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It was an interesting idea, that was for certain, and one Ciel could get behind. It certainly wouldn't do to have another demon swoop in and save him just as the boy was about to exact his revenge. It would also mean he and Sebastian could keep him alive longer since they wouldn't have to worry about another creature rescuing him from the Hell Ciel planned to unleash. He certainly wasn't worried about Akira and her little clan as they seemed to despise the man as much as his son did.

[+blue "Very well,"] he answered softly after a long moment of thought then finished the rest of the tea in his cup. He reached over, setting the small china piece back into the corner it originated from, before leaning back into his large chair again. It was an added bonus knowing it was going to hurt the brutish male quite a bit. [+blue "It'll be a reassurance to know that we won't be interrupted by some kind of summoning he may try. It'll give me time to figure out what exactly I'm going to do with him."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 12h 37m 18s
The demon hummed thoughtfully. "Will you at least permit me to mark him? Otherwise we risk another demon coming to his rescue. Very few would dare to steal someone I have turned into my Thrall." He tilted his head. "I do not care to deal with that." He had other things to worry about. Like a pissed of Leviathen. His temper tantrum would make it quite obvious as to what happened, though the Raven was not concerned about the other demon, the Prince had many servants that could prove challenging just due to sheer number. Turning the vile human into a servant himself would certainly be humiliating. Especially since he wpuld be made to serve the very child he tortured. "The mark I intend for him is quite different than the one you carry." He assured, "though they look simular. As well as much more painful to apply."
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Ciel took another drink of the slowly cooling liquid, simply watching Sebastian for a moment or two. In all honesty, he hadn't been giving that idea that much thought as of late. When he was rescued by the demon and was having regular nightly terrors, his imagination ran wild with all of the revenge schemes he thought of. He wanted his tormentors to rue the day they kidnapped the small Phantomhive child. Within the past week or so, that train of thought had been derailed a bit while other problems and solutions took over that track. Letting Sebastian loose on him was a good idea, especially since the demon had quite a bit of power in him. He could do things Ciel only dreamed of. Another question that needed answered was how long the boy intended to keep the Lord alive. He hadn't quite decided on that yet, either.

[+blue "I haven't decided yet,"] Ciel responded quietly, most likely telling the demon that he had no idea really. Or perhaps he had too many of them and couldn't pick one. [+blue "There's a lot to think about."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1d 11h 44m 22s
"I will be sure that gets arranged." He said, inclining his head. "I will request access as soon as I can as well. It may be a message I send thru Akira whrn they attack. Using theRaven right now may be risky, as Lord Whitehill will have his guard up and it would be best if I remain your wild card...." He smirked lightly, finding the word choice amusing. Forcefully tamed thru the contract, but could be quite the wild beast when his master let his leash go. "If I may.... how do you plan to dispose of the Lord? If I recall, you wanted your tormentors to feel what you went thru?" He inquired. He was quite good at improvision, but this was his masters revenge. He would not kill him, but he could certainly make him wish he would die. Only if Ciel willed it though.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1d 12h 5m 42s
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He was certain Sebastian was right about the hidden office, most underground dealings had a secret place to conduct their business and keep track of their files. He had no doubt Whitehill had such a thing and that the paper trail on it was quite extensive. Seth had said they had been doing this for a long time, ever since the dark ages. He could only imagine the information they would find. He also didn't think it would be a problem to go looking for it since the redhead was pretty cooperative and willing to give them whatever they needed.

[+blue "Let's hope you're right,"] Ciel mused quietly, lifting his free hand and running it through his hair before sipping at the hot tea. [+blue "Hopefully there is some kind of record about the other factions and the member that had been relocated. If not, I'm sure Seth knows a thing or two. With how much he knows already, it seems like Whitehill is preparing for him to take over, another reason he probably wants it to end. If that's the case, there's no telling what kind of things he's been told. After Whitehill is dead we should probably talk to him again."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1d 13h 52m 15s
"To be frank, sir, my approach will depend on what I am able to find after Lord Whitehill is delt with. I presume he has a hidden office where he keeps track of everything. Probably somewhere near where the cult worships. As Master Seth withes everything to fall apart, I am sure he would not mind us looking thru some files." Human minds were often unrelibale sources, as they seemed to forget things rather easily. As long as they kept the snooping around the manor itself to a minimum, he was certain Akira would not pay them any mind. "Perhaps he has even kept in contact with the run away, though I will admit that is a low possibility." He mused out loud. "One the other hand, most rats know where their own are though. This man was possibly a liability,so we could even find out he is already taken care of." There was a lot of possiblities. Though, he hoped this wouldn't end with another cold trail. He spoke out load mainly in case any of his thougjts made something click in either his own head, or his masters.
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[+blue "Not a lot, no,"] Ciel admitted quietly, slowly leaning back into the large chair. Honestly he had been so caught up with facing this particular demon that he wasn't too concerned about the others. He was well aware of the nightmare that Whitehill was going to be and the countless ones he would cause and he didn't see the point in spending his time and energy worrying about someone a hundred miles away. [+blue "I've been rather concerned about what's to come and not about the rat that slipped away. Although I have been thinking about what Seth had told us the other night about how there are four clans involved in this scheme and I'm a bit concerned that this may be the easy faction to deal with. If they get more difficult I'm not quite sure how to proceed."]

