastian cleaned up the dinner dishes, allowing the other servants to polish off the leftovers in the pot. As was usual, they tried to get him to eat with them, and as usual he denied. He heard Bard grumble about him being a work-a-holic, which the demon supposed was not false. The demon hated laziness, though even he had his moments of indulging in sloth. Moments that were few and far between. He finished the cleaning, the kitchen now sparkling like it was just built. He continued with his evening chores, locking the mansion up and reviewing any new records that came in. At this poijt, they were brainless tasks to the demon, who moved mainly off muscle memory while his brain planned for tomorrow. He would have quite a bit of preparations to do to make sure the house would still be standing by the end of the day.

Just before his co-workers went to bed, he stopped Bard and Mey-rin. "You two, may I have that shipment you claimed was ready for mass production?"

"It's in the armory, with everything else, it is." The maid answered, the room in question was in the servants section of the house. Though skillfully disgised thans to the demon himself.

"Very good, that is all. Good night."

"It does have a kick, make sure the master is prepared for that before he tests it himself." Bard cut in, waving goodnight to the butler as he moved to head to bed himself.

The demon nodded, leaving to prepare his masters bath. Once done, he found Ciel, still hard at work. "Young master." He called, watching the boys quill work its way across the paper. "Your bath is prepared when you get to a point you can stop."
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Ciel watched silently as his butler moved to the table after giving him a short response and began to clean its surface. He didn't imagine Sebastian would have been happy with the answer he received and this proved it. He could understand why but it didn't exactly make him want to remedy the situation any more. Sebastian would simply have to wait until he was feeling better, once all of this was behind him. He ate a little today, which was better than nothing, and would have to satisfy the demon for now.

He rose from the table, going back up to his office and sitting behind the desk once more. There was still a bit to get done before bedtime, more importantly his case reviews and statements. Ciel liked to do these towards the end of the evening as they were typically the most time consuming and thought provoking. So much brain work before bed almost always tired him out enough to sleep through the night and he knew he would need it. Carefully he pulled a folder over to him, opening the case file and looking it over once again. Once he was familiar with it, he began to write his analysis of the case and what caused it to become closed.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1d 9h 17m 27s
The demon sighed, accepting the answer only to prevent an argument. It was not a no, so he would take it. "Very well." Was his curt answer, that way Ciel would know he was not overly pleased with the answer. He cleaned the table, he had always hated it when Ciel purposly skipped meals. The boys biggest saving grace was the fact the human body could go a while without food, though not without side affects. The boy had at least eaten breakfast this morning, and some dinner. So at least the demon could say Ciel was trying. Having a demon threatening to shove the meal down his throat probably helped a lot, though. Even though he was the servant, being a supernatural creature forced Ciel to be cautious with his actions. Especially as he was putting up with a demon. Sebastian would not care how much it might hurt or be uncomfortable, as long as Ciel got something in his stomach.

Unfortunatly for his Master, he had no idea how hard the demon was going to work him. Just to try to make hunger over ride the anxiety.
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Ciel lifted his gaze up to Sebastian, studying him for a moment. He couldn't even finish dinner but was being offered dessert? It was such a strange notion to come from his butler especially since he stressed the importance of seeing a clean plate before dessert was even thought about. This led Ciel to believe that the demon was desperate to keep some kind of nourishment in the boy's body, even if it was mostly sugar. He could only imagine the turmoil that must have been going on in Sebastian's brain, especially since the previous dessert was turned down. This also informed Ciel that forcing meals down his throat would be the next tactic and he wasn't exactly looking forward to that.

[+blue "Perhaps a little later,"] he responded quietly, looking back down at his half-eaten dinner. [+blue "My stomach is still pretty upset, maybe it'll calm down later this evening."] He didn't suspect that to be true but it was better than refusing it flat out.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 6h 50m 19s
The demon narrowed his eyes briefly, but did not comment. He did not want Ciel getting sick, however it did give him an idea on a way to encourage Ciel to eat tomorrow. If this did not work, he would have no choice but to make mealtimes very unpleasant for the both of them. "Could I interest you in dessert, master?" He asked instead, hoping that something sweet might be tolerable. He was doubtful though, especially as the dessert earlier had been denied. However, he would try. The desserts he made were for Ciel, and it was a shame to see it go to anyone else. Even if the others he gave it to normally showed much more gratitude and enthusiasm. He knew Ciel enjoyed them only by the fact he often requested them between meals.

No, he expected Ciel to reject the sweet and try to work until bed. The boy really needed something else that would require him to focus. Hopefully what he had in mind for tomorrow would work, as it was much too late to go out now.
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Ciel frowned again, continuing to watch the liquid swirl around the china bowl as he kept toying with it. He wasn't sure what to do, he didn't intend on skipping his meals tomorrow but he couldn't tell how cooperative his stomach was going to be. He imagined it would become more upset the closer it got to the full moon since his anxiety would be rising. He also knew that Sebastian meant every word he said and probably wouldn't put up with this for much longer.

He sighed, taking another small spoonful and forcing it down. His stomach continued to complain and rumble uncomfortably but he kept going until he finished half of the bowl. It as at this point he felt his stomach would revolt if he ate anymore and pushed the china away before running his hand through his hair. Sebastian may not be happy with it but he would have to accept it for the evening. It was the best the boy could do.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 8h 26m 45s
"If you intend to skip breakfast, then yes." The demon stated, "as your butler, I must look after your health. Skipping meals will do you no favors." He gave Ciel a hard stare. "And if you find yourself unable to finish this, I will expect you to eat all your meals tomorrow." There was a warning edge, indicating he would bring his threat of force feeding to life. The demon wondered at why he even bothered to warn Ciel, anf he decided he would have to consider his words carefully. He was growing soft on his master, and that just wouldn't do. Especially with the hole the demon was well aware he was digging. Seth was probably aware, however the Raven remaind mute on the subject. This was a part of their contract, no matter the consequence. He was also aware that it was one possible reason Seth did not want Akira ending the cult. The Prince of Envy would notice the silence.
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Ciel looked down at the soup that continually grew cooler with each passing minute. It wasn't cold enough that it was unpleasant but it was at at temperature that he could eat it quickly without burning his mouth. He knew that if he waited much longer, it would be too cold to enjoy properly. That could always be fixed by Sebastian's powers or simply putting it back on the stove. He sighed quietly, getting another small spoonful and eating it before putting the polished utensil back in the bowl. He could feel the demon's eyes on him, watching and waiting for him to finish the meal but he wasn't sure if he could. Not the way his stomach was behaving.

[+blue "Do I have to eat this whole thing?"] he mumbled quietly, beginning to stir the liquid around the bowl again. He hoped the answer would be 'no' but he knew there would be some kind of stipulation in it. There always was when it came to Sebastian.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 8h 55m 39s
"Quite the contrary, sir. You could already be dead." The demon muttered, not overly enthused by the fact all his attempts were failing. The demon had of course had a few other ideas to get Ciels mind off of current events. However, as his butler, they were not appropriate. He had thought about challenging Ciel to a game, any game, really. Cuel loved them all, of course some more than others. Many of his favorites included actually having to use his brain. The demon knew that the boy would be hard pressed to win, given the demons unnaturally long life and mass experiance because of it. He also doubted Ciel would care to humor such an unusual request from the demon. He had also thought of taking Ciel somewhere he might enjoy, to distract him for a while. However, Ciel was not fond of anywhere that held people he might have to socialize with. Plus, they had to be ready to allow Ciel to be kidnapped. Though, the boy could certainly use something to cheer him up.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 3d 6h 38m 44s

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