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[center [font "Arial" A handsome male bundled in a tawny, blocky patterned sweater and a pale cream scarf stood pressed up against the brick siding of a towering store front. He had a denim jacket pulled over his arms creating a rather odd ensemble. In one hand, the boy gripped a steaming travel mug full of coffee and in the other he held his phone gingerly. He was mindlessly scrolling through his Instagram feed. Exhaling, his hot breath created condensation, billowing like smoke from his plump lips. His cheeks were rosy from the cold and his nose twitched as a chilly breeze blew through him. Pulling his sleeve up, he glanced at the watch face. It read [b 6:22 AM.] He would give Her ten more minutes and then he would bail. Just as the thought crossed his mind, he heard footsteps tapping down the sidewalk at a quick pace. Averting his gaze, he spotted the devil herself.

[b [#cc0099 "Klaus! S-sorry I'm late."]] The woman said between exasperated breaths. She was heaving from all the running and looked a little frazzled.
[b [#ff9966 "No worries Laurel. Are you ready to go inside?"]] The boy brushed it off with a smile. Taking a sip of the bitter liquid in his cup, Klaus clicked his phone off and slipped it into his pocket.
Laurel nodded and pulled out a ring of keys and unlocked the door. The sign above the storefront read,
[abel [size35 "MUSE Inc."]]

Today Klaus Robins, indie singer/song writer was meeting with his producers about a collab on a new EP. Laurel hadn't told him who was chosen to be his plus one so he was a little restless when he sat in the recording studio. No one else was there yet, it was typical for his manager to get them there stupid early. But Klaus didn't mind. He liked being able to settle in. [right [pic https://i.imgur.com/GsTeajO.png]] Laurel stood over the counter brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Klaus only now noticed that the woman had produced a tray of raspberry scones and freshly cut watermelon. Reaching over, the singer went for a pastry only to be smacked viciously on the hand.

[b [#cc0099 "Hey! Wait for the others you heathen."]] Hissed Laurel. She had a stern look on her face causing Klaus to sink in his chair. Jutting his chin out, he pouted for a second before perking up at the sound of the door opening.

A tall, muscular man no older than thirty-five entered the room. His thick ebony hair was slicked back and he wore an obviously [i very] expensive suit. Unbuttoning the coat, he rolled up his sleeves and sat down across from Klaus. Laurel hurried over and poured a cup of coffee for the man before sitting next to Klaus. Clearing his throat, the man placed a stack of papers on the desk and pushed it towards the two.
[b [#660033 "Good Morning Klaus and Laurel. I am Edward Sharpe. I recently have taken over MUSE and I am excited to work with you. Please glance over the contract while we wait for the rest to join us."]] He greeted in a smooth yet authoritative tone. He took a drink of the coffee before pulling out a notebook and another stack of paper.

[p Voices]
[u Klaus:] [b [#ff9966 #ff9966]]
[u Laurel:] [b [#cc0099 #cc0099]]
[u Edward Sharpe:] [b [#660033 #660033]]
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