His gaze lifted to meet the demon's face before reaching over and picking up the cup of tea. It was still pretty hot, a welcoming feeling to his cold hands. [+blue "I don't suppose you've given it thought, have you?"]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1d 14h 19m 0s
"Nor will it end with Whitehill.... Have you put any thought into how you will go about hunting down that man Master Seth informed you about?" He said, though he suspected it would not end with him either. His masters revenge was turning out to be much more complex than what he had originally expected. He wasn't complaining, he liked a good challenge. However, it was taking a rather life threatening turn he didn't really like. He felt like he was a pawn in someones game, and not his masters either. Something was off about the whole contract. He knew he ought to alert the boy, however he didn't have any sort of information to offer. For now he would just have to take things one at a time, and keep an eye out for anything that seemed out of place.

If this other man had joined a different cult and they had to destroy that as well to get to him, they could have quite the problem. He wasn't even sure if Ciel had considered others comeing after them for meddling with their property.
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Ciel kept his light frown as he picked up the letter opener and carefully opened each envelope by loosening the wax seals. Being a noble, he was required to make a few appearances to mingle with those of similar blood lines and financial status. This was what people in his position did in order to keep in touch and make new acquaintances in case they would be needed later. He found it dreadfully boring, however, and despised going. He wasn't very social to begin with and being forced into that atmosphere made him want to break a wine glass and stab someone with it. He didn't see the point of it nor did he want all of London to see his terrible dancing skills. Ciel simply lacked rhythm, even his dance instructor said so, and only focused on teaching him the basics.

His eyes lifted and met Sebastian's face for a moment when he mentioned a break from socializing would be needed before dropping back down to his work. He would agree with that, he wasn't sure what kind of mental state he would be in once this was all over. The last thing he needed was to have a panic attack or breakdown in the middle of a party. [+blue "That leads me to believe that even you think this ordeal with Whitehill will be anything but easy,"] he answered quietly as he ripped open another envelope. [+blue "I can't say I'm looking forward to this."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 1d 14h 56m 32s
The demon gently set the hot beverage at the unused corner of his masters desk. "In all honesty, sir, you are such a wallflower at parties I doubt people would even notice you were there." It normally took some sort of ulterior motive to get Ciel onto the dance floor. Not that he blamed the boy. His masters lack of dancing talent could be quite humiliating. As well as the boy being severly anti-social. "Some would deem your lack of socializing unhealthy." He stood back, watching Ciel file through the stack of letters. Itwas rather funny, really. Ciel only selected a select few to go to, the demon thought that some would have simply stopped inviting the young Earl. Perhaps if that ever happened Ciel might actually celebrate the fact he was no longer beng pestered nearly every day. "I do belive you will be relived to here me say that you deserve a break after all this is done. I do not know how much socializing you will be willing to deal with." It would be far worse for his master to lose his temper in front of a crowd, even if some might spread rumors about the Earl hiding in his manor.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 1d 21h 17m 6s
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Ciel sighed quietly as he made his way up the stairs and to the study. In all honesty he felt he could have used a nap. His body felt as if it were beginning to drag and he found himself desperately wanting a pick-me-up; he hoped the tea would help energize him enough to make it to the night. The previous night's rocky sleep and the hunting expedition certainly seemed to wipe him out.

Once in the large, quiet room he dropped into his chair and let his head rest back against the soft leather with his eyes closed. This was to hopefully build up a bit of energy and concentration in order to organize his mail and write responses if they needed it. Part of him knew it would most likely fail and he would end up falling asleep before dinner. Still, he wanted to try anyway.

Heterochromic eyes opened as he heard Sebastian knock on the door and enter through it seconds later, carrying the requested tea and stack of letters. Slowly he lifted his head, adjusting himself a bit in the chair, and took the mail as his butler poured the tea into a familiar china cup. None of it was all that exciting as it contained mostly invitations and a couple company letters. [+blue "Do you think anyone will really notice if I reject every invitation for the next month?"] he mumbled quietly, leaning back a bit in his chair. He didn't mind a couple outings, especially if they were auctions of some kind, but despised parties. He hated being forced to interact with other people.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 11h 38m 40s
Sebastian set Ciel down when requested, smirking lightly. The servants never fail to comment how adorable their Lord appeared when being held in such a manner. Too bad Finny wasn't out front this time. "I will bring some fresh tea up right away sir." He promised, they had spent quite a bit of time in the tree. He eyed the boy as they parted to go do their seperate jobs.

Once he reached the kitchen, he was unsurprised to find half of it in ruins. Luckily, not the half with the stove. He sighed, wishing he was still in the tree with his master. That had been rather relaxing. He filled a cup with cold water, then walked over to the currently unconsious chef and dumped the whole thing on him. Instantly Bard was up, brandishing his flame thrower. Had the demon been anyone else, he would have gotten a painful blow to his chest. Bard blinked, "oh.... Hi Sebastian. You scared me."

"I don't think I want to know, but I am asking. What happened this time?"

"Ah, well.... I thought I'd start dinner..."

Giving the chef an exasperated look, "just clean this mess up." He turned to start the tea.


He hurried through the process before he decided killing the chef was worth the drama later. He wasn't sure if his master would care if the man turned up dead. He would likely be sent to find a replacement. Soon he was knocking on the study door, listening carefully for anything to be off. Just because he expected the attack tomorrow didn't actually mean it couldn't occur sooner.
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Ciel kept his light grip on Sebastian as the two headed back towards the manor while resting against his broad chest. When no one else was around to see them, this was his favorite place to be. There was something about Sebastian that was just comfortable and easy to relax into, especially during cold weather. The heat that his body emitted was enough to keep him comfortable but not hot enough for physical discomfort. It was also one of the only real places he felt safe from the world that hated him. Nothing could penetrate that defense.

He picked his head up a bit as he felt Sebastian's body jolt forward, turning a bit to see the horse trot ahead of them and into the stables to be cared for later by either Finny or Sebastian. Not seeing any of the other staff members around, he then relaxed again into his butler's arms until they reached the steps of the manor. At this point he had Sebastian set him down as he didn't like others to see him in such a vulnerable state, and headed inside the large building. It was later in the afternoon, the sun would be setting in a couple short hours, so there wasn't that much time to really get much done. Still, he could sort through the day's letters and work on a couple of them if they required it.

[+blue "Bring today's mail and a pot of tea up to my study,"] he told Sebastian, carefully taking off his coat and handing it to the waiting male. [+blue "Hopefully I can get it sorted and responded to by dinner."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 2d 13h 34m 48s
Sebastian hummed, more than happy to continue carrying his human. He had to adjust Ciel just long enough to untie the horse. He met the large brown eye of the creature briefly and looped the reigns around the horn of the saddle. He readjusted Ciel to be comfortably reclined in his arms, walking toward the manor. The horse just slowly plodded along behind them, occasionally craning its neck to look at them better. The demon was content with the silence, making rather quick time despite walking. Soon he was able to catch wiffs of Finnys scent drifting from the the borders of what he maintained. The horse chose that time to nudge the demons shoulder. Being another Hell creature, the demon was pushed slightly. He glanced at it, annoyed. "What are you doing?" It only trotted ahead, turning toward the stables. "Insufferable creature." He muttered.
  Leopard_dragon_Love / 3d 20h 43m 1s
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Small arms slowly wrapped around the demon, Ciel resting comfortably into his chest. His face was turned into the demon's shoulder and collarbone in order to protect his face from the sudden winds that would occur, especially at Sebastian's speed, and the small body nestled close to his frame. The demon had always been rather warm, a fact Ciel quite liked when it came to harsh winters and dreary rainy days. It was almost like having a fireplace that could move. It was also quite reassuring when he awoke from nightmares in a cold sweat, the gentle heat rather calming.

Slowly he moved his head as Sebastian spoke, looking over at the horse that stood patiently next to the tree that he was left at. Honestly, Ciel wanted to stay in his warm spot, especially now that the sun would be starting its way back down the sky. It would get colder which made Ciel want to leave Sebastian's arms even less. [+blue "It doesn't matter,"] he responded quietly yet didn't untangle his arms from around Sebastian.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 4d 12h 18m 48s

